Big Brother 21 Premiere Episode 1

The Big Brother 21 premiere is a 2 parter. The Live feeds start after tomorrow nights show, Around 9pm PST. If you don’t have the feeds check them out. Here is the link. BB21 Live Feeds Stream

The Ranking is back don’t forget to lock in your Houseguest ranking’s before the feeds start.

Julie starts off the episode with a “Welcome to Camp BB”. She promises a summer of “twists and turns that nobody has seen before” Ends with a hint that some of the houseguests know each other.

First 8 into the house  – Jackson (“momma’s getting a convertible”), Tommy, Nicole, Kathryn (“I’m in heat”), Ovi, Kemi, Holly, Jack

First 4 – Tommy, Jack, Kathryn, Nicole
Second 4 – Jackson, Kemi, Ovi, Jackson


Next batch of 8 houseguests.

Next 4 houseguests to enter the house – Cliff, Isabella, David and Analyse

Cliff plans on playing possum

Last four, Nick, Christie, Jessica, Sam

David says Christie dated someone in his family for 8 years. (his Aunt)


They have to select a camp director that will be given “unprecedented powers” safe from eviction the first week. The Camp director will not only impact the HOH but could single handily put their game in jeopardy

The houseguests will go one at a time into the backyard to cast their votes. the only rule is they can’t vote for themselves. Everyone gets a chance to campaign to be the camp director.

“Girl Power” is temporarily wanting to vote Jessica to be the camp director.

Bro’s locking in “let’s take this thing” Jackson says they can go “back to back to back winning HOH’s”

Camp Director Vote

Everyone got zero votes except Jac, Nick, Jessica, Jackson
1 vote = Jack, Nick
4 votes = Jessica

Winner of the Camp director is Jackson with 10 votes
(The 4 Jessica votes were Analyse, Kemi, Kathryn, Holly)

Camp Director power
Safe at first eviction
Must choose to banish 4 houseguests – the four he chooses will be out of the big brother game. those 4 go head to head in a battle for their Big BRother lives. 3 will win their way back. The fouth will see their game come to an end before the first eviction takes place.

(From the leaked feeds I’m thinking David is gone)

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I wonder who the nominees will be. I don’t see Jackson lasting long in this game. As far as Jack goes, I don’t know if it is the attempted Jason Momoa comparison, but there is something about Jack I really don’t like


Jack is much more appealing than Momoa in this Granny’s eyes. If his interior matches his exterior? Wowza **/

*seriously not a slight for Momoa. He is hotter than a stolen tamale.


Thanks Simon & Dawg for doing this again. Looking forward to see which houseguest makes you shake your heads the most in disbelief


Smart move would work with Jessica to consider who goes. Teamwork with the opposition to stay neutral? IMO. ?

Houka Inumuta

I have been predicating the winner of Big Brother for the past 5 years. This year I predict Nicole is our winner for this season.


Who is Nicole?


Well, we know Jackson banishes the other HGs that volunteered/campaigned for camp director and David had the slowest time, so this explains the feed leaks and edited photos (unless BB is messing with us… who knows).

So far I really like the HGs. I have a feeling we are in for a good season.

*LOVE the opossum pic, SImon! I have a feeling Cliff will be a favorite for me.


I REALLY hope the forever banished player isn’t replaced by a returnee. That would be terrible. There is potential in this crew for some fun times as long as they keep it all newbies…I wouldn’t mind if they replaced the banished person with the first alternate or something if they still wanted 16 for the first eviction.


Yay! I’ve missed y’all since last summer, including Granny!

Miss Conception

So,Christy dated Tommy,s brother? Why is that such a big deal?


No, Christie had a long term relationship with Tommy’s aunt, and that’s not a big deal at all. However, the fact that Tommy and Christie already know each other will be a big deal to the other HGs.

Miss Conception

Boy,I did not see that coming at all.Sorry for the gender miss.Thank you Granny and CraZy.

Guy From Canada

Hamsterwatch reported that on twitter minutes after the cast was revealed lol


Christy dated his aunt. It’s a big deal because they know each other and will make them a target.


First impressions aren’t great for many of them. Some of the house guests seem super eager to play the part casting had for them and it’s off putting for me. Hopefully we’ll get a better sense of the real people soon. I just can’t wait for them to really start playing and for production to take a back seat and let chaos reign.


I agree, it seems each year is more and more “scripted”, the diary room clips seem so rehearsed and unnatural. I like the UK version where they talk to big brother in there and you really get to see their personality, not a revised/rehearsed version of themselves.


I stalk this site every year- thanks for the updates, and I am calling the winner…Ovi!


Is it me or does Kathryn look like she could be Janelle’s sister???


The first rule of BB is do not play too hard out of the gate.
The second rule is (Well I guess most have seen Fight Club)

It took 30 seconds for Jackson to fall into the trap.


I think some of them actually think they are super fans because they’ve watched the season on TV. I’m not sure if they actually realize just how much happens outside the televised shows nor do they understand how different the reality is compared to what is shown on TV. Some seasons it seemed like two completely different shows.


Exactly. I define a BB superfan as someone who lives and breathes BB. I’m definitely in BB mode in the summer, but I don’t even consider myself a superfan. I love the show because I dig the sociology and psychology of the game.


I completely understand that. Like Hmm said, it’s too different shows, entirely. I watch the televised shows just to see how production will edit the reality of the BB house. Propaganda at its finest (insert image of Paul, here)

The good thing is that social media corrects a lot of the misleading editing for the general public. Still, I like to form my own opinions, so I’m a feedster.


That’s why I watch it, Granny! Love the social aspect and psychology. Always different every year, even though the HG’s think they have it nailed..


I really need Jackson to say,
“ Are you threatening me? I need TP for my bunghole!” One time for me this season.


My top three winner picks:
1. Bella
2. Kemi
3. Ovi

Jessica also has a solid shot! As does Christie.

King Silva

Yes to all three but especially Bella and Kemi! <3 <3

another name

okay. caught up…. thanks!
So from audio leak we have already learned Cliff and Jess are two of Jackson’s (who they are calling Nickie in the audio so they don’t confuse him with Jack even though they already have a Nick in the house…. oh. it’s gonna be one of those things…) picks. from the video feed leak today we saw fifteen people. David was not seen. Well guess that mystery is solved.
I really dislike when the person that campaigns and pushes to win an advantage in a popularity contest school yard pick whines about also having to take on the responsibilities. i’m just now at the end of episode with Mr. Camp Director victim noising his way through a week of safety in a dog eat dog game… and i’m fighting the finger on the mute button getting ready to press for him already. that’s an eyeroll.
My own opinion: how much eviction danger is a physically fit guy in during week one of US big brother traditionally? How many seasons has the house actually determined the fit guy with production approved showmance potential to be a viable week one target? Yeeah. he neeeded to win that. Because (note EVEN MORE sarcasm ahead) every season the house guests try to get rid of one of the bros that they fear can win veto on week one. Yup. Always. cough. cough. wheeze. nope. Week one is the traditionally lowest hanging fruit week.
Of special note: oh look: a majority group of predominantly women forms and falls apart in a matter of a day… all because some of them use the word ‘the majority’ when they should be saying ‘what the boys want’. They WERE the majority already. they were just a gynocentric majority, so of course at least one woman was going to throw that aside. anyone that’s ever wanted to have a women’s alliance of significance: this is why YOU can’t have nice things. Don’t throw the bbott women’s alliance @ me, because that formed after the alpha males / showmance possibilities were out of the house at the hands of the underdogs / abrasive people… so it really doesn’t apply. Even now we know a woman is hoh… and her target of convenience is a woman. Even after just having said guys bro up and try to dominate with the whole ‘all the comps are physical we’ll power through’ erroneous mentality.
Can’t wait to see which house guest is the first to break the fourth wall on feeds to talk about the ‘good people’ and who ‘deserves’ to be there and to win this season. From pre-season interviews my money is on Nicole for using those air quote buzzwords four times in answering three questions.
As far as the Christie dated Tommy’s aunt for years thing… at. least. they. aren’t. twins. shudder.
Is it an issue? When the premise is a group of strangers? Yeah. kinda. But not unheard of.
Well that was fun. 🙂

Steve D

How did they have clean clothes after they all got blasted in the scene before ? Somehow please help me with this one


It wasn’t live. This episode uses footage from the previous week to cobble together the show and scenes are out of order and there are gaps in the sequence.


Exactly. I was wondering this same thing. Jessica’s outfit was covered in slime, then a second later she’s commenting wearing the same shirt and it’s brand new.


Happy BB21 Simon and Dawg
Hi Granny, hope we enjoy this season


Me too! I just want a fair season. It really is not too much to ask for (I stopped expecting it years ago).


Simon thanks for the animated gif of Jack!

King Silva

I feel bad for David… Joining Jodi, Cameron, and Glenn is rough..

Let us all pray that David’s demise doesn’t allow Mr. Runner Up to come back so that he can lose for a third time……..

another name

I think we all agree that he who shall not be named should not be given a third chance. In a conversation with a friend while i was watching a while ago, we joked about how they might as well bring back a member of foutte as a camp counsellor, since they played the game like it was summercamp last year anyway. I’m a big no on on that idea btw (but it is plausible since one of them was the recipient of grod flying monkey assistance and would therefore be eligible in the eyes of production for a second try).

King Silva

I don’t think I could stand another summer with the useless crazy idiot Angela from last year (not the one who won challenges and is dating Tyler) or Fessy/Swaggy/Kaitlyn..

another name

yeah…. another summer of whatwasshecalled… flopsweat? or scummy c? or fester? or thirdeyeblind puzzle master? no thanks. (little secret i’m letting out of the bag… i wasn’t a fan at alllll of halleigh either) so that whole alliance was just a great big heaping helping of nope for me. oh. dear lord. maybe they’ll bring back the one that downward spiraled and made arts and crafts out of pieces of the sets and tried to make her own hooch…. that’s more like the summer camp counsellors i remember (don’t ask).
probably just me but sam and tommy’s d/r voices are going to get REALLY old… really really quick. and if cliff points out or whines about being the old guy much longer i’m going to be hoping it’s a logan’s run season and his lifeclock blinks red. he knew the odds were he’d be the token fogey (in bb years anyone over thirty-five seems to be considered a senior citizen for some stupid reason), so he’s gonna have to suck it up.


They need to bring all four of them back for a season…they’re the only returning HGs I ever wanna see tbh


I’m hoping that Nicole Wins because she’s sweet nice for Jack & Jackson & Bella 2 Blonde go home. You don’t deserve too stay. Jessica you are out. Nicole win my Sister & I are behind you all the way. The rest of you are out please get ride of these players I said get ride of you.