Big Brother 19 Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony Results “I’ve played this game before”

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Paul used the Veto ON josh. Nominations are Cody, Alex and Ramses

11:33am JOsh and Jessica fighting
Apparently Josh had some big Speech..
Josh – hop your a$$ outta here.. who’s going to look like the biggest fool
Jess – you do buddy, cause you’re such a pawn on either side of the house
Josh – perfect perfect.. I’m a floater but you’re going home next week
Jess – baby I can go home I’m not scared but you’re literally a pawn on both sides of the house and everybody is using you like right now
josh – but if I go home you’re going home before me so I’ll own it..
Josh – If I’m a pawn send me home but they’ll go home before me, I’ll be happy babe.. if you got home before me I’ll be happy.

Jess – f*g bring it

11:38am Xmas giving Josh a motivational speech
Thanks Josh for sticking up for her.

Paul thanks Cody for keeping it Civil

11:39am Jessica and Cody
Josh you know we know he’s getting backdoored… no need for a hero speech you had nothing to do with it. They complain about Josh calling them meatball all the time.
Jessica calls Josh “Mr Cry” says he cried day 2 through 7
Laughing about Josh wearing diapers.. Jessica says she’s going to ask him everyday if he needs his diaper changed.
Cody says he can’t tell if Josh is on their side.
Jessica – they’re using him.. he’s a dog for them.. Did you hear Paul?
Jessica- Paul sit down, and he sat down.
Jessica says he’ll get used by people because he’s weak minded.

Cody tells her not to get in arguments with Josh anymore because it’ll just turn into him saying the same things over and over..

11:47am Paul and Kevin HOH
Paul says Ramses is telling people that Kevin is giving him information.
Paul calls Ramses a “prick”
Kevin – I tell him nothing.
Paul – I need you to do me a favour it’ll put both of us in a really good position.. During the vote this week I need you to vote to evict Ramses.
Paul – the votes going to come out weird and People will be like who the f*** did that.. It’ll add confusion
Paul – trust me if you do this you’ll see the chaos
Kevin – no problem
Paul says don’t tell anyone just like the 25K that Kevin got from the first temptation. Kevin says he only told Paul that he got that money.
Paul says Christmas is going to “intimidate” Jessica right before the HOH competition so she can’t perform
Kevin – whatever you say I’ll do.. you’ll see. .

Paul goes on about him and Kevin are the only “rock and rollers” in the house. “breaking pool cues over people”
Kevin – all I want is me and you in the finals.. .

11:57am Jason and Paul
Paul – you gotta be careful you have eyes on you.. because of the sh1t you did and how you acted..

Paul says by Jason hanging out with Cody and Jessica it’s making him a target. “I’ve played this game before”
Jason says Ramses has got to go. Calls Ramses a twerp for still trying to convince people that Kevin flip on Thursday.
Paul says the best thing for Jason’s game is to win HOH and put Jessica/Ramses on the block.

Paul – I’ve played this game before..
Paul goes on to explain why Cody’s agenda is to get Paul out of the game.
Paul now going on that the odds are stacked against him.
Paul says it’s impossible for him to win the game. All people have to do in the finals is say he played the game before nobody will vote for him. (the funny thing is Paul was final 2 with a vet and lost I can’t believe none of these idiots have countered him with that)

Paul tells him to treat Cody and Jessica like they have the plague.
Paul – I’ve played this game before.. the people that don’t think I’m wise are stupid
Jason – I want to scratch your back every chance I get

Jason says he knows Christmas got the temptation. She told him she thought he would enjoy it and Jason is enjoying it. Just doesn’t like being forced to be with Cody and Jessica.
Jason – why the f*** do I have to be mean to them.. they’re going home
Paul – the paranoia..

12:25am Paul and Dom
Paul – 80% of the people in this house are stupid
Paul – I don’t think he’s (Jason) smart.. if there was a mental cop thrown his way he would short circuit
Paul now claiming that 80% of the conversation with Jason was him just talking at Paul.

Paul says he’s been planting the seeds in Jason to go after Jessica and Ramses.

Paul says he kinda wants Ramses out before Jessica. Dom does to says with Ramses it’s personal because of what he’s done in this game.
Paul – Ramses is a better competitor and he’s sneaky as f*

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i think paul made a pretty big mistake not giving the pov to alex if the actual plan is to vote out cody. hopefully alex can see paul as the major threat that he is (and do something about it).


Alex asked Paul not to take her off the block so she wouldn’t have to vote Cody out.


I really liked Paul last year, I even wanted him to win. I can not stand the way Paul is playing the game this year. How do you pick one person and make the whole house hate them? Just unfair, now he’s telling Kevin to vote to evict Ramses just to create tension between Ramses and Josh. Ramses for the next temptation to give him a fighting chance and to make Paul realize America sees what he’s doing.

Just Maui'd

And Neda was evicted on BBCAN5 immediately after her 3 weeks of safety ended. Hope the same happens to Paul. He’s given everyone the perfect reason to evict him. As he so often says “I’ve played this game before”. He has more experience with this game than anyone, so they should all want him out. Is it possible for him to be evicted before the battle back? Would love to see him and Cody fight against each other for the one spot to return!


I believe that is the thought in everyone’s head. Let Paul get all messy and think he’s the king of the house and everyone is his lackey until he can be targeted. He’ll be totally blindsided…A blindsided backdoor option for Paul? Have 2 pawns on the block and let someone (not Paul) pull them down and drop Paul in the chair. He’ll freak for a couple days and then scramble playing suck-up to everyone.


Correction: Paul wants to create tension between Ramses and Jason, not Josh. Paul told Jason if the votes didn’t go 9 to 1, everyone would think that Jason did it. THEN, he tells Kevin to vote to evict Ramses. What comes around goes around. They will turn on Paul eventually.


It’s like, “Needful Things”.


Agreed he’s insufferable.also a terrible player.i guess ignorance is bliss because last year he knew nothing an was a much better player


Paul is playing the game he is not wrong this is all part of the game. Also I would send Paul home too if I was playing the game he had his day already to win BB. Cody did not talk to the other HG about what he was going to do about Paul wrong move on Cody part. Romance too early on in the game first week.

Chilltown 2.0

Damn Paul has fully morphed into an asshole. Glad Cody will go home because his personality sucks, but I just can’t see anyone else making a move because everyone is an a big ole alliance.

Have to imagine once Paul’s safety is over at least on one the showmances, Dom, Josh, Alex, Jason, or Kevin take the shot. Let’s shake this F’n game up on Thursday! I’m all for an Alex or Jessica HoH just to make it interesting.


“I’ve played this game before” SHUUUUUUUUT UP


I want Kevin and Raven in final 2. Kevin because he is by far my favorite house guest and Raven because she is an amazing girl just having to deal with her illness and hearing her talk about how she can’t have babies, boys end up leaving her because of the stress and how she could be in the hospital at any time really made me feel for her. I hardly ever see her doing much on feeds so I know a lot of people don’t care either way about her but I really hope she goes to the end.


Simon, what is Raven’s condition ?


Pacemaker alone wouldn’t be reason enough to not have babies- I have a friend with one who just had her first.



Just Maui'd

According to her Instagram account, she has a pacemaker in her stomach to help her digest food. The pacemaker makes her digestive muscles contract to move food through her GI tract. Can’t find anything about a second health issue, but I know one of the players mentioned that she was dealing with two.

Spartacus Jackson

So essentially the Big Brother house has two people that will be extremely difficult to get out due to folks feeling sorry for their conditions…that being Christmas and Raven. Christmas is already on a “sympathy tour.” Awww…this season was so promising as all are until the game actually begins.

Dr. R.J. Johnson

Raven has gastroparesis,the inability of her stomach muscles to contract to push the contents of her stomach into the intestine. She has an electronic stimulator implanted in her abdomen to accomplish this for her. As for as her inability to have children,there is no medical reason as far as gastroparesis is concerned.She may have other issues that have not been brought forth as yet.


It’s possible as a complication of gastroparesis in childhood that some infection or damage to the reproductive system caused her to be unable to have children.

No fave yet



She has gastropresis, not sure of the spelling. It’s where the digestive system is paralyzed..

Just my opinion

I wanted to like her, but after watching her on the feeds for several days I can’t stand her. She has a childlike mentality and personality. Flirts like she’s in junior high, and is constantly playing to the cameras. I feel bad she’s sick, but that doesn’t mean she should win.

Anonymous 2

This is just my perspective in return, but never lose your inner childlike mentality or else you will get an old like mentality and won’t be able to stand those childlike types. Raven’s passion and childlike wonder for life is inspiring, she is thankful to be alive that is all I see.

Positive Pete

You’re going to get lots of thumbs down because you’re comment isn’t bitter and hateful. So funny all these comments talk about nasty house guests….but there is that saying, takes one to know one…they missed that life understanding.


You contemptible swine! How dare you assume we’re nasty and bitter! I hope your mother is gored by a rabid goat and then eaten by bulimic porcines!

I’m kidding but yes there are some internet people who are a bit extreme in their dislike.


What the flying fock?? You can’t stand her but feel bad she’s sick, that is some messed up delusional thinking there. How about you just don’t pass judgement on her and realize she is an individual with many different qualities and isn’t much different from yourself.


Kevin was my favorite but now he’s turned into Paul’s puppet. Kevin “I will do anything you say Paul” he tells him what to say and what not to say. How to act etc. So disappointed Kevin isn’t playing his own game. Doing Paul’s dirty work then lying about it… Ugh It’s all the hate and pile on mentality from a bunch of entitled brats. No maturity whatsoever


Lame…..every year some idiot over plays too early and people get mad when they get called on it. Cody overplayed and he needs to go home but as we all know it’s big brother so Cody will come back and mean mug his way to the final…..woooo Mr roboto wins half a million……silly

Brother Utah

Hello earth to Dom, where are you? Where did you go? The fans would like to hear your game plan?

When Cody leaves, the season will be a drag. Dom is good at being invisible. Raven does nothing, Mark still want to win Elena’s heart, Paul is the puppet master, I am still waiting for Matt to do something in this game and Jason is wearing too many cowboy hats.


Just a thought. When Paul was up against a vet and lost, there were many vets in the jury. JS.


Actually there weren’t. Of the nine jury members only two, James and Da’Vonne, were vets.


And James voted for paul, not Nicole the vet.


Even though Paul is “controlling” his alliance right now, I think all of his alliance members (except Christmas maybe) would rather see him go first than any on of them.

BB Addict

Everyone should treat Paul like HE has the plague.


I have a feeling Ramses might actually be the one going home this week


My worst fear even though I can’t stand Ramses. Cody just plain mean. That’s not decent game play. Get him out and pray no battle back but I’m sure there will be one.


I just saw kevin whispering to Rames in the pantry
7/10 @12:59 pm
did anyone else see that and could you tell what kevin was whispering to him?
I think they could be working together and kevin is playing paul.
what do you guys think?


I couldn’t make anything out either Simon…but it looked intense.
I they were definitely talking game.


Could be the whole Paul wants me to throw a vote at you thing. I can see Kevin using this to pull Ramses a little as a tool against Paul after the protection is gone. I bet Kevin will clue Alex in on what Paul said as well, although maybe after the vote and Paul is vulnerable.

Candy Crush

That’s ok. We still love you. Please add Dawg back to the rankings.


I doubt Kevin is playing with Ramses anymore than he is playing with anyone else. Kevin is completely playing Paul- he finds Paul annoying for the same reasons we do- never shuts up, dictates what everyone should do, and constantly reminds us he is a vet. If anyone makes a move on Paul, it will be Kevin (however I don’t see Kevin trying to win a comp anytime soon)


I used to love Paul last season because he was the underdog but this season he’s playing way too hard way too fast. Slow down…he’s the new Cody in his alliance. I think if these players were smart they would be thinking about getting Paul out when he loses safety. But the only person I actually see maybe going against him are Jessica and Alex Jessica just because he got her man out and Alex because she’s actually a good player! I think Cody will come back via the den of temptation when it’s the last one just to create drama. I don’t even know if the show will bother with a competition.


Jessica, for the love of God…stfu!!!!

Paul's a Dick

I have been thinking about Paul’s game last year and he hasn’t turned into a bully. He already was one. The difference last year is that there were stronger players in the game and he couldn’t control them in mass and had to maneuver around them until they were evicted. James and Nichole? Really! Not strong players at all and he still lost. He has a wild hair up his ass and it showed last year. I am amused how these people are following him around right now. Hopefully Alex or someone can wake the others up and they go after him and x-mas alike. People should see when talking to Paul that he is the ONLY ONE doing the talking. He is talking faster than they can think thus the overwhelming agreement with him. Slowly people are catching on to his BS which hopefully will make it more interesting. Please CBS let’s go with newbies, nothing but newbies, so help you God. Now put your right hand down and do it…


100 per cent correct !


The most overused word in the English language
Followed by deserves
Babies… no one is forcing anyone to do anything it is by def a game of manipulation…


Yeah he definitely could not control anyone last year, he had a way last season of just inserting himself into different alliances because of his manic gameplay and big mouth. So far this season he’s dealing with a lot of weak minded people he can control, let’s see if they start to catch on.

Spartacus Jackson

I agree but CBS has to cast better people who are willing to compete for the grand prize of 500 thousand dollars. There’s too many people on Big Brother who actually don’t need the money.

The all newbie season can also be a dud. Remember Big Brother 14 with Derrick winning and he never was nominated??? Not through skill but by sheep being his fellow house guests. Or how about the god awful BB 15 season??? They were all newbies.

Ironically the best and most competing seasons of the last 5 years featured returning players: BB14 and BB18 from last year., and my boy Frank was on both seasons. Lol!!!

Spartacus Jackson

Also, he was on the short list to be nominated Week 2 for eviction but Paulie saved his butt. Paul gets TOO much credit for his gameplay last year. He wouldn’t have made it past the month of July last season (BB18) if not for Paulie.


Ugh I hope Alex gets this next temptation. I loved Paul during his season, but he is starting to get annoying this time around. I want her to win the next HOH and nom one of the showmances… I hate when people get too comfortable and start ruling the roost. Especially this early in the game. If she has this weeks temptation it will save her when her butt gets put on the block from nominating one of Paul’s minions. Something needs to shake this house up or we are going to have a boring next few weeks.

Paul's a Dick

I think Kevin is sly like a fox just lying back waiting for the game to come into range. He’s been around the block a time or two and is street smart and savvy. He very well might be giving Ramses information on the sly. I am sure he is onto Paul but will let the others play him out but he will vote against Paul given the chance.


Ramses for superpower!


Something has to change!
I’m not looking forward to weeks and weeks of the same old crap.
Hopefully Kevin is just buttering up Paul before he roasts him.


Doubtful…I had high hopes but time after time he obeys Paul like all the other cult members

Smoking A Blunt With Paul And Christmas

I love Paul, what can I say he has grown on me the more I watch feeds and realize how carefree he is. I can also see now why Christmas is so merry(jane). CBS should allow the house guests to smoke, now that would be entertainment!

Speaking of which I have yet to see any cigarette smokers in this cast?


I am having mixed feeling about Paul this season. I think that he better than everyone, “I’ve played this game before” attitude really sucks and it’s making me not like him. It’s so surprising how all these HG’s kiss him butt so much. Cody had the right idea about getting him out and I think if he didn’t have the 3 weeks of safety that he may of gone home. So really America saved him….. We’ve created a monster. LOL!


Just my hunch, but I think Paul remembers how hard he had to work on the outside of a power alliance last year. This year he was into being a member, maybe in a mentor like position, then Cody made his move, and Paul decided he had to lead the alliance, not be part of it. He is playing a little too hard right now, but he is allowing for input from his alliance members, and ingratiating himself to them, so it might work out, but he could also be the head on the chopping block first. If he can keep them all running in circles like he is it could make the former more likely.


Paul is playing the game just like he did last season with the exception of a couple of huge details.
He’s playing all sides again… popping up in every room / conversation to gain info and sticking with the “friendship” tactics.

But he’s using Derrick’s method (in a stupidly loud, obvious way) of singling out HIS biggest threat and turning each and every HG against that one person who “dropped his name”. At every single contact, he’s planting seeds about why this person is bad for each and every HG’s personal game and is a threat… when in actuality, that person (Cody) was really only gunning for him.

Ramses trying to win the veto and then someone reporting intel to Kim Jong-Paul that Ramses and Jason are trying to convince everyone about Kevin’s vote (which would make Ramses look good for honoring his friendship with Jillian) have created Paul’s next targets. Ramses and Jason are now public enemy #1. Paul is bopping around 24/7 planting seeds in overdrive about how much of a snake Ramses and Jason are and that they can’t be trusted. Why? Because Paul knows the truth and if Kevin cracks that it WAS his vote and that Paul has always known, it’ll be revealed that Paul knowingly was smearing Ramses’ name to create hate upon him and distrust among the HG’s about Ramses. NOT GOOD FOR THE HONORABLE, LOYAL AND FRIENDSHIP PAUL.

The mission now is RAMSES OUT so that he isn’t around to negate Kevin’s wonky vote that he’s blamed for.

At the time, I was bored with Derrick’s game play. Looking back, it was masterful. It was subtle, covert and he was weeks ahead in planning in front of all others. I admit that Paul was entertaining and that I adored him and Victor last season… I am still thoroughly convinced he deserved the win last season. But this time around, Paul is a mean, messy, bumbling fool and I am not liking him. He’s playing well at this time BECAUSE HE IS PROTECTED BY PRODUCTION… but Paul is no Derrick and I see his demise not too long after his safety runs out.

There are some shining stars among this cast… Alex or Kevin for the WIN.

Spartacus Jackson

Just give Paul or Christmas the money., or watch someone like Raven or Elena make it to the final 4. Paul’s right 80% of the houseguest are stupid. They have no logical thinking and lead with their emotions. He’s absolutely right. Matt and Mark are utterly disappointing. Who really wants to win this MONEY! Who’s willing to actually play this game called BIG BROTHER! It’s 500,000 dollars on the line and these idiots are playing scared. I don’t even want Ramses, Kevin, or even Dominique to win the next HOH, because they will end up doing Paul and Christmas’s bidding…it would effectively be their nominations. Alex, Jessica or Jason wake your asses up and go for this money…

BB Fan

Cal down. It’s damn week 2

Jackson Spartacus

Did you just vomit your emotions all over the place talking about the house guests emotions?? Self reflect much? lol


Can someone enlighten me on what it was that Ramses did, to validate all this hate? The only thing that I saw, was that he voted to evict Christmas and something about an airplane that went past the house. Other than that, am I missing something? I kind of feel bad for the kid that so many people hate him and he seems like the topic of many conversations regarding evictions…

Bunny Flop

Ramses made the unforgivable error of trying to play the game. And only that little gnome man is allowed to play. Gnomezilla played like this last year too. His only play is to whisper in each ear that so n so has to go. Because, oh he said this or that, he I’d that or this. There is always a grain of truth. Just enough to make the lie, or exaggeration stick. And always in a way that can’t blow back on Paul. And it always ends the same way. The sheep get angry, Paul gets mean, and the target (victim) either goes right out the door. Or ends up pleading for forgiveness from his royal high-ass. Which, he either extends with a stern warning to fall in line. Or he goes on, and on, and on, exaggerating all the way, to anyone and everyone. he’s just a mean spirited little man child. For all of his talk of friendship, his friendship comes with a steep price. And no reciprocation.

Cody is a solid psycho

If you zoom in on the Paul/Cody handshake pic, look at how hard Cody is clamping down on Paul’s hand lol… What a psycho


Have any of the women changed their tampon out whilst in conversation in the Storage Room this season?


I scrubbed my brain with Comet cleanser…I still can’t believe any rational human being would not see that as unacceptable behavior.


Can anyone tell me why Paul is a fan favorite? He seems very obnoxious.


Julie lied about that. She likes every season!


Jess will win nxt HOH. Can’t wait to see Xmas soil herself…and Paul try to manipulate her. Stand strong Jess. U have one fan in me.

Kevin my boy….but Jess will surprise u all..

Stay tuned..


Jess is BAE

I am with you. I would love to see Jess win the next HOH or get the Hex, but if not, I would like to see her make it to jury. She is very pleasing to look at and by far the most attractive woman in the house — arguably the hottest in BB history. The bathing suit shots (thanks Simon and Dawg) are worth putting up with the sheep mentalities and Paul’s loudmouth bully tactics.

Impractical Joker

Aside from Jess/cody who else are the showmances?


Matt and Raven as well as Mark and Elena.


Jessica is a mean person.


What’s sad is it’s a dream to be on big brother and all these fools are just trying to make it to jury. What a waste! idiots.