Big Brother 15 Spoilers “Is Helen f****ing retarded… I can’t wait to boot her out of the door”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


9:04pm Katilin, Helen and Andy
Andy tells them that Howard has been throwing every competition they’ve had.
Kaitlin starts punching her pillow “I f***ing knew it”
Helen and Andy really start stirring up the get Howard out rants. Kaitlin says Spencer is the only person allied with Howard.
Helen tells them they have to win HOH and get Howard out. Kaitlin is going to be pissed if Howard wins HOH over her.
Kaitlin heads into the HOH bathroom
Andy doesn’t think howard will win HOH he thinks his huge muscles will be a disadvantage. “Teeny Tiny” guys like him and McCrea will be better suited for endurance.
Helen is worried “Oh my god”
Andy says this is why we have to keep him close incase he wins HOH so they can get Aaryn and Gina put up. (Kaitlin would have heard this)
Helen: “He won’t put Gina up they are close”
Andy: “Who else would he put up”
Helen: ‘Kaitlin… never put Spencer up.. one of us”
Andy: ‘He’ll never put us up.. it’ll be Aaryn”
Andy: ‘I just don’t want Spencer or Candace to win because they won’t put him up”
Andy thinks they might be able to convince Spencer to put up Howard.
helen: “I think we could I think we can convince Spencer” (I would Disagree)
Helen says Elissa won’t use the MVP to put up Howard they are going to have to really work on her to do it.


9:05pm Bedroom Kaitlin and Jeremy
Kaitlin: “Dude I was just up there and Andy was telling us about Howard throwing every competition”

Jeremy: “I tell you this.. I’m pretty sure it’s going to work.. it’s not for sure yet “ Jeremy gives her quick rundown of the conversation they tells her he told them if it came down to final 4 she would vote her out . He doesn’t plan on honoring the deal though. Kaitlin: ‘you have to honour it”
Kaitlin kisses him tells him that she told them she’ll vote him out in four weeks.

Kaitlin brings up that Helen talked to her and Whatever aaryn is saying isn’t true

CBS Interactive Inc.


9:54pm HOH Elissa and Helen

They are planning on bringing Jeremy Up and telling him he’s had 21 days in the house he’s had plenty of time to correct the wrong. It’s too much water under the bridge.
Helen: ‘It’s too late we don’t need him.. Judd, Andy, MAnda and McCrea all agree”
They both agree that having jeremy in the house isn’t fair to their friends because it makes it harder for them to win HOH. Helen points out if they keep Jermey in the game they will be disappointing their friends.

9:00-9:45pm Hot tub chit chat Jessie is not happy 🙁


10:03pm Hammock Aaryn, Amanda and McCrea
Aaryn: “So is she considering getting rid of Spencer “
Kaitlin: “nope“
Gina joins them
Aaryn wants to know exactly what Jeremy and Kaitlin were talking about in the HOH.
Kaitlin says that Jeremy tried to make a final 4 deal with Helen and elissa. Kaitlin offered them a deal she told them if they keep him this week she will vote him out the following week.
Aaryn says she’s worried about it backfiring and she goes home. Kaitlin says people only mention Spencer as a second option.
Gina wants to know if they can save him Jeremy do they have any chance.
Kaitlin: “Helen says they will probably evict him”
Gina: ‘i want to keep the strong players here.. I don’t want to play with scrubs”
Aaryn leaves.

Kaitlin is totally onboard to get Howard out (Sigh 🙁 )
Kaitlin: “I tell you now if Howard wins HOH every single person in this house will feel sorry for voting Jeremy out”
Kaitlin says aaryn puts people down to make her feel better.”I’m not going to lie to you she’s going home soon”
Kaitlin says that Aaryn is really starting to annoy her. She thinks that they can get the power back but the reality is they can’t unless they win MVP and HOH. Kaitlin points out even if they win HOH Elissa will get the MVP put one of them up and they all have the numbers to get rid of her.

They agree they need to work with the other side they want to keep Candace in the game to use as a target.


10:15pm have nots McCrae , Jeremy and Amanda

Jeremy says he talked to Helen he’s not sure if she’s going to go for it or not..
Jeremy says Helen and Elissa are considering his offer. They told him if Jeremy doesn’t go home Aaryn will.
Amanda asks him to list five of his targets. Jeremy: ‘I don’t have 5 targets.. I want Spencer and Howard out”
Jeremy says if he has to pick Howard, Spencer, Aaryn, Candace and Jessie.
Jeremy gives them the skinny on his conversation says he doesn’t want to be fishy.
Jeremy adds that Helen told him that her main people are Elissa, Andy, Amanda, McCrae and Judd. Jeremy was surprised by this he didn’t even know McCrae, Judd and Amanda were that close to them all.
Amanda: ‘Who told you that”
Jeremy: ‘helen”
Amanda: ‘Thats really weird.. “
Jermey: ‘It is.. I hope I’m not revealing too much”
Jeremy leaves..
Amanda: “Is Helen f****ing retarded.. she just told him our whole alliance”
Amanda: “What is wrong with her”
McCrae: ‘It’s going to be awesome when she’s not in power”
Amanda: ‘What is wrong with her.. I am baffled.. she needs to shut her mouth and not talk ever”
Amanda: “I can’t wait to boot her out of the door she’s so annoying”

Amanda says if they really push to keep Jeremy he could stay. McCrae says that Aaryn is shady . McCrae says Spencer Is easy to read he’s not too dangerous like Howard..
McCrae says the one advantage to Jeremy is is easy to read. They both agree that Jeremy needs to go this week but they wish it could be Howard.
McCrea: “There is no f**** way I would have left Hoard in the game he too f***in good”
Amanda calls Helen and Elissa morons.
They agree that getting Helen out will be tricky because they are playing both side.


Judd walks in Amanda says that Helen just outed their entire alliance to Jeremy. Judd: ‘What the f*** .. is she’s an idiot.. he’s going to go tell everyone before he goes home”
Amanda says they need to all play dumb.
Judd tells them he has Jessie locked down.. He thinks they should swap out Helen for her, Judd isn’t sure Andy will be down for it. Amanda wants to get Helen out first before Jessie. Judd asks if Helen is part of the good troop. Amanda says no! Judd says he’s getting confused with the alliance. Amanda says Elissa and Helen are in a fake Alliance with them.
Judd points out how Howard and Spencer are obsessed with Jessie they will vote to keep her. Amanda: “Spencer looks at her in a creepy way”
Judd says he really irritated with Helen.


10:30pm Hammock Katilin and Aaryn
Kaitlin telling Aaryn some more about the deal that Jeremy was trying to make with Helen. Aaryn is really worried thinks she’ll end up getting thrown out. Kaitlin tells her Helen and her friends want to get out all the guys. Aaryn: ”when did they say that today”
Kaitlin: “they said it earlier in the week”
Aaryn: “they know if Spencer goes home we have the numbers”

Theres a long pause.. Aaryn leaves


10:42 HOH They tell Andy what Helen did

11:27pm Cockpit Goof Troop
Judd is asking them if Helen is changing her mind about Jeremy. McCrae says Jeremy is really campaigning but Helen hasn’t changed her mind.

Andy says Jessie is locked. Judd reports that Spencer and Aaryn are very nervous they keep asking him if they are going home. They bring up Helen telling Jeremy that Helen, Judd, Andy, Elissa, McCrae and Amanda are in an alliance.
Andy says he’s going to talk to Helen tonight “I’ll fix that”
judd: ‘Oh my God”
they all laugh
Judd: “Was she on ecstasy” (Judd figured it out.. the friendships, the non stop talking the nail party it all adds up. Helen has been on ecstasy while HOH)
Judd you know Jeremy tells Kaitlin everything.
Andy says that Kaitlin
Judd I’m sure this is so exciting for America looking at us here sober and boring
McCrae thinks they should have an all liquid diet instead of slop where they can drink anything they want.


Candace, Spencer, Howard and Jessie hanging out.. sounds like they are targeting Aaryn after Jeremy goes. Jessie leaves.

Howard thought the live feeds were only on 2 hours a day. Candace says the live feeds are continuous it’s afterdark that is only a couple hour a day. Candace gives Spencer shit for lusting over Jessie all the time. Spencer swears he would never do anything with Jessie he cares for maryland too much, “I’ve cheated in the past but never on maryland”

12:00AM Cockpit McCrae and Amanda

MC is telling her how much he needs the money. He’s hoping that there is a competition like Big Brother 14 where the players could win $3000.
McCrae “Even if it was $1000 I would get down on one knee and suck someone’s d!ck”
Amanda: “you just said that in front of a lot of people”
McCrae: “That’s fine..” He really needs the money

Gina, Andy and JUDD dancing around.. no idea

12:25AM Cockpit Kaitlin, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, Andy and JUDD Andy is saying they should form a 6 person alliance and call it the f*** c***ts

12:30AM Hammock Jeremy, Candace, Elissa and Helen.
Jeremy tells them that he hasn’t talked to his father for 10 years because he punched Jeremy in the face. Jeremy leaves. The girls wonder if his story is real

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just when i thought the show was picking up, helen ruined this whole week for me with her own special bullying tactics


i can’t believe i voted helen for mvp the past two weeks – her hoh week revealed a lot. the first week i voted for mccrae, and as it stands now, either he or amanda probably get my vote this week. helen can’t keep game secrets.


LOL on the Helen and Ecstasy comment from Judd…Simon’s right, everything DOES make more sense now. What IS the rationale for telling Jeremy that…a goof-up only. What might the benefit be…to out Judd and Amancrae to…who? I don’t get it, I think she just goofed.

Nameless 5

Helen is brilliant! Tell everyone everything and nothing. Claim over and over that you are the most truthful. Cry on command, and profess “how hurt” you are that someone lied. Then lie baby lie. Oh, and don’t forget to backstab someone who trusts you.

The Chicago Democrat political machine has obviously taught her well. How can you people not see it?


EWWW Amanda or Mcrae?? What game are you watching they need to go home asap Howard for MVP He deserves it and they want him out smh they are horrible

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Right now, I’m Team Amanda/McCrae and Howard/Candice

STFU Donnie

If they could just team up, my viewing experience would be so much more enjoyable…

Bring Back The Glass BOX

dude… I totally agree… I wish that alliance were possible. Helen realllllly squeezed the life out of me this week hahaha

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Jeremy is heading out, nothing much he can do about that, but before he goes, he has about 35+ hours to attempt to flip the house with the bombshell info that idiot Helen leaked out of her big fat mouth.

STFU Donnie

Can Amanda, McCrea, Andy, and Judd get to Helen and Elissa and warn them not to reveal to Jeremy they are rejecting his offer, before they do?

That could be very key to whether Jeremy is even aware he needs to try and flip it.


That would require Helen to shut her mouth. Not happing till her jaw hits the floor when she’s voted out.

STFU Donnie

“Judd tells them he has Jessie locked down.. He thinks they should swap out Helen for her, Judd isn’t sure Andy will be down for it.”

It’s deja vu all over again. McCrae…uh..I mean Judd first tried to pretend Jessie was nothing and now he has her locked down and wants to bring her in. All that’s missing is him telling them she’s so in love with him and it’s the downfall of the MC all over again.

If Jeremy finds/figures out he’s not getting Helen’s deal, getting the information to the house will be fun, but if he can sway them that there is a group of 6 and everybody else will be picked off, convincing Jessie could be key. If she realizes the plan is just to pick her off when it’s convenient and she wants to really play and win, she could flip Judd to at least keep Jeremy and drop Aaryn (Jeremy needs Howard and Candace so he can’t try to save Aaryn), hoping he can straddle both sides. Judd strikes me as the kind of dumb person who thinks he’s smart…so I could see him buying into the idea that he can be the evil mastermind and run both sides against each other, while him, Jessie, and McCrea go to final 3.

But since the key for Jeremy is to first go to Howard and Spencer, who he’s been burying, I doubt he can save himself…but he can stir up some s**t.


Or he can use his hours left to try and bang Kaitlyn…show her a credit card


Helen is the worst!!!

Meat Lovers Pizza

Helen just can not keep her mouth shut! For a self proclaimed “super fan” and quasi intelligent person she sure is a dumb ass.


Every year I complain about production rigging the game, and now I’m praying CBS rigs this and gives Spencer HoH and Howard MVP.

Bob Saben

Same Here…Howard has nothing wrong compared to the rest of these losers

Big Sister

Totally agree! Let’s start a grassroots campaign here to vote 10x for Howard to get MVP! I still don’t know why Andy and amanda/mccrae are so against him. When did he lie to them??? As much as they’ve been doing the same…


I swear Amanda is one of most aware hg’s in BB history

just today I thought “weird, spencer wants to get at Jessie evidently”…and what do you know, Amanda already saw it! figures!

she may be a crazy scary chick, but she is ON to everyone

ILLWILL That A$$hole

That’s what I was saying last night, she is on to the twist, and everyone else, she’s dangerously good at this game. Now all she gotta do is win something


She wasn’t onto her showmance being in the Moving Company. At all. Amanda is gross. And that’s an attack on her character.


Who cares if she is gross? I ain’t lookin for a date, I am looking for entertainment. Amanda is clearly the most entertaining, followed by Judd.


She didn’t need to be on to the Moving Company.
She figured out who the strongest competitor is and reeled him in. She’s playing him.
I’m not totally saying she doesn’t have feelings for McP though.
He won the first endurance very easily, and he tried to throw the POV and still won.
They’re the team to beat.



i want to see amanda under the pump under pressure on the block and see some apeshit crazy fights, see how desperate she gets to save herself

please win hoh howie


I love Amanda, she is by far one of the best players I have ever seen play BB. I think there is more about her that we do not know however…something. I can’t get that quick conversation between her and McCrea out of my mind that went something like McCrae saying, “What do you think they’ll do when they find out about us?”

I really like McCrea too. They are my two favorite players. Their whole “showmance” has given me my fair share of naughty fantasies this summer. But, I do not think she is a real-estate agent from South Florida. I don’t know what she is…but there is something off-LOVE U, BUT WHO ARE YOU, AMANDA?

Plus, even though she “reacted” like she did not know about the all male alliance when McCrea told her, I could tell they were both lying…just reciting a script. McCrea had that goofy grin the whole time and she kept her steely gaze. The conversation looked contrived. I don’t think she has missed anything.


you are overrating her just a tad surely and also jumping the gun

she has never even won a comp and been in the house a few weeks


Yet, she has had the luxury of sleeping in the HoH room and most people respect her enough to at least not get in her face. Both men and women of the house, so she’s got game. She pays attention and is not intimidated. LOVED IT when she stomped into the room after the blow-up about the bed and told every girl in the room off. She didn’t need someone to “pretend” to carry her out of the room because it was going to get ugly. She’s not crying every five minutes. She’s playing the game. Made a good first move from the beginning and is riding it out as the queen bee that she is.


amanda came into the room pretending to help jess on thursday in a fight that had nothing to do with amanda

jess had already put the mean girls and jeremy in their place at that stage all on her own, after being bullied, pressured, verbally abused, and both jeremy and kaitlyn attempting to physically intimidate her getting right up near her when she was in bed

aaryn correctly pointed out to amanda that amanda talks more shit about other girls than anyone

amanda was just fishing for mvp votes by going head to head with americas most hated player aaryn

i love femdoms but again i think its way too early to be heaping such praise on a player who is yet to win a comp that has been there for such a short period

and i think why people are doing it is because there is not too much going on this season in terms of strong players

Aaryn's Raspy Voice

There goes Helen again making a damn fool of herself and her alliance(s). She just thinks they are one big family, huh? She needs to go!


From SuperFriends to SuperDuperEnemies. The ‘People’s HOH’ included all “The People’s Secrets’. I really thought she was going to keep her cards close to her chest. By the way: why is everyone so confident Elissa will get MVP again. I have a feeling a monkey wrench will get thrown in for the next one just because everyone’s expecting the usual. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, right?


Mom Squad is about to boot yet out another strong player. Plus, they have the entire house against Howard, the only real threat to win MVP other than Elissa. They are steamrolling through this game.


Explain to me as if I’m a child, and tell me why is Howard a threat? Just because he threw the Have not game, that doesn’t mean he can win HOH or POV. I honestly think the cast is fearing Howard because of his muscles. He was loyal to his alliance, he has never disrespected the females, even when the racial crap was over heard or the men. He’s a nice guy and they could use him to win the comps. All the games are not designed for the physically strongest to win every time……this is the worst season ever!!!! Where is my Brittany and Lane, they were fun to watch.

Butters Mom

Howard is a threat for a few reasons. One being he lied over and over again to Helen when asked if he was reveling the whole truth while using his bible as a sheild… meaning even when caught… he wont be honest. The biggest reason Howard is a threat is because of the whole “race” thing going on in the house and Production is milking it for all its worth. Helen and Elissa had decided to use the MVP to put Howard up and right after deciding this, Elissa gets called to the DR… afterwards she returns to the HOH and Helen says, “I guess production doesnt want us to put up Howard”. Howard is being pushed to the finish line by production because of the race issues. Howard has also shown dishonesty by throwing competitions and he hasnt really opened up to the other house guests including his “showmance” Candice… who he has said to Spencer doesnt mean anything to him. So he is using her. Candice is dumb enough to think Howard “Howie” really likes her even though she gave Jessie the biggest “heart to heart” talk about how she didnt need a “showmance” to bond with people in the house and thinking she did made her come across as “needy” and uncertain of herself. Then Candice goes and gets in a showmance herself. lol IDIOT. Howard will use Candice alliance with Helen and Elissa and Andy get information and will ultimately ruin Candices game to further himself. He’s a shady f*&k as he has been called by several in the house already.

Go Howard

This is Big Brother! Why does he need to reveal that he was lying. If he was totally honest he would be a terrible player. He is playing the game being a bit reserved but that is what gets people nervous. In the house you have to be a bully, whore, or a serial schemer. They want Howard on Production not because of the race issue, but because he grounds the show. BB is doing well in rating but is loosing credibility so he is a Bible Man and not too much of a schemer. I just hope Howard smartens up and starts scheming and winning competitions. GO HOWARD!


As I said, Howard sucks. AND, he is playing the race card with production. That is obvious. Elissa is BB’s production pawn to protect the “minorities” in the house. I don’t know if it started off that way, but since that shit went down, that is what she has been doing ever since.

Amanda and McCrea. Now, they are players.

Big Sister

If that is what you think, then you haven’t a clue what a “race card” is. He has exhibited so much self-restraint and willpower in avoiding anything remotely associated with playing a race card. He practically had a nervous breakdown keeping his composure in the face of a true racist, the blonde who equates her awful comments with being compared to Barbie!

Just WiL

I totally agree with u!

Butters Mom

Im not suggesting he has to expose his secrets or not scheme… I get that is game play… Im just explaining to “Rosie” why he is a threat. BB Production helping him is not game play… its rigged and not necessary.


Playing the race card LOL!!!!!!! If Aaryn and others didn’t show their true self race would not be apart of the game. Don’t blame Howard for the questions productions is asking him. He’s not playing that card, that is the hand dealt to him in the house. I hope Judd would team up with Howard and Spencer.


I think Howard sucks. He is a fake. Everything, including comforting Candace that day looked like bad acting. When he “prays to the lord” it looks like bad acting. Him throwing competition after competition annoys me. The only time I really appreciated it was the last slop competition b/c I wanted those “mean girls” to go on slop, but he couldn’t even successfully throw that one. I don’t understand, btw, why McCrea threw it…


a-man-and-a-mcvagina need to start praying…

because howard is coming…he’s here…body count…muthafucka

i want to see beast mode howard in hoh and give manda, andy and mccrae a world of pain

seeing 2 or 3 of those 3 scrambling on the block next week will be quality tv, if you want drama that will deliver it


Your man is afraid of 2 feet of water. Yeah, bring the hurt Howard, but remember to “hold your nose.”


it will be good for the season seeing a-man-with-DD’s on the block, especially with mcvag


Wow! I never realized Howard was such an evil genius. How he manipulated Aaryn, GM, and Amanda into bringing racial humor into the house, subtly having Aaryn and GM morph it into more hate than humor is brilliant. Then he sends Candace into that bedroom on Thursday, having prepped Aaryn and GM with his Jedi mind tricks to attack Candace while doing their best “ghetto” impression, all so he can grab Candace and give his best impassioned speech that she can’t give into it and become white people’s stereotype of aggressive black people…the kind who can be suspected of criminal activity, stalked by a self-appointed vigilante, and then when they successfully defend themselves, can be justifiably murdered in self defense. The psychological manipulation is just astounding. Another of those crafty black people who can trick white people into acting racist, just like his forefathers tricked the white people into slavery and segregation, just so they could “play the race” card. We all know racism doesn’t exist and is just a “card” created by black folks to “play” for their advantage. Just look how successful black people have used it to enrich themselves in America.



The President is black – it’s time to let that go now. I can say until I’m 90 years old that I was sexually molested, but once I succeed in prosecuting and winning, I have a choice to let it go. Obama wasn’t a slave – neither was Howard. It was ANCESTORS, my friend. STFU now already.

Butters Mom

Way to bring a controversial subject going on outside the house to the attention of BB viewers while getting your point across…. seriously…

Those mean girls definitely said racial slurs and have been over the top mean about it but Production is the one milking it for all its worth… not Howard imo. Production knew exactly how those girls were when they cast them for the show and have helped in destroying Aaryn outside of the house by not putting a stop to it early on and by focusing on it and broadcasting it not only on BB but also on the news, and Julie Chens “the talk”. There should have been rules set up in the guidelines that racial slurs would not be tolerated. Howard and Candice should not have had to deal with that while playing the game. I respect that Howard didnt respond to the comments and it took a lot of self restraint to handle the situation with class the way he did. I am annoyed with BB Production for allowing it occur in the first place and now milking it for all its worth and using Elissa to make moves from behind the scenes to control the game to give Howard an upper hand for “ratings purposes” Howard should be able to win competitions and play the game on his own accord and nominate those girls and get them out without help from Production. It would be a BIGGER WIN for Howard if that is the way he won without it being handed to him. Aaryn isnt the only one making slurs and racist remarks and focusing ALL the negative attention by Production on her is WRONG. Everyone who has done it should have been featured saying what they said in Julies special segment. Its almost as if they want to destroy Aaryn outside of the house as well as in. (and they have) I honestly worry for that girls safety when she goes home. and no….. Im not an Aaryn fan. I cant stand her… I just dont think any of this should have been allowed in the first place…. for all involved sakes. No one should be on the receiving end of death threats after being on a reality tv show and wouldnt be if production didnt use these people for their ratings. Im discusted with this season.

Big Sister

Sarcasm, I could kiss you! No one could have said it better!

Spooky Cawk

Helen is starting to remind me of Suzettte from BB Canada. Was alright at first, then started talking to much and is now just one really obnoxious and annoying bitch. I hope she goes before jury, preferably next week.


People need to realize that Amanda is the smartest and most dangerous player left, if no one break the duo of Amanda and Mc Crae they would sail through the finals. Why can’t someone point that out?!

As for Helen, she is quite good at her job, she was able to convince people to vote out Nick, apparently everything stops there. She is bad with covering her tracks and apparently blindly trusts people. She is still a shoo-in for the jury but unless she pulls over Candice and Elissa, she’s toast. I’m hating how she’s handling her HOH, she is safe for the next few eviction has she just only shut up. Now her saving grace is only when Elissa or Candice clarify things for her and let her see the situation that in her superfriends group she is in the minority.


Apparently, Helen isn’t the only person who is gullible enough to believe everything said to an HOH.

Helen is a much bigger threat to Amanda, McCrea, Andy, and Judd…all of whom she’s relying on. She’s only valuable to them as long as Elissa has MVP, so if the power goes away or to somebody else, they will cut her lose as soon as they get Howard.

Janelle pov queen

Helen is one of my faves this year I mean who else can you go for really everybody’s dumb playing the game personal or overplaying but Helen is so damn Dumb she just can’t keep to her fucking self and what’s up with Howard this Howard that?


Helen is a tool. Pun intended. Her need to feel in control and powerful has bitten her in the ass. She opens her mouth and a hypocrite walks out. She says that other people bully, manipulate and use scare tactics. SHE DOES THE EXACT SAME THING!!!! She uses tears to manipulate and future votes to threaten. I’m over her and her HOH. The thing is she will now always believe that she made the biggest/most powerful move in the game because she will think she single handedly got Jeremy out. She is so quick to forget who has done most of the dirty work for her up until now.

I am really rooting for Amanda/McCrae. I like their game play and strategy sessions. I hope that Amanda can keep from losing her sh*t so often! That would definitely help. I really like Judd too. He is really very smart and I think he’s a really genuinely kind hearted person.

I’m over Candace draping herself all over Howard. He doesn’t even speak! Candace wants the whole house to be VERY aware that she is now in a showmance of her own. Stupid thing is…she put even more of a target on her back. I can’t wait for Howard to go home just so I can watch the Candace meltdown that will most surely ensue.

Elissa is a sweet and gently woman, but she has no business in the BB house. She is completely unaware of how the game is played and what is going on around her. She is just too busy adjusting the silicone in her breasts (all the time) to be bothered to really play the game.

I’m so over Jessie. What a little follower. I like her more than Aaryn and Kaitlyn…but that’s not sayin’ much.

GM GET A LIFE!!!! You really need to know that you are coming off as a desperate old maid…you will only have creepy old BB fans that went right out to buy your Jolly Rancher costume to comfort you when you finally exit “to the left.” Your prospects are dire.

I hope that the MVP twist is soon over. Let’s get the game started already. I want more wheeling and dealing, scheming and strategizing. There is definitely more of a drive to win when you can’t count on the MVP every week.

I am also over the whole slop thing. It adds nothing to the show. Just let them eat damn it! THey are so boring otherwise…and give them more alcohol…everything is better when they are drinking! I don’t know why they are so stingy with it all the time…seems kinda like the opposite of what they should do at CBS if they want “good tv.”


agree on all except slop. I enjoy watching them struggle. I wish there were more penalties and things to make them uncomfortable. that is all part of the game really.

also the drinking, that is a strategic move by production. they know these people drink a lot. if you basically make them all go dry, and crave it, eventually that tolerance is so low where they can give them a decent amount of alcohol and get some people to do absolutely stupid things they would never have done if they were drinking every night. also its pretty bad as it is, they don’t want after dark to be that darn sloppy.


Great post! I agree. Give them MORE alcohol…Didn’t they used to back in the old BB days? When did they start getting rationed booze? And, when they do get some, it is like three bottles of wine and a 12 pack. One HG could polish that off themselves.


one of the house guests said mc crae and amanda look like homeless people

i thought that was very funny


Helen real life work is politics. Would you trust her as a politician? She means good but then shows ruthless abandon when dealing with those not on her team. I like her because she saved Elissa, but I am rooting for Judd because he seems to have the right balance between power, ego, and paranoia. He is my underdog now.


She’s from Chicago where dirty politics is the norm. Here the saying is vote early, vote often. Even the dead vote here! LOL!


Kaitlin: “you have to honor it”. Ok is Kaitlin just joking or is she really this dumb?


It’s been said many many times, when you get comfy in the bb house you get booted. I wonder whose boot print will be on Helen’s backside?


Why didn’t you include Amanda’s black mamba/ dark knight comment about Howard? I don’t get why people think she’s so funny. Her maliciousness towards Howard and Helen is disturbing.


I know I’m going to a get a lot of down votes but i sincerely think Amanda is somewhat jealous that Howard doesn’t like her the….
But besides that fact I think she’s taking out the biggest potential threats in the immediate future to her and her alliances in Helen (smarts) and Howard (brawns with some smarts) who have the possibility of catching on or posed any animosity towards her….


amanda is reminding me of a much less hot version of aaryn

mean, malicious, racist bully

they both like to bitch about others and both really want howard and candace and helen and elissa out

but aaryn is hated by so many but amanda is liked by so many

it must be the big fake tits and the big fake personality (and the lopsided cbs edits of both) that tricks people into liking amanda(but not aaryn)

Sir Peanut

See Simon I hate that name Marylin too. It racks my brain trying to remember how to spell it. I know it has a “y” in it.

Big Sister


Candance and Howard have become friends. They are not in a showmance. Another lie started by Amanda and passed through the damn house. Not everybody is whoreish like her, Kaitlin, Aaryn and Gina Marie. Why should Howard be honest with Helen?? She has the biggest mouth on the show and Howard knows this. And, is everybody in that house telling the truth and being honest?? People are holding Howard by his word because he is a Christian. He never swore on the Bible that he didn’t vote out David. He promised, he didn’t vote out David. There’s a difference. He was in an alliance and trying to keep it a secret just like the people who have a secret alliance now. The people in that house are afraid of Howard because he is strong, smart and won’t talk much game with them. Amanda on the other hand is the biggest liar and rumor starter in that house, next to wussy Andy. I hope Andy, Amanda and McVagina are on the block next week. Andy talk so much crap about Howard and then when Howard is around, he looks like he wants to crap in his pants. What a dweeb!!


i agree

i would love to see amanda and mccrae being on the block, with andy there too


Big f’ing deal…the CAPS are coming!!!!!!!!!


1. He can’t paddle himself in an inner tube
2. He can’t hold his breathe and go under 2 feet of water
3. He was the first one to fall off the popsicle…did he make it to 3 minutes?

What has he done well? He figured out how to tie a Tupac bandana…


howard knows youre afraid


could Gina BE ANY MORE ANNOYING?!?!? It is making me not like watching the feeds because I want to reach through the screen and STRANGLE HER.. Nick is GONE… GET OVER IT! He was NEVER interested in her (personally I think he probably found Jeremy more attractive than GINA) – part of me wants someone to vote her out just so that she can move on with her life and SHUT UP about Nick already…


Helen……..CHILLAX! You don’t end up being on the block again do you. Chillax……Team Knockouts Yo!

Bob Saben

I am really starting to hate all of these people save for Howard, Candice, and Jessie. The house’s infatuation with Howard and throwing him out is sickening. Just imagine if they guy would of actually stood up to Aaryn, he would have even a bigger target on his back. I hope to God that Howard or Candice wins MVP this week. Amanda and McCrae are just as vile and ugly people as Aaryn and Gina Marie


i like howard, candace and jess alot too

add judd and i would be happy with that final 4

BB15 letdown

Am I the only one who LIKES Howard?!?! So he lied. Big deal! So he is throwing competitions. And? He is a giant and doesn’t want to add a giant target to his back in the first few weeks. His game play had one fatal flaw so far…..he lied to Helen. Crisis!!! He must not be trusted! He must be voted out! This is BB people, wtf?!

BB15 letdown

Also, my fingers and toes are crossed that HOWARD wins the next HoH. That would be fantastic!!!


vote howard mvp – then if he gets hoh too, look out everyone targeting him

he wont be throwing this hoh

he knows its survival time, and he needs to turn the tide


Howard might need to stay away from the tides, given he can’t swim


unless its a swimming race or holding your breath under water hoh – highly doubtful – then his swimming skills are irrelevant

The Veto

How can anyone say that Elissa doesn’t know the game. Her sister played the game two seasons. She’s watched the game carefully. She and her sister have most likely talked about the game, including the behind-the-scenes stuff. And she is part of the “CBS/Big Brother family”. She knows the game…way better than anyone on this site (apart from Simon and Dawg maybe).

Gina doesn’t seem to realize that she’s the biggest SCRUB of the season. The week Helen is evicted will be an interesting week. Can’t wait. And McCrae-Crea’s the best. I would for sure $ukheesdeek for $1000:P

Addicted to this site and hope JeJu will try to get me a lot this season:D #teamJeJu


for final 2 alliance name

jess wants to call it tenexas

judd wants to call it bonny and clyde

there is JeJu as you mention, but i think i like tenexas most out of the 3, a combo of tennessee and texas


Helen……here is your chance either send Aaryn or Jeremy packing.


Helen and Elissa deserve each other. They are blabbermouth idiots! Why would Helen tell Jeremy about her “secret core alliance”? What a dummy!! Not only does it expose her, it screws over her alliance. She talks about Howard being disloyal, but the only thing he did was not tell her everything and expose his alliance. I can respect that in the BB game. What I don’t respect is people like Helen throwing her own alliance under the bus because she doesn’t know how to shut up and keep a secret. With friends like that, who needs to worry about enemies. At this point Jeremy is less dangerous to them than Helen and Elissa. They have been running around all week trying to do damage control every time Helen or Elissa blab about something that was supposed to be a secret. I hope McCrae, Amanda and Judd team up with Howard, Kaitlin and Gina to vote Aaryn out instead of Jeremy. Jeremy deserves to be there playing the game more than Aaryn, Helen and Elissa who just keep doing one stupid thing after another. If I hear the “we are moms” BS one more time I will hurl. I am a mom too, but that doesn’t give me creds to do anything but be a mom. It has nothing to do with the game of BB. It doesn’t make me a nicer person, or a more trustworthy person or a more upstanding person. I can’t wait for Helen’s HOH to be over. She is still carrying on like she has power. She doesn’t have power anymore. Would love to see the look on her and Elissa’s face if Jeremy stayed and then see the both of them nominated again. The icing on the cake would be for Judd to win MVP and put up Gina. Helen and Elissa will sink Andy, Judd, McCrae and Amanda if they don’t get them out soon. I want to see Helen confronted, forced to drink the truth serum, admit her lies and cry.


any chance that 1 of the first 4 evicted gets brought back into the game with the decision made by that weeks mvp? and maybe the returning player gets to be the new mvp? so between david, nick, jeremy and one other


I’m sorry but Amanda annoys the shit out of me. Yes, she is so called “onto things” but my goodness, her BS and hypocrisy kill me. From the confronting Aaryn, to then only go back with her and say Candice was acting like “Shaniqua”. What kills me is that she is getting the edit of the “Amanda Against Racism!” when she’s no better than anyone else in that house. To Elissa, it’s “Oh how could Aaryn say such things” and then to everybody else it’s “They were just being hypersensitive. Haha Shaniqua hahahah.” With Amanda, it’s like as soon as I gain respect for her, she does something that makes me lose it just as quick. Andy is second on that line. He talks so much and acts like he has so much power and game when not a thing in the world has been done by him. He takes credit for things other people have done as if he’s some time of master game player and he’s truly not. Gina, comes in third. She seriously kills me with the “I want to play with strong players” BS. Girl, no. You want to hide behind strong players, and that is all. Jeremy was nothing more than a shield for her and the others, protecting that side of the house. I don’t understand why people give so much credit to these players who call themselves “super fans/fans” of the show when they uncover that production is trying to sway them. Everyone’s like “Yay Amanda she’s onto production! Hehe” lol but any true fan of the show should know coming in that production rigs the game. When production does that, I don’t blame them one bit. Why? Because at the end of the day, who is the one doing the voting? The houseguests. This season especially. They know that production is in favor of Elissa. Yet they allowed production to talk them into keeping her. Only to complain about production AFTER they’ve consciously made their production manipulated decision. I find myself having zero sympathy for them. Just like with the MVP, production has no power unless you give it to them. The problem with these houseguest, is that I can bet my bottom dollar, that the majority of them have watched no more than one season of Big Brother and even that I would say was probably while in sequester. Coming into the show they all claim to be “fans to super fans” – somewhere in the middle, but then they all act as though they’ve never seen an episode of the show before, or at least how BB/production works. Even as a fan of Jeff, when I only used to watch the CBS edit, I knew that the producers handed him that Coup d’ Bullshit.


Helen is just playing like she want everyone to be honest and play nicely
She’s acting like hoh will last the whole game she may not even win another one we all felt bad for her because of what Aaryn said but I’m sorry watching her has been annoying I can’t imagine being in the house with her and she is blasting Howard what does she think will happen when Elissa figures out that she want people to get her out I’m not a Helen fan


time for a double eviction, zingbot, pandoras box or an extra veto any time soon? or at least a month away for any of that?


The anti-Howard sentiment is so bizarre to me. If his strategy is to throw competitions, then so be it!

He can’t be a threat to you if he never holds any power.


its also alot of people throwing up his name as the next obvious target so they themselves arent deemed a target



Howard was afraid to put his head under 2 feet of water. He has no game. His lazy ass dropped off the popsicle two minutes in…he doesn’t know how BB is played (What? The feeds are on all day?) That fake ass consolation of Candice made me want to hurl…

Howard won’t win HoH because he can’t. And, if you think Candice will be of any service, think again. An endurance comp? He could not take 2 minutes on the popsicle. Oh, and BTW…he really cared about how blacks were treated in the house, but HE voted Elissa out as the 4rth vote, siding with the “racists” that said the crap that they said and did…? CONFUSION.

Howard is a confused player and needs to go. AKA- He SUCKS.

GO AMANDA and McCrae (who is getting hotter and hotter by the day, I might say)


true mcvag is looking even more feminine each and every day

why wasnt he at helens nails party?


Because Helen’s a dork, and he and Amanda had better things to do with their time…I imagine


is amanda a woman or a man?

she is a man, duh!


BB15 letdown

Clearly you are missing the point when discussing the popsicle comp. It was the FIRST comp! No one wants to be HoH first. Its all about avoidance.


Typically. But this crew came out hard and people were fighting from the beginning to win. He just didn’t even want to bother. I call that lazy. And, the fact that McCrae won did him and Amanda a huge service in which they are still reaping the benefits for…


I really liked amanda at first but then she got all paranoid about Howard and she think he is trying to do something at every chance he gets. Helping aaryn work out- omg he trying to team up with her, with Candance- omg he is so using her, with elissa- he trying to control the MVP votes. AMANDA CALM DOWN! I don’t understand why you would think he is gunning for you after all the things that the Mean Girls did. And yes he threw comps, but only two of them ( the first HOH and the last Have Not). Its funny how people think he is a lying snake when these people are forming their own allience now. I hope it backfires soon. HOWARD, CANDANCE, OR SPENCER PLEASE WIN HOH NEXT WEEK.!