Big Brother 21 Swimsuit Picture* Something’s up with David *updated*

Promotional Swimsuit pictures were released today for the Big Brother 21 season. (Which starts today. Feeds start tomorrow) Grab them via out link
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From the live feed leak, we know Christie is the Head of Household. As of a couple of days ago she was going to nominate Cliff and Kathryn with the target being Kathryn. One interesting thing to note is the picture showing the cast together. Look at David, now look at Tommy behind him. Where’s the leg? Looks very photoshopped to me. My gut is saying David is gone and they “penciled” him in to not spoil the twist tonight.

Big Brother 21 Swimsuit Group Picture
Big Brother 21 Swimsuit Group Picture




Jackson and Analyse

Cliff and Jack






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Yeah, Tommy is flexible……but, not THAT flexible. And, David doesn’t have the same “say cheese” or mid laugh facial reaction, either. Either BB needs some better photographers/editors, or they’re trying to stir up some gossip.

double D

Tommy is sitting. He’s shorter than the women next to him. His legs are behind David.


You could be right, but it doesn’t look that way to me. Tommy isn’t much taller than me at a reported 5’4″ (Kat is reported to be 5’8″). I have no idea how tall he really is…or any of the HG’s, but if he really is 5’4″ the height difference would make sense. There’s a matching snail table right behind David, and it doesn’t appear to have anything or anyone sitting on it.


JACK got this 72 year old heart a palpitating.


Oh, most definitely!


I’m sure there will be a fan club…Simon and Dawg will have to provide images to quench the thirst of the readers.


I wonder how many folks are peering into the reflected images to see if they can get some evidence of photoshopping shenanigans.




Def photoshopped. several of them appear just pasted into the pool, even the water!


I watched the sneak peek with the HG’s getting to know each other. Jackson thinks Sis is going to make for a long summer; Sis commented that Jack can be hers for the summer; and Jack said Holly is the coolest person of all of them and is super cute. Tonight’s episode looks so good.

double D

Sounds more like Temptation Island than Big Brother. The first episode has turned into “who can I hook up with” rather than “who can I work with”.

Biggy Boo

The swimsuit group picture has always been photoshopped. Not sure why they are wearing shirts, and not outside.

Biggy Boo

Oh they are outside, nevermind

Retsamel Evets

Feed leak around 11:40-56 PDT today


A nice little feed leak at 12:56:20 CDT

No sight of David.
They do have checkers and backgammon this season.

*I’ll leave the details for Simon and Dawg.

another name

If we recall the feed leak, where it was said that both Cliff and Jess told Christie that Nicky went ahead and nominated all THREE of the other volunteers after making a pact with them… there is some evidence that there was a premiere episode condensed week (poor Jodi moment), which was followed by Christie winning the hoh.
Again from the leak, it was mentioned that it would be a shame to nominate Cliff back to back. If there hasn’t been an eviction yet, there is little chance that there have been previous nominations in order for the back to back part of the statement to make sense.
If that assumption is to be followed, it is completely possible that David was a replacement nominee / third nominee in that scenario. Much like Cameron in the onerous first week of season 19, he would have been held in sequester and returned to the house for the swimsuit promotional shots.
The shots are released in alphabetical batch order, and David is pinned to the end of the promo batch. another strange bread crumb. Not going to analyze the group shot light reflections on his jawline too much… but it does seem that there should be an equivalent but not present mirror reflection on Annalyse given the angles of their bodies sitting on the cooler.
At least they didn’t have a viewer vote on which house guest to evict during the premiere (poor Risha moment), before the feeds had even started. Yeah, i’m looking right at you BBcan season three.