Spencer says I will submissive to them for now but if I get HOH I am going to DROP A BOMB!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin,
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer

(FYI – The live feed time stamp is messed up again and behind by 21 minutes.)

CBS Interactive Inc.

11:38am – 12:55pm The live feeds switch to TRIVIA while the House Guests are on an HOH lock down. When the feeds return, Judd, Helen and Elissa are in the kitchen. Judd and Elissa talk about it being a no floater season. Elissa brings up how Porsche Briggs got in trouble for putting ex-lax in the slop. Elissa thought it was to help her go to the bathroom but Judd thought it was to mess with people. Judd heads to the havenot room and dumps his dirty laundry in the corner of the room. Andy jokes that Judd when from the HOH to the havenot room. He says that it is so nice of him to give up a bed tonight to sleep in the havenot room. Judd laughs and leaves. Andy and Spencer talk. Spencer tells Andy that he really hopes he wins HOH tonight. Andy agrees and says he really wants a letter from his family.

1pm – 1:25pm Judd comes back and tells Spencer that he thinks it really a good idea not to tell Kaitlin she is going. Spencer and Judd joke about telling Gina she is staying at 5:40pm right before. Judd leaves and Spencer tells Howard that he thinks Judd is the mole. Spencer says I think we need to kiss Amanda/ McCrae and Helen/Elissa a$$. We need to act like their lap dogs. Howard says I think the same thing. Howard asks who do you think Amanda and McCrae want out. Spencer says they want the girls out. Spencer then tells Howard that he is making Amanda and McCrae nervous. They say that you don’t talk to them about game and they don’t talk to you about game. Spencer tells Howard to talk to them and tell them you will be a loyal number for them. Spencer tells Howard to tell Amanda and McCrae that you can control Candice. Howard says that Candice is her own woman. Spencer says I hate Amanda’s fu*king guts. Spencer talks about his conversation that he had with Amanda and McCrae. Judd comes back in for a second and tells them he asked in the diary room that we can’t tell someone they are going home. It’s against the rules. Judd leaves. Howard and Spencer continue to talk. Howard says that he will go and tell Amanda/McCrae that we are willing to all 5 work together. Spencer says us and Candice. Spencer says that this works well because people think we have beef with them so others won’t suspect it. Spencer says Howard can do what he wants. He says later in the game it will probably be easier to work with Helen and Elissa. Spencer says I am just going to lay low and work with them .. if I get HOH them I am going to drop a bomb. But for now we need to join them before we have the numbers to beat them. Spencer tells Howard I want you to be here, and I want to work with you till the end. Spencer says I would like to see how Helen is voting. Howard says he thinks she is voting out Kaitlin. Spencer says I don’t like word submissive but it more like rope a dope. Spencer says when the time comes I will put them up and cut their heads off. But if we start making waves now we will be at home watching because no one trusts us after the moving company sh*t. Spencer says tell them everything they want to hear that you will work with them, do what they want and be a vote for them at the end. Just tell them that you have Candice under control. They will feel better if you tell them that. Spencer says I am going to stay in Andy’s back pocket so that he will fight to keep me here. Spencer says that Amanda is a power freak that wants people to be submissive to her, so until it gets down to the 9 I will be that way until we can go after them. Howard tells Spencer he appreciate him talking to him. Spencer says we just need to play the way it is not the way we want it to be. Spencer says since we think Judd is the mole we can’t tell him who we want out. We can only tell him stuff that we want to get back to Amanda and McCrae like that we want to work with them, which will strengthen our bond with them. Spencer lays down to take a nap. Howard starts reading the bible out loud.


1:25pm -1:35pm Amanda says who wants to play a game I used to play in high school. “Punch the gay boy!” Amanda then chases Andy through living room punching him. In the kitchen the house guests are talking about random things and eating. Elissa comes through with Ginamarie’s hair extensions in and pretends to be her.



1:35pm Judd talks to Candice about how he feels really bad about not being able to tell Kaitlin that she is going home. He says if it was someone I didn’t like it wouldn’t matter but we’re friends. Judd says it’s all part of the game though I guess. Judd asks Candice to wake him up if he isn’t up by 3pm.


2pm – 2In the bathroom – Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Jessie are talking and getting ready. McCrae is in the bathroom asking them if he should keep his moustache. Amanda says hell no, shave it all off. I don’t want them asking you about our relationship with you having a moustache. Jessie / Andy put cotton balls in Andy ears and nose. Andy heads into the kitchen and Candice asks him if he is bleeding from every orifice. He says you said not to pick my nose. Aaryn tells McCrae he looks like someone who wants to take a moustache ride. McCrae asks who wants to do some p*rnos! Andy says wait what is a moustache ride?



2:15pm Amanda keep hounding McCrae to shave off his moustache. Andy tells her to leave him alone he is his own person. McCrae heads to the bathroom and shaves it off.

2:30pm – 2:35pm In the lounge – Helen tells Howard that everyone is voting out Kaitlin. She says that it is better she goes because they can always get Aaryn out next week. Helen tells Howard that Kaitlin is a better competitor and needs to go. Helen tells Howard that she found out that Kaitlin told Aaryn she was going to use the veto anyways and just manipulated me to get whatever she could out of me. I originally felt bad for her having to use it and we actually almost kept Jeremy because of it but I am so glad we didn’t. Helen says that she feels used! Helen says we have to get Kaitlin out her here. Helen says that Kaitlin also has told people that she is coming after me and you. Howard says WOW! He tells her that he appreciates her telling him that and they leave the room.


2:50pm Kaitlin asks Andy if he can you help her with her speech. Andy says start by thanking your friends and family for their love and support. Big Brother changes the camera to a different room. In the next bedroom – Helen comments to McCrae and Elissa that Kaitlin is trying to talk to me and I keep trying to avoid her. Helen leaves the room. Elissa asks McCrae I wonder if my husband is proud of me. McCrae says of course he is, especially for you putting yourself out there. Elissa says that Rachel had a great job as a chemist before and coming in here it ruined her life for a year. McCrae talks about watching what he says because he doesn’t want to get out and people hate him. Elissa talks about Rachel and how shes a nice person. McCrae says that he liked Rachel on her seasons and was glad that she got redemption on her second season.


3pm – 3:20pm In the lounge room – Helen tells Kaitlin that people have told me that you are coming after me. She says that I was told that Jeremy told you to come after me. Helen says that I’ve heard that you were going to use the veto any ways and that you were just going to use me for everything you could get. Kaitlin says I never said any of that! Helen says that also there was the rumour that you were in an alliance with Howard/Spencer/Gina/Judd. Helen says I assume that everyone is voting out Aaryn because that is what they have told me. Kaitlin says that Howard doesn’t even want to vote for me to stay because he doesn’t want people to think the alliance it true. Kaitlin says that is exactly what Amanda wanted to happen. Helen says that Andy, Elissa and I are on the same page about getting Aaryn out and we could all go down in flames for keeping you. Kaitlin asks if Amanda was the one that Helen heard this information from. Helen says it came from 2 people one was from your side and no the other wasn’t from Amanda. Kaitlin asks if it was Aaryn. Helen says she won’t say. Kaitlin says that Amanda threatened me and told me if I didn’t use the veto I was going home. Helen says that someone also told me they heard you in the bathroom telling someone that you were coming after me. Helen says they had no advantage to telling me that. Kaitlin says whether you are working with Amanda and McCrae or not, You, Elissa, Amanda & McCrae are the most powerful people in the house. Kaitlin says if I stay and I find out who voted against me I am coming after them. Helen says that Spencer’s response to the fake alliance was why would I make an alliance with people on the block. Helen says that tipped me off because he has no one else to make an alliance with and if he knows Aaryn is going home of course he would make an alliance with you and Gina.


3:20pm The live feeds switch to TRIVIA…


4:23pm Cockpit Helen and Spencer

Spencer says he wants to vote with the house. Are you f**** with him. Helen swears she’s not the house is voting out Kaitlin. Helen says she tried to protect Kaitlin and so did Elissa. She says it’s someone else that really wants Kaitlin out. Helen points out that her and Elissa are not as powerful as everyone thinks. Spencer is just worried he’s going to get screwed in the end and vote against the house. Helen: ‘I am voting Kaitlin out.. It pains me.. If the house votes out Aaryn we are both screwed” Helen tells Spencer she really likes him and he and Andy will be her guy friends in the house. Helen again says she fought hard to keep Kaitlin but couldn’t pull it off. There was only so much she can do. Helen pointed out all the blood on her hands from the past few weeks she needs to lay low and can’t push things.

Helen says the plan after this week is to get Aaryn and GinaMarie out. She warns Spencer that the showmances are going to start becoming a target. Mentions Howard and Candice but leaves out McCrae and Amanda. Spencer brings up there are bigger showmance couples in the house.

Helen says she’s not planning an plotting against him. Spencer says she has his loyalty and allegiance.

(They are both lying through their teeth)

5:04pm Andy joins them Andy says that Kaitlin is getting scumbagded tonight He shrugs. Helen says her and Andy tired so hard to keep Kaitlin in the house but couldn’t do it.
Spencer: “Andy I love you dude”
Andy: “Thank you”
(Feeds switch)
5:08pm Bedroom Howard and Aaryn
Howard tells her he’s got a feeling she’s staying. If she comes out of this on the good end he wants her to remember what him and Spencer said to her. (The deal to work together)

5:13pm JUDD, Andy and Helen Cockpit
She tells them Spencer was worried that the vote was going to flip against him. Helen says she told Spencer that the three of them have his back. Helen just told him this because she didn’t want him to come after her and Andy if he wins HOH

Spencer walks in “Hey are the clippers in there” ..


5:42pm Storage room Elissa and Helen
Helen is saying that Candice is working with Aaryn she also think that Aaryn has a deal Amanda. Helen says that the house knows about the deal to get Aaryn to throw the HOH she thinks it was Amanda. Helen mentions that it was obvious Candice is working with Aaryn because she didn’t fight hard to keep Kaitlin over her.
Elissa: “Why can’t we vote her out today”
Helen: “We can’t”
Helen: ‘I’m so mad i’ll put Amanda and Aaryn up on the black together”

Helen doesn’t want to go against McCrea so early. She’s thinking they should keep Howard and Spencer a bit longer because they will go after Amanda and McCrea for them.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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It’s suck for Judd that Kaitlin is going home, but it’s a part of game. Beside, Kaitlin is bigger threat and great competitor but she is really has to go. So long Kaitlin, good luck with Jeremy.


EGOS are the problem this year and maybe every year.

THINK ABOUT IT: Howard, Spencer, Amanda, McRae power alliance, it would just kill everyone else in the house, they would NEVER SEE IT COMING. The only thing is, I do believe Aaryn is much better at competitions than ppl think so having her could be useful for them to do the dirty work.


Aaron is not working with Spencer or Howard. She will be on the block again. She will be evicted next week.


This week was a snoozefest! I hope whoever wins HOH brings some drama to the game with their nominations and not something obvious like Elissa or GM on the block ’cause that’s just too predictable. Spencer, Amanda, Howard and McCrae all need to know what it’s like to be on the block and actually fight for safety and not control, bully or float through the game.


That would be snoozefest too. We want less drama and more competition. Aaryn will be on the block again.


Are you actually watching BB this season? Your 1st post suggested Kaitlyn was a strong competitor. ROFL the truth is with the MVP comps barely matter at this point. It’s numbers and the MVP. The game is nothing like the 1st 14 seasons of BB.

If you want to lose a lot of money in 7 days bet your friends Arryn gets evicted next. Because that is not going to happen. Howards next out the door unless he is HOH or POV winner. You can take that to the bank. Next Arryn is way to valuable to Hellen the Racist to be going plus Amanda the Racist also wants her around. The fact is at this point in the BB season it’s very clear if Helen or Amanda want someone gone they go on Thursday baring POV win or HOH. You really have to start watching the show!!

we all want Amanda nominated so she goes apesh!t

that’d be great!

Aaryn's raspy whisper

im staying in this game bitches!


well, it looks like kaitlin is going home. i like judd, but still trying to figure out if his hoh was a flop, a success, or something in the middle. i guess he did ok except for his mouth getting him in a little trouble, but this house cannot keep a secret, no one.

once again, this week will all depend on the hoh – can’t wait!


Overwhelming flop in my opinion.

He started with a strong alliance, then formed a secondary safety alliance…and in a matter of days ratted out one member (Kaitlin) who did not remotely threaten him and sealed her fate, then ratted out the whole group under absolutely no pressure.

So he went from having good relations with everybody to evicting somebody who could protect him and do his dirty work, secured yet another potential drone for Amanda, who along with McCrea and Andy suspect he might have made up his secret alliance, ensured Howard and Spencer distrust him most, and raised the ire and suspicion of Elissa. After this week, he will be a very easy sacrifice for the superfriends should they feel threatened…especially if Howard or Spencer win HOH (I can already hear Amanda, McCrea, Helen, and Andy telling them how Judd made up a secret alliance to bury them, thereby confirming him as a rat)

I hope it was just because he didn’t have his psychotropic drugs (which is a huge red flag for his future viability since he suffers from anxiety and lashes out without his medicine) because I can’t recall an HOH s***ing the bed in a more absolute fashion.


at the end of the day Judds target was always Kaitlyn

and should not be in any danger no matter wins the next hoh


” Amanda says who wants to play a game I used to play in high school. “Punch the gay boy!” Amanda then chases Andy through living room punching him” first of all who the hell admits they did something like that in high school and why would you say it now with all the past racial/sexist/gay comments that have already been made? Even worse why would you physically try to punch someone? Did she actually punch him or just tap him? I thought no one could hit anyone in the house….does that hold true in general or is playing/joking around hitting okay?


Same rule apply like in our society….When a man punch a woman..he go to jail….when a woman punch a man..she receive high-fives

Girl, Interrupted

Amanda is classless — come on AG, show that comment during a CBS show.


Margie, They are having fun! Put the P C patrol in neutral for about 2.5 seconds and just let them play.


I’m gay, and reading that blurb, I really wasn’t all that offended. Amanda was clearly joking. Unless Andy took an issue with it, then there isn’t an issue, drop it.

Just because people on these boards hate Amanda doesn’t mean that every little thing she says and does is done with malicious intent. If you want to take a look at malicious behavior, how about you flash back to last night’s episode and see how Elissa talked to Amanda, when Amanda was just trying to entertain and give McCrae a fun birthday party.

She Said What

Then there shouldn’t be an issue airing it on CBS.



Well, if I were production(?) I would, if nothing else to show people that we gays aren’t made of glass, and can take a joke just like anyone else. We don’t need the ACLU at our backs 24-7, and more than anything I’m just annoyed at all these phonies pretending they’re offended on behalf of Andy, when really they just want another excuse to bash Amanda.

She Said What

My issue is not with Amanda – CBS edits this season are off the wall – comments have been said by many HG – but the CBS shows are one sided – production made comments an issue so air them equally.


You can tell someone they’re safe, but you can’t tell them they;’re going home? Sounds like stupid rule, BB has tons of those.

Telling someone they’re going home, would create loads of drama amongst the people on the block. I’d tell all of them, that, just to see what they’ll do.


@Aye says…Now that comment made my day!!! Good one!!!

Big Sister

And have you all noticed how often Helen so sincerely (not!) says to people, “We love you!” like that makes a difference in this game. She even shouted it out as Jeremy walked out the door…

Janelle pov queen

Howard and spencer are some pussys


@ Janelle pov queen…You know what they say, it takes one to know one!!! So you must be on totally familiar ground.


Elissa was told to go out and make sure Aaryn went no matter what. When she was called out on her lies and her alliance stood up to her with Helen turning Boston Rob on her and basically saying you are either with us or against us, the dr told her to just stay with Helen and vote out Kaitlyn.
I realize that Amanda came out looking like America’s sweetheart on last nights show, but you can bet your booty that will change if she keeps foiling BB’s productions plans.


So is the vote going to be 6-3 to evict Kaitlin or what?


Probably unanimous 9-0-0 of favor Kaitlin


Swing Away!

Where do we go from here. In a perfect world. Howard, Gina or Spencer will win HOH tonight. The problem is that tonight’s HOH comp appears to be a game of skill and chance. In other words, it favors the women in the house. I would like to see Howard win HOH tonight. He has stopped tanking the HOH comps, but still has not been able to win one. So I will be hoping but its doubtful that Howard can pull a victory.

Don’t see Candice winning HOH. The options are limited. If McCrae, Amanda, Helen, Aaryn, or Andy wins, then Howard is out the door. If Elissa or Jessie wins, then its a maybe that he stays. If Gina or Spencer wins, then Howard prob stays. Boy, its not looking good for the home team.

I wonder if Howard could call a timeout and substitute a past player in for Candice? It would have to be someone that isn’t scared of Amanda’s domineering personaility. Well Howard, in the words of your old ball coach, the count is 3 balls and 2 strikes, the opposing team, Super Friends, are celebrating, if you got anything, anything, this would be the time to pull it out. Tell Candice to look towards the sky, Spencer to keep te faith…while you swing for the fences. Swing man! Swing away!

BB15 letdown

How does rolling a ball down a ramp favor women? Just curious. I was unaware of the female prowess of things such as skeeball or bowling. Quite frankly, I am hoping that Amanda’s b**bs get in the way so she loses!

julies rice bowl

women are super at rolling ball down ramps!!! Don’t you watch NATGEO channel?

Maybe Next Year

You are very aptly named….”Letdown”. Oh boy, Howard didn’t win. The HOH comp had nothing to do with strength or speed. To give you a better clue, this comp negated the guy’s major advantages of strength and speed. Therefore, it benefited the ladies by equalizing everyone. Hence it was just a game of skill and chance. Its a big letdown for you, you are still trying to figure out how this comp was an advantage for the women.


Signs? Joaquin Phoenix? 🙂


I don’t understand the no singing rule. Any explanations? On another note, really, really hoping the whole MVP thing goes away tonight. It makes the HOH worthless.

Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

No singing is probably to avoid rights issues.


Songs are copyrighted. If people are singing and it gets on TV, the show would then owe money for using said copyrighted material.

Fleur de Lis

They can’t sing because the show is aired 24/7 and whenever a show plays a song they have to pay royalties in order to do so. Since they don’t pay royalties, it cannot be aired. This is why the TV show Cupid has not been released in DVD due to a lot of the songs in the show are not covered due to not having permissions from various artists, etc. which sucks because that show was hilarious (with Jeremy Piven prior to Entourage fame).


copy wright laws.


I’m confused is their a mole? Spencer was talking about Judd maybe being the mole, but I hadn’t heard anything about their being one.?

BB15 letdown

A lot of the gaming of Spencer and Howard gets back to the Superfriends. I guess they assume that Judd is the leak since he is included in game conversations with those two.

If Only you could read

You guess Judd is the leak? I guess you have a hard time reading, or just not following the game. Its not an if, Judd is one of many leaks that wants to bring Howard/Spencer down.

BB15 letdown

I did not say “I guess Judd is the leak.” But since you are so much better at reading than I am I GUESS I might be mistaken.


It’s Andy…everyone seems to tell that twit everything. I don’t think these HGs know any LGBT people, if they did they would know that they can be just as devious, catty and manipulative as so called straight people. Andy really has been the epitome of a gay stereotype.

julies rice bowl

Andy could be a mole, but he looks more like a rat.


I would love to see either:

1. Amanda, Helen and Andy on the block;
2. Amanda, McCrae and Helen on the block; or
3. Amanda, McCrae and Andy on the block.

Just to see who turns on whom first. Now that would be a fun week of drama and backstabbing.


Hi Sociology why get rid of good players. The real backstabbers are the ones that kept forming secret alliance which are Spencers and Howard. I agree that is their game play and also are Amanda, Helen, Mccrea and Andy. Everyone has their own strategy and I disagree with you on those players especially Amanda and Helen.




I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking, but the spencer/howard/kaitlin/gina/judd alliance is real, with judd being fake and the mole that keeps bringing info back to his real alliance with helen/andy/etc..


Agreed Goofy and when Helen asked Kaitlin and Spencer both denied the Grasshoppers alliance. Helen figured it out when she asked Spencer that he was lying because as she has stated that Spencer knows that Aryan was going home so make a deal with Kaitlin and Gina because they are safe. Kaitlin also stated that she wants Helen to go next. They got caught because of one of their Grasshoppers alliance told thenother side.




If its boring you, stop with the zzzzzzzzzzzz posting. Just go asleep and wake up next Thursday and leave the rest of us alone about how bored you are.. Either the beauty queen or Howard may be going home by then. You ask whose the beauty queen? Well tune in next week


Easy bud.


Is that you Amanda? That must be another one of your jokes. Like the one you say about hitting the gay guy. That Amanda just cracks me up. I just wish Elissa reminds Amanda she looks like a whore, I mean stripper. Those jokes are the best.


Spencer is the best player among the *outsiders underdogs side* I hope he doesn’t go soon….Candice Howard are boring…I hope they go before him….but Producers wont let that happen…because of the race *victim* card


Elissa acting like GM while wearing her extensions… It was funnier when Britney did it to her sister!


I’m confused didn’t Helen tell Jeremy that he was going home? Also now I just want Candice to win HOH because she seems like the ONLY bold one to put up Amanda and Mccrae up. I tired of these people playing things too safe.


I know hate is a strong word, but I am starting to hate Amanda. She yells who wants to play a game that I played in high school, punch the gay boy. Amanda, sounds like you made life hell for gay guys in school. I know, your supporters will say it was all in fun. I bet the person on the receiving end of those punches didn’t think it was so much fun. They might even do a Howard, after you beat the crap out of them, turn around and say “we are still good”, then starts crying when he gets home. Yep its all fun, who wants to beat a gay guy.

Please CBS give me my 10 votes early tonight. I am voting and voting often for Amanda. When I go to work, I am going to use my friend’s computer to vote and vote often. Call the family and ask them to vote and vote often for Amanda. So you hit the gay guy in high school and thought it was so funny you wanted to share it on BB. Express to the world how great a game this beating gays can be. Elissa was wrong, you are not a stripper…comparing you to a stripper is demeaning to strippers.


good lord, get over yourself….


Im pretty positive Amanda never actually played that game when she was younger, what she did there is usually referred to as a joke. It is pretty funny however that you really think that she beat up gay kids in school and then admitted doing that on national television while then “beating” on andy.

If Only you could read

Amanda was joking. That’s hilarious! Whatever gets you through the day…if you believe it, great. Amanda has history of these great jokes, like Howard is the real racist. That joke just cracked me up. You take this hilarious gay joke and the other great one liners that Amanda has made and you get at the very least a bigot. I wish Andy would of responded with one of his own jokes, like who wants to hit the overweight pig. This joking stuff is so much fun when it goes both ways.


Aurealius: The no singing rule has to do with copyright infringement considerations. A lot of songs are copyrighted and/or protected and they don’t want to risk that liability.

Zingbot Fan

This is the first year that I don’t even know who I want to win the game. I guess that I dislike Jessie the least but she has a total lack of game. The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t want Amanda to win.


Best possible outcome this week: Aaryn wins HoH, nominates Howard and Amanda, MVP nom is Helen….let the battle of the Titans begin
Unfortunately we wont get all of that in 1 week.


except for Aryan winning HOH that sounds pretty good, i would love to see who from the rest of the group would step up their game in that situation.

Greg 3.0

Why do I have this uneasy feeling that Jessie will win HoH tonight?


I don’t know. Did you eat something butterscotch flavored?


There really hasn’t been any changes now in days. We all knew since then that Kaitlin was going home. It all reminds me of a small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to a hospital. When his grandmother telephoned to ask how he was a nurse said ‘No change yet’.

Really Houseguests Really......

Helen has gone from one of my fave houseguests to my least favorite. She overplays and talks too much. She was as disloyal to Kaitlyn this week as Spencer and Howard were to her with Moving Company.


Kaitlin was in the group with Spencer and Howard among others talking about putting up Helen among others. The fact it got out and got back to Helen makes sending Kaitlin home petty justifiable to me. Your plotting and you get caught it shouldn’t be a big surprise if you go home. I’m no fan of Helen but it looks like Kaitlin gave as much loyalty as she got.


I agree with you regarding Helen talking way too much, but if she truly believes that Judd heard Kaitlin say “Helen needs to go next”, then taking Kait out is the right move.

I like Kaitlin OK, but her sense that the house owes her something for using the veto on herself last week has been really annoying. She’s had this warped idea that she’s entitled to safety for this great sacrifice of saving herself instead of her showmance, and that their romance was this huge deal to the viewers. When, in reality, everyone looks at her as an idiot for getting so wrapped up in and tying her game to a douche a big as Jeremy in the first place.


Helen summation on Kaitlin is right. I think Helen and Amanda are playing well. Why would you get rid of players who are hard at work and keep those who are doing nothing. When Helen was HOH she was tough howver she got the job done. Pretty smart of her to know that Spencer was lying about the Grasshoppers alliance. This is my opinion and you can have yours. Thanks.


I do not blame Helen Kaitlin has formed a secret alliance and she was also gunning for Helen and it all got back to Helen that is why. These are all true.


I know we use hyperbole quite a bit, but this is seriously the worst BB ever. BB12 sucked as it was boring to see everyone get systematically eliminated by the Brigade, but at least it had Rachel acting like a wacko and it was fairly interesting to see the rest of the house blind to this obvious power. BB13 was interesting at times, in it’s own way.

This is just awful. No one here has any idea how to play the game. No one can keep a secret. There is nobody worth rooting for, or really rooting against, now that Jeremy is gone. It seems like the show wants us to focus on Elissa, Howard & Amanda, but they are all shitty in one way or another. None of them are good at playing this game.


There is a special place in hell for Amanda


Right. She’ll steal the devil’s bed and eat his food.


Now that is the best joke I’ve “heard” all season!!! Thumbs up everyone!


This is what is going to happen tonight, Mccrae will win HOH. Then later in the week he will put up Howard and Spencer. Amanda will win America’s MVp and she will nominate Candace. Later in the week Andy will win veto and not use it. Howard will then throw Candace and Spencer under the bus to the Goof Troop alliance(Mccrae, Amanda, Andy & Judd). They will allow Howard to swear on the bible in front of Elissa and Candace about his secret alliance w/ them. Candace and Elissa will be so butt-hurt that they will both self-evict at the same time, it will make BB history. Helen will cry and tell them she loves them as they walk out the door. Howard will then stay and his unbenounced plan to everybody to get out his stalker Candace will have worked and he will then have the showmance he truly wanted w/ Jessie. Spencer will start a showmance w/ Andy, Judd w/ Aarryn, and Helen will cry some more. The whole week in one nutshell, you’re welcome.


You skipped the part where GM gets thrown out for punching Candice when she catches her dumping a bowl of day old slopballs in the trash. On the way out, she turns to the camera and says: THEY ALWAYS COME AFTER THE PRETTY ONES !!!


im not going to lie here if Amanda wins this game this game is rigged, you really think people would vote GM to go up over Amanda? GM stays low when Amanda ALL she does is spend time with MC and talks about Howard and talks shit about people in her own alliance (she said ellissa showed go home just becuase she doesnt have the mvp for 1 week)
And plus an ex employee that worked for big brother said that there is a predetermined winner and he said that was: Amanda
if America gets the chance to put some1 up lets put up Amanda EVEN tho its rigged


GM was in the news right alongside Aryan with the racist comments and being fired from her job. So it makes perfect sense that she was nominated over other people.


saying someone else told you something is heresay and not admissible in court for a reason. like i said, if BB is rigged it’s the best kept secret in human history. secrets always leak, that’s something all conspiracy theorists fail to realize.


ir already leaked.


plus what would be the point of rigging? to make the show more popular by letting america’s favorite win? america’s favorite hardly ever wins so that doesnt make sense. the psychology behind the ‘riggers’ is when things dont go the way they want, they claim rigging. this is self centered and stupid.


I believe Big Brother is rigged to an extent…but they’ve rigged the winner to be Amanda? Where is the logic in that?

I’m not against conspiracy theories (I have a few of my own), but I never say, “This is the way it is, because I say so!” I have supporting evidence and facts to back my theories, as any educated person should.

This “ex CBS employee” needs to throw some real evidence out there to back up what they are saying. What other examples do they have of
BB rigging past seasons? What department, specifically, did they work for on Big Brother? What is their name even?

Too many holes in the story, which would be fine if they were just any random person on these boards (such as myself) wanting to throw their thoughts/theories/opinions out there. You’re claiming to have worked for CBS though? That puts your expertise on this matter far beyond any of ours, and therefore people are more inclined to listen to you-but they deserve a legitimate reason why.


There is NO ex-employee! You are a fool if you buy into that. If it was rigged as many of you suggest then Elissa will walk away with the gold! Now forget this foolishness and get on with the game! If you don’t like it, stop watching and commenting. Self evict yourselves!

@Viva_N_BR from CryLittleSister

Viva asked earlier but If anyone is looking for episodes: videobull.com.


Note to Diary Room: Please tell Candice going forward to limit her game talk to Howard and Spencer. And possibly Elissa on a limited bases of information. Because everyone else (i.e. Andy, Jessie, Helen and Judd) are not necessarily your friend inside this house. Learn to listen and observe as you first did when you figured out the Moving Company alliance was all male. Be cordial to Aaryn and Gina Marie but don’t go out of your way to be friendly. And as far as, Amanda and McCrae just yes them to death and act is if nothing is wrong.


Who thinks Howard will go back to his old ways and throw a random vote in there to blame on someone else? i have a feeling that it wont be a 9-0-0 vote. I kinda hope he does.


gotta say judd made a mess of his hoh , he shouldve actually gone with the 5 person alliance and got rid of arryan , now hes been found out by howard and spencer and still low man on with the other groups . i cant tell if these guys suck at the game or just overthink it constantly , or haha lie so dam much that no one can keep a story straight for even a minute anymore


oh no, not spencer, the guy who has absolutely no idea that his best buddy will pick Candace over him any day of the week


I don’t really care what happens anymore other than getting rid of two people the Aryaning Girl and GinaMarie, don’t want to look at them and don’t want to hear them speak, very annoying people, Please get them out America keep voting for them to be on block and Helen is a close 3rd, they are all of shit! I hate when people think they can rule the hou
se, they don’t dump them people!


The amount of times Amanda mentions and drops names of CBS employees and other Hollywood bigwigs, I am now personally convinced she is going to win. They rarely even ask her to stop talking about production because she does it skillfully.
Her having sex with McCrae (which is fine) would be less bothersome to her if she was walking away half-a-mil richer right? She told someone the other night she’d never do that on camera when I personally saw it with my own eyes. I’m not judging the fact that she did it, but to deny something I actually saw is ludicrous (not to mention is recorded).
Just my opinion I know but she actually does know the people she talks about knowing.
Her crying scene during her video session (on last night’s episode) was pretty convincing to the unknowing people who don’t subscribe to live feeds.
She literally rules that house with McCrae (who also doesn’t look too concerned about anything ’cause he’s sticking to his meal ticket).
I will support Simon and Dawg faithfully and would rather donate to this site, than to an organization that is fraudulent.
I cancelled my live feed subscription but really dig your updates and this forum.
There is no way I am going to stop watching the show and reading OBB because at this point it has become like crack for me.
I sincerely hope I turn out to be wrong.
Peace. @ Mean People Suck.


Glad you like our spoilers enough to stick with us

Your support is appreciated Thanks!

This Season Blows

Rachelissa has personally admitted that production gives her instructions, tells her what’s going on, and is rigging the game for her. She also signed a different contract than everyone else. If anyone’s being rigged to win, it’s her, not Amanda.


on the one hand we have the riggers saying elissa is being helped to win eg the veto comp all the high numbers were in her aisle. on the other hand the riggers are saying she signed a different, 4 week contract and wants to leave soon. riggers: get your conspiracy theory straight at least….


Bob, you forgot the riggers who think it’s been setup for Amanda to win !! At least these folks provide me a chance to laugh at them & their conspiratorial thoughts..


right i forgot about them! I have a conspiracy theory-that the conspiracy theories are a conspiracy set up by NBC….


Personally, I’m starting to think these conspiracy theories about Amanda were dreamed up by ticked off Elissa fans who are tired of denying that the game has been rigged for her.

I certainly don’t think it’s a coincidence that of all the players these rumors could have been spread about, Amanda, the player most Elissa players hate the most (next to Aaryn), is the one being accused of basically cheating. I find it sad, and predictable of Brenchel fans.


dont forget to secure your foil hat firmly!


How many times have I heard, ” We’ll get Aaryn out next week.”? Isn’t it next week yet??????


McCrae is a puss, how you let a women you met 3 weeks ago, tell you that you can’t have a mustache? he needs to MAN UP and take the “pants” away from her. No “Mustache Ride” for you, Amanda


LOL at your “pants” comment cuz she actually told him today to take off the khakis and put on jeans for the live show !! And the worst part of all of this is the man w/o a sack actually changed pants !! This was after she made him shave the mustache !!

absolute worstest BB season ever?

Helen is the “new” Nick! counting up to eight is easy for both of them
but getting up to ten in the tally begs quite a question! She is trying
to rule an unruly empire. i feel sorry for kaitlin as i await the HoH comp!


In response to…
“Punch the gay boy!” Amanda then chases Andy through living room punching him.

Andy should have trap-farted Amanda in the HOH room and said, “just gas-chambering the jew girl. Ha ha.”

A piece of Andy’s soul must become dust every time someone makes a blatant gay slur and rubs his nose in it.

People fighting the Ethical Treatment of Aaryn

He’s a redhead. He came into the house without a soul. Can’t lose what you don’t have.
2013 – year of the Redheaded Revolution.


As much as I CANNOT STAND AMANDA and want her/McCrae to go home so bad, she is hands down the best socially manipulative person on the show.

absolute worstest BB season ever?

in the four way onsite poll, kaitlin is
now ahead of aaryn by 20 points!!!!


say simion if amanda win big brother 15 how is they going to tell america it was not rig cause if she do all america will know its rig so why play big brother 16 cause that could be rig too they will lose america in this might be it for big brother show it will be call in america eyes rig show


I think they will replace BB with new show BIG BULLY starring amanda. They will play games like LET’S BEAT UP THE ASIAN GIRL or LET’S BEAT UP THE BLACK GUY. A lot of people on here will love it.


Same way they do every season, “Hide it with a CBS Edit”.. They’ll never show what we see/hear on the Live Feeds on the main show, they would be exposing themselves by letting the world know how much they manipulate in the game to protect a HG, or change the outcome of a situation.

In other words, they do what they have to do to keep the “sheep” believing everything that happens on the show is by “chance”.

If you wanna know the truth, you gotta pay for the Live Feeds or check out OBB where nothing is kept from the fans.


I think this Amanda rigged to win rumour is false so i’m not worried what Amanda will do if she wins the show.

Amanda is a strong player there is a good chance she will win it without extra help.


nice use of the english language bro.


Where can i watch the episode today on the internet via stream?






simion america in i will never give mvp to amanda no mater what she do helping saveing aryan is wrong to us as fans so if she get it we know they gave it to her wrost season ever


Hey, Simon and Dawg were you shocked that Gina Marie got put up instead of Amanda?? Speaking of Amanda I hate her but at the same time she is kinda helping out Aaryn but the problem is with the producers in my opinion I myself think the producers are afraid of putting up Amanda they are afraid of her going home because the producers think she is playing the smartest game right now so they think its too early to put her up and her chancing of her going home but for me I really don’t think she is the smartest player there I think its Helen, Spencer, and Howard the coward as for the producers quit being a big baby and put up a HUGE player it seems like someone is after them and is going to kill the producers as for right now Kaitlyn is going home yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:))) Aaryn WIN THIS HOH if you stay by the way I was watching Big Brother After Dark last night to get information of who is going home this week and I saw mabe the HOH for tonight’s episode and that practice HOH do you know what it reminds me of?? It reminds me of Jeff and Jordan’s season when Jessie the body builder one so I AM HOPING AARYN GETS HOH TO GET SAFTY and to turn this HOH around and if Aaryn or Helen or any of them beside’s Amanda and McRae get HOH I am hoping that they have the GUTSSS to put up probley the 2 strongest players in the house GO HOPE AMANDA AND MCRAE and cheering for you Aaryn:)) woooooohoooooo gooooo Aaryn win this HOH:)


Yes I was surprised but when if comes to these “Votes” I really shouldn’t be


Who dislikes finds Helen annoying

Thumbs up for dislikes YES
Thumbs down for likes NO


Tricky. GOOD ONE SIMON.btw NAME above is real upset. Please answer her. Thanx.


NAME huh?






well done.

its on!!! its live!!! its heavily edited!!

Julie C made it official to the home audience that Elissa
was next in the MVP poll after Aaryn and GM was third!

This Season Blows

This season just gets shittier and more boring by the day. I’m hoping next season they do a celebrity version of Big Brother. Imagine how drama-filled and entertaining that would be.


someone please put amanda on the block


This is a sad day Kaitlin is going home 🙁 we’re running low on likable people


Im not really sure what makes Kaitlin so likable? I dont really dislike her, just really neutral and blah on her really. She doesn’t seem to have done much to stand out either way. As for running out of likable people… I was pretty ok with David going home, he wasn’t going to have the chops for this game and hearing him talk made my brain hurt. Jeremy I was pretty happy to see go. Nick I didn’t think much of until after he was gone. I seen one of his exit interviews and seen just how totally stoked he was about big brother and ended up wishing he had stayed. Probably for the best he escaped from GM though. LOL


Hope Elissa doesn’t get HOH and gets put on the block with no veto

This Season Blows

Production would pull a “Shelley” and order one of the houseguests to flip the votes to someone else so Rachelissa can stay.



You spotted that Shelly manipulation too? I thought I was the only one LMFAO


If Aaryn wins HOH tonight she will put up whoever Amanda tells her to. Actually, she said she would put up Howard and Elissa. She told Elissa and Helen that they could make the noms if she wins but we all know that since she told everyone in HOH that she would do this then it will be Amanda’s HOH again. Like Amanda said, Elissa is useless if she doesn’t have MVP. Too bad Jessie told Aaryn to make this deal. She should have told Kaitlyn.

the shield

If Amanda keeps bitching and bitching about Howard, eventually the house will turn and shit will hit the fan.
Who ever wins HOH should nominate Elissa, because we ALL know she won’t, just because of her “Should Kaitlyn or Aaryn go home?” saga. Make up you fucking mind!

the shield

If Amanda keeps bitching and bitching about Howard, eventually the house will turn and shit will hit the fan.
Who ever wins HOH should nominate Elissa, because we ALL know she won’t, just because of her “Should Kaitlyn or Aaryn go home?” saga. Make up you fucking mind!