“It’s time for the leftovers to takeover” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner: Michael/Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
– Last pair standing gets a power.

State of the house

WOW.. The Leftovers formed to become the house Majority alliance and take out Ameerah’s side of the house. They will attempt a backdoor On Ameerah this week then will go after what sounds to be Daniel or maybe Nicole.
Leftovers = Turner, Monte, Kyle, Joe, Taylor, Brittany, Michael
THE POUND = Turner, Monte, Kyle, Joe

12:35 am Monte, Kyle, Turner

Monte – Alyssa just went to sleep. The only person we have to worry about right now is Ameerah. She’s going to be a nighthawk. so. With Brittany and Michael She’s probably goign to sniff something out when Brittnay is not sleeping in her bed. At this point I’m almost fine with the risk of them being suspicious because they have no control over what is going to happen next right now. It’s going to be a vote count of 7 to whoever doesn’t vote with us.

Monte – Taylor is the last key.. Michael and Brittnay are head over heels about this now.
Turner – did any one tell Taylor
Monte says him and Joe dropped the seeds.

They’re trying to figure out when is a good time to call Taylor up to the HOH. Sounds like Joe is really concerned about the “optics” of it and is trying to wait for a perfect time.
Kyle says they shouldn’t be worried anymore. After Monday it’ll be obvious to everyone. Points out that the girls talk game all the time when he’s sleeping in the corner all the time, “Drives me nuts”
Kyle – I can’t stand it dude.. please nobody back out of it I want this so bad.
Monte goes over some points they will bring up to Taylor, He’ll explain last week and what happened to POOCH, The old skool alliance, “the 7 of us can take control of the house”
Monte – take out the head of the snake which is Ameerah
Turner – is it worth mentioning the rest of the house wants her gone
Kyle – for sure.. which is reality
Monte – for her she understands what the situation is.

Monte – after today.. OH my god how could she think of working with Nicole or Daniel.. or Anybody on that side of the house. It’s so obvious . Unless she’s literally socially inept she has to see that she has been isolated and ignored in conversations. I would be picking up on this stuff. I hope she’s smart enough to see this.

Kyle – Nicole and Daniel are so emotional they just HATE Taylor..
Joe joins them.
Kyle – Where’s Taylor
Joe – Jasmine is talking to much to Taylor. Ameerah fell asleep. Jasmine is just talking
Joe – Bro this is the first time I’ve seen Ameerah knocked down. She’s exhausted. Ameerah was following me the whole day.

Joe goes over some talking points for when Taylor comes up. “the whole house needs to give that girl a break at some point”
Turner – a lot of people here talk about us being so close like a family but clearly that isn’t true..
Joe tells Monte that they have to win HOH next week, “I walked by Alyssa and Jasmine whispering and I couldn’t tell if Alyssa was playing but she goes Next week Joe has to go. She was whispering it”
Kyle – It’s Ameerah DUDE.. Ameerah knows you are onto her and she’s pawning it off onto Alyssa.

Joe says Ameerah is going to blame her being on the block on Joe. He’s going to act shocked when it happens, “She really thinks I’m onto her and the whole house is on standby to see If Joe is piecing together what is going on”
Joe – when they see you twist that key and it shows we all pieced it together I’m going to be the face of that I have to play dumb so they get clueless

Joe tells them he need to trust them with Talking to Taylor, Michael and BRittnay he’s going to be downstairs “I’ve become the face for everything.. I’ve done the best I can to plant seeds I’m the face worst case if I get attacked they’re sending me home first”

Joe – I’m moving into dumb mode..
Joe – I’m going to tell Taylor to lay low.. You have hope now you have friends.. you have us just don’t talk to us too much. Even me planting the seeds has put Ameerah’s smart ass on standby.
Joe – I can feel it all the girls are coming for me
Kyle – there’s a reason why ALyssa and Ameerah were hanging around us all night. It’s strategy..
Joe – Alyssa keeps wanting to talk to me.. those girls are so damn smart.

Joe – I can smell even the OLd Skool is coming after me.
Monte – it’s the Ameerah and Nicole show. They know how to play their emotional cards they know how to play the social game. on top of that Ameerah is a Competitor.
Monte – at the end of the day if she is not out this week then all hell is breaking loose for us next week.
Joe says POOCH F***ED him when he left he told Ameerah and Nicole he was coming after them.

Joe – Taylor, we brought you in here you are part of us. We are not putting you up you are going to see tomorrow or the day after when Turner turns that key and this whole house tried to get us to put you on it. You face isn’t there. You come to this house not for another week not as a shield but as our alliance. you are part of us. Don’t betray us don’t let us regret it. Stick with us. The same way we took you further we will take you towards the end.
Kyle – the line will be drawn when we nominate Ameerah and Terrance
Joe – The whole house is going to shake.
Kyle – the girls talk game all the time in front of us.
Joe – they are that cocky.

Joe leaves to go get Taylor.

Monte – I’m worried about Joe man. I don’t want him to .. he.. I don’t want him to get overly paranoid and do too much. Get himself in the same position as POOCH.
Kyle and Turner agree. “Even if he were to go up we have options. We have the veto.. ”
Monte – the biggest thing for us is the POUND we have to make sure that the four of us are solid so we can make it to final 4 because at the end of the say we know that this all started right here last night.
Monte – I don’t want him to keep TALKING TALKING TALKING then he slips up and Ameerah can use that as some tool to get sympathy votes.

They comment how Terrance is up tonight for the first time this season.

1:15 am Taylor Joins them.
Taylor – alright boys give me your proposal
Kyle – where’s your head at
Taylor – I’m open to anything that will keep me here and keep me here for awhile.
Monte – has anyone given you reassures for this week? How are you feeling about Michael and Brittnay coming down
Taylor – Very happy
Taylor thinks that Indy as the renom is a possibility “I don’t see any other couple going up where the house isn’t tormented some how”
Monte – do you have a good relationship with the girls right now?
Taylor – it’s getting stronger. Everyone saw what happened today.. I’m nervous y’all
Taylor says there’s a pecking order with the girls and she is at the very bottom

Taylor – I’ve had so many people come up to me and say ‘Sorry girl you and Nicole are going up now’
Taylor – I would not like that
Monte – with Nicole you feel good that she picked you ?
Taylor – I did yeah .. in terms of a fighter and a teammate ‘We’re strong’
Monte – okay where do I start.. lets start back to the Paloma thing. Remember when you came up to me and you said what you said. We talked about what you intentions were and I realized what you were trying to communicate in that situation.
Brittany joins them.

Monte – we have not gotten confirmation that whole girls thing coming after the guys formulated the two of you have been left out of that conversation. You guys have been on the outside looking in. These girls this past week it became so obvious and clear they got up in the HOH room. It was many a time we saw them meeting in here exclusively without anybody else having conversations when we walked in it got quiet like a empty church.

Monte – last week with the whole POOCH discussion it was a HUG surprise that he was now all of a sudden the target after he put himself up .
Monte – that started with the girls group.
Kyle – to put a little context in with that Paloma information. Alyssa and I have gotten close a bit of a crush. What that has brought is some information I probably would not have gotten had we not had this little crush situation.
Kyle – I asked her how strong is this girls alliance what’s going on there. She played it off like it’s nothing. She brought it up that Paloma started it ton the first day a large group of a girls alliance. Piecing it back to Monte situation. you bring a concern to Monte. Monte brings it back. Paloma blows up and now all of a sudden all the focus is on you.
Monte – and now you are put up as the replacement
Kyle – we were like ohh shit maybe Paloma is playing both sides and you are providing good information to help protect his game.
Kyle says the house narrative has been unfair to Taylor. “Today specifically Nicole was going at you in the bathroom and that sat really unwell with me. T

Kyle says the other day Nicole came to him and MOnte in the bubble room. “Said this is the plan me and Taylor have we’re going team up with two sets of two strong male players you are going to go approach Monte and Joe and Nicole was going to approach me and Daniel”
Kyle – she said be ready for it. She’s going to come approach you just go with it. Make her feel good but she’s the backdoor this week.
Kyle – did this conversation happen was that the plan of Nicole?
Taylor – yeah.. not the backdoor part.. but yeah

Kyle – that didn’t sit well with me
Turner – When you guys were in here.. she was like this is my girl I swear on my life. A couple hours later she was like ‘YO I deserve an Oscar for that performance’ (Yikes)
Turner – I was like Goddamn bro.. She was like ‘Dude I killed that shit I should be an actress’
Monte says the sole reason Nicole picked Taylor as a bestie was she knew if she was on the block against Taylor she would be fine.
Brittany – she even told me that.

Monte – we’re at a point now that we’re realizing when we look at the folks making these decisions it comes down to a core group right, Nciole, Ameerah, Alyssa, Jasmine and Indy.. you have five girls in that group that are thick as thieves. Indy is a little bit on the outskirts. You got five girls making lot of decisions and pushing different narratives to have things done throughout the house.

Michael joins them

Kyle brings up the alliance called “Old Skool”
Kyle – it’s the older members of the house, Terrance, Daniel, Nicole, Jasmine, Alyssa, and Ameerah.
Brittany – not me! and I’m old. I’m offended
Kyle – they have Indy that’s tied to the hip I don’t know if she’s in that alliance. That 7 is so tight.
Kyle points out that after the veto Michael and Brittany got a few hugs but “Everyone was huddled around Jasmine. It was the jasmine show and that’s because that group is so tight they gravitate towards each other”
Kyle – I started look at my game and I don’t have that group of seven
Monte points out none of them are in it.
Monte – they are setting up narratives that you (Taylor) go home this week and they are already setting up Joe going home next week. Cause the CORE centre piece to all this the mastermind appears Ammeerah is the one.

Brittany – can I, I think you (Taylor) and I share the most similar situation we are in. We are the only women that aren’t cuddled up in the bed.
Brittany says the little conversations she has had with the girls she knows their intention was never to bring Taylor in with them. They just acted like it.
Brittany – if the besties didn’t happen and you (turner) didn’t win HOH it was Turner and Taylor Turner and Taylor (as noms)
Brittany – they are using us for our votes.
Kyle tells her Brittany and Michael were plan B. “It was backdoor Taylor and you were going up as a plan B incase you (Taylor) won Veto”
They all have noticed the girls not acting excited when Turner won HOH or Brittany/Michael winning veto.

Monte says there a house controlling alliance that they need to disrupt.
Brittany – how many season do the outsiders have this conversations.
Kyle says he sick at how poorly Brittany has been treated in this house. “I think we have the opportunity to change the narrative take control of this game cause we literally can”
Taylor is surprised Terrance is in that group.
Monte doesn’t think Terrance is fulling in the know
Michael says Terrance at one point came to him about a old person alliance with Brittany, Daniel and Nicole. He hadn’t heard any more about it until now and finds out Terrance went through with it but without him and Brittany.

Kyle – Let talk about numbers. they have their 7, Terrance, Daniel, Nicole, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah and Indy. that’s their 7. I feel strong that’s it. I look at the rest of teh 7 in the house cause they’re 14 people. We have us 6 and Joe.
Kyle – our boy Turner clutched HOH and saved our game. If he puts up two people in that alliance they only have 5 which leaves 6 votes right here.. What are the options?
Kyle – Ameerah and Terrance, Alyssa and Indy. those are the two pairs we can put up and guarantee our safety this week and flip the ship.

Monte points out the only two groups are in danger if they go to battle against this other group is Brittnay/Michael, Joe/Monte becuase htey are besties. If the other side puts one of those two groups up they lose the numbers.
Monte says they have to put up Ameerah/Terrance or Alyssa/Indy
Taylor – you have to go big
Monte – Ameerah
Kyle – Ameerah
Monte – Joe has been tailgating her like crazy. He has realized and seen at places where she slipped up and shown her cards.
Monte – after he won HOH he saw her in the bathroom bawling crying saying ‘i’m going up i’m going home’
Monte – why would she be suspicious of going up with him winning?
Monte says Ameerah made up the entire plan to get POOCH out last week. “She had people tell us all these things that incriminate POOCH”
Michael points out that Ameerah is good at comps she’s come in second in everything
Michael says Ameerah is the glue between Indy and Daniel/Nicole. points out that INdy Daniel are “over indy”

Brittany says the girls are slipping up so bad right now the fact that they didn’t bring Taylor into their fold after saving her last week.
Brittany – I’m a girl you have a girl thing why not invite all the girls it doesn’t makes sense
Kyle – What do you think Taylor.. I know this is a lot.. last night we pieced things together and Ameerah is the head of the snake.
Kyle – I’m so sick of being a side piece in this game I am don following their narrative.
Kyle – we’ve had three weeks of their Taylor beating you down.. Lets give them three weeks of badass Taylor coming out and winning shit and going..
Kyle – Nicole is playing you I’m sick of it.
Monte- they believe we’re a bunch of fools that will go along with their plan. This is our only option.

Turner brings up people coming up to the HOH all day saying Taylor can go home. He adds that Daniel never talked game to him before now he’s always up in the HOH.
Kyle – when you became valuable to his game that is when you became his boy

They bring up Daniel saying that it was Taylor that “messed with Paloma’s Head”
“That’s ridiculous” they all say.

Taylor – I have been looking for people to trust with everything and these two I’ve been able to trust with everything since day one (Brittany and Michael)
Brittany – I had this sense.. something is going on. To be ostracized and I don’t know why. I feel so used and manipulated. They were making up so many lies about POOCH.
Brittany – they were putting up our names.. it hurts

Monte – putting up Ameerah and Terrance.. after that discretion is key so we’re talking what does that speech look like for Turner.

Turner – WHen I was trying to figure out what the house was I went up to Ameerah she was in the storage room. I was like HEY be honest where is your vote going to lie with POOCH. I was expecting her to either feed be bullshit. Instead of that she goes ‘What do you mean? me and you don’t talk game’
Turner – so you just slam the door in my face.. what a response. In my speech that makes perfect sense she solidified me and her will not ever be talking game. I was asking about a vote that’s barely game.
Monte – Turner has a easy speech to give why he’s putting up AMeerah. I don’t want us to show our cards knowing she’s going up. We’re going to have to put on Oscar performances.
Kyle – the people taking the biggest risk flipping the house on Ameerah is Monte/Joe cause they are a pair if they put you up we don’t have the votes. Same with you to, Brittnay and Michael.
Kyle explains they have to play up the fact that they are not working together.

Taylor asks him where do things come down with Alyssa.
Kyle – My loyalty is here. A showmance is bad for my game. I do have feelings for her. I’m here to play this game.
Taylor – what other people are we taking to Jury
They hadn’t gotten that far yet.
Kyle – who do you think? I know they are thinking about that already
Michael – I’m totally cool Cutting Daniel before Jury
Everyone else is good with that.
Taylor – I’m fine bringing Terrance and Alyssa

They talk about Daniel/Nicole being emotional players to have “blown up” on Taylor like that “that does not serve their game”
Taylor – Throwing Paloma at my face in front of the whole house was dirty.

Kyle says Ameerah is catching onto Joe because he was the one that uncovered her manipulations so she’s starting to switch the focus on him.
Monte – he was the one that came to the realization that Ameerah was the centre point.

2:08 am Joe joins them.
Joe – Taylor you’re filled in
Taylor – I’m filled in.. and I’m all in
Kyle – Lets go.. she’s back.. we got week one Taylor.. she’s back
They all go and hug
Kyle – lets go we can do this.. We can run this game
Joe – you are not a shield you are part of this alliance..
Joe – this was build right now right here with you as a member. Keep that in mind if anyone tries to sway you. These are the people I can smart..
Kyle – after this week we are the majority.
Kyle – if they figure out this happened their best bet will be to put up Monte and I. That’s two votes. Or Brittany and Michael.
Joe – Ameerah has been on my f***ing ass about talking to Taylor. She called me out and we didn’t even talk game. I was treating you as a person. She’s telling everyone Joe isn’t trustworthy. It’s the same thing that happened to you (Taylor) the first week.

2:17 am The leftovers is formed
The Leftovers is Kyle, Monte, Turner, Joe, Michael, Taylor and Brittany
Kyle – We’re the misfit toys the leftovers..
The leftovers are a pretty good group
Kyle – we’re going to win Comps we’re going to take over
As a group “It’s time for the leftovers to takeover”


2:43 am Taylor and Michael
Michael – what a day.. we’re in teh game
Taylor – on top of the game
Michael – this is insane. Week one I was thinking they’re going to pick me off, Pick you off, Pick Brittany off..
Taylor – I trust them
Michael – I do to. Kyle wouldn’t have Spilt all of Alyssa’s stuff if he wasn’t committed to this.
Michael – it’s funny all those people down there (“Girl’s Girls”) were calling him stupid and bad at this game because he wasn’t making a million alliances. He said ‘I want to get to know people who I can trust then make an alliance’
Michael – That’s smart.. I have to wipe the smile off my face when I go down there. Everything is normal everything is cool.. ohh my gosh.. Monday is going to be crazy .. Ameerah is going to be so shocked
Taylor – at the core
Michael – we’ll have to discuss what we’ll say to her. Kinda like POOCH just try to keep her calm. She may feel secure enough that she won’t even panic. She’ll be like Nice try. She thinks she has all of us.
Taylor – WOW..
Michael – I am so happy. I was so scared this week was like if me and Brittany get it chances are good I know Brittany’s name was floating around
Michael – Nicole picked you because she thought ‘This is my golden ticket’
Michael – she said ‘I wanted to protect you’ no you didn’t not at all
Michael – we can’t get over confident we have to win HOH this week
Taylor – we have a good team to do it.
Michael can’t wait for “all of them” to have to walk up to the HOH and see Taylor’s pictures and have her read the letter.
Michael – they’ll tell you what to do and ‘this is what the house wants’ blah blah

2:51 am Taylor alone
“I came here wanting to play a game with girls but the girls didn’t want me. I may have contributed to that but they continue to use me and make me play their game the way the house spoke to people is no different than the way they speak top each other I’ve seen it myself”
“This game is crazy”
“This is the only chance I have”
“Sunday is reconciliation, Monday is GAme”
“I love Kyler.. Lets go!!!” (Kyle was yelling Lets GO)

6:08 am zzzzzzz

10:39 am Most of the house is now up. Monte and Daniel talk about yesterday’s POV competitions.
Monte – I was not myself yesterday I don’t know if anyone noticed but I was super quiet after Jasmine passed out I’ve never seen anyone pass out before in my life. She was very pale her lips weren’t the red colour they are usually are. Almost looked like death. I couldn’t get that image out of my head so I hit the bike for like an hour to blow off steam and get to a normal space.
Daniel – that was tough man..

10:37 am Ameerah, Michael and Nicole
Nicole – I don’t know anything about Monte
Ameerah – he doesn’t share a lot
Nicole – I’m not going to lie guys but we need to start prying because how are we supposed to really trust and choose someone to take to the end if we don’t know anything.
Nicole- We’re in an alliance and I love it that we’re looking after each other. Why isn’t anyone asking the question?
Ameerah – Personally I just don’t like being seen with him.
Nicole – neither do I? I’m seen with Daniel now that’s a problem?
Ameerah – that’s why I don’t like being seen with him
They start wondering what Monte actually does.
Nicole – he doesn’t know a lot about personal fitness.. He’s not as versed as JOe.
Ameerah – that’s what I’m saying
Nicole – I think Military (LOL)
Michael – I didn’t think about that
Nicole – he said he use to work for GORtek which is a military grade product.
Nicole – I wouldn’t be surprised he’s a cop. I’m not like.. he’s something nobody will ever guess. It’s either the military or law enforcement. He’s not a personal trainer

11:51 am Kyle and Michael
Michael – Nicole said she’s going to try and pry it out of him .. If you get him a lone give him a heads up
Kyle – Thinking about last night we need a process of dissemination of information like I talk to you, you talk to Brittany kinda have this web so we don’t have this everybody in teh same room.
Kyle – dude I feel good.. like finally feel solid
Michael – Same
Kyle – LETS GO! (lol)
Michael – they are already trying to plan the fracture from the six
Kyle – really?
Michael – I don’t know why they would
Kyle – tell you that.
Kyle – once Ameerah goes up Taylor is going to get hounded by them. They are going to go after TAylor and try to get her on their side.
Kyle – ohh dude I’m so excited please make this work. If we win HOH next week we’re going all the way.

11:05 am Monte points how dirty Joe’s bed is.
“He was snacking. I see granola I don’t know what the hell that other shit”

11:18 am mostly chit chat around the house.
Turner didn’t know the HOH got their laundry done for them. “That’s Fire”

11:26 am

Indy and Ameerah

11:36 am Indy and Ameerah
Indy – won’t it be interesting if Michael gets it
Ameerah – he’s A force to be reckoned with. He’s scary. He wouldn’t take us out though.
Indy – no. I think he would do moves that we couldn’t because we have our relationships.
Ameerah – yup
Indy – we can plan that as well if it’s us or him maybe it’s time for us to let him
Ameerah – let him win
Indy – he will protect us but in the same way he will be able to make moves that we are not comfortable yet.
Ameerah – right eactly I agree
Indy – we are on teh same page .. good

11:43 am
Production – wakey wakey houseguests

g>11:48 am ALyssa and Ameerah are occupied with trying to figure out what Monte and Kyle really do

The Girls says “Sweet Tea” aka Taylor has been on the exercise bike for an hor.

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Franz Joseph Oafallas

I can’t sleep! Ahahaha. Lets go!!!

Palm Oil's Meds

In the words of the original Kaycee “Let’s goooooo!” This is the Big Brother that we love!


I cannot wait til Monday’s Veto ceremony!

Shit is going to hit the fan!

But why do they keep saying when Ameerah sees her face after I turn the key? Veto ceremonies don’t have the key block/memory wall.

Michael/Brittany will just say something like ‘now that we used the Veto Turner it is time for you to name a replacement set of BB Besties’.

Turner will then shock half of the house (other side will try to win Oscars like Cruel Chef lol) when he puts up Ameerah/Terrance.

Hopefully he drags Ameerah good! I really have little issues with her since she is a strong competitor I just love shocking good game moves. She can come back potentially in another season. She’ll surely do The Challenge.


ameerah won’t go down without a fight. she has at least 3 votes in jas, aly, and indy and just needs to work brit, taylor, and michael for three more because all three have to know they’re at the bottom of the leftover alliance. i don’t think it’s guaranteed ameerah goes next.


honestly the pound should take their shot at the aly/indy pair.


Why? They aren’t a threat, it would be a stupid game move.


if this hoh only manages to get rid of terrance that’s not much better. at least their allegiances are obvious and they aren’t with turner.

Palm Oil's Meds

If Alyssa and Indy are on the block, that would mean the mean girls will have less allies.


Of course she won’t. But I think Cruel Chef and Evil Elvis will want to save their third wheel named Terrance so if one or both vote against Ameerah then she is for sure out.

We’ll see though. I like when the vote tally fluctuates.

The Beef

You think Nicole would pick Terrance over Ameerah? Given Ameerah is actually playing the game and Terrance is fulfilling the “Big D” role this season (although much more likeable), I just don’t see that happening. That, and Ameerah’s FEMALE, and we all know how Nicole feels about that part of it as well.

The Beef

After everything Taylor’s been through with those girls for the last three weeks, she’d be a complete MORON to flip back and vote with them, only to end up right back on the bottom with them. Same it basically true with Brittany, and the horrible things they’ve said about her, which Michael knows about and I’m sure has shared with her. I don’t know why Michael would want to be on the bottom of an all woman’s alliance – and he basically said that when they invited him to join it week one! He said he’d do it and use it for as long as it was useful to him – which it appears to have been about 2.5 weeks.

I’d rather be in the Leftover alliance and at least be appreciated for who I am, AND make jury, versus being in the girly girls, being constantly denigrated, not to mention being in danger of being voted out every single week, because nobody in my alliance likes me or even wants me in the game. That would be a very easy decision if I was either Taylor or Brit.


Absolutely. I’m sure Ameerah fights hard to stay. Will she even doubt not having the votes? She’ll expect the five PP votes plus Jas & EE at a minimum. She also probably thinks she has Joe/Indy. Because Turner is going to cite her own words “I don’t talk game with you” as his reason for putting her OTB will she take him at his word? Or will she believe he had to run this by people prior to believing he had the votes.

She can rationalize he wouldn’t put up two guys (so no Monte/Joe or Kyle/EE) & she knows how close he is to Ally. What she’ll question is why it’s not Tayler/CC and he needs to be prepared for that. If he’s smart he addresses it right in his speech saying he didn’t want a full week of tension similar to what happened Saturday (b/c the entire house was impacted).

That said, Amee is a smart player who’ll has great instincts not missing any hint of change -as evidenced by her paranoia over Joe talking to Taylor.

You perfectly outline why the Michael, Britt, and Taylor trio have no vested interest in keeping her. Even if they suspect the four men of being a unit their trio will give them a run for their money.

Plus the biggest factor IMO is they’ll be able to play with an increased comfort level. Tay specifically (and Britt to a lesser degree) had to monitor everything they say, who they are “allowed” to talk to etc. Being part of the leftovers provides them with a freedom to live in that house that neither has had since the game started. There is nothing Ameerah can offer that would be worth more than that.


Cruel Chef is going to have her Oscar tossed!! She was trying sabotage the veto to be on the block w/Tay, thinking Tay would go home and C.C. would get rewarded a power. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she realizes her defeat!!


such a weird season of bb. i don’t really like anyone on the cast, yet i am loving that clear sides are being formed in the house and that they’re actually taking shots at each other. hopefully someone like alyssa wins next week and boys end up on the block.


I really have no clue where her head would be at if she won HOH. Kyle would definitely influence her. She will have to pick a side soon.

Palm Oil's Meds

Kyle better seduce Alyssa! lol


Quite a few of the hamsters this season were recruits & several are financially well off. This week Britt got annoyed at Jasmine/Indy who were talking about plastic surgery (liposuction) & other procedures that cost upwards of $75k. Notably, they also said people who don’t get manicures “are dirty”.

Britt exited the convo to sit by herself (this was around the time when she was lamenting about not being adept at making friends easily). She said to Michael (paraphrasing)- I don’t spend my money on getting manicures – does that make me a dirty person? I don’t plan on having all these plastic surgery procedures – we’re (her & hubby) are trying to save to have a baby or adopt one with the starting costs for that being $40k.

Comments like THIS ^^^ is one of the reasons why I took a shine to Britt. She’s not there for the clout or to gain followers. She’s a genuine person who loves the game (much like many of us who spend our time on OBB offering our opinions). I know she is messy & I’m REALLY HOPING this reset allows her to play a cleaner game. In many ways, it felt like her game went off the rails b/c of the Back Stage twist. She was made a pass holder & b/c she didn’t want to be evicted in week one she attempted to make inroads with the HOH (Evil Elvis) & the BS Mgr. (Pooch). She went to EE/Nic & offered up intel to try to gain favor with them & did the same with Pooch. Unfortunately, this choice backfired miserably as EE & Cruel Chef pegged her as a rat while Pooch went right back to Ameerah to share what he learned.

No one wants to be the first oust of a season but especially super fans so her desperation is sort of understandable. That she continued to make missteps was the issue. The question is whether she had a choice. Each of the hamsters gets lumped into a category whether fair or not and once there it’s typically hard to change that narrative.

But for Britt, this truly is the perfect opportunity to flip the coin – Ameerah is the one who has most wanted Brit gone (b/c she was the person impacted by Britt’s loose lips). EE/CC are obv close to Amee but also very aware of who is dangerous. EE’s targets are the other super fan Michael & who he views as the strongest female (and his scapegoat – or person to constantly pin stuff on /keep as a target) Taylor. CC’s targets are the alpha males & Britt b/c she’s aware of her observation skills plus knows she’ll be a force in the memory/puzzle/date comps.

In the meeting it was pointed out there are two duos with both players in The Leftovers so they’re assuming Monte/Joe or Michael/Britt would be the noms if that side wins HOH. That would be correct IF they strictly stick to voting by alliance. For example, will Joe &/or Monte try to give Indy the head’s up that it’s not looking good for Amee? or Kyle to Ally?

No doubt they’ll try to play dumb this week with Turner using Ameerah’s own words against her “we never talk game”.

A few things can derail keeping The Leftovers hidden and those are Joe saying too much (to Indy for example), Tucker who tends to spout too much information around people he’s comfortable with — he told EE that Joe wasn’t certain about Nic (Kyle was in the room when he did that). He’s actually a bigger question mark for me than Britt b/c I foresee EE/CC barging up to his room post POV noms demanding to know why the target shifted. We’ll see if he takes umbrage with them or if he melts.

And the other question mark is Britt — can she take this gift to re-set her game & learn from her prior mistakes. She made the comment after week one to Taylor how she messed up but once the mistake was made there was no going back. EXCEPT, in this case the 4 people who held her mistake over her head are either gone (Pooch), about to go (Ameerah) or next to go (EE/CC).

I sure hope she takes advantage and sticks to passing things by Michael (or Taylor) before spreading intel she should keep in her back pocket.

Aside: speaking of money… Kyle told Turner (not sure if anyone else was in the room) that Ameerah is set to start a job with Google when she leaves making $250k/per year.


Kind of disagree with the whole Brit isn’t trying to be a star. She was extras in shows, tryin’ to be a “star”.


You could be spot on — I thought she did the extra work pre-marriage like Gossip Girl in high school. In fairness, I could’ve missed that she’s still doing it or wanting to have a bigger role in it. I also might not view it as that big of a deal b/c in Canada, extras are paid minimum wage & it’s not hard to become one.

I guess there are levels to the clout seekers – like I really believed her saying she wants to prioritize starting a family (she’s struggled to conceive). But to your point maybe she’s hoping for fame or to become more popular via a social platform to make her financial/career situation more fluid/flexible.


I hope Britt just keeps her mouth shut!! She should literally hold her tongue or tape her mouth shut!! Tay and Britt need to take advantage of this new chance they have of helping the island of misfit toys flip the script!! Now let the games begin!!!


Who on earth would pick people who are “well off” to be on here unless it was the celebrity version….and I wouldn’t believe anything Ameerah says!


Exciting night! I got to sleep and Simon (Ty) gives me the blow by blow! Wish they would get rid of Useless Jazz and Dingo Dan.

Only Reading Feeds

I actually might just watch an episode. Not just read the feeds.


If you have a Paramount Plus account, Watch the feeds. Occasionally pivotal action happens before 4 am EST


Man.. Big brother giveth and big brother taketh. At this point I’m mainly rooting for everyone in the leftovers except Monte and Turner. Literally anyone else can go and I would be happy or wouldn’t bat an eye.
And to be clear to anyone reading, this happened IN SPITE of the horrible production twist, not because of it.

un autre nom

Anyone else noticing the feed protection?
Discussions of the Trasholes arguments with Taylor yesterday.
There seems to be quite a bit of skipping around to avoid the worst of that.
Just me thinking that?

Stinky has left his HOH because the retells to the crowd are getting toxic.
THE HOH I call STINKY has been run out of a TOXIC room… and it’s HIS room.
Some Irony to that.

Let’s be real for a second. The leftovers isn’t a counter-culture movement in the bb continuum. Kyle got called to d/r, came out and exposed to Joe and Turner to get the ball rolling. Heck, I’m pretty sure Leftovers name was a d/r suggestion. Why? Their steamroll twist was a no joy from fanbase. The re-escalation of the Taylor witch trial has added to that. Remember how much the base fanned the season 21 flames of anger after the camp comeback people left? They don’t want that after season 23 was a supposed reset. NOT saying they are creating a Jackson win for her, or anyone. No, they aren’t. Yet. Noticably. But they are trying to shift the narrative. Additionally they are trying to censor the worst bits of the mob talk (mostly Daniel and Nic). When the feeds flip from one of the mob incitement meetings to someone sitting alone in a room doing diddly squat? Yeah, the five second delay on feeds tells me it was gonna get nasty in there.