Big Brother 21 Premiere Episode 2

This is it folks the Final of two Premiere episodes for Big Brother 21. That means Live Feeds start tonight!!  The action should start around 9:00 pm PST. If you don’t have the live feed subscription grab them here. BB21 Live Feeds Subscription Link

Last night we caught episode 1. Jackson won a “Camp Director” power. Allowing him to pick four houseguests to be banished. Those four players then compete with the loser being evicted from the Big Brother House. on top of this Jackson gains safety for the week. A good amount of evidence (BB style) exists suggesting David was evicted. Two Live feed leaks here and here coupled with the ‘Fishy’ backyard pictures here.

From the first leak, we now know Christie wins Head of Household. This episode below will show that.


Sam – we all have your back though.

Kemi – until I figure you out I’m not scratchy your back.. because my back hasn’t been scratched


Bam 3 person alliance Isabella, Jack and Jackson

Jackson thinks hard,  Jessica, Cliff, David…


Jackson how do you feel about being the pawn



Jackson picks Cliff, Kemi, Jessica, and David to be banished. A squirrel enters the house and drags them out.  Jackson says he picked Kemi because she never came and talked to him. The rest were picked because they were the ones that didn’t vote for him.

The 4 banished players compete in a dark maze. First three out win.

Cliff is the first one out. “HOGG HEAVEN”, he’s followed by Kemi, “I can’t wait to kill Jackson with kindness and stab him in the front”

Jessica is the third person out of them. David is evicted from the house. (WOW had no idea) Jessica – “Momma Jackson is back in the house and there will be some hell to pay”

David – Julie said you’re out of the Big Brother house for now, so there may be hope.


Tommy and Christie talking about working together. “it’s me and you I don’t care what happens”


Bros Nick, Jack, and Jackson want to pull in Isabella, Christie and Holly. Form a six-person “power Group”

The First Head of Household competition is played in pairs of two. It’s endurance where they have to hang on a vertical log while getting sprayed with Paint. Jackson gets to choose who is paired up.

Jessica is the first one to fall. “I am devastated”.
Jack and Kathryn are next. followed by Nick.
Ovi Drops. Says he threw it “no need to get on anybody’s radar”
Same is off his log and out. Followed by Kemi and Cliff. Bella and Nicole leave Holly, Tommy, Analyse, and Christie. Out of those four Analyse goes first followed by Holly.

Christie wins the Head of Household


Whacktivity Comp “game-changing secret power is up for grabs”
David maybe out of the game but you haven’t seen the last of him.
Something you have never seen on BB before will be shown next Wednesday.

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Off to a nutty start.

I’m glad David has chance to return to the game. He really wants to represent. Love that!


I absolutely agree!

I’ve been so discouraged these last several years by what seems to me as less and less on the live feeds. Lengthy feed outages are frustrating. And when you have HGs that can’t stop singing we get constant feed cuts (like Frankie, Rachel S., and JC) UGH!

I’m hopeful for a better feed experience this year. My main concern with singing is Tommy, but he seemed apologetic for the two warnings he got on that feed leak, so maybe he’s taken the talk seriously.


I’d love for them to put some reward/punishment comps on the feeds just for fun. Imagine tuning in one night and seeing knockoff Aquaman in a skunk suit and having no idea what happened. Folks might sign up to find out.


My biggest gripe with them is they don’t allow for a lot of actual game play to determine if you go. Cameron was out in less than 12 hours if I remember and some of that was night time. It’s too random. I wouldn’t mind some prefeed comps for perks and punishments (not powers). Imagine getting put on slop that prefeed week. Or having to perform ridiculous tasks or anything goofy as that can help build bonds and friendships for later game play. It may affect your game but it’s not going to end it before you get started. It’s 99 days long so there’s plenty of time, if needed just throw in another double eviction because those can be a hoot!


The diary room is the most corniest thing i television history. If they got rid of it i think the show would be much better.


I agree and don’t understand why you got so many thumbs down. It’s SO annoyingly phony. If there was less diary room and it was genuine then it would be an asset, but it’s so scripted it is corny. They comment on the stupidest things.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Hey guys; still getting a feel for the house guests. Glad to see no previous players thrown in the mix.


Don’t jinx it, I panic every time Julie says tune if for a new twisty twist. I also dislike special powers this early in the game. They aren’t needed to really spice things up.

another name

oh now you done gone said it.
i still say weekly drop in arts and crafts day with whackadoodle doo sambot and her portable still might be fun.
i’m kidding. really.


What’s up with this many twists this soon in the game ? If you count the one to be revealed on Wednesday. I am all for them but not this soon, and especially with a brand new Cast. Just let them play.

another name

I’ve never said this before: I’m sort of happy there were no feeds before the second episode. Now i don’t know definitively how things were actually going in the house before the banishments… so i can’t think of the second episode as being one of the three different finales for the movie clue. I mean, for storyline purposes we all know that a ton of stuff has been shifted in terms of timeline for the sake of continuity, and a lot more has been directly left out… but for the first time i’m glad to just take it as it is and not get myself righteously indignant.

The moment camp director made his choices i put my head in my hands. Mama needs to sit him down and tell him about optics. It may not have been ‘what was in his heart’, but fingers on a chalkboard it just looked bad.
As far as diversity goes… I think this appears to be the most diverse US bb cast i’ve ever seen. Somewhere right around the 50% mark don’t check the straight white human under 35 box. That’s a change.

About to upset some people

Looks like an Aaron Giles season. Interesting selections I wonder what the commonality was


His decision literally had zero to do with race it was the three other people who volunteered for camp directior and kemi who was the only person who didnt come talk to him


Neither, Go big or go home!


UGH! Christie nominated Cliff and Katheryn. Here we go again……I hate when the first people nominated are the people they perceive as being the easy targets, it so boring and predictable. BLEH. Start the game off with a bang and go for a big threat like they did last summer!


Totally agree. We want action


Big threat? Sam and steve were the first nominees couldnt get any safer than that last year

Joseph Stalls

Hey all, if you are looking for the “Camp Director” Tshirt from the show.. I think I found it…


Did anyone notice that Jackson bemoaned being voted out because he was good looking and then proceeded to nominate the least good looking people as camp director? Double standard much??