Alex to Paul – “u are the only person I trust.. u are my ride or die.. I want to hang out be friends”

7:21pm Paul and Josh
Paul is trying to talk Josh into winning the HOH and put up Kevin/Alex.
Paul – the worst case scenario this week is if Alex wins that F*ing Veto
Paul – it’s going to be BB comics

Josh thanks Paul for having his back
Paul – thanks for having my back
Paul and Josh agree to tell Alex that they are not fighting anymore they are just going to “play the game” (lol)
Alex comes in and they explain to her why they voted Jason and Raven out.

Alex doesn’t seem upset even though they completely screwd her during this double by voting out Jason and not voting out her target

Paul – Josh and I have come to an agreement that we have a common target. (Kevin)
Alex tells them if they decide to backdoor her just tell her before so she doesn’t cry on TV.

I guess Paul is home alone.. no one else is there mentally .

7:27pm Kevin and Paul
Kevin is complaining about Alex treating him poorly.
Paul says that’s the game. Says he’s always been truthful to Kevin. Tells him to be quiet and lay low.

7:31pm JOsh, Paul and Xmas
Paul says he’s talked Kevin into throwing the competitions. There is no way for them to lose this week.
JOsh – can you guess be honest with me.. who told Kevin.. how did he know to tell Jason

Xmas starts barking at Josh “nobody f*ing talked to Kevin” (Paul did)
JOsh says he’s not blindsiding Alex
Paul – We put her up next to kevin when the votes come in .. If It’s BB comics I’m not losing sh1t.. I win the Veto I don’t use it.. we spread out the blood
Josh – each and everyone of us tell her we are sending her to Jury
Josh doesn’t want to keep Kevin. Xmas and Paul tell him to relax they have to keep Kevin and get rid of Alex.
Paul says they will be top 3 they are almost done keep it together.

Paul going on about his plan working on Alex this week.

Paul leaves..

7:42pm Alex and Paul packing up Raven’s stuff
Alex – I’ll tell you this once now.. one of is Next if one of those guys win (HOH)
Alex – JOsh doesn’t trust you he told me, I was like you better trust him he’s always had my back
Paul – Josh just told me he wants me out fool, he said it’s a game let’s continue like gentlemen
Alex – OK
Paul – goddammit Alex.. he said that when
Alex – in the room before.. like right after..

Alex – I was like I trust Paul
Alex – he said Jason kept throwing out me and your name that is why he got f*ed
Paul – goddammit Jason godammit

Alex – he might have sunk both our ships.. (For the love of Kraken Alex are you dumb)
Alex – one of those tards is going to win… those three (Kevin, Xmas, Josh)
Alex – remember when we should’ve kept Jillian

Alex – you are the only person I trust. For a second there I thought what if he’s playing me too .. I dunno
Paul – whichever one of us doesn’t get clipped… win
Paul – If I get CLip please win this game..
Alex – honestly dude I didn’t think Josh would do that.. again.. he did it again
Alex – if I get clipped you have to win the game.. I honestly thought it was going to be me, you and Jason..
Alex – I don’t even know what to do.. I can’t stand Kevin dude..

Alex says if Josh had used the veto Xmas would go up
Alex – I’m telling you dude.. you and jason were my two

Paul – Jason was too honest.. I tried to teach him that the entire game
Alex – I know and he outed us.. I told him to keep our names outta his mouth..

Alex comments about Raven’s stuff “She lives like a slob”
Paul – yeah
Alex – I thought Xmas was just going to lay down and let us win .. (Shoot me)
Alex – I trust you 100%
Alex again “if one of them win it will be me and you unless Josh does trust it and we throw it him”
Paul – what do you think is the best plan..

Alex – I want one of us with win the 500 and the other to win the 50
Alex – you are my ride or die.. I want to hang out be friends.. I’ve never crossed you
Alex – I don’t even Care if I come in second.. as long as you
Alex says if she goes Paul can count on her and Jason 100%
Paul – thank you

Links to the ranking system

Rank your house guests here

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Go fund this!

But but but….NOT RAVEN!

OMG, I cannot believe they got rid of her.

I had her pegged for the win

Pants on fire

Please leave her pegged leg out of this!!


Long post – thanks to anyone that is willing to answer!

What exactly happened with the vote tonight between Kevin/Raven?

In all seriousness, after Paul heard the “awwwwws” coming from the audience when Kevin was nominated (by Alex) – Paul, sitting on the sofa, put his hand over his face; rubbing his face as though Paul was making a decision – Paul was the first to vote and votes “Raven” – Xmas was the second to vote; before Xmas enters the DR to vote Paul hugs Xmas and whispers in her ear – Xmas votes for Raven – Josh goes to vote and does not get Paul’s instructions so Josh votes for Kevin.

After hearing the audience reaction to Kevin being nominated – did Paul decide to vote out Raven?

Was Paul confident that he would either be able to give Xmas / Josh the “vote out Raven” message in the hallway to the DR?

Again, Xmas was the one that also voted out Raven.

Josh did not seemed to be clued in. Josh appeared to believe that “his team (Paulmas and Josh) were supposed to vote out Kevin.

I am happy that Kevin is still in the game. However, the fact that Josh voted out Kevin made it seem as though Paul’s decision to keep Kevin was last minute (after hearing the audience react to Kevin’s nominations).

Josh does not find it odd that he did not know that his “Team Members Paulmas” voted out Raven – and he (Josh) did not realize that they were going to do this?

What is Alex’s defect? Alex has to know that nothing happens in the game that Paul does not know about / has not orchestrated. Alex wins the Double Eviction HOH — and puts up Kevin / Raven? Alex has talked about how Kevin and Raven had done nothing — why put up two people that, according to Alex, have done nothing to vindicate Jason? Why didn’t Alex put up Paul and Xmas — and after Josh won the veto tell Josh “if we do not get rid of Paul we are giving the game to Paul.” Alex has to see after Jason was evicted that she (Alex) does not know what is going on in the game — and is more than likely Paul’s next target.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to take the time to answer my questions. I am having a difficult time figuring out what is going on: specifically — was the plan to vote out Kevin, Paul changed it, Paul told Xmas before Xmas voted, Josh did not know Paulmas were voting out Raven so Josh “went with Paul’s plan” and voted out Kevin?

Why did Alex nominate Kevin / Raven when Alex has to know that Kevin / Raven had nothing to do with Jason’s eviction. Alex believed that Kevin was being evicted – twice – especially when sitting next to Jason. After Alex saw Jason get voted out – when Alex believed her and Jason were safe – why would Alex nominate Kevin / Raven?


They wanted Kevin around because he and Alex do not mix. Alex is the next target. Also Kevin has shown himself a poor competitor. Josh’s vote was either irrelevant or it was planned to be 2-1. Paul wants to keep Alex close to him in case she wins HOH and has convinced the others this is a good idea.


She can’t win hoh she is hoh


The noticeable groan I heard from the audience tonight was when Josh announced he wasn’t using the POV. It was like “UUUUGGGGGGHHHHH”. I’m assuming the audience wanted Paul nominated (or even Xmas)


i’m just puzzled as to how a strong player like alex continuously gets played by Paul. And the ONE person who is on to his game (Josh), completely buckles when he has the chance to out him. Such a wasted second eviction. This week will be a huge regret once they watch the show


Simple, Alex is not a strong player.


Basically, anything that has come out of Alex’s mouth has been wrong. She can’t get the answer right even if the answer is right in front of her face. I thought for sure that Xmas was gonna be put up because Alex looked pissed. Why don’t ANY of these dumb asses get a clue? Why don’t any of these idiots try talking to each other and see that Paul has a final deal with everyone in the damn house? I wish Josh would have grown a pair and used the veto. Now Josh and Kevin are the only ones who have a clue what Paul is doing. Maybe between the two of them, they can grow a set and keep their big mouths shut. I sincerely want to punch Xmas out when Josh tells her what he is feeling and she tells him to shut up, then runs to Paul and tells him every last word.
Lastly, I can’t wait til these idiots leave the house and see what America had to say about them. Do they really think they are gonna make money from this? They are and will be known to be the dumbest bunch of asses that BB ever had.


Josh should have talked to Jason in the hot tub, voted out Kevin, worked with Josh and Alex, brought Christmas on board and ousted Paul, but they all think they need Paul to get them to the end so they don’t make a move. Each one thinks Paul will take him/her. Paul was given too much power in the beginning, 3 weeks of safety and the power of friendship. CBS was setting them up from the beginning to look at Paul as Savior.


Cody didn’t fall for Paul and that’s why he has my AFP!


He’s a dick


She’s not a SMART player.


Because they’re all dumber than owl shit. Everybody believes whatPaul tells them. I thought Alex was smarter than this. Dumb girl her mind is not in the game. She’s too far up Paul’s ass.cody has my vote. The only player in the whole game who didn’t fall under Paul’s spell. He came to play BB. Shame everybody turned on him and sided with an asshole.


Yeah… I’m not sure why you are referring to her as a “strong player”? She’s shown herself to be the opposite of a strong player.

Bolt Uprite.

She actually believes Paul’s “Friendship” tripe, which defies explanation.


Alex might be physically strong, but she is a stupid player. She hates Kevin for no reason. She is also mean, she threw away the slop so Kevin couldn’t eat for a day. Never has anyone in BB stooped that low. Kevin is not a threat, but Paul calls him a threat so Alex believed it. She is just that dumb. Josh is only on to Paul’s game because production led Josh in that direction. Another moron, that is why he continues to buckle. This is the worst season, now we are stuck with a season of “stars”. Wow, if this season wasn’t bad enough, now a house full of annoying people who think they are better than anyone else. I don’t think I will even bother to watch.

The End Is Near

This whole game has been wasted HOH’s and Veto’s. Everyone hated on Cody, both in the house and on the feeds, but he was the only one that knew how Paul played last year. Everyone in that house, deserves the wrath of the gnome, for plain stupidity! You might as well have loaded the house with Paul’s fan club, same game plan. Idiot season!


Paul wanted the 1 strange vote for jury ledt josh out because even tho he is dumb he is catching on to paul


because Alex is the stupidest BB player ever


She continues to trust Paul and he sleeps with Xmas every night and Xmas voted out Jason

sunny dee

paul/xmas/josh have a hit list in priority order. Alex was supposed to go after jason, but since she won hoh, they had to jump over her to the next hit list target which was raven. the only way raven wasn’t going home was if she won the veto herself, then they would be jumping over to kevin. i have no idea why josh voted out kevin other than to perpetuate a story they are using to string alex along, as in they are not voting as a block. that way she would see 2 for one person, 1 for the other person and say to herself, hey, paul isn’t working with those two.

in other words, no doubt she assumed paul voted for kevin to go because that was who she wanted to go. like a dummy she didn’t put up xmas and paul, or whatever, since paul did not win that veto comp, i guess he can’t win everything after all, perfect chance to get rid of him.

josh won the HOH comp, which i think had something to do with the revengers thing julie was talking about because alex has a super hero costume on. so now he will obviously put up kevin and alex because he either does hate kevin or he claims to hate him, who knows. he doesn’t really have anyone else to put up and at this time, no one is going to vote out paul of those who would be voting so who cares

alex is the real target, she needs to win veto to stay, and since paul’s game depends on her going, i really want her to win this veto and the next hoh. poor alex if paul wins either, when she gets put up and out the door thinking he’s fully on her side. no sense that one

Kid Rock

If Alex n Kevin is up on the block and Alex wins Veto , Josh will put up Paul in her spot…, Will Alex and Xmas vote Paul out?

Fingers crossed

It would be great if Alex n Kevin are up and Kevin somehow wins veto. Josh can put Paul up in Kevin’s place and have Kevin vote Paul, Xmas will vote Alex and Josh vote Paul in the tie-breaker. If nothing else, at least Paul won’t be able to use that he never went on the block as an argument to jury


I wonder if Paul would do convince Christmas to go up as a pawn. That’s how stupid they are this season.

Stupidi is as stupid does

Only thing Alex can do that would be dumber is win pov and not use it because Paul tells her he will be backdoored.


Josh, alex, kevin, xmas all being run by puppet paul, instead of being leader they are following the puppet commands, don’t they see it or they are freaking blind, they didn’t wanted to hear cody, but he was right all along, now josh finally woke up guess its too late because they coming to you and xmas. if paul gets to final surely guest in the jury house wont vote for him, cody is already starting his campaign. lol


From what I saw it looked like Josh was told to vote out Raven but I think he just wanted to go against Paul in that moment (moment of rare clarity for him)


I believe that it was planned by Paul and Alex that if either of them win , they would put up Kevin and Raven, and Paul wanted to vote out Raven…Josh flipped…. Paul knew he was not going to win and chance that all players were saving him from the block everytime. He wants the second to last HOH so he can keep Kevin, as I do believe he wants to go to final 2 with him knowing NO ONE will vote for kevin since he won nothing this season.


Are you kidding me? She has done nothing all season but lay in bed with Matt. She’s a liar and a box of rocks. She made up several diseases and they all laughed behind her back.

Was a fan until now

Someone has to get those little piglets to eat with their mouths shut another hour of slurping and smackin in the kitchen tonighr on BBAD.

Little Hitler clearly has not an ounce of humanity in him he doesnt feel bad for not only blindsiding Jason and letting xmas get all the blood on her hands by making it a tie he has the audacity to say to Josh right after ” so you would do that to me if i was up there” so Alex thinks he is outraged.

There is no way she cant know it was pauls doing no one even breathes in that house without him okaying itand what about xmas hand in it? After all she could have voted o Kev but she didnt so how is Alex not pissed at her?

In a perfect world Josh Xmas Alex and Kev would turn against little Hitler and send him packin hell they dont even need xmas!


Paul is king


Josh won HOH


Just a heads up to the many people who think Josh should put up Paul and Xmas,it’s not happening…


Too much Kraken. I think Paul’s Mist is more potent then Dan’s Mist… It might be deadly.

They're not as seen on tv

Over the last few days doesn’t it seem like Paul Josh and xmass are getting worried about how they’re being perceived by us viewers.
Sounds like they’re trying to convince us that they really are good guys.


Fat chance of that

For the love of god!

You know what Paul is doing for your game is wrong josh! Quit bending over and letting him shove his agenda up your @ss!

House of Idiots

It would not be wise to get on the bad side of the strongest eligible player for HOH. If he wins HOH like Paul wants him to, then we might see him go against Paul


dont hold out much hope for the sheep to do something unexpected and stop following the lead goat


Omg alex you are so dumb. I remember week 2 she win HOH and i thought she was gonna strategically dominate this season. Instead she got brainwashed by paul and became the wirst person in bb history

Voting for Cody

Haha Alex! Your smug expression disappeared for at least several, and boy was it fun to see. Enjoy your “friendship” with Little Paul and And Xmas!


I truly believe some of these idiots will be under suicide watch when they reenter reality.

Also, please fire the entire production team. Get some people with fresh ideas and who have a sense of decency. Stop selecting nasty, creepy narcissists and idiots.


” Stop selecting nasty, creepy narcissists and idiots.”

You say that, just as they announce a Celebrity Big Brother. HAHAHAHAHA!!

They're not as seen on tv

I know this gets said a lot,
But I’m not watching any more BB seasons after this one. I now find it very easy to skip whole episodes and just skim read some of these summaries.
Celebrity BB doesn’t temp me either. They’re are better shows to spend my time watching.


Driven there by majority of people commenting here. But hey, it’s fun apparently.


Alex: you can count on me and Jason 100% (Lmao)
Paul: thanks
Alex gets to jury and finds out the truth from Jason… Omg lmao
These idiots
Josh has got to win and make a move and blow up Paul’s game. He is our last hope that Paul doesnt make it to final 2.
Come on Meatball, blow up Paul’s game already.


He had a chance tonite. Use the veto. And vote to keep Jason. He did neither


I’m curious…

Who do you all think is playing the best game?

And do you think the person who is playing the best game deserves to win the game they are playing? If not, why?

Wake me up when its over

As much as I hate to admit it and for the same reason that makes this season boring as hell I would have to say Paul. He has maneuvered and choreographed every move and player this season with the exception of Cody and now Josh is becoming aware.
With Cody not wanting to play in the Paul sandbox it cost him his game twice. Cody wasn’t socially capable of winning people over and getting the numbers – socially he does not deserve AFP (he never recovered well from arguments and hid away with Jessica instead of rallying people away from the mist of Paul. Back in the days of Rachel and Branden you dusted yourself off and got back in the game 😉
Josh is realizing a little too late – good job letting Jason know the truth in the goodbye video it could help him if it’s him and Paul in Final 2 and Paul wants to use “Friendship” to get him 500k.
Outside of Paul no one else is playing. Everyone else is playing Paul’s game.


Cody was the only one who had the spine and the smarts to put Paul up. He probably realized the others wouldn’t go along with it because, frankly, they’re a bunch of imbeciles, so he decided to do it alone. Yes, he didn’t have much of a social game, but after seeing what vile creatures these people really are, I will not hesitate to vote for him for AFP.


I see this comment all the time…but I doubt Paul would have been voted out even if he could have got Paul on the block at that time. Cody didn’t even discuss his plan with any of his alliance. Everyone in his alliance including Jessica liked Paul at the time and was upset that Cody did that. To me it is not smart to put up a big target if you don’t have the votes….it’s dumb and not good gameplay!


With Cody, he is big time betting and expecting loyalty. No matter what his reason was or if they were kept in his loop, he expected people to vote his way. He failed to realize unfortunately, that he is not in the service anymore. People outside of that don’t think that way. That bunch of idiots should be deployed for about a year to see and learn what loyalty is. They don’t have a clue. Cody had Paul pegged from Day 1 and Paul couldn’t deal with that. For sure I would vote Cody AFP, just for having the balls that no one else in that house could muster up, even if they all joined together.
Oh, and as far as that vote went with Raven and Kevin? Paul definitely whispered to Xmas who to vote for, and when Josh was coming in, he shrugged to Xmas as if asking her who he should vote out. She then whispered to him, so either he did what she said, or went against it. He did seem to be in distress when Julie asked whom he wanted to evict.


I disagree. If Cody was able to put Paul on the block I believe that he could of changed the course of the game. Yes, Cody’s alliance was mad BUT Paul and Christmas were on the bottom of that alliance and Paul didn’t have nearly as much control as he does now. I think they could of convinced them that the best move would be to get the vet out.


While Cody was a competition beast, I would never vote for him as AFP because he had no real strategy or social game to go with the physical side. Even if he had all that, I still would not vote him for AFP because of the way he treated Josh early in the game along with how he kept playing the victim card and not taking responsibility for the decisions he made early in the game.


The biggest reason I’m voting for Cody is that he didn’t keep trying to socialize with these people once he realized they were too far gone. He knew exactly who he was playing with, and stopped wasting his breath on them. He was very perceptive from the beginning and could probably tell production was trying to protect Paul and Xmas, which is why he secretly put them up.


If Josh grows a pair and votes sends Paul to jury . . . He is the winner of BB.


I really want to know why Josh spilled the beans like that? Who does that? He is not emotionally equipped to play BB! People can say what that want but Paul has mastermind the entire house, that is what it’s all about right? So with that being said do you think the Jason is going to spend every waking moment making sure the rest of the jury does not vote for Paul if he makes it to the end or will the get out of their feelings and respect the game he played?


Paul hasn’t masterminded anything, that is just his plot line. Production is scripting him and then just telling the others to nod along. These people do have brains and are probably super pissed that they never get to use them.


And I am sure you have proof of this so-called “scripting” of the show? I find it amusing that when something happens that people don’t like, they assume the show is scripted. If it was scripted, based on all the commentary, they would have “scripted” Paul out weeks ago and left Cody in the game. I am not saying that this is my favorite season, because I do agree that other that Paul, not many people were actually playing the game. I did enjoy many of the temptation twists this season and hope that they do more of those in future seasons.

Mother Teresa

Omg can Alex be dumber if she tried! These train wreck needs to crash already sonit can all go up in flames and we can roast marshmallows. That might be the only good outcome


I think Paul underestimated how unhappy Josh was about his playing Alex and Jason it might be harder for Paul to win now. He should have owned his move in his goodbye to Jason

Whistling sissy

It doesn’t matter, josh is secretly stabbing Paul in the back. He told Jason that it was Paul’s idea in his parting words, followed by Paul’s parting words acting like he didn’t know what happened. The lightbulb clicked on over Jason’s head. That’s your best move, meatball. Play Paul’s game and tell the evictee the truth in your goodbye. Just might win you the 500k


It won’t. Jason will calm down and vote for the person who he feel played the best game, and Josh confirmed to him it’s Paul.

Cody for AFH

I agree that this was Josh’s best move. I really enjoyed hearing him expose Paul just prior to Paul’s pathetic parting words video. It was a brilliant way to protect his own game and expose the blood on Paul’s hands without overtly turning on his alliance.

I would like to add Paul is very bad at acting shocked and upset. The only time I remember seeing him truly shocked and upset was when Jessica thanked America for giving her the halting hex.

sunny dee

i don’t see why he didn’t come clean in the good bye message, there was no reason not to own it.

alex, definitely dumbed down, she had a moment of clarity, then it got fogged out again. all that really needed was josh to let her know it was paul’s idea, and then she would have …. oh, wait now, josh did tell her that and she just dismissed it as fake news

i am mind boggled every day at her inability to see the truth when someone tells the truth, and how easily she accepts a lie when she is lied to. normal people would question things more. the only thing she ever does is gnaw on a truth and blasts the person as a liar, when the facts were that was the only person telling the truth. she should probably do the complete opposite of whatever she thinks is the right thing to do, starting with win that veto because when she doesn’t, she’ll be gone and realize it was paul voting her out

House of Idiots

If Jason goes in jury and trashes Paul enough, Josh might be the favorite to win this game. Expect the unexpected is right


Poor Kevin
Alex is unbelievably stupid
That is all…


Kevin is the victoria / Donnie this year ., Paul is playing a version of Derick ..


Why are these people so stupid?? Why on earth did Alex put up Kevin and Raven instead of Josh and Xmas? She just saw josh and Xmas send Jason home what the heck. I’m just losing it watching how dumb they are and giving this game to Paul. This would have been the chance to send him home and still make it to top three or two. I want to smack some sense into all of them…

sunny dee

she wanted kevin out more.

then when kevin was not voted out, she should have got a clue that voting kevin out was never going to be the plan. at that point she should have even more clued in that she was the actual plan for this eviction.


I’ve liked Alex because she’s a competition beast, had a good alliance with Jason, but she has royally screwed up! Josh and Christmas vote out her guy AND she doesn’t even put them up! Easily one of the worst moves I’ve seen in big brother by a major player.

Love him or hate him, Paul has played the game well. It’s not his fault these people are blinded by “friendship”.

Anti Paul Puppet


How much is a half gallon of KRAKEN at the local liquor store? Asking for a friend!

Anti Paul Puppet

Hoping I sent enough $ to get you though the season. I might peace out. May come back to advocate for Cody for AFP.

Jessica's Birth Control

Alex has my vote for the 1st HG to get a free lobotomy. The complete and utter lack of critical and rationale thinking is dumbfounding to me. I think most of us have come to the conclusion that the “gameplay” of the HGs is not explainable. Its beyond stupid or clueless. I have to agree with the consensus that at this point the game is rigged and predetermined like pro wrestling. The evictions are all predetermined by production and the HGs simply carry them out and are role playing. in a pretend reality show

Whistling sissy

I thought it was real through Jason’s anger and raven’s despair, until the bitch did a cartwheel onstage. She’s like one of those wind up cars that changes directions when it hits the wall. She probably thinks she’s still in the house. Fake as fuck


Julie: ok. You talked about Kevin’s game, lets talk about your game.
Raven: I played a great game. I teamed up with Paul and I threw competitions for him.
Lololololol., Great game move.


Just watched Jason answer questions on his way too jury…hilarious he blames Paul and Alex..


There was a show where they took a group of average folks, isolated them in a house, and then let them compete and vote each other out of said house. There were folks wheeling and dealing, lying, scheming, making alliances, backstabbing their alliances, winning comps, and trying like mad to win the big prize…

I miss that show. Now we have some poor imitation of it with wannabe actors trying to generate airtime for themselves and get folks to follow them on social media so they can charge people to show up at some meet and greet so they don’t have to develop any real talent.


Am I watching Big Brother or Walking Dead? Jason will be dumbfounded when he finds out Alex won HOH and nominated Kevin again.


Yes. It was their time to get Paul out. Sadly, Paul has played the best game by brainwashing all these dumbasses. Now I wish them the best of luck. Paul will win.


Honest question: Why does everyone like Kevin? He’s a boot licker of Paul’s just like everyone else, maybe more. Why does he get a pass?


Simply because he isn’t any of the other people in the house

Anti Paul Puppet

I’ve constantly thought the same. His stories are why. But still major Paul Puppet.


Because everyone else is mean to him. He’s the underdog. People like to rooit for thge underdog

Was a fan until now

I am watching josh xmas and paul lyin in bed on BBAD rejoicing in how perfect their plan went today….was josh for real when he told jason what was up in his goodbye or not?

Now Paul and Josh are hugging in bed on how great they did!!

He is either snowing him under huge or pretending to have any heart was bullshit.

Someone end this and put us out of our misery!!


Josh is Paul’s pet at this point. All it took was some love and attention for Josh to forget how Paul kicked him in the stomach during the live show. A belly rub and a treat, is all it took Now Josh is ready to go attack someone else for Paul’s game. Good dog Josh, good dog

I See Floaters Everywhere

People like Kevin because even though he does kiss Pauls ass like the rest of his minions at least he doesn’t bully the others like Paul demands they do.


Exactly that is why I am voting AFP Cody.


Perfect move by Josh. Exposing Paul while helping his case with the jury and without it hurting his game in the house was actually genius, whether he realized it or not

A. Nonymous

I wish that the jury would collectively decide to vote for whomever is up against Paul. Karma’s a b*tch, Paul, and you’re second place – again.


Yeah I’m hoping they do it out of spite


Am I watching Big Brother or Walking Dead? Jason will be flabbergasted when he watches Alex win HOH and nominates Kevin again.

You've got to be kidding me...

Before the first eviction, if I were Josh, I would have voted to keep Jason. Then, I would go tell Jason that Paul had a master plan to vote him out in place, and he (Josh) saved him.

I am so disappointed in tonight’s double eviction. I expected Josh to wake up from the coma Paul has put them all in, light a fire under his a*s, and get to freaking work!


Jason wouldn’t have believed him and it would have blown up Josh’s game


Alex hands down the dumbest contestant in BB History. She just made Marcellas look like a scholar


This is Josh’s shot and he HAS to know not making Xmas HOH means he’s the next target. Why wouldn’t you fix it for the one-footed person just in case Alex survives because wouldn’t you want Josh in the next HOH? He’s got an EASY play. He just has to be firm that they stick to their roles to keep Alex in the dark and argue they need to do the same for Kevin (and Josh volunteers to cozy up to him as a loner…which is cover) )just in case he’s been sandbagging or gets lucky, which mean Paul HAS to be nominated. There’s no good argument for him not to be because they control the votes. If Paul wavers MAYBE Xmas wakes up and sees he’s not returning her trust…but even if she doesn’t it won’t matter.

Veto is key and if Paul can’t get off the block, Josh goes to Kevin and makes the easy pitch to dump Paul….and he gets Kevin to blow up Paul’s spot, just recounting how he orchestrated two HOH’s getting everybody to throw it and is a puppet master. If Josh is lucky, everybody is on board…if not it doesn’t matter because he breaks a tie and final 4 veto is the real HOH and HOH is just the veto.


Julie’s big announcement I think they should of waited I am so over this show right now I probably won’t even watch the big exciting show. It was like she had to have something to try and get everyone excited again after this scam.
I really do fell bad for Josh just wish he could stand up for himself.


I totally thought he was going to pull a bold move tonight, but of course not.

I think Julie is even to the point of how effing dumb are these people.


If Josh or Christmas win HOH….

They will put Alex/Kevin on the block….

…Paul will make Alex believe he could get back doored and that she should let him win veto, so they are both safe and she will throw it and he won’t use it on her…. they will vote her out on thursday…..

….Paul/Josh/Christmas/Kevin will be final 4…..

….Paul/Kevin will be final 2…..

stupid show…. so easy to see what’s going on…..


Wasn’t Jason part of the bashing Cody for the way he left the house? Without hugging anyone, or said goodbye? Now he knows how it feels, to just feel hate towards everyone at that moment.


A bunch of idiots this season

Infected nose ring hole

And the stupidest player award goes to….
I mean there’s a lot to choose from this season but i think Alex has a strangle hold on it right now . Waste a whole summer to come in second ….aaahhahahaha ….dumb dumb dumb


OMG! What are these people idiots had the chance to vote his sorry ass out Paul and screwed it up. He’s sitting there counting his money, boy when they get home and watch back the shows they are going to laugh at what idiots they were! I can’t stand Paul and christmas what a bitch. I would like to see Paul stab her in the back well its coming because if Paul was smart he would take Josh to the end. I can’t wait to see these 2 girls faces when he puts them up together I would love to see that!


Alex has devolved into Victoria


At least Victoria had some class. Alex, clearly does not.

Jimmy 64

I hope they get some good celebrities on the winter show.
Not a bunch of people like they get on dancing with the stars.
I know a lot of big celebrities are fans of the show. Get them!!!!
But can they leave their cell phones ,agents ,there ass kissers
Can you imagine the celebrities on slop. Ha ha ha lo

Butters Mom

Its probably going to be a bunch of losers from the bachelor and the bacheloret.

BB Juicy Blast

That was the first thing I thought of. lol


I don’t have much hope for it myself. It probably be a group F-List reality people (I refuse to called them celebrities) and god forbid I hope it doesn’t include Frankie Grande.

Bolt Uprite.

What “good” celebrity will risk ruining their career with a careless offhand remark on feeds that will blow up the internet? You ‘ll get losers like Kathy Griffin.


Could someone please tell me if there is a valid reason for Alex’s hatred of Kevin….thank you


Kevin came between Alex and Jason. Jason and Kevin spent a lot of time together and regardless of what Alex’s excuses are (saying Kevin is a liar, etc.), the truth is that she was jealous.
Also, the real reason Christmas won’t jump on board to get Paul out with Josh, she has a huge crush on Paul.

Josh sucks

Xmas is gay.

BB19 Fan in VA

OMG I hate when they throw comps


Best scenario:
Kevin wins HOH
Puts up Alex and Paul. (Because she’s been torturing him for weeks now)
Alex wins veto
Xmas goes up

Josh votes out Paul
Alex votes out Xmas
Kevin evicted Paul

Paul refuses to leave and tells the other guests to self evict.
They wholeheartedly agree and promptly exit.

Cinderandsmoke downs a bottle of kraken…


Paul already told Kevin to throw hoh and Kevin said yes master..


when Matt was on the block he told Alex and Jason they were being played and she said if we show up in jury you can say I told you. She wins tonight and says that’s for Jason then nominates Kevin and ravin. THis has to be scripted, no one can be that stupid. I think Jason really did figure it out with Josh’s message. He made that clear with his friendship bracelet comment. I think he had doubts for awhile but Alex kept him whipped and he was afraid to do anything.


These people all have low self esteem because all they want is an approval from Paul. Paul you’re my friend right? Such a sad bunch. They ruined everything about big brother. The season was the worst. Oh, get me going on celebrity BB. We thought this was rigged! Let the kraken begin!!!!!

These People

Can we just get live feeds in the jury house now? I don’t care to see any more Paul, I can’t take it, he is scuzzy. Alex is an idiot, I really thought when she yelled “that was for you Jason” that she meant it, then she gets blindsided a second time and wait lets trust Paul again. What? Christmas is really trying to improve the outside world perception of her with all the crocodile tears tonight, what a piece of trash.


Seriously….How the FU*K can Alex be so stupid?? I mean seriously it just boggles my mind… How can this woman not put two and two together?? I can’t find the words anymore to describe how idiotic this persons gameplay is. Even when she goes to jury and people try to explain to her how Paul,played her, I honestly think she won’t believe them, that’s how delusional this woman is. I’ve seriously never seen anything like this in all the years I’ve watched BB. *takes a deep breath* Oh and shout out to the BB producers for totally screwing Pauls game by airing Josh’s goodbye message to Jason!! Hahahaha!! Jason’s gonna go to the jury house and rail against Paul 24/7!! Bitter jury here we come!! Hope you have fun coming in second place again Paul!!

The sleeper

I think celebrity big brother will be better just because the fact that even dumb celebrities aren’t as stupid as this lot right now. This stinks of rigging to the point of the viewers being misted if they think otherwise, there is no way Alex is that dumb between her and Jason they should’ve known that they were #1&2 targets I mean who throws an hoh at this point in the game even the dumbest of the dumb throughout big brother history haven’t had this kind of stupidity so the only conclusion is that the game is rigged and I don’t even think the kraken can cure this season !!!!


I stand corrected from a previous statement I made. Paul will not be taking Raven to the final two. I wonder now if Kevin might be who he takes to Final 2.


I know that this show is scripted. I mean the HG are not allowed to talk about production or their diary sessions but every once in awhile, somebody slips up. So now I’m wondering whether or not the whole season was scripted. Can all these HG be that stupid? Can they all act that way just for money? Xmas owns a gym ! How can she be that stupid? The only reason is because of money ! Do they not realize how they will be perceived once out of the BB house? Are they all that narcissistic? Do they really believe they will get more than just the money after this?


Thank the lord Raven is gone; I say that only because she in no way deserved to even go this far. She did nothing, although she says she played a great social game. A social game meaning being nice to people ?? that’s her game strategy ?? Ohhhhh, okay got it.

Backseat Driver

We have opened our second bottle of Kraken…

Crocodile Tears

All those FAKE TEARS gave me Raven’s Disease!
Too late to rehabilitate any of these HGs reputations…


If Paul is considered a “Celebrity” next season… Just Shoot Me!


I’m curious…

Who do you all think is playing the best game?

And do you think the person who is playing the best game deserves to win the game they are playing? If not, why?

Butters Mom

Production is the only player in this game!


Production wouldn’t rig a show for someone who fans dislike so heavily. They have lost a TON of viewers in the last couple of weeks. They want to keep fans, not lose them.

If anything they would rig it for the most liked houseguest to keep the fans happy.

Butters Mom

None of the house guests are likeable…. now what?

Team Josh

I think Josh has played the most progressive game. He started the season by annoying everybody….but his childish nature won a few hearts in the house.
Josh has remained in the game by winning a few comps and by doing Paul’s dirty work. But if Josh isn’t careful, his disobedience will get him evicted before final 3.
If Josh wins, he will certainly deserve it because….who thought he would survive this long?


I wish I could dislike this more than once.

I thought he would last this long… he’s played horribly and houseguests like keeping people who have played horribly until the end because they’re seen as someone they can beat in the final 2.


All this fake bad acting is making me vomit! Cartwheel and all…

My 2 cents

Kevin is who Paul should take to f2. At least the others have slight cases they could make for themselves if he’s dealing with a bitter jury. Kevin is definitely the one that just really can’t compete gamewise. If Paul gets that opportunity. Kevin should be the one. He should be the one that they all want to take.


Alex…sad sack woman…doh

Impractical Joker

In a bizarro world universe somewhere there is a BB19 where Paul didnt play and camaron did I wonder who the final 5 are in that BB19?

Anyone know?


I’ve totally given up on our BB. Haven’t watched for months, came here to read but given it up too.
I’ve seen several people mention BBCAN, so I have started watching it. On season 3 now.
it IS SO MUCH BETTER! Its fun to watch.
Thanks S&D for all you have to endure to watch BB and still be sane!! Heres to ya!!

Guy From Canada


My favorite bbcan were 2,3,1,5,4 in that order. 4 got really nasty in the house towards the middle….not quite as bad as is season but bad forpolite Canadians. Have fun with Godfrey in bbcan 3, if I remember he is one of Simons (and my) favorited from the Canadian franchise.