“I’m 23, I’m going to look, theirs beautiful girls around, I’m not over here like…. “

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12:32pm Jason and Kevin
Jason – don’t believe anything anyone says about me
Kevin says he just talks to Paul.. and with Paul he’s doing most of the talking

Jason says Ramses is telling people that Kevin flipped..
Kevin says ramses better stop talking about what happened in the past once Cody goes he’s a target.

Kevin – Jillian wasn’t going to last anyone… 8 votes against her
Kevin says he’ll never vote against Jason.

Kevin leaves..
Jason – I suck at this game.. I’m terrible

12:35pm Jason sitting on the lily pad complaining to Mark that he can’t go out in the pool brucea Jessica and Cody were out there.

Jason – we still good
Mark – we are.. But you lied to me about the vote..
Jason – when
Mark – why didn’t you tell me I don’t care
Jason – cause I knew it was F*d
Jason says everyone was saying put Matt and Mark up and he was against it
Mark – who saying that Alex \

Jason stumbles with his words
Jason – no it doesn’t matter, Alex and me are tight
Jason – it’s not going to happen
Jason explains if he voted against Jillian than Alex and Kevin would both not trust him
Mark – Kevin’s not saying that is he
Mark and Jason say they trust each other..

12:58pm Raven and Paul
Paul says Raven needs to bring information to him after his HOH is over.
Raven will.
Paul – you’re in a really good spot in this game.. I think you might win.. I can help you get to that point
Raven – really?
Paul – just keep being that ray of sunshine..
Paul – I know it’s impossible for me to win. Just time on the show is what I want.

1:16pm Kevin and Elena
Elena wants this week to be over. Jessica and Cody are making it awkward. (they’re in the pool)
Kevin explains that not everyone is a social butterfly
Elena – we’re social butterflies

Elena says it’s so hard to play the game and have all this bad blood with people still in the house.
Elena goes on about how Paul can compartmentalize but she can’t. Explains that Cody backstabbed Paul and Paul is able to still chum around with Cody she can’t do that.
Kevin – why did he go so crazy (cody)
Elena – I think it was the power

Kevin says the votes is going to be 9-2 to evict Cody. Elena knows Jessica but who will be the other player?
Kevin says someone is going to throw a curve ball.

1:44pm Kevin and Mark
Kevin asks if given the choice which girl would Mark choose outside the show “the girl from buffalo or the girl from Dallas”

Feeds flip .. (so Mark has a girl in Buffalo)

2:00pm Josh
Feeds flip to the backyard where Kevin is leaving out the sliding doors. Mark walks in on Josh flabbergasted.
JOsh says Cody just told him – “I’m a s$xual pr$dator I p$$p on girls in the shower and I expose myself? WHAT!.. .. and he goes on the outside I’m going to let people know you’re a sexual predator you peep on girls in the shower..
Mark – don’t worry about it bro.. let it go
Josh – oh my god.. I’m a s$xual pr$dator I peep on girls in the shower.. I just look at beautiful girls and say they’re beautiful.. the guys a idiot..
They go back to playing pool
Josh says he likes Video games but he also was into sports and monopoly.

2:20pm In the sun

2:22pm Josh is telling everyone what Cody said to him..
Josh – he’s a idiot dude.. he wants me snap..
Josh – I’m a s$xual pr$dator? I’m 23, I’m going to look, theirs beautiful girls around, I’m not over here like…. (see give below)

Josh goes into the bathroom..
Paul laughs says this is all entertainment for him..

3:02pm Mark and Dom
Mark is wondering what happens if Alex gets HOH.

Dom says if Alex wins HOH and puts one of their group up she should probably think she can’t win HOH next week and they all could and will be coming after her.
Mark agrees says she should put up Ramses.
(I hate these early game super arrogant alliances)
Mark says it’s funny the other side is convinced that Kevin voted to keep Jillian.
Dom – he didn’t
Mark thought it was common knowledge on their side Kevin voted out Jillian but the other side think he voted out Christmas.

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This is why I don’t like Cody. He’s basically a bully and I hate using that word, but it fits him perfectly.


Why is he a bully bc he called josh out about peeping on the girls in the shower when no one else would. I mean seriously the entire house was going crazy about it but now that Cody says something he is a bully. Lmao!!


Exactly !!!! The pile on gang mentality and Cody is the bully? …hahaaaaaaa have you been listening to the house guests? Unmmmm like Paul. Matt and Marks comments since day one about Ramses and Josh. On and on… Too funny


Another issue it’s not just Cody that doesn’t like Josh.they all think he’s a joke and are only using him because there’s bigger fish to fry.they totally ignored him until they needed him accuse him of peeping on them an all around bashed him.plus Josh started with Cody with some veto speech an lied to him.when someone asks to be left alone repeatedly what does he expect?


Just curious who you think the bully is now ?


He is a strange one. There’s no telling what this man has seen in the service. I wonder if his family says that he came back different. Not making excuses; just saying he’s a weird one maybe with cause.


I wouldn’t bring the military into it as you have no idea what he was like before that. For all you know the military might have improved his personality. Besides, haven’t you noticed how the producers play creepy music and then show his face close up. Cody is playing a part–don’t believe the hype.

Victim Noises

Stop making victim noises! LOL


Did anyone on the feeds see Josh peek in the shower at Raven? I wondered if it was just a rumor to get houseguests against him.


Yes Raven and Elana were complaining about him peeking while in the shower.


I don’t think he did. No one else saw it. He’s so tall that maybe they think he can see. These are the girls in the showmances and I’m just not believing it’s true. I think Jessica started it to hurt him and the other two wanted attention too.

The Magic 8 Ball

Cody is homophobic and nothing but a disgrace to the Marine Corps. He does not represent what it takes to be a Marine and he should stop telling people he served as one. I’d love to take a look at his service record because the way he has been behaving and speaking to house guests and trying to physically go after Josh because he said to leave him alone, I highly doubt Cody served long with his Psychological problems. I’d be willing to be he was Dishonorably Discharged. A Marine is supposed to be respectful, fight for people and know that you represent something larger than yourself whether you’re active or retired from the Corps. Cody is an utter embarrassment.


Oh I 100% agree. I think Cody is a deeply eff’ed up person. I bet he hasn’t really snapped yet in the real world but if they don’t get him out of the house asap he probably will snap his beads and kill someone. I’m serious. He’s dangerous. His participation is neither entertaining nor safe. Also? He’s as dumb as a brick. The. Worst. Combo.


I find it unsettling that no matter what Cody encounters (ie: in the DofT) he comments on how he is unaffected/doesn’t care. Where’s even a speck of fun in this guy (that doesn’t involve Jessica’s body)

Homophobic Nonsense

Cody’s oh so fearful of Ramses.


In the movie “A Few Good Men,” one Marine defendant explained to the other that they were supposed to stand up for the weak. Cody preys on the weak, like Jason and Ramses. Cody does not go Alpha male on Mark, Matt or Paul- wonder why? Cody seems so hateful. He needs to get over it- his your bold moves backfired and he lost the trust of his alliance.

IMHO Cody should have spent only one day pouting before he started the apology tour to try to salvage some trust. He coulda shoulda joked about how he screwed up- joked about the V-toad costume. That behavior prob would have gone a long way toward his longevity in the game and toward his own mental health. Maybe he will get a clue.


Yes and in the movie Full Metal Jacket the entire platoon beat an ostracized the weak one until he blew his head off.just movies.i think no one should speculate on his service.until I hear differently I assume he served admirably


I don’t have the live feeds this season so I don’t see the Cody that you are describing. I do think that he comes off a little hard and mean but I wouldn’t say that he has psychological problems or that he is a bully based on these updates and the TV show. I thing this experience really screws with a person. I bet all the houseguests are different in their real lives.


My first impression of Josh was that he’d be more likely to peek at the guys…

Team Jessica & Alex

I can’t stand Josh.
It bothers me how Elena, Dom and Raven do nothing.
It bothers me Mark is all about Elena
I don’t even see Matt doing anything
Paul is annoying as hell
Jason is kinda dumb
Ramses is screwed
Jessica is childish
Alex seems like a good player but is kissing Paul’s ass too much
Kevin is cool but like Alex is kissing Paul’s ass too much
Cody is leaving

Can we start the season over again?

Anonymous 2

First world problems having so many things bother you……just take a fuckitol and RELAX…don’t let people get to you so much.


Calm down, it’s only week 2 , OMG this millennials generation

Nonon Jakuzure

I love that she is determined to play through the rest of Big Brother. Any other person that broke their foot would’ve went straight home. She’s beautiful, strong, talented and committed. I can understand where Jessica’s intimidation comes from.


I thought today was supposed to be the day Christmas had surgery on her foot? She appears on the pics from the feed on here today, so does that mean she’s not having surgery after all? I know in one of these transcripts she told someone she was getting her cast changed out this week. That’s a whole lot different than having a surgery like she was talking last week. Does anyone know what is up with her?

Jason fan

I wonder if Jason is going to self evict. Sometimes it seems as if he doesn’t want to be there.

sunny dee

i think if he is up he’ll probably ask people to vote him out

Nonon Jakuzure

We can say what we want about Cody and Jessica but Paul should have put Jessica up because if the veto doesn’t go his way at least Jessica would’ve gone home and the rest of the people especially Alex agreeing to be pawned dumb for not seeing that Paul is just playing all of them


“Jason – I suck at this game.. I’m terrible.”


He's Right

Yeah… nobody’s gonna argue with him about that.


I know, but Jason in that frog costume with its crazy eyes spinning around, and him spinning around trying to figure things out. He makes me laugh with his trying so hard to figure things out; God, he must be exhausted! He’s my #3 behind Kevin and Alex for this reason alone.


If a buy back may be in the works, would Julie announce it after eviction if Cody is to be part of it? BB would have to put Cody and future evictees in isolation and it seems early in the season to do that.


Josh peeked at Raven naked in the shower? He needs to be evicted immediately.

Resist the Twist

12:58pm Raven and Paul
Paul says Raven needs to bring information to him after his HOH is over.
Raven will.
Paul – you’re in a really good spot in this game.. I think you might win.. I can help you get to that point
Raven – really?

This exchange perfectly sums up how Paul is a wolf amongst mindless sheeple.

I cannot believe this group was the best Casting could come up with. You had Megan with PTSD , Josh obviously has SERIOUS paranoia issues , and many of the others are just vapid or have no gameplay skills

The only hope for this season is somebody , hell anybody , rises up and takes Paul out. He really is getting more annoying by the hour


psych screening has always been pretty weak at cbs. no way any of the hantz’s should ever have made it through and we got three of them.

Steve Robbins

I don’t mind Paul’s game. He’s entertaining, and I think he won’t make it to the end- his constant reminders that he won’t to the house will stick with them.

Cody is probably mildly psychotic (clinically). His lack of empathy is almost supervillian-like. Sure, his calling out Josh isn’t wrong, but it’s his completely heartless and mean way of expressing it that prevents me from rooting for him.


Cody basically laid down and died.
He has no game.
He’s boring.
He’s a coward.
He’s ugly on the inside.
He doesn’t represent.
He’s a bitter.
Hope he goes soon.

We'll be right back

I love Jessica. She is so hot and sexy. And has a great personality. She and Cody are cute together.


Messica and the Codyac Killer

Jess is BAE

I agree that Jess is hot and sexy. She’s the only female worth tuning in for. She smoking hot, sexy and confident and the other females (and Xmas) are jealous of her. Again Simon and Dawg, thanks for the bathing suit shots. The hot pink one is my favorite!!!

Josh's Boyfriend

Trust me. Josh isn’t checking any girls out!


Don’t care for Cody at all, but boy is he good for the tension in that house.




The fact that they all just want to make it to jury pisses me off. Idiots. Paul telling people they need to rely all information to him. They are all idiots! At least Cody and Jason sees it and Jessica woke up to it. People are so quickly to jump ship. This game shows people’s character. How their mind works. Idiots. These days loyalty means nothing to people.


Josh started off the weakest in the house, had a bit of a bounce back and started acting better, but definitely lost some ground by not understanding that it’s not ok to peep at women.
Oh Josh, grow up.


Can I ask what might sound like a silly question? How can Jessica and Cody sit in the Hot Tub without their Ve-toad costumes? I can understand Cody not fearing a penalty vote because he is guaranteed to leave… but Jessica. Did they get out of the curse somehow? It seems odd that Jason wearing it but the don’t seem to have to.


In the pool area, they are all allowed to be out of the costume. Jason has been avoiding the pool because Cody and Jessica spend a lot of time there.


He next temptation is good and I hope Alex gets the temptation this week ??


love dis game


love bb 19


Uh, the words “sexual,” “predator,” and “peep,” are not bad words. What’s with the $$?