Amanda gives out this weeks orders “Jessie has to go.. trust Aaryn like a motherf*** .. she’s a beast”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ? Next HOH: Aug 15th
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots ?

7:05pm Jessie and Elissa Kitchen
Jessie: “Karma is a b!tch he told me to shut the f*** up this morning.. well Buddy you shut the f*** up”

Bedroom everyone but Aaryn.
They are sharing all of JUDD’s plays this season. They tell JEssie he’s been trying to get her out for the last week.
Jessie: ‘WOW WOW”
They share with Spencer how JUDD made up a fake alliance etc etc..
Helen over and over again saying how dangerous JUDD is and how they would never have been able to get him out. “This is the biggest move of the year” (sad year if JUDD is the biggest move)

Amanda mentions how McCrae and JUDD were the two biggest Big Brother Fans in the house.
(McCrae was crying during the eviction and is still shaken up)


7:18pm Storage Room Spencer and Andy

Spencer is Surprised that the secret alliance rumor was leaked by JUDD. Andy says JUDD’s lies made him evict Kaitlin and he was close to Kailtin. Andy adds JUDD wanted Spencer in jury but wanted him to be the first to leave.
Spencer: ‘Dude I don’t know my place in the house”
Andy: “The entire house will realign”
Andy: “I want you to stick around I want you here.. we’re going to start seeing sides go after each other”
Andy points out there are 3 couples (GM/Aaryn, McCrae/Amanda and Helen/Elissa) if the three of them (Specner, Andy and Jessie) lay low they can dodge the fire.


7:24pm Cockpit Andy and McCrae
McCrae is holding back tears. He’s worried he’ll be next. Andy tells him not to worry he’s not. Amanda joins them.
Amanda: ‘I trust Aaryn like a motherf*** now”
Andy: ‘I have Spencer”
Amanda: ‘Jessie has to go she can’t win HOH she has to go”
Andy: “It really is true if we didn’t do it know we wouldn’t”
Amanda: “Will Helen come after McCrae and me now”
Andy: “No.. but she did offer Aaryn and GM 2 weeks safety”
Amanda: “WHY”
Andy: “We’ve gotten too spoiled.. literally everything we’ve done has worked out”

They think that maybe someone is going to come back into the game. They’re certain it will be JUDD.
Amanda: ‘Dude Aaryn is a animal.. I’m glad she’s on our side”


7:32pm HAve nots Amanda and Aaryn
Amanda hugs her tells her they are final 4 they will not turn their backs on Aaryn after what she did. She instructs Aaryn to stay close to the enemies, Elissa and Helen.

(Lots of little side conversations.. one thing to note is they are saying that Candice said something nasty to GM along the lines that she lives in her basement with her parents. This is what brought on GM’s comment about at least her mother loves her. The houseguests are talking like Candice will be perceived negatively by the fans.)

(HOH is tonight No Sleep till Brooklyn)


7:42pm Jessie and Andy

Jessie: “I can’t ebelive JUDD was such a f**k head wanting me out”
Andy says they are down to the nitty gritty they have to have each others back.

7:48pm Kitchen Helen saying they need to increase the prize for Big Brother to 1 million dollars from 500K

7:54pm Kitchen Elissa and Jessie
Elissa: “At this point I want some Adderall.. We should ask them”
Jessie: ‘Ya”
Cameras switch

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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JESSIE just found out from HELEN that everyone knew about JUDD!! and that the house USED JESSIE!! by letting her kiss and sleep with him HAHA Now she will still be leaving NEXT week unless the girls decide to take the BOYS!! out lol


Did Helen really threaten Aaryn about putting Judd up? Hate Helen and Amanda and GM!! They are disgusting. Judd was entertaining and hope he gets to come back in the game.


judd and candice may be the first jury members, but that doesn’t mean they are in the jury house…they could be in sequester, just waiting for a chance to come back in. we’ll see.


I hope so too. It would be great that in a few weeks someone opens Pandora’s Box and everyone in the house has to switch places with the jury.


only way they will use America to vote back a player is if Elissa gets evicted. that is basically the PLAN B for production to get their golden goose back in the game. the MVP was a stupid gimmick, and these idiots in the house never took advantage of executing a power eviction with the MVP option. this is becoming a very dangerous road ahead for CBS/BB. the disgusting/vile/ignorant personalities of the game are still in the house. I’m kind of rooting for Aaryn to win it all, just so CBS can embarrass themselves even further for promoting the racial statements/gay bashing/child p-rn jokes. I still can’t understand how dumb these people are, I can’t call them players because to be a player you have to make a game move. Aaryn’s HOH was flat out embarrassing. you’re on national TV and you’re speech to Judd is, the house is getting what they want? WOW…REALLY?! it’s your HOH, f-ck where the house stands, you gotta play to get what YOU WANT. this BB season was lame and became a game of personal vendettas, that has nothing to do with the game of BB. I believe this will probably be it for the BB franchise in the USA. this BB15 season is the worst trash on tv ever, and I believe these same companies will never advertise their product on CBS/BB slot ever again.


Actually getting out Nick with the MVP was a major game changing play. He would’ve been one of the power players to combat Amanda and Helen.


AMANDA HAD SEX WITH MC IN THE HOH BED when the cameras went down .


HOWARD needs to get our votes for favorite he is from DIRT POOR MISSISSISSIPPI LOOK IT UP its the poorest state out of the 50 states .


Howard do not deserve the favorite houseguest and 25,000. He may be a great guy but he sucks at the game big time.


Well dude its not the BEST player that wins Americas favorite houseguest. Its the favorite. And with all the racial hate that went on Howard became Americas favorite.


Every player in this season is one big FUCKING C*NT


These people are clueless, there were no actual BIG MOVES this season. Every move was what the House a.k.a Amanda wanted.


These fools are slowly killing what the BB term “Big Move” means.




I have never seen so many HOH winners have no say so about their own nominations. I have to give Helen and Amanda credit. You don’t have to win you just threaten the HOH about the following week and they fall for it every time. Judd. If you had been willing to make a REAL big move. Amanda would be where you are!!!! Dummie!!!!!


I’m so disgusted by GM and Helen comparing Aaryn to Jannelle. Aaryn will NEVER be a Janelle even on a worst day. Oh well, lets see how long “what the HOUSE wants” will last…for a DE episode everything was very predictable. I guess I’m still rooting for Elissa and Jessi {only because I can’t stand everyone else and Jessi might put Mcmanda up}


Am i the only one that was shocked by aaryn backdooring judd my jaw hit the floor even aaryn saved jessie i thought jess was a goner


No, I didn’t think she was going to change noms. That was the only thing that I didn’t expect tonight.

But after thinking about it, Judd mentioned his fight with Jessie was putting a target on his back, I probably should have expected it.


Aaryn just screwed herself out of the grand prize, she has sent 2 people to jury who will never ever vote for her. And she has made herself a target by believing Amanda and Helen. Doesn’t she remember Kaitlyn? She was promised safety yet she went home the next week.

I think Amanda and Helen have a secret F2 alliance, McCrae be very afraid!!!;;


I am so glad that we share the same thought…..I am highly annoyed at this season’s cast…..and since they are willing to give Amanda the win, they all should self-evict!!!!


Aaryn is more like A-Rod (taking performance enhancing drugs) lol !


To be fair, Janelle won four competitions during her first season. This means that Arryn already accomplish that benchmark, this season is still ongoing so I don’t know if she will beat Janelle’s record during her second run but even if she does she still is no Janelle when it comes to personality.


Maybe so but I think Helen is a bigger brain washer

nerves shot

so disappointed Judd was really just a country boy and actually had no plan. So disapointed he admitted to buddying up with Team Amanda. So disapointed he let himself get brainwashed and used!!! But Judd, without a game you gotta go. And you were also very bipolar with Jessie. Not liken that.


AMANDA is one disgusting human being . She has a boyfriend back home i wonder what he thinks of her having SEX IN THE HOH room when live feed went down ? And why does AMANDA act like the HOH ROOM IS HERS ?


Because the sheep gives her the room as well as nomination power?

Amanda needs to get her HOH basket. She’s won 7 unofficial HOHs and still haven’t got her basket.


Because she is running the house, but guess what , she is stacking the jury against her, she down two votes already, this year you need 5 to win(5 to lose in her case)


Why you ask does everyone give their HOH to Amanda/McCrea? Well if you say no to Amanda you go home, except for this week, Jessie didn’t go home. Amanda wanted her gone, so look for her to be gone next week unless someone gets back doored in a power move. Helen knows how to herd sheep, she works for the Democratic Party. She herds sheep everyday, takes them every 2 years to the polls. She could have even gotten Al Gore elected. Amanda has lost Judd, but she now owns Aaryn’s soul, if she has one, to replace him. Helen lost Candice, so she’s down one. Andy is the key to the winner of BB15, watch him.


Maybe no huge game changers, but Helen has influenced every eviction, has never been on the block and is still in the house! Helen is the best game player thus far.


Helen was on the block week 2


Oh right I forgot… this season is so bad I didn’t watch the second week. Helen is still the best player left in this game. She has controlled the house since day one!


Uh, she was on the bock the 1st 2 weeks next to Elissa


Helen has been on the block the second week with Elissa but is able to flipped the entire house to save herself and her closest ally. Helen and Amanda are both playing the puppet master game but as of now Helen is a notch higher than Amanda because she was able to persuaded the HOH and Amanda herself to backdoor Judd who is a loyalist to the latter. Hopefully this week Elissa or Jessie wins the HOH and targets the Mcmanda team and they will realize their mistake. I prefer an Arryn/GM (apart from being racist they are good competitors) vs Helen/Elissa, I’m just tired of the Amanda show.

The Veto

Helen was on the block with Elissa (week two, I think) when Nick went home. But I agree. Tonight when she said she’s keeping Amanda because Amanda’s the bigger threat, I had to admit she know’s what she’s doing. And she has no problem taking her “friends” out. So as much as she’s annoyed me in the past and will probably annoy me in future, I’ll now be rooting for her all the way.

Still rooting for Jessie because she’s the under dog, but if I were in jury, Helen would get my vote.


only person to root for is jessie and she might get brainwashed again :(

and now demanda has more power. i’m done the moment jessie is gone (unless judd gets to come back and knows who f’d him over…though knowing him, he’d come back to be a sheep again) though i’m ok with elissa, but she can’t do anything on her own.

worst season ever. glad we have this website to where i dont have to watch any of these disgusting people (cept jess and liss)


No, Amanda is actually weaker. She just voted one of her loyal puppets that she will possibly take up to top 5. There are three pairs in the house and they are expecting that Arryn/Gm will take out Helen/Elissa, removing the target from Mcmanda. Hopefully Arryn and Helen see this through and team up to strike at Mcmanda. The next HOH will be crucial because this could possibly control the outcome of the game.


i too just come this site and don’t bother watching it’s just so hard to watch


No one is coming back there’s to many people left and not enough time all Julie meant by them still being in the Gabe is that they are in jury

Amanda Blows

Not saying this to be funny, sarcastic, ironic, moronic, prejudiced, racist or a hater. Saying it because it is just plain true.

Amanda would have made a damn fine NAZI.


sooooooooooooooooo WRONG!!!!


Hilarious how most likely every one of you that have a thumbs up to that comment probably whined about Amanda making racist remarks. Just a tad hypocritical.

Ps: even if you say you aren’t being racist and then you say something racist, it’s still racist.

You guys and your Amanda hate club are delusional, but it’s entertaining.

What a Pathetic Season

None of us hate Amanda because she’s racist, that’s just an added bonus. Now go crawl back up her ass like the rest of the the HGs on BB.


Oh I forgot. You also hate her because she’s running the house. Such a great reason to hate someone who is playing big brother! Haha.


It was enough for you guys the first few weeks with Aaryn…

Andy enters and

Nazi isn’t a race.

Andy leaves.




Amanda is one disgusting HUMAN BEING ?

Hey there

Ironic. I agree. The bad thing is, she’s Jewish. A Jewish Nazi. Oxymoron?


Funny … they think that Candice will be perceived negatively for that. GM got all that shit started tonight in the first place. I don’t blame Candice for fighting back at all. What an unbelievably crappy Double Eviction night. -_-

Big Sister

Would you expect anything else from this group? My plea to CBS: PLEASE let Candice be the one to break the news of Aaryn and GM losing their jobs because of their disgusting behavior!!!! Your ratings would skyrocket at the finale!! Sometimes I wonder if they are all on crack!! Please bring Candice back. Some of you said you liked Amanda for her stirring things up–well, I think Candy Land would be up to the task of dealing with that idiot, GM. Also, frustrated that Julie didn’t tell them that America was MVP. Was dying to see Amanda’s face when she realized most of us don’t care for her at all!


Although I agree with you about Gutter Mouth (GM) I really wished that Candice tried to avoid jumping down into the gutter with that uncouth, ignoramus it sort of left a bad taste in my mouth and Candice’s points weren’t even all that good. I would have outed people’s game asked them to make a big move since it’s jury and double eviction etc. unfortunately Candi did not come to play she didn’t campaign or make any deals she should have stuck to the page from Howard’s book ’cause the page out of her book makes her look real RATCHET. You can find the definition of ratchet in the urban dictionary.


I have to agree with you on this one. Candice uses this stage in front of a live audience to personally attack Gina about how she lives with her parents. I personally can’t stand people like that who won’t say anything to you until they’re up in front of a lot of people to make a big show out of it. It had nothing to do with the game and GM had every right to be flipping out like she did. If GM or Aaryn pull that stunt everybody in here would be calling them trash, Candice does it and she’s being feisty.


GM did the same thing. She did it at noms and Candice let her have her words. This was Candice’s time and if she wanted to use it to tell GM what she thought, who tf cares? She’s leaving. I don’t even like Candice, but she’s smarter than GM, she’s accomplished things in her life that GM and Aaryn want but will never get to do (especially, after this show), Candice can read and write, she’s articulate, and America hates Aaryn and GM more than they’d ever hate Candice. GM keeps talking about class but the illiterate idiot eats like an animal, burps and farts like a man, can’t formulate a complete sentence without having a brain fart and she’s obsessing over some guy that wants nothing to do with her. If GM is a winner to you….then it sucks to be you. Sorry not sorry.

just older

There has been a lot of vile behavior in the house this year but I have to say that after GM’s tirade toward Candice tonight I was speechless for a minute. She has to be one of the most hateful, uncouth, ugly-hearted people I’ve seen on this show.

I hate the cast this year. They are all such sheeple.


I completely agree with you. GM started it all with her bullying (along with Amanda and Aaryn) so eventually Candice was going to crack under all of the attacks. Any person would, especially if one had to live with it 24/7 non stop and no refuge. I’m proud of her for pointing out that what GM has been doing is wrong and deserves no respect at all. She was just stating the truth.


Would Have Loved To Hear The Fighting That Continued Between Candice And GM As The Hgs Were Voting. Also Hated Not Hearing What Was Said After Judd Was Put Up During The Commercial Break.

P Jones

Is the HOH tonight for sure?
I love your website, by the way. I discovered it during BB Canada. It’s the best BB site IMO.


thats twice aaryn did someone else’s dirty work. so bummed. lets hope the couples duke it out now.
and wow, NOBODY was talking to jessie during the show. poor girl!!


wow if only judd listened to candice and jessie that amanda was after him. maybe we would have seen a whole different episode. anyways so glad candice told gm off. cant wait the look on gm’s face when she finds out more people like candice than her. reality is a bitch, stalker.


cant wait to see the look*

so mad at this cast that i left words out, hah.


I hope Candice wins fan favorite and they pan immediately to GM’s face


HOWARD DESERVES THE $25,000 HE is from dirt poor Mississisissippi . Candace already has money and is on jury . HOWARD NEEDS THE MONEY


Just because Howard is “poor” and comes from Mississippi doesnt mean he DESERVES to be handed the $25,000 for America’s player. He didnt come to play.. he did a terrible job while on the show… He was given a great opportunity and he blew it!

I think many people in this country think because someone “doesnt have” means they should be “handed” something… WRONG.



i really hope nick shows up to the finale with the swat team. gonna need it…

but then again ginamarie acts like a tough person but cries over an hoh blog… drama queen.


amanda’s new nick name should be called “the house” or “brick house”….she’s good, but i despise her approach. (and i like evel dick’s btw)


*evel dick’s gameplay style


evil dick won comps, Amanda hasn’t won anything. Except the 24 year old pizza delivery boy.


amanduh’s next big move is to show mcreepy how big her penis is, and that she is a man baby!


How exactly is judd the biggest threat I don’t watch bb after dark but something big must have happened to turn the house against judd. What i don’t get is amanda is a bully and mean to people but no one turns against her I don’t get these people. This bb is the worst bb i don’t remember any other bb players being so racist.


Trust me this site is more entertaining than BB after dark.
Judd is out because Amanda wanted him out.
I can’t stand this dumb sheeps. Can’t wait for Helen to leave,
Her smile while evicting Judd irritated me so much
I wanted to jump into the house just to slap her a few time.

I hope Aaryn turns on Amanda soon.
GM is one disgusting person. Just nasty.
I’m done watching BB after dark. I can’t stand looking at these
Trash following man-Anda


Amanda decided that Judd was the MVP putting her up so wanted him gone. So of course she spread her lies and rumors about him to turn everyone against him.


Mcramda was convinced Judd was mvp, that’s it !!! she couldn’t push it because of her pizza boy, so she planted the seed in Hell-en’s head and let her push it. CBS got Judd evicted with the mvp drama, or them playing sheep n not taking advantage of the gift America gave them 2 weeks in a row !!!


I enjoy the Spencer/Andy bromance..


Stupid is as stupid does. Amanda and McRae were obvious choice for noms with Elissa or Helen as a replacement.


To really shake things up this evening, Aaryn needed to nominate AMANDA and MCCREA and if either one won THE POV then HELEN could have gone up.
It would have resulted in 1 very strong player being voted out of the game.


Wow…..I’m truly suprised that Andy actually kept his mouth shut with this blindsided mission.

Judd’s facial expression = priceless

Elissa's Botox

I hate her cattyness but wow AARYN IS A BEAST

I hope Jessie wins HOH


Yeah, Adderall is a beast! I mean Aaryn :/


Being a promoter of the wonder drug Adderall could be Aaryn’s next job and perhaps the only job she’ll be able to get.


OK Elissa I’m tired of hearing that Poopy wins because of Adderall. Xmanda takes double doses of Adderall before comps and she sucks! Elvira is just jealous of Poopy.


Omg Andy just shut up, seriously. You are 100% fake. Your crying. Everything. You’re a little rat and need to be evicted already. GTFO.

Confused Parent

Oh my gosh, I was also soooo annoyed with him for crying once Judd got evicted! If you didn’t want him gone, you should have kept him, I mean it made no sense for his game to evict Judd, and he only did it ’cause Amanda said so. I seriously wanted to slap him, when he started crying for being a sheep/rat!


I refuse to watch this bulls**t show until Amanda gets evicted.

Amanda's Duck Feet

Is that post eviction sadness moment real or staged by production? It looks awfully fakey to me.

All standing by the photos of the HGs…?


Amanda: ‘I trust Aaryn like a motherf*** now”

Because Adderall is actually working for her in competitions? Zing


My sense is Helen was behind the move to back door Judd. Is that correct?

Regardless, McCrae and Andy were fools to go along with it. Women stick together, and they should know that the push is on to evict the guys.

Dumb move by McCrae and Andy to backstab a person they had a Final Four deal with. I hope Spencer wins HOH and nominates Helen and Amanda.

I think he is the only one left with the courage to do it.


Her and Amanda, they didn’t fully trust him.


Helen had A HEAVY HAND in backdooring Judd.


Sad part Judd was100% loyal to them.

la la la

F**k GinaMarine! I am so glad candice said those things to her! I hope GM or Spencer go this week! I am rooting for Jessie and Elissa!


I didn`t catch much of what Candice DID say over GM`s honking. Gotta say though, I`m adopted (and perfectly fine about it), but that GM comment was vile,


She said something about GM living in her mother’s basement, which is probably true, because GM snapped back hard.

just older

Of all the insults and mean things hurled in the house this year, for some reason GM’s remark about Candice’s mom not liking her made me so angry. What a horrible thing to say. What kind of person SAYS something like that? She is so awful.


Pitiful, the whole damned season, just pitiful….

nerves shot

Pitiful, crass, immoral, despicable, disgusting, boring…


Well tonight sucked but Julie definitely made it seem like a jury member will come back! So let’s hope Judd can get back into the game and plow through these morons..I will be so pissed if this cast gets Big Brother cancelled for next year because of how bad of a season this is!


Judd will just come back in & be a dumb puppet again. I hope Candace comes back at least she will get GM skanky ass out!


For Amanda, Aaryn and GM, I hope Candice comes back

oh please

Their setting it up so if Amanda gets evicted they can bring Her back…

Youse iz all scrubz

Don’t worry about BB16. With all the controversy this year, CBS has taken the bad publicity and milked it to their advantage. It’s one of the highest-watched shows on prime time this summer.


Everybody bitches about Amanda it’s HELEN who’s the puppet master this season if somebody doesn’t get her out soon she’ll be cashing that check in Sept


It seemed like Helen laid low when Aaryn was making her initial nomination, then strong armed her after she won veto to get Judd out. It was brilliantly played by Helen actually. Just stupid for Aaryn to get out one of her allies instead of getting either Jessie or Elissa out who openly don’t like her.


yes, amanda is a bully but to say she would make a good nazi is discusting comment and clearly you have no clue what that actually means or you wouldn’t have said it. It makes you no better then she is


Would you please get off your high horses? Where you when Amanda. who defines herself as a Jew, joked and laughed about gas chambers? She would have been a good Nazi, Hitler was and rumor has it he was another self-hating Jew.


Hitler was half Jewish. His mother was r@ped by a Jewish farmer.


Sorry, Drew -no such thing. If your Mother is Jewish, you are Jewish. Hitler was Jewish.


Sorry Drew, I meant to say, Hitler WAS NOT Jewish, because his mother was not Jewish.


I know, right? These Amanda haters are delusional hypocrites.


LOL @Amanda Blows totally agree! I hate Amanda but the bitch is playing the best game in there (not saying much since this is the worst season ever) #BB15fail


Congrats! You aren’t as delusional and hypocritical as the rest of the Amanda hate club!

No, but really, I respect opinions, just not hypocrisy.


Awful casting this season CBS. I dislike most of the remaining cast. I feel ripped off this season. Fire head of casting!


Jury now rigged too, since if Amanda goes she can conveniently return to the gave via AG’s hand…. TOTAL BS!!! I give up…..


BB Canada had a jury member who went back into the house and he almost won. If it wasn’t for the stupidity of one of the jury members who supposedly voted the wrong way, he would have won. The returning jury member was selected by a public vote


LOL @Amanda Blows totally agree! I hate Amanda but the bitch is playing the best game in there (not saying much since this is the worst season ever) #BB15fail


How in the motherf**k was that a big move?


Rooting for Jess and Elissa tonight then hopefully Amanda and MC will be nominated and one of them send packing


Glad Candace is gone, hated her voice.


Yea, that’s a good reason to hate someone. Its just as good as hating them for their race religion or sexual orientation. You would fit right in the BB house this year.


I wish MVP was still in play, ONLY FOR ONE REASON THOUGH, so we could put Amanda up again and watch her go crazy and get someone else in her alliance evicted. LOL!!!


was proud of Candace tonight!!!!

I’m only watching the eviction shows now, so tired of all the stupidity. I do read the updates on this site, so much better than wasting my time watching the live feeds. Thank you to those who moderate this site

I switched over to watching Big Brother Australia, 1000 x’smore entertaining, great housemates and I love all their twists


Lol me too. BB Australia and BB UK is way more entertaining than this season.


I really like thier approach to the rules and tasks and the every 2 days episode is awesome too… its actually nice to watch where they arnt allowed to scheme so openly its not so vile and hate filled

Jeremy's Boat

We need Uncle Creeper, now more than ever



Bye Boo!

“The houseguests are talking like Candice will be perceived negatively by the fans.” I can not wait for them to get a dose of reality. Candice was not the best player but she came off looking like a saint compared to Aaryn Nation, illiterate Gina Marie (she has to be a high school drop out, no way an educated person could write that!) and the Jolly Orange Giant Amanda! At least Candice still has a job!

Big Sister

Don’t slander high school like that! Middle school dropout may be giving her too much credit.


After what I read in her blog it’s obvious, GM isn’t even smart enough to be a HS drop out, she never made it outta grade school.

That’s OK though, women like her still makes it in the world, just not “standing up”.

boogs chilling on the couch.

Is this big brother or house of amanduh! Pathetic. Biggest move this season was a dump Spencer took.


Yet another wasted HOH… these people are delusional and full of themselves. I want to sue Big Brother for the hour of my life I can never get back watching this load of crap! Power move? OMG, this cast is a bunch of CLUELESS SHEEP.


Wait until GM realizes that America thinks she’s trash and not Candice. The look on her face will be priceless!


I am so done with Big Brother if the ex-cbs employee was right about Amanda. If she wins this year, I’m going to quit watching BB!!

LOL about Elissa wanting Adderall!! You go, girl!! Put that b*tch and her little b*tch up! (mcranda)


I agree. The Adderall line from Elissa was probably the best line I’ve heard all season. LOL!

No Words

If I had HOH, I would put Andy and Amanda on the block, and if he won the POV, I’d replace him with MCcrae. Andy is the reason most big potential moves go bad. He is a rat; Ginamarie doesn’t see it. The focus was on the dislike of Candice. Those ladies, in a couple of days in the house, were jealous of Candice. She was Miss Louisiana and Miss Teen Louisiana, A N.O. Saints, and Houston Texans cheerleader, she has a degree from a great university in New Orleans, she was on the Oprah show years ago in search of her biological mother, and she is pretty. They couldn’t handle it. Also, Judd is probably feeling stupid and should have listened to Jessie. He wouldn’t be in the Jury with Candice, who he hated so much in the house.

They are so stupid; they say that Candice will look negative to America. IDIOTS! The only person in the house that is pretty much decent and tells people they are wrong for certain comments is Elissa.

Oh that blog. I see why GM warned viewers in her own way that she can’t write. It was ridiculous.


well said


I need change. I’m team McrAmanda. They shoulda turned on Elissa and left Helen to dry.


I didn’t want judd to go but I didn’t expect it either and i like that. My jaw hit the floor when aaryn used the veto i guess those peds paid off like you said Simon lol. I respect andys game a lot more idk if he was trying to stick close to Spencer do he couldn’t try to get in her head or if he really wanted to see what she wanted but either way it was a good move to stay in that room when mcmanda left.


On the next exciting episode of Big Brother: ZZZZZZZZZZZ


Helen saying they need to increase the prize for Big Brother to 1 million dollars from 500K ….. roflmao pricless HELLEN ….

ALL THESE PEOPLE PRAYING JESSIE MAKE a big move not going to happen she will do has she is told that is be a follower ….. ,, Hellen,,, AMANDA , arguemnent to the jury aaryn might have won hoh but i made her pull the TRIGGER … AMANDA AND I WAS HOH for every week even though i won one but that were my biggest move in the house ok ok ok you know you know


I’m really pulling for helen & elissa but they have to make a move against amanda they really do they are losing numbers as the weeks go by they need to realize andy is slowly turning against them for amanda they better get theirs heads on a swivel in a hurry or they’ll miss on 500,000 dollars.Also I liked I wanna say I liked jeff & jordan on their seasons but it seems as if people are treating mcranda like they were making final 4 deals when common sense would tell you if ever came to that point you’re the odd man out because neither mcrae or amanda would turn on each other for the other two.

Be smart houseguests.


This season has been a disaster. What a waste, Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer and Gina Marie should have been evicted already. I can’t believe CBS is actually going to pay these vile racist people.


Despite it being a double-eviction… the most exciting part of tonight’s episode was Candice going off on GinaMarie.


I know, right? Double Eviction was the most boring of all the Double Evictions in past season. It should’ve been a game changer, where someone makes a big move, but nobody wants to play for 500k, they wanna continue with the theme this season make the smallest move imaginable because that’s what the House wants. Oh what will the house want at final 2? Hopefully the sheep grows a brain in the Jury compare notes.


Guess ole Judd is wishing he’d listened to Jess right about now, instead of trashing her to anyone who’d listen. Liked Judd, but he deserves what he got for being such a pussy.

It’s funny as hell that Amanda’s paranoia and refusal to consider that it could be America sticking her ass on the block led her to orchestrate the eviction of a person who was loyal to her in lieu of someone who absolutely wants to cut her throat. Happy for the night Jess has had so far and would give anything for her to win this HOH.

Big Sister

Don’t forget, Candice warned him during the POV competition. She should greet him with, “I told you so!” Now he feels like J-U-Double-Dumb!


I think the real winner tonight was Helen, which sucks. Judd was more loyal to McCrae/Amanda/Andy.

Amanda was beyond paranoid and just shot herself in the foot. For all this talk about how much of a threat she is, she is playing a terrible game right now.