Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Shane & Jojo plan a sex prank to play on Ian

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 22, 21
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

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1am Janelle, Jojo and Joe are sitting talking on the backyard chairs. Jojo is asking Janelle about her season and the Power of Veto competitions that she won. Dan comes out and joins them. Joe talks about how there is good in all of them. Will comes out to join them. Wil farts and Dan says don’t be offended but that is the first gay fart I have ever heard. The talk turns to how Frank farted on Jenn. Frank comes out and Wil asks him guess what food product Joe named? They tell him I can’t believe it’s not butter. The conversation changes to talking about food.
1:35am Janelle and Wil in the hammock talking about the coaches entering the game. Janelle says that hands down its not possible for jury to start yet. Janelle says jury is always week 5, there are still three more weeks until Jury. Janelle says that Dan thinks for sure he’s coming into the game. Wil says he heard Dan say he didn’t think it would happen. Janelle says she likes Frank but if he teams up with Boogie it would be bad for them. Janelle says that she is sick of Jojo’s a$$. Wil says that Jojo thinks everyone likes her. They try counting out weeks and eviction and decide to go look at the memory wall to talk about whether or when the coaches might come back in the game.  Janelle asks Danielle how many weeks are left. Danielle tells her 8 weeks, ummm.. not even ..less. Janelle says that the weeks just don’t add up, it doesn’t make sense and someone is coming back, something’s happening.
2:10am In the Have-not room are Shane and Jojo are talking with the lights out. Shane says that they should play a prank on Ian by pretending they are having sex and moaning when Ian walks into the room. She continues making sounds until Shane tells her to stop. Shane tells her to wait for Ian. Jojo says she is a sexual person. They decide to wait until tomorrow night to prank Ian. They talk about trying to make the have-not beds more comfortable. Jojo asks Shane if she can just sleep on top of him. Jojo then starts talking dirty and making sex sounds. Jojo tells Shane that it’s practice for when they prank Ian.
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2:20am Dan and Janelle are talking in the kitchen. Dan asks Janelle if the coaches really do come back into the game that they work together to the end. Janelle agrees and says that they would talk more about it later. Janelle asks so if we came into the game then how many newbies would be left, like 6 or 7 … I could take them. Dan thinks it’s a ways away. Janelle wonders if it’s a thing where they need to earn a key. Janelle says that the newbies are already talking about it and about sticking together. Janelle gets called into the diary room.  Dan heads out into the backyard. Frank, Jenn, Joe, Wil and Danielle are in the backyard talking about Kara. Wil talks about how he didn’t know if he was being played by her or not.
3am In the Have-Not room Shane, Jojo and Ian are talking. Ian tells them that he has a crush on Ashley and Kara. Jojo ask Shane who he has a crush on? Ian says spill! Jojo says no, for real, I’m just curious. Strictly physical, who is your type in the house if you had to pick? Shane says honestly, Kara is more my type. Jojo says mhmmm. Ian asks not Danielle? Shane says that Danielle is his type too, he says that he likes a mix between all that and Jojo’s attitude. He says that Ashley’s personality is good. Everyone is good. He says that he usually goes for the southern girls with the accents. Ian says oh, so Danielle. Shane says shut it. Jojo says she was going for Frank. I’m kidding. I was actually kind of disappointed, honestly. Ian asks in the guys? Jojo says yeah. Jojo asks why doesn’t anyone like me? I’m not used to this. She says that everywhere she goes she is always the center of attention. Shane says not in the Big Brother house. Jojo says yeah, I know, what the f*ck? What, is everyone scared of me? Ian and Shane both say no. Ian tells he we like you, but I have a really specific type. Even Ashley is not even close to that but she’s just so sweet that it doesn’t even matter.
Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!3:10am – 3:25am Dan is out in the backyard talking to himself on the couch. He adds up how he has live in the big brother house for a total of 86 days. He says that Mike Boogie is the person he talks to most in this game. Dan says that Ian is very well liked. Do I trust Boogie? No. Would I go to the end with Janelle? Yes she’s a beast. He says he’s thrown all the competitions so far. He goes over to the hammock. Dan says that some of his best work is done here. Maybe a little slower, a little older but I still know one thing, how to play this game. It’s harder to play this game when people know who you are, and scared of you. Act like I don’t care about the game. I do care about the game. I love this game. Boogie would want me out. Hopefully Janelle will want to work with me but I might have to go for a few of her players. I can’t believe I’m back here, what the hell? Same pool, same backyard, no friends. Who can be my Memphis, bleach blond powerhouse? Or someone else, I don’t know. I need to pay attention what day it is. House decoration this year is awesome. Dan says that he thinks Wil and Joe might want to target him. He says that he can’t trust Boogie and that Ian is well liked but he is getting cocky. Shane says that he doesn’t know what he is doing. It would have been epic if he could have drafted Frank to his team. His family would love it if he would team up with Janelle. He likes Jenn. He likes Ashley as a person but not a player because she will coast to the end. Ian will fall on his sword all day long for Ashley. Shane and Jojo should hopefully be on their way out. He doesn’t know about Wil. Joe is the key organizer and he has to watch him. Joe probably won’t win much but he can rally the troops. Joe’s mouth will get him in trouble. Dan says that Britney is on the ropes, time to knock her out. Dan then heads to bed.

5:45am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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It would be weird that jury starts early since Willie departure! What would CBS do if Kara will come back. It will be great and better yet , the coaches would re-enter this game.


I’m starting to doubt if Danielle gets knocked out Dan will be too. I believe he will just be dropped into the game. Also, this is a great season don’t get me wrong, it’s just really hard to follow! Rooting for Dan all the way though!


That is what I think. The other coaches will want that coach out and BB will drop them in the game…perfect upset of house!


Dan is actually the coolest person in there imo


I agree, they keep saying Dan can’t be trusted, if Jerry didn’t win HOH Dan Memphis Keesha and Renny would have been in the final four, Dan was completely loyal to them,
As far as what he did to Ollie that was Ollie’s fault, if Ollie wanted HOH he should have fought for it, and Ollie betrayed him first by turning on Brian so I never felt sorry for Ollie


Sounds like DAN has been throwing his players out on purpose just to enter the game. Sad really. Does CBS really need to give these past players a 4 week GOLDEN KEY? CBS experiment is FAILING badly and now I might have to go watch “The Glass House” ,where at least, it’s more fair at winning the money.


I agree, the more I think about it, I would like coaches in I think, but they have to be handicapped in some way to even the playing field. They already have a huge advantage, having played the game before, some twice. Plus, they’ll have stronger alliances with their protoges and they haven’t had to compete for their spot, really. And Dan’s already won, which is not to say that he’s not a favourite, he is, along with Ashley (although not fond of Ian trash-talk if that’s a for sure). And I’m sorry Willie is gone, I was sorta pulling for him but he needed to take it down a few thou notches. I’m really enjoying the show so far: my guilty summer pleasure. Anybody know where “Grandma” is this year? There’s a few other missing fave commenters but can’t think of their names right now…


I like Dan better his first season. He picked three women for his team. What was he thinking that they would lose challenges and not be a threat and somehow coast to the end? Did he think women would be like sheep and play the game exactly how he told them?
How many times have you heard Dan say this: ” throw the competition.”
Glad I it my grade 10

rich thompson

I like the way you think Megan, that is a good possibility


Heres hoping Dan finds a way to win this game. The more he speaks the more i like him. Him and Brit need to combine there team as one, but be very secretive about it, the only way this works is if AG eliminates evictions this week. I cant see Janelle n Boogies team working together cohesively it just not going to happen. The numbers arent in there favor but as long as they are CIA secretive they can do this. They need to use Janelle n Boogies rivarly to there advantage. Ashley is the key, she is very indecisive n the hint of turmoil she will abandon. This is all speculation but would love to see the underdogs come back n win. Team DAN n Team BRIT all the way baby.


There would be a twist for Kara to come back in the game? I want to know!




I’m pulling for Dan too! I like him out of all the coaches. I don’t know if I want to see him team up with Janelle or Britney! He needs to get Joe and Wil out of the house! Wouldn’t mind seing Frank go too!


@Cindy. Those are the three I think Dan has to come up with a brilliant plan to get them evicted first.After that I can see him making it to the end.Someone needs to put a crack in Boogie’s team.I’m surprised that no one hasn’t tried to turn Ian and Jenn against Boogie.I thought for sure,someone would’ve used what Boogie said during the live show,to turn Ian and Jenn against him.In case anyone doesn’t know what I’m referring to.Boogie said,”Booyah”after Julie told the house guests that the coaches can’t trade and get Frank.In my opinion,I would think that out burst from Boogie would send red flags up for Ian and Jenn.If I was either of them,that comment from Boogie,would’ve made it clear to me that my coach(Boogie)doesn’t plan on taking me to the end.And the only player on his team that he cares about is Frank.Which means,Boogie doesn’t give a crap about Ian and Jenn.Does anyone else think it’s a good idea to use the comment that Boogie said,to put a wedge in his team?


Here is another solution, have a another tryout player to come in. That would be more interesting.


Why would anyone want someone who has already won to win again when there is a houseful of newbies! I really am sick of CBS bringing people back. Even though I was enjoying Willie in the house, they get what they deserve by bringing another Hantz in thinking it will boost ratings. The game would have been very different if they just filled the house with newbies and let them play the game.They would have been able to choose their own alliances, make their own game moves and not be pawns in the coaches game. I will be really pissed if the coaches enter the game, but it`s looking like it will happen, especially with Willie being gone and another eviction coming next week. That`s 4 people gone in under 2 weeks. Usually at this point in the game there is only one person gone, so that`s 3 weeks worth of evictions in less than 2 weeks. And they started off with only 12 people. I loved Janelle in Season 6, not so much in Season 7. I hated Boogie in both of his seasons. Dan is one of the best, loved his season, but I feel like I am watching a re run. Brit shouldn`t even be there. She made her season watchable, but it was one of the worst seasons, only barely better than season 9 and season 13, which for me was the worst season ever. This season started off great, but I can feel the potential for AG to ruin it again like she has since the second half of Season 11. I am hoping they have 4 newbs in sequester and the coaches will get to draft a new player because if the coaches enter the game it will suck.They will band together and take out the newbs, just like last year, unless the newbs take control. Problem is, the coaches know their secrets. I will puke if any of the coaches win this season.


Chloe, I don’t think I’ve read a comment from you here yet that I don’t completely agree with!!


Yes, four newbs would be the best idea, they’d have a natural alliance would help them initially, they’d probably be targets right away though.


Team Britney / HoJo, yo. Everyone else in the house is boring.


JoJo wants to pork Shane so badly and I think she would be open to doing it on BB. Too bad he’s not into ugly chicks or we’d have an Ollie/April scenario.


I think it is her personality that makes her unattractive!


A friend told me that Willie told hojo that the was going to be a dick to take the pressure off her and Shane. He did this right before he went up to the HOH room and started the trouble. She implied that Willie planned this to help his team and it wasn’t his true reaction to thinking he was leaving.
I don’t have the feeds so IS THIS TRUE?????
Sure would make me think differently about him if it is true.


This is absolutely true. I watched Willie explain what he was doing. After his whole team was picked for Have-Nots, he decided to make everyone hate him and wanted JoJo and Shane to side with the rest of the house while he acted up. He REALLY thought he was helping. He just didn’t know that if Frank hadn’t made his nominations yet, that his leaving wouldn’t change anything. Basically, he sacrificed himself so his team didn’t pay for his behavior this season but he did it too early and doubled the impact for his team. Good intentions, bad timing, Hantz out!


yea i think she came to big brother jus to get laid..i mean every day she talking about sex..and she is so throwing herself at shane.


JoJo – “I’m a sexual person ” LOL
Why don’t you just walk around with a sandwich board sign saying I NEED ATTENTION!
Bikini and heels when you hosted a comp didn’t work
Throwing yourself at Shane didn’t work
Pretending like Joe was always staring at you didn’t work
Telling people your sexual preferences didn’t work
Something tells me the delusional JoJo needs something more solid to fall back on in life.


I wonder if BB has an option to sue Willie for purposedly getting kicked out. Is there an option in the contract that BB can financially punish a player that does that? I’m not talking about not paying him for his time on the show, but an actual lawsuit due to the fact he did damage the show’s format since they now have to scramble how to continue without the extra player.


Answer to your question: NO and the players contract has rules about leaving at anytime they want. Also, I don’t think Willie thought he be kicked out for pushing Joe’s buttons and trying to get him to hit Willie. CBS keeps going down hill.


“Answer to your question: NO and the players contract has rules about leaving at anytime they want.”

Thanks. I don’t particularly agree with that. I think BB should put something in there that would prevent this in the future.


After reading what Dan said to his self,I’m rooting for Dan even more than I was before,if that’s possible.To all the Dan fans out there.Do you guys think he can pull this off,and win this game again?Lol,at Dan wondering who will be his new Memphis.


If Danielle stays this week, the only way I see Dan winning this season as a coach is if he plays Janelle and Boogie’s team against each other. His best case scenario for this week is for Danielle to get the POV and save Shane. If Shane stays on the block, he will definitely leave and everyone will then be after him and Danielle. At least with Shane still in the house, there’s a better possibility that he or Danielle can win the HOH and take one of them off the block. And if the other side keeps the power, Shane will still be the main target. (I really like Shane –but I like Dan more). I really hope that Danielle stays in the game so that he’ll have a better shot at winning the coaches competition. I’m not sure that he’ll be able to come back if he leave this early. If he leaves this early, then America would have to vote for him to get back into the game or something. As much as I would like for him to just be dropped into the game, I think that he’ll have to fight for it.

I have a feeling that Dan is kicking himself now for not throwing the coach’s competition (or at least I read that he threw the competition).

If Dan enters the game as a player, I think that it will happen when another coach is out too and one of them will have the opportunity to re-enter the game. If its between him and Britney, I think that he can win. (If it’s America’s vote –I can definitely see Dan winning). If Dan enters the game, I can definitely see him winning if he can manage to break up the newbie alliance. (If the newbie alliance can’t be broken up by him, I think that he can go far in the game –but I don’t think that he can win. –UNLESS he stops throwing competitions and start winning.

On that note, everyone knows when he throws competitions so why even do it? He might as well win.


@Isabelle. I basically agree with almost everything that you’ve said.Boy,do I hope that Dan is allowed to play this game,without having the duty of coaching Danielle.I think he has a way better chance at making it to the end that way.Dan is one of the best to play this game.However,I think he can tell Danielle what to do and what to say,to the other house guests.But in my opinion,you either have it or you don’t.The “IT” that I’m referring to is the main reason why some people want Dan out of the house so bad.Dan is a smooth talker.He’s extremely likeable.The bottom line is he’s just as dangerous as Dr.Will.I don’t think Dan can teach Danielle to have those qualities,and to be as convincing as he is.Danielle makes me nervous,because I think she likes Shane and if he gets a chance.He will used that to his advantage.If Dan was allowed to work on his own,he probably wouldn’t have to worry about that.


Team Janelle all the way. I wouldn’t mine seeing two coaches enter the game (janelle and Dan) I loved them on their season. I knew Willie would self destruct what a loser!


Joe is so full of crap.. of course when he said that he came up with the name “I can’t believe it’s not butter” I had to look it up.. here is what I found .. “The name “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!®” was coined by the secretary’s husband after trying a product sample. J.H. Filbert Inc. was subsequently purchased by Lever in 1986, thus allowing I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!® to join today’s Unilever family of margarine/spreads products.” I just don’t like that man, and this proves to me that I can not believe a word that comes out of that man’s mouth.. he just rubs me the wrong way


Has no one thought that Ashley is responsible for setting everything in motion by not being honest about her vote if she would have said she was keeping Frank then Willie might not have went of the rails (I’m not saying he doesn’t have personal responsibility) it just seems she got away scott free

Big Brother's Big Brother

You should start watching the feeds, you are missing out. Willie’s break down started way before Thursday night when Ashley voted. There seem to be alot of people here that would make up an excuse if Willie killed their dog. C’mon now lets stop coming up with these hair brained ideas (Ashley started it all?? Really?) and place the blame where it lies, at Willie’s feet. I’m mad because he cost me another week(at least) of great entertainment!


I wish I had free time to watch the feeds! Luckily I can get OBB on my phone and check in regularly.


@Renee. Maybe they already knew that they couldn’t trust Ashley,and therefore can’t guarantee she would vote for Kara to stay.I’m not sure if this is why Ashley isn’t getting any heat from Jojo and Shane.I’m just guessing.


Jojo is getting on my damn nerves! Did u come on the show for the money or a date. Shane don’t want u, get over it.


Does everyone know if either Kara comes back or have a tryout player would come as a replacement houseguest like willie? Please reply comment if it true.


Dan must have forgotten how sensitive Wil is.He can’t joke around with him the same way he can with some of the other house guests.I bet later on,Wil is going to tell another player that Dan is degrading him,because he said this,Wil farts and” Dan says don’t be offended but that is the first gay fart I have ever heard. “Lol.


I’m probably wrong, but I think the chaos I’m seeing this season has more to do with most of the players and coaches watching the last couple of seasons, the feeds, BBAD, and coming into the house from the get-go with the mindset that they don’t want to come off as being as boring or predictable. I think it’s more about this than the coach twist is. Problem is, some are coming on too strong too soon, I think. They’re comparing themselves to their favorite past players and their gameplay and basically playing like those players, with the exception of ‘tweaking’ things here and there when that’s the last thing they should be doing. I really hate to give Rachel any credit; Lord knows, I to this day feel my innards seize up when I see her on a t.v. screen, but I have to hand to her that she/her approach to the game was pretty original, as annoying as it was.


Sorry, I cant stand Jojo. She is trash. She comes in and first day makes the comment, what I am not going to get a bed, as if she is special. She now comments on how she is not the center of attention. But she also doesn’t care for her rep. She has commented on liking anal on the rag for the world to hear. And Thursday night/ Fri morning on after dark she was talking about how she likes to go to sonic and smoke a joint in the car waiting for food and finishing it afterward before driving off. How the sonic people didn’t seem comfortable when they would roll the windows down and the smoke would billow out. Great idea talk about Driving under the influence of narcotics for the world to hear. Sorry you are a selfish, pretentious, skank and I hope you go soon.


today she also said she misses sex, and sitting at home in bed with her EX watching TV.

sounds like a winner


I want to see a season where all the 1st out players from all the past years past get to play each other.


or everyone who came in 2nd place


If they have to bring people back, I would like to see pre jury boots. Some good ones would be Captain Kosher& Annie (BB12), Braden, Ronnie, Casey and Laura (BB11), Brian and Angie (BB10), Cassie and Jodi. There is always someone who goes out too early and it would almost be like watching all new people. I still prefer new people every season and diversity, not stereotypes. We haven`t had a season like that since season 10. I also wish they would only put people in that know the show and apply to be in the house. Too many HG are there because of who they know or they want to be on the show to further their aspirations for a career in modelling and acting. Both Chima and Willie got into the house because of who they knew, and look how quickly they quit when they weren`t getting their way. A real fan would never do that.


OMG I just commented that earlier on another site. I think it should be a season of all the HG’s kicked out in the 1st and 2nd evictions.


Dan’s biggest mistake was his player picks. He’s a smart player (one of the best) but he made some terrible picks.


I agree. I have tried to figure out why he picked the way he did. The only thing I can come up with, he thought by picking those players they would fly under the radar for a while, not be seen as a threat. The problem , his players weren’t seen as a threat, but he was. The newbs and coaches are terrified of him.


Kevjol I was thinking the same thing. That would be good or a runner ups cast


the coaches will just go to the jury when their team is gone. I guarentee it. it keeps them “around” so to speak.



Looks like there will be no whoopee this season….. 🙁


lLL will maybe jojo will steal some from Shane during the sex prank. Lmao


I’m getting the feeling that Shane and JoJo might hook up