Big Brother 15 HOH and Eviction results Candice Vs Howard Vs Amanda


CBS Interactive Inc.

Helmanda show with special guests the superfriends

It’s not all roses with the superfriends Helen has told many people in the house that she’s going to go against McCrae and Amanda. McCrae and Amanda have done the same.. It would be very exciting to see these two groups go to BB war this week instead of waiting until final 6. Lets hope CBS has something planned to stir it up or we can just call Big Brother 15 The Helmanda show with special guests the superfriends.

The feeds have been on trivia since before noon this is unusual something is going happen tonight.

My Predictions
Howard goes home with 8 votes against
HOH win goes to Helen because this is how this season is going

N*de flashback times here

Confirmed results
Jessie votes to evict Howard
JUDD votes to evict Howard
McCrae votes to evict Howard
Helen votes to evict Howard
Elissa votes to evict Howard
GM votes to evict Howard
Andy votes to evict Howard
Spencer votes to evict Candice

Evicted houseguest is Howard
New HOH is ?

No have nots this week
Next week is double eviction
Endurance competition

*If it is endurance OBB may have to drop some functionality in order to keep the site running.

By the way You can watch the Endurance competitions on the live feeds subscribe it’s free to try
Big Brother 15 Live Feeds subscription link


CBS Interactive Inc.


7:24pm Candice, Amanda, Spencer, Elissa and Helen are all out

You can hear McCrae getting in trouble from production for turning his back..

7:28pm Andy and JUDD are out

Just Jessie, McCrae and GM remain .. .

Candice got the 5K




Jessie out

Just GM and MC remain
GM is trying to make a deal telling him she swears on her live AManda and McCrea are safe if he drops. McCrae doesn’t want to drop he wants GM to drop.

Spencer got a megaphone out of the box..


7:56pm McCrae is getting very winded

GM is in much better shape

GM win HOH

Of course Helen is dancing around

Spencer got a megaphone
Helen got a BBQ
Candice got the 5K

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Love it

Who is the one player you dislike?


Helen never gives gaming a break, even when she’s pretending to care about someone’s emotional well-being you can see the wheels turning in her mind. I find the ignorant racial remarks intolerable and feel terrible that they have a national platform. Great breakdown of the gaming! Enjoyed that…


AMANDA for her G*ng r@pe comments about howJessie needed to be g@ng r@ped , her autism comments ,her comment 3 times in detail how she would murder Elisa and Candace .

Dan's Mist

I love that Amanda is always touting behind the back death threats, but Candice says Spencer said likewise about her, and it’s Oooh what a horrible person *fake cry fake cry* how can he talk to a woman like that *fake cry* I can’t stand her.


Howard has been trying to do what all you fan wanted Flip the house ? He was right Helen and Amanda have there secret super team . But he sees what the fans see. So because he cant be controlled by Amanda he has to go home ? So the only way to stay on the show you have to let Amanda ,MC , and Helen control you ?


Hahahahahaha Simon, you’re hilarious. Love your insight/personal opinion of these house guests {and I couldn’t agree more}. You and Dawg should do it more often! ‘Cause the truth is I still look forward to your updates albeit I have the live feeds since the house is so boring and predictable. Getting rid of Amanda would definitely up the drama for sure! We will know if the house guests can think for themselves…

Underdog rooter forever!


Great description of the houseguests, Simon. And I want to thank you and Dawg for all of the updates and reports on what is going on in the house. It’s always good for a laugh.

I’m usually a pro-underdog person, so I’m not quite sure why I like Amanda. Maybe because she’s so bossy that everyone will hate her and *that* makes her an underdog. Regardless, if her empire crumbles, it will make for intriguing viewing! She’s bawdy and vulgar and absolutely hilarious. High entertainment value. With her gone, it could get pretty damn boring.

I also really like Andy and JUDD.

And, OK, I totally agree, OK OK, *nod* *nod* *nodding my head until I get a whiplash* OK OK OK
Helen is annoying. I find her more annoying than Amanda.

Big Sister

Simon, did you think that Howard had one of the classiest eviction interviews ever? It is clear the audience was in his corner.


Can you explain more about what Helen has done? Vile usually means something along the lines of morally despicable, degrading, and foul.


The sarcasm in this post is incredible. This season has really been poor. I’ll admit, I thought the person who said that Amanda was chosen to win was crazy, but with who they put in the house with her, how easily they’re all manipulated, that seems likely now.


When she wins you gonna have to apologize to him cause they will evict Howard then Spencer or Candace then Judd and last Andy . Amanda ,MC , and Helen will be last .


You really need to watch the show! Those three will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be the last 3 left and I SAID NEVER! Amanda isn’t letting Helen anywhere near F3. Arryn has the inside track on sitting beside Amanda F2 at the moment.


I voted all ten times for Aaryn ’cause I don’t like her and also I think CBS keeps making America the MVP just to stick it to her and let us have the satisfaction of putting her disgusting ass up! I’m not African American, Asian or gay but her remarks still bother me! She’s a vile young woman that should NOT win that money, not even 2nd place or Jury money! I predict her leaving during double eviction next week.

Simon Rocks!

Your description of Helen couldn’t be more accurate! OK!


I really hope spencer wins hoh and puts up two super friends but he’s way to fat and out of shape to win endurance if mccrae doesnt throw it he should win if not it will be elissa or helen preferablly elissa

Worst Season Ever

I guess Helen didn’t feel too bad for the tongue lashing given to Spencer from Candice considering she was the person who stirred up all the drama. What a bit@$!!!!!

This Season Blows

Wow, Candice really is an annoyingly overemotional player. That pity party disguised as a house meeting puts a huge target on her back for sure.


What the episode tonight didn’t show you was how it actually helped her game because the Goof Troop now see her as someone who will take out who they want out but cant get the blood on there hands

Arya Stark is a Badass

I would love to see Amanda and McCrae on the block so that they would have to campaign against each other.


Simon, you are so stink in’ cute!

Karen S

Don’t you all think we should see a pic of Simon and Dawg!?? Simon can see me on FB.. lol I’m the sexy grandma. winks~


I love your username.

That makes me think, which character in The Game of Thrones world would you like to see in a Big Brother Westeros?

Joffrey Baratheon – the annoying rat
Sansa Stark – the religious pretty girl
Osha/Yara Greyjoy – the tough as nails tomboy
Varys – the mysterious schemer
Littlefinger – the evil schemer
Loras Tyrell – the cute gay guy
Stannis Baratheon – the power hungry brute

I’m sure you can think of others!

Jordan Rules

Wouldn’t Littlefinger = Dr. Will


They wouldn’t campaign against each other, they would campaign together to evict the MVP nominee, and possible replacement nominee. YAWN.

Big Sister

So vote 10x for Amanda, because GM isn’t going to put her up. It is on America’s shoulders to do the right thing. Maybe these fools will think it is finally the right time to vote her out.


Judd: You too are making me dizzy (watching Elissa and Helen run laps in the house)

Helen: Ok Ok I’m done for the day

Eissa: Me too

Judd: Tomorrow let’s make this interesting. Helen you wear a chicken costume when you run and Elissa you wear an egg costume. Then let’s see what happens.


Amanda needs to go! I have been watching ever since this show started.

Janelle pov queen

Amanda up for MVP next week


I voted for Amanda 10 times, hope she goes this week!


I voted for Amanda three times and the forth time it said I had reached my ten limit.


Simon and Dawg, I am totally relying on you guys and your great work here to provide me with the 411 as usual. I refuse to give CBS and BB any of the ratings they are eagerly expecting. Thanks guys!!!


Me too. I am no longer watching CBS BB. They haven’t shown the results on the west coast and knowing the results, I am no longer going to watch. This is rigged for Amanda and I will not add to CBS ratings. Thanks for having this site. I will check in here but but I am done with the show. (I refused to watch last night too)
Thanks Simon, Dawg, and all of the posters. It has been fun reading.


That makes no sense, I get you don’t like this season but not watching the episodes on CBS or at least turning the TV on to big brother means there rating go down and the show gets cancelled, if too many people have that attitude then kiss big brother then subsequently this update site goodbye


Me too. I stopped watching BB on CBS and BBAD.


Ah…ratings are not based on your tv watching unless you are a Neilson family or something like that. Google how television ratings are determined…it’s not through you (or me for that matter). Just sayin’…


Simon, I can guarantee you that BB will not be interviewing Candice’s family. Especially, after her adopted mom’s interview on TMZ.


I loved the Judd Parade.


Is it wrong that I like Judd a little bit more after a clip of his hometown was shown


im not gay….but i think i love Spencer after the way he verbally wrecked Amanda

ILLWILL That A$$hole

She deserved that. About time someone told her to STFU, hopefully there’s more of that to come. The sheep gotta shed that wool and turn this predictable season around and make it entertaining like past seasons.

America is the only player with BALLS and we’re not even in the house.

MVP Vote #2


i know! i’m no spencer fan either, frankly consider him to be a vile person, but amanda needed someone to stand up to her aggressive, confrontational demeanor, and spencer hit it head on. way to go, spence!


I got a girl boner watching Spencer tell her off!


MR94, I was so excited
I got up and started clapping. Spencer won me over with that


MR94, I was so excited
I got up and started clapping. Spencer won me over with that

I just hope the people who don’t read what’s going on and like her based on the edit don’t vote for him as the 3 nom.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Simon I agree with the majority of what you said!! 🙂

Clearly McCray is my favorite this season but it did seem like until Amanda got to him he had a pretty decent game like the former successful super fans. I hope Helen and Amanda get each other out this week then the other goes the next week.



so nice you slurp up to him, but it would make hella more sense if you spelled his name correctly. Otherwise, ya just look & sound silly. Even your boy crush McCrae would agree to that..


I’m on the east coast so they not doing too much yet they just played when spencer cursed out Amanda that’s it


Add Amanda to one of the “MEAN GIRLS”… she needs to go and fast…

Some guy

Man they are all cowards

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Vote, the way of the sheep, good job

Weiner Tweets Amanda

I vote to evict the bear shirt. That thing has to be ripe by now.


Howard is out


Elissa needs to win this HOH, she is the only person who I think will put up Amanda and Mc Crae. I think with her winning there would be a shift in power.

This Season Blows

Rachelissa would just get bossed around by Helen.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Right a bout that, she hasn’t made a single decision in this game just followed orders, her winning HOH would be no different. She’ll put up Aaryn and GM for sure. Would be nice if she did make a power move, but c’mon this is “Elissa” we’re talking about.


They about to play the HOH competition


I am surprised to read Helen comments b/c I really enjoy her. I do, however, agree about too much “I Love You’s”! I’m sure all would agree she really knows the game and a straight shooter.

Amanda is way too controlling and if McCrae didn’t reel her in occasionally – she would be out of control. Only reason she is obsessed with getting Howard out is because she can’t control him.

BB players seem to get better at the game each season.


Helen’s “I love you as a friend” is Helen’s ‘tell’. If she directs it at you, then you are her immediate hit list and you better start working your ass off.


Omg, simon, the votes went EXACTLY like you said


I am glad it was 7-1-0 it shows that Spencer is getting fed up with all of the “what the house wants” bs. I wish I was there because Amanda and I would be going head to head. I do not like that girl!!


He still didn’t have the b*lls to vote for Amanda! He was one of the sheep everyone talks about.


This is one spineless group of HGs. They are all standing the picture wall acting like they are so sad that Howard left and they’re not sad.

They had the chance to get Amanda out and they didn’t!!!! I can’t believe it!!!


Technically she was right. The appearance of power has shifted from one puppet to another.


We got BB MVP again this week..I am voting for Amanda again


America needs to vote Amanda up week after week until her mazel ass goes home.


how rude amanda is f**k her put her up for 3rd nominee


Everyone so sad Howard left tonight, bit they sheepishly voted him out to please Amanda. Vote Amanda as third nominee.


I wanted to slap that smile out of her face when Julia Che says she received zero votes. Can’t stand amanda and I’m giving her my ten MVP votes again.
The good thing about GM winning HOH is that a lot of people don’t read what’s going on and since she was put on the block by America whomever are voting for her next week will not count and Amanda will have more votes.


Okay, we are MVP!!! Time to shake things up after the HOH is determined. Amanda you would want to win HOH, because if not guess what is coming your way.


Well 2 thoughts here. 1st sorry but I thumbs downed you for the 1st time this season. Arryns getting a pretty good edit lately. She is certainly in the running but I see Amanda again most likely. She was so smug with AG in her hip pocket I wanted to vomit tonight. The best choice on the other hand is HELEN. I can see ok, ok we are all friends. It has to be Ellisa MVP. OK OK Amanda save me…. McCrae says mandy baby the opportunity is to good to pass up… we win the game…ok ok? Andy says it’s to early stick with the plan… ok ok. Helen says to Andy OK Ok OK. Andy looks like a rat and says maybe not OK!

5 days of paranoid Helen now that’s good BB… Especially if a GM was HOH. Looks like Andy was “cruising” early on. Arryn would have won this if she was eligible. This group sucks at comps and folks better realize of those left Arryn is the closest to a comp beast. My best guess is Helen was pretending to struggle for the camera. This comp should be in her wheelhouse. Loved the fake Ellisa slip to! LOL Ag has some terrific actors this season.


I’m voting for Helen ok ok ok ok


Helen Loves you! ……..two minutes later ……you need to go this week


People should put up Andy as the 3rd nominee, Paranoia would go rampant


Vote Amanda as 3rd nom until she goes home.

big brother

I can’t believe I am rooting for spencer to win hoh. He is the only one to have the balls to stand up to Mccrae and Amanda. He may say disgusting things about woman but he is pur only hope to get the power couple


HOH made for a man (arm strength)…*ahem* Spencer.

Bummed, wanted a super long endurance =(


It’s cool how we get to choose The 3rd nominee but honestly I’d wish they’d give it back the MVP to the house guests already. I mean 3 weeks in a row, defeats the purpose, if they were gonna let America choose the 3rd nominee they Should have done it from the beginning. I want to see someone else get MVp,


The only logic behind is that BB wants to give us the power to get Aaryn out. As much as I dislike her! I’m gunning for Amanda more.
Aaryn seems to be a target in a lot of people’s head so why not go for Amanda until she is out. It’s obvious Amanda is going to he harder to get out because very body is working for her.


Big Brother 15 might as well change their name to HOUSE OF SHEEP. That is all that is left. This is undoubtedly the worst cast ever in BB history! They all might as well self evict and just hand the money to Amanda and McCrea.


If any of you anti-Amanda’s had sense you would vote for McCrae, then you could watch a
double breakdown.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Good idea, but I don’t think enough people don’t like him, if it wasn’t for his boyish excitement about getting some pussy from a women that wouldn’t touch him in the real world and only fucked him because he was HOH for her own gain, he had a pretty decent game starting out..

Remember the comment he made in the DR about “Playing his own game”? that died soon as he got a lil taste.

That’s when his game became Amanda’s.


McCray isn’t as abrasive as Amanda. Besides those people wouldn’t even think of voting him out for fear of the wrath of amanda.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Making a HG MVP 1st 3 weeks really killed the twist, t now they won’t give it back to them. ROLMFAO


Nobody should vote until the HOH is finished. Everybody needs to be strategic with their vote, so don’t waste it on somebody who will likely go up anyway and DO NOT split your votes. Splitting a ballot only makes sense in an election with more than one winner. In a single winner election, you put all you votes behind who you want to win…or in this case lose.


Yes!!!! Double eviction next week. Hopefully some good action and game changes.

The Black Fish

Is Spencer the only one who will go against the grain if he wins? Maybe GM, Jessie, or Candice?

give me a break

We have to vote in Amanda again….because all the house guest are to scared to do it

Kelli Jo

Double eviction this week!!! Oh man.


FINALLY!!! Double EVICT!!! maybe this will shakeup the HOUSE and some of the power will be shifted!! PRODUCTION needed to do something CBS/Big Brother is losing ratings and all the new shows are coming online on ALL the major networks!!




Not spending $10 to vote by text – what a waste of money. I used my 10 votes online for Candice! LOL!!

Double eviction!!

Oh no! I’m worried about this double eviction with helmanda and Andy wanting judd out so badly. He’s my favorite! Really hope something happens in his favor this week.


VOTING doesn’t matter PRODUCTION will pick who Allison says! to put up to raise the RATINGS and VIEWERSHIP!! TOO bad because would love to know WHO America really HATES! lol


ratings are so bad here in Toronto, newspaper has given this BB15 1 star outta 5
i know seeing Amanda up there made me smile and wanna watch more but this not so bright cast could’nt make the move, do we need to shove it their faces, we are putting up Amanda because nobody else has the balls … they have to realize by now that America is voting… I feel they will figure it out this week or just blame Judd actually lol