Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Have / HaveNot Competition RESULTS!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer

11:33pm – 2:15pm The Big Brother live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the have / havenot competition. When the live feeds return we learn that Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer are havenots for the week.

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2:15pm – 2:35pm In the lounge room – Kaitlin and Gina are talking. Kaitlin says that she is here to compete. Kaitlin says that just so Gina knows me and Aaryn are going up on the block. Gina says they are just picking on because we are pretty. Gina says they got Jeremy out, they got what they wanted and now they are still coming after us. Kaitlin says that Aaryn is the target this week. Judd joins them. Gina says that this is a game and I am here to compete. People are mad at us because we haven’t been have nots. Gina says I already told Andy I would take his spot. Kaitlin and Gina talk about how they already know they are going up on the block. Judd asks how do you know that? Who told you that? Gina says Aaryn. Judd says that it pisses him off that people are saying that because I haven’t even made my decision yet. He says that he is afraid because of the twist that Julie mentioned. Kaitlin says that Aaryn twists peoples words. Judd asks did Helen tell you that too? Gina says no I haven’t heard that. Andy comes in and says that the nomination screen is up. Nominations are today. Andy and Gina leave. Judd talks to Kaitlin alone and tells her he might put her up as the pawn. Judd tells her that he thinks Elissa will get MVP again and she will put up Aaryn. Judd tells Kaitlin that she is not a target and that if he wins veto he will take her off. Judd says that she is good and says she won’t go home. Judd tells Kaitlin that a person on the block might get a power and if that happens then we can work together. Stay close to Gina too, closer than Aaryn just in case she gets a power and doesn’t know how to use. Kaitlin says she will. Kaitlin says if you have my back, I will have your back. Kaitlin leaves and Spencer comes in. Judd tells him that Kaitlin is fine with being a pawn. Spencer asks Judd if Elissa does get the MVP she will probably wont to put up me or Howard, so can you try and make sure that doesn’t happen. Judd says he will. Spencer leaves and McCrae comes in to talk to Judd. McCrae asks if Judd is thinking of back dooring Helen? Judd says oh no that would be dangerous. Judd talks to him about putting up Kaitlin and Gina as pawns. McCrae is trying for Judd to put up Howard as the target or to be back doored. McCrae asks Judd if he is sure Elissa as MVP would put up Aaryn over Spencer? Judd thinks Elissa would put up Aaryn. Meanwhile in the bedroom Andy talks to Kaitlin about how Judd is thinking of putting her up. Kaitlin says that Judd is worried about the twist. Andy says that we should just play the game like normal because we don’t know what the twist will be.


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2:35pm Amanda comes into the lounge room to talk to Judd. Amanda is pushing for Howard to be put up on the block. Judd isn’t so sure. Judd says that neither Howard or Spencer would put me up. Amanda says Aaryn has no one, it would be better to get out Candice than Aaryn. Candice tells Judd that he should be trying to get out the strong players. Amanda tells Judd that it is completely up to you. Judd asks Amanda if she will stick by his decision. Amanda says she will. Amanda says that she thinks Elissa will put up Aaryn. Amanda is trying to convince Judd to put up two strong player and let the MVP put up a weak player. Judd says that if Elissa doesn’t work with us on this then she needs to go. Amanda agrees. Amanda tells Judd she would put up Aaryn and Kaitlin… she says if any of them win veto then they back door Howard. It’s a big move for you if you get out Howard. Judd then talks to Gina and tells her that he is thinking of putting her up as a pawn. Gina immediately gets defensive. Gina says pawns go home. Gina starts talking about how Jessie has gone around to all the guys in the house. Judd says that he just wants someone up as a pawn that he can trust.. like if it is a coup d’etat. Gina says I don’t even know what that is…if you want someone to trust then put up Jessie. Gina says everyone thinks that I am out of focus because of Nick but look I won today. Judd says that he isn’t sure yet, if I don’t put you up will you have my back the rest of the game. Gina says yes. They shake on it. If I don’t put you up that will show my loyalty to you. Gina says that she is down.


2:50pm In the havenot room – Howard, Spencer and Andy are talking about the havenot food. Apparently they will get to eat dried mango and something else as have nots. Spencer says being in this room together we can stay good with each other. We have each others backs.


3pm Judd talks to Candice and asks her who she would want to go up. Candice says either – Aaryn, Kaitlin or Gina. Judd then talks to Aaryn. He tells her that he is 95% sure that if Elissa gets MVP again she will put you up. I think it would be safer if I put you up rather than let Elissa put you up. Judd says that he thinks it will be easier to take Aaryn off the block if he puts her up. He says that if he wins veto he will take her off. Aaryn asks if Elissa said she would put me up. Judd says that he thinks she will. Aaryn says that if you do take me off, I think Elissa would put up Howard in my place. Aaryn questions why Judd won’t put up Gina. Judd says that Gina will go bat sh*t crazy. Aaryn asks so everyone in the house wants me to go home? Judd says some people. Aayrn asks who should I be nice to? Judd says be nice to Elissa and Helen. Aaryn says so they want me to go home? Judd says well ELissa will probably be MVP so be nice to her. Aaryn says she would rather go up against Gina than Kaitlin.


3:10pm – 3:15pm Judd then calls Elissa into the lounge room. He tells her that he was thinking Kaitlin as a pawn, Gina will go ballistic if she goes up as a pawn so I asked her if I don’t put her up I would want her to vote with me how I want each week. Judd says that he is thinking of putting up Aaryn and Kaitlin. Judd asks Elissa if she gets MVP will she put Gina up? Elissa says or Spencer. Elissa says as long as Aaryn is up then ya. I would rather Aaryn gone than Kaitlin. Aaryn is so much more unpredictable. Elissa says that Judd can’t listen to Jessie about wanting to get out Kaitlin because she had the conflict with Jeremy. Elissa says that Aaryn is just way more manipulative. Judd asks Elissa if she has his back and wants to work with him. Elissa says she has Judd’s back and has since the beginning. She says she trust him more than anyone. Judd tries to convince Elissa not to put up Spencer because he is trying so hard to work with me.


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Will.I.Am, I Think

I think it’s bulls**t that the means girls escape have nots again…. they deserve it more than anyone else in that house,

Will.I.Am, I Think

mean girls*


they are winning have have not comp so they deserve not to be have nots and one of them is going home this week anyway


They won fair & square. oh ya that’s right you people don’t care about fairness any more on BB with all the mvp/coup de tat/america players/dr rigging/pandora box saving bullshat! This show is The Glass House 2 basically.

Will.I.Am, I Think

I know they won, I would’ve liked to see them on slop.

I know all about BB being manipulated by production,don’t ever post to me like I’m one of the sheeple..


Just curious, why do you watch?


have nots are Andy, Candice, Spencer, and Jessie. They get to have Mangos and Macaroni. I’d be pretty happy with that…


Easiest week I can remember for havenots for sure–mangos and macaroni isn’t even a punishment.


Judd wants to get rid of a strong girl and wants to pair up with Spencer & Howard, who are drifting in the wind. He’s near the bottom of Friendship 2.0, and he may be best served by back-dooring one of the higher ups, namely Helen or Elissa.


Too soon for a big move with the MVP factor hanging out there that could blow up any big move in Judd’s face–he has to play it safe nominating the mean girls while protecting the heavily endangered guys




Simon who do you think Judd is going to put up?


Would have liked to have seen Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GM on slop this week. Not to be mean to them but for the drama I think it would have caused. I don’t think Kaitlin or GM would handle it well and there would be fireworks mid-week because of it. And I also think that Aaryn would handle it pretty well and come out at the end of the week as part of an actual alliance that had a chance of making it far if she was smart enough to take advantage og the other HG’s noticing how much more in control she was compared to the other girls.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Amanda’s pushing for Howard to go up, will just keep him in longer, and put a target on her for being so bossy, she should shut up for a minute about him until she wins something and put him up herself..

K Hewitt

vote AMANDA!!!!!! since she thinks she runs the house


you can not vote anymore.

The Fist of Goodness

I wish Helen would just let people play their game instead of trying to run the show. Hope America puts her up on the block to send her a message to chill.

Suzy Sunshyne

Am I the only one who thinks this America MVP vote is to get out the mean girl crew? These other guys would let them coast, because they know if it comes down to them or one of the mean girls, they would win!


Kaboom JUDD is going to put Aaryn and KAitlin up

Who will “America” put up ?

She Said What

My guess, GM and or Spencer – based on the racist national media coverage.


Hopefully jessie or amanda and as long as the house doesnt find out it was america that should cause the most drama but even if america/cbs does put them up i doubt theyll get voted out


I hope Amanda, I want to see some grenades thrown!


It would bring me so much joy to see Amanda on the block. She would go bat shit crazy.


I think Gina! Well I hope. LOL


Amanda. And based on the convo I just watched between Helen, Jessie and Candice, if she does not get pulled off, the votes may be there to get rid of her. That would be HUGE and America would be responsible for making one of the biggest moves in the game!!!

Will.I.Am, I Think



Amanda, she thinks she runs everrrrrrrrrrrrrry damn HOH!


Someone that has not been highlighted much recently &/or not to attractive. So, Andy or Spencer.


If Judd puts up Aaryn, then the MVP America’s choice would move down their second choice which could be Amanda or Helen.. That would be sweet to see Helen or Amanda sweat it out especially if Howard won the Veto..


But why would America (or production for that matter) put up Amanda or Helen? They’ve gotten pretty positive edits so far, and production seems to like them both.


Amanda would go ape s**t if America put her up and she thought it was Elissa who put her up, Lol. That would be Big Brother television gold to watch all that unfold. Elissa would swear up and down that she didn’t and Amanda wouldn’t believe her and go to war with Friendship.


Simon, Dawg, when is Big Brother going to cast you all in a season as the super fan?


Wanted to see Helen be a have not again, where she belongs. Or even Amanda and MC again.


Not going to happen.


Judd please put aaryn up so america doesnt


For production to make a point (assuming that is their intention for this twist), and Judd puts Aaryn up and she is also America’s nominee, Julie will note that to the cast before moving this to the next nominee. This would send a strong message to both the voting cast members and maybe Aaryn. If so, Aaryn’s days in the house are numbered.


They are picking on them because they are pretty according to Gina Marie? Lol, that’s rich. Looks or no looks most of the other women on the other side of the house have stuff going for them. How about because you have sh*tty things about your self-absorbed delusional personalities.


I find it really weird that adult women would blame being too pretty. Very delusional and narcissistic. Like you said, it couldn’t be because your bat sh$t crazy and mean!


GM ‘worked’ in the pageantry industry. Her perceptions on this should not be surprising.

Doubting Thomas

Last week I voted for Helen to get the MVP, THIS week I voted for Helen to be MVP’ed….I have never gone so fast from loving a houseguest to hating one so much. How many times a day do we need to hear from Helen that she is a Mom (and that is the reason that she is being so controlling and manipulating in the house….).
Between her making deals for other people, not being able to keep her mouth shut and crying all the time (any one else get pissed off when she said that she controls her kids by crying? As a Mother myself I would NEVER dream of controlling my Husband or 4 boys [32, 25, 21 and 19] by using tears!!!)


JUDD trys to talk to Katlin…there’s Andy….they finish, Katlin goes in her room….there’s Andy….Spencer talks to JUDD, leaves…there’s Andy…McCrae talks to JUDD, leaves…there’s Andy…Amanda talks to JUDD, leaves…there’s Andy…GM talks to JUDD, leaves…there’s Andy…Elissa talks to JUDD, leaves….there’s Andy….He’s going to every person to find out what JUDD says & they tell him!!! WHY? Judd is upset about the Helen thing & dang if he didn’t just tell Andy!


JUDD’s pretty perceptive. He’s aware of Andy’s game. Should he be concerned? Not yet.


Why in the world does “anyone” like Elissa…..tell me ! ! ! She is sooooo phoney……hair, eyes, lips, just everything………..that voice and that horrible smile !
At least the mean girls (whatever) are who they are ! ! ! They own up to it…….but, Elissa and Helen………..OMG…………what phonies ! ! !


That, and she’s a freaking gold digger. Her husband is an older, overweight, balding guy….BUT he has money.


So you know Elissa personally and why she married her husband? Lots of women marry older men, that does not make them golddiggers. So what if he has money. Sounds like jealousy to me.

Will.I.Am, I Think

A LOT of women marry older men because they have daddy issues.

Some women like the handsome/fit older men.

But a good looking younger women who marry older men who are not good looking and out of shape are 95% doing it for the MONEY.

No, hate, get that paper girls.


Wow, those are great reasons to not like someone, just based on how they look ….. thanks for letting me know, i hate elissa now for those reasons!


Wpg Fan

J U Double D is a crappy HoH. He can’t even control the conversations. I’m not a Helen fan but she had them standing at attention giving up their game to her. Gezz Judd grow a set!

Helen's Alliance Member

Kim Jong Helen forgets she’s a mom when she starts threatening people and trying to bully them into voting her way. Last night she also used the f word for Aaryn and also threatened to effing kill her. But of course CBS won’t show that to their sheep…


Helen is not Kim Jong. Other house guest have used F word too and if she said word killing it is just an expressions. Have you read the other comments of the other houseguests? She is just playing the game ( tName should be NoHelen Alliance).


HAve nots are Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


Simon: Judd said Jessie was the fourth have not. He said Im glad she got have not so she won’t have to sleep in the bed with me and try to mind f*ck my decision on who to put up since she is trying to force him to get Kaitlin out!!


Whar are you apeaking abount can!t you read that she is laying low? Come again. Amanda is doing all the dictating. I like her too.


You should just cut and paste last weeks episodes. I feel like I have already heard this dialogue. Targeting the same ol people isn’t interesting at all


Talk will change with the MVP vote this week, at least I hope it will!


Hopefully judd puts aaryn up. Not because i want her out, i just hope amanda or helen are right behind her in votes and they end up being the third nominee!


If Judd puts Aaryn on the block, Wednesday night episode has the potential of being a game changer depending on who America picks as the third nominee (Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Elissa, Andy, Jessie or Canidce) and if that person gets off and then replaced by another person within the so called majority alliance. That would be so sweet.


i told all ayran might be on the block thats a good thing cause now amanda could see how it fills to be up there hey america we just took the game in our on hands go go go go go elissa win it all


Elissa tried to lie last week about not having MVP and Amanda knew right away she was lying. It was rather pathetic to watch as Elissa is a horrible liar so no matter who America votes whether Julie tells them or not, Amanda will know that Elissa is not lying because she couldn’t tell a lie to save her life.If production wants Aaryn as the MVP nominee then they will certainly talk Judd out of nominating her.

Will.I.Am, I Think

True, she is a horrible liar being so sweet all the time, she probably said that because she couldn’t flat out tell them that it DR, it wasn’t her decision.

Howard was going to be put on the block by Helen to scare him for lying to her, but both she and Elissa said on the feds that production didn’t want him on the block.

Will.I.Am, I Think



I really wish there wasnt so much polotics into putting who you want up. Why must you go to everyone and get their opinion especially if Andy spews what was said to everyone anyway. I wish it was double eviction every thursday to cut down on all the opinions. Everyone is looking out for themselves hello? But what I love most about Judd is that we dont know who his true targets are which sortof reminds me of Dans strategy


Judd was super efficient in talking to everyone, unlike Helen who dragged it out and beat it like a dead horse. I wish they just made a choice on their own, but that seems a show of the past.


JUDD played it pretty smart. Spoke to each calmly and gave his reasonings etc. without making it to personal. And he did it without calling them to the HOH room. Great social play.


Amanda pushing so hard for Howard to go up is the same tactic that Danielle used to get Brenchel to put Jeff up and we saw how that ended. Amanda is going to get herself caught up by pushing so hard and she may even be America’s Choice this week for nominations, which will definitely start a huge fight as everyone will think that Elissa was in charge of the nomination. This will be a very interesting week!


Elissa just can’t stay out of the HOH room! I want her out of that house! and of course there’s Andy in there now…Next HOH, someone please put up Elissa & Andy. I’m sick of her feeling so safe & like she’s guaranteed to put someone up every single week! (come on cat people, thumbs this down) I hope after “Americas vote” they have some other way to put up a 3rd person other than an MVP cause that’s all that was said in the 1st episode was there were gonna be 3 nominees each week. This MVP crap has to go!


i was liking helen, now i can not stand her. Wish she was on have nots


I swear every time I watch the feeds nothing is going on or they are off. Right now, it’s soooo boring


WOW, Aaryn just said she feels like all her fights were 50:50 and she is blamed for it all and that it’s like this in her life all the time. Also saying its like reverse high school for them (she’s talking to Gina). “Is this Big Brother or revenge of the needs.”

Hopefully, Aaryn watches this once booted and makes some serious life changes. If you life is always conflict and you are seen as the problem then maybe you are the problem. The PR firm cannot spin her in any way. She’s a ugly person.

The Black Fish

Let’s hope OBB was enough to at least put Helen/Amanda in 2nd place!


I really hope that they don’t tell the houseguests that America is the MVP and let them speculate.

Butters Mom

Elissa assumes she will be MVP therefore has the “right” to be in the HOH because Helen told her so…lol Plus, she doesnt want to be alone in the same room as aaryn, GM or spencer because she has nothing in common with them and might have to talk to them…. they dont go up to the HOH as much as the other house guests.

You so Funny

Have Nots question, they are given two foods, this week it’s mango and macaroni, are they allowed to use condiments when preparing it, like salt, pepper, butter, cream, garlic, onions, ect?


Andy is always around he sneaks up on everyone’s conversation. Everytime someone is talking game right when things start getting good Andy walks he’s floater butt in. He must have a beeper system when someone is talking game he hears a beep and its gets louder each time he moves closer lol


Elissa is pretty smitten with her husband. Why else would she wear all the paraphernalia from his home location.


Her Husband is alot older then her. He has alot of money not very attractive look at their wedding book online