Big Brother 15 HOH and Eviction results Candice Vs Howard Vs Amanda


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Helmanda show with special guests the superfriends

It’s not all roses with the superfriends Helen has told many people in the house that she’s going to go against McCrae and Amanda. McCrae and Amanda have done the same.. It would be very exciting to see these two groups go to BB war this week instead of waiting until final 6. Lets hope CBS has something planned to stir it up or we can just call Big Brother 15 The Helmanda show with special guests the superfriends.

The feeds have been on trivia since before noon this is unusual something is going happen tonight.

My Predictions
Howard goes home with 8 votes against
HOH win goes to Helen because this is how this season is going

N*de flashback times here

Confirmed results
Jessie votes to evict Howard
JUDD votes to evict Howard
McCrae votes to evict Howard
Helen votes to evict Howard
Elissa votes to evict Howard
GM votes to evict Howard
Andy votes to evict Howard
Spencer votes to evict Candice

Evicted houseguest is Howard
New HOH is ?

No have nots this week
Next week is double eviction
Endurance competition

*If it is endurance OBB may have to drop some functionality in order to keep the site running.

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7:24pm Candice, Amanda, Spencer, Elissa and Helen are all out

You can hear McCrae getting in trouble from production for turning his back..

7:28pm Andy and JUDD are out

Just Jessie, McCrae and GM remain .. .

Candice got the 5K




Jessie out

Just GM and MC remain
GM is trying to make a deal telling him she swears on her live AManda and McCrea are safe if he drops. McCrae doesn’t want to drop he wants GM to drop.

Spencer got a megaphone out of the box..


7:56pm McCrae is getting very winded

GM is in much better shape

GM win HOH

Of course Helen is dancing around

Spencer got a megaphone
Helen got a BBQ
Candice got the 5K

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289 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 HOH and Eviction results Candice Vs Howard Vs Amanda


    Just some opinions of the #BB15 houseguests so far

    There’s really only one player I don’t like this year the rest are somewhere in the middle. Some very strong game players with a lot of sheep.

    Amanda is the military interrogator making enemies everywhere that are too scared to do anything to stop her. If CBS lets her empire crumble it will be great to watch on the feeds. I find her entertaining for the most part put her position in the house goes against my pro underdog nature. Paranoia is probably going to do her in.

    McCrae continues to be this seasons wimp. Still more likable than most superfriends

    Helen is still the most annoying person on Big Brother, possibly of all time. OK She’s vile OK , I love you OK lets stick to the plan OK I want to be friends OK OK .. friends OK I never lied OK JUDD had the cure for cancer OK he deleted it from his computer OK Howard invented pain and suffering OK friends OK love OK OK OK OK OK Elissa is crazy OK SHe’s got to go OK I love Elissa OK I hate jessie OK I love JEssie OK.. I don’t hold grudges OK … ( I could go on for pages.. OK)

    Andy is growing on my he has funny moments and is playing a great social game.. the problem is he’s causing this season it be even more boring. Stir the pot make a move you won’t win if you don’t.

    JUDD … JUDD JUDD JUDD. In a season like this JUDD is a champion funny with just enough game sense to be interesting. He’s not the super mastermind everyone seems to think he is but he’s close enough for me to cheer GO JUDD

    Jessie is Porsche with more b@lls, brains, bum and belly but maybe less likeability. If she sticks around long enough I bet she’ll make a move.

    Elissa, she’s slowly becoming likable the only problem is she’s close to one of the one of more vile people of the season. If a fracture happens and she ends up on the right side of the house I could be a fan

    Ginamarie, Annoying, lovable, rude, disgusting and charming all wrapped into one.

    Aaryn, After Amanda, Andy and McCrae spilled their entire games to her you would think she would act. Maybe she doesn’t think the time is right she could be right. I bet she finds herself on the block next week

    Candice, Really just a vote once howard leaves

    Spencer, he’s creepy, Says inappropriate things and has his hand down his pants everytime I try and take a screencap of him.. If given a chance he’ll fire a shot at the superfriends so GIVE HIM A CHANCE

      1. Helen was one of my 4 picks to win it before the season started after the 2nd week she was my least favorite hands down. I’m not going to knock her game because he’s got some skill I just can’t stand how she’s playing.

        1. Helen never gives gaming a break, even when she’s pretending to care about someone’s emotional well-being you can see the wheels turning in her mind. I find the ignorant racial remarks intolerable and feel terrible that they have a national platform. Great breakdown of the gaming! Enjoyed that…

      2. AMANDA for her G*ng r@pe comments about howJessie needed to be g@ng r@ped , her autism comments ,her comment 3 times in detail how she would murder Elisa and Candace .

        1. I love that Amanda is always touting behind the back death threats, but Candice says Spencer said likewise about her, and it’s Oooh what a horrible person *fake cry fake cry* how can he talk to a woman like that *fake cry* I can’t stand her.

    1. Howard has been trying to do what all you fan wanted Flip the house ? He was right Helen and Amanda have there secret super team . But he sees what the fans see. So because he cant be controlled by Amanda he has to go home ? So the only way to stay on the show you have to let Amanda ,MC , and Helen control you ?

    2. Hahahahahaha Simon, you’re hilarious. Love your insight/personal opinion of these house guests {and I couldn’t agree more}. You and Dawg should do it more often! ‘Cause the truth is I still look forward to your updates albeit I have the live feeds since the house is so boring and predictable. Getting rid of Amanda would definitely up the drama for sure! We will know if the house guests can think for themselves…

      Underdog rooter forever!

    3. Great description of the houseguests, Simon. And I want to thank you and Dawg for all of the updates and reports on what is going on in the house. It’s always good for a laugh.

      I’m usually a pro-underdog person, so I’m not quite sure why I like Amanda. Maybe because she’s so bossy that everyone will hate her and *that* makes her an underdog. Regardless, if her empire crumbles, it will make for intriguing viewing! She’s bawdy and vulgar and absolutely hilarious. High entertainment value. With her gone, it could get pretty damn boring.

      I also really like Andy and JUDD.

      And, OK, I totally agree, OK OK, *nod* *nod* *nodding my head until I get a whiplash* OK OK OK
      Helen is annoying. I find her more annoying than Amanda.

    4. Simon, did you think that Howard had one of the classiest eviction interviews ever? It is clear the audience was in his corner.

    5. Can you explain more about what Helen has done? Vile usually means something along the lines of morally despicable, degrading, and foul.

  2. The sarcasm in this post is incredible. This season has really been poor. I’ll admit, I thought the person who said that Amanda was chosen to win was crazy, but with who they put in the house with her, how easily they’re all manipulated, that seems likely now.

    1. When she wins you gonna have to apologize to him cause they will evict Howard then Spencer or Candace then Judd and last Andy . Amanda ,MC , and Helen will be last .

      1. You really need to watch the show! Those three will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be the last 3 left and I SAID NEVER! Amanda isn’t letting Helen anywhere near F3. Arryn has the inside track on sitting beside Amanda F2 at the moment.

    2. I voted all ten times for Aaryn ’cause I don’t like her and also I think CBS keeps making America the MVP just to stick it to her and let us have the satisfaction of putting her disgusting ass up! I’m not African American, Asian or gay but her remarks still bother me! She’s a vile young woman that should NOT win that money, not even 2nd place or Jury money! I predict her leaving during double eviction next week.

  3. I really hope spencer wins hoh and puts up two super friends but he’s way to fat and out of shape to win endurance if mccrae doesnt throw it he should win if not it will be elissa or helen preferablly elissa

  4. I guess Helen didn’t feel too bad for the tongue lashing given to Spencer from Candice considering she was the person who stirred up all the drama. What a bit@$!!!!!

  5. Wow, Candice really is an annoyingly overemotional player. That pity party disguised as a house meeting puts a huge target on her back for sure.

    1. What the episode tonight didn’t show you was how it actually helped her game because the Goof Troop now see her as someone who will take out who they want out but cant get the blood on there hands

  6. I would love to see Amanda and McCrae on the block so that they would have to campaign against each other.

        1. Don’t you all think we should see a pic of Simon and Dawg!?? Simon can see me on FB.. lol I’m the sexy grandma. winks~

    1. I love your username.

      That makes me think, which character in The Game of Thrones world would you like to see in a Big Brother Westeros?

      Joffrey Baratheon – the annoying rat
      Sansa Stark – the religious pretty girl
      Osha/Yara Greyjoy – the tough as nails tomboy
      Varys – the mysterious schemer
      Littlefinger – the evil schemer
      Loras Tyrell – the cute gay guy
      Stannis Baratheon – the power hungry brute

      I’m sure you can think of others!

    2. They wouldn’t campaign against each other, they would campaign together to evict the MVP nominee, and possible replacement nominee. YAWN.

    3. So vote 10x for Amanda, because GM isn’t going to put her up. It is on America’s shoulders to do the right thing. Maybe these fools will think it is finally the right time to vote her out.

  7. Judd: You too are making me dizzy (watching Elissa and Helen run laps in the house)

    Helen: Ok Ok I’m done for the day

    Eissa: Me too

    Judd: Tomorrow let’s make this interesting. Helen you wear a chicken costume when you run and Elissa you wear an egg costume. Then let’s see what happens.

  8. Simon and Dawg, I am totally relying on you guys and your great work here to provide me with the 411 as usual. I refuse to give CBS and BB any of the ratings they are eagerly expecting. Thanks guys!!!

    1. Me too. I am no longer watching CBS BB. They haven’t shown the results on the west coast and knowing the results, I am no longer going to watch. This is rigged for Amanda and I will not add to CBS ratings. Thanks for having this site. I will check in here but but I am done with the show. (I refused to watch last night too)
      Thanks Simon, Dawg, and all of the posters. It has been fun reading.

    2. That makes no sense, I get you don’t like this season but not watching the episodes on CBS or at least turning the TV on to big brother means there rating go down and the show gets cancelled, if too many people have that attitude then kiss big brother then subsequently this update site goodbye

    3. Ah…ratings are not based on your tv watching unless you are a Neilson family or something like that. Google how television ratings are determined…it’s not through you (or me for that matter). Just sayin’…

    1. Simon, I can guarantee you that BB will not be interviewing Candice’s family. Especially, after her adopted mom’s interview on TMZ.

    1. She deserved that. About time someone told her to STFU, hopefully there’s more of that to come. The sheep gotta shed that wool and turn this predictable season around and make it entertaining like past seasons.

      America is the only player with BALLS and we’re not even in the house.

      MVP Vote #2

    2. i know! i’m no spencer fan either, frankly consider him to be a vile person, but amanda needed someone to stand up to her aggressive, confrontational demeanor, and spencer hit it head on. way to go, spence!

    3. MR94, I was so excited
      I got up and started clapping. Spencer won me over with that
      Speech. STFU AMANDA!

      I just hope the people who don’t read what’s going on and like her based on the edit don’t vote for him as the 3 nom.

  9. Simon I agree with the majority of what you said!! :)

    Clearly McCray is my favorite this season but it did seem like until Amanda got to him he had a pretty decent game like the former successful super fans. I hope Helen and Amanda get each other out this week then the other goes the next week.

    GO McCRAY!!!

    1. so nice you slurp up to him, but it would make hella more sense if you spelled his name correctly. Otherwise, ya just look & sound silly. Even your boy crush McCrae would agree to that..

  10. Elissa needs to win this HOH, she is the only person who I think will put up Amanda and Mc Crae. I think with her winning there would be a shift in power.

      1. Right a bout that, she hasn’t made a single decision in this game just followed orders, her winning HOH would be no different. She’ll put up Aaryn and GM for sure. Would be nice if she did make a power move, but c’mon this is “Elissa” we’re talking about.

  11. I am surprised to read Helen comments b/c I really enjoy her. I do, however, agree about too much “I Love You’s”! I’m sure all would agree she really knows the game and a straight shooter.

    Amanda is way too controlling and if McCrae didn’t reel her in occasionally – she would be out of control. Only reason she is obsessed with getting Howard out is because she can’t control him.

    BB players seem to get better at the game each season.

    1. Helen’s “I love you as a friend” is Helen’s ‘tell’. If she directs it at you, then you are her immediate hit list and you better start working your ass off.

      1. I am glad it was 7-1-0 it shows that Spencer is getting fed up with all of the “what the house wants” bs. I wish I was there because Amanda and I would be going head to head. I do not like that girl!!

  12. This is one spineless group of HGs. They are all standing the picture wall acting like they are so sad that Howard left and they’re not sad.

    They had the chance to get Amanda out and they didn’t!!!! I can’t believe it!!!

  13. Everyone so sad Howard left tonight, bit they sheepishly voted him out to please Amanda. Vote Amanda as third nominee.

    1. I wanted to slap that smile out of her face when Julia Che says she received zero votes. Can’t stand amanda and I’m giving her my ten MVP votes again.
      The good thing about GM winning HOH is that a lot of people don’t read what’s going on and since she was put on the block by America whomever are voting for her next week will not count and Amanda will have more votes.

  14. Okay, we are MVP!!! Time to shake things up after the HOH is determined. Amanda you would want to win HOH, because if not guess what is coming your way.

    1. Well 2 thoughts here. 1st sorry but I thumbs downed you for the 1st time this season. Arryns getting a pretty good edit lately. She is certainly in the running but I see Amanda again most likely. She was so smug with AG in her hip pocket I wanted to vomit tonight. The best choice on the other hand is HELEN. I can see ok, ok we are all friends. It has to be Ellisa MVP. OK OK Amanda save me…. McCrae says mandy baby the opportunity is to good to pass up… we win the game…ok ok? Andy says it’s to early stick with the plan… ok ok. Helen says to Andy OK Ok OK. Andy looks like a rat and says maybe not OK!

      5 days of paranoid Helen now that’s good BB… Especially if a GM was HOH. Looks like Andy was “cruising” early on. Arryn would have won this if she was eligible. This group sucks at comps and folks better realize of those left Arryn is the closest to a comp beast. My best guess is Helen was pretending to struggle for the camera. This comp should be in her wheelhouse. Loved the fake Ellisa slip to! LOL Ag has some terrific actors this season.

  15. I can’t believe I am rooting for spencer to win hoh. He is the only one to have the balls to stand up to Mccrae and Amanda. He may say disgusting things about woman but he is pur only hope to get the power couple

  16. It’s cool how we get to choose The 3rd nominee but honestly I’d wish they’d give it back the MVP to the house guests already. I mean 3 weeks in a row, defeats the purpose, if they were gonna let America choose the 3rd nominee they Should have done it from the beginning. I want to see someone else get MVp,

    1. The only logic behind is that BB wants to give us the power to get Aaryn out. As much as I dislike her! I’m gunning for Amanda more.
      Aaryn seems to be a target in a lot of people’s head so why not go for Amanda until she is out. It’s obvious Amanda is going to he harder to get out because very body is working for her.

  17. Big Brother 15 might as well change their name to HOUSE OF SHEEP. That is all that is left. This is undoubtedly the worst cast ever in BB history! They all might as well self evict and just hand the money to Amanda and McCrea.

  18. If any of you anti-Amanda’s had sense you would vote for McCrae, then you could watch a
    double breakdown.

    1. Good idea, but I don’t think enough people don’t like him, if it wasn’t for his boyish excitement about getting some pussy from a women that wouldn’t touch him in the real world and only fucked him because he was HOH for her own gain, he had a pretty decent game starting out..

      Remember the comment he made in the DR about “Playing his own game”? that died soon as he got a lil taste.

      That’s when his game became Amanda’s.

    2. McCray isn’t as abrasive as Amanda. Besides those people wouldn’t even think of voting him out for fear of the wrath of amanda.

  19. Making a HG MVP 1st 3 weeks really killed the twist, t now they won’t give it back to them. ROLMFAO

  20. Nobody should vote until the HOH is finished. Everybody needs to be strategic with their vote, so don’t waste it on somebody who will likely go up anyway and DO NOT split your votes. Splitting a ballot only makes sense in an election with more than one winner. In a single winner election, you put all you votes behind who you want to win…or in this case lose.

  21. FINALLY!!! Double EVICT!!! maybe this will shakeup the HOUSE and some of the power will be shifted!! PRODUCTION needed to do something CBS/Big Brother is losing ratings and all the new shows are coming online on ALL the major networks!!

  22. Oh no! I’m worried about this double eviction with helmanda and Andy wanting judd out so badly. He’s my favorite! Really hope something happens in his favor this week.

  23. VOTING doesn’t matter PRODUCTION will pick who Allison says! to put up to raise the RATINGS and VIEWERSHIP!! TOO bad because would love to know WHO America really HATES! lol

    1. ratings are so bad here in Toronto, newspaper has given this BB15 1 star outta 5
      i know seeing Amanda up there made me smile and wanna watch more but this not so bright cast could’nt make the move, do we need to shove it their faces, we are putting up Amanda because nobody else has the balls … they have to realize by now that America is voting… I feel they will figure it out this week or just blame Judd actually lol

  24. MVP sucks so much. Let’s say Candice or Spencer win HoH and tries to make a power move, Aaryn is guaranteed to be 3rd nominee and the Superfriends will survive. If an outsider doesn’t win, the Superfriends will send whoever they dictate to go home and Aaryn will trust them even more for saving her.

    MVP is one of the worst twists ever. The double eviction (and Howard’s exit interview) is the only saving grace for tonight’s episode.

  25. People are hating on Helen for playing the game are ridiculous. She’s getting out big targets and is not mean spirited, it’s obvi the woman’s curse is going on women can’t be manipulative and take charge. That’s why the majority of women who’ve won we’re useless floaters.

  26. I’m going to wait until I find out who the HOH is before voting for the MVP nominee. I do not want to waste my votes. But I can tell you it will be either Helen or Amanda or Aaryn

  27. HAHA SPENCER is dying! He can’t even keep his breathe! I see him and Helen going down first and second!! Ellisa almost was first but her yoga saved her butt!

  28. I am still holding out for Spencer. He is the ONLY one, maybe Candice, that will ever go against Amanda/MC right now. Everyone else is on their side! I really don’t think I can take another week of watching someone else be bossed around during their own HOH. It’s soooooo aggravating!

  29. I just tried to vote for the MVP which was Amanda and it would only allow me to do it one time. So I voted for Aaryn and it allowed me to vote. I’ll say, what’s up with that. I signed out and attempted to sign in again to make my votes to put on the block Amanda. Still wouldn’t let me do it. I will wait later on 2nite and cast my 8 votes left.

  30. Going by the reaction of the studio audience, it seems like Howard would (if the show ended right now) get this season America’s favorite houseguest. Only problem you still got a little way to go before this season’s end. With double eviction next week, somebody could finally make a game changing bold move and make people forget about Howard come voting time. Thank you double eviction thursday. One week all rolled up into a few minutes. Amanda and Helen won’t have the time to order people around. Andy won’t have the time to eavesdrop in everybody’s conversation and then ran back to snitch to Amanda and Helen. Perfect time to flip the power in the house.

    1. Now THAT would be epic! I’d LOVE to see Amanda evicted, follow-up by her pizza fiance – in the same night! LOL

    1. I also am a mom of an autistic son. This is one of the reasons I just can’t take watching Amanda anymore. And I can’t tolerate CBS blatant omission of her cruelty so that she can win the show. I don’t care if ratings are down. If CBS is not willing to address this horrible cast, I have no problem not watchingg.

  31. I’m SO sick of Demanda and Candice. I’m rooting for Judd or Spencer to win this HOH and make some moves!

  32. I am amazed that Amanda is still on.. That must be the longest she has stood since she hooked up with Pizza boy.

  33. BB should let America evict the next house guest . The house should put up the nominees and we choose. Then make it look like the decision was made by the house. That would really shake things up !!! Make it happen BB :)

  34. This HOH comp is made for runners like Helen and Elissa. Im really surprised Mc is doing well with all the cigarettes he smokes

      1. I’m happy he is down. Can’t stand him anymore.that much a$$ kissing he is doing to Amanda is not good for him.

  35. I did not think I could want Amanda to go up more than, I had but now it is my only wish this season. Ohhh Spencer/Candice dropped…….. Week is another snoozer

  36. America the only REAL Most Valuable Player this season

    Vote #2 or #10, #7

    And wait til the damn HOH is over before you vote LOL

  37. Has it crossed anyone’s mind that Amanda is just playing McRae? She seems smart enough to realize it won’t work with them. He’s a pizza boy for a reason. I bet he’s a major pothead who goes to work and plays video games. Nothing wrong with that but I bet she went in there with the plan to pick one guy out and become a showmance to further her game. Watch as soon as the season is over there will be no mcanda to speak of. And I am just hoping she doesn’t win hoh so we can all put her ass on the block again, but just in case someone wins who might put her up I will split my votes between her and Andy. I think it would be awesome to see McRae play without Amanda I think he will go further without her then with she is going to eventually make him a target via guilt by association. As far as Andy goes he is a puppet and something about him just really bugs me. At this point my favorite house guest is spencer just because he sees what’s going on and is actually taking a stand. I don’t like him as a person but love that he is trying to shake things up.

    1. 100% Agree, anyone with a brain knows that Amanda only fucked him because he was the 1st HOH, this relationship could never last in the real world, she’s too far out of his league, she lives on 200k+ a year, you know how much pizzas he would have to deliver to match that?. BUT, if he wins 500k, she’ll be on him like white on rice proclaiming her undying love for him convincing him to marry her.

  38. I think third nom will be Aaryn. Amanda is obviously not well-liked, but Aaryn would be rather easy to get out. She has no backers, and no one is going to get scared if they are on record as voting against her. For casual viewers, I’m not sure the Amanda-rage is going to catch on.

  39. Simon,

    I’ve been on your website for a couple seasons now and this is the first time I am commenting lol

    I think American voting Mc. Crea would be brilliant eventho I doubt that will happen esp since I believe he is going to win this HOH. Who will Amanda think put her up this time? Worst BB ever and I’ve been watching since season 1!

  40. I can’t believe I am saying this but the most likeable HG is Judd the stud. I hope he goes all the way. For all you who like Andy, He is one of the biggest floater ever. He only has a social game and it only works because the people he is aligned with have been in power. He is flying so far under the radar. Do we really want a $500,000 winner who did nothing!!! Make a move!!

  41. Simon, I tuned in to see Howard’s interview with Julie, Man, did he win over both Julie and the audience. He told it like it was and they appreciated all his honesty and truthfulness. I got the feeling that he was glad to be out of there, because he really was close to his breaking point.

  42. Simon and Dawg, I got a question for you guys. Do you think this will be the last week of the MVP twist? Reason I ask is because with the double eviction on thursday, how would CBS do the 3rd nominee?

  43. “7:24pm Candice, Amanda, Spencer, Elissa and Helen are all out”

    Sorry about Candice and Spencer, but either way, that’s good news

    “You can hear McCrae getting in trouble from production for turning his back.. ”

    Why and I not surprised? LMFAO

    Let’s go GM and Judd, the only potential HGs left that could go against the grain.


  44. ok from the screen shots, it looks like all the HG’s that might a power mover have falling off the barrel. So another week of the same M.O.

  45. Anyone who votes for MVP and doesn’t vote Amanda for third MVP nom should be set on fire immediately. Anyone who votes for Aaryn and in doing so helps milf and pizza boy, needs to be shot at dawn.

    Got it!!!!

  46. Okay as repulsive as spencer can be, I loved how he stood up to Amanda and her constant threats! Who the hell does she thinks she is? I thought Arynn was the worst but watching Amanda bully everyone makes me sick!

    1. i find myself thinking that a HoH win by GM could REALLY shake things up!
      i don’t want McCrae to be Amanda’s rubber stamp & Jessie is an enigma!!!!

    1. They do eviction thur as normal, then new hoh, noms veto, eviction and another hoh all in the same nite, PRICELESS !!!

    2. most of next Thursday’s show will be live and not heavily file footage
      because the first vote and first eviction will dominate the first half hour.
      the second half of the program will have the interim HoH nominating
      two people, and a rapid PoV competition happens at that point. There
      may be a MVP-USA person in the first half hour but only two people
      being voted for in the second half hour! we then get to the 2nd eviction,
      things can end up with another HoH competition that drags on for hours.

      1. there can be THREE BB Heads Of Household in less than 6 to 12 hours,
        and in the short one hour episode there are the two PoV competitions
        that are each then followed by the two votes that evict a HG per vote!
        I think a sandwiched brief interim HoH can allow an HoH to return in less
        than an hour’s time if people drop like flies in the endurance competition!
        For GM to be the HoH, the others went down way too fast before midnite!

  47. Vote Amanda MVP…. take her down a notch… it will be fun to see her try to figure out who the MVP is now that Howard is gone… and it will drive her nuts to think she is so disliked as well. I want to see her implode.

    1. That might be good if those guys would act on it and vote her out. Mcrae wouldn’t be eligible for hoh during the double eviction and he could go too!

  48. “McCrae: “I didn’t put deodorant on!” Amanda: “I told you to put deodorant on.”

    Yup, they’re REALLY acting like a married couple.

  49. Love the site…to think I’d have to wait until Sunday to see who won it. McCrea could win, then watch his wife leave…..then he leave again. Helen has to be 3rd nom. Then Amanda next week. But get Spencer out now. He just sucks at life.

  50. This compettition is made for howard so sad he left, now don’t know who to root for THEIR ALL SO WEAK. I am 100% sure spencer he ‘s the only one who looks to have a tiny bit of upper body strenght. SHAMEFULl

  51. Andy may be a a floater, but he still entertains me. Really I like anyone who keeps the house fun, whether they make big moves or not.

  52. I am hoping America keeps on voting for Amanda, then Helen to go up and GO HOME!!! But not if some of these houseguests don’t WISE UP and play their own games. Just sayin…..

  53. GM and McCray are making deals with each other. GM says that Amanda and Jessie would be safe.

    GM wants hair dye for her roots. The wheel is rolling faster now.

  54. McCrae refuses to let GM have HOH!!! He wants pictures and the ROOM for him and AMANDA!! GM just wants her CROWN and HAIR DYE hahah

  55. Initially it seemed like Amanda was a strong player, but she’s definitely has become too annoying and an evil control freak. GET THIS b****h OUTTA THE HOUSE!! FLIP THE VOTESS PEOPLE! ITD BE COOL TO SEE AMANDUH, ARYAN NATION AND HELLEN FROM HELL UP ON THE BLOCK!! REAL INTERESTING TO SEE HOW EVERYTHING GOES DOWN!!!!

  56. In defense of those HOH people not sleeping in their HOH bed, McCrae and Amanda have been sleeping in the HOH bed for weeks now. Tainted.

  57. I find it disgusting that the hoh room is being offered to mc if he drops. The hoh is becoming a whorehouse to highest bidder

  58. GM and Mcrae final two left…
    If McRae wins, he won’t be able to compete for HOH next week during the double eviction… that’s a plus, however, we will have to endure another week of Amanda and McRae in the hoh room…. I suppose consummating their marriage…

  59. If you didn’t drop for 5k no way you should drop for HoH room for a night!! No one is have nots this week… Plus we all know you and Amanda will squat in the HoH all week no matter WHO wins. So what kind of deal is that? Lol

  60. GM is lobbying big time, says that she cannot win mental challenges. She wants her hair dye. Wheel speeds up backwards. Spencer loves the bullhorn.

  61. GO GINA GO GINA GO! I am actually cheering for Gina! However if pizza boy he will not be able to play in next weeks double eviction! Yay! And if Amanda is on the block again he is one less vote! YAY!

  62. Just voted for Amanda to be the third nominee. Hope GM wins this and puts up Mc and Helen alongside Amanda. Now that would be a blast to see the live feeds if that happened!

  63. This will be interesting if McCrae wins. Amanda will want him to put up Spencer and Judd who are on McCrae’s side. We’ll see…

  64. I beg of you, CBS, do not put me through the torture of watching the wedding of Amanda and bowhead McRae. Just kill me now.
    Go, GM, go!

  65. Welcome to the game GM finally! I hope she can make a big move. Please vote as this week’s MVP for Amanda, Helen, Andy or McCrae to go on the block.

  66. i voted Amanda for MVP again but I hope that Helen comes in second, just in case. I would like to see how the rest of the fools play the game without one of these annoying girls in it. Team JUDD!!!

  67. i really dont like GM and her new york accent is annoying and i can deal with her or aaryn for another week hopefully aaryn is one of the two people evicted next week!

  68. why the heck did spencer vote like that. its obvious he was the vote, and he does it out of some stupid loyalty. dude, Candace is STILL IN THE GAME


    glad mcrae didn’t get HOH, but a week of gina marie and her gangster east coast stereotype she perpetuates might be a bit much honestly

    who will she put up? trying to think who GM hates.

    1. Candace and Spencer are going up…. unless Amanda decides otherwise. GM hates Candace and Spencer is a safe house pick. It’s a snooze fest as Helen will back Candace going in spite of all her lies to Candy. Spencer may win another POV. Then we have an interesting renom pick. Won’t be Arryn so it’s likely Ellisa or Jessie. Might see Helen figuring out she has no power in the house with Ellisa the renom. Candy 1st out Thursday. Second likely Spencer unless he wins HOH/POV at F10. My gut tells me Ellisa’s time is getting short in the BB house.

      Just want to mention there was a book most children had read to them at an early age. The little Engine that could. Arryn is quickly becoming this seasons Little Racist that Could as she is quickly positioning herself as the HG Amanda intends to sit beside F2. With GM HOH she goes no where nearthe block this week. I will be interested to see if Helen tries for a private talk with GM or lets surrogates do it. Bye Candy glad you got the 5K.

  69. I can’t believe I am rooting for GinaMarie! She needs to nominate mcreaoy and amandho. Any IDE who she will put up? I don’t want to waste my votes.

  70. YAY, GM is HOH. Please don’t do what he superfriends want. Play your own game girl. Team up with Spencer, Aaryn and Candice and give these fools a run for their money.

  71. I do not want to hear any complaints about Amanda and McRae in the HOH room. GM offered him the HOH room at least 3 times during this competition saying all she wants is her hair dye.

  72. Gods help us all, you thought Helen talked a lot….
    This is going to be the week from hell, GM’s mouth is hardly ever closed.

    *UGH* And Spencer will be oozing around the HOH constantly.
    Anyone remember the line from Beetlejuice- “That weird guy has been sleazing
    around our cemetary”…that reminds me of Spencer, lol.

  73. Helen drives me absolutley INSANE!!!!!! I dislike her the most. She wears on my very very last nerve. Since her HOH she truly believes she has this game in the bag. Can’t wait until Helen and Amanda go against each other unless by some miracle one of them leave this week. (wishful thinking)

  74. If I hadn’t heard it with my own ears I’d have thought it was made up. After her win GM says – “Do you think Nick is proud of me?” ROFL!!

    1. LOL
      Nick is prob currently vacationing in the Bahamas
      I highly doubt he’s watching these losers lol
      poor delusional GM


      1. Actually, I read on twitter that last week that Nick was going to go and meet Racael n Brenden and they were all going to watch the live eviction show together. Go figure that. Rachael tweeted welcome to our disfunctional family.

  75. I seriously doubt McCrae will drop and leave GinaMarie as head of household. He’ll convince Ginamarie that she’s absolutely safe, that she’s not his target (Candice and Spencer are) and so, unless he accidentally falls off, he will probably get the HOH again. As someone mentioned above, it’s become blatantly obvious that this game has been geared to furthering and protecting Amanda. I predicted in another post that McCrae would probably win this endurance contest since he doesn’t do a damn thing BUT rest all day long and he’s proven to be good at endurance competitions. Why doesn’t Big Brother just have Amanda and McCrae move into the HOH room for the rest of the game? They might as well since they’ve taken it over from every person who has become HOH.

    MVP choice or not, the fix is definitely in for Amanda and I’ve reached my tolerance level with this season of Big Brother. Like some others, I’ll get my information from reading the spoiler blogs rather than waste my time watching what has turned into an extremely annoying show.

  76. She’s going to put up Candice and that will be her target. Lets hope she pulls out those NY balls she’s so proud of.

  77. YAY GINA! YOU GO GIRL! Please do not allow those dictators to tell you who to put on the block! PLEASE THINK FOR YOURSELF!

  78. I have a feeling Aaryn will talk GM into not putting up Amanda or McCray… I bet she tells her its too soon. GM doesnt like Candice… she will probably put her up with Spencer and go along with the house…. SNOOOZE FEST!!

  79. Good grief people. I see a lot of Helen, Amanda, Spencer and Aaryn haters but if you actually watch the game they’re the only ones playing. Vote them out and you’re stuck watching Judd nap, Elissa stroke her hair, Andy creeping, Jessie whining, Candice batting her eye lashes, Mccrae with his nose up Amanda’s ass, and GM burping and farting. Fun fun!!! CBS will keep the MPV at least one more week or until Aaryn is voted and then it’ll end. What the hell had Mccrae done besides lay around agreeing with everything Amanda says to gain so many supporters? Amanda needs to put some blinkers and brake lights on her hips so that when she stops or turns Mccrae won’t break his nose on her ass when she stops!!

  80. she isn’t going to nominate Amanda or mccrae. all you crybaby cat folk will have to 10-vote Amanda up there yourselves. (So pathetic)

  81. GM will make a move, no reason to play scared, put McCrae or Amanda(we’ll take care of the other) up next to Helen = Guaranteed Eviction of either Amanda or McCrae. Perfect time to go against the grain. They gotta start playing for the 500k.

  82. The next comp will be who can keep a secret the longest…. Andy will lose first followed by Helen followed by Candice followed by Amanda followed by Judd…


  84. After the great fits Amanda has been getting it would not surprise me if America voted Aaryn to be up even though it really won’t change the outcome much. I personally am splitting the vote 5 Amanda and 5 Helen. Either one going up wold change the dynamics of the house and cause a stir. Either one leaving would be freaking awesome and begin the shake down of the alliance that is basically running the house. I personally can’t stand Aaryn but as of right now she really has no bearing on the house and I would bet that anyone there would love to go against her in the final 2 for a nearly guaranteed win….

  85. Super-happy my vote counts all the way from here in Toronto Canada.. 10 times for Amanda to go up!

    GM! Don’t let this crew take over your HOH!!

  86. Having GM as HOH is the same as having Aaryn. She is not likely to make a move against Amanda/McCrae or Helen either. Most likely it will be Candice and Spencer or JUDD.

  87. How sweet would it be if Gina puts up pizza boy and Helen and America votes for AMANDA! I hope we could a switch up in the house!

  88. Predictions:

    Pre POV: Candice, Elissa, Aaryn (America’s Vote)

    America’s back-up nominee: Amanda
    Gina’s back-up nominee: Helen

    It’s easy to say that Aaryn’s number is up…but there’s a lot of factors this week, especially with the announcement of double eviction-which will occur right before the first vote of the night next Thursday. That revelation will likely be swaying votes right up until the end.

    Go get those coc-ka-roaches Gina Marie!

  89. GM will NOMINATE! Spencer and Candice!! Hopefully PRODUCTION/ ALLISON will pick AMANDA and/or McCRAE but I have a feeling SHE will select AARYN!!

  90. So did GM make a deal where she has to give up HOH room for McCrae to drop or did he finally just get exhausted. What about safety for mcmanda??

      1. don’t know why he got so winded. He smokes all day and stays horizontal for the most part of it as well !! I can’t connect the dots..

      2. I got sunshine on a cloudy day, when it’s cold outside I got the month of May. I guess you’d say what can make me feel that way GM talkin’ ’bout GM

  91. If Ginamarie is brave enough to make a power move to really shake up the house and puts both McCrae AND Amanda up, she may actually earn some respect from me although I don’t like her. The problem is, if she does that, and America’s vote has Amanda as the MVP, the next person with the most votes (again, probably Elissa) will also go up as the third nominee, which gives Amanda and McCrae an opportunity to wiggle out of a possible eviction. This is a double eviction week coming up so anything can happen. I just hope SOMEONE make a power move and gets Amanda out. I’ll bet Amanda was in Ginamarie’s ear “suggesting” who to put on the block as soon as she came back into the house.

  92. But AMANDA is taking GM bed the first night she is HOH!! Some nerve!! Her and Aaryn will share GM and Nicks bed haha lol

  93. I feel like the effectiveness of the comment option is slowly declining. It isn’t used to analyze game anymore, just to bash every living human being in the house.

  94. That was a great comp/battle of wills!!! Both GM and Mcrae trying to make deals with each with neither one giving in! Battled it out with McAnda losing to GM, NICE!!!

    Gotta give it up to GM, she showed heart and a NY attitude toward fighting hard… she definitely earned my respect tonight!!!

    Now lets see who she puts up…

  95. This should be a fun week with GM as HOH…am sure the MVP pick will be Aaryn. That should cause some interesting paranoia in the house….. and the double eviction of course.

  96. Kinda sad there are no Have Nots. I really wanted to see them have melt downs over Mung Beans and Mackerel Lolol

  97. SMH…DAMN…this is becoming more frustrating by the day. if GM was smart she will throw Helen and Andy on the block, and America votes in Amanda. it won’t happen and I agree with the people here saying Spencer and Candice will be on the block. another boring nominations.


  99. Now to the matter at hand… MVP VOTES!!!

    I found this interesting evidence on Amanda as not seen on TV created by a fellow fan (thanks production for the bits of Amanda only shown on CBS painting a favorable impression, HA… (COUGH – b***s***!)

    Take a look: – UGH!!!

    TEN VOTES ON DEMANDA!!! (Let’s temp the house again on taking the trash out!)

  100. shes not putting up mccrae. She said it numerous times on the barrel. Amanda wont go up either. CBS will either put up Aaryn or Helen


  102. Candice WON $5000.00 and Helen WON a BBQ and she can pick ONLY three people to it! (She picked AARYN/ELLISA and Jessie wanted the THIRD but Helen said NO!! lol she is going to have a contest for the LAST

  103. playing the race card is just as bad as racism. candace said aaryn put her up cause she’s a racist redneck. no, it was because helen told her to, because candace threatened helen. take responsiblity for your own actions woman, its not because ‘you’re black’. yeah any time things dont go exactly the way you want them to it’s because of racism. Using racism as a tool like this dilutes actual real charges of racism. Good job. Yes Aaryn has said racist things but that was not why she put you up. Then Candace throws a tantrum at spencer with that ghetto hand chopping palm while she talks motion and makes the whole house want her out. really bad player. “Bestyboo” what a dipshit.
    as far as the old final pre vote plea ‘I want to stay cause I’m not ready to go, just vote with your heart’. Why not just say ‘yeah I’d like to make the standard pre vote plea thanks’ and sit down.

  104. Candice is all alone, a Leper, racial slurs notwithstanding, if I am her….I am self evicting….this will be torture for her this week…Candice will be joining Howard, CBS will breathe a sigh of relief that both of the blacks are gone. This has been very trying on Howard and Candice, how could have they played a better game in such a confined hostile environment.

    Now that they have the controversy out of the house, if this had been Chima, who behaved as like Aaryn and GM she would have been gone, oh! that’s right she did leave.

    Helen is so consumed with wanting to be accepted not by whites but to be white, self-hated Asian.

    And please somebody tell me why Gina think she is a blonde(natural).

  105. confined hostile environment? look what rachel and brendon were up against and they fought like hell. they didnt just whine ‘racism’ and give up.

  106. Hopefully, GM’s crazy obsession with Nick will cause her to seek revenge for Nick and put up McCrae since he betrayed Nick. Also, GM was saying that Amanda n McCrae were a part of getting out all of the couples so she wants to get them out. I hope she puts up McCrae n Helen and Amanda is mvp nom. Would love to see the look on Amanda’s face again if she goes up again.

  107. howard classiest bb house gues of all time great respect big change in mood when he left they all know hes a great guy just not the best for this game ..differ cast hed still be there hope he returns some day

  108. I can’t believe how everyone is bashing Amanda or any of the players. Granted this isn’t the best bunch of BB players but Amanda and Helen are running the game because they are playing the game. You can hate if you want; but isn’t that what they are in there to do???? I could never understand why someone would want the underdog to win. They do nothing as far as game play. This is a boring season but not because of Amanda; it is the other boring people who do not have any game play at all.

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