Ashley says she feels like Lance Armstrong coming back with one testicle.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

8:45am Jojo is awake and in the backyard smoking. At 9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Joe, Shane and Jojo are talking in the backyard. Joe tells Shane that right now it’s you, me, Frank as the targets. Joe says that he would rather be at the end with Shane. If we can come up with a deal, I would honour it. They comment on how Frank is only looking out for himself. Joe tells Jojo that she might want to throw out to Frank that getting out Daneille get out Dan and give the coaches a 33% chance. Mike joins them on the backyard couch. The conversation turns to talking about dogs.

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9:30am – 9:55am Wil and Danielle are sitting at the kitchen table talking about what the tomorrow’s HOH competition will be. Wil thinks it will be the putt-putt competition. They talk about how if its that type of comp, anyone can win it. Meanwhile in the backyard, Shane, Mike and Joe are talking. Shane tells them about his house flipping and personal training.

Mike tells Shane that he hopes he wins HOH this week. Shane tells Mike that Joe and Wil want to get Frank out. Mike says that she thought this would happen soon, and that he knew Joe would throw Frank under the bus. Shane says that Joe is just going to follow whoever is in power. Mike says yeah and he’s coming to you because he knows you have a good chance at winning this week. Danielle comes out into the backyard. Shane says that he is on to her, that he knows she isn’t a teacher because teachers don’t sleep in this late. Danielle says I do in the summer when I don’t teach, and I don’t normally stay up till 12. Shane tells her he is just bugging her. Mike heads inside.

10:10am – 10:25am Danielle asks Shane which way he is voting. Shane tells Danielle that he hasn’t made up his mind yet, but will listen to see what the house says today. Shane tells her that the house wants her out to get Dan out. Mike comes back out. Shane says that Ian commented how the have-not shower wasn’t that cold, so Big Brother turned it down another 5 -10 degrees. Ashley and Mike start working out by running around the backyard. They start laughing at how Ashley runs. Ashley says that he she stayed immobile for too long, she is all messed up. She says that he butt doesn’t work properly. Ashley says that she feels like a car crash victim that is learning to walk again for the first time. She says that she feels like Lance Armstrong coming back with one testicle.

10:30am Joe and Wil are in the arcade room talking about the HOH competition tomorrow. They talk about how they need to stop telling Janelle things and that Ashley is a liability to them. Wil brings up how he and Joe need to make a deal with Frank and Ian. Joe and Wil discuss how they don’t want Frank out but that they want Janelle to think that they do. Wil says that next week we have to get out Shane or Ian. Joe says it all depends on the twist, the twist always happens week 4 … they may speed that up a week though because of what happened to Willie. They break up the conversation and leave the room.

Britney and Jojo are whispering in the kitchen. Jojo brings up how Frank needs to know that Joe went through his bag. Britney tells Jojo not to start anything because why would Frank trust you. Look what happened to Willie when he told Frank too much information. It’s not necessarily in your best interest to give up a lot of information. Britney then instructs Jojo what to tell Frank to tell him that he is safe next week. She tells her that the decision to vote you or Danielle out has nothing to do with you’s about Dan or no Dan. That’s why you need to be careful about saying too much. Britney says that she will talk to Frank later this afternoon and then she can talk to him after. Britney and Jojo head outside.
11:20am – 11:50am Frank, Joe and Shane are working out in the backyard. Joe tells Frank that he was talking to Wil this morning and that they are ready to get Ashley out. Frank agrees. Joe says that they don’t need her upsetting the regime like that. Meanwhile Jojo heads into the have-not room to take a nap. Ian is in there trying to still sleep. Frank and Joe finish up their workout. Ian joins Wil out on the backyard couch. Ashley, Mike, Dan and Joe are in the kitchen talking and eating.

12:10pm In the bathroom, Shane is talking to Danielle. He tells her that they only argument against her is that by voting her out they also get Dan out. He says that there are also good points to get Jojo out too. She is throwing people under the bus and you aren’t. Danielle starts getting snippy and tells him that he is probably telling her the same thing. She wonders if Jojo talks bad about her that you are there laughing about it too. Shane says that he is and that he doesn’t tell Jojo the same thing. Shane tells Danielle that he tried to save both her and Jojo at the same time by telling Frank that he should back door Wil and get him out. Shane tells her not to tell anyone. Shane leaves. Janelle joins her on the bathroom couch. Danielle tells Janelle that it’s stressful having people going around talking about you behind your back. Ashley starts braiding Danielle hair. They start talking about people snoring. Ashley says that people snore because they’re fat.

12:45pm Meanwhile out in the backyard, Dan, Britney, Joe, Ashley, Ian and Mike are talking about random stuff. Ian tells them about how a guy once had a red paper clip and traded up until he had a house. The conversation turns to talking about when the market when upside down and people started walking away. Joe talks about how he had a 50/50 business partner who took his whole idea away from him because he didn’t have a dime to fight it. They continue to talk about random stuff. Britney asks if Mike will open up any more clubs in California. Mike says no, its too hard to make any money right now. She asks him what his next venture will be? Mike says he and his partner are already working on a deal in Istanbul.

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44 thoughts on “Ashley says she feels like Lance Armstrong coming back with one testicle.

  1. It really is unfair that Frank gets/was able to eliminate two targets this week. In my opinion they should not evict anyone and let everyone including Frank play for HOH.

    1. you know as a matter of fact, that actually could happen if only Willie was already nominated by Frank. If Willie got expelled when he was already on the block by Frank, the Frank’s reign as HOH would immediately be over since one of his nominees was evcited, then the houseguests will play a new HOH comp.

      happened in BB 11 when Michele nominated Chima and Chima got expelled, her reign immediately ended and Jordan was crowned HOH after her.

      1. it really shouldn’t have mattered that willie hadn’t been nominated yet because everybody know that he was going to be, so i agree there shouldn’t have been another eviction this week after willie was expelled they should have had another hoh.

        1. i was hoping that too because personally i was team Shane and Daniele

          but it’s what they call “technicality”

          they pull that and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it

    2. When Chima, quit wasn’t there like a quick HOH and then noms? I could be wrong. Wonder why the same thing didn’t happen.

      1. yeah it was really fast

        the competition that was supposed to be a POV comp for the week became the HOH comp. Jordan won that comp and i think she only had like less than 12 hours to make her nominees.
        they held the POV comp at the live eviction night which Jordan also won. and i also think that comp was supposed to be the HOH comp for a double eviction night, which was canceled due to chima’s expulsion.

    3. i am so curious on what twist they will pull this season

      coaches entering the game is just lame. If they (production) do that, i’ll pretty much stop watching the season. I could just believe that Jodi’s VERY EARLY eviction and Willie’s expulsion were already scripted so they would lose not 2, but 4 newbies at the the end of week 2.

      4 newbies out, 4 coaches enter. I mean everyone can do the math, right?

    4. Don’t forget….there could be no eviction this week. Or they can have no eviction, play HOH again and then do an eviction the same night. I wouldn’t put anything past CBS, they know this week was boring and letting Frank get to take out two targets is too easy. Plus, if they knock out Jojo, it will be the whole house against Shane next week, and that just would be way too easy for them. I really think that something is going to happen tomorrow night…because if the entire season goes on like this the show will be way too predictable.

  2. Good Morning and welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights. We are one day away till live eviction. Let’s recap again of mentor standings:
    1.Team Britney (3-3)
    2.Team Mike Boogie (2-4)
    3.Team Janelle (1-5)
    4.Team Dan (0-6)
    As right now,Team Dan is not looking good. Let’s hope that Dan will use the Renegade playbook to pull all the stops. Let’s take a look at tales of the nominees
    Danielle vs JoJo
    -0 HoH wins
    -0 PoV wins
    -1 Have/Havenots Participate Competition
    -2 HoH Participate Competition
    -2 Nomination on the Block
    -1 PoV Participate Competition
    -0 HoH wins
    -0 PoV wins
    -1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition
    -2 HoH Participate Competition
    -1 PoV Participate Competition
    -1 Nomination on the Block
    Prediction:JoJo evicted 5-1
    Who will survive the live eviction? Stay tuned for Thursday live eviction ceremony. Plus, right after the results of eviction & HoH. We give the updates of stats, mentor standings & third member inductee into Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012. Also, after the Big Brother 14 Finale is the Big Brother Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and introduction of the Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012. Stay tuned!

  3. I was reading earlier comments about Brit being a bad coach, which she can be at times but can you really blame Brit for JoJo’s possible demise when her players don’t even listen to her because they don’t think listening to Brit is in their best interest. And it’s crazy because JoJo and Shane hate Willie so much, but they’re playing just like he did. Not listening to anything Brit said and becoming unfavorable with the house. JoJo still hasn’t taken Brit’s earlier advice this week, and look where she’s at? On her way out the door.

    1. I think it’s a relative thing. Janelle was at comps and one of the toughest HGs ever. Boogie won all-stars and is part of one of the most iconic alliances ever. And Dan won too with gameplay that almost rivaled Dr. Will. As for Brit….erm yeah. She was strung along, moaned and bitched all the time and didn’t really win anything. Was she even an HOH? Can’t remember. The fact is the other coaches come with respect and credentials. Britney doesn’t. She hasn’t even given good advice. Dan and Boogie wouldn’t have let Willie have a house meeting. They would also have rallied around Willie and tried something sneaky to help him not get voted out. I think Britney made some poor choices. You choose Shane…a natural big target for being athletic and likable. Willie who everyone knew is a Hantz and wanted out. And JoJo who is rivaling Gnatalie as one of the most annoying HGs ever. Simply put, I don’t think Britney was among the first picks when it came to bringing back previous HGs. I can bet you BB wanted to a Donato or even Rachel, Jeff or Jordan and maybe even Jesse but they all declined or were tied up with other things.

      1. While I agree with most of what you said, and that Brittany is not the most qualified mentor, I think the stuff with Willie would’ve played out the same, he wanted to play his own game, so regardless if his coach was Dan, or Boogie, he still would’ve went off in his downward spiral, he was a lunatic and a moron and Brittany just got stuck with a crazy moron, she did pick good choices and could’ve gone far with all of her players if it wasn’t for Willie’s erratic behavior.

        1. no. it wouldnt. someone would have had to over and over tell him that people were talking about him downstairs “EVERYBODY”. no way boogie lets it happen, no way dan lets it happen, we saw janelle actually hold her player’s(wil) mouth shut. they would have got it done. they would have told willie there was POV, that its all good, no worries, with time people forget very quickly in BB, and a new target emerges. Point to Rachel. do something, but all she did was egg on his paranoia, and give him reason to just go crazy.

          her first mistake, was giving her strongest player the first HOH, when he cant play for it week 2. thats just a bad move.

      2. rachel also wanted time off to plan for wedding etc, since she had just done amazing race. I think next summer would be more likely in an all stars situation without brenden

  4. JoJo should not been aligned with Willie in the first place. If she does, she would play her own game than do what willie tells her. My advice is distance yourself to everyone and stay strong.

  5. i am so curious on what twist they will pull this season

    coaches entering the game is just lame. If they (production) do that, i’ll pretty much stop watching the season. I could just believe that Jodi’s VERY EARLY eviction and Willie’s expulsion were already scripted so they would lose not 2, but 4 newbies at the the end of week 2.

    4 newbies out, 4 coaches enter. I mean everyone can do the math, right?

    1. If an evicted houseguest comes back would they possibly make them compete against each other for the spot? If so – even JoJo or Danielle should be be able to compete as a returning house guest. Didn’t they do something like this last year with Brendon?

      1. I know I was thinking same. If JoJo or Danielle leaving. They should compete for the right to come back in this game. Like JoJo vs Kara or Danielle vs Kara. Also, let’s say JoJo or Danielle leaves the door and suddenly it didn’t open. There is a twist for that.


        if the returnings are already evicted for like a week, i think it’s just gonna be a poll to decide who returns.

        if one of the returnings is just got evicted (like Lawon from last season) i think it’s pretty much a battle to decide who returns. It’s gonna be happening next week i think. The battle will be between next week evictee and -Jodi,Kara,or this week’s evictee-(viewers will pick one to battle on polls)

      3. Correction:I was thinking same thing. Either JoJo or Danielle leaving. Evicted Houseguest will return. Like JoJo vs Kara or Danielle vs Kara. Or Evicted Houseguest leaving when the door is not open. There will be a twist.

        1. CBS is not allowing Kara to do live eviction interviews, only emailed questions to her. Smells like sequester… Who knows how the returning house guest will be factored in. Either America will vote for Kara VS this week’s boot to return. Or it will have something to do with the coaches, vote for Kara, Danielle or Dan to re-enter the game.

  6. i hate how the girls constantly complain about the boys dominating/wanting to dominate, but everytime i turn on the live feeds (most of) the girls are doing one of these things: smoking, snacking, drinking, sleeping, (or my personal favorite) complaining about how fat they are, then you switch to the guys who of course do those same things, but they are also working out like beasts. i feel like the most exercise most of the girls get is the walk from the kitchen/bed to the bathroom…so many complainers in one season. it really gets old!

  7. chima was up for nomination so when she was expelled they had to do a new HOH and nominations when willie was expelled the HOH hadn’t put up his 2 nominations

    1. that’s true but everybody know that he was gonna be put up though, so they should have went ahead and had another hoh.

  8. Is this really what this is now….Willie’s gone now its 6 v 2…and the same repetative convo’s.

    If Janelle says Boogie works out for 3 hours a day again…I’ll just go crazy.

    With that said, Shane for HOH…I need something to stir up this house.

    I have this feeling that Danielle will make it real far…real real far.

    1. i agree if janelle is so damn scared of boogie and him working out all the time, then she should have had frank voted out last week and crippled his team, no wonder he beat her in all-stars she’s a little slow when it comes to gameplay, she always thinking of things when it’s already too late.

  9. Simon, Did I do something wrong or what? I’m still waiting for moderation. I’ve been posted 6 times but still waiting.

    1. Week 2 is usually pretty boring.. we were spoiled with Insane week one Willie madness. tomorrow night we’ll hopefully find out about the twist and the season can start

      1. Exactly what I’m hoping for Simon! After the first 30 min of After Dark last night I went to bed. Tonight might be a little interesting since the paranoia of eviction will be running high. Thanks again for the great job you & Dawg do keeping us informed. I still think the twist should be Dawg coming in the house!

  10. Please CBS production. Bring back the twists. We need more ratings. Bring back former Houseguest or something. Work your magic, please!

  11. If only Britney won the Coaches comp…it would have been perfect if Willie left before the comp and then she saved JoJo and Shane won the POV…

    Ashley needs to realize when they get down to six…shes the lowest on the totem pole…

    It’s so funny when you watch this shit someone being so sympathetic to someone and then going to someone else and talking shit about how they had to try and console the person

  12. Why would anyone listen to Janelle or Britney?

    They both got played (Janelle twice) right up to the end.
    I didn’t watch Janelle’s seasons, but I think everyone on the planet (except Britney) knew she was being played in BB12.

    1. Your name is cracking me up

      Yes they both got played…now if BB bought in Lane [even tho they have no good reason too]as a coach instead of Dan, it would be both guys that played Janelle & Brit

  13. Cbs production, Better come up with a twist either bring back a evicted, coaches enter the game or even a tryout player. Make it Happen.

  14. If only Joe had a brain and he think he a stronger. Are you kidding me? He not a strong player, he more like weak link. He only cares about is himself. Making Final 3 deals with Frank & Shane. Not going to happen. He will end up to going home.

  15. The comment Ian makes at the end where he says a guy traded from a red paperclip up to a house is true! The guy got a house in my hometown! ha ha

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