Andy tells Aaryn how Jessie was trying to get him to flip last night. Aaryn says I would never vote out Amanda!

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Howard, Candice, Amanda (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


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9:40am – 11am Helen wakes up and starts her morning run through the house from the bathroom to the living room. At 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return, Judd is in the kitchen making Ramen noodles for breakfast. Judd takes his noodles into the lounge room to eat. Howard comes in to the lounge after he wakes up to pray in the photo booth. Judd leaves. Howard prays to god that he and Candice will remain in the house. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Judd and Helen talk about how you can’t tell someone they are going home. Helen says that she really likes Aaryn. I didn’t hear first hand the things she said. I will need to go home and watch it for myself. Judd says that the whole mattress thing was blown out of proportion. Judd says that Howard cornered him in the storage room and told him he doesn’t not have to talk to him. Judd says I was just trying to stay out of his way. Helen says Howard doesn’t talk to me at all any more. Helen says that she likes Spencer and thinks he’s gotten a bad rep. Judd agrees. Helen talks to Judd about all the reasons why Spencer made her mad for a long time. Helen says but after the Candice tirade I felt bad for him. Candice joins them. Helen says that she held a long grudge against Spencer for lying to her. She says that she is turning a new leaf and is going to be the Helen that first walked in the door. Judd asks Candice if she and Jessie had a heart to heart last night. Candice says yeah she was having a bad day and I comforted her. Big Brother cuts the feeds and when the feeds come back. Helen is in the bathroom with Candice. helen tells Candice the she needs to talk to her later. She says that she wants to get Jessie out. Candice says this is crazy they never start it this early. Candice says there is too much to do in 15 minutes. She says that she is shaking she is so nervous. Judd joins them and they discuss what BB just told them. Andy comes in to clarify what was said – we have live show stuff to do in 15 minutes. Judd jokes that he has been gunning for Elissa for 6 days and Andy since day 1 because I hate cats!


10:55am – 11:10am Andy heads up to the HOH room. Andy tells Aaryn that Jessie came to him last night trying to get me to flip with her to vote out Amanda. Andy says I wouldn’t do it and that after he said that she was okay with it. He says she came in at like 4am to wake me up to ask me that. Andy says that Howard also asked me and I told him I don’t know, I had to think about it. Aaryn asks did you tell Amanda yet? Andy says no because I didn’t want her to freak out. Aaryn says that she will never vote out Amanda if it was a tie vote. Andy says that he will tell Amanda. Aaryn says at some point we need to discuss how easily Jessie is willing to flip. That is not okay that she can flip like that. Andy says that once he told her no, she was okay about it. Andy agrees but says that he doesn’t want his name brought up because he swore to Jessie he wouldn’t tell anyone. Aaryn says yeah okay. Aaryn asks Andy if they can really trust Amanda and McCrae and Andy says yes. Andy comments that when Howard came to him to ask him, Andy was thinking why the fu*k would Aaryn form an alliance with Candice. Aaryn says yeah. Andy says that he just wanted to alert Aaryn to what happened and then heads down stairs. Downstairs all the house guests are getting ready and talking about random things.

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11:10am – 11:20am In the back bedroom – Howard tells Candice that he talked to Andy and he said he would talk to me later because Helen was running all around. Howard tells Candice to have a conversation with Andy, Jessie and Aaryn to see if we can make this happen. Candice asks Howard if he has something else cooking with Spencer because if you do then I will just go home. Candice thinks after she blew up on Spencer she thinks he could have formed an alliance with them to get me out. Candice asks just tell me if something is cooking because then I wont go do this. Candice says that Helen came to her and told her that she wants Jessie gone. Howard says yeah she is working on next week. I am gone. That ain’t have anything to do with this vote, they’re already working on next week.
11:20am Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA for the HOH lock down..

12:35pm Still TRIVIA.
1:20pm TRIVIA..
2:40pm TRIVIA Continues..
3:55pm MORE TRIVIA..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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370 thoughts on “Andy tells Aaryn how Jessie was trying to get him to flip last night. Aaryn says I would never vote out Amanda!

  1. I’m so upset people hate Amanda so much!! The house would be so boring without her!! She is playing such a good game and I’m just mad people don’t see it the way I do uhhh!! GO AMANDA!!!! :)

    1. you made because we see here like this….

      Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior video

      and treat her accordingly? plz tell me you don’t condone her hateful nature, glorification of violence, and flat out bullying too.


          that is the amanda video referred to above. dont know why the initial link didnt work, but maybe that will. replying here to get it as close to that demanda lover’s comment as i can

        1. McPizza…you looked like an idiot yesterday trying to threaten spencer on last night’s episode! that was funny! you’re really funny McPizza :D

          1. if we are voting for 3rd nom: vote all ten votes (or more if you can) for amanda

            if we are voting for mvp: vote someone who is likely to put up amanda on the block as 3rd nom…like spencer or candace or jess

            gotta be relentless in getting this horrible monster amanda out of the house

            keep voting every week until the house guests finally have the brains to vote her out

            1. AMANDA has talked about gang raping Jessie and hurting Elisa . And she wanted Candice to have a terrible accident ?

      1. Thank you to the person who made the video… google “Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior video”

        This not only exposes Amanda, but also exposes CBS that continues to give good edits to Amanada, while making other contestants look bad…

        1. Thank you for posting that!! She is a bigger racist than Aaryn ever thought of being and I have said it a few times before! I am glad someone put that clip together to show how awful a person Amanda truly is!!

        2. I couldn’t even watch it because she is such a nasty person. Hopefully, when she exits this house she can reflect on her behavior. Hey, let’s help her get out of the house. We have been chosen as the MVP again America. Vote for her with every email you own! She has 60 votes coming from me. Maybe then she will realize how stupid she sounded accusing Howard of being the MVP if she is nominated again. Haha!

      2. Blah blah blah – stfu lurker and go back to lurking and listen to your all might Harold, irregardless of how much he talks in circles and says nothing.

        1. Howard is a stone-cold idiot. He and Candice stayed up late into the night scheming and after all that has happened, he still believes he can get Jessie, GM, Spencer, and ANDY (?????) to vote Amanda out and that Aaryn will break the tie in his favor. And Candice is every bit as stupid. She’s worked her way back into a decent position with both Helen and Amanda now wanting to keep her around for a while, but her person (Howie) has talked her into taking another huge dump on her game with a last ditch effort to save his ass.

          And all the Amanda haters should chill out a little. No one that I can think of has ever won the game playing as overly aggressive and inserting herself into every situation the way she has. It’s still early, after tonight there will still be 11 of 16 house-guests. When the shit hits the fan and the dominant alliance starts to turn on each other, she’ll be the biggest target in the house. Her days are numbered. It has been impressive thus far, but I just don’t think you can play as hard as she and make it to the end.

      3. lurker007, thanks for alerting us to:

        Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior video on youtube – showing all amandas disgusting behaviour on big brother

        finally an edit showing the real amanda, rather than the fake diary room crap every episode

        a few things that were missing were her joking about swastikas and gas masks(this week)…and singing about how asians cant drive and are bad at maths(week one)…and talking about shitting on the face of jess as a sign of disrespect…but im sure there are plenty more

        this video needs to go viral and put on as many different video sharing sites as possible…and be tweeted to julie chen, so she is aware of it, with the question: why is amanda not being called out for her disgusting behaviour? both by chen on the talk, and during the cbs edits…is it because she is good friends with executive producer allison grodner? if thats true she should not even have been allowed on the show as its too much of an advantage…if she wins this season like many are saying is already predetermined then cbs are going to receive major backlash for condoning all her behaviour and comments on the show

        amandas racism is hateful and forceful in content and delivery

        andy puts up with the gay jokes probably not wanting to become a target in the game if it led to a fight or confrontation(so he keeps quiet out of fear)

        amandas bullying of jess(the sweetest nicest most genuine person there) has been relentless from the get go, culminating in this week amanda interrogating and verbally bullying jess for an hour and a half to the point that jess was reduced to tears, and said to elissa she felt broken down…then amanda couldnt leave jess in peace when she wanted her space, amanda had to come in and harass and make fun of jess and mock her and laugh at her simply for jess being upset and wanting some time to herself…the viciousness of this type of bullying in my opinion is disgusting, as well as being unnecessarily cold and cruel, wanting to kick someone when they are down and rub salt into the wound…its totally heartless

        and in particular amanda saying she wants to string up and kill and rape jess in such graphic detail, and saying she wants to kill candice should not be tolerated by the producers and cbs – this kind of threatening language should result in instantly being thrown out of the house(this would happen in several big brothers in other countries)…if enough people complain, maybe it could happen

        she may not realize it now but amanda is already likely the most disliked house guest of all time and may even need to consider 24/7 around the clock security once she leaves that house…she will need to learn you just cant do whatever you like without consequences, and for the rest of her life she will forever be known as a racist, homophobic, mean spirited bully, with anger and mental issues

        it should be a privilege and honor to be in the big brother show, but amanda with total arrogance and entitlement, is treating cbs, the producers, the game, fellow house guests, the fans and sponsors with no respect and offending alot of different groups of people

        you cant polish a turd – cbs need to stop trying to protect her with golden edits to attempt to manipulate fans (many of whom are young kids) into thinking she is a good person, and flush her down the toilet…cbs should also give any money she earns from the show to charity, as she is not worthy of being in the game and on tv, and is not deserving of any appearance or prize money

        1. Could not have said it better myself! Totally agree with you on everything . I can`t understand why CBS continues to allow it and if its true that aMANda has an inside edge to winning this I will be outraged !

    2. Amanda ? well if you call BB a game that you attack people’s personality to get others to hate them and vote them out then she is best BB player ever!!!!! She simply has no class!!

      1. Amanda talked about being raped at camp by a camp teacher maybe thats why she is so disgusting . She was walking around eating out of the big family Bowl LAST NIGHT .

    3. What u dont see is how Amanda plays the game. Yes she manipulate people like Dr Will and Dan did but they didnt bully people or sai that they want to stab a person (Candice) or called any black person Black Mamba (Howard). I do like strategic player but not the way Amanda plays the game. She scares Jessie to the point of Jessie going to Dr and saying it to them.

          1. figure of speech dipshit.. reading this reply has truly made my dick hurt. Its throbbing right now after reading your stupid comment

            1. Actually my comment is based on medical concern, while yours is ignorant. If something bothers you and only your male genital throbs that should be checked by a doctor. While a smarter stated would be ” My head hurts since it ist the brain that is used to think”. So sir I’ll stand by my comment STOP JERKING OFF……Good bye

                  1. ???
                    why is there a difference making comments about fellow posters as opposed to the BB Players?
                    Attacks are attacks.
                    I say let the real you come out!


      1. I am ROTFL at IRREGARDLESSLY. I thought that was funny and was like OH BOY HERE WE GO HOWARD CAN’T TALK LOL

        1. On last night’s episode when they aired Harold’s speech, I just about laughed my a$$ off!
          It was pretty clear to me why he’s going nowhere. He is evasive and can’t make a clear statement. No one can trust that!

    4. Yep, I agree with you. The house would be so boring without Amanda. Amanda has given us so much entertainment. She introduced us to the game of “Who wants to hit the gay guy”. She makes all these great vulgar comments in the house, like jumping on top of Candice and saying if she had a p***s. How she would do some damage. That was her crass and low-life comment. She is such a vicious liar as well. The best one was when Amanda said Howard told her that he wanted to f**k the daylights out of her. That Amanda, she just cracks me up. She is so funny.

        1. Her parents must be SO proud!! And to think they run their successful realty business together as a family. So very proud, I am sure.

      1. She has talked in detail about how she would Gang rape and murder people in the house . Why do you all not know about those comments ?

    5. I agree 100%! She is giving a master class of big brother play style. Most of the comments on here are ridiculous. It’s a television show. Entertain me and keep it coming!

      1. I agree people would like her play if she was a guy shes like will, but female, talk about funny little bawdy but fun.

        1. Precisely. A bawdy woman gets tainted while men saying the same (or more vulgar) are dismissed as being misunderstood.

    6. why are my earlier comments still awaiting moderation, but there have been replies that came after mine that got approved?

        1. LOL are you calling me a troll? Just because I don’t agree with your sweeping judgments of Amanda?
          Get over yourself. Plenty of people agree with me, they just don’t want to post on here and get nasty accusations from people like you who take the game too seriously.

    7. Amen!! She’s bossy but damn, when she goes this house will be incredibly BORING…. I look for her on the feeds because she always saying something hilarious

    8. You know, I have really liked Amanda, and McCrae, this entire time. I have stuck up for her because to me she was just playing an AWESOME game, and cat people just live to attack people in swarms. BUT…….
      I have changed my mind…. when Amanda said the other day that stuff about Howard … I’m DONE with her. I don’t even care for Howard, and I believe that’s bullSh*t. We’ve watched him day & night- he may have sucky gameplay, but he has integrity it’s obvious. I think for her to make that crap up is disgusting and a complete lack of respect for his reputation and life outside the house. What a b*tch.

      So….. Team Jessie I guess?

        1. What did you think about Amanda and her gang rape comments and about how she would murder certain people there in detail ?

          1. amanda clearly has serious mental issues

            if the raping and killing comment was said on bb uk or australia she would have already been kicked out as they dont tolerate threats of that nature directed at fellow house guests

            they also do not tolerate bullying to that extent, or homophobic and racist comments

            in my opinion, a person with this lack of respect for others has no place in the game or on tv

            and if i had children certainly wouldnt want them watching her on tv with cbs making her look great, when i know she is a monster

      1. Which is why I am leading the campaign to vote Howard America’s Favorite. It doesn’t matter to me if he has played a bad game or not. The idea is to send a huge message to Amanda, Helen, Aryan, and GM for how unfairly they targeted him. Amanda wishes in her heart of hearts that Howard said that to her. I am prepared to vote as many times as I can to see her on the block and to see Howard get the $25,000 just to spite the other HGs. Casting should be fired immediately for cheapening what had been a show that really captivated so many of us. Now all I feel is disgust…

        1. voting for americas favorite im going to give it to whoever is most responsible for evicting amanda

    9. Amanda fans have to be confused. BB stands for Big Brother…NOT Big Bully. I haven’t seen a player push and create awkward confrontations like this (especially a female…who’s getting away with it), in quite some time. I sincerely believe this seasons cast is getting so much hate (me included) is because you have half the house scared to death of 4 players, while those 4 bully and push their agendas right out in the open. The entire cast is running there mouths and can’t keep any secrets, while every one has a deal with everyone else. The only loyalty is between mcranda, while Helen goes around telling everyone she loves and cares for them to their face, then runs right back to whatever group wasn’t there and tells them how bad she wants that person out. Helen is Shelly with a slightly higher IQ. It’s like this group has told so many lies to each other already, that they are starting to believe some of them theirselves, mad can’t keep track of what the truth really is. A few weeks back, some of the super friends were talking their usual trash about Howard and came up with their little fantasy scenario where they would call Howard out and ask everyone who was in an alliance with Howard, raise your hand…and went on and on about how everyone would raise their hand and how stupid he would look….all I could think about was if that DID happen, the proper response would be…okay, let’s play this game with everyone, and go through each houseguest and ask the same thing… Howard is oblivious to what is really going on…maybe he already checked out after pov, but his social game and inability to win anything is what cost him. The fact he is even considered a target/threat is because Amanda decided she want McCraes original playmates gone and out of her way. Getting rid of a guy who is a “target” but can’t win anything, is a bad BB move for a majority of the house. Candace has great intuition in the game, but she lets her emotions control her. If Candace could have been more proactive, made up with Aryn ( you always beat her ass after the show…PLAY the game), and showed Judd, Jesse, GM, and Aaron that with spencer, they had the votes to get out Amanda…the real threat.

      1. I agree with many of your observations. I was an Amanda fan in the beginning and still am. She is very smart, clever, and entertaining. However, I’m confused about some of these comments. I haven’t seen the feeds and haven’t seen the comments or importantly, the context of the comments. Therefore, I don’t know what to think right now. I have seen her make fun of stereotypical racist comments (she made up a song) and warn Aaryn aboiut her racist comments, so it is hard for me to imagine these other comments that have been mentioned. And if she is so judgmental about a person’s income, why would she be so in love with McCrae? He certainly doesn’t fit that criteria. I think she is very smart, but I think her urge to clarify everytime something is implied, hurts her game. If the players could see the game as a whole as we do, they would see how much clever control she has. Candice is the only one who really gets that, but I agree that she blows her game on emotion. I’m afraid that Helen is over confident. What I do know is that the game is much easier to observe and judge than to actually play.

    10. she is bossy, but in my opinion, who cares. i still like her! out of all the losers that are on there, i want her to win! lol take that amanda haters!
      better her than aaryn!

      1. why all the amanda hate? was evel dick passive, never making sexual remarks? was mike boogie a pushover who never manipulated other hg or tried to influence the vote? and why the double standard? i’m confused…

        1. The double standard is definitely in effect when it comes to Amanda. Evil Dick was vulgar, pushy, and manipulative and he went on to win. The reason why I can root for someone like Amanda or Evil Dick is because they admit they are playing a game and will do what it takes, say what it takes, to win.

          On the other hand, the holier than thou players who start swearing on the bible on day 1, their hypocrisy just turns me off.

          I can be a fickle fan, however. Since I really loved Dan and despised Boogie ….

        2. You hit the nail on the head. Any guy would get away with most of the things that come out of Amanda’s mouth, and her game play for that matter. We live in an inherently misogynistic culture that damns women for not being polite pushovers: Danielle bb3 vs Dr.Will

    11. Please Candice you and Howard go talk to Aaryn and Aaryn and Candice make up and work together and get that racist biotch, Amanda, out of the house tonight. Please to all the world, let this work and Aaryn and Candice, Judd, Jessie, Spencer and Howard and Gina Marie work together. GET ZUCKERMAN GONE!!!!!! That Woman is HORRID and MEAN!!!!!!!!!!

      1. as if you’re using amanda’s racism as a reason to get her out and saying that aaryn should be the one to flip and get her out. isn’t that kind of an oxymoron..considering aaryn is the worst out of them all as far as the racism is concerned? amanda is definately bossier and more aggressive, but in terms of the racism…they should both go with that logic.

        but i’m all for amanda staying so GO AMANDA! :)

        1. Sorry,, but you are so wrong or do not watch the feeds. No ONE is as awful as Amanda especially since Amanda is 30 and should be smart enough to know better since she deals with people. Aaryn said awful things but at least I can qualify hers as being ignorant and stupid because I remember being young and stupid, but by the time you are Amanda’s age you should of grown and become a decent human being especially when you work with people, and cannot use the word human being in Amanda’s case. She is the lowest low of a human that you can get.

        2. Difference is, Aryan has learned her lesson; at least i think she did. She no longer has Jeremy and Kaitlin to enable and prop her up and so she stopped being an absolute racist b*tch now. I am starting to like her, besides are irrational and unjustified fear and hatred for Candice.

          In contrast, Amanda is a hypocrite. She is the one who told Aryan and the rest of the brats to cut here racist BS, yet is now spewing the same nonsense and bigotry that was rampant a few weeks back. This is the same girl who felt insulted by Elissa’s comments about her ‘onesie’ that is spreading false rumors about a respected individual inside the house; i find that hypocritical and absolutely repugnant. She disgusts me and I hope her fat ass gets kicked out of the house. And no, it’s not because she is a Jew (So shove that anti-semitic bs up your arse), but because she is repulsive.

          1. no one said the reason she should leave is because she’s jewish….so shove THAT up your arse….wtf?
            “canada’s finest” indeed.

            1. It appears as if everyone is making everything about race nowadays, so I made that comment preemptively in order to ensure that ignorant shmucks such as yourself don’t use it in order to diminish or disregard my post.

          2. Some Jews hate blacks . Some jews have no problems with blacks and judge them as individuals . Amanda is the type of Jew who hates poor people , fat people , autistic people , slow people , disabled people , mexicans ,indians bascically anyone who don’t make $200,000 a year

    12. I’m requesting folks here use a little sanity. Regaurding the game 1st off.

      Amanda is going no where now, the near future or likely F4 at the very earliest. Simply put she has more support/fear factor than anyone in the house. Her biggest weakness is comps, as is most of team Amanda except Arryn. Arryn will be a loyal lapdog for Amanda as well. I have her best positioned to be F2 at the moment.

      Amanda’s only real competition is Helen but I think she’ll be smart enough to not go after Judd until Helen is done. Forget all the talk for the feeders benefit this week. Howard goes tonight 8-0. Depending on HOH it’s Spencer or Candace next week. The other goes out 10th. At 9 left Helen finds out she has no numbers to go after Amanda. Friends get Goofy and I see the next 3 out GM, Ellisa and Helen./ Helen may bargain Judd before her or Jessie but little matters. The only thing that stops an Amanda, Andy, McCrae and Arryn top 4 would be HOH leverage that I don’t see happening. Grodner will use what ever twists are necessary to keep Amanda in the game regaurdless.

      As for the race stuff it sickens me frankly. On the site the race baiting has gotten pretty vile IMHO. To many are wasting their time falling for it IMO. CBS is destroying BB with this season. I cannot even watch BBAD and fastforward through the golden edits Grodner does on the main show for clear racist/racism. I’m not sure I’m even happy if there is BB16 or they shut the mess down after this season. A true fan since season 1 I just shake my head at how bad the show is at present

      1. BBAD sucks….too many fucking commercials and the bleeping is ridiculous. At least on showtime you could hear an entire sentence, because this cast curses a lot. What kind of people do they think are watching this station that is different from last year? Children maybe?
        Amanda is entertaining and knew going in that couples get the most screen time and getting the nerdy McCrae was truly TV gold. I just hope McCrae doesn’t get hurt too bad.
        Keeping Aaryn in the house is sort a rehabilitating move on CBS’s part…they probably have heard from the family lawyer for sure. I can only hope this girl learns something from this experience.
        I wish Howard made jury.
        I am also hoping for some game changer tonight a double eviction will get rid of the non-jury possibilities….right?
        Then the game will be about stacking the jury for real.

        1. Double evict the 2 black contestants tonight great idear . I wish i could come thru your computer screen and put my foot so far down your throat and ass .

          1. Do you even know how a double eviction works? After the first eviction they’ll do a quick HOH & POV & vote before the end of the show – so Candice/Howard (whoever is left after the first eviction) get a chance to play for HOH, POV & may or may not be put on the block. Which is why people are, as Howard put it “already playing for next week.” This way they don’t have to scramble as much trying to figure it out b/c the “house” has decided a pecking order of sorts.

      1. Spencer ,Aaryn , Gina Marie and Amanda have used Candace as a punching bag since day one . She had the right to call spencer out on it its been 5 weeks of hate filled remarks toward her .

      2. “White ass” has never and will ever be considered “racist”, it’s the ethnic color of an
        “ass” so, no need to waste your time finding it on the feeds.

    13. Howard never told him that . Why is Judd telling so many lies i watched the whole conversation from storage room . Howard never told him those things they are all telling lies but Judd is really full of it .

    14. How is Judd gonna explain all the racist and hate filled comments they used about and directed at Helen the first week there . Aaryn and Gina Marie directed some racist and hate filled comments toward Helen ?

    15. Honestly, just for the drama I would like to see Amanda and Howard stay tonight. The chaos would be insane! Candice is horrible at this game so I wouldn’t care if she left. The only way she would bring some interest in this game is if she were to stay and then win HOH which is not going to happen ’cause it’s gonna be endurance and she sucks at all the competitons! Endurance, skill, everything!

    16. ANDY just went and told everything Jessie said now it will get back to AMANDA ? And even the fans on the fan site here are all scared of AMANDA . ANDY IS THE BIGGEST RAT IN Big Brother history . Why has Gina Marie never commented on this ?

    17. Interesting editing on tonight’s elimination show. Amanda turning on the false tears (facing the cameras, naturally) when Andy the Toad he tells her about the plot to evict her. Candice (with a LOT of help from Helen) shot her mouth off and, unfortunately, got it all wrong. If anyone was even considering voting out Amanda, Candice’s tirade convinced them otherwise. And Amanda just sits back and lets the minions do all the work for her….

    1. I know a lot of the house runs around telling everyone everything BUT because they do this you can see who they’re actually aligned with. For instance Andy’s ultimate alliance is with McRae, Amanda, and Aaryn (formerly Judd).

    2. Jessie, please stay away from Candice and Howard. Candice and Howard don’t know how to play the game. Candice has gone crazy at least twice and lashed out at everyone with no strategy in mind. She’s irrational and can not work with anyone. Andy is a sneak and liar. However, all the evidence pointed in Andy’s direction that he’s untrustworthy, but these two just overlook it. Now at their urging you engaged Andy and he’s exposed you to the others. Your game is ruined. Ah, Jessie!

    3. Andy is a useless snitch! The only thing he is good at in this game is gossiping. He will be at the top of the eviction chain once they have picked off the losers they want to get rid of.

  2. Aaryn: I saw the lights in the house flicker a couple of times today.

    GM: I noticed it too. I asked them in the DR for flashlights just in case. They said they have a generation here in case the power goes out.

    Spencer: You mean a generator.

    Judd: One time the power went out in my house, I had no lights. Fortunately my camera had a flash. I went to make a peanut butter sandwich and took 60 pictures of my kitchen. My neighbors called the police. They thought it was lightning in my house.

  3. You have got to be FU@KING joking. Jessie goes and tells the plan to the biggest slimy backstabbing ratfink in BB history.

    1. I don’t understand why people insist on calling Andy a rat. He is loyal to his alliance, just like Ian was loyal to his. It’s a game people. If he was loyal to the other side of the house the same people calling him a rat would be applauding his game play. It’s not his fault that people keep feeding him information. It’s kind of like, “Hey, don’t touch that cupcake Homer or it will shock you.” Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Doh!

    2. Shelly isn’t in this season! :P

      As for Opie he does of a knack for getting people to spill the beans. He’s in a great spot to be F4 at the moment. That could change if Helen goes after Amanda 1st. Goof Troop backstabbing Judd will get back to him at some point. I think Judd realizing Andy has been playing him will be 1 of the few highlights this season. For goofy the question strategically will be to go after Judd before Jessie.

    1. If you’re not willing to interact with other people in the house, then you shouldn’t be on the show. Whatever has happened to Howard is his own fault for getting together with 4 of the most stupid guys to enter the house and then rolling with the plan even when they all already came clean to Helen (but not Howard). Now he’s unhappy. Well, screw him. If he thinks how speaks, then no wonder he can’t get along with anyone else. I can’t understand him half the time.

      1. I agree completely. Howard needs to GO and it has nothing to do with his race. It’s all about his inability to talk to other people clearly. He reminds me of someone who *thinks* the are smart and uses ‘big words’ but he doesn’t understand the definition. He talks in circles and can’t make a clear point and that has caused most of the house to distrust him.

        Also, the Moving Company was one of the quickest alliance FAILs ever.

        1. JESUS was the same way it teaches Jesus would talk in circles and riddles . Jesus would use allegories about other things to get his point across it clearly says he talked like that i looked thru the bible .

      2. -If you are not willing to actually do something besides being a muppet you shouldn’t be on the show. The show is there to enterain people, what is the point of a show that kicks out all the best most interesting players and just leaves in Helens and Andys?
        -You can’t understand him because you don’t have more than a 3rd grade education, redneck

  4. it would be nice if they told them now that America was MVP so it just completely erases the blame game and gets them thinking about changing their vote tonight

    1. Nah, Amanda still would want him out because she can’t “manipulate him”, if she can’t turn you into one of her “sheeple”, she wants you out. Everyone besides Candice, Spencer and Howard, are sheep.

  5. ugh, candice. you might be nice in general, but you are maybe one of the worst players in the history of BB.

    the pieces are all there for the house to vote out demanda, but too many people are letting their stupidity get in the way of making it happen. worst cast ever.

    1. Well they need to see they are gone regardless.
      I’m hoping someone has been manipulating the whole week (not Amanda or Helen) to throw the scent off the real plan for this week. I’m hoping.

  6. So last night Aaryn says: Hey Aunt Jemima make me some pankcakes. Her and GM in HOH. Approx between 2:03 – 2:09 am. I AM NOT A RACIST.

    1. Aaryn has gone into Irony mode on this whole racism issue, If you cannot spot the difference between real racism and someone being racially ironic then you need help.

      1. doesn’t matter is she’s being ironical, how does this stuff even pop into her head, I never see a black woman and think OH! AUNT JEMIMA!!! wtf, maybe she should just stop, more like she needs a whole new way of thinking and seeing the world, one that doesn’t divide black and white people and place white people on top and black people on the bottom (a la the fish)….

        1. Not a racist but wow not heard of Syrup with Aunt Jemima on the label. I mean don’t blame that thought on Aaryn blame it on the company that makes the stupid syrup and for the picture that is portrayed. Agree that was pure irony and not anything to do with racism. Blame America for that thought!

      2. Once you have gone to the dark side and become blatant with your racism…NOBODY CARES that she is being “ironic” about the racial card at this point. She NOW HAS FOOT IN MOUTH DISEASE AND ITS FATAL at this point. She made her own coffin just like Howard did for his eviction today! Aaryn knows full well what she is doing.

      3. In the end it is not the words of my enemies I shall remember, but the silence of my friends…….Martin Luther King Jr.

        When attacking someone and the only words you are capable of using are based on their ethnicity, stereotyping, gender or sexual preferences then you are ignorant. Education is free and the library is opened to the public, a wise man has no desire to attack, but an idiot attacks what they fear or envy.

    2. That muzzle was temporary. A zebra can’t change its stripes. Don’t tell her I said that or she would hate my black self too lol!

    3. Not that I want to defend Aaryn or anything, but you are aware that Aunt Jemima is a pancake mix brand right? so there isnt really anything wrong with that statement.

      1. Did you really just leave that comment…Aunt Jemima is only a pancake brand so its not racist? You must be too young to have bought Aunt Jemima pancake mix…Aunt Jemima happens to be the stereotypical old African American lady pictured on the box whose face IS the brand genius..

        1. Calm down, I didnt say Aunt Jemima is ONLY a pancake brand therefore its not racist, I said it was a pancake brand mix, which IT IS. Also, I grew up with Aunt Jemima pancake brand I am aware that it was one of many african american sterotypes companies used to sell their brand. What my point was that you so obviously missed is that she made a statement that Aunt Jemima should make her pancakes…BECAUSE AUNT JEMIMA IS A PANCAKE BRAND. would you think it was offensive if I said Hey rabbit, go get me some trix? or hey Mr. Clean got clean the kitchen?

          1. the Aunt Jemima, like the Mammy figure, is particularly offensive because it is the archetypal image of the enslaved black woman, it is as bad as any other racial slur, and corporate companies capitalize and misappropriate such images to make money and less overtly, perpetuate stereotypes, so when you think it is merely a marketing brand image then you fall prey to corporate manipulation and brainwashing

            1. Then blame the company that markets it that way!! Geez, Aaryn is not to be blamed for a company that chooses that image to market its product, and by the way it is delicious pancakes.

              1. I don’t need to blame anyone bc I know better, I read, I talk to diverse peoples, I think about things, and I am smart enough to know the difference, corporate companies are banking that most people don’t…so I can only blame the people who then use their tactics to degrade and demean others

      2. Nothing is wrong with the statement when said by itself. BUT Aaryn has already established the fact that she IS racist. Then has the nerve to say that Candice is the root of all Aaryns problems in the house? WTF delusional much Aaryn?

      3. :Sarcasm on: I miss when the syrup was made by actual slaves; now we’re stuck with the imagery of what could have been… :Sarcasm off:

    4. This is the reason why I like Candice to stay so if she wins HOH she can put up those two mean girls. I know lot of people want Amanda to leave as Helen has stated not yet we do not have the numbers and she is right. Andy, Judd will not flip and Jessie cannot make a decision on her own. I have a feeling that Elissa, Helen and Candice are working together. These three ladiesmare not as mean and nasty as Aryan and Ginamarie and sometimes Amanda joins them with a nasty comments.

      1. imagine how boring a house will be with just Elissa, Helen, and Candice…Aaryn’s so unaware that it’s entertaining and GM has a screw loose and can be funny as hell sometimes.

      2. Sorry, but Candice has shown her mean side so she joins the ranks of mean girls, and she showed her racist side with the comment about Spencer. Hey none of them are perfect, but none are as awful as Amanda. Actually think that if Candice and Aaryn could sit down and talk they could actually work out all their petty differences and get that Racist Amanda out of the house. I know not a lot of hope, but fingers are crossed!!!

    5. Well now…. compared to other things she has said that is pretty mild. I mean comon, between Aunt Jamima and Mrs Butterworth that is the stereotype tv commercials have thrown at us for decades.

      I am terribly disappointed DR went and spelled it all out to her about the uproar outside the house. Now were going to miss the big blind side from Julie on the exit interview. Kailins response will be as good as were going to get now.

    6. 1. Just watched 2:03 – 2:20 and I didn’t hear it. Gina goes off on Candice pretty bad, not Aaryn.

      2. Maybe she likes Aunt Jemima pancakes. I do. Jemima makes good syrup too.. in fact, that’s what I have for my Eggo’s right now.

      1. finished at 2:25… nope.

        Regardless, I really wish people would stop bringing racism into what really is just 2 people who don’t like each other.

        1. It’ll never stop on this site. Bunch of race baiters on here that have nothing better to do. Like oh, I don’t know, maybe talk about the freaking strategy and the game !!

        2. Goof….Aaryn called Candice SHANIQUA to her face and then rollin her neck and talkin slang! She sounded IGNORANT. Quit dismissing her poor behavior. I think she is pushing the envelope by saying Aunt Jemima instead of another syrup! Like you said Mrs. Buttersworth or something else. I mean be mindful of the stuff you are saying after you have been WARNED by the show and fellow house guests.

          1. So if you say you want Colonel Sanders to make you some fried chicken are you being racist against old white guys?

              1. So is Aunt Jamima. The person they used to portray the picture was a real person. And why is it that it’s racist when a white person makes a comment about someone of color but it’s not the other way around? I don’t hear of any White American Colleges or White Miss America Pageants . Come on, why can’t we all just be people? God made us all in HIS image.

          2. Confused – are you saying Mrs. Butterworth’s is less offensive than Aunt Jemima? If so, you really should google it & look at the shape of the bottle, then decide.

            On a side note – I love ’em both Aunt Jemima & Mrs. Butterworth’s. In fact I think I’ll have some pancakes right now!

            1. Are we really arguing about what condiments/fried food mascots are the most offensive?

              I’m not going to deny this season has some racist overtones, but I’m going to take a break from this little crusade. This is supposed to be a game, and by focusing so much on this issue, people like Aaryn and Spencer aren’t the only ones killing this game-by feeding into it, so are we.

              I’m not saying it isn’t important to stand up to discrimination-I’m gay, I get it. I’m also saying as someone who’s endured his fair share of hate, that it can’t be the only thing we focus on. We have to remind ourselves to laugh and enjoy things in life, even when things are crummy. The Big Brother house is not the most dignified at the moment, but there are still fun things we can focus on when we need to give the prejudice discussions a break.

              I, for one, found that once I stopped complaining so much about Aaryn and Elissa, that I enjoy Judd’s banter. He’s a funny guy.

  7. Simon/Dawg, can you find the proper time for when Aaryn tells Gina that the Amanda/Helen group have Judd and Jessie as their next targets? I think it was last night (in bed, somewhere around time when Aaryn was playing with the mnm’s). I was listening to it and Gina was completely surprised by the news. Then I accidentally lost that tab and now I can’t locate the time for it. Sounded like an interesting conversation.

    1. She won’t be if anybody watched this season. You would have to be an idiot to hire her for your campaign.

  8. So do y’all think they have cooked up something to save Howard?
    Simon/Dawg, any idea what could be going on?
    Trying to remember if this happened last season and if so what it was…can not recall.

      1. Yeah, I know Howard is supposed to go home tonight, but right now something weird is happening.
        Not the usual Thursday protocal.
        They woke up HG’s and said be ready in 15 minutes. So I am wondering if whatever that is has something
        to do with a hail mary for “Howie”.
        I hope they don’t *F* things up too much, tired of production saves, want to see the rabid dogs go at each
        other when there are no more outsiders left =)

      2. C/Howard is leaving due his total lack of game play. If he were more assertive and went to everyone to open their eyes to
        the fact that getting rid of Amosada would benifit them and she is way more dangerous for multiple reasons. I would of hated
        to be on his football team…….what he do? give up as soon as the other team made a touchdown? Good luck in life Howard.

        1. Amanda’s target is huge so why would People on her side vote her out. If she’s gone then the target might be on you and America might vote you up as MVP nominee. For now Amanda’s up every week unless BB changes it again.

        2. very true – instead he does trey to talk to someone it’s in some kind of code & just confuses people. I believe someone posted that he speaks like in the Bible – parables & allegories. The thing is nobody has time to decipher the true meaning nor do they care to. And when he’s whispering it’s as bad as Judd’s mumbling. He tried to puppeteer the MC, then Spencer & Candice but couldn’t pull it off b/c his social game sucks.

  9. Howard’s leaving. What’s frustrating is that this vote could’ve been flipped multiple times this week. Helen considered it but backed off because she thought it was too early. Spencer seemed like he was ready to tear the house apart but cowarded out when Amanda confronted him. And Jessie’s desires to evict Amanda are pretty much public knowledge now, and no one’s going to do it.


    1. He is this years version of Shelly the Straight Shooter from season 13. She was playing both sides running back and forth with info and eventually she got caught hope the same thing happens to the little rat b*st*rd!! Maybe they will have a comp that includes cheese on a giant trap and he will trip and fall and get his head caught in it. No more rat…..Of course don’t take this literally I just mean he will get busted and evicted….hopefully sooner rather than later.

      1. I agree Andy is playing the Shelly game. Shelly made a big move for her game but i’m starting to doubt Andy will make a big move this year. He might win a POV though

        1. You’re right Simon unlike Shelly who made a big move when she voted out Jeff, Andy is never going to turn on Amanda because he is her little lapdog running around fetching information for her and bringing it back to her so she can go off on that person. I also think just like Shelly that he won’t win a comp and eventually get busted and like I said before hopefully soon.

  10. Helen: If anyone is hungry I made rice last night and its in the refrigerator. Just heat it up and add butter. I wish we had Korean rice because it tastes better and you don’t have to add butter

    Judd: I like rice. Rice is great when you’re hungry and you want 2,000 of something.

      1. I saw it on there earlier but now I don’t see it. I don’t know how anyone can follow that page there are comments all over the place but then I don’t use Facebook

      1. the amanda video needs to go on every kind of video sharing site possible even with multiple title names to lessen the chance of deletion and emailed to tmz, news outlets etc so as many people see it as possible

        cbs have tried to cover it up

        now its time to pull back the curtains

    1. I hope TMZ puts up the Amanda video………I’m starting to get suspicious of Aaryn being singled out….is it b/c she is from Texas while Amanda is a Jewish New Yorker..?

    2. Is Candace’s there when she yelled at Spencer and called him names. Oh no what am I thinking blacks can never be racist

    3. Did anyone record it please someone record THE AMANDA RACISM YOUTUBE VIDEO and repost it ? AMERICA needs to know about her ? Grodner is a Jewish name he trying to protect her ?

      1. Are you a troll or just have little to no knowledge BB? Do you not know that Grodner – is Allison Grodner & is NOT a HE but a SHE?

  11. This is so predictable. Everyone votes for the same person week in, week out. I haven’t even watched an episode this week, and will not get the feeds because this house is so lame, and can already say, that everyone will vote with the house. Next week, and I would bet a bowl of fruit loops on this, that everyone will vote with the house.
    At least I can go watch old seasons of BB and be more entertained even though I know the out come.
    Heck, I usually skip over some of the updates, even they are predictable. Helen gets paranoid and tells everyone she loves them, the McBullies and some off and kissing. blah blah blah.
    Sorry, just had to vent on how bad this season is.

    1. I haven’t watched all week either, it’s pointless when we knew Aaryn was gonna be a puppet. Now I just hope Candace don’t win HOH because she will do they same exact thing & either Aaryn, GM or Spencer goes home. The only way i see Big Boring changing is if Spencer wins HOH. I think if GM won she would be a puppet also. Maybe getting rid of the MVP twist would also change the game for the better too & maybe then people would actually have the balls to go after McManda & Helissa.

  12. Looks like it’s going to be a predictable season of Big Brother. Voting Amanda out tonight would make it more exciting but it’s not going to happen unless God answers Howard’s prayer. I’m always amused whenever Simon/Dawg writes “Andy joins them”….that little rat pops up everywhere, shares every conversation and people STILL trust him, I don’t get it. Right now I’m rooting for Jessie, just because she knows what’s going on but there’s nobody she can trust enough to agree and go along with her, oh well, maybe BBCAN will be better than this, it’s only seven months away….

  13. It’s silly that production gave Arryan the heads up on the racists accusations .. She has no idea how to behave like a lady and she really has no clue what is wrong with what she says .. How can she stop? It’s so deeply apart of her mentality she needs a lifetime of education to even attempt to learn .. I just hope all this I’m not racist talk doesn’t stick and she has to face it hardcore

    1. How can she stop? What are you talking about? The Asian nail tech skit was a month ago and anything beyond that was either taken out of context or embellished by Candice. This pseudo-victim garbage is just tired and played out.

        1. Ithink so too, but if Dawg and Simon started typing, Andy….door, or Andy….room, Ithink we would know what they meant.

  14. Amazing how Amanda is taking money out of their wallets right in front of them and putting it in her checking accnt and they don’t see it!!!!!!
    Hell, sometimes they go ahead and just give her money for the hell of it!

      1. Thanks Carlos.. I have been watching last night’s feeds of Howard and Candice talking about it for what seems like hours. It sounded like they had the votes. Haven’t been able to find any other conversations about it though.

        1. Yeah, they brought Jessie in and spoke to her about flipping and take Amanda out, Jessie kept telling them she was scared, she was scared, they told her that if they can get Andy if she would be in? she went to go talk to Andy (bad idea) and Andy told her No, So Jessie went back and told them that she was still too scared and would not do it, So guess what Andy did this morning? put his Rat shoes on and went straight to Aaryn and told her about his and Jessies convo and Aaryn told her that she would NOT vote Amanda out! Plan destroyed! Goodbye Howie!

          1. But importantly Aaryn now knows that Jessie wants Amanda out. A Jessie and Aaryn conversation now seems more than likely.

            All Aaryn has to do is tell Judd what Amanda and her crew have been up to and SHE’S GONE!!!

  15. I feel bad for Jessie, Amanda is gonna find out sooner or later and go nuts and I don’t think that Jessie is going to handle it to well,
    I think it may the move of the season and hilarious if mccrae voted out Amanda tonight, I wonder if he really likes her?

    1. Jessie will need more than a blanket to shelter from the ‘intervention’ she will experience from Amanda and Helen. It is not looking promising for her to reach jury.
      I hope Candice keeps a close eye on her as Candice’s revelations to Helen flagged Jessie.

    1. What if all the people who are Amanda bashing are Aaryn’s publicist trying to get people to hate someone else instead of her. Don’t be as paranoid as the house guests.

      1. I don’t need anyone’s publicist to tell me how vile Amanda is. She tells me so herself just by opening her mouth. Of course others (Aaryn, GM, Spencer) are just as bad in their own vile way.

        1. Um no Aaryn, Gm, Spencer and others yes plagued by faults, but no one and I mean no one comes close to the Racist Biotch that Amanda Zuckerman is. Not on their worst days are they as horrid and hate filled as she is. Amanda is in a class all her own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. I said on an earlier thread that I found it VERY interesting that this wave of Amanda hate didn’t really pick up until a few days after news broke that Aaryn’s parents hired a PR.

            If you can’t make someone look good…make someone else look worse by comparison. Classic manipulation.

    2. LOL. Seriously?!?

      I have been on here for a few years, and I have liked Amanda almost from the start.
      Far as I know, CBS is not compensating me for anything. WTF maybe I should check in with them!

      Or hey, have you thought of the possibility that maybe CBS is flooding the site with people
      who HATE Amanda =O

      BTW, I watched the youtube video.
      I had a huge post commenting, but I knew trying to even put ideas out here about some of the
      things said would fall on deaf ears. Yeah, she said some things that were not cool. She also
      had some editing done on that video that makes things look worse than they were.
      Most here will not agree so no point in trying.

      Isn’t everyone getting a little tired of it all though?
      No one even talks about the game anymore, just about how socially superior all of us watching
      apparently are.

    1. I think hes a good dude, but i think his problem is that he didnt start playing until he went up on the block and his assurance to get people to work with him was, “it’s gonna work, i prayed about it.” I respect your religion howard, but I doubt god is gonna take the time to help you out in BB. when you say something is gonna work cause you prayed for it people are gonna get skeptical of your plan.

      1. Did you hear Howard tell Spencer the other night over billiards tell him that ‘the winner has already been pre-ordained by the guy upstairs’? WTF???!!! How can this guy even think he can play Big Brother? Delusional. He went on to say, ‘who knows, Jeremy being evicted might be part of a bigger plan – there might be something waiting for him outside of the BB House that he was destined to bump into’. What a passive asshole! Does he understand the concept of free will?

        Candice is another one who has a twisted comprehension of reality with her victim complex.

        Jessie is the third in this group. So needy. What a loser. Every time someone tries to talk game she runs to anyone who can shield her and cries that someone just threatened her like a little baby. She desperately craves attention but want to hide under her baby blanket. Jessie is one confused and dazed little girl.

  16. People are saying that production gave Aaryn a heads up on the racist accusations. Is there a convo somewhere where she talks about what production said? I must have missed it.

  17. If next season is not All Stars the it should be all super fans. People who have watched BB for years, who know the game. I knew this season was in trouble when Jessie asked how the POV worked! I mean really?!? They have to put players in the game, not just fame whores.

    1. Superfans are horrible players. Most try to mimic another players game, but completely missed what made those games so successful, and are so enthralled with just being on TV and in the game, they are more than content with jury and the chance to choose a winner in real life rather than just the message boards. No superfans, no returning players. Just screen psychologically for ambitious, motivated, “winning” type alpha personalities and put all of them in a house. Start casting all wolves instead of a handful of wolves and a whole lot of sheep.

  18. Well at least when Amanda goes off on Jessie, they will know that Andy was the one that told her. Looks as if Amanda’s personal beta-pansy will finally be exposed,

  19. Aaryn was very smart and careful with Andy (who was clearly and transparently fishing for info to take back to Amanda/McCrea)…now she can decide if she wants to be a sitting duck and cross her fingers or make a play. She COULD talk to Jessie and tell her to go to Judd, explaining how she heard the Superfriends are turning on Judd and that they need to get Amanda out now. If he is receptive at all, Jessie is to bring him to Aaryn. Then Aaryn can spill what she knows, how the superfriends are trashing him at every turn. If the three hold firm, then Judd and Jessie are to go to Elissa. Jessie brings up at how Elissa’s plan to evict Amanda last night and all they need is her vote and a bit later the three of them will go to Helen and get her on board, but for now she should just be quiet and wait for their word that it’s a go and that it will hinge on Howard and Spencer’s willingness to take some heat. Then Aaryn, with Judd and Jessie call up Spencer and Howard. They tell them what has to happen if they want their votes and Howard to stay. The two of them have to go public that Amanda and McCrea are running the house with Andy as their rat and make the statement that they are not going to rest until those three are gone. Then they have to go to everybody else and say if they are tired of being controlled and want a chance to play their own game, then send Amanda home and keep Howard, and you can rest easy that we will be gunning for McCrea and Andy until either we or they are gone.

    They need to tell Howard and Spencer that if you want us to trust you, then you have to burn the other bridges to earn it. Trust is a two way street. You show us your comittment and we’ll show ours with Amanda’s eviction.

    If Howard and Spencer show the house they will not be crawling to McCrea or Andy (or Helen which will be unsaid but understood by Aaryn, Judd, Jessie, Howard, and Spencer), then Judd, Jesse, Howard, and Candice go to Elissa and treat her like the mastermind for giving Jessie the plan to evict Amanda and now they need to tell Helen so she’s not left hanging. Don’t make it a big deal…act like Helen would/should be excited and Elissa got the whole plan rolling. Helen will immediately try to own and control it once she sees the numbers with Judd, Jessie, Elissa, Aaryn GM, and Spencer. This can help paint the story that Helen and Elissa (with Candice) flipped…not Aaryn, Judd, and Jessie, who were coerced/threatened into following Then Aaryn, Judd, Jessie, and Spencer go to Andy and tell him the house (such a great and meaningless BB euphemism) is against Amanda’s domineering ways and she’s a bigger threat than Howard, making clear she only has 1 vote in McCrea…2 if Andy decides to go against the house and vote with him.

    The fallout is McCrea is furious, but will calm down and see he’s alone and be much more open to looking for shelter, especially if a Aaryn, Judd, Jessie, and GM tell the story that Helen, Elissa, and Candice were the masterminds. Andy will be terrified and will look for any shelter he can find. Aaryn, Judd, GM, and Jessie can play good cop/bad cop to turn him against Helen, Elissa, and Candice. Judd can feign anger over the things he heard Andy told Helen and Elissa (of course Aaryn was the source), while Aaryn. Jessie, and GM can console him, offer protection, while instilling fear of Howard and Spencer. We know Andy and McCrea can’t turn to Howard (or Candice) or Spencer and vice versa after the big speech and Elissa will accept credit and Helen will demand it to believe she still controls a majority and can be made to see the “house” fears McCrea, Andy, and Howard (but they will wait for the right time to backdoor him). That leaves Aaryn (with GM) and Judd (with Jessie) basically sitting in the cat bird’s seat, with nobody targeting them as they all face other threats

    This feels like a huge move for Aaryn, but it can be done with very little heartburn…providing she wants to win and not just make jury.

    1. Please let your words somehow get into Aaryn’s and the other house guests heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for my Lord to do just that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Stephanine, You are right. However, It would take Aaryn to have some inteligence to do this. Unfortanetely she has not shown any. She also HATES Candace and I doubbt that she could put those feelings aside, even temporally, to make the best move for her iin and OUT the house. She would rather try to hurt Candace then to try to turn around her image and seriously compete for 500k. She is the type of person who would cut her nose off, to spite her face.

      1. I agree that Aaryn gets preoccupied with vendettas (Elissa first, now Candice) but she and Jessie basically broke down the entire cast and where they are positioned in relation to each other. If she looks at Candice as a threat, this plan (which just seems obvious) really neutralizes her and puts her in a tough spot, one that could be easily manipulated based on what Aaryn knows. She could theoretically turn both Howard and Spencer AND Helen and Elissa on Candace. Aaryn knows Spencer has trashed her (and she him) and Howard has disavowed that they are game partners, while Helen and Elissa have both given voice to dumping her sooner rather than later. All Aaryn needs to do is make sure she is plugged in with all four players (which making a big play would almost certainly assure), then she can selectively leak info to each pair, making out Candice as a rat, and somebody who can’t be trusted. Aaryn knows Candice is largely clueless as a player and that any attacks Candice may levy can be turned against her if Aaryn just plays the victim…since the entire house has decided Candice (and Howard) are to blame for the racism.

        See if Aaryn is terrified of Candice, then she has to see that Helen, Elissa, and Amanda are all embracing her after the speech. Aaryn has already said she knows Amanda, Helen, McCrea, and Andy just used her and will discard her when it is convenient. Aaryn leaving the status quo means she has to hope the right people win HOH and that bigger threats remain, because evicting Howard and allowing Amanda to stay is keeping the status quo and emboldening the powerful which lessens their need for her, kicking the can down the road in her own game, and being no better off than she was last week, when her only means of survival was promising to basically be a drone. If Aaryn isn’t willing to try and not only improve her position, but actually flip the house where she and Judd can be in a powerful position (while also knowing how nobody trusts him…which means she can discard him if convenient), then she is fine hoping and praying to be subservient wallpaper and survive just long enough to help pick the winner.

        Again, maybe that’s her aspiration, but if she wants to win, she has to be willing to take what I think is not even that big of a risk. Whether she makes a play or not, players could easily coalesce to make her a villain again, so why not at least be pro-active, make some waves, and try to do more than survive?

    3. I so wish, but I doubt it. If only Candice, Howard, Spencer, Judd, Jessie, GM and Aryn had made up and used their heads and worked together. It would of been better than Dan’s funeral last year if Amanda was sent out of the house. I am hoping but doubtful!

      1. Yeah if Aaryn had a brain she would be dangerous, you would think she would be more grateful to Jessie since Jessie is the one that told her to go to Helen and say that she would either throw the HOH or let her make the nominations. Also she acts like she likes Judd now so all she would have to do is tell him that Helen, Amanda, McCrae and Andy all want him out and they could vote Amanda out. She’s so stupid that she won’t realize her mistake until she gets evicted.

    4. votes to get amanda out

      jess, spencer, gina…then just need either judd and/or elissa and/or helen…with aaryn breaking the tie if they get only 4 votes

      i think most likely may even be elissa as 4th vote, as judd and helen seem like they want to do it but wont this early, but its the perfect time to do it

  20. So Howard is leaving tonight Grrrr !! I hate to say it but a better player, with a semi intellegent group of house guests, would have easilly been able to get Amanda evicted this week. Soo many blown chances to piss Judd of enough to flip. But it’s this cast of misfits and that stupid jury money I think that will keep her there. I hope I’m wrong and Amanda goes but thats a long shot. I have always hated it when the diary room swayed players but this time I would be totally cool with it !! Hopefully next week it will be Andy,Amanda,and her boy toy on the block !!

  21. Howard is terrible at this game. Instead of making real connections with people and using those connections to influence the game he just kneels and prays. Jessie is so afraid and weak minded I’m almost convinced BB picked her b/c her low self esteem would make her an easy pawn. Aaryn is a flat out racist … Even her ironic race jokes are off the mark…she’s no Dave Chappelle. But the worst is Helen and that rat fink Andy…. A total kiss ass. God I hate Andy. He has no strategy except to be an informant…hate hate hate Andy. Production get INVOLVED.

    1. weak minded would be to do nothing and follow orders and wait until you get picked off

      jess at least has the courage to attempt to do something to shake the house up

      i dont see any issues with jessies self esteem at all…has dealt fairly well with being unfairly picked on by many there for much of the game…and seems like a fun, sensitive, nice person most of the time…certainly the most genuinely nice person this season by a long way

  22. They need to go in this order……..wishfull thinking…..Candice, Jessie, Andy, Spencer, Elissa, Helen, Judd, Howard, and then…..I don’t care…….At least, Amanda, McCrea, Aaryn, and GinaMarie are playing “some kind of game”…………………Helen thinks she is in “control” of the house…….hope she gets backdoored when she least expects it ! ! !

      1. ugh… sometimes we don’t have time to read every comment.

        Sorry that this one in particular got through.. I’ve removed the offending words

  23. I don’t care if she goes home, but I really hope Amanda is the third nominee again, watching her and her puppets panic was entertaining

  24. why even watch tonight’s live show for? Howard should switch his speech and just say to the BB house….’FUCK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU RACIST MFers, OPEN THE DAMN DOOR JULIE, I’M OUTTA HERE!

    1. Lol, well I hope he’s not doing a speech. I wouldn’t waste my breath with those people in there and the effed up casting. Oh wait a minute, I might plant a big lie since they are so paranoid and than walk out the door so they could ponder it.

  25. I really can’t stand Andy. He tells Amanda everything and tells everyone they can trust him and that he’s their friend. Why do they do that?! He eats with his mouth open all the time and is very annoying. I wish people would vote him out.

  26. if amanda dont win hoh tonight in if we could put somebody on the block as third noms again im putting her on the block again i knew my friend in i going to vote for her 10 times a peace so thats add up to 20 on ourside america she said to the cameral did all put me up i was like yeah you might be allthat in bigbrother but in the real world you dont own shit

  27. if i was in that house an amanda try to go off on me i will call her all type of name a-z then when i get voted out cause of her she try to hug me in i say nofence i dont hug men

    1. I would really love to see a picture of you since you have the nerve to call someone ugly. I bet Amanda would whoop your ass

    2. All you people acting like you know how to play the game but want Amanda out are dumb. If your on her side and you know the target is bigger on her than why would you want her out? America is just as bad as the players they are complaining about. Every week you voted same person as MVP now every week your voting same person on the block. Switch things up! Elissa will win hoh this week and America will vote Amanda on the block. Voters and players are the reason it’s boring.

  28. Mccrae is in the best position so far. Cause he has a shield named Amanda. Stop getting personal on people in the house. Did you people forget this is a game but yet you people act big and bad sitting behind a computer calling people racist and whores. Only Jesse Jackson knows real racist and he said everyone in Florida is a racist haha keep watering down the word and soon it will be meaningless

    1. Nobody is dismissing Amanda so-called “good game” that is only good because of a twist and the players around her are stupid, but that don’t change the fact that she’s a racist whore, not my opinion neither, there’s “video evidence” that proves it.

  29. BB has been preparing the back yard for a longer time than usual. Also the house guests were told to start getting ready for tonight at an earlier time than usual. I think there could be a big surprise tonight. Any ideas?

  30. I wish for some kind of miracle to happen and Amanda to go home this week. I did like her at the start, but over recent weeks seemed she just took the place of Jeremy being the bully in the house. She was just loud, obnoxious and seems to be harrasing people and its gotten really annoying and not a smart game. THat is why the viewers have gotten sick of her and want her gone asap

  31. Racism is Racism…whether you are black or white. No one is above this and no one has the right to use racist words. Aaryn and Amanda may say they are not racist but the words that come out of there mouths say otherwise. If you are a human being who lives in a civilized society, you cannot seriously hope that either of these two “women” win this game that I have loved for fifteen years. Game or no game you know that you are in a house with dozens of cameras and on national television and if you are willing to say those things, I would hate to hear the things that you say in private.

    1. To DR HAcker: I agree racism is racism but that in itself does not make you a racist or if it does then CANDICE is right up there with them as she is racist against whites. Wonder is her biological mother white and since she let her be adopted out is that why Candice is racist against whites? If it is then Candice needs to understand that her mother was doing the best in her mind for Candice and let it go.

  32. People keep saying 4 people
    Control the house…. Who is the 4th?

    Its Helen and Amanda puppet mastering everyone…. Elissa is gullable but ultimatly trys to make moves but has no numbers
    Helen Amanda and McCrea but Elissa is not
    In control of anything

  33. “Andy agrees but says that he doesn’t want his name brought up because he swore to Jessie he wouldn’t tell anyone. ”

    So in other words what Andy is telling Aaryn is that he can’t be trusted.

  34. Spencer: Jessie, I was just reading the bible and came across this passage. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it Psalms 81:10 What do you think it means?

    Jessie: What did you say?

    Helen: Leave her alone Spencer!

  35. Andy is such a big old rat and top of that he is a professor wouldn’t want him to teach my kids anything. He needs to go on the block with Amanda.

    1. Professor? That is a joke. He taught one course in public speaking at a no name college. He doesn’t have a Phd as you would assume anyone teaching a college level course would have as a foundation for teaching at the college level as a professor. He is more like the graduate student who teaches a lab to help pay his way. CBS calling him a professor is like a garbage man being called a sanitation engineer.

    2. The College of DuPage offers a world of educational opportunities, right here at home. Transfer to a four-year institution with an Associate Degree. Earn a Technical Certificate.
      Learn in-demand workplace skills. Improve your English or study for your GED. Or take classes simply for your own joy and enrichment. The possibilities are endless. Learn more about what we have to offer and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish, right here in your own community. And the best part is, you won’t find a better educational value anywhere.

      I dont think this is a real college that he taught at. Its more like a diploma mill for high school dropouts that have a hard time getting accepted at 4 year colleges or even community colleges.

      1. A lot of high school graduates go to CoD to get their Gen-Ed’s done. Honors students go for college level credit. It is a pretty large community college in the Chicago area.

        It can be a crap shoot on instructors though… I think Andy might be part of the crap pool though.

    3. He’s just an instructor, not a professor. He teaches at a community college. He is just so squirrelly! I think it would be hilarious to take a class from him.

  36. Not sure the policy on links, but I thought everyone would like to see just how vile Amanda is. Not to take away from Aaryn, who is still horrible:

      1. 1) Links to most live feed clips are not allowed. (I’ve been letting a few on by striping out the http://www so it’s not a active link but still contains the information so you can find the content. . For the most part CBS doesn’t want us linking to live feed content on youtube we’ve been contact directly from them in the past and given a warning. Right now our spam filter is set up to clean these out)
        2) Links to sites that have copied our content in the past regardless of what the link is are not allowed (There’s a lot of great BB blogs/forums out there but there are also a lot that are just trying to get a quick buck. I won’t allow links to these site on here.)
        3) Spammy links are not allowed (We are getting a lot of these lately, for example “Cheap Teens .. or Cheap viagra.. etc etc “)
        4) Links to sites that contain false information are not allowed

        *I wish I could post youtube clips and animated gifs

        1. BB guest Aaryn was mentioned on Dlisted yesterday under a racist song about Asian Girls. Something about Aaryn from BB is writing songs now, or something. Song a disaster, but funny MK mentioned her!

  37. This season is like The Wolf(Amanda) and her Sheep. She’s making lamp chops out of them, $550,000 worth.

    1. Amanda can’t win 550,000 unless she eats the remaining contestants…. on the other hand Alison G may decide to give her 1st and 2nd for total domination of her minions.

  38. News flash people RACISM IS NOT ILLEGAL. Aaryn has a right to be racist and think whatever she bloody well pleases. The first week of feeds when Candice was hanging out in HOH with McSlacker and Big Ang, Big Ang made comments about Howard “the black guy”, Helen “the Asian person”, and Andy “the gay guy” – the “outcasts” – she called them. Candice did not say one word and laughed along (smiled anyway from what the camera picked up). She had NOTHING TO SAY. Aaryn mocked someone “whatchagonnadogirl”? and Candice is acting like that is reason enough that she should feel indignant about Aaryn staying. This is Big Brother – refer to Evel Dick’s season and his incessant name calling and bullying of everyone that got in his way.
    I commented on Candice looking for a ‘baby daddy’ on an earlier post because she stated: “My womb is screaming for babies.”.
    I’m just listing facts here, not opinions.
    Let get on with the game boys and girls.

    1. O kkk! Not illegal! You’re Fired! Oh and. We fired you too. Oh
      And by the way Julie Chen went on national TV, the talk and shot
      Her down. Who in the world wound not. Want that publicity.

  39. Howard my not be the sharpest pencil in the box, but he IS a man of integrity…a trait that many of these house guests don’t have. Once he is evicted (unfortunately due to the stupid game play of the other house guests being controlled by Amanda the Hun) his calming/spiritual presence will be gone and there will be NO ONE to buffer the hate, maliciousness, racist, backstabbing & evil game play of the other house guests…I predict they will all go crazy & resort to cannibalism.

    1. Do your live feeds pick up ‘calming, spiritual presence’ in that house. My subscription to the feeds don’t seem to get that. Maybe I should write someone.
      Now for some reality:
      Howard’s presence offers that house nothing like that – he’s just another dude playing the game and for what it’s worth, nobody can make heads or tails of anything he say (including me).
      Again, maybe I’ll write a letter……

        1. Ha, ha, you must be a man, men love a downward dog pose!! Met my husband demonstrating that position in a bar when he walked in from the deck. Glad Elissa has her yoga to keep her company, loved her trying to get Howards taut muscles to stretch into poses.

    2. integrity. yep. that’s why he looked right in Helen’s eyes and lied to her. yep. he’s got integrity. because….uh…he carries a bible. yeah that’s it. he’s a pillar of integrity and a role model for us all. HE ROCKS.

    3. So why is he even playing BB? Has he ever watched BB before?
      Thats like going into mma fight and saying … no I won’t hit you or kick you. wtf
      Don’t get me wrong ….More power to him for doing what he percieves as the right thing to do.
      This isn’t Mr Rogers neighborhood (more like mini Chicago). And yes they will be shredding each other soon enough.
      But not because Howard is leaving……..I hardly know he’s there now.

    1. In all my years of watching they have never cut a live show, that would be a first! Maybe Aaryn and GM tried to wear their KKK outfits for the live show?

  40. I’m so ready for Amanda to leave this house. Yes I know she’s not leaving this week she’s got to go some way somehow in the near future.

  41. Simon, i’d like to apply for a job see if I got this: Aaryn,Howard,Candace,Amanda, and Helen in the cockpit room::

    Howard says : Who the hell knows can’t understand him.

    Candace say’s : Your racist !!

    Aaryn says : I’m not racist I never said that!!

    Helen says : ok,ok,ok,ok,ok

    Amanda: You some shady motherf******

    Andy walk’s into the room.

    Am I hired… Jk You and Dawg do an awewsome job and I bet this year is a Challenge !!!

    1. LOL you summed up every conversation in the cockpit


    1. boogie managed to convince a house to not only NOT vote for the biggest threat, but to vote out Janelle, who to some was their freaking coach, and another number

      boogie would have had Amanda out of that house immediately. will would have done the same. GONE. no way they would be listening to that garbage

      dan on the other hand would just sit back and let her do her thing as long as she doesn’t mess with him

      1. Miss the days when BB house was full of people who actually made big moves and didn’t just have their eyes on jury house and 13K. Hurts my heart to think about Evil Dick, Dr. Will, Boogie, Jannelle… miss them all!

    2. if production wants to really get involved

      double eviction night. you have the first eviction(howard, we all know this. oh well)
      then Julie tells the house that its a double eviction night, and that there will still be an MVP for tonight’s second round
      they play HOH, Nominate two, then Julie says there has been a twist, America has been voting for MVP, and for the second week in a row….Amanda, please take a seat in the third nomination chair


      then MAYYYYYYYYYYBE the hg’s are smart enough to actually vote out Amanda.

    3. if production wants to really get involved

      double eviction night. you have the first eviction(howard, we all know this. oh well)
      then Julie tells the house that its a double eviction night, and that there will still be an MVP for tonight’s second round
      they play HOH, Nominate two, then Julie says there has been a twist, America has been voting for MVP, and for the second week in a row….Amanda, please take a seat in the third nomination chair


      then MAYYYYYYYYYYBE the hg’s are smart enough to actually vote out Amanda.

  42. Question: Someone has been posting hilarious things that Judd said; eg. his phone doesn’t have a 5 on it and he used his camera flash for lighting to make a sandwich when his power went out – did he actually say these hilarious things or is the person posting the one with the incredible sense of humor? Anyone know – I didn’t hear Judd say them but them again I can’t make out anything he’s saying anyways. :)

      1. He is comedy gold then. I had no idea what he was saying – I read lips but his do not move so I have been missing all that. Genius wit.

        1. Yesterday he had my crying. They were talking about the jury money and he said I wouldn’t need any if only I had a dime for each time a homeless person asked him for money.

        2. I have been so frustrated with his mumbling that I was going to request an interpreter for us to understand him. Does anybody out there speak” mumbling hillbilly on downers”?

  43. I don’t think they’re taping the show and airing it later. It would be nice in case it’s a LONG HOH endurance challenge and we would see the result tonight but I don’t think CBS thinks along those lines. Who knows, maybe they’ll prove me wrong.

  44. Aaryn: I miss going out to the range and shooting.

    Spencer: I don’t go to a range to shoot. Back home we just go hunting.

    Judd: Me too. I shot a moose once. I was hunting with a friend of mine that went to college in Maine and I shot a moose. And I strap him onto the fender of my car, and I’m driving, but what I didn’t realise was that the bullet did not penetrate the moose. It just creased the scalp, knocking him unconscious. And I’m driving – the moose woke up. So I’m driving with a live moose on my fender. There’s a law in Maine against driving with a conscious moose on your fender,

  45. Priceless: when Helen said, ‘Sorry, Jeremy’s mom’. She’s like the teacher who attaches a note to the kid when he’s bad and the parent has to read it.
    Politician, school principal, lying snake.
    I know that is old news but I found it hilarious. :)

  46. Does anyone know what the HOH camera picks up? Is it like what we get on the feeds or only specific rooms? Anyone?

    1. I know they can tell when somebody’s coming up the stairs to see them, and I think they can see the kitchen. Other than that, I don’t know.

  47. ZINGBOT:
    aaryn-the klan called they want their hood back

    amanda john holmes called he wants his penis back

    howard if they do another dick tracy movie you can get a part as mumbles

    candace stick to a game you’re good at like candyland

    gina marie the ghetto called they want all their big words back

    1. “ZINGBOT:
      aaryn-the klan called they want their hood back

      amanda john holmes called he wants his penis back

      JUDD if they do another dick tracy movie you can get a part as mumbles

      candace stick to a game you’re good at like candyland

      gina marie the ghetto called they want all their big words back”

      Fixed it for you…

  48. YouTube. Amanda Zuckerman: social justice warrior. Be sure to watch this. Also, note how Aryan finds these comments hysterical.

  49. I don’t understand why CBS is allowing Amanda, GM and Aaryn to remain in the house. Amanda has opening threatened to sharpen a butter knife and stab Candice with it. This behavior is just as bad or even worse than hitting someone.
    Aaryn should removed for all of her racist remarks and then blaming the people who the racist remarks were addressed to.
    GM should be removed for her racist remarks.

      1. in many other countries big brother threatening major violence against fellow house guests would see you straight out the door immediately

        alot of countries would also instantly evict for continuous racism too

        in my opinion, amanda should have been kicked out long ago for so many different instances of threatening or racist or homophobic comments

        aaryn should also be out the door for her racism

        gina and spencer should have been given heavy warnings, and if it continued, then out the door for them too

  50. It seems there is a lot of fighting going on about Amanda… Since we are all entitled to our own opinions, I believe that the four people that are playing the best game are 1. Helen, 2. Amanda and a tie for 3. Andy & Aaryn. They may not be our favorite players, or even mine, but I truly believe they are playing the best game. Helen is dominating this house. Everything is going her way. Amanda has control of a lot of people. She completed turned McCrae around from his original alliance. Aaryn may be “racist and a mean girl” but you have to admit she changed her game around. Andy is probably one of or is the most likeable person in the house. In my opinion these 4 have been playing the best game. Its going to catch up to Helen (her running this house) so I am sure shell get the boot. Nice people rarely win (Jordan was probably one of the only in Big Brother history to win) so Andy will make it to jury but won’t win. Aaryn has too many things against for her to have a shot of actually winning. Amanda has most potential to win. I honestly really like her. I think her diary rooms are so funny and she is very intelligent. I am not here to fight with people I just wanted to state my opinion. Also, I am hoping that Howard goes home tonight and I would really like to see Elissa win HOH.

  51. Also, someone posted on Facebook (which I don’t know how believable the source is), that Big Brother is ultimately rigged. The show is planned out and the person said that AMANDA is friends with AG and it is planned for her to win season 15 of Big Brother. Also, Ashley (BB14) is from Pittsburgh (where I am from) and she is actually friends with my cousin (yes this is true information I promise you and I can prove it). She told my cousin that Big Brother is kind of “planned” and everyone knows whats going to go down because production influences and basically picks how things will go down. Its not 100% real.

      1. lol idt its true im just relaying what they said. but yes my cousin’s best friend grew up with Ashley from BB14 and i know what she said is true

        1. well my uncle’s brother’s neighbor’s friend’s wife’s daughter’s classmate’s cellmate said it is definitely not a rigged show so that’s pretty convincing evidence.

  52. Like a lot of posters, it seems, I think at this point, no one deserves the big money, if any money all. Push reset, and donate the money to charity, preferably any that continue to work towards racial equality. At this point, I’m (now) pulling for Jessie, but that’s only because she’s clearly the nicest, certainly in this mixed bag of personality disordered bunch, but the girl needs to find some backbone – and quickly – and keep talking about Amanda. She has to come from behind so bolder moves are needed. Dump Judd and team up with another floater type, like Andy, who you might beat in jury.

    1. I have nothing against Jesse I think she has a sweet disposition overall. This has been a toxic group. But I don’t think deserves the money over any of them just because shes’ supposedly the nicest one. Not having a backbone isn’t a great character trait especially coming into this sort of game. Just a few days ago she herself was telling Amanda conversations she was privy too like her soldier.

      1. this show isnt about who deserves the money. its about who wins the money. if you wanted a show about who deserves the money i guess we could have some nuns on it or something. that would be really interesting.

  53. I love Amanda, McCrae, Judd they are good at this game and they deserve to be there. I sooo hope Howard goes tonight then they need to get Helen, Candice, Spencer, and GM then they can have a good battle to the end.

  54. Dear Universe,
    Please get the Mcbully Amanda out and Aryan nation Aaryn out as soon as possible. We can’t have both a bully and a racist at the same time. SOMETHING GOTTA GIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. I just can’t wait to see Amanda’s face when she finally realizes that AMERICA voted for her to be on the block she thinks everyone LOVES her they don’t and her little boyfriend is just a little boy what happen to him, he got a little and now he lost he mind,lol, there is no way that woman is staying with him, if America is smart they will put him or her on the block, can’t wait and as for Aryaning learning her lesson bullshit she hasn’t or GinaMaria, and if they don’t get Amanda out everyone of the will leave one by one, and next is Helen she needs to leave also, Please Go Helen!

  56. Do any former haters kind of like Elissa now? I do, she seems to want to make moves, but can never find the numbers in this cowardly house to do it. Her being HOH might be interesting.

  57. Your tired of people that hate Amanda, wakeup fools, America voted to put her on the block, America wants Amanda out!

  58. Say there is an endurance competition for hoh tonight… potentially, how long could it last?
    oh good, the show just started…

  59. This may take a while. Julie Chen announced to the home audience that
    NEXT THURSDAY has a double eviction! They are going to slowly drop…

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