MONTE WON HOH! “I am going to start sh*t talking you so that you and I aren’t close.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted

8:47pm The live feeds return from the head of household competition. In the kitchen Monte has the HOH key around his neck.


Bedroom – Joe and Terrance.
Joe – yo, don’t feel bad. You know that me and Monte got you. Terrance – I know. Its just … why does the energy feel so f**king sh*tty that I’m here. Joe – they were sending you home and Monte and I weren’t having it. In the last minute we were like f**ked. Kyle joins them and Terrance leaves. Joe to Kyle – I need your reason for switching to be that Joseph and Brittany came up to me and were like why are we hearing about PO’s Pack. And you had no choice but to change your vote. Kyle – and I will be like Taylor knew, you knew, Brittany knew. Joe – yeah and when the girls ask me why I changed my vote I am going to tell them that Taylor told me and Terrance about PO’s Pack. I came to Kyle because the story is that you and Ameerah were talking and when I asked Kyle he just looked down held his mouth and walked away. You didn’t say yes or no but you basically told me so then I voted against it. I am going to start sh*t talking you so that you and I aren’t close. And Brittany came up to you as well and you did the same thing and didn’t answer.

Bedroom – Joe and Terrance.
Joe – remember when I came in here and I told you don’t pack? Terrance – I know you did. Joe – you better watch out for the people that you thought you were tight with. I know you and me don’t talk much but I told you from day one that I respect you. You’re a grown a$$ man. You’ve got loyalty. You’ve got a family you’re fighting for. I respect every aspect of it. And I don’t care how close I get with someone personally .. I gave you my word. Terrance – you did. And my word is my bond to you. Joe – SAME! Terrance – I would never be disloyal to you. Joe – same. It took everything for us to like save you. Terrance – I know. Joe – and even the people that you were sleeping next to that were taking care of you .. they were going against you. Terrance – I know. Joe – the same people that were pissed are going to want to be your friends again. You know the people that voted for you. Terrance starts to name the people that voted for him. Joe – name the people that voted against you. Terrance – Jas, Alyssa, Indy and Nicole. Joe smirks and agrees.

Storage room. Michael – now its time to act.. Kyle joins them. They both talk about how they’re owning up to their votes.

9:05pm Bedroom – Nicole and Daniel.
Daniel – I had no clue. I sensed something was changing. Nicole – so did I. Joe – Monte and Joe was a little too much.. what is happening. You really don’t know. Nicole – I really don’t know. Brittany told me that she changed her vote right before the vote. Daniel – Michael for sure voted Ameerah out. He just told me. Nicole – yeah he told me when it happened. Daniel – he is in on it. Nicole – they’re all in on it. Daniel – the guys. Nicole – yeah, they decided not to tell me, you and Terrance (Terrance knew, Turner told him last night) because they knew that we were close. Daniel – I knew. Nicole – I knew something was wrong. I told you that I don’t trust Monte. Daniel – I don’t either! It was good for my game initially because I don’t f**k with that alliance. Nicole – just make sure they know that you didn’t know anything about it. Daniel – I didn’t. Nicole – I need them to trust me. They still trust me. Me, you, Terrance and Turner. Daniel – Ameerah is gone. Nicole – me, you, Terrance, Turner. Daniel – 100%! Jasmine? Nicole – I can’t trust anybody. They were scheming. Something was going on with those two. I don’t trust anybody. Daniel – we need the four. Nicole – if they had told me I would have been fine. It just sucks that I didn’t get to say goodbye to her (Ameerah). Daniel – me too, I was like aww whatever. Nicole – Like you made me go to Terrance and cry to him and tell him bullsh*t. Daniel – the thing is he (Monte) is such a bad liar.. I saw it in his face when he said yeah we’re going to do him (vote out Terrance). I knew immediately. Alyssa joins them. Daniel – do you know what happened? Alyssa – no I don’t. Daniel – how did you vote? Alyssa – I voted out Terrance. Daniel – I voted out Ameerah .. which might have been what sparked it. Nicole – Kudos to Turner for making the move. Daniel – biggest move in the game so far. Alyssa – Kyle never said anything to me.. nothing. Nicole – it draws a line.. which means I am next and I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor is with them. Alyssa – she voted with them. If I go on the block against Taylor, I am definitely going home.

9:14pm Bedroom – Daniel and Kyle.
Kyle – I thought it was good .. that was the only alliance that I thought was solid. We had the Oasis which was Pooches baby which we all knew was a sh*t show. Like I don’t think you and I even talked. Daniel – no. Kyle – moving forward in the game that was it .. I don’t have other alliances. Today Michael and Nicole run up to me and are like Brittany knows about PO’s Pack she was coming at Michael about it. And then I also get Joseph saying that Taylor overheard something about PO’s Pack and so then he is questioning me and then I thought you knew about it so I was like everyone in the house knows. So then I talked to Michael and Monte .. I knew it wasn’t Michael because him and Brittany are like the tightest in the house and if she is questioning him .. okay I trust him. And Monte I trust .. I don’t know .. so I assumed it was one of the girls. Daniel – its crazy if Ameerah is in it and your own alliance is turning against them. Daniel – A heads up would have been cool and I would have been in on it. Kyle – I am sorry dude. I should have told you. Ameerah, Alyssa and Nicole .. I trust them but how did it get out? Who would have shared it with Brittany? Daniel – I think she just overheard.. she walks around a lot.

9:30pm Bedroom. Alyssa and Brittany.
Brittany – I am so sorry and I am going to be straight up with you.. It was brought to my attention before the vote some things that Ameerah’s been a part of and things she’s said particularly about me that I think put my game in jeopardy as well as the rest of the Girls Girls. Alyssa – what kind of things? Brittany – that she was part of an alliance called Paloma’s Pals. I don’t know who else was in it. Honestly I don’t really care. Its done now so honestly I don’t even care. All I know is what was spoken in that alliance. All I know is that me and Michael going up on the block last week was not an accident. That I was going to be one of her targets. She considered me an emotional player. Alyssa – who was HOH last week? Brittany – Turner. Alyssa – and she was going to put you up? Brittany – that I was her target when she won HOH. Alyssa – who said it? Brittany – multiple people. Alyssa – I never heard that. Brittany – that Indy and I were the next targets because we’re emotional players. Alyssa – to my knowledge that’s ridiculous because she said if she were to ever split someone up it would be Jasmine and Turner.

9:25pm – 9:45pm Bathroom – Kyle and Nicole.
Kyle – Two nights ago I was talking to Ameerah in the storage room and Jasmine came in after and it was me, Monte and Ameerah.. and Jasmine said that she caught Taylor’s ear against the door and we were talking about votes too. Nicole – I f**King said goodbye to Terrance. Kyle – I didn’t think she heard anything. Nicole – she f**king heard something.. F**king big mouth McGee over there. Kyle – I know and today all of a sudden it got around that everyone knows. Nicole – That’s the thing as a f**king alliance .. we’re not an alliance anymore. How are we in an alliance if you guys are going to hold sh*t against from us? I understand holding sh*t away from Alyssa because she has the biggest f**king mouth in the world! Like why didn’t anyone say anything to me!? Kyle – I didn’t think she heard. Nicole – if we’re in an alliance together.. why are we not working together?! Like why couldn’t anyone say anything to me? I still would have vote for Ameerah (to stay) to still look good with the women. But now honestly there is a f**king line in the sand. This really sucks! I just feel really stupid. And I would never do that to you guys ever! Kyle – I know. Nicole – and Ameerah was ride or die with you guys. Kyle – I know. Nicole – I know that I pissed off Monte the other day with what I said to Taylor.

9:46pm Monte tells the house guests that last weeks havenots get to choose this weeks havenots. Monte – Myself, Terrance and Joe cannot be havenots. No one volunteers. Indy says not Jasmine because of the stairs. Indy says Brittany and Michael but the says cancel because its Michael’s birthday on Monday. Alyssa – Tuner and Jasmine. Monte – sorry Turner, no HOH showers. Turner – Dude, no showers anyways .. f**K it!

10pm Bedroom. Alyssa and Kyle.
Kyle – I told you, I don’t have another option other than PO’s Pack and the girls are so tight. Alyssa – why didn’t you tell me? Kyle – I found out right before. Ameerah told me that she would never vote for you or Jasmine. And you told me the same thing that you would never vote for Ameerah and Jasmine. You three are on that page… and that’s a final 3 in my mind!? Right?! Tell me I’m wrong? In my mind if I say that I will never vote for you and never vote for Monte .. and you guys reciprocate that .. In my mind that is as close to a final three as I can imagine. That is where I am coming from. Alyssa – in my mind I would always fight for you and protect you. I literally asked Monte one minute before the vote if everything was the same and he said yes.. why did you hear otherwise? I am just disappointed I guess. Now I am just alone I guess. Kyle – you’re not alone. Alyssa – well I don’t f**king have you. I don’t understand. I don’t understand why your first thought wasn’t maybe I should tell Alyssa. Or maybe you just don’t care. Kyle – I did think about it .. just think of the optics of I tell you before the vote and then you have that reaction and you’re put in a tough spot of like hey do I have to vote out Ameerah or Terrance because the house is flipping to vote out Ameerah. It was a tough conversation to have and I just avoided it. I’m sorry, I am sorry. You trusted me. Alyssa – Its big brother you should never trust anyone. Kyle – in my mind you’ve never said you would never vote for me but you have said that about Ameerah and Jasmine… in my mind I am fourth in line. Can you honestly say that you would vote for me over Ameerah or Jasmine? Alyssa – yes. Kyle – I don’t know. Alyssa – well you obviously don’t know me then. I should have given you verbal confirmation. I just thought with the way that I act with you.. I thought you would just know. Kyle – you’re my best friend in the house. Alyssa – clearly not. Kyle – you are. Alyssa – I always have you back and I hope you have mine because I like you as a person.

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Please, oh please, get Daniel out this week! He’s such a pathetic doucher

No Name

No way Monte is taking a guy out.

L.L. Bean Dip

Well yeah, he’s straight. Joseph might though.


alyssa and indy are definitely the initial noms, they’re the only non-leftover besties. still posibility of backdoor or alyssa/indy win veto.


Nicole is crazy, I’m watching the live feeds now, as always she is the only one talking, her life in amazing, she is he number 1 target, she can’t believe Taylor sold the women out and she is working with the men.

Per Nicole, I thought Taylor was all about girl power, and then she helps the men get rid of Ameerah ? Ok, so Taylor has been the mean girls target for the past 3 weeks, so it’s ok for the mean girls to go against a woman, but when Taylor decides to switch over and work with the men to save her game, Taylor is wrong ?? Wow, Nicole needs help, she’s a fool !!

Nicole is such a mean, evil, jealous, back stabbing emotional player. Daniel just agrees with whatever Nicole says, he is such a wimp, it’s like he cannot think on his own.

Does Daniel not see by remaining with Nicole, he is sinking his game, not that I’m a fan of Daniel’s, he needs to break away from crazy, evil, narcissistic Cruel Chef !!


Please give Nicole a gag, she just talks and talks, and builds herself up to be so smart and aware of everyone and everything. She just said that Monte wants to get the girls out of the house, Nicole said that she just does not like being Blindsided !!

Really Nicole, but it is ok for you to plot and plan against Taylor, throw the veto comp, so Taylor can be blindsided and backdoored, and that’s ok ? But you better not blindside her, Nicole is not to be mistreated, she must be aware of all changes, she must approve them.

I really don’t like how Kyle and Joe are blaming things on Taylor so they are not looked at as flipping sides in the house. It is not fair they are still throwing Taylor under the bus, it’s not cool, don’t use Taylor, stop making the house go against Taylor, you don’t owe Nicole, Jasmine, Indy, Daniel any excuse as to why you flipped and voted Ameerah out.

Yes the Leftovers are working together, but you are going to still drag Taylor’s name through the mud ? Kyle, Monte and Joe, man up and stop hiding and using Taylor as your own personal Shield, that’s not cool. You are doing the same thing the mean girls did, stop making Taylor the bad guy, stop turning everyone against Taylor over and over again.

Big Brother Fan

I so agree! At the start of the season I blamed Taylor for her position in the house. The way she was with the guys, I could see why there was hate from the girls. Well how the tide has turned! My heart bled for her the other night. The way Nic”ahole” and Dicknel came after Taylor was disgusting! The way she is being treated in that house is just plain wrong! Taylor is now my favorite and I’m hoping for her to win the whole thing. That will be the best revenge!

un autre nom

Nic is making Ameerah’s eviction about Nic.
well of course. i suppose Jasmine’s chipped tooth is about Nic too. Is Terrence staying an attack on Nic…. why yes it is. Wow. Just. Wow. I mean… her being a target has more to do with trying to be el colonel the dictator than anything else. I bet the hammock is in on the plot and dumped her on purpose as an attack against her.
IS she a target? YEAH. Was getting rid of Ameerah an attack on Nic? NO.
She thinks they were all in on it and is pissed that Taylor isn’t being ostracized.

Nic DESERVES the money. Oh Grod, call the season, we have someone saying they DESERVE the money so we’re wasting out time. eyeroll.

Kyle is with Daniel. Tbh i don’t really care what anyone says to Daniel at this point. Something about couldn’t trust his alliance POS anymore. Daniel is trying to worm in with the guys. Gee, of course he is.

Alyssa wonders why Bunny didn’t tell her the vote flipped. She doesn’t want to see or talk to him because he told Taylor and not her.

Nic regrets joining the women because now she doesn’t have the numbers, and she’s surrounded by weaklings. She says this to a weakling. Charmer.
Nic is hoping the target will be Turner… like she didn’t just see… oh nevermind. oy.
She doesn’t want to talk to Britt (like when does she so what’s the big loss) and she wants Kyle to incriminate Taylor. Kyle does. He’s using Taylor as his shield saying she overheard Am/Ky in the SR talking about POS and Jasmine saw her lurking.

Britt is putting in time with Jabba. She isn’t against the girls, she voted out the girl that was lying to her and putting her in jeopardy. Jasmine thinks she doesn’t know what to think. SOMEbody get her one of her thinking snacks… STAT.
Btw, Jasmine’s foot as the wrap is being taken off? If you wrap and boot a foot that hasn’t been walked on in two weeks… it’s gonna swell. Now if she’d been doing any rehab whatsoever, it would still have swelled slightly, but it’s swelled more because of lack of use and wrap being too tight.
No idea if Jasmine believes Britt or not. She says she does but… she doesn’t want to go on slop dontcha know. She wants to stay until she’s tip top shape (so what… week 8 work for ya? without being a have not ever?)
Britt moves to Alyssa and tells her the POS news that made her flip her vote. Alyssa plalys dumb like you could hold her to your ear and hear the ocean.

Brass tacks:

  • Nic is overNic-ing even for Nic. Her lack of self awareness is truly shocking.
  • ALyssa has the sadz about bunny.
  • Taylor is more willing to trust the alliance to keep her by going on the block with Nic than Kyle is to go on the block with Dan.
  • Elvis is Rose on the wood, and The girls are Jack. He’s whislting for the HMS Himbo to save him.
  • JASMINE IS A HAVE NOT. Get ready for the HANGRY.
Wait. . .what???

“I bet the hammock is in on the plot. . . ” ROFL


Of course, Terrance staying is all about Nic. Remember they ALL KNEW Terrance was staying but they let NIC hug him and console him and tell him he’s going. ?

The Beef

So Daniel knew. He knew IMMEDIATELY he says, because Monte’s such a bad liar. Now Daniel took this “knowledge” he was so sure of that something was up, and what did he do with it? Did he use it to help save the person he wanted to stay in the house (Ameerah)?

No – Daniel cast a sympathy vote for Terrance to stay, and AGAINST Ameerah!

I think Daniel is the one who’s a bad liar here – not Monte. Daniel had NO clue Ameerah was going home tonight, and if we’re lucky, he may be the next one evicted in a little less than 7 days.

un autre nom

I still have a real problem with seeing Monte target a guy.
He’s made too many comments to try to get Daniel and Terrance out of the line of fire.
He and the alliance know DANIEL created Oldskool. Monte said Terrence and Daniel had no power and the women were calling the shots.

The Beef

You’re probably right, as Monte has shown he’s “all in” with the men since the beginning of the game, and will most likely target a female this week, but my disdain for EE, and the way he attacked Taylor, after her discussion with Nicole, which he wasn’t even a party to, has left me with a severe dislike for that cretin. So, I guess you can say me calling for his eviction is mostly just wishful thinking. I’d take either him or Nicole leaving, and rank it a 10 out of 10 on the “great job” meter.




If anything, Nicole is so predictable. Monte was coming out of the bathroom area, guess who is shadow boxing, and trying to play around with Monte, “Nicole”.

Does she think this works, does Nicole feel she fits in and everyone thinks the world of her? Nicole said Britt lingers, well watch how Nicole hangs out and lurks around Taylor and the Left Overs this week, she wants to belong so bad. I hope someone tells Nicole when she comes up to the HOH, “Can you give us a minute”, that will be so funny.

Jasmine is a HAVE NOT, I bet she is going to be trying to lay around on the sofa during the day in the HOH room. She can’t have any Doritos, Popsicles, Chicken Wings, Pancakes or any other snacks, better stay out of her way this week, cold showers, no food, poor Jas.

Let Nicole come up and play the victim, make everything about herself in the Have Not room with Jasmine, we all know the house revolves around Nicole in her mind.

Please let Jasmine lose it, let Jas blow up on Nicole, this week. They better search Jasmine, make sure she does not sneak food, treats, etc… into the Have Not room.

Maybe she should spend this week doing therapy on her ankle, because it really is getting old looking at her milking her injury. Do therapy, do something other than lay around.

Looking forward to seeing Nicole try to hang out with the Left Overs, give guidance, advice, nurturing all of them, kissing butt, if Nicole is put on the block, as she said, she will not be the pawn, she’s now the #1 target in the house, she thinks highly of her game play.

Nicole will be complimenting Monte, would not surprise me if she make breakfast for him, she is going to go out of her way to spend time with Monte this week.

The Beef

In an earlier post, I said things may change depending on who wins HOH. Well, when I said that I specifically had Nicole and Daniel in mind, as they both now know they are on the short side of the house numbers wise, and I can almost guarantee you they will try to rectify that by switching things up alliance wise, and make some changes. Ameerah was a strong player, and frankly, Daniel just hasn’t shown himself to be all that strong. Nicole knows she’s pretty much on an island by herself with weaklings, and if she can’t work herself into a better position with TOS, her ass will be going home soon.

I expect her to be throwing people UTB sooner rather than later, and I mean people like Alyssa, Jasmine and yes possibly even Daniel if it will help her get in good with Monte, Michael and Kyle. Those are the people SHE views as running TOS right now, and thus the ones she wants to be aligned with to make her safe. I think she’d like to do it WITH Daniel, but if she can’t, she’ll do it at his expense.

That’s just my gut feeling. We’ll see what happens.

un autre nom

Indy wants Joe and the guys to stop talking to Taylor. It makes her mad.
Joe just spent waaay too long with Taylor pretty much being too pushy that she volunteer for the block again.
Indy.. she’s been talking to Dan so I figure her toxic level is about to rise. Not that she hasn’t been pretty snippy already tonight.
Of course, Indy also considers Britt the weakest person in the house that flipped their vote, and wants to punch her. Huh. Never paid attention enough to know Indy hated Britt. m’kay. How much Indy and Nic bond over who they hate this week? It’s coming.

Alyssa caught 1/2 the leftovers in the have not room. They stayed in there WAY too long because Kyle had to push his Alyssa targeting scheme while Britt was trying to save Taylor from going on the block again.

Taylor at this point, would feel more comfortable with Indy Alyssa initial noms.

Nic is of course mad that Taylor isn’t house target anymore. After all that work committing to the lie too. She hats liars by the way. And she’s on strike. No cooking cleaning and momming until everyone comes and begs Mommy Dearest’s forgiveness. She’s going off on Terrance now? lol. oh boy. It’s one thing to be mad at those damn kids, but quit beating up on the second hand couch, mom. eyeroll. And Terrence was stringing her along so she could vent and maybe say something incriminating.
Nic and Indy are bonding of their mutual hates. that didn’t take long AT ALL.

Okay. I’m not pro-Alyssa. I’m against my nopes. the more they push the target Alyssa angle, the longer i have to listen to both nopes together. Get the picture? So when I point out why the target Alyssa plan is dumb…. it’s because I want a nope to go. period.

Jasmine has summoned the HOH to the bathroom. For a moment I though Monte was on wiping duty. Nope. Jasmine said Ameerah told her 2 names not to trust: mouths Daniel’s name (the other is Nic). Also told Jasmine to pack the rest of her stuff. d’oh.
Still asking Turner to do lots and lots of jumping jacks in the have not this week. Don’t shower once. Roll around in dirt if you want. Use cheese as deodrant, idgaf, But make sure to roll on Jasmine’s floaty when she has to go to the bathroom. It’s what she deserves.
Damn. You know she’s going to say she has to use the HOH bathroom, don’t you?
I ALMOST get the feeling they’re going to do the season 18 and 19 trick of feeding preferred have nots in the d/r. Shush. We all knew that before Paul said anything. Have nots leave the d/r and houseguests ask who smells like burgers? come on.

So Jasmine is trying to throw Taylor under the bus. Taylor already told Monte she’s throwing his name. Jasmine also says Nic won’t leave her alone. She doing the most with that scooter pretending it’s a bus isn’t she? LOL. Monte already told her he isn’t nominating her. dang.

Brass Tacks at this moment:

  • Britt is taking more heat from the women than the men are getting. Expected.
  • Taylor is taking more heat from the women than the men are getting. Expected.
  • The boys aren’t reciprocating by taking out the ones shovelling heat on Britt and Taylor. Expected.
The Beef

Looks like another first class “use job” by the men (less Michael) of Taylor and Brit. I’m sure nobody is surprised by this and it’s the reason why in Simon and Dawgs poll I selected just 2 weeks for how long the Leftovers alliance would last.

I understand the use job, but damn they don’t have to be so obvious about it by blaming them (specifically Taylor) as the reason why they flipped the vote. Have a little more courage and be willing to take at least a little heat (or as you say “own your game”) for what you did, and don’t go around blaming somebody who’s already taking a lot of blame they don’t deserve.


get nicole out this week, jasmine the next.