Early morning wake up for no reason in the Big Brother House

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

8am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Mike, Wil and Joe are in the kitchen making breakfast. They comment on how they must be doing something this morning to be woken up at 8 o’clock, like maybe a luxury competition. Mike says that it might be a competition for a movie up in the HOH room. He says he wants a grill or a drive in movie with cars and a concession in the back yard. They talk about random things. Mike thinks of the new movie called “The Watch” and thinks it could be a screening of it. Mike starts asking Joe about the restaurant he used to be the chef of “Smash Mouth”. Joe says that he is going to build his own restaurant called Mad Love Bistro. The conversation continues to talk about restaurants and food. Mike comments on how if they have a lazy day and bad diary room sessions, they might not get alcohol for another few days.

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9:45am Shane gets dressed in a polo shirt, shorts and black socks pulled up. Everyone starts making fun of him and asking him if he is going to the country club or if he’s going golfing. The house guests are confused why they got woken up at 8am and they are on lock down. They were also told they would be doing diary room sessions a half hour after being woken up but none of them have been called in yet. Danielle joins Shane on the bathroom couch and he starts rubbing her back.

10am – 10:20am Big Brother calls an end to the indoor lock down. Shane, Mike, Jenn, Jojo and Britney head out into the backyard. Frank joins them out side and talks about how glad he was he didn’t get up when they first woke up.

10:30am – 11:30am Dan, Frank and Britney are in the kitchen making breakfast. Britney says that she doesn’t like to have to break that fore skin ..that casing. The conversation in the kitchen is talking about music. Meanwhile in the backyard, Wil, Joe Britney and Mike are sitting out on the backyard couch. Joe tells Mike about his life story and his crazy father. The conversation turns to talking about pain medication and other drugs. All cameras switch to the kitchen conversation about their twitter accounts. Ashley asks Ian what he’s been up to lately, he’s been staying up so late she cant keep tabs on him. She says that he kicked her to the curb.
11:35am – 11:45am Out in the backyard Mike talks about how Lindsay Lohan was drinking at his club and then crashed her car. He says was watching tv and heard his le deux nightclub named and started to freak out. He says thank god Paris Hilton had a DUI a few nights later so it took the focus off his nightclub. Mike starts calling Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriend Samantha Ronson a B*tch for not laying off his night club for serving her drinks and letting her drive. The conversation turns to talking about how horrible the patio furniture is, Britney says Dear Renaissance Furniture your furniture SUCKS!
11:45am Franks comes out of the diary room and tells Joe that he will be up in the HOH room blogging and that no one can come up there. Ashley asks if photos are today and Frank says that HOH photos will be in about an hour.

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33 thoughts on “Early morning wake up for no reason in the Big Brother House

  1. Have any of the houseboats realized that keeping Danielle will benefit the coaches more than the players if they are thrown into the game?

    1. I don’t think it benefits anyone. JoJo needs to leave. She is too cocky for her own good. She belongs on the retarded show the glass house. Team danielle and ashley!

  2. “Mike comments on how if they have a lazy day and bad diary room sessions, they might not get alcohol for another few days.”…………. so if they aren’t entertaining enough they get punished???

      1. I’d say Jenn. She’s just laying low, not doing anything to cause drama or trouble. Ian is a little worse off because people know how smart he is, otherwise he’d be the same. Joe, Wil, and Frank are eventually going to be at odds with each other, it seems like each of them has targeted everyone else in the house at one point.

        1. I’m sick of these twists involving previous houseguests. I don’t know why they can’t give us a whole new cast. This Mentor twist has just about ruined this season already. Time to get rid of Robin Kass casting company. She isn’t doing her job.

  3. the problem i have with ashely she waited until willie got kicked out the game to see his point of view now all this talk about she made a mistake mistake my as,s……. talkin bout she cant stand will and joe a day late and a dollar short

    1. That is genius! You should be the producer haha, things would be way more interesting. Have you ever tried to audition for BB Simon?

      1. Bbif brother just started casting in Canada but I doubt I’ll apply. Dawg should though

        I know Shane dislikes janelle and frank +boogie are a pretty powerful bunch so splitting them up helps. Like Ashley says wil is ruthless so throwing him on boogers team might stir it up. Danielle will stick with Dan regardless of where she goes. Britney is kinda screwed right now

    2. I’m sure from here on out if Shane is close to any danger AG will try to set something up to help benefit to keep Shane around. It’s not like AG is KNOWN for that.

      As for who I think is the best this year, clearly Janelle. She has gotten her azz bigger and faster then Porsche did all of last year in 2 1/2 weeks. That’s commitment to a cause.

  4. Shane’s got the worst personal style ever, not even his good looks can save his bad outfits, im happy the other houseguests noticed and made fun of him. I get it in the past some houeguests intentionally wear silly getups for entertainment, but does really wear those clothes in real life, he’s taking us back 10 years lol.

  5. Not really relating to this entry, but I have to ask…..

    Does anyone else notice how differently Janelle speaks in her Diary Room sessions as opposed to when she is just hanging out in the house?
    Irritates the hell out of me, she puts on this semi-baby talk voice and kind of has this “princess” vibe going. Then you watch BBAD (or feeds) and she could be a totally different person. Maybe it’s just me, I dunno.

    1. It just shows how fake she is. Paris Hilton does the same thing, in interviews she tries to sound like a little girl, and then when she’s talking candidly with her family, she sounds like a chain smoking man.

  6. idc who wins as long as they are on janelles team lol/ its time for her to actually win somthing. (even though she got more money than ivette on season 6)

  7. Lol why does everyone hate the cast this season so much? The ‘newbies’ this season are 10x better than last season!

  8. The whole personal style thing.. The Black Robe talk. I do not think a woman who’s entire wardrobe looks like it should have “Hooters” written across the front and a guy in an “International Male” mesh top, should be talking too loud about trashy fashion sense.

    Shane’s black socks and country club wear… here is the thing I hate about it… he can still get laid wearing that… DAMN HIM, Damn HIM, DAMN HIM TO HELL, I want him evicted him out of the house because if I wore that I would look like someones creepy uncle and told “Don’t talk to me… I don’t know you… eeewww.”

    these are all trivial… evict Danielle because she is the type America will give the “Special Power” to, because she is that freaking adorable. Where as JOJO is the type who makes a deal and keeps it, is obnoxious enough to take the target off you, and put it on someone else.

    1. But would you rather have a nasty nat-Jojo or a jordan-danielle around to comfort you when you are sad

  9. USA Big Brother is shit compared to the ones in other parts of the world.
    They give them like 6 beers for a dozen people. No wonder it is a snooze fest.

    I was looking at some of the other ones in Europe and they have full on orgies and wild parties. We get….the church version.

    1. The European ones are fun and so is the one in Australia.
      Picture an, All Star BB orgy… Rachael Riley walking around the room
      screaming “NO ONE TAKES MY MAN!” as Jesse makes out with the mirror
      and Chicken George writes “Take Me” on his chest with Ketchup… Holly, Boogie,
      Howie… with Cowboy crying in the corner….

      eek, yuck and eewww

      1. australia hasnt aired Big Brother since 2008
        Big Brother Australia 2008 was the eighth season of the Australian reality television series, Big Brother Australia to air on Network Ten. Episodes were broadcast on Network Ten and Ten HD in Australia. The first episode aired on 28 April 2008. Since then, there has been a total 20 housemates competing in the series. Half way through the series, the prize money was revealed to be $250,000, the amount originally given in the earlier season of the series. This season introduced Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O as the new hosts and featured the return of an adult-themed weekly installment
        The season rated poorly, leading to the cancellation of the series, announced 13 July 2008. Ten’s chief programmer, David Mott, admitted the series had recently experienced “audience erosion” and widespread criticism of the new hosts. Mott reasoned that after so many seasons there were few new surprises in the format, leading to reduced viewing figures. Mott defended the new hosts saying that the ratings for eviction shows held up. The lowest-rating component of the season was the Big Mouth late night weekly panel show. Its audience slipped to the half-a-million mark and it was moved to a later time slot

  10. two things. 1 has anyone noticed since jen on bb11 the 2nd person gone is a model. 2 does season seem really simalar to bb11 they have simalarites
    ex.1 a vet came back in both of them 2.the houseguests danielle-jordan lydia-jojo shane-jeff ian-ronnie willie-russel frank-braden kara-jen

  11. There have been some good looking people on BB, but they always send home the best looking girls first.
    They should have a celebrity porn star one, only on Showtime. I bet it would get 10X more viewers than the pablum they feed us now on ABC/Showtime.

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