Big Brother Spoilers Guess who’s sleeping in the HOH tonight.. Clue it’s not the HOH

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


8:16pm Feeds come back Lots of random side converations

JUDD, MC, Andy and Amanda scurry into the bedroom. JUDD tells them GM winning HOH isn’t that bad she will nominate Candice for sure he just doesn’t know who the 2nd nominee will be.

GM is very excited, everyone is kissing her a$$ standard post HOH activity. Elissa hugs her and says she’s glad they are friends.

Spencer is walking around with the Megaphone every time he talks it has to be through the megaphone.

GM: “I’m overextreming right now.. is that even a word over extremeing”


8:25pm BAthroom
Gm tells McCrae she’s stand by what she said McCrae and Amanda can have the HOH room for one night. McCrae is grateful thanks her. GM: ‘No problem Baby anytime”
Amanda is excited because they are going to have their wedding this week and they all can drink. (No have nots this week) Amanda wants to sleep in the HOH tonight. GM says sure thing she’ll sleep in her regular bed.



8:33pm Bedroom Helen, MC, Aaryn and GM

Helen : “Thank You for your vote.. I love you I love your loyalty.. Look at how hard it was to get howard out.. I love him as a person..”
Helen says she can pick three people to have the BBQ with. She wants GM to join them. GM says she declines because she never really eats and doesn’t want to take that away from someone. GM suggests they have a contest.
Helen give one spot to Elissa and Aaryn and the 3rd spot will be up for grabs.
Helen says Jessie had asked her for the spot but she’s not giving it to her, “There’s people I need to repay”



8:43pm Bedroom Amanda and McCrae
MC says he’s got blisters on his hands and his feet are sore. They both agree that GM winning isn’t being the worst thing to happen. Amanda says she went to talk to GM right before the vote and they had a moment. Andy joins them and Amanda tells them she had a moment with Spencer and they told them they will protect each other. Andy asks who is going up. Amanda thinks it will be Candice.

MC is thinking JUDD will win the MVP this week and he might put Jessie up. Andy tells them they are over playing right now he wants them to rest for the night.
ASndy leaves

aMANda asks him why he was telling production to let the other players into the house when it was just him and GM on the rotating log. MC says he was going to offer GM the world “Final 2”
Amanda: “Would you stick to it”
MC: ‘F*** no”
Amanda: ‘I trust Aaryn”
MC: ‘I hope so”
Amanda: ‘Ginamarie will not put us up.. she’s not going to do it”
MC: ‘She’ll backdoor us… we have to be Howard’s this week we have to be on top of her every step of the way”:


8:52pm Aaryn, JUDD and Jessie

Jessie is asking Aaryn who GM will put up. Aaryn doesn’t know because GM likes everyone. Aaryn think she’ll go talk to everyone then make a decision based on what the house wants, “She has to make deals”

They wonder if they Spencer and Candice are going up . Aaryn points out that Spencer did tell GM he would put her up.

(OMG if she puts up what the “House” wants i’m going to flip out)

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No brainer? Candice is going home. Any thoughts?


If GM has her way then Candice will be the target ’cause she hates her, I don’t really know why but whatever! If the house has their way it’ll probably be Spencer leaving this week. My guess is Gina will go with the house ’cause she’s a sheep just like them only difference is she’s HOH this week!


GinaMarie is so immature, disgusting, stupid for someone in their thirties! It’s like she never made it past 3rd grade!

give me a break

Aaryn will be the 3rd Nom this week….I wonder who Helen will vote to send home…Candice or Aaryn??……

Aaryn's Ex

I don’t see Gina doing the Helen HOH thing. Aaryn said Gina will talk to the rest of the house to see who they want up. Does the rest of the house just mean talking to Amanda and Helen? Gina said she came to BB to win some s**t. You were complaining when Judd and Aaryn weren’t willing to make any bold moves. Its your chance to actually flip the house.As far as my Aaryn being the 3rd nominee, I don’t see it. Amanda really went over the top with this Howard eviction. Helen also showed how mean she could be as well. Judd wanted to fight everyone. Nope, Aaryn will get a lot of votes, but its going to be Helen or Amanda.

Can we get more picts of Aaryn and please zoom in. That Aaryn is safe this week and will win HOH next week. Wow!


OK OK your not understanding BB season 15…ok ok! Amanda has received the “golden edit”. That is why Arryn is a likely MVP nom. Remember her racism has been a huge part of the season’s story line. Amanda’s filth has been hiden from the mainstream fans. They are far and away the biggest voting block. It’s also likely AG has told Amanda everything regaurding the MVP nom and the fact it’s America’s vote. If she ever gets in any real trouble she’ll just get the Grodner Twist.

On another week I think it would be interesting to have Arryn up but this will be a bland Candy goes week. Until Helen figures out, if she ever does, that Arryn is in Amanda’s hip pocket Arryn is golden to stay. The only 3rd nom that could shake things truly up is Helen. Not because she would get evicted but the paranoia would be great!

Brad B

still think it will be Amanda as 3rd nominee

give me a break

How does the double eviction work???…i want to know before i cast my 3rd Nom vote…it’s between Amanda and Aaryn…


Somebody, wake me up? Did GM really win HOH! This might actually be an interesting week. Then, again… is GM…..


this week will only be interesting if GM has any guts, but as usual for this season, it will be Candace and Spencer up and Helen can do her little dance and celebrate, and the sheep will continue to follow. Howard was spot on in his interview with Julie. I keep watching hoping for someone with some balls to do something, but it is so predictable now. Can we fire the houseguests and do a rewind with fresh faces? Please!


They’re acting like it’s a university frat house and basing it all on popularity, or as Aaryn would put it the nice looking ones. Blaeek!
I wish they’d shut up about this “you lied to me” crap. They’re all lieing. And YES I’m glad Spencer told domineering Amanda to shut up. I wasn’t offended. I’m a woman too and I thought it was fair.


Jesse always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Brown Noser

If GM puts up who Helen / Amanda wants to then I’m just done watching this season.

Now is her time to show that she “has her own brain” like she was bragging to Spencer about this past week. She needs to put up a combination of Helen, Amanda, and McCrae.


I don’t think GinaMarie will not be to put up Helen. She will put up Candace & Spencer.


Yap cause Helen never targets her or even consider putting her in the block.


GM is all bark and no bite. She won’t make a power move. She will put up Spencer, Candice, Jesse. Any of that combo. She will do what helen and amanda and aryan wants. She’s a coward too. Wanted Spencer to win just to see a flip in the house. Expect the unexpected is not happening this yr. : (


She’s too brainwashed to think for herself. She will make it a predictable boring show. The only mercy might be the double eviction. If someone good wins the 2nd HOH and can knock out who America puts up. Might be very hard tho. Judd or Jessie would have to get it and put one of the others up.

And let them complain they were lied to and threaten to put a target on someone’s back. They are so full of @@@ double standards.


IF amanda and macrea is sleeping in the HOH they will be milking GM all the way .. The 2 head bitches will make the nomination this week , HELLEN , amanda . .. amanda will use AARYN to carry out her nominations because aaryn have said already she will be choosing amanda over HELLEN … NO LEADERS this season just followers that do like they are told …. candice will be nominated no doubt because these players are so weak just pass amanda and macrea the money …


candace would not be helen’s nomination and candace and spencer are definitely going up, or even jessie.

Big Jim

I’m so sick of this b!tch trying to dominate the HOH bedroom has not won shit. 10 votes for Amanda please get her out


GM freely offered it because she wants to sleep in the bed she and Nick shared. The logic is off but the invitation was sincere. So, please no more bashing Amanda on this. There are tons of other things to bash her on (and all you guys do) but this isn’t one of them.


Thats the beauty of Big brother Tiny Jim.. you dont need to win HOH to be good at the game. Typical Amanda hater comment… wake the F up she is playing a good game and controlling the house. Stupid idiot remarks like this are what make my dick hurt..

Wayward Irish

Thank you. Someone watches and sees the gameplay.


Everything you type is a “stupid idiot remark”, so what exactly are you bi***hing about?

FYI “Makes your Dick hurt” is NOT nor have EVER been a “figure of speech”, it’s what retarded men say, when their tiny brains can’t muster an intellectual comment.


Can you not read dipshit? If you could, you would know exactly “what I’m b****ing about”.. Read what I told tiny Jim, make sure to read it Atleast 5 times so your pea sized brain can comprehend.


And I suppose that calling a woman a “b!tch” like big Jim did is the intellectual route.


We have to get behind 1 person to put up. Please oh please oh please America put up Xmanda. I’ve already voted 10 times for her. She won’t go home but she may have a nervous break down and that would be fun to watch! I can’t wait till someone says to her hey Bit@h get out of my bed.

Go Poopie Go


I put all my ten votes in for Helen! She is annoying and in power, turn it around America!

S Cummings

I sent my ten votes for Helen too! Lets shake them up a bit more! Paranoia rocks in the BB house!


If Helen goes up as MVP she is a shoo in to go out. That would mean a more boring series with Amanda-MC Crae-Andy continuing to dominate.


Me too, and she will get them as long as this stupid twist is around. I think she is more obnoxious than Amanda, because Amanda doesn’t hide her scheming behind group hugs and false niceness. Amanda is loud, pushy and brash, but she doesn’t pretend to be something she isn’t. I can respect that. I don’t get why people like players that control the house when they are men, but if a woman plays that way, she gets hate. Dr. Will controlled every eviction on both of his seasons (except the last one where Janelle voted him out) and he is a hero. My votes are for Helen, I want to see someone force her to tell the whole truth like she did to Howard and Spencer. I want her to feel the heat. Last week was Amanda’s turn, this week I want it to be Helen.


Amanda is the biggest liar in the house look at the diary room clips she pretends to be a nice good person who never lies. She is the most evil person in the house.


My votes go to Helen for 3rd nom. She needs to feel the heat, she has become to confident and controlling.


Amanda 8
Helen 2

Only wish i couldve put some in for that little rat-bastard andy!


All Andy does is gossips. He ruins everyone’s game by doing so. Wish he would man up.

Dan's Mist

I would like to coin Amanda’s Slime. She slimes all over the house and people do her bidding. It’s like Dan’s Mist, but awkward and a little sickening. Seriously GM’s first night of HoH and that’s the night she wants to cash in? Disgusting.


are you kidding me? She gave her the rooom, knowing very well what she allowed them to do. You guys all act like “doing the dirty” is such a horrible thing. I guess we all should be virgins cause if not then we are “whores”

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Sheep: Why think for yourself, when you can swim in Amanda’s Slim and never have to.

Yeah, it works.


It really does!! Love the swimming analogy. Great addition!!
And to Whaaat, my thoughts have nothing to do with sex. I think it’s disgusting that Amanda decides to use GMs first night of HoH as their one night. They can slime all over the whole house for all I care, it’s their hind sides on TV not mine.

Dan's Mist

Whoops that was me, my name didn’t fill in. Sorry about that.

HOH Bedsheets

please wash me after tonight !!!!


they are gonna have to burn down that BB house after this season. Amanda has spread her period blood all over the BB house.


Seriously going to give up your HoH room so they can skank it up…..what a joke

So much complaining

Who givs a shit. Apperently these people are pretty chill about the whole situation because they never tell them to leave. The only people that b**tch about it is every dumb fuk on this forum. This site is full of nothing but people bitching. I’m a huge fan and love reading spoilers but Jesus u fuks sure do like to complain. That goes for the authors as well!

Aaryn's sharpened teeth

And that includes you! You fucktard! So why don’t YOU STFU or get the fcuk off this site.
Stupid little piece of shit motherfuckker


Then go away fool! no one makes you read this site. Apparently you are a first timer. This is what we do. Please be a last timer on here and haul a*ss

Wayward Irish

Well said.


Macrae better watch it because Amanda wears the pants in that relationship. It would be worth it to see him put Amanda up–say, “I really can’t stand you any longer.”

I worked in the same office as my husband when we dated and I could not stand seeing him every day!@@@


Can I just say I was flaberghast by what Candice did to ruin things for herself. Really! I hoped Spencer would have gone to her and said, “Good act, now everyone things we don’t work together. They think you hate me.” But no. she was for real. She was tricked by Helen!! She should have gone to Spencer or even Howard and told them what Helen said. They would have set her straight. They would have pointed out how Helen was blindsiding her.

She really blew it and now has no friends there. Is anyone talking to her? I’m unsure why they hate her. Is it just because they’re not used to being around blacks? Come on. That is so ridiculous and cruel.



Can Howard’s pic be photshopped so he has his middle finger pointing to his forehead and not his pointer (up in that Brady Bunch grid)? Yeah, I know he is a good man, but I’d find it funny.


” photshopped’ that’s funny! What are you, a retard? I don’t know if Howard’s picture can be photoshop, but mine with your mom can. I will put it on instagram. Enjoy!


I don’t know about Howard’s pict, but I also have one of your mom.


Now to the matter at hand… MVP NOM VOTE!!!

I found this interesting evidence on Amanda as not seen on TV created by a fellow fan (thanks production for the bits of Amanda only shown on CBS painting a favorable impression, HA… (COUGH – b***s***!)

Take a look: – UGH!!!

TEN VOTES ON DEMANDA!!! (Let’s temp the house again on taking the trash out!)


Here’s my theory on this whole Howard-Amanda thing. She wanted to bone him first, he smacked her down flat. She got pissed, ran to the weakest dude in the house…and from that day forth, she was out to get him. This game was NOT for him. So, it’s not an anti-black thing, it’s a the hottest guy in the house turned me down and I had to make him pay thing.


As a girl who dates black men (good-looking ones), I can say that Howard was not that pretty. IMHO. The hottest guy in the house? Maybe you’re confusing the biggest muscles for the hottest guy? I dunno. I didn’t find any of his facial features attractive.


Lol…that certain group will pull any excuse out of their a$$ to prove that what a complete stranger did to a minority is not racist…


it’s related to classism….it’s attractiveness…it’s anything but anti-black…okay


How can any throw the words I love you around so loosely? Helen is the biggest fake I have ever seen on Big Brother, EVER.


No doubt, shouldn’t it be “love you long time soldier” ??

Slurricane Pat

How did you get out of the house, Amanda?


So so blind to everything that is happening.. To me there are two things that can get you really far in this game. 1. Try to make production like you as much as possible. 2. Have a cute showmance. Amanda has done both. Quit hating on her, shit I would say I love you too for 500K. ITS A GAME PEOPLE. She is in 100% game mode and completing controlling the house. I hate Amanda haters I hate Amanda haters I hate Amanda haters. That feels good to say more than just once. WAKE UP TO THE COMPETITION. All you people talking shit would be the first ones out the door, because your logic for the way Amanda is, lets me know you would most likely be a TERRIBLE game player. This show is big brother last time I checked, not The Hero. “END OF DEMO” -Dodgeball


Um….I was talking about Helen…..


Amanda is a snake though and a hypocrite she calls out others for being racist and hateful when she is the biggest racist and hateful person she even said she would cut Jessies throat.

Amanda is friends with Allison Grodner the produce of big brother Amanda was even on a 2008 show by Allison look it up! Amanda is being helped by big brother they are giving her information in the diary room and they are editing everything to make her look good.


I can’t get passed Helen to even appreciate her game play because of Helen.


Amanda’s goodbye message to Howard made me cringe tonight , her and Helen are really sucking the life out of me while watching the show.


Me too. Keeping it as classy as she is. I mean he’s going home. Mission accomplished.


Support 4chan if you want Amanda out and Alison outed.


MCMANDA of COURSE!! Candice WON $5000.00 and Helen WON a BBQ and she can pick ONLY three people to it! (She picked AARYN/ELLISA and Jessie wanted the THIRD but Helen said NO!! lol she is going to have a contest for the LAST



BFF Super Duper Friends

All my votes have gone to Amanda for 3rd nominee! Seeing her evicted would be a priceless wedding gift!

BB Fan

I hope GM burns the sheets and mattress after letting those two dirt bags use the HOH room for the night.


Maybe it’s just me but I would think Helen would invite Candice to her BBQ. She lied to her all week and made her look stupid and she just lost her best friend in the game. Helen gave GM safety the week Nick went because GM was so heartbroken. She is mean and a liar and now she is just so damn inconsiderate. My MVP vote will still go to Aaryn though. I am hoping Helen, Elissa, Jessie and Judd would take advantage of this opportunity.


Hi Newbie she cannot because she knows GM and Aryan do not like Candice. She stated she needs to repay people and I guess that is why she invited Aryan. No to Jessie because she found out that she suggested on voting out Candice just my thought only.


GM is a freakin’ idiot. Her winning HoH is gonna be just like Aaryn’s. Sorry Simon & Dawg I used to read y’all’s site every couple of hours, but I have to admit now that I only look at the spoilers maybe once every couple of days now. You guys are awesome but this season I must admit is one of the uninteresting, boringest, must predictable season ever and reading the spoilers are pointlessly painful. Even watching the show its pointless because nothing really happens,


If she’s going with what the house wants, then that means Spencer and Judd might be the noms this week.


So do they make the check out to “The House”. I so tired of hearing that shit!


Hey Simon,

Convince me why I should keep watching? Convince me the Superfriends aren’t going to give Candice the racial burial job they just gave Howard, saying Candice made up the racism and made GM look bad and nominate the last troublemaking black person? Convince me they won’t also convince GM that Jessie is another threat to “the house”and she needs to go up too, just to be scared, then they will use the veto and tell GM that Jessie was scared enough and now Judd needs to be scared. Then by Tuesday GM will realize she used her HOH to evict Judd, who actually was no threat to her and likely would have helped her advance?


Oh, I won’t leave you and Dawg…just actually watching it myself.

I’ll make you guys do the heavy lifting…


What exactly is a racial burial job. Have you been watching the same show – the one where Candice has no social or physical game.
She should have been on Basketball Wives or The Bachelor.


The campaign against Howard was not based on game, it was based on the idea that he created the racism storyline that they were all asked about in the DR? It’s why Amanda and Helen never stopped making the case that Howard was manipulative and why they were apologizing to Aaryn this past week for believing Howard and Candice, but now they were sure it was blown out of proportion. The whole house was terrified that Howard and Candice were in the DR calling them all racist for either telling or laughing at the racism. That’s why it was so easy for Amanda and Helen to paint Howard as an equal mix of Dan and Al Sharpton.

Let them make the case that Candice is a terrible player without bringing up race (Amanda and Helen can’t)…but Aaryn and GM’s obsession with Candice is based on the racism story and they blame her for drawing attention to the comments that have left them jobless in the real world


Howard was a really bad player looking to further his image (acting career). He had nothing socially and did not make the right deals. Nothing racial about his eviction – he went 5th right? Racial burial job – good one.


Belongs on Basketball Wives? SMDH.


Nice save by mentioning the bachelor after mentioning basketball wives lol ..we all know candice would not have a chance on that show as a black female but you just had to throw that in to save face. I need to get a plane ticket folks…this is not my home..


Whoa dude (dudette) – I don’t need to ‘save face’ Every little thing doesn’t mean racism FTR. F**kin grow up. Noone can say anything anymore around people with chips on their shoulders. It’s your issue not mine. Must be shitty to walk around so paranoid and suspect of everybody’s statements when they meant absolutely nothing less than the exact words that were used. Sometimes A CIGAR IS JUST A CIGAR. Good Lord.


Just when you thought this season couldn’t get any worst…BOOM G.M. wins HOH. W-H-A-T. I’m shocked and disappointed at the same time. I don’t think G.M. has the brains to shake up the house (personally I don’t think she has any sort of intellect in general). My educated guess is she will put up Candice/Spencer and the 3rd nominee will be Aaryn (fingers crossed for Amanda). Either Spencer or Candice will be going home this week a.k.a. another boring week. Hopefully someone gets into her ear so she can split up Amanda and Mccrae…*sigh*


Hey GinaMarie, please put up Candace & Spencer on the block. Keep Elissa little bit longer.


amanDUH is so gross, so sick of her mouth and now there is going to a mating session tonite with stick boy, who has no personality or balls.

Meat Lovers Pizza

Helen should’ve chosen three people more strategically, like:

Judd & Amanda – to keep an eye on them and away from GM and
Aaryn – to show GM that they have a mutual friend so she can trust her more

No way should she have chosen Elissa which just solidifies their alliance to each other in the house plus no one she can really trust to watch and report on the house when she’s gone.


She would have Andy in the house.


Come on Gina, make a bald move.


I’m sure her move will the the baldest in BB history.


yeah-shave your head or something.


you’re so funny!!


johnny you can have all my bb bandwidth. B/c the inner circle backstabing you write of, will be just as predictable as the last 2-3 weeks of bb with a Demanda or pizzaboy win.


Wow I was hoping if spencer didn’t win gm would because I thought she had the balls to go after superfriends but now idk I will be so dissapointed if she nominates candice and spencer or candice and elissa. Hopefully spence or someone gets in her ear and tells her mccrae and amanda split up her and nick now she should split them up but I doubt it will happen


You got that right!!!!!!!


let the ass kissing begin by queen b!tches Amanda and Helen

The Black Fish

For f***’s sake

give me a break

G.M. winning means..this is going to be a very disgusting bashing week for Candice…G.M., Aryan Nation, Spencer, and Amanda…it’s going to be brutal. Aryan feels comfortable being her true self with this group….oh i forgot Judd……I hope it doesn’t happen…but I know it will…because Aryan will make it happen…


Got to the damn hoh already. Fn hate mcb*tch and aMANda. Get them out. This shite is boring nw. List out.


If you think about it, it actually would have been better to have McCrae win HOH. Most likely America will put up Amanda for the MVP nominee. Then McCrae wouldn’t be able to play for HOH next week to come after the house if they actually had the balls to get her out. We get to see more than the players do, but it seems as if the ones that actually are observant enough to know what is going on are the ones being evicted by the masterminds and the ignorant ones.


I really wish Kamanda would get the he!! out of the HOH room!
If she wants it so bad she needs to get off her lazy a$$ and win HOH.
Thats why Mc Whooped lost…he’s been a lazy a$$ too.
Then GM offers her the room for 1 night……thinking for their “wedding night”.
But no….Kamanda wants it NOW! Go home allready amanda……………………
This is Great that GM won HOH …..should make for an interesting week


I couldn’t believe that Amanda has the b@!!s to push her way into GM’s HOH room ON THE VERY FIRST NIGHT of GM’s victory! Talk about moxie! At least let GM enjoy the very first night in the HOH room (even if she chooses not to sleep there – it’s her call) but fat a$$ Amanda feels entitled to barge in to take whatever she can. I’ll bet they’ll be eating all they can from GM’s gift basket, too. McManda will be soiling up the sheets, and scumming up the bathtub. Amanda thinks she’s so above everyone else, but truth be told, she’s a rude, insensitive, selfish, self-centered control freak. I can’t wait until she’s voted America’s choice Most Vile Player again and put up on the block. With the double eviction, maybe she will be booted out. Boo hoo hoo.


Same shit different HOH

Butters Mom

Well I guess Spencer wont be doing any side deals with that megaphone attached to his lips. I wonder if he will keep Candice out of his mouth or just throw her name out there over the megaphone to piss her off all week. lol

give me a break

We have to vote Aaryn in as 3rd nom………..people would save Amanda over Candice in the house…..and G.M. is going to choose Candice……How fun would it be if Candice and Aaryn both go home since it double eviction week. That will be must see T.V.!!!

Butters Mom

Double eviction doesnt work that way… both people on the block dont go home…. they have a rushed HOH and new noms… and another eviction.

give me a break

Oh thanks for the correction…..(BUTTERS MOM)….I’m still new the big brother rules…

Butters Mom

Saw that nomination coming a mile away…. GM will do what Aaryn tells her to do… and Aaryn does what Amanda tells her to do…. YAWWWWN!

Butters Mom

Im sure Amanda and McCrae will eat and drink all of GM’s snacks before she even has a chance to break into her basket herself too. They will be all gone before she gets her room back. SLIMEBALLS!!


It’s about time there’s a double eviction…I feel like I’ve suffered too long for there to be only five people gone.


This sucks. Another week do Amanda and mc owning the house. Ugh I’m so sick of this.

Jeremy's Boat

At least don’t send home Spencer GM, we need him to win HOH during the double eviction and blindside DeManda.

Does anybody know how MVP will work in a double eviction?


I just threw up in my mouth a lil bit, giving them skanks her HOH room, here goes follow the leader, big let down !!!


Too bad Andy didn’t get the Megaphone, harder to rat on people that way,lol


Great, another puppet in the HOA. GM is all talk, no action so far. Giving up your HOA bed to Mcamda? Thank god we have the MVP and double eviction to look forward to. Hopefully Jessie will wake up and stop being a follower. Helen just let her know where she stood.

Big Sister

Get your 10 votes in for Amanda in before the deadline. They said 5:50 pm tomorrow. I don’t think you can wait until after noms if that is so. I am still pushing Howard for America’s Favorite. No way would these sheep deserve it. More respect for Spencer after seeing him stand up to Amanda. Her whole attitude was “How dare you go against me?” Who died and made her queen??


It’s time to split up the last showmance. Come on GM, do something big! Oh I forgot you made that deal with McCrae, even though you won fair and square.


Amanda for MVP nom


Amanda’s minions will still do her dirty work!!


Simon and Dawg:

Are you on the West coast, East Coast or Middle Coast? Regardless, your sleeping schedule must be total disaster. Great job with the updates and thanks from all of us sitting at home. Let’s all drop a few bucks in the piggy bank for these guys. What is the link for donating?


are you kidding me? GM should of said “FUCK NO!” to Amanda and MC sleeping in the HOH room. she just beat these backstabbers and she’s handing over the HOH to them….SMH. Helen is fuckin’ pathetic now inviting Aaryn to the BBQ? GM declining Helen’s invitation is good to hear. hopefully GM places Helen on the block. I want to see the mob wife/Joe Pesci attitude from GM this week. hopefully she can throw up Helen and Andy on the block, and America places Amanda up again. if I was a betting man, GM is gonna throw up Spencer and Candice, and this will be another frustrating and boring nominations week.


So who else thinks this is going to be another “Superfriends Puppet” week & do what the “house” wants? Well I won’t be watching BB for another week….so fkin predictable & boring.


Shocked, I am not.

I also don’t think Amanda will be the 3rd nom. I think it will be Aaryn. The Amanda hate train seems to be among only the live feeders and the die hards.




Simon, if GM places Spencer & Candice on the block. that will be it for me. I can’t take no more of this BS season anymore.


I continue to be amazed at people who are shocked that Gina is rolling over for Amanda. They’re going to side with the people who they think will keep them in the longest. That’s why Aaryn, Gina, and Kaitlin sided with Jeremy and Nick…they were going to ride their coattails until that fell through. Kaitlin only got wise after Jeremy was evicted. Aaryn and Gina’s best bet is not to ruffle feathers–yet neither of them got over their dislike of Candice. That much is pretty clear…so I’m amazed also that people are directing their fire at Amanda without taking out the easy targets first.


Officially done with this season! Late!!!


You’re leaving before the inner circle backstabing begins?

Oh well, more bandwith for me.