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If you are one of the fabulous people who donate to the site every season you’re going to get a bit extra. As a thank you for your continued support we’re adding some new features for the Big Brother 21 season. For folks that aren’t “members” you will continue to get the same OBB site that we’ve been delivering since Season 8 nothing on that end will change. With a Big thankyou here is what you get.


Donations between $10 – $39
1) Access to the OBB Group Chat (we stay up all day and night so you know someone will be online)
2) account on OBB for commenting
3) audio ramblings of Simon

Donate above $40
1) Get everything above
2) A kiss from Dawg
3) Comment without moderation. (Some rules apply. Use common sense. Don’t abuse the privilege or you will lose your unmoderated status.)

* Membership goodies are only for the Big Brother 21 season.

If you are interested in any of this OBB extra’s this summer summer simply use PayPal with a valid email address. Simon or Dawg will contact via the email you used and get you set up. If you have any trouble just email us and we’ll figure it out.

How does membership work?

You will be provided a username and password in your signup email. At the top of the page you’ll notice a “members” menu. This is where you can log in.

Kraken Chat
OBB Group Chat

To help I’ve made a youtube video explaining the features.