“let me shave your face.. don’t be scared.. just let me do it” – Sam to Angela

***updated ***

12:02am Sam and Angela
Sam – let me shave your face
Angela – NO
Sam – don’t be scared
A – hell no
Sam – just let me do it
A – absolutly not
Sam – you might be surprised and pleased..
A – no I won’t
Sam – you do it then
A – I don’t want to shave my face I’m not a man
Sam – it’s not.. it’s the same.. you would do the same thing in a spa I promise

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“America loves Level 6 we’ve been a very successful alliance. strong and loyal since the very beginning.”


Kaycee – America loves Level six we’ve been a very successful alliance.. from the very beigning
b – and we’ve been against all odds every time
T – every time..
B – nothing has been ohh this will be easy..
B – Battle back.. cool ..
Kaycee – we’ve been so strong and so loyal since the very beginning.. everything we said in between us is just between us it never got out of our F*ing circle..
Brett – other than Rachel
T – if only we had Winston..
Brett – guess who’s leaving because of that.. Justice is served..
B – I feel so bad Winston didn’t make it can’t wait to party with him.. Hope he feels the same..

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results “I’m A-OK”

Big Brother Spoilers Brett used the power of veto on himself. Fes nominates Kaycee in his place.

10:09am JC and Fes
Fes – it’s going to be smooth right
JC – yeah ..
Fes – you always freak out before the vote..
JC – everythign’s going to be okay
Fes – you don’t want to keep Scottie
Jc – no, What the f* why would I keep Scottie

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“The other Angela has been able to play a real passive floater game.. I’m the real Angela in this house”

** updated **

Big Brother Spoilers Rocks thinks she’s staying.
2:25pm Rock and BRett (Buckle up for the stupid)

Rock – as you know you weren’t my target this week
Rock – if I win HOH I would put Tyler next to Angela on the block
Rock – then I would say well Tyler will win the veto .. exactly and he can’t use it on Angela
Brett – true .. that’s a valid point
Rock – that is my plan.. I would put Scottie up in his place but the target would be Angela moving forward..

Rock – My name is Angela.. I’m the real Angela in this house
Rock says she’s due to win the next HOH she’s been really close.
Rock – I want to stay here..
Rock – Kaycee drew a line in the sand and refuses to work outside that line, she works with Angela and that’s the person she works with. I am adaptable.. I don’t have any lines.. I have me staying here as long as I can

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“You were not supposed to go home.. I mean, maybe you still won’t” – Rock

Big Brother Spoilers – The amount of stupid on the HIVE is so much fun. So glad they will never change.

11:50am Rocks, Tyler and Kaycee
(Tyler tells Rocks that he couldn’t do what Haleigh wanted him to because last week she used the Hacker on him to put him up then she cancelled his vote because he knew he was voteing against Baylegih. He was going to vote to Keep Rock. )
Rock – expect the expected..
Tyler – I wish it wasn’t you that got the heat for this but you have Haleiogh to thank
Rock – I don’t have Haleigh to thank for it
Tyler – She put me up last week
Rock – yeah but I didn’t put you up[ last week
Tyler – you want me to put Haleigh on teh block she’s HOH
Rock – I wanted Angela up there and for Kaycee to stay
T – well that’s not for me to decide
Rock – I mean I also wanted to stay
T – I also wanted to stay last week when teh hacker put me up
Rock – and you did

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results “F***ing Spoiled b1tch.. such a b1tch.”

Big Brother Spoilers – Tyler used the power of Veto on Angela. Haleigh Nominated Kaycee in her place.

10:00am Rocks and Sam backyard
Rocks grabs a smoke “Stupid b1tches.. Stupid b1tches”
Sam – Stupid b1tches, why .. everyone?
Rocks – what if.. Angela was the hacker.. freed Kaycee and Picked Tyler because she knew Tyler would take her down (LOL)
Rocks – they have a final 2
Sam – I guess it’s possible I don’t know.. I wouldn’t think that
Rocks – I want Tyler to take me down
Sam – calm

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Big Brother Spoilers Power of Veto Results ” I hope you guys enjoy watching me suffer for no reason”

** Updated ** Big Brother Spoilers Angela used the power of Veto on Tyler. Angela nominated Bayleigh in his place.

12:31pm Scottie and Bayleigh
B – did you know that was the plan
SCottie — why the f* would I know that
B – I don’t know scottie i’m just confused.. You and Tyler have had one on ones

Bayleigh accuses him of having planned this with Tyler to make her look dumb

Bayleigh says Tyler went off on her and made it look like she’s the hacker this whole time..

Bayleigh – I hope you guys enjoy watching me suffer for no reason

Bay – I’m just confused..
Bay the hacker is going to cancel Tyler’s vote.. Make me look even worse

Angela – I trust Bayleigh I don’t think she’s the hacker..
Haleigh – me too

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“Nobody said this was going to be fair.. Throw her [Rachel] under the Bus Hardcore” – Angela

Big Brother Spoilers It’s still super early but it’s not looking good for Rachel.
3:14pm Angela, Brett and Kaycee

Kaycee about Rachel “she’s struggling”
Angela – dude, she comes at me she’s like .. basically it’s not fair
Angela snorts – “nobody said this was going to be fair
Kaycee – the sh1t already happened there’s no going back
Angela – she’s like Am I supposed to be OK with this
A – do you think Brett’s ok with this .. do you anyone that’s been on the block is ok with it
Angela laughs..
A – she’s like (snarky voice) I’m not ok with it
A – I’m like i don’t even know how to respond to that comment (LOL you had a final 2 deal with Rachel and a elaborate plan to fool the house into thinking you two ere enemies.. )

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