Big Brother 15 Spoilers Aaryn to Helen “You know we have enough votes to send her home”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots ?


7:00pm Feeds Back Andy, JUDD, GM Amanda

JUDD telling her that Spencer was trying to evict Aaryn up until the end. Andy adds that they kept Spencer out of the loop and he was fighting for Kaitlin the entire time.

7:04pm Helen and Aaryn Storage room
Helen says that Candice has found out about Aaryn’s deal to let Helen decide her nominations.

Helen: ‘We need to get all of us into a room and figure this out.. She is going to flip when Howard goes up”

Helen: ‘Elissa maybe leaked the deal i’m so pissed..”
Aaryn: “She leaks everything”

Helen says that Candice was threatening her telling her she has to protect Howard until jury. Helen cannot protect him anymore. Helen adds that Candice was trying to get her and Elissa to vote Aaryn out. Helen told her no way.

Helen says she needs to get JUDD, JEssie, Andy, McCrae , Amanda and Aaryn into a room and tell them Elissa leaked the deal. Aaryn says they were all wanting to get Elissa out. She mentions how the other day during Elissa’s freak out they told her “We got to get her out she’s ruining our games”
Helen says Elissa is ruining her game and she definitely told Candice about the deal with Aryan
Aaryn says she would like to Nominate Elissa. Helen says she cannot be part of it and will act like she’s mad at aaryn.
Aaryn: “You know we have enough votes to send her home”


Elissa is crying because she thinks she’ll go up. Amanda tells her not to worry Aaryn will honor the deal and put up Howard and a pawn. Elissa points out that she cannot play for POV this week she done for.

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7:12pm Havenots Candice and Howard Candice tells him about the deal Aaryn and Helen had.


7:23pm Chessboard JUDD, Amanda and McCrae Amanda telling them she’s been working on Aaryn for 3 weeks Aaryn will be putting up Howard and Spencer and they will be getting one of them out. She tells them Elissa is crying right now.

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153 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Spoilers Aaryn to Helen “You know we have enough votes to send her home”

  1. When Howard goes up, the veto challenge will be a bench-pressing contest.
    Congratulations Howard, you are the winner, of the golden power of veto.
    Howard rolls off the block, Spencer rolls on.

    1. I don’t think so, I honestly think it will be another boring week, everyone against Howard and Elissa now. Elissa will end up going home cause they will all get sick of her. Why couldn’t spencer win and watch the superfriends scramble? Seriously…tired of the predictable same people safe all the time weeks.

    2. Elissa or Howard will go home, another boring week in the BB house, the same people safe week one, two, three and four will be safe in week five and I will be stuck here, bored as usual watching them sit pretty, well I am not watching them this week until there is a power shift of a flip in the house, this is getting boring now, come on people, come on.

      1. You think this is BORING!!!… You obviously didn’t watch BB Canada. For me this is one of the best seasons of BB so far.

  2. Lets see if America nominates Elissa again so we KNOW whether they voted for her in error thinking they were GIVING her the MVP or if they truly are ready to see her go. Then we’ll also see just how much BB protects Elissa.

    1. I just hope Spencer goes up on the block. I’m sick of his floating back stabbing lying butt. He is going to coast to the end at this rate. When he almost won I felt my blood boil a little. He needs to go.

    2. Well what happens if Aaryn puts Elissa up? Then we won’t know if America put her up until eviction night….will you claim production foul play until we know or keep an open mind until they tell us the votes? *Disclaimer…..I hate production and the way they’ve had their hand in the cookie jar the last several seasons really taking the wind out of the sails of this show so in no way am I sticking up for them just throwing out a question*

  3. I CANT STAND AMANDA CONTROLLING EVERYTHING, UGH!! She should win an HOH on her own and do what she wants then, instead she is controlling the entire game. Now that WE have the MVP vote again and it appears that Elissa wont be getting it again… SEND A MESSAGE and VOTE for AMANDA!!! My 10 votes are in… put her a** up and help get her out of the HOH room, bed, robe… what else, hmmm… ugh — VOTE AMANDA PLEASE!!!

    1. my theory is QUITE DIFFERENT.

      I HATE AMANDA, in the game BUT she is PERFECT for my favorite player McRae. She is now the SHIELD for him to make his move when it gets down into the final 6-8 ppl. He is SOLID for as long as Amanda stays, it HELPS HIM, so in my eyes keep your enemies closer, it’s working!!!!!

    2. I think the fact that she is very controlling makes me like her because she’s the only one actually playing this game right besides Helen. I understand that it could lead to her disadvantage. She just need to controll and lay low for a bit, but i think she’s an awesome player. Plus she’s one of the people that is keeping the show exciting.

    3. UGHH ELISSA NEED TO PLAY A LITTLE SMARTER! Like i understnad she hate aaryn so much and she want her gone, but dont ruin your game buy doing that. you need to suck up to Aaryn this time she’s HOH and you cant play veto and your not MVP your nothing but a lose canon right now. So she need to calm down and make mends with Helen and Aaryn.

    4. Amanda not going anywhere. Go ahead and put her on the block and waste your vote.. Amanda destroyed the Moving company. Saved Elissa from 2 evictions. All the while stayed local.

    5. “I CANT STAND AMANDA CONTROLLING EVERYTHING” ….. in other words she is the best player and that is why you don’t like her.

  4. look at Helen throwing elissa under the bus sucking up to aaryn ugh it digusts me aaryns hoh is gonna go to her head, the racist remarks will be back this week …
    I didn’t want aaryn as hoh but hopefully spencer can go home

    1. Helen is a two-faced bitch. Airhead is still a racist brainless bitch. Elissa should should hold her head high and go for their throat. The name of the game is who has the most skills at revenge and not big brother. This bb is a terrible mess and production should have stepped in long ago. Most of those people have no idea how to play this game, it’s all about revenge. Amanda is nothing but a user and she needs to go as well.

      1. Do you follow the feeds? Aryan had a deal with Helen and Elissa that if she wins HOH she will let them tell her the nominations. Elissa wanted Aryan out so bad but Helen convinced her not too but it seems that Elissa is trying to ruin their plan. Helen protected Elissa from the start when no one else wouldd. I do not think she will bandon her. Watch because Helen will speak to Elissa to mend things with Aryan. No name calling please they are just playing. a game.

        1. Are we sure Elissa told Candice about the deal? Or is this Helen jumping to conclusions and Aaryn seeing an open spot to target Elissa by fuelling Helen’s indignation. Elissa might be getting set up. Watch the fire ignite down the line. From what we have seen this past week anyone other than Elissa could have informed Candice…including Howard or Spencer.
          Howard may be here another week.

          1. Helen knows Jessie told Candice about the deal with Aaryn. Helen is telling Candice not to discuss any of their conversation with anyone, especially Elissa and Howard. Candice is not buying Helen’s line…but Candice has now voice with anyone other than those two.

        1. They maybe dumb, but they are playing the game the right way. No other season has played this far into a season the correct way that I know. Big Brother is a chess game, that’s why the only game allowed in the house is a chess game. If you play Big Brother like a chess game, you take out the most powerful pieces and people first. So far that’s what they have done, even with all the caddy girl fighting, they have stayed on track voting out the power people. If they stay on track Howard goes home. Aaryn wants Elissa to go, but Amanda and Helen want Howard to go, and they are playing the best social games, and will control how the vote goes. If Howard is on the block he only has two votes to keep him, Candice and Spencer if they are not on the block with him. The MVP and the POV could change everything thou.

  5. i want howard to stay :( just if Arryn doesnt put him up why does every1 listen to Amanda they should get her out

  6. Oh how MUCH I despise Helen, she always acts all high and mighty and entitled. I wish she would get put up by America and then voted out. I am so pissed because we never see the real Helen on the show and I can bet my house on it that we won’t see any of this unless it leads to a big blow up. Helen the snake needs to go ASAP!!!

    1. I wonder how Miss High & Mighty Helen will feel when she gets out of the house and finds out it was Jessie who told Candice, not Elissa. However, Elissa is a loose cannon and her act is getting a little old.

      1. By the time Helen discovers this (if she does), it won’t matter to her or others. The damage to Elissa will be done.

    2. Why is this hate towards Helen she is just playing the game and doing darn good at it.. Everytime I read your feeds you are always attacking her. Why do you even use her name as you commentary name when you hate her much. I think your comments are personal and you are not judging these players fairly especially Helen.

      1. The problem with Helen is her need to feel upset with people who lie to her and yet she goes around the house doing the exact same thing. She really is two-faced hypocrite!!!

      2. I can’t speak for some of the other guests on this site, but Helen distresses me because she has influence with some, and she believes that she is always right. She believes her own spin.

      3. Helens a RACIST who supports Arryns Racism you complete IDIOT! Mabe the stupidest guest ever in 15 seasons on BB MORON! It’s simple Helen is a pathological liar who says she doesn’t lie. She has no morals or values… Actions speak louder than words! You won’t even put your name on your comments you gutless racist coward! Helens friend can bite Americas A$$! Your a immoral PIG get it!

        This week we shall see a new low in BB. A RACIST white blonde haired blue eyed member of the arian race targeting a black man. Lets bring back “jim crow laws, no black vote and bed sheets”. Grodner is sure to throw a “Toga Party” this week and hang a noose from a tree to celebrate the ratings!!

        Every year there are events that leave all of us unsettled at some point. I for 1 know the bargain that the game is manipulated but here we have the worst being condoned by AG and CBS. She should have been removed when her comments were made. Now no matter what America decides the RACIST and Helen the DOUCEBAG racist will get everything they want. I wonder when Arryn turns to anti Semitism if Amanda will enjoy that piece of trash as much?

        PS if I was involved in politics I wouldn’t have Helen the racist anywhere near my office/election campaign. You lay down with dogs you get flees!

        At the moment BB has no redeeming entertainment value. It’s pure ugly IMHO!

        1. Whoa, Stan… calm down a bit. Helen’s just playing the game, and that means having to deal with idiot racists, bigot, antisemites and misogynists like Aaryn and Spencer. This doesn’t make her racist — she clearly is NOT. She’s made it quite clear that Aaryn’s a goat she’ll ride to the finals.

          I’m not saying that’s at all admirable, just politically expedient. If you’re going to be angry at Helen, then you have to be angry at ALL of these people, who somehow are all remaining friendly with each other, despite the horrible things some of them says.

          I mean, the very fact that Howard and Candice are willing to align with Spencer puts them in exactly the same position as Helen — they’re making a deal with the devil in order to get themselves further in the game. Hell, even Howard has been playing Aaryn, helping her work out and all.

          The only one who seems to be making any kind of a stand is Elissa (as much as I hate to say it). And at least Amanda spoke up about the racism too.

    1. Postpone your hate. Wait a couple more weeks. Amanda not going anywhere – even if she’s put up(so go ahead and waster your vote)….Amanda broke up the Moving Company. YOUR – Moving Company and tore up your Shirtless-Jeremy Forever poster….SORRY….NOT THIS WEEK….Howard, Elissa and Spencer – time is up!

  7. America, even if we vote to put Amanda on the block, the HG’s are so stupid they would keep her even when she is the most dangerous. This season is done for me. I see Aaryn winning this whole things. If you don’t fight a cancer, IT WILL KILL YOU!!!

  8. If they were ever going to put Elissa put up, this is the PERFECT time, if they wanted to get her out since she can’t play POV.

    After what she did , she deserves to go.

    1. After what she did or what she was accused of doing? At least Elissa is not a minion of filthy Amanda or racist Aaryn. She doesn’t have her nose up someone’s backside like Andy. I’m not saying that Elissa doesn’t have her flaws, but she gets blamed for everything that goes on in the house. She is their little scapegoat for EVERYTHING. They bi*ch at her for speaking her mind or asking questions and say she is not loyal to the alliance, and then they turn on her and blame every little damn thing on her. Personally, I wish she would just screw over the lot of them, call a house meeting, blow the lid on all the dirty little secrets and push the little red button by the front door and walk out with her head held high. There is absolutely NO ONE on this season’s show that is worth the time of day. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      1. Elissa does get blamed for everything when Howard’s name is not in the picture. I really don’t like any of the players this season but at least Howard was honest about playing the game and came clean about what was going on. That is more than I can say for the rest of these losers playing the game.

  9. Well, well, well…. This week ought to be interesting….Aryan in power and unstable mable (elissa) just fresh from causing so much drama in the house with Aryan and getting caught doing it! I don’t believe I’ll be voting to help Elissa in any way this week, she will be who I vote to evict! Hopefully that nut bag hits the door on eviction night next week!
    I am glad to see sharpie eyebrows gone though:)

  10. that back stabbing SOB of a skank .. Nice way to have anyones back HELEN .. I hope this all back fires on the dog and she ends up going home .. if anyone cant keep her BIG mouth shut its that winch. … you can tell she works with politics nothing but LIES .. I am so disappointed in her ..

  11. Simon/Dawg, I know you aren’t there yet but, did you catch Amanda talking to Aaryn at the Chess board and saying how Elissa is flipping to the minority side and added “literally”? Wow, just wow, she is getting as bad as Aaryn with this stuff.

    1. I just seen that… AMANDA is DISGUSTING… what excuse does she have for her making derogatory comments?!?! VOTE AMANDA as the 3rd nominee AMERICA!!! The house will see an opportunity and hopefully evict her lame, other peoples HOH robe wearing, bed sleeping, nasty vulgar self, ugh!!!

  12. This was my worst case scenario, not only do I not like Aaryn but now as HOH she’s safe from eviction and it’s another week of Amanda and McCrae running everything. Over/under on how much time it takes for them to start using the HOH bed again?

    1. Actually the ratings could be the highest they have been since she basically brought the ratings. But I think she is done with the racial stuff for now.

    2. LOL

      You do know that controversy is what often stirs ratings, right?

      I’ve been saying for weeks, production wanted Aaryn to survive until jury, the fact that she won that ridiculously random HOH was just icing as far as they are concerned.

      Elissa gets to go home to her family this week, and Grodner has a drama queen to stuff in the jury house, making for more controversial footage and heated confrontations all summer long.

  13. Elissa is easy pickens at this point.

    They have to target Howard and send him home. Just gotta keep him from winning veto.

    Hopefully Aaryn doesn’t play with her emotions and try to target Elissa. Let America put her up.

    Aaryn needs to nominate Howard and Candice, with the hopes of sending Howard home

    1. I agree! Although I would want her to out up Candice and Spencer, with the potential to back door Howard.

  14. I’m tired of the dumbass Brenchel army thinking Elissa went up as an accident. Uhm, no, Brenchel has FAR more haters than fans. As Andy would say, for every Brenchel fan, there are 2-3 haters. Elissa’s going up this week, whether it be by Aaryn or America.

    Vote VaGinaMarie/Elissa/ vile Spencer for MVP nom!

  15. I love it how you put everything up on here so fast :D I’m like a freak follower of your website :D hehehehe…constantly checking to see if you have any updates…lol!

  16. There is really is no words to describe Aaryn winning HOH. I just know that if Candice and Howard goes based on Aaryn’s doing………

  17. Can we call a spade a spade yet? Aaryn may be a racist b**** and have the womanly grace of a Mack truck but she is playing a hell of a game.

    1. She’s won one solo competition, and was HOHINO when Jeremy basically ran her first HOH. Almost everyone hates her. She’s being kept in the house becuase she is the biggest target left and since there are no murders or child rapists in the house (the only two people who could lose in a final two with Aaryn). She has calmed down a lot with the bigotry and that helps her, but the big difference is that we are getting to know (and Hate) other houseguests. Tonights HOH comp was basically a game of chance (BB Casino!) and didn’t demonstrate any skill. GinaMarie, Andy, Spencer, Howard, Amanda, Jessie are all still in the house too, they’ve done only slightly less than Aaryn (outside of alienating minority game players and people with a conscience) and you’d never say its surprising any of them have lasted THIS far (week four).

  18. Okay, this is the PERFECT week for Amanda to go up as MVP Nominee. If she goes up, the house will go CRAZY! Please make it happen, Americans.

    1. COOPER, even if America votes Amanda as the third, the house hasn’t figured out how devious she is yet and will just keep her. Vote Elissa as the third. She’s already on the fence with a lot of the HG’s so we should help them try to get rid of her. Give Amanda more time to hang herself. This whole Americas vote thing gives us a chance to be strategic and we have more insight on what is going on inside the house. It would be a waste to put Amanda up right now.

      1. Well said, Misred.

        Even if Amanda gets put up, who is honestly going to vote her out? Howard, maybe? Spencer? It won’t happen.

        Elissa, however:
        Howard, Spencer, Gina Marie would for sure vote her out.

        Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Judd, and Jessie would consider it at this point. Of those six, ZERO votes are necessary to evict Elissa. ZERO. Since there are only eight total votes to cast, the vote could be split 3-3-2, leaving Aaryn to cast the tie-breaking vote…gee…I wonder if she’d vote Elissa. ;)

        The most likely scenario, however, is at least one of those six agrees to vote Elissa out, causing a chain reaction resulting in a rather large majority vote to evict Elissa. If not, the one defector would set up a likely 4-4 scenario, which again results in Aaryn sending Elissa home.

      2. As annoyed as the Hg’s are at Elissa, if Howard and Spencer are on the block she isn’t going anywhere. Please don’t waste your votes on Helen (America’s trophywife) or GM (need I say more). VOTE AMANDA

  19. It would be amazing to see Helen’s picture float to the front of the screen at the MVP nomination. I think she and McManda need to feel the heat a bit.

  20. dont u think bb wants elissa and aaryon to come together and kick ass,thats what i think there trying to create,a jordan and rachel part 2,itll be epic,

  21. Well, we wanted drama, I think we are going to have drama!

    Helen is a witch! She is so sensitive about people being loyal to her but she turns around and breaks alliances.

    Amanda will be pissed when she finds out Aaryn isn’t bowing down to her requests.

  22. I love seeing the Brenchel Army melt down. LOL! Classic! Maybe your messiah should have learned how to play the game instead of being a catty bitch with no social graces, loyalty, or gratefulness.

  23. this is too much! aaryn as hoh…again? even if she doesn’t honor the deal with helen to put up howie and spence, that means elissa would likely go up, because aaryn plays emotionally. with no pov, elissa’ll be ripe pickin’s – she has every reason to be in tears.

  24. How can you NOT an Aaryn as HoH??? She is the only one that would have possibly put up Howard and Amanda with Helen being voted up with MVP.
    Am I really the only one that wans to see the 3 powers in the house fight it out?

  25. Interesting. I keep hearing/reading people say they are voting for Amanda for their MVP vote. I just want to say….THE AFTERMATH WOULD BE BB EPIC.

  26. I wonder how far up Aaryn’s butt Elissa is gonna crawl ? ? ? LOL I want that ugly B&%@# GONE…….HOME ! ! ! ! !

    1. LOL…. Rachelissa’s suddenly gonna be Aaryn’s new best friend, probably. She’s so clueless that she probably thinks Aaryn’s forgotten about her meltdown already – which, by the way, another golden edit for Rachelissa there. SHE was clearly in the wrong, but production found a way to make it look like it was Aaryn causing all the drama. It’s pretty pathetic at this point how hard production is trying to make Aaryn the lone scapegoat for the horrible job they did of putting together this cast of racist, ignorant losers.

      1. I doubt Elissa even speaks to Aaryn.. she didn’t last time. She just let everyonr else work to save her ass. I don’t think those same people will work so hard for her this time.

  27. aaryn needs to nominate a bigger threat elissa isnt that big of a threat she has only won one thing and that was the veto and she doesnt have the mvp anymore aaryn should put up someone like howard or mccrea and aaryn and elissa should make a deal because no one in the house would suspect them working together and to get out a player like howard mccrea but thats just my opinnion she will probably put up elissa since she cant play in the pov hopefully she doesnt put elissa

  28. I would say I hope Helen is put up by America but nobody gets to really see how much she sucks so I hope Spencer goes home!

  29. For those of you that think you wont vote for Elissa to be the third nomination because Aaryn will already put her up for nomination, remember, this IS big brother and things change drastically in this house. Make sure you vote to nominate Elissa because with the bad reputation Aaryn feels she has unfairly received, she might get a case of the flip flops on nominating Elissa because of the deal she made with Helen and Elissa about promising to keep them and just nominate who they tell her to if they just vote to keep her this time. She has been watching her mouth and seems a little on the paranoid side over how she’s “being portrayed” on TV. There is a high possibility she will decide to honor that deal to make herself look good. So, vote to put Elissa up as the third nomination just in case and to be on the safe side! TIME FOR UNSTABLE MABEL(Elissa) TO GO HOME! If we all vote for her, at least she will FOR SURE be up on the block!

    1. Voted for Ellisa – I am in it for the entertainment and the look on E’s face after she thought she was safe would be epic.

  30. arrayn has to put up elissa and amanda/mcrea only chance she has , she cant give her noms away , there just goin to put her up next week anyway mine as well put people up that have been targeting her

  31. Are you surprised at how she acts. She is all nice to your face and tells you what you want to hear, sneaky behind your back and only out for what she wants.

  32. My guess is Arryan puts up Howard And Elissa. America Votes Amanda. And the house goes nuts over who to get out.

  33. This “Howard” obsession is going to spell Demanda’s demise. You have the perfect chance of getting Elissa arguably the biggest threat to win the 500k in this game out, and you’re going to waste it on someone that probably won’t win a competition?

  34. This “Howard Obsession” is going to spell Demanda’s demise. You have the perfect chance of getting Elissa arguably the biggest threat to win the 500k in this game out, and you’re going to waste it on someone that probably won’t win a competition?

  35. Listen, so far as loyalty… all of them had none for Elissa. Helen is saying that she tried to protect but let’s thing about WHY they wanted to protect her… for the MVP. Now they know she doesn’t get it anymore and she is useless to them now so they will 86 her. Talk about loyalty.. there’s a difference between being loyal and using someone for your own benefit. Helen… you suck.

  36. If aaryn was smart she would go back on her word and nominate who she wants out. They are only going to get rid of her next week.

  37. its funny everyone thought the leader of the mean girls could not win HOH and she does, and she will do all she can to get elissa out of the house ( not that i care) but these morons are playing with their ego’s not their heads, can al of them go on the block and be voted out? end the game early….

  38. Helen wants to be down with the “it” crew so badly that she’s throwing Candice & Elissa under the bus, the two people that were genuinely there for her the most when she was on the block.

  39. WTF
    So is Helen like not working with Elissa anymore??? she doesn’t care about her anymore? i thought Elissa was her friend
    i know she has to play her own game, but come on stop pretending to be a friend when u are gonna betray them!!!!!

  40. I am voting for Spencer and Helen as 3rd noms.
    Can’t stand Spencer he just a nasty pig.
    Helen is running this game more then Amanda and she gotta go

  41. The Superfriends need to feel some heat. Helen and Amanda think they run the house. I would love to see them turn on each other. Plus get rid of the floaters like Boring Jessie and dorky Andy.

  42. I must admit Helen isn’t playing a personal game they had a chance to get Aaryn out twice and didn’t Helen see’s that Elissa is becoming a problem for her game so she is trying to distance herself from it. Helen is a tricky player.

  43. Wooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo Aaryn won HOH yay:))) Hey Simon do you like Aaryn as HOH or no and is she your favorite? She is my favorite:)) Put up Judd and Andy and for 3rd nominee Amanda:)) Which I highly don’t think she isn’t going to do that hopefully though:)) Im proud of ya Aaryn good job honey:)

  44. this whole season is way to predictable. you can nearly call the next 5 HG leaving. spencer, elissa, howard, aaryn, candice.

    this week will be boring, because amanda has the votes to do what she wants. so howard and spencer will go up. who doesnt win POV is gone. and the funny thing is, that aaryn really has no other option. she has to follow amanda.

  45. Helen! What did you do to your best friend in the house (at least that’s what you told her)? Why did Helen lie to everyone about who leaked Aaryns’ deal – blaming Elissa? Was Jessie the person who really leaked the info and Helen blamed it on Elissa? What’s Helen’s reasoning????

  46. I hate amanda Zuckerman more than I hated Colton onSurvivor. Put her up and let the veto comp be….LET’S BEAT UP THE GROTESQUE EVIL BITCH.

  47. All 10 votes to Howard. Come on get Howard and Spencer then watch all of the flip flops every 10 minutes in that house. Paronia and back stabbing will be every time someone walks away. No one in the house will sleep. They will be making secret secret alliances. That would be fun to watch

  48. Ok we know Elissa will get a lot of votes to go up. We know that she is putting up Howard & Candace or Howard and Spencer. So to really shake up the house and get a ton of drama, we need to play strategically too. America, we need to take our own advice and stop playing personal. Yea, Yea, you hate Elissa, You hate her sister Rachel (not in the game, i might add) But Elissa is Not the most dangerous and everyone pins everything on Howard. It would be the best strategic move if we vote Amanda up on the block. Second, I would say Helen. This will stir the most paranoia and the most drama and cause the house to flip several times by next Thursday. Also, if you have more than one email address, which most of us do, then you have more then 10 votes. I myself had 50! I’ll let you guess who i gave them too.

    1. Hey, look everyone, someone bending the rules of the game who doesn’t want us to take out Elissa.


      1. Bending Rules, Ok. Whatever, I could care less about Elissa. I never voted for her. I never voted for the MVP at all. I just think it’s dumb to want her out for what? How is she a threat? What does it accomplish? And if people believe that BB15 is truly rigged for her , then those votes don’t matter anyway, right. Im saying play smart. You really are the bright one. You assumed that I am a Elissa fan because i said it didn’t make since to vote for her. You shouldn’t assume. You do know what happens when you assume, right?

    2. As a representative from America, I say BS. None of the players in the game affect OUR game…we aren’t in one. BB is ONLY personal to us. We want who we like to win and who we don’t like to leave. Ultimately it isn’t our decision. Your comments prove you have a personal bias. Who is Amanda more dangerous than? Who would getting her out help? What if I want Amanda to win? Putting her on the block wouldn’t help her at all. The problem with BB and the Reilly’s is not the average fan who is tired of twists that help the Reilly’s, it is you, the rabid, reflexive Reilly fan who does the damage to fair play in the BB house.

  49. …. and then Mr doofus comes in the room.

    I just thought to myself what an utterly pathetic game Spencer has played up to this point. If Mr doofus Spencer goes on to win this game then I will eat my PC.

    I thought Adam was bad, Spencer I swear is worse.

  50. JMO but going after Elissa seems like a waste of an hoh really. And this could so backfire on Helen, especially if Amanda doesn’t see Howard on the block. I really think that Helen is going to become too dangerous if she plays this too hard, especially if Jessie is telling Candice about her deal with Aaryn. And honestly? Elissa has burned almost as many bridges as Aaryn herself – why waste an hoh on someone who probably isn’t going to win?

    Really I’d love to see Aaryn go rogue and turn on Helen. And I think she could pull it off too – the rest of the house could absolutely be convinced to do it. Especially if Amanda realizes how powerful Helen has become and she keeps pressing her own agenda.

  51. So glad Aaryn’s back in the game! She’s a ae, a little ignorant, but not racist. So now that you’re HoH, Aaryn, whatcha gon do guuurl? Hmm? Whatcha gon do? If she doesn’t put Howard up this week and they don’t vote him out, he might never leave.

    This week will be the best week yet, no matter who goes home. It’ll be the first week I wish I could watch the feeds. I don’t get to see/hear much hanging out on the memory wall and in that dark and lonely Veto Box:/

  52. There targeting Elissa, that’s boring, I’d rather them target someone hat’ll make it a bit more interesting and who is a larger threat. Put up Amanda or Howard, I mean they are actually playing the game. Elissa is harmless, and frankly not a great game player, even if she is far from the worse. I still Amanda is going to push for Howard to leave this week.

  53. “Amanda telling them she’s been working on Aaryn for 3 weeks Aaryn will be putting up Howard and Spencer and they will be getting one of them out.”

    I say America should nominate Amanda. She desperately needs an attitude adjustment — convalescing in bed, slouching around, bossy and the raunchy make out sessions are embarrassing. Either get a room OR play the game. If she were put on the block, she may finally realize she can’t win BB if she’s in bed straddling McRae.

  54. Now we’ll see who has Aaryn’s ear, GM, who is inclined to keep H&S safe, or the Super friends, who want them out. For the sake of drama, I hope it is the latter.

  55. Well, since it’s pretty much pre-determined who will win BB15 (Amanda), it looks like it’s time to move on to BBAU this weekend.

  56. Howard and Spencer most recent mistake is pretty much their endgame now. When making their last attempt at an alliance, they should have included all 3 mean girls on the block not just Kaitlin and Ginamarie. Tell them that we aren’t in control of the votes but whichever two that are coming off the block we want 2 work with you til the end. But only picking Kaitlin and Ginamarie (automatically assuming Aaryn would be gone no matter what) it opened the door for Aaryn (out of the plan) to stay once word got out of the plan. Now Kaitlin’s (a potential partner) gone and Aaryn being used by the Superfriends.
    Everybody talk. They should have known that. Moving Company lasted no time before word got out. Same Mistakes. Its like these people never watched Big Brother.
    Everybody in there is trying to win the money. Nobody cares about getting rid of somebody that another person don’t like or is offended by because of things said in the house if it benefits their game to keep them there. These people didn’t know each other prior to entering the house. Some of these people are acting like the other should do the decent thing or the friendly thing by them (Like Candice with the Aaryn should be voted out because of her racial slurs comments).
    Well, the next 3 weeks will be boring Howard, Candice and Spencer (not in that order) all will be leaving. The key to this season will be which side will Judd, Jessie and Andy take Helen or Amanda /McCrae?

    1. I agree in part. They voted 9-0 to evict Kaitlyn. They should have as much right to Aaryn as everyone. In fact, can you imagine the conversation: GM, K, A, we are going to evict one of you, but whoever’s left, we want to be in an alliance. All three of them would have had that to play to the other side of the house, which would have shifted the power. The real mistake was doing it too early. They should have made the move after they knew who was still in the house.

    1. ueah they work on the IOS stuff. I would be cautious running it off a cell data plan as I think they can be pretty bandwidth intensive.

  57. Elissa is playing the worst game!!! Helen is correct is cutting her now. Aaron is a caddy bitch but people are far to critical of her. Aaryn is no different than the rest of Our sad human race. We all may want to claim to be better than her and her actions but the reality is in today’s day and age we are all the same putting ourselves before others and believing our own views, on race, religion, politics, and morals are correct.

  58. Im now rooting for Candace to in. For her to tell Helen that she would rather Howard go than Elissa because Elissa was loyal to her in the beginning shows what a true friend she is and Helen is nothing but a traitor

    1. To Candices credit, as a friend, she chose Elissa over Howard when Helen asked her. Helen was not to happy with the response and Candice noted it. Candice is getting Helen’s number on this and will pass on her mistrust to someone. Helen, unwittingly, revealed that Andy was involved in the deal.

    2. Aaryn and Jessie are going to blindside them all. Aaryn has been Amanda’s understudy for a couple of weeks now and I think she is a quick study. Jessie is slyer than a fox. These two are going to rock it in a few weeks.

  59. Helen wants to see Elissa go because she wants to make power moves and is scared Elissa will bring her down that’s y she lied it was Elissa who told Candace and I think she secretly wants to keep Howard and spencer over Elissa to help her get out Amanda next week so she gets no blood on her hands

  60. VOTE FOR AMANDA! I am tired of her thinking she is safe very week and trying to control the nominees! It’s not your HOH! Getting rid of Howard may be ur best game move but not Arryns! Stop thinking you big an bad and worry about your self! do your own dirty work. Put you 10 votes for her now!

  61. I think Aryan can flip the house if she so chooses. She is tie-breaker on 4-4 vote. This assumes GM votes with Howie/Spencer/Candice and 3 of friendship 7 are on block.

  62. I know Aryan will vote entirely off of emotions so expect probably Elissa and Candice to go up, if helen bothers her she might throw her up to make her long nail or some rice

    I put my 50 votes in for amanda, can’t stand that filthy jew

  63. Put a fork in Amanda. The game will more interesting without here. The rest of the house will have to start playing the game. Right now its Amanda’s game. BORING!!

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