Shane tries to get Frank to turn on his alliance before the Veto Ceremony

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie


8:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Shane and Jenn are outside in the backyard talking. Shane tells Jenn that Janelle came into the have-not room to tell them to be quiet last night and then 15 minutes later they were laughing and making noise for an hour. He says has the audacity to tell us to be quiet and then she starts making noise. Jenn says unreal!
9am Shane tells Frank that he needs to talk to him before the Power of Veto meeting this morning without Mike around. Frank says oh yeah, no problem. Frank goes outside and yells people want to see us living in the BB house not sleeping. Shane asks Frank if he is pissed he doesn’t get to play for the HOH this week. Frank says yeah. They are tough, just so many people in them and with this last one keeping us up all night. Frank says that even if I can’t play for HOH and say one of Janelle’s people win it and put you up.. I can play for Power of Veto and toss it to you.
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9:15am – 9:30am Shane says that he really wishes he could have used the POV last week to get you out. I don’t want you to regret not getting out the biggest threat out. Who do you think is your biggest threat other than me? Frank says Wil. Shane says yeah… I know it would be going against your alliance but it would be a huge move, a game changer. Frank says that he isn’t really that worried about going against his alliance, its just knowing when to do it. He says that he needs to keep his loyalty for the end game and that this would be a little too soon to go against his alliance. He says that especially after they just voted to save me last week. Shane says yeah I agree… and adds if you were ever on the block and I won the veto I would use it to save you. Shane says hopefully we could trade HOH’s back to back near the end. Frank says yeah he was thinking of that too. Shane says I hope I have earned your trust ..and if there is anything else I can do let me know. He says that he is taking the coaches out of it and not listening to his ..saying that he wants to play his game. Frank comments on how both our best interest to have us still in the game. Shane says that he wants him and Frank at the end battling it out in the final 2.

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9:40am JoJo, Mike, and Frank are sitting on the backyard couches. Franks start talking about how they fish tank was making an annoying vibrating noise. Jojo says yeah right you snuck something in here didn’t you. Mike says you can’t even have sweat pants with a champion logo on it …you definitely aren’t sneaking in any sex toys. Wil joins them. Frank says that he is going to wear his Julie Chen is my home girl t-shirt on Thursday. Mike says that he is shocked they let him keep that.

9:50am – 10:05am Frank and Mike are talking on the backyard couches. Frank tells Mike the conversation he just had with Shane. Mike says that would be the stupidest move ever, he has no idea how to play this game. If we can just keep his mouth shut we can use him. Frank says that Shane said if he wins HOH I am fine, and if he wins POV he will save me if I am on the block. Mike says yeah he said that, cool. Frank says that he also said he would get in Danielle’s ear to not put me up. Mike says that’s great because that means he doesn’t know we are working with Danielle, so if we can just keep them separate. Mike tells Frank what he named their alliance in the diary room. He says Janelle’s three and her and our three and me is the 8 is enough alliance.

10:20am Joe, Britney, Ashley, Dan, and Wil are talking on the backyard couches. Joe talks about how he taught his daughter about not having sex too early. He says that he taught her more about the emotional connection than about sex. He says that he told her about having an orgasm creates an attachment that isn’t love. Ashley says Oh my god that’s so true. Everyone laughs and says that Ashley isn’t going to have sex any more.Meanwhile Janelle and Danielle are talking about Danielle cheerleading days. Danielle then heads back inside and Janelle continues to work out. Over by the couches the conversation turns to talking about phone plans. 
10:45am Big Brother cuts the feeds to TRIVIA for the Power of Veto Ceremony..

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31 thoughts on “Shane tries to get Frank to turn on his alliance before the Veto Ceremony

  1. In hindsight, Britney should have chosen her weakest player to be the first HoH. That way she has her two strongest players fighting for HoH on Week 2. I miss Willie!

    1. I wonder if Willie would have done better in last week’s HOH competition though. In any case, if Frank won and Willie was still here, Willie and Shane would probably be up, with Shane as the target, so a whole lot might not have changed (although WIllie still might be here, which might be better in the long run, but seeing as he blew up, he probably would just have screwed over Britney later in the game).

      I feel bad for Shane, because it looks like JoJo is gonna go this week and he can’t really even campaign that hard to save her.

      Hopefully, if Shane wins HOH next week, he can team up with Janelle’s players and go against Boogie and Frank…

    2. Hey Simon/Dawg, what do you think about this potential twist:

      First coach to lose a player has the option of bringing back any player to place on their team (other than Willie of course) or, has the option of entering the game (but in doing so forfeits any potential wins from the coach’s game). This (obviously geared towards helping Dan and Britney) would add in a whole new twist in the game as you could no longer really trust your coaches as they might want to trade you for a past evictee or enter the game themselves. It would also cause players to form new alliances with players and coaches a like.

      I’m guessing it won’t happen, but it sounds like a good idea to me!

      1. Yeah, you never know… stranger things have happened in the BB house. It will be interesting to see what the new twist is and how it plays out.

    1. Wrong., JoJo and Danielle got no game. Take out Wil and Shane can control those two girls. Crush Janelle’s team now, while you can.

    2. Not necessarily. Wil and Joe are already plotting Frank’s eviction, so it’s in his best interest to weaken Janelle’s team while he has the chance. Unfortunately, I don’t think he realizes that, and he’s going to waste his HOH getting rid of Jojo, who would have no choice BUT to work with him as well as Shane if she stayed.

  2. Did anyone see or listen to the convo Shane and JoJo had with Ian last night? They both were saying how all Willie did was lie to them and manipulate them. I didn’t realize how much they dislike him now. Before the vote, they were all cool. And now that he’s gone and Frank is HoH, they feel the need to publicly voice their dislike for him. Mainly JoJo. Her social game is horrible. She hasn’t really socialized with anyone really until she got put up on the block. And even when she does talk to people it’s always a self-centered convo. She’s also very personal in the game. She talks badly about people, but doesn’t talk to them…as if they’re not the votes she needs to stay in this house. Same thing with Shane. He says he hates Janelle’s team, but eventually, you’ll need them if you need their votes to stay.

  3. I think Frank and Shane SHOULD work together. The coaches think they are so in control of their puppets (I mean players). It is time for the two strongest players to tell their coaches to shut up and they should start playing this game. Bad move on BB’s part with this twist. It is making the game too crazy too fast. Either have all vets or all newbies.

  4. “I am not going to miss the HOH room, I am not in this house to be comfortable. I am in this house to win half a million dollars, so as long as I am in the game, I am happy no matter where I am at.” Then Willie is made to be a have-not and he quits…. What a bitch!!!

    This is from his DR session that was shown on the CBS show Sunday night.

    Anyone else think Britney went mega-bitch on Willie based on what CBS shown last night? She’s the one that got him going, he seemed calm until she started in on him. Seriously, she’s done some of the worst coaching imaginable. Shane and JoJo should distance themselves from her and do the opposite of whatever she says. It’s that bad…

    1. you need to let the willie thing go that is old news. just sayin its almost like you are taking it personal :)

      1. Well the CBS show which aired alot of what I was talking about, was last night, so its still fairly current. And what has happened that was eventful since then? Nothing? OK, so if you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it. Not my fault your boy couldn’t handle playing the game.

    2. If I was Willie, I would be pissed too. He knew for a fact that he was going home that week, without a doubt.
      There was nothing that he could do about it because of the mob mentality everyone had.
      Even the people that were on his team turned against him, and for what? Because both of them are STILL ended up on the block.
      He had NO ONE on his side, absolutely no one.
      Yes, it would have been a great comeback story if he would have won POV but once you are in that position when it’s you and only you, it’s much different.

      It was hilarious how they kept saying Willie was selfish for trying to get himself expelled but they were the same ones that were distancing themselves from him. Why are they expecting something from him when they couldn’t even treat him like a human being?

      Everything that led up to the incident was unnecessary & I don’t blame Willie for acting the way he did.

      Britney did ignite it all when she kept going in on Willie. That got him riled up because he kept apologizing over and over and she kept treating him like crap.

      He was right though. He was playin his own individual game. They’re not going to be on teams forever and he didn’t ASK to be put on that team, he was placed there. When he’s playing for the team, he’s not playing for himself, he’s then playing for Britney & maybe that’s just not what he expected or wanted.

    3. Lol that’s a load of crap. Although Britney isn’t the best coach, she is HEAPS better than Janelle. It’s not her fault Willie got paranoid, but I do think that she shouldn’t have abandoned him like she did.

      1. Numbers don’t lie. After Thursday, Janelle will still have all 3 players, Britney will be down to 1. She couldn’t control her team. She constantly did things that triggered bad things for them. She told Willie about her theory about how the coaches could enter the game which led directly to the house meeting that led to some in the house turning on Willie. She also did a horrible job of letting Willie know that the house had turned againist him and what was going on. And when he headed down there, she didn’t say a word to persaude him not to. He followed her downstairs. Then when it went down between Frank and Willie, what’d she do? Put her hands over her mouth, and then put her head down into her hands. WOW!!! What a coach. Make no mistake, she played a role in her losing two players in one week. But hey, we could just have different views on what a coach should do.

        1. Willie dug his own grave. It was his own decision to hold the house meeting and how would Britney know that at the point of talking to him it would ultimately lead to him demise in the game? Janelle made good picks on the first night, but other than that, she’s not a master strategist and I don’t think she should even be a ‘coach.’ Personally, I think currently Boogie is the best coach, followed by Britney, then Dan, then Janelle lastly. And I’m not biased, frankly I dislike Boogie and I liked Janelle in seasons 6 and 7.

    4. I said the same thing to my husband last night. I didn’t care for Brit in her season, however I loathe her now. She is a terrible coach!

        1. Nope, Britney didn’t. Instead she ruined 3 players game. And showed America that it wasn’t just cause she was in the house with Rachel, she really is just a raging bitch. She doesn’t have a good thing to say about anyone, however, she waits till you aren’t around to say it. One of the worst players ever, and definitely the worst coach.

        2. Actually 2 other coaches left their baby at home to coach, and regardless that has nothing to do with this game. Brit is a backstabbing egotistical brat that has caused her “team” more harm than good. She was never a good BB player let alone a player worthy of coaching this game. She sat up in HOH alongside Willie but when shit got real and her throne got ripped away, she acted like a entitled brat and pushed Willie over the edge. She is the laughing stock of the BB coaches.

    5. You are 100% correct with your comments. Brit is a self absorbed btch and it’s also amazing that Rachel forgave her for all that trash behind her back chit she said about Rachel in that season. I could name 15 better coaches from prior seasons too. CBS needs help.

    6. I agree. Based on the CBS show Brit ‘s handling of Willie is what I think pushed him over the edge, especially when she stepped in between Jojo and Willie and made it clear that she, Brit, did not want Jojo talking to Willie. He was shunned even from his own team, had no allies and just nutted up!

  5. Coaches Ranking so far:
    1: Sleeping Mike (not a fan, but got to give it to him). He got Frank in focus. He got Ian turned from sex creep to cool date. He got a loyal team.
    2: Janelle: She’s not had to do any coaching because Joe’s done it for her.
    3: Dan: He dumped all competitions and stopped all his girls from trying to win anything. And he’s a COACH. Production must have told him something about first coach out is in the game. Danielle should tell him to f-off if he’s not going to try and win a coaches competition to save her.
    4: Britney: Just horrible coach…oh wait, she not even a coach. She one of the worst players to play the game and she attacked Willie more than Joe did. She’s the one that started coaches coming back, they should aline with Blonde btch Janelle (who I use like in S6) and then cried “whoa is me, it’s all about me” and my team is a sinking ship. She’s no Jeff that’s for sure.

    1. dan is doing what he knows best you throw a couple the charge ahead but be loyal he is the the best player and coach to ever grace bb with his presence

  6. I think Frank putting up Wil or Joe is the smart move.
    It is a numbers game. There are three disenfranchised people
    walking around that house right now.

    Danielle, Shane and JoJo. All three have proven that the posses loyalty.
    Where as Janelle’s team have proven that they can flip on a dime, and go
    with the power to keep themselves safe. So lets do some numbers.

    1) Frank (Boogie) 2) Ian (Boogie) 3) Jenn (Boogie) 4) Danielle (Dan) 5) Shane (Brittney) 6) JoJo (Brittney)
    Shane and JoJo are walking around with the stench of Willie and desperation, they need an alliance
    outside of Team Brittney. Keeping JoJo would through Janelle off. Plus wake up she hates Boogies guts.
    Danielle is floating around aimless and alone… easy numbers pickings.

    1) Joe (Janelle) 2) Wil (Janelle) 3) Ashley (Janelle)
    Janelles team is the only other team in tact. They did not vote to keep Frank, they voted to piss off Willie.
    Shane should point out that Janelle’s team pushed Frank as the nominee along with Kera.
    Until Willie did his stuff they wanted Frank out. They see him as a major threat.
    Also Janelle will have her numbers down.

    I would also point out that BB has already shown with the last coach competition these teams are not set in stone. It is assumed that sending
    Danielle home will send Dan home. It could just lead to a shuffle of the teams getting new coaches. I do think the teams are going to be shuffled,
    the coaches are not joining the game. It is going to be a shuffle, player return after the eviction week four and a free week.

    Will this play out… no, absolutely not, House guests can never see the forests through the trees.
    By the way… Wil and Joe should not complain about Jens floating, considering they are floating right there with her.

  7. This may have been mentioned previously so forgive me if it has but a thought we have had: what if the coaches do not get evicted when their players are gone but what if that is when they enter the game. They all think there is a potential for them to enter the game so they want to get rid of certain ones but what if that is actually going to have the opposite effect??

  8. I’ve been trying to figure things out based on all of these updates, but it’s really hard to see what the current plan in the house is. Can someone who has been following a lot closer explain what the likely outcome is this week? I know earlier the plan was to get Danielle/Dan out, but it sounds like both Janelle and Boogie’s team want JoJo out now (it also sounds like they came up with this conclusion separately and haven’t officially spoke about it together??). Any input would be helpful!

    It’s hard to pick out a favorite so far this year, no one seems to want to take on that big game-player role. I’m also not sure how I feel about the mentor part of the game. I find myself wanting Dan to win since, aside from Will, he was my favorite player of all time, even though I don’t really like Danielle. On the other side, I find myself cheering against Brit’s team since I find her to be pretty annoying (in a high-school drama/bully kinda way), even though her players seem pretty likable.

    1. boogie wants to keep danielle because he wants to work with dan is smart & danielle is a sweetheart like jordan and she won the game being a perfect pawn
      it’s stratigic

    2. janelle’s team isn’t playing they run to power backstabbing is of course part of they game but you need loyalty to win if you don’t you will be picked off

  9. Everyone is saying Brittany is a horrible coach but I don’t see it that way, remember she thinks 100% that the coaches are coming into the game at some point so from her standpoint if she makes herself look like a victim to the house they won’t associate her with the Willie drama, and for the most part they don’t! After the house decided Willie was #villain it wasn’t much she could do besides distance herself and help her fellow teammates distance themselves from him too…Is it right? no but in the long run I think it saved Britt and Shane for a little while (Sorry JOJO)….

    1. Just wanted to add that it saved them only because I think (depending on who wins HOH) that it will turn into we need to take out someone on Boogie/Janelle’s team

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