Big Brother 14 Power of Veto Ceremony Results!

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

10:45am – 11:40am Big Brother cut the live feeds to hold the Power of Veto Ceremony. When the feeds come back from TRIVIA…

11:40am – 11:55am Jojo says that no one ever laughs at what I say. Shane tells Jojo that he laughed at what she said. Jojo says that this is going to be a boring season now… so predictable. Shane says yeah it’s stupid. Shane says it’s going to be me and you left or me and Danielle. Shane says that whole side of the house has been distant to us… except for Ashley. Shane tells JoJo that he can’t stand Janelle she’s so two-faced. Jojo agrees. He tells her to campaign to tell Jenn and Danielle that once the top 6 happens they will be gunning for you. Shane says it’s all because of Willie, it’s stupid! Britney has the chance to lose two players in a week. Jojo asks so you would rather me in here than her? Shane says yeah. Jojo says even though you are close to her? Shane says you are my team mate. He says that he is fighting for her to stay. Jojo says thanks. Shane says that he and her should make out this week while we have the chance. Jojo comments on how they will do it so they don’t get caught. Jojo says that she knows America loves us because we are so real, and good to look at.

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During the Power of Veto Ceremony Shane chose to use it on himself, which forced the HOH Frank to nominate Danielle as the replacement.

12pm Dan, Mike, Ian, Danielle, Joe, Jenn, Wil, and Frank are in the kitchen sitting around the table talking and eating. Dan and Ian are considering sitting in the pool all day. Dan wonders if he asks the diary room not to call him in if they will honor it. Mike says oh yeah. Big Brother opens up the backyard. Mike and Ian head outside. Ian tell Mike that he will do this pool thing tomorrow and then get out after like 3 hours saying that it was unbearable so that they will think he sucks at endurance. Mike says yeah that’s a good idea.

12:25pm In the stereo room Janelle and Ashley are talking. Janelle says that she almost thought that Wil might go up on the block. Ashley says if they did that he knows we would go after him next week. Danielle joins them to get ready to lay out in the sun. The conversation turns to talking about past house guests and seasons of big brother. Janelle asks Danielle who she thinks is cute from Big Brother. Danielle says Memphis. Ashley says that she tried to hook up with Memphis. Danielle tells Janelle that she saw three really hot guys during casting and that none of them made it onto the show. Ashley says you never know they may still come into the house.

12:40pm When the feeds come back, Ashley comments that she would crush Shane in bed. They all laugh. Ashley says that she needs a guy that eats. Frank hears them and comes in. They explain what they were laughing about. They talk about how Frank isn’t their type when he leaves. Janelle tells Danielle and Ashley that one of them should hook up with Shane. Danielle says that he needs to shave his chest. The conversation turns to talking about gaining weight and needing to diet. Ashley thinks the bb gods will be good to them and bring them a hot guy. They tell her that the guy would have to be in sequester for 4 weeks now, that wouldn’t happen. Ashley says oh yeah. Janelle says this is as good as it gets. Janelle wonder if Jojo and Shane are hooking up in the have-not room. She says she is going to bring it up later. Janelle says that she could pick up Shane if she wanted too. Ashley says we still have Jenn, she’s single. Janelle comments on how Mike is still single too. She says in her season she picked up a bottle and it was for his warts. They all say ewww..

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31 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Power of Veto Ceremony Results!

  1. We are back of Big Brother 14 Highlights. It is official, Danielle is a replacement nominee. Here is the tales of the nominee:
    Danielle:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition, 2 Nomination on the Block
    JoJo:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition, 1 Nomination on the Block
    Prediction:JoJo evicted 4-2
    Stay tuned!

    1. Captain, you really are such the enigma;) I recognize you here from last year, have to ask… where are you from?

      1. I’m from Chicago Il,Home of Howie Gordon. Now move to Norridge Il, home of two time America Favorite Houseguest Jeff Schroeder.

    1. Who else here would pay good money to see the look on Shane’s face when he finds out that JoJo has a ding-a-ling? Epic!

  2. So no matter which one they vote out this week it’ll be another wasted opportunity to get out a strong player. I mean I understand that JoJo and Danielle are HUGE threats to everybody’s games… I guess because if you left them in the game until it got down to just them they’d start winning comps left and right. It’s better to get rid of that threat now while you still can!

  3. JoJo’s best shot at staying is if they can cut a deal with Boogie’s team. If Ian, Jenn, and Shane evict Danielle it will be a tie and Frank can evict Danielle. Or they could try cutting a deal with Janelle’s team, but there’s no way in hell that that would work.

  4. Shocker! He put up Danielle. Players are so predictable at this point. You know what they are going to do and you dont even have to watch it. Of course Frank would put up Danielle because that is the easiest thing to do. There is no strategy involved here. There is a pecking order right now. You have Shane, Danielle and JoJo that are the 3 easy targets in the house. If you are not one of those three, you are just bowing down to the master (HOH) and willing to do whatever you are told so you are not “associated” with those castouts.

    But then what? Then they will eventually have to turn on each other and if you are the next order of victims on the lowest part of the totem pole, you are left scratching your head saying “but I thought we were in an alliance?. Wow I feel so dumb, why did I follow”?

    I miss the powerhouse alliances of the past that stay true throughout the game and keep their alliance hidden and play the house for a fool. Now that is good tv.

    There is just so much sucking up and running from one side to another, I wonder how many pairs of shoes they have all gone through?! THey ALL must be sooo exhausted!

  5. How is it that Jordan in season 12 chest butted Russell and got to stay and Will did that same exact thing and got booted.
    How is this fair??????

    Started off as a good season but going downhill fast.

    1. production probably already had decided they wanted her to win which she did and they didn’t want to change their plans so they figured they could get away with not kicking her out since it was a girl doing it to a guy u know as well as i do if it had been the other way around russell would have been tossed out on his ass, and yeah this season is a joke everybody knows who going up on the block as soon as the pov is over with soooooo boring hope they shake things up soon!!

  6. I am dying to know what happens when a coach loses all their players. I hope Danielle and her clown makeup hits bricks. Either of these chicks being booted is just fine. They are not threats, but do you want them winning 500K? I hate when all the big guns get thrown out before they can really play.

  7. JoJo is going home., this week. Danielle is not the melt down type and JoJo has a bad social game. So by bye JoJo

    Was his a good move for Frank. No it wasn’t. He will go home really soon unless Boogie can save him with an immunity, he wins a
    POV or they nominate Joe against him. The advantage is all on Janelles team. Frank can not compete this week, so team Boogie is
    Ian and Jenn. I think those two will throw the competition, hey know they are not a blip on the threat radar. Frank makes for good cover.

    Janelles team win: Shane and Danielle, POV win Shane means a backdoor Frank, otherwise Shane goes home
    Shane wins HoH: Wil and Joe are nominated, POV win other than Frank or Shane… Frank is backdoored otherwise Wil goes home.
    Ian/Jen win HoH: Wil and Shane nominated, POV win by Shane or Wil Danielle is put up. Wil or Shane go home either way

    Now if by some fluke JoJo stays, who knows I was convinced Rachael Riley was going home the first time she was ever nominated.

    JoJo win HoH: Wil and Joe are nominated, POV win by Wil, Ashley, Joe or JoJo… Frank is backdoored goes home otherwise if nominations stay the same
    Wil goes home. I hate to say this I want JoJo to stay and win HoH…. I think it would he crazy crap fun. Is that wrong of me.

    Now Frank with anyone as an original nomination… he must win POV or he goes home.

    Franks best move this week was to backdoor Wil or Joe…. unfortunately this is key to his own demise, he chose wrong, he proved himself
    disloyal to Shane, these are the moments that you realize that someone screwed up royally.

    1. Also, the day Jenn, Joe, or Wil win HOH is the day the world ends. In other words, it’s not going to happen. Also, if anyone thinks someone is going to win PoV, you better hope Shane isn’t in the comp. As long as Shane is in the POV comp, he’s not going home.

    2. I really want JoJo to stay too. And who know? There’s four more days for Janelle or Boogie to change their minds and decide that they’d rather take out Dan and Danielle than JoJo.

  8. Oh – and when you look at Boogie’s profile…..yuck…..looks like eventually his chin and nose will meet – Wicked Witch Woman? I think so!

    1. yeah i know right lol, anyway u have to give her credit for being real and honest, at least she’s not a fake bitch like janelle and ashley, i think maybe alot of them r jealous of britney too, seen alot of haters on here, but let’s see all of them try to have to deal with willie, it’s easy to sit here and type on your computer and say well she should have does this or that bottom line is it’s a completely different situation in there and i remember dan and boogie both saying well he wouldn’t have done that if i was his coach, yeah right like they could have stopped him willie wasn’t going to listen to the coaches he said pretty much from day one that he was going to play his own game and unfortunately for him he let his anger get the best of him and it got him kicked out.

    2. Jealous of Jojo??? Are you delusional!?! Any girl, minus class, self-respect and self-esteem could be just like her if they chose to, telling the house how she likes it up the ass when she’s on her period, bad-mouthing every girl in the house that she’s “jealous” of. Nothing there to be jealous of unless one wants to be Snookie. Jealous, no. Embarrassed for her, yes.

      1. no i’m not delusional but apparently u r did u not notice that i typed lol, i was being sarcastic but the way u ranted on about it sounds like maybe u r a little jealous of her though.

  9. i hope jojo stays comes back and wins HoH like frank did and backdoor or nominate him i want shane and jojo in the F2

  10. I’m a little late in the game with this comment, but when I read about Willie and the headbutting, I thought he just went postal on everyone w/o much “help”. However, watching it on CBS, it looks like Britney just completely sh*t on him which led to his self distruction! Before the blowup with Frank, which I take Willie’s side on (I don’t believe he’s a hom0phobe and didn’t deserve the slander) he was tight with Brit. She really sucks at life. Worst coach with terrible personality to boot. How can BB get away with calling the 4 coaches some of the greatest BB HG’s ever. The other 3, sure. But she was TERRIBLE!!!! She only got by b/c Lane owned her. And it wasnt her social game that made him sitck with her. It was merely b/c she was cute blonde.

    OK I said my peace.

  11. I cannot help, but laugh as those three girls all wanting Shane. I wonder how Janelle’s husband feels about his wife stating she could “pick up Shane” if she wanted. This house just really shows your character, you cannot hide for 24 hours a day/7 days a week for 3 months. Of course, Shane has to be happy about this once he notices all these women want him, he has his pickings.

    And once again, I’ve said this before, going to repeat, Janelle has a LOVE CRUSH on Mike Boogie. Plain and Simple, she has a love crush on the guy. You don’t just keep throwing someone under the bus at every chance just the Hell of it.

  12. how utterly predictable danielle who did nothing wrong goes up against jojo who also didi nothing wrong yet the fat tird joe who caused all the shit in the house gets to be safe. this show is getting lamer by the second. (but I still watch)

  13. Go back and watch the flashback of Shane and Jojo, he didn’t say they should make out, Jojo said that. the whole time he had his hand at his face like he can’t stand her.

  14. why does everyone hate danielle so much i don’t understand do you hate sweethearts you call her jordan 2.0 and jordan is known as america’s sweetheart!!!!!

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