Big Brother 15 HOH and Eviction results Kaitlin Vs Aaryn Vs Ginamarie

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State of the house

Last week my gripe was the MVP twist going to Elissa every week. This Thursday my gripe is the superfriends running the house. The house is horribly stacked against anybody but the superfriends. Most of the strongest players in the game are in that alliance, they have the majority of numbers and the twist has gone their way 3 out of 4 times. Make sense they are running the show. Still it’s becoming boring as f*** for a fickle fan like myself. What I want to see is some of the superfriends in the hot seat and after almost a month of domination it’s about time. All we need is Howard/Candice/Spencer to win HOH and the house will explode into a weekend of 24/7 madness. CBS wants this, I want this, do you?

MVP twist
The MVP twist going to Elissa week after week is lame, we established that last Thursday. Having America vote was a good idea but in the end it resulted in a pretty boring week. Where do they take this twist now? If they go back to the regular format Elissa will win it and nominate Aaryn which is nothing too exciting. It goes without saying that the show would benefit if someone new got the MVP. Just look at how much drama it caused last week when Elissa was nominated by America.

A BB15 miracle
We cannot say that Elissa has no game anymore, she’s proven herself to be at least a mid-tier player. Yes she’s annoying, acts like a malfunctioning robot and is nasty to the other girls. She’s starting to play the game like the rest of the house has been doing we can put the no game argument to bed. In my opinion the superfriends drag Elissa’s likeability down if she went rogue it would be great fun to watch.

What is the final word?
POWERSHIFT, POWERSHIFT, POWERSHIFT – That’s all I want to see! If Helen wins the HOH then please let Howard win the MVP. If Howard Wins the HOH then heck give him the MVP and POV just so he can take one superfriend out.. just one that’s all I’m asking.. Knock Helen down a peg. Helen is fast becoming this season’s most annoying house guest. Her game is solid yes, but she’s poison to listen to on the feeds.

Images of what the competition will loo like
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

My Predictions

Kaitlin goes home (sad 🙁 )
HOH is anyone’s games. I wouldn’t be surprised if Spencer or Andy won it

Confirmed Results

Jessie votes to evict Kaitlin
Amanda votes to evict Kaitlin
McCrea votes to evict Kaitlin
Howard votes to evict Kaitlin
Spencer votes to evict Kaitlin
Helen votes to evict Kaitlin
Elissa votes to evict Kaitlin
Candice votes to evict Kaitlin
Andy votes to evict Kaitlin

Evicted Houseguest is Kaitlin 🙁 damn

New HOH is Aaryn (Holy f****)

America gets to vote the 3rd nominee again..

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July 25, 2013 at 5:52 pm
I so sleepy fighting sleep just to watch the under dogs like candice ,,, spencer,,, howard win hoh


Can somebody please fill me in on who is leading the “favourite left” poll? I can’t always view the results. I’m guessing it’s a tie ‘tween Howard and Judd…and hoping as they’re my 2 top picks…for good! I’m not changing again dammit!

Emma Vaughn

who is Dawg


I nominate Emma Vaughn for eviction


I want Howard to win HOH so badly, it’s ridiculous! And as many of you have posted, as much to see Amanda absolutely lose it as to see all the rest. Go Howard…or Candace…but never-in-a-million-years, Spencer!


Aaryn winning this HOH sealed her faith for next week ’cause now she’ll be viewed as someone who wins all the time! It doesn’t matter who gets evicted I’m sure that bitch will be next. CBS must not be too happy about this ’cause Howard and Candice could be on the block together and possibly the target. Racist is going to go on a roll now.

Not Really

Aaryn winning this HOH guarantees her at least another 2 weeks. Howard or Spencer is going home before Aaryn. Candice will then lose her mind and will be threatening everyone. Howard tried to keep an open channel with Aaryn but Candice kept throwing her under the bus. Candice will voted out the following week after Howard. Aaryn has the last laugh.

Aaryn's raspy whisper

and she’s back in the game folks!

who wants to see my hoh room bitches?

Zingbot Fan

Since everybody is voting Kaitlyn out would someone just cast one vote to evict Nick so we can see GinaMarie lose it please.

My two cents

I totally want to see the power in the house shift. I would like to see some of the superfriends in the hot seat!!! I really hope that MVP does not go back to Elissa. Go Howard, Candice and Spencer!!!


I hope America vote for Amanda or Andy just to stir things up and watch them scramble. Especially Andy, because he is a schemer, and it would be fun to watch him scramble if both him and Amanda are on the block. I also hope Aaryn doesn’t keep her word. I bet Elissa will go on the block just to have everyone think Aaryn has mvp and didn’t stick to her word.

Love it

Your insights are always great to read dawg … Thank you as always 🙂

Love it

You too simon!!! 🙂

its on!!! its live!!! its heavily edited!!

i just voted for DAWG in the new onsite most fav HG poll!
i really hope DAWG getz the half million becuz the others
only deserve the check for 2nd or 3rd! its live and we are
hearing the speeches! the live vote is next! Amanda is 1st…

its on!!! its live!!! its heavily edited!!

Julie C just used the word “landslide” when “on air”

its on!!! its live!!! its heavily edited!!

in the BB live interview, Julie C just asked the 9 to 0 big question,
and follows with a “mean girls” query & the tone of this interview
is bittersweet, it is a landslide romp bust as OBB has made clear,
it built up steam over the last 72 hours. the DR comments are nice…

its on!!! its live!!! its heavily edited!!!!!!!!!!

AG and her surprise win via a 36 has just killed off all CBS HQ
senior citizen people over the age of 70 by heart attack or stroke
and has caused all top management types to chew down a bottle
of tums like as if they are jellybeans! aaryn is a total control freak…

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

i hate asking this, i know i will sound more conspiracy theory inclined than the typical apolitical truther, birther or bircher
but if there was a magnet under the inclined plane, and a big nifty switch at HQ, and also a rather big ball bearing in the
lil ole rubber ball thingie, rudiamentary newtonian physics suggests to me that the los vegas~like roulette wheel is rigged!

From Name to spicy

“I so sleepy fighting sleep just to watch the under dogs like candice ,,, spencer,,, howard win hoh”
Candice is ovulating and can only think about Howie’s babies and his paycheque,
Spencer is a creep who cant win dick-all
and lastly,
Howard has been throwing everything so he is not an underdog but a little bitch who couldn’t handle the power of HOH


So do we think that America will still choose the third nom or give MVP back to the house guests ? I really hope the house shifts I think it would be hilarious to see Amanda kiss Howard or Candice’s butt


If I have to continue listening to ghetto ass ginamarie anymore ill lose it.

I can’t believe this idiot. Her mannerisms the way she is and talks. Like we get it. You are from Staten island. But do you have to act like the Staten island dump…..

Her endless sobbing about Nick is cringworthy at best. The man didn’t care for you!!!!!! Crazy batshit bi***

I hope they get rid of her. Let her see what her new reality looks like.


vote DAWG for the win!!!


Ha-Ha. Aaryn gonna be around for a while.


Bye Kaitlin, don’t come back.

CBS smh

looks like CBS still playing the race storyline , most of these girls are jealous of Aaryn, it’s not just the race comments 2 weeks ago


I think we need a new poll of favorite player because I think everyone’s opinions have changed by now lol


thanks 🙂

its on!!! its live!!! its heavily edited!!

Julie C made the 1,2,3 finish of Aa, Es + GM official to the home audience… this is the highlight of the 1st 15 minutes…

its almost 8:20 EST and the impromptu meeting got a big edit. so far, its file footage as opposed to live game~play, and

as the seconds tick away, the odds of a legendary double eviction are decreasing! 8:21 EST Julie just went live again!

its on!!! its live!!! its heavily edited!!

Julie C’s live interview with JEFF had its moments that reminded me how
likable and normal he is, i notice they kept footage of the HGs to a minimum!


Your editorial above nails the show dead on. I agree we need a shake up to make for an exciting week.


elissa gets the best edit ive ever seen with all the craziness she did and nothing


Damn I get why Howard and Spencer voted the way the house wanted, but why not have one of the superfriends “rock the boat”, vote for Aaryn and put the blame on Howard and Spencer? Bunch of followers in this house for real.


Bye Kaitlin. Good luck with whatever.


Simon, do you (or anyone) know if there is any significance to Howard’s hand gesture following his vote to evict Kaitlin?


Who is DAWG?




I agree with your analysis of the season up til now. I don’t think Howard HOH does anything but keep him here an extra week. The only real drama will come if Amanda and Helen go after each other. I’m not seeing that at the moment. In fact worse is what I believe I’m seeing. I think right now Helen, Andy and McManda are front runners to make F5 with a single “pawn”. This would appear to be Jessie but don’t be surprised if it’s Arryn.

One thing I’ll mention as an outside possibility. If the rumour is true Grodner is pointing Amanda for the win we might see a twist done in BBcan 1. This would be bringing back a jury HG. If Amanda wear sent to jury early they may use that twist to bring here back. I think this only gets used to suit a production purpose. Perhaps to bring Ellisa back also.

I think the mob will cut Ellisa loose likely right around F7 or F8. I figure right around F8 the power can switch back to HOH from MVP and the mob. ie someone can make a successful move by nom 2 taking away 2 votes. Thus they only need 2 of the 4 voting plus their tie breaker to evict who they want. At 6 the HOH has power back it is also about where the MVP will be retired, hopefully permenantly!

Well the biggest thing tonight will not be HOH IMO but how CBS handles the MVP going forward. Do they leave it as America’s choice. Do the put the MVP back as a vote to give the power to a HG instead. Or the most unlikely which is the MVP is gone. I’m betting it returns to the 1st 3 weeks with America picking the HG to be MVP. The Ellisa rein will be back.


Well, sucks that Kaitlin is gone. Her and Aaryn are the only “eye candy” worth watching. If Aaryn goes, watching the show will be a lot less interesting.

Gonna miss the KaitlinAaryn interactions.

Hopefully Aaryn can at least win the HOH


I hope America nominates Helen!


Awwwwwww yeaaahhhhhhh. 1 more BBMVP! Time again for more mindfucking.


Since America is MVP again, if you want the Superfriend’s alliance disbanded, vote out Helen.


Vote Amanda. She needs to sweat a bit.


OK. I will vote Howard simon….10 times


Don’t vote for Howard. He will go on the block.


America is MVP vote Amanda, Andy or Helen on the block. Please!!


I just voted ALL 10 for AMANDA!!!! I hope she gets BLOCKED!!!! lol

Dog Days

@ Simon. Huh? You want Howard on the block? Why


Everybody needs to stick together and put Amanda’s ass on the block just to see the fireworks! (unfortunately its probably gonna be aaryn again due to bad edit/press)


Aaryn (to Elissa): Why do you hate me (whining)
Me: *Replays Aaryn’s behaviour since day 1 in my head* Is she effing kidding?!


Did they tell the houseguest that America voted for the third nom ?


No because they like the houseguest to be paranoid and blame each other…great idea! I just wish the real person I think that got the most votes went on the block Amanda.

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

it also looks like HGs have not been directly told that the MVP person nominating procedure
has changed, and CBS HQ is willing to let them stew in their mutual paranoia a bit further!!!!!


I like the fact that we are the MVP again and get to vote and what is even better is the fact that the house guests still don’t know that we are the MVP!!



Alright We get to be MVP again… Don’t waste the vote on Aaryn, she’s already not winning the game, vote to rock the boat preferably from within the superfriends alliance.. Also don’t waste the vote on Elissa, we all know she will somehow, pull off another POV win.


Elissa can’t win POV … she took the punishment not to play it in this week. It’s the perfect time to get her out.


Ya maybe everyone will forget she can’t compete in this week’s POV


elissa can’t play in the pov this week.


so i guess it’s elyssa or gm this week? unless aaryn’s an idiot and nominates spencer, howard, and/or candice (which isn’t unreasonable considering what i think of aaryn’s mental capacity). elyssa can’t play pov which to me means aaryn should think of backdooring her with helen and amanda as the initial noms. she has to pray gm doesn’t go on the block with mvp (or pulls herself off it). everyone else in the house probably votes out elyssa over helen or amanda (or mccrae who’d be the obvious replacement to either) (even though they’re probably better off gunning for amanda or helen).


Another week of superfriends in power, we’re in for yet another PREDICTABLE and BORING week.


Aaron is HOH!


I forgot to post this earlier today. What do you think of Helen saying this

4:39pm BBT – Helen tells Howard that if he can be loyal to her and he makes it to the end she could consider giving him the money


Why don’t all the house guest just quit now and give Amanda the 500k. They are all kissing her ass and paving her way into the finale. No one in this house has any balls to think for themselves.


Ugggghhhhhh aaryn!!! Dammit. O welll. Hope its an interesting week


wow aaryn wins again so much for the “kaitlin is a better competitor” theory…so will she honor her deal with helen and nominate spencer and howard or will she do what she want?


Aaryn is scared sh*tless, she will do whatever Amanda tells her to do.


Will see if she made a deal, if not she will end up going home.


i think it had more to do with luck and sheer chance than “good competition”

I thought this weeks should have been endurance!


omg arryn won hoh this is exactly what I didnt want to happen OMMFGGG


Great! the Bigot wins…

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

any semblance of the live feeds being more hip, highbrow, hepcat cool, and politically correct
than the legendary JERRY SPRINGER SHOW has totally gone out the window! Simon has a self
censored F*bomb in this official OBB LIVE SHOW results tally with total good reason and logic!

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

Simon had a “Holy F*bomb” reaction to the HoH results! can we say WOW?
so far, i’ve tended to 85% agree with him on this. i’m really trying not to think
of wise Helen being handed the role the late Bob Crane once had in the auld
1960s show HOGAN’s HEROES as AG’s fem~bot version of KERNAL KLINK
is hopefully not worse than Christolph Waltz’s loyal 3rd Reich guy in a very
recent Quentin Tarantino film of a flic that happily thru its illegitimacy let him do
a classic CLAUDE RAINs role in DJANGO UNCHAINED. is pore Andy Lebeau?
i’m trying not to think of Stalag 17 as day six looms inside the 1984 BigBro pad!

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

ufos are real. i feel SETI may eventually get us noticed.
then when all the ets look at our tv shows if they know
how to pick up both our analog + digital signals, will our
planet end up as having a 100% “zoo” reputation as they
try not to feed the omnivore animals on it? ufos are real.


ellissa is going ot be americans vote again…if aaryn nominates ellissa than it will be GM


Hey, remember she can’t play PoV because of 20 points punishment. She not going up.


Don’t think aaryns putting up mcreamda….so who do you think? Holy shit…..what does SHE think. ???????

Really Houseguests.... Really

Elissa looked like she wanted to throw her self off the top of that thing when she saw how close she was to tying aaryn. Just didn’t want to see Mc and Amanda win. and Elissa cant play veto this week either and the house is pretty much over her. I think she’s outta here.

No Name

Well, see ya Howard. This house is going to be filled with Amanda drones after he’s gone.


Are these ppl aware that they have the power. U suck up to the hoh all u want. But the voters have the last say. Vote whoever u want out ….. Who cares what the hoh wants. Remember when this game was good


I want to see Shaniqua – I mean Candiace – kiss Aaryn’s ass this week since she kept adding fuel to the supposed forigiven ‘watchagonnadogirl”? comment.
Candiace does do all the gestures and talks like what she was imitated as – not helping her case but I guess it’s ok because she’s half white?
I don’t personally like Aaryn but I’m sick of C’s voice, actions, sucking Howard’s dick, everything – and she is social kryptonite. Damn.

This Season Blows

I don’t particularly like Aaryn but I love that she got HOH. Not only does it add much-needed drama to the game, she basically just shoved Rachelissa’s rig up production’s ass.


You know if “crap-shoots” could be controlled, Elissa would’ve won that s**t… LOL

I can’t believe Spencer knocked McCrae out, almost had a BOOM of a week in there…


I know McCrae and Amanda aren’t mad, they’ll still hog the HOH bed, and of course Amanda will manipulate the votes.


Candice and Spencer on the block… Howard as the possible *scumbagged* I’m sorry “backdoor”, and GM on as the 3rd production nomination, with either Howard or Spencer going home?

Expect the usual.


Arryan won, too bad. I’m seeing her trying to squeeze in the HOH bed…with Amanda and McCrae. I wonder if her letter from home will tell her she lost her modeling contracts, and is called a “mean girl”, but not to worry…mommy has hired a publicist to help her cope when she gets out. Should be an interesting week!


Can we still vote Aaryn for MVP nominee?


no you cant vote for HOH


No Maggie. The HOH can not be the MVP nominee for eviction. So you would have to vote for someone other than Aaryn. Like Amanda or Helen.

The REAL Name

Aaryn just won the HOH. Exactly why they should have voted her out. Helen, Howard, Candice, Spencer, and Elissa are so stupid. Actually, NOT Elissa. She warned those idiots and she warned Kaitlin. They only thing she didn’t do, was take it far enough and expose Judd.


if aaryn does what she wants the nominees will be helen and ellissa if she does what the house wants the nominees will be howard and candice