Jessica “He wanted to give a show to the ladies!” Kathryn “You’re welcome America!”

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NOMINATED: Cliff & Kathryn

9pm The Live Feeds have officially been turned on for the season! Bathroom – Holly to Cliff – its crazy that people are just waiting for them to be turned on. Cliff – Like in here on online. Holly – online. Cliff leaves. Isa talks to Holly – Kemi just came up to me .. you haven’t been hanging out with me and now you want to talk to me. She asked do you think next week ..would they want to put Ovi up? And the way she asked made me think that she wanted me to say yes so that she could go get Ovi. I am like chill the f**k out .. now you’re just doing more sh*t to guarantee that you’re going home this week. Can you talk to him? If she sees me going up to him then she will know. Holly – yeah. Ok.

9:09pm – 9:20pm Bathroom. Jackson gets ready to shower. Christie and Jessica watch. Kathryn – were you waiting for the live feeds to start? Jackson – I didn’t want to eat without y’all. I didn’t want to shower and then eat by myself. Jessica and Kathryn – AWWW! Jessica – he wanted to give a show to the ladies! Jackson – no chance! Kathryn – You’re welcome America! Jackson gets in the shower. Kathryn to Jessica – I can’t rely on anyone else to win obviously. I’m going to pick Jackson. He says he’s going to use it on me. I should go ask him first. Kathryn to Jackson – you said yes? Jackson – if I get picked to play .. I play to win! And I’m pulling you off. I am playing to win.

Holly and Kathryn in the bathroom chatting. Kathryn – why is he (not sure who) acting weird? He thinks that Jackson was acting weird to him. I think that what he is doing right now is that he is being paranoid because he thinks the target is being put on the both of us. So he is trying to distance himself. .. I need to stop talking game while I’m on the block. Holly – the game never sleeps. Kathryn – I know. The game never sleeps .. neither do we. I think he is trying to like broaden his like .. I think he is paranoid because we are about to make a big move. I don’t think its a smart move but it is like hard when I see him talking to like other people. I’m like wait .. you’re my friend. I was just afraid that he was getting all caught up in that so I asked him are you going to play the veto for me and he said he would.

Jessica to Kathryn – I feel like alliances are already forming. Kathryn – who? Jessica – Like.. I don’t know. Kathryn – tell me .. I won’t tell anyone. Jessica – its kind of like I don’t know but I like see it.. I think Jackson has something with Bella (Isabella)… Big Brother switches the feeds to the kitchen.

9:40pm The house guests are all holding hands twisted up trying to untwist with out releasing their hands.

10pm – 10:10pm They’re still trying to get untangled… Christie comes out of the diary room and they all scatter. Tommy and others start singing and dancing “cut the mozzarell”

10:11pm – 10:20pm Bedroom. Jackson and Kathryn. Kathryn – are you conspiring against me? Jackson – No, I’m actually not. I’m doing everything that I can to try and keep you.. I’ve tried since day 1. Kathryn – I know. Jackson – to keep the heat off you. I am trying to keep you calm. Why are you asking? Kathryn – I don’t know. My stomach kind of just dropped because .. don’t over react but I don’t know.. because Jess was like I need to tell you something. And she was saying like .. I guess she walked in on you and Bella in the storage closet. And she was like I just had this bad feeling that maybe there’s alliances forming. Jackson – yo, Bella and I were talking about living together. Me Bella and Holly. Kathryn – oh. Jackson – no I was talking to Bella about living in LA and how we could get food and not make a big display without making people pissed off. Make sense? Kathryn – no I know, I just didn’t want to let anything fester. Jackson – you’re good. I’m not plotting anything. I am trying my hardest to get picked for this veto. Kathryn – I’m just nervous. Jackson – because you’re on the block. As long as we can get Kemi, Nicole, …Jess but I don’t know what she would do. Kathryn – Jess would for sure take me off. Jackson – you’re fine. So long as we can keep the veto out of Kemi’s hands. Then she is going out the backdoor. Kathryn – I don’t trust Bella. Jackson – you don’t have to trust Bella .. but I do and I need you to just trust me. Because no one is plotting to take you out. Especially not this week.. and especially not Bella. Bella has not said a word. People want Kemi out. Kemi is going up and she is going home. You have nothing to worry about. Bella and I are close and she has not said a word about you. Just don’t get paranoid. I understand when she comes at you aggressively like that. It make sense but you’re good. Kathryn – I trust you. Jackson – I trust you a lot too. Jackson – we should slip out. We should be out with everyone. We can’t be caught just the two of us and everyone else. Kathryn leaves the room.

10:30pm – 10:40pm Nicole, Kemi, Bella, Jack, Nick, Sam are hanging out in the boat room chatting. Cliff joins them. Meanwhile in the kitchen. Ovi is doing a cooking show. Christie is talking to Analyse about how she wants her HOH room back.

10:55pm – 11:25pm Kitchen. Holly and Jackson. Jackson – don’t leave us hanging (talking about living together in LA after). Marina Del Rey is expensive. Holly – that’s why one of us has to leave here a little richer. Jackson – yeah. Holly – and we need to start playing smart. Jackson – yup agreed. Holly – very low key. Jackson – agreed. That’s what I’m doing. Holly – should I not have let you know that? Jackson – no because I need to know if it comes down to it he will pick her over me. He is smitten. Holly – I wasn’t going to .. I was back and forth. Jackson – I’m really glad you did. Jackson – I love Jack. I don’t want him to go .. I want Christie to go. Holly – they’re both running this house. Jackson – I can totally see them in a relationship. It is as clear as day. Holly – when he looks at her.. Jackson – its like he’s found his soulmate. I confided in him one night and he runs straight to her and throws me under the bus.. bro!

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I’d like to keep Cliff around…but he’s dragging a target the size of his age…

Guy From Canada

Who’s voting Dawg out? From the interviews only, I kind of want Kemi to go. From the show edit, I kind of want Kemi to go. The fact that if Kemi goes, the first two out the door are the two black people in the house gone is the only reason I want Kemi to not get back doored….

J e t s jets jets jets

I must’ve missed something. Who is Dawg?


Dawg is one of the secret house guests and lives in the walls…

Actually he’s Simon’s cohort who also compiles the summaries. You can see which if them wrote each of them at the beginning of the articles.

J e t s jets jets jets


Guy From Canada

Simon and Dawg are the co authors of this blog site.

another name

does jackson/mickey know he is in an exclusive showmantic bloodoath contract with kathryn? or has she just come up with an alternate reality?
real question:
did he say he would gun for the veto if picked and use it on one of them. not specifically on her. when answering her? that doesn’t sound so exclusive.
please tell me jessica doesn’t think she’s psychic. please no. after the psychic from bbcan7 and the psyclops from last season… i just… no.
my one wish is that right before feeds come on… some friendly graphic would come up with an already in progress alliance chart of active relationships from the first week. Would have made it a lot easier last season to know where the final 2 deals in week 6 came from when they were formed week one and never spoken of again until jury.
uh… oh…. i am avoiding twitter like the plague if the kemi making sure she goes this week talk is an actual plan.

another name

yup. jackson just told kathryn that kemi would be the backdoor target.
note to jessica: bad idea talking about jackson to kathryn. if they are a showmance.
note to kathryn: bad idea naming jessica to jackson. if you are aligned with jessica.
note to jackson: bad idea saying you were talking to bella about moving in together after the show. to kathryn.
oh look. a sale on shovels.

Southern Girl

This made me laugh out loud

Houka Inumuta

I think Nicole is playing the best game this season. She has ZERO blood on her hands, not one person is after her and she seems to go under the radar well. It’s clear as day that Nicole is going to be our winner!!!!


Just finished watching S21e01 and 02 and must say that the first episode got me really confused: they were talking about the Camp leader vote/comp in the same clothes they were wearing when getting blasted in their faces with paint, but everyone looked pristine?! WTH? Over the years some of those DR segments have really confused me due to timeline. Anyone can go back and see what I’m talking about. It made the whole thing look staged. Weird.

Apart from that, I dunno if I compliment Jackson on his lack of self-awareness regarding politically correctness or if I slap him on the back of his head. Putting the old guy, the fat lady, and the only 2 black people in the house up for banishment is like demanding to not be considered to become a fan favorite or invite unnecessary criticism. His argument to his “pawn” of “I know I can count on you to win this” was so fickle. Can’t you count on Jack who is equally fit and able to nail a comp? Haha. Lame. I foresee the downvotes I’ll get for saying this but – lol – oh well.

And lastly: girls and girls alliances… lol… as is a tradition in BB, they didn’t take long to go back on their words and follow the lead from the fit boy. It was amusing to see them “rehearsing” a girl power thing though. I was not even done rolling my eyes and Nicole was already running the other way and swearing loyalty to Jackson. HAHAHAH! That was super quick!

I KNOW we must not comment on people’s appearances but I so wish Holly would take it easy on the fillers. I get so distracted every time she’s on the screen. And she’s so young…

another name

in regard to the d/r pristine clothing: most of the d/r sessions would have been filmed the day after the comp. so, they would have been assigned to wash their outfits, and put them on for d/r for the reaction shots.
in previous years, when they would wear different clothing for d/r about a comp continuity issues would be called out.


So he should make game decisions based off political correctness instead of strategy and who he feels he had good connections with. Smart


See… BB is not just a game. It’s a television show. It’s recorded and played everywhere (from TV to a lot of other social media that posts clips here and there). It’s never forgotten. The images are available forever. Big Brother is not just a game: it’s also a display window – houseguests can use it as a way to showcase themselves to the world. Some of them get to be on other CBS productions (like Jessica and Cody), or shows on different networks, some get to book commercials, etc. If a houseguest isn’t able to nail the 500K, they should at least make the most of the opportunity and sell their business. With this show comes followers on social media, a chance to get your name out there, etc. Just today I’ve already seen 3 articles talking about the whole thing and every article questioned his decision. So there he has it: 3 articles that will show up when people google him… not very helpful. So in the end, as I put it before, he’s not doing a great job at using the platform he was given to do himself any favors. I doubt that he had much better connections with people that were not sent off to “the woods” apart from four HGs. But… it’s all a matter of perception. Let’s see how he’s gonna perform going forward.

Not Aquaman

Since I don’t play the identity politics game, I didn’t even notice how “politically incorrect” the banishments were.
Maybe he targeted the 4 people who would have the smallest chance of getting him out when they came back into the game angry at him.

Same Ole Same Ole

I totally noticed it.


Not everything is about race he made his reasoning pretty damn clear 4 people volunteered so he won it and banished the other 3 and the only person who didnt come talk to him about it before his decision. He only brought up the pawn thing to david not because he was wanting to use him as a pawn but because he was sure against the other 3 he was likely to come back and was trying to avoud him being pissed off at him and maybe not target him. Its that simple people act like oh thats a person of color we should just give them the win because of the cokor of thier skin. If i was a person of color going into the big brother house i would be more offended by fans wanting to just hand me the win because of my skin then getting banished in the first week and having to fight my way back in. Oh and if it was about race wouldnt he have banished the asian girl instead of the white guy

another name

so discount aquaman and mr. showmance seem to be not so much?
the six person alliance seems to be more two three person alliances with one of each of the forementioned guys on each side?
are the women actually playing smart and intentionally trying to de bro the bromance before the testosterone becomes dudebrostrophic?
questions i have while kathryn is downward spiraling in a cloud of loose powder makeup while insisting she’s not getting paranoid. sideye. cue narrator. she is.


I’m honestly a bit shocked that we didn’t get a screenshot of Michie’s ass before he got in the shower. I’m not sure he exposed his backside intentionally, but……