Alex “She is trying to headhunt you. Make her think you like her. She’s desperate for attention.”

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9pm Havenot room Cody and Jessica.
Jessica – if I was to win HOH and take out Christmas at least if you had to do a battle back she would have to forfeit. I would have to keep that in mind of who I evict so that it would be an easier process because you would come in and have to be ready to play HOH. Cody – I’d be fine. Don’t worry about how I have to compete against. Jessica – the best case scenario would be to take out the strong players that .. Cody – you could take out anybody. Jessica – oh please let there be a battle back. It would be great because they took away your opportunity to fight. It would be great for you story. Cody – everything is supposed to happen the way it supposed to happen.

10pm Bedroom – Matt, Raven, Christmas, Mark and Elena. Chatting about random things. Christmas – I think we’re going to be the most favorite cast of all time. Paul – favorite is a strong word. Maybe craziest.

10:10pm Big Brother opens up the backyard. In the bedroom. Christmas asks Kevin – Where are you going? Why are you so dressed up? Kevin – I’m going to catch an Uber down to the club and get a couple drinks.

10:30pm The house guests head out into the backyard. Josh and Jason play a game of pool. Paul starts working out.

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11pm Cody and Jessica head to bed in the havenot room.

11:40pm Backyard – Rmases and Christmas.
Christmas – did you have a better conversation with Paul? He was pissed. Rmases – I want to but I can never get him alone. Christmas – at some point you just have to say hey can we have a chat? Ramses – I know and I don’t want him to be so pissed at me that the whole plan changes. You know what I mean? Christmas – I’m pretty certain that isn’t going to happen. Ramses – I just don’t want to be on his bad side. That was not my intention. It really wasn’t. I hope you know of all people. I’m not going to BS people. Christmas – I think the issue is, is that there was some kind of an agreement to throw it and.. Ramses – and it looked like I didn’t. Christmas – this game is all about trust and deals. And obviously the people that you can’t trust get booted out quickly. This week is a prime example of Cody screwing everybody. Talk about who you would put up. Make a really grand gesture

11:55pm – 12:05am Bedroom – Alex and Jason.
Alex – I cannot stand Jessica. She didn’t come down here for two weeks and now all of a sudden she wants to be friends with us?! And she’s mean. Jason – yeah. Alex – what’s his name heard you guys talking about battle back again. Jason – who? Alex – you and Cody. If you were, stop it. Jason – I have no control over it, if they want a battle back then.. Alex – yeah but don’t talk about it. Jason – WHY?! Alex – because people are listening to you. Jason – I said it wouldn’t happen. Alex – it doesn’t matter. He is still trying to pawn off that it was you who flipped and they think it was him too. They said that he (Kevin) didn’t. I feel like he wouldn’t lie to us about that. They are saying that he (Ramses) flipped and he (Kevin) didn’t. Jason – bullsh&t. Alex – everyone likes you but Christmas doesn’t. Jason – I know she’s a fake b***h. Alex – I know but she is the one that is trying to headhunt you. Make friends with her. Make her think that you like her. She’s desperate for attention. Jason – I know and every guy knows that too. Alex – any kind of attention. She said he (Jason) voted against me and lied about it. He’s done! I’m not on their radar any more and you have to get on that level too. Don’t let them hangout with us. We just need to get up and leave. Especially when he is out, that will just seal your fate. Jason – oh I’m not going to talk to her when he is out. Alex – she will sink our ship. Jason – I will not f**king talk to her when he is gone. Jason – I said that I wouldn’t vote against Cody. Alex – they want it to be a landslide. Jason – so I should vote against him? Alright, I’ll just tell him I’m voting against him. Alex – yeah it sucks. That’s why I’m still on the block so I don’t have to vote. I would feel bad about it too. Alex – I am pretty sure they want it to be a message to him (Cody).. like you f**ked up and they want it to be unanimous. Jason – its not going to be unanimous. Alex – yeah but if its two votes, they’re going to think its you wanting him to get back in a battle back and you’ll be f**Ked. Even this little prick (Josh), I don’t think he will f**k on them.

12:05am – 12:30am Bedroom. Alex and Jason continued..
Alex – right now Matt likes you. He wants to pull you on this side. And you can over take Matt in a competition. Jason – so if I won HOH who would I put up? Ramses and Josh? Alex laughs and nods her head. Or f**king Christmas. You can get her out too. She is f**king stirring the crazy pot and they’re all buying it. Alex – the more you are whispering with them (Cody & Jessica) the more they become super anxious about it. Jason – why are they so scared?! Alex – because this game is a game of paranoia and deception .. and historically the people that are whispering are the ones that win. How many seasons have you watched? Jason – almost 2. The last one (BB18) and 16. And I started 12. Jason – so I have to start s**king everyone’s d**k. Alex – Yeah. YOu have to s**k all their d**Ks. Especially the girls. At least until we get to jury. You’re really good at being friendly. Jason – but they’re so full of sh*t. Alex – stick with the plan. Make them think you’re with them and then we’ll take out the people we want. Jason – sometimes I wonder if I even want to make it to jury. Its just something that goes through my head because what’s the point of sitting in jury. I gave up a lot of money to be here. I can’t get that back but I can start booking shows.

12:40am Kevin tells Jason that he would never vote against him or Alex. Jason – Alex just told me tonight that Ramses was saying that it was you who voted Christmas off and not him. Kevin – why does he keep saying my name. The vote was 8 – 4. It was the first week, I think the vote is irrelevant.

1:15am HOH room. Paul and Kevin.
Kevin – what’s his name (Jason) says that Ramses keeps telling .. trying to convince Alex that I was the one that voted against Christmas. I said listen what does it even matter anyways. Cody was going to hurt Paul. Paul and I have developed a relationship. And Paul is friends with Christmas. How do you expect me to turn against Paul and Christmas. Paul – we have Jason convinced it was Ramses and not you. So I’ll shut him down. I’ve got you. Remember the 25 thousand… I convinced everyone that Ramses has it. That was me .. so I got you. Don’t worry about it.

1:05am – 1:35am Kitchen – Alex and Christmas.
Alex tells Christmas that Jason’s would put up Ramses and Jessica. Those are his targets. I told him that he has to vote Cody out. It has to be a 10 – 1 vote. Christmas – that is a start but its not enough. Christmas starts talking about Jessica attacking her. I was ready for an all out brawl. Alex – that would have been so great for tv. Christmas – how are you going to attack someone that has a freshly broken foot?! Alex – I don’t even know why they (casting) picked her. We’re good looking enough. I think she was a last minute decision. Cody could have had the strongest position in this game. Christmas – I’m not floating but I definitely don’t think I am safe long term. I don’t have a ride or die, I don’t have a showmance, I have a broken foot.

1:40am – 2:35am Backyard by the hot tub. Elena and Mark are talking about their ex’s. Mark doesn’t know if he’s ever been in love before. She talks about how she’s guarding herself from letting herself from getting too close to him.

1:45am – 1:50am Kitchen. Alex, Christmas, Paul.
Alex brings up how when she was in the kitchen with Christmas, Cody was opening the fridge with his middle finger. Christmas – it was towards me. It so passive aggressive. Alex – the only thing that could mess things up is if Jess wins, Ramses wins or Josh wins. Paul – Josh is fine. He is a wildcard but he will listen to what I say especially after this week. She (Christmas) is going to drop a bomb on Jessica after he (Cody) leaves. Christmas – psychological warfare. Paul – do you not remember how she freaked out. Alex – you think she is going to freak out. Paul – yes! Christmas – I think she is going to be emotionally distraught with Cody leaving and then me saying something “I hope he waits for you, do you think he will?” Alex – something better than that though because I feel like she will leave him. Christmas – maybe something like “Did you start your clock because Cody gone and your time is limited.” I could open the door when Cody leaves. Paul – I wanted to do that. Christmas – Josh is going to call him meatball.

2:10am – 2:20am In the lounge room – Alex and Josh are giving each other advice. Alex tells Josh that you can’t have any emotions in here. Josh tells her to not be snappy about things like the ice. Alex – the best thing you can do is play the best version of you. Josh and Alex head to bed.

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I felt bad for Josh in tonight’s episode. Cody is a freaking douche. Also he needs to stop saying victim noises.


Your right Cody is a douche and mean but he is right about Josh he does play the victim.


Y’all can’t be serious right? That was right after the hoh comp and Jillian getting voted out. Cody,Jess, and Alex all told him they didn’t want to talk to him so stop trying and the dumbass josh just kept on and on trying to talk. It’s not hard to understand they are pissed off bc he flipped on his word.


Are you new to BB? Since when has one houseguest ever had the right to tell someone to keep there mouth shut? Cody has the right to say it, but Josh also has the right to keep talking.


I did too. I though Josh handled it very well. He didn’t push back as Cody wanted him to. Way to go Josh!! Leave Cody looking like a bully fool


Yeah, Cody was being a bully. Josh has really tried to be friendly to everyone lately. He’s just a young kid far from home.


lol, the young kid who bullied Megan.


Jason is a bloody idiot!!!! Alex stop helping him ….. his ship is sinking … time for you to get out. You give him sound advice and he won’t play or listen.

Have no idea why he’s in the house …. Jason’s not that entertaining to watch.


Jason doesn’t understand how to plan the game. He was recruited to play. Alex is coaching him to keep him in the game with her. She needs him for her game.


Tells you a lot about Alex.


I love that he’s talking about booking shows after this. Right. Who the hell will want your lame ass on their show? You’ve got to be kidding me!


I think he meant rodeo shows.


I think he was talking about booking shows with rodeos. He may be very good at what he does on that circuit.

Uncle Teddy

He said he cancelled $47k in contracts to come on the show. He most certainly is talking about rodeos.

Fruit Loop Dingus

He is a rodeo bullfighter also known as a rodeo clown. They entertain audiences in between they keep bulls off the bull riders. Usually they put on a skit using one of the bulls when a rodeo switches over livestock from bulls to broncs or prepping for barrel racing or the roping events. A good team of rodeo clowns can make some good money during the rodeo season then hold camps during the off season training new fighters or those that just want the experience.
This show will give Jason aka whistle-nut new material for his act along with a new fan base that can help sell more tickets. Which means more money for bookings.
So please before you comment on here do just a little research into the characters of the show first and second what they are referencing. Before you make a comment

No fave yet

Jason is already talking about “booking dates”. I think the celebrity factor is the most annoying with this show.


Alex is smart. I like the way She thinks. She’s playing the game. At this point She is my choice to win.

Jessica's Annihilated G Spot

I hope this does not sound too creepy, but Alex in that bikini top last night makes me believe that God is truly real.


Having a name such as, “Jessica’s annihilated G Spot” is what makes you sound creepy.

bathe in snowflake tears

One foot get your nasty cast off the counter. And yes Jess and Alex are way better than you in every possible way. Give em hell Jason. VICTIM NOISES!!! Good sh!t Cody


Lol I guess you forgot Cody is getting evicted this week…yeah, good sh!t indeed!


Part of me feels bad for Jason being badgered by everyone about being around Cody & Jessica too much, but then I remember that he’s sort of an idiot that just can’t help himself.

I also really wish Christmas would pump the brakes. Her morph into female Paul is accelerating by the hour and it’s not going to do her any favors in that house.


Never trust a thick Asian. If Xmas was eating breakfast with me right now on the east coast, she would be in a body bag. I’d sprinkle some corny b***h corn flakes in there. See… I’m not a monster

Bunny Flop

But, but, I thought Josh was xmas’ ride or die. I mean, she said it. She wouldn’t lie or anything? Would she?

“Snort, cough, laugh”


Didn’t she say in her pre-season interview that she was going to pair up with the weakest player and take them to the end? I think Josh is that person.

I'm not in a showmance

In bed wit I would call that more of a bromance anyways


I asked my taxidermist if he would stuff my Dawg for not posting my comments fast enough. He said “sure, how do you want him?” I said “laying down with his skull split open”. I tried to show him a picture on this site…He took my phone and now he’s addicted to OBB.


Rigged game for Paul and f-mas


I agree but I’m not sure they can let Paul win the would be bad for the show.there would be no doubt it’s completely im thinking he can’t win


I felt so bad for Josh, being attacked like that by Cody. Still, Cody told him he didn’t want to talk to him, and he just insisted on getting a word in. He should have just walked away and not wasted his time.

I truly wish it had all been part of Josh’s plan to irritate Cody, but truth be told, Josh (aka “all business”) just isn’t made to play this game.

With a shortened season, I seriously doubt there will be a buyback of any kind. If there is, I’m making a prosucktion voodoo doll.


CBS has already announced there is going to be a buy back after next weeks eviction.

Lou Slips

A real test for buyback would be for those seeking a “buyback” to literally give back all of the stipend that they have received. You want to see a real commitment to the game? Now,who will “talk the talk” or “walk the walk”. This would be like “bacon and eggs”, the chicken is involved,but the pig is committed!


I don’t like him, but I hope Cody gets back into the game. Everyone was so quick to jump on the Paul wagon and follow him like a group of sheep. For the crazy facial expressions Cody gives, I’d like to see him back. Also because it’ll stir up drama!


Who’s everyone voting for, for this week’s temptation?


I’m voting Alex because she’s the only one thinking about an independent game.


I am leaning towards Jason and Ramses….they are both in a tight spot and Alex is in a really good position. Also, as another commenter pointed out, the Hex is designed to save Paul at some point and I fear Alex may use it to save him.
Jason and Ramses would save themselves or Alex.


Kevin will regret trusting Paul with his secrets.


And vice versa.

Watch out loser

I think I am over Christmas. I wanted to like her in the beginning, but now… wow talk about power corrupting.

IF she is right that this turns out to be the best cast ever (or whatever the last delusional and arrogant thing she sd) it won’t be because of her.

Wouldn’t mind seeing someone drop the Kenny Powers line , “I play a real sport, I don’t have to be the best at exercising,” on her.

superficial fan

I’m torn. Xmas is a total hottie.

But that is one of Kenny Powers’ best lines… haha.

Also—is she hooking up with Paul?


I didn’t feel bad for Josh at all in last nights episode. Cody was pissed, his plan backfired and he knows that him and Jessica are now screwed. Why Josh would try to talk to him is beyond me. Let him cool down and then try to have a conversation with him. That fact that Cody said “Don’t talk to us” but he just keep going and that makes me think he just wants the drama.

I’m not fan of Cody or Jessica and I would be OK if either of them get voted out BUT I think it is too soon to do it now. Not only would it take the biggest target out of the game but it would be boring to watch and I think it was unfair that Christmas got to pick the houseguest to be cursed. Every other time it was random.
Anyways…..Unless the house turns on Ramseys it looks like Cody will be leaving.


“I think it was unfair that Christmas got to pick the houseguest to be cursed. Every other time it was random.”


There was only one other time.

*Granny thinks hard about this, wondering if her alzheimers is setting in. Nope….just one.


Agreeing with Granny…AND, the temptation wasn’t half as good as the first one. So, production spiced it up with letting the receiver choose the cursed. Fair enough.


Well I was counting Paul coming in the house. Yes the HG’s did vote to evict BUT they did NOT choose the 3 HG’s that were on the block….. Sooooo that would be what I meant by the “Every other times”. But thanks for your comment.


Josh got what he deserved. That’s exactly what he did to Megan . . . like day one or two(?). Good for him. Then he went and cried again, lol. I thought he was going to scratch Cody’s eyes out.

sunny dee

josh apologized to megan, and he was attempting to be the adult to whiny crybabies cody and jessica having their tantrums. A grownup would have let the boy talk, said apology accepted, admit and accept this is a game and the right game move for josh who has no allegiance or even deals with them, and not belittle and insult and deliberately try to embarrass or hurt him.

i saw it play out on After Dark, the edit was pretty good showing how it progressed. cody is mean and a poor sport, always glowering and pouting, like they showed in Paul’s HOH reveal. Jessica sat it out. these are two petty mean spirited poor sports.


It’s better just not to do what you know is wrong. He’s a crybaby but he’s not an imbecile. Screw his apology; he never should’ve done it. What kind of man treats a lady like that? Unprovoked! So save the “he apologized” crap. Megan can’t un-remember it.


Jason should play his own game. I get him not wanting to follow suit. Would be interesting just to see him really play at his own risk. Doesn’t mean that I like him; just saying it would be interesting. (I don’t like any of them . . . except PAUL.)

BBFan from day 1

BBUS production has ruined this show it’s not watchable anymore, I am a die hard fan but, have had trouble watching the last few seasons. They decide who should win before the season starts, not sure why they think Paul would be a fan favorite. Game wise he’s pretty good at scamming the other HG however, his personality is so offensive I just can’t route for him. Christmas is beyond delusional that she thinks her looks are as good as the other girls, she’s not ugly but, she is not even close to being in their league. I have had little interest in the show this year but, still PVR After dark to watch, I was away for the weekend came home and just couldn’t watch after I found out that production changed the rules and let Christmas pick the 3 cursed HG. The show is a joke now, deleted Fri & Sat afterdarks, going to really try and stay away from the show altogether. After all it’s only a show I think I was taking it too seriously. To all you other diehards enjoy!

Too serious

You are taking the show too serious and it is good you realized that. I always say to people if you start taking Big Brother seriously, then it is time to turn it off. It is reality tv and the paradox of reality tv is, it isn’t really reality, its all scripted towards ratings. Im dumbfounded people still believe it is completely random and choose to complain about everything. When you complain or start to get angry towards cast members or the show….it is time to walk away and become self aware. It is crazy people make a choice to watch BB and then complain about their own choices made. Makes absolutely no sense. If this post gets more thumb downs then thumb ups….it actually proves my point. lol

BBFan from day 1

I agree it’s time to stop watching but, the show didn’t start out being scripted, the HG actually had to work to stay in the house. This show was ruined when they gave Brittany & Sarah double save Vetos. However, as you said if you want a real show than you should change the channel.

Fruit Loop Dingus

But sometimes it is fun to complain about a show like this and then keep watching. You don’t understand the attraction but you still keep doing it and then complain the whole time. When someone suggests you quit you look at that person and then ask why should I quit it is great. My point is it all makes no sense and it gives me some time throughout the week to give my mind a mental vacation from reality and have fun complaining about nothing.


Alex or Kevin will get the temptation, for sure. Just hope it isn’t lame and I also hope they don’t nominate the same peeps everyone else would.


They don’t get to nominate anyone. They just get to “halt” the eviction.


I wasn’t clear enough, just meant if they win HOH.


At first I thought it would be cool to see Jessica or Jason win HoH next but now I think Ramses should win HoH and shake things up. Ramses should nominate Jessica and Christmas. The Veto Replacement power Christmas has would be a non-factor. Not sure how the next temptation works or who may get and what the curse may be but you just have to hope for the best as it will be what it will be.

With a little work and some luck, he can recruit a few people like Alex and Jason to work with him to put a plan to backdoor Mark into motion and ensure the veto gets used to take Jessica off the block. With Christmas and Jessica in the veto comp, be hard to stack the remaining players though… they would probably need to tell Paul the plan and say this is what is going to happen. He is better off working with them to split up the couples. This way, they could have Paul, Christmas, Kevin and Josh all filled in on the plan. Should make the chances of winning the veto easier. As long as Mark, Matt, Elana, Raven or Dom do not win the Veto, they could pull off Jessica and replace her with Mark. Matt, Raven, Elana, and Dom will be in a position really to have to vote out Christmas. Jessica will definitely vote to evict Christmas. Then Alex, Jason, Paul, Kevin and Josh vote to evict Mark. The vote would be tied 5-5 and then Ramses can take the bullet, save Christmas and evict Mark. Paul and Christmas will then be aligned with the other side of the house and against the original showmance alliance members as at that point, Jessica will probably have to work with Matt, Raven, and Elana again. With Mark gone, not sure which way Dom will go.

If Ramses does this, and Mark gets evicted, that side can then go after Jessica. This way if there is a buy back, Cody would have to play against a possible physical threat in Mark and possibly against Jessica. Cody may just decide to throw the buy back comp to Jessica if it comes down to that. Regardless, Ramses will more than likely be safe the following week since he wont be able to compete as Paul will no longer be safe and will become a bigger target for the couples alliance should they win the HoH. Of course, he may find in that situation he will also be on the block but with Jessica involved, may just see Alex up there next to Paul.

It’s not like anyone trusts Ramses anyway and this would show some of them he is not afraid to make big moves .. could garner him some influence with some of the people really playing the game and turn his game around.


well, judging by all the thumbs down, not too many fans of Ramses here … just thought this would break up the couples domination thing that tends to go on and let the game be decided by single players … long shot scenario anyway … Ramses winning HoH is unlikely unless perhaps a mental or toss up competition … and the temptations and curses would probably prevent it from happening anyway.


I am rooting for Jess to take Xmas down. Jess is getting bad rap becuz Xmas is jealous of her. Who says “I could have had Cody if I wanted”

Xmas can’t stand she isnt the hottest girl in the house.

If Alex Jason and Kevin dnt pull Jess in its huge miss.

This oh lets be quiet for a while and not upset Paul…is some weak ass game play. Let’s dance mofos! Get this season started. Band together and take out Paul and Xmas. Those other fools will be easy pickins’ after that.



I don’t know about anyone else, but last night, and since the very first Big Brother episode aired, I did not watch. I simply did not have a desire to… Year after year, when you see Production’s hand in it, you hope that the next day, week, or even year will be different. Between the cast, the games, and now the added crap like the Temptation, I see only a scripted game consistently being changed via production. I guess I have finally tired of the predictability of the outcome.

BBFan from day 1

totally feel the same way, production always tried to influence the HG but, they’re now running the show , it’s just not entertaining anylonger .


It still amazes me people don’t get it that production influences the game and will complain and whine about it. Like really….you haven’t clued in yet that production influences the game based on ratings?? Like you mention each year is the same….likewise for all the complainers….each year is the same with those that complain about production. Nothing changes but the fact people need their own feelings validated with complaining. It is much easier to just turn the channel then to constantly complain….no? I’m serious for all the complainers…why do you feel a need to complain and tell others? Please fill me in?


Exactly. This is a social experiment about how people react to situations. It’s not Kindergarten . These people are semi-adults and should know by now life isn’t always fair. Especially when you sign up for a social experiment. Production will continue to introduce obstacles and situations to challenge the participants. If people want fair they should volunteer at a preschool.

Sensitive Sally

It is funny, there was a clip of Paul after he chatted with Jessica in the HOH where he goes off on Big Brother production asking why they cast so many “victims” this year. If people only understood their own actions create their experience maybe some of them would take responsibility and not blame others for their own situations.

~Cody with his constant complaining about his “former alliances”, yet he decided to make a move that blew up in his own face, yet blames everyone else.
~Jessica chose to align with Cody, she chose to alienate herself from the house, so you take the good with the bad and suck it up and don’t play victim to your own choices.
~Christmas chose to hop on Jason’s back, yet she blames him for breaking her foot and not giving her a sympathy vote…complete lack of self awareness and would rather play victim.


“Reality shows” generally do have a ” production reserves the right to alter the outcome of the game” disclaimer.


Not the outcome of the game clause but rather a we reserve the right to change the rules anytime we feel like it clause.


OMG……Who cares if production DOES influences the game!! This is what, the 19 season, they are doing something right if people are still CHOOSING to watch.


Of course they do its a TV show but it’s never been this blatant before is what I’m taking from people’s complaints


@Amazing – Amazing how your voicing your opinion… Last time I checked there is a little box here called a “reply” box and anyone can post, so don’t talk about whining, when your doing the very same thing. I didn’t, “whine”, about production influencing the game, I merely asked if the LONG time watchers find it affecting their desire to watch, so shut up!


You triggered Bro? lol Keep up the whining!!


Same I’m done with feeds an have only watched one show.havent given up the updated yet

Resist the Twist

10pm Bedroom – Matt, Raven, Christmas, Mark and Elena. Chatting about random things. Christmas – I think we’re going to be the most favorite cast of all time.

Now that is hilarious !!

Substitute “clueless” for favorite


Did not watch last night’s episode. Allot of people I know are so turned off by Paul that they are simply not tuning in. This does not affect BB at all but for the first time in history has the blatent favoritism towards a returning player has affected my viewing pleasure. Paul & Xmas’s arrogance is unwatchable. Elena, Raven, Matt & Mark all have personalities that resemble cardboard. An epic fail of a season.


I could not have said that better myself. I cancelled the feeds and logged out of CBS on my phone. I’m not interested in the Paul show.


I’m sure Paul’s fall will be as spectacular as his rise is annoying.

Resist the Twist

I totally agree. CBS last night between Big Brother and Candy Crush was like an homage to Paul. It is obvious they felt he should have won last year and are offering him redemption. They basically paved three weeks


But, you are still visiting OBB so you couldn’t have lost all interest.

Paul is annoying, but he makes for good television. Remember, the tv audience doesn’t see everything the feedsters or even just blogwatchers see.

*I just noticed at the local that chicken has risen to $2.99 per pound when I used to pay 10 cents, baaaack in the day. I still buy chicken. I hate overpaying, but Granny’s fried chicken isn’t the same without the chicken.


Glad I wasn’t the only one, didn’t watch, and I didn’t care. I was just happy not to hear Paul’s mouth and to luckily not get the one sided production view of the game.


cbs your decisions are so apparent


I like that Jason isn’t playing along with these fools. And he does what he wants, why is he going to be push to ignore people. Cody is most likely going home. The whole house should be happy and shut the F up and enjoy this week. It went way too smoothly for them. Instead they are childish and talk crap the whole week and want everyone to ignore them? Really? What is this the cool kids club and you need to do what we say or your out? STUPIDDDDDDD


It isn’t WHO he talks to that pissed them off, it was the fact that Jason was talking about Cody coming back into the game, and that Jason was trying to align himself up with Cody. Outside of the bonehead move Cody made in trying to backdoor Paul without knowing if he had the votes to evict him, Jason is without a doubt one of the stupidest players in the house. I like the guy, but think there is a village out there missing their idiot when he talks sometimes. He has no clue and even when told about his mistakes and how they look, he continues to do whatever he wants.


The thing is if Paul did not have the protection temptation I think the majority would have been on board with backdooring him. It is only after it backfired that everyone jumped on the be pissed at Cody band wagon. They should be thanking him for keeping his plan on the DL so they can have deniability after the fact. If you remember correctly he was making deals to try and protect the same people that turned on him.


After watching up to this point, I am glad Cody is leaving. He is one nasty person. Those eyes of his are scary, and his attitude sucks. Yes, he served in the Armed Forces and we all thank him for that, but that doesn’t excuse his shitty behavior and comments. The attitude he has towards others that don’t agree with him stinks, and he is socially inept in that house. His calling out Josh for being a big baby, and uttering “victim noises”made me laugh. There were no more victim noises uttered than what came from him and Jessica that night. I am also tried of their kissing and humping at night. My goodness, do these people have no pride? Imagine their families sitting there watching this at night. Not cool at all.


Don’t forget to rank your houseguests today


Loving the tanking this year!

Resist the Twist

You should title the houseguest ranking as the ” who sucks less-fest ” LOL

Fruit Loop Dingus

Right now the two who seem to be actually strategizing in the house are Alex & Paul. Cody & Jessica were but their game is destroyed unless production is scrambling for a new twist that they can introduce when this show gets boring and it is looking like it here in the next couple of weeks it is going to get there. As much as Paul gets on my nerves at times he is entertaining on the edited version of the show. But on the live feeds his paranoia this year is or possibly was disturbing & annoying. Paul has laid the ground work for the next three to four evictions (Cody, Jessica, Ramses, Jason) let’s see if the lemmings on his team will follow their leader of float over to the new HoH next week. Time will tell but


This has become a snoozefest.
Why continue this charade?
Give Paul the check already, or x-mas.
Who cares.
It’s not even exciting enough to see how they get to the end.


It’s just the beginning. You really think Paul is going to be in the same position week after week? If so, you must be new. Lol

Just me

I seem to recall a few years ago, everyone said the show was rigged for Amanda to win because she was friends with one of the producers…obviously she didn’t win.
Paul will get what’s coming to him, don’t worry. I think everyone is kissing up to him for now because he is safe for another 2 evictions. After that, just watch them jump on the bandwagon to get rid of him. They’ll all feel stupid for catering to him. He isn’t funny, charming, good looking, or a competition beast…He’s just good at stirring the pot and that’s what CBS needs on BB to get things going.


Matt /Raven act and sound so freaking fake. Especially when they laugh.


So much for independent thinking.


I can hardly wait until Paul comes tumbling down. All perched on his high horse that he needs a latter to get on.

superficial fan

Paul is the worst.

Not very humorous. Not very insightful.

Just loud and obnoxious.

Like a hairy Armenian Energizer bunny.


Cory makes the most ” victim noises.”
He’s not an officer or a gentleman.
Freaking psycho.


Every single time I see Cody I suddenly hear Tommy Shaw singing “Your Fooling Yourself”

Oh Cody! What a waste!

Granny OOPS!


…sheesh! That alzheimers is worse than I thought


Den of temptation is certainly affecting the game. As much as I can’t stand Jessica and hate Cody, the curses make more sense when they are random.


Team Alex all the way!!! I am sad that Cody is going!!! He just didn’t give AF or give in to all the BS. He shouldnt have teamed up with the couples…. Would love for him to stick around and team up with Alex… I can’t believe Paul got 3 weeks safety…. Not rigged at all ???


It was Cody’s idea to bring the so called babes into his alliance… he had something with Matt and Mark and the smart move would have been to bring in Paul and Jason. Then see which female to use much like the Brigade did with Britney.