ANOTHER Sneak Peek Inside the Big Brother 16 House! URBAN TREE HOUSE THEME!


CBS is running a commercial on the TVGN network channel showing another glimpse into the newly re-designed Big Brother 16 house. Last week we showed you a few photos taken from the ET Canada house tour preview and today we get a look at one of the bedrooms. The first sneak preview showed the a bird nest bed room, the lounge room (with the photo booth) and the kitchen. The new shot of the bedroom shows a log cabin theme which ties into the nature theme of the other bedrooms. Julie Chen describes the theme as an “Urban Tree House” theme. She states that “Things are going to get HOT!”

Tomorrow Julie Chen will discuss the twist they have planned for Big Brother 16 on her talk show – The Talk. There will also be an Entertainment Tonight full house tour shown tomorrow night, June 18th with the new cast will likely be released on Thursday, June 19th.

NOTE: Please excuse the quality of the photos as the video isn’t the best quality. We will update / post better photos & videos as they are released.

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In the quick preview we see:

  • The kitchen table / memory wall – which has two separate spots for house guests
  • Memory wall: The house guests could be a mix of Newbies/SuperFans on one side & Big Brother Alumni (Vets) on the other side.
  • Another shot of the kitchen bar area that is made of circular tree trunks
  • A shot of the photo booth lounge room with octagonal shapes on the walls / built in furniture
  • A shot of the living room
  • A shot of the storage room and diary room doors
  • A shot of the bathroom
  • A silver painted chainsaw
  • The loft area outside of the HOH room – Tree House walls / picnic table




Photos courtesy of twitter user: @08Jayhawk
Thank you to OBB commenter SMG HOOVER for bringing the photos to our attention.

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Really like this year’s house theme, really does have the urban/outdoorsy feel to it, especially love the picnic table and props on the second floor

Jake K.

The new digital memory walls looks AWESOME!


I love it I guess the bathroom is like a pool? With that memory wall I’m thinking the vets will play there own game and the newbies will play there’s.

Jimmy 64

New house looks pretty cool.


House seems very unique. I like the tree house outside the HoH room on the second floor with the chess set on the picnic table. Not so crazy about the bedroom/bathroom.The digital memory wall definitely implies a Newbies V.S Veterans theme.
However as the season progresses, i’ll get used to the cast and the house and somehow, it feels like the cast and the house were meant to be in some way.

Jimmy 64

I got a feeling we are going to get an all stars season
Let’s hope it’s not people who have already won big brother


Not luving all that colour.. seems kinda like pee wee playhouse


Love the nature theme. Similar to the BBCAN house with all the greenery inside.

7 more days!!!