Big Brother 14 – Eagle Eye onto the Silent Six “There’s an Alliance in the house we don’t know about..”

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

5:35pm Cam 1-2 Joe and Janelle
Joe is saying he’s been trying to dig up information for Janelle. He thinks Wil is behind a lot of this.

5:37pm Cam 3-4 Backyard Frank and Boogie

Frank is saying that maybe they should not win HOH this coming week because if one of the other side wins they will put Wil and Joe up and Joe will go home. Frank doesn’t think if Wil wins the HOH he would put Frank and Boogie up.

Boogie: “I fucking hate Monday to thursday… OH MY GOD .. this stretch is the worst”

Frank: “I think we just need to chill this week..” Boogie agrees points out that they just need to make sure Joe doesn’t win. Frank doesn’t think Joe will win anything this season. Boogie: “he’s not the sharpest knife in the breadbasket”
Boogie: “He may know how to bake some bread but he doesn’t know how to slice it and dice it up like we do… “

outdoor Lockdown is called

5:54pm Cam 1-2 Ashley and Danielle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Ashley says that all the things Janelle was saying to her about JOJO were lies. Ashley says it was messed up to say those horrible things about Danielle.

Danielle brings up Janelle saying that She wasn’t’ a threat for the HOH endurance Challenge because she was bigger than Ashley.

Ashley: “there is no need for that negative energy in this house.. It’s wrong” AShley mentions how Janelle would say she “HATES” Frank ashley thinks Hate is a bit of a strong word to use. It’s just a game Frank has never wronged her.

Ashley :”I think Joe just fantasies about.. I dunno.. I can’t count on Joe for anything”

Ashley and Danielle start to wonder why Janelle has so many fans enough to win America’s player. Ashley brings up that Frank was saying she wasn’t like this in season 7.

Britney joins them, they tell her they’re venting about Janelle and the things she’s been saying around the house.

Britney says Janelle has told her Ashley, Joe and Wil are all voting for Janelle to stay. Ashley says she’s not voting to keep Janelle. Britney points out that she thought Ashley was going to be upset because she’s losing her Pixie..
Ashley: ‘I know everyone thinks that… I wanted this from the beginning.. Free Willie”

Ashley leaves
Janelle comes by starts asking them if they want to work out. Britney says no she thinks she’ll work out after dinner. Janelle keeps up trying to get her to work out. Eventually Janelle leaves (A bit Mad) . Britney makes a comment to Danielle that she cannot be forced to work out its a 1000 degrees outside.

Britney points out that Janelle has been all over her today, she’s been trying to avoid being cornered.

Shane joins them.. Shane says he’s had eagle eye and Joe all over him asking who he’s voting for.

Danielle brings up her conversation with AShley when Ashley said she’s been hoping for Janelle to leave week 2.

Britney points out that Janelle told her she has Dan’s vote. The girls warn Shane that Janelle is going to be on him soon. Britney: “Do not tell her ANYTHING” Britney tells them that Janelle thinks she has the votes to stay. Britney thinks when Janelle find out she doesn’t shit going to hit the fan.

Danielle starts getting worried.. Britney tells her not to worry it’s over for Janelle. Britney is worried about Janelle cornering Shane. Shane asks her what he should do. Britney thinks his best bet is avoid her as much as possible. Danielle thinks it’s going to be hard to do. Britney: “I’m scared to be seen alone with ehr because then I will be responsible for whatever lies she spreads”

6:39pm Cam 3-4 Ashley and Janelle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Janelle saying that joe knows it was Wil who went up to the HOH and told them Janelle was going after Danielle. Ashley: “I don’t know that all seems a bit strange to me”

he told me 100% he would pick me over frank

Janelle tells her she has Joe, Wil, Ashley, Britney and Dan said he will if Danielle give him the go ahead. Janelle: “if they really wanted to get rid of me then they would have put me up against Wil”

Janelle wonders why she is up on the block. Janelle: “joe said he’s going to find out if Wil is lying.. his plan is going up to Wil and telling him he’s going to flip it up and vote out Jani”
Janelle: “Joe says that Frank is already talking about next week”
AShley: “Did britney tell you anything”
Janelle: “No.. they probably never told her anything because they knew it would get back to me”
Eagle eye Joe joins them..
Joe: “ASh.. How do you feel about all this”
Ashley: “It’s been a blindside”
Joe: “I just want to know where it’s coming from”
Janelle: ‘It’s coming from Wil”
Joe: “What do you think Ashley.. where is it coming from”
Ashley: “I don’t know i’ve been in the dark.. how about you Joe”
Joe: “I don’t know.. I’m hoping to have a one on one with Danielle”
Janelle: “I think Frank got to her”
JOe: ‘Wil got to her… something is floating around this house that we don’t know about”
Joe keeps saying that there is something missing.. he doesn’t think it’s just Frank, Boogie and Wil. Joe is also skeptical that this was all Danielle.

Joe recommends they lay low try and get a conversation out of danielle. Joe says this has been the oddest HOH yet.. he wants to see who comes up and asks him for votes.

Janelle: “Dan told me he would vote for me if it’s OK with Danielle.. you gotta see who is on the block ME or the freaking Lumberjack”
Joe: “You gotta kiss Danielle’s a$$”
Joe thinks they need to start working on Jenn, she knows Boogie was talking about trading her.

Joe says Wil told Frank he looked Hot in the leotard. Janelle is going to talk to Danielle tonight and ask her straight up if she wants her gone. Joe leaves to poison the food.

7:06 Cam 1-4 Joe and Ashley

Joe saying that him and Jenn want to start a an alliance with Ashley and Ian.
Joe: “Ian was there he likes the idea.. Us four go for it.. if we lose we lose but let’s stick together”

Joe: “Nobody is going suspect us we’ll be a powerhouse. I’m tired of being called just a vote” (actually joe you are called a shit disturber, liar, floater, waste of space)

Ashley says she really likes the idea, she’ll talk to jenn later today.

7:38pm Family Dinner

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138 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 – Eagle Eye onto the Silent Six “There’s an Alliance in the house we don’t know about..”

    1. That’s what I’ve been asking, along with Squabble. Don’t miss the cat ladies tho, guess that’s why no more cat lady gazette :-(

      1. Yep, they will run the house by not winning ANY competitions. I think that Joe may actually like the idea of Janelle leaving. I think he is going to make a play to head up this so-called alliance. They are like the island of misfit toys.

        1. What he doesn’t understand is that the Secret 6 and the Tits alliance both cemented their alliances and Joe was the only one that didn’t get invited to either party (besides Janelle). And he thinks he had the idea first! I love watching him make a fool of himself.

    1. LOL. loved it. joe calling jenn, himself, ash and ian a powerhouse. that can make a run for f4. really funny stuff. and btw…one of the new “powerhouse” already has a deal with another alliance.

    2. It would be the most hilarious thing ever if this team started dominating competitions!!!! A powerhouse foursome comprised of people who have done jack squat! Get em Eagle Eye!!!!

      1. ahahha next week is a double eviction Joe wins the first HOH Dan goes home Ashley wins the second Boogie goes home. Joe’s powerhouse alliance runs the house..

  1. I was surprised that the POV was used for Janelle. It’s kinda interesting that Frank keeps escaping the block! They’re never gonna get this guy out it seems lol. I wanted Dan and Boogie to go to the end, but from what I remembered, Boogie was the one that threw Dan under the bus; he told Janelle and she told Dan. It’s understandable for him to not feel loyal to Boogie.

  2. Imagine if the Silent Six somehow got outed, Janelle would for sure survive this week’s eviction coz the 5 on the outs, Wil, Jenn, Ian, Ashley and Joe would band against them and keep Janelle to dwidle thier numbers.

    1. No, the core group of the Silent 6 (DDSB) has Ian and Ian is aware of the Silent 6 and their plan. He was pushing for Dan to go with putting Janelle up. The Silent 6 has 5 solid votes.

      1. Ian knows about the Silent 6? I knew he’s in an alliance with DDBS, and he knew about the plan to backdoor Janelle, but I certainly didn’t think he knew that it was an actual alliance with him and Jenn as non factors. Oh well…….

  3. What kind of alliance is Joe trying to pull? LOL. Last Minute alliances. Even with their votes that group is still outnumbered.

  4. Simon, concerning this recent lockdown, do you think it could be them setting up Pandora’s Box or some other new “twist” to try and save Janelle, even this early into the “new” game after the reset? I don’t have live feeds to have seen, which, BTW, is why this is such an awesome site for the fans! Thanks for all your hard work :)

    1. I hope they do not throw a twist in.. but seeing how this game has evolved I wound’t pull it past them..

      I think the silent six will be outed before Thursday. The DR is really good at that

        1. @Ron.I think if production have intentions to save Janelle.They will make sure whatever plan they come up with,won’t leave any room of her “probably” staying in the game.They won’t waste their time thinking of a plan that has a chance of her still being in danger of leaving the game.I think it’s a big possibility they are working on something to save her.I don’t think they(production)want Janelle to leave this early in the game.

  5. “Joe leaves to poison the food” – that made me laugh so hard! While I love hearing what’s going on in the house, I love the side comments you make Simon! :)

  6. LOL. It’d work if Ian wasn’t already in an alliance that had more votes. He also knows that Joe, Ashley, Jenn and him arn’t going to win anything. It’ll be interesting to see how Ian plays this going forward. This group is so dumb they actually make this game interesting.

  7. oooooooo! I’m so scare that eagle eye joe forming lame alliance. Really, Really. They don’t trust you. Slient six alliance will mop you!

  8. So if Superpass is 24/7, then what’s Big Bother after Dark on Showtime? How many hours a day people spend watching? I’ve been holding out cause I ‘m already spending too much time here and hate myself for lovin it.

  9. Lmfao when the house gust watch this season they will find out the truth. Brittany is the one makin up lie’s and causin shit. I pray she doesn’t win shit. I pray that jennelle’s win’s America’s player again

    1. ian is really in the boogie alliance with frank and dan. that is going to come out eventually


      dan will NEVER take shane past f5, hes far too big of a threat w/ all his comp wins, he will get mike to backdoor him at some point

  10. ahahaha his power alliance outside ian, is made up of people that boogie said he’d rather just go home than play the game with

    oh joe.

  11. “Ian was there, he likes the idea”….. Has anyone ever said NO to an alliance being offered? I highly doubt it. Joe is delusional, everyone has already made their alliances and best he can get is sloppy seconds…. Also, I am a huge Dan fan but after watching & reading these past couple days I do have to say that Boogie growing on me. I have tremendous respect for the fact that his and Frank’s backs were against a wall and he actually pulled through and flipped the house on Janelle. That was pure gold

    1. the beauty of this move is that there is no way janelle gets the votes even if they changed up, too many just want her out, and they wouldnt change it up because of this, and danielle in a tie breaker would send her butt out the door, she made that VERY clear to boogie.

      adios janelle

  12. Danielle talking about how she is only 17% body fat! LMAO yeah right! Maybe Britney is, but not you honey! Her insecurity bugs me so much. She has done nothing in this game without the approval of everyone! Please get her out soon! She is the only unwatchable one besides Joe

      1. if you wanna deal with constantly reassuring her then thats fine. Its no wonder every bf she has ever had cheated on her (source-Jojo’s twitter)

        1. I dunno what’s worse…the fact that your source is JoJo or the fact that you actually follow her on twitter.

      2. If you think Danielle is slamming then you must come from the ugly side of town. Danielle is no where near slammin. Have you seen her without make up

    1. Really? Danielle won HOH with only the approval of the other members of the Core 4. And she would have won even if they were not on her side. Face it, she is a good player when she is not mooning over Shane.

      Are you upset that your Queen of Mean is being evicted by a “useless floater”

      1. Actually she was ready to quit until Dan told her not to. She didnt come up with the back dooring idea, she wouldnt have done it without Dans approval. So whose HOH is it? DANS! she is worse than a floater, she is a puppet! She has no say so and all her moves are done bc others tell her to do them.

        Danielle isnt on Janelle’s level…sorry! Janelle got screwed by playing a coaches game. Had she came in as a fresh player she would have been fine.

        But I cant wait until Danielle is on the block.. I wanna see TEARS!

        1. Now being a team player is being a puppet. And though I don’t think she was ready to give up, why wouldn’t an ally give a pep talk to help her out.

          Because you don’t like her, good traits as being a good team player, respecting the opinions of others and wanted everyone in your alliance to be on board with what is going on are now traits of a bad player.

      1. That’s when Joe bakes up some E. Coli cookies, feeds them to Ian, who then gets delirious — then Joe, acting as ventriloquist for Ted, convinces Ian to join The Powerhouse, oh yeah ;)

  13. I can’t wait til thursday when Porky Pig’s reign is over and she’s thrown off her high plastic throne. This is the most crappiest HOH week ever, even worse than Shane’s waste of a HOH last week. Big Brother is getting more lame every year. I want whoevers head responsible for this on a shiskabob along with Porky’s.
    I am hoping that Shane does not find the least bit attractive and it’s only to further himself in this game for lying around with that deadweight of a porker. Ew.

    1. Danielle opens Pandora’s box Janelle gets the diamond power of veto and the coup de Jeff.. Danielle wins a evening with Jeff and Jordan where they teach her how she can have a showmance with Shane.

      1. I’d laugh, but you are probably right. Indoor lockdown can only mean one thing, Pandoras Box, the lamest “twist” of them all.

        1. I thought pandoras box was played in an extra room in the HOH room? seems that’s where I think rachel was locked in with jesse and where the TV is instructing them (HOH room before they go to pans room) correct me if I am wrong.

      2. Ha! LOL. And to make Danielle’s HOH even more worthless and debasing, she has to move out of HOH room ASAP so Janelle can move in, as Janelle will have been told by DR that they got her back and have already tailored next HOH comp for her to win… might as well take the room early.

    2. Pandora’s box…..LOL…..I knew that was coming yo! Must be nice to be a vet, you get all the special treatment.

  14. Pignelle won’t be worried until like Wednesday night and then she is going to
    realize she is going home!
    Next week will have a pandoras box if one of the avengers win hoh.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a double eviction this week or not week!

  15. Danielle omg please shut up all you do is talk about your self you are a me me me person. No one cares you are not wand by far any way nice looking. All people are doing is laughing behind your back please send her home!!!!!! Brit you got to go too Dan ugh useless. I hope boogie takes you all out leaving just jenn. BB if Janelle leaves please put a twist in there get rid of the good the bad and the ugly.

    1. be happy knowing this:

      dan knows very well his best chance to win= against boogie in the f2. hands down, easiest win in the history of big brother.

      if he goes up vs shane, its a loss. so dan is going to be cutting his ties to the shane and danielle duo at some point, but id say get used to danielle, she prob last til the final 6ish

    2. Danielle, PLEASE keep talking. You are getting all the Janelle worshippers angry and that makes me happy. I care very much about you and your opinions. In my opinion you are the BEST looking person in the house with Britany as your only competition (of course the only others to compair you two to are Janelle, Jenn, and Ashley). The only people laughing behind your back are the bitter haters that worship Janelle and cannot see her for who she really is. You saw through Janelle from day one.

      Go Danielle!

      1. It has nothing to do with Janelle.. People have hated Danielle since she started bitching about being fat, how she weighs less than Ashley.. blah blah.. fake showmance.. Its annoying

        Kudos on making big moves this week, but you need to leave bc you are delusional!

  16. I can’t take Joe seriously in this game until he does something…All he is known for in this game is screaming in his DR sessions…He knows his ass is grass soon…

  17. it worries me how long they have til thurs. they need to just evict her right now

    its amazing that janelle is sold by joe that wil is the reason she got put up

    still hasnt figured out that boogie got her again. THAT is how far behind boogie she is in the game of big brother

    dont save her production, usually id say please do for the drama, but gosh, we need to get rid of some bodies like boogie said

  18. Joe needs to go….seriously i hope the silent six hush him right out the door….i am getting sick of him…he doesn’t even come close to winning anything and he causes so much trouble because he sucks at the game….i hope the silent six knock him out next week

  19. Omg I hate Danielle. She talks so tough about janelle behind her back then to her face she acts all sweet. If you want the girl to go home just tell her. She doesn’t have the votes and she’s not in jury. So just tell her. Man Danielle is so two faced. No really she is two faced. Have you see that mug without make up. She looks like a totally different monster. You can see the pounds of make up she needs to wear when she’s in the DR.

    1. and mike your boy is so friggin goodlooking? please danielle is the prettiest girl in the house with or without make up

  20. Here’s the problem production has, is that they seem to want to keep Frank, but now Janelle is up on the block with him, she’s a fav. of production…It’s going to be obvious that too much rigging is going on if Janelle is somehow saved by some twist…

  21. I think DR is going to pull a double eviction. Mix it up alittle since Ian knows the play by play of what they do. I believe the DR would like to see Boogie blow is top because that would be good for BB. There are only 5 or 6 weeks left and elimination will have to be moving soon since they put the coaches in the game. It would tickle me to see the faces of everyone that Frank and Janelle are both gone. See who Boogie would run to now because knowone would have blood on there hands at that point .

  22. Taking bets on whether Janelle will be able to “turn” Danielle by continuing to lick her cooter like she is doing now.
    I hope not, but Janelle is good.

    1. Enzo or Matt would have been better choices for coach than Brit. Maybe they were asked but they prefer to wait for a chance at allstars, or probably BB needed another girl.

  23. danielle isnt telling her because it makes wil look like hes at fault. extra misdirection for the rest of the hgs is needed til the next hoh

    1. no its because she is afraid of her… she has been hiding in the HOH all day and LYING all day to her face. Talk about hypocrite! For a group that was so upset about lying and being fake, they could teach a master class! LMAO

  24. Joe actually thought of my idea which is the correct one. Joe, will, ash and jenn vote for janelle. The only thing he hasn’t thought of is Britney will not vote that way if she knows what’s up. So the best thing is to let them think they hate janelle and they are voting her out. This way she gets a pity vote from Britney and then add there 4 votes and janelle stays.

  25. Janelle is flat out lying right now to Dani while they’re doing their make-up. Does she not remember that Dan was in the room with the other coaches during the coaches “meeting”???? She is telling Dani that Boogie came in and said “Well, Janelle, I want to work with you.” LOL. She is such a liar…..I’m sure Dani will be have a convo later with Brit and Dan about this and it will just really prove to them that she truly is a liar….not just her team, but her.

    Too bad she decided to play this kind of game this season……

  26. CRAZY THOUGHT……………they just had an outdoor lockdown – I am thinking that production wants to keep Janelle sssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo badly that the old coaches room is being prepared as a Pandora’a Box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont think she is going…..

    1. team idiots not tits (although I do like jenn from the whole 2 minutes I have seen of her during this last 3 weeks )

  27. if they put a power in the game to save janelle, boogie might as well go home, guy makes one of the best strategic moves ive seen on BB, and they give a pandoras to janelle. no, dont let this happen

  28. Boogie still hates Jani for getting Dr. Wil out a long time ago, and they think Bogie will not hold a grudge for something they did last week. lol
    They just traded one obvious player for two players that will bounce that check the first chance they get. I thought Dan would pick up on the hate Boogie has for Jani and tell the others to let Boogie get her out. Looking forward to next week if FROOGIE are in power, as this was yet another wasted HOH.
    Btw I thought Jojo did talk trash about Dani, why do Brit and Ash keep saying that Jani lied?

    1. Janelle seems much more bitter about Allstars than Boogie. Why would he be bitter? He evicted Janelle and won the game. He would never have won if it was him and Will at the end. Janelle has been badmouthing him since day one. Boogie didn’t start until the things she was saying started coming back to him, and until she started gunning for Frank. She is the one that can’t forget that Chilltown played her (it was mostly Will that played her, Boogie played Erica). She is pissed that Boogie took Erica, but really, who in their right mind would have chosen to sit next to Janelle instead of Erica? Bottom line, Janelle lost her focus and lost the final competition before it even started. Had she won that competition, she would have won the game. I don’t think she has much of a case for blaming Boogie.

      1. Granted they are both sore losers, but he won. He should let it go and the coaches could have tried to work together as they need each other, even Jani could see that. Boogie wants Will to watch him boot out his flirtmance and he said if this goes down he will feel like he won the game. Boogie needs Will because his natural reaction is to get revenge asap and Will would calm him down and let him know when the time was right. Dan would be better for Boogies game than Frank, but Boogie will never let last week or Frank (his Will 2.O) go. I don’t care that Jani is out, I just think this is a bad move for Dani’s team. For now I am team Ian! At least I hope he wins AP :)

  29. I am laughing at Wil and Jenn plotting about their alliance and getting this person out and getting that person out. Big talk from people who have won NOTHING!!!!! They may have four votes for Janelle – maybe not. Ashley is the wild card and it sounds as though Janelle has made her miserable. Brit won’t give Janelle a mercy vote because they can’t rely on any of the other four to vote her out. If the vote comes down 5-4 to evict Janelle, you can bet that Wil will have the wrath of Danielle on him.

  30. Wil just blew it. He should not have gone to talk with Frank and said anything about what Ashley knows. Also, I don’t think that there will be a double eviction this week. I think that they will give the house a week to settle after last week’s twist before they throw another one. I think that Production may want a little more control over who goes out next.

  31. Janelle still seems to want to do this coaches vs noobs stuff…Mike wont work with her, period, she can’t seem to get that…Plus, the coaches have to bring along some of the noobs…

  32. Can anyone direct me to the recap of the day when Janelle made the lie about jojo saying Danielle was fat, I think I missed that one, I keep hearing it come up.

    1. she did not make it up – jani and jojo were in HOH tub and Jojo was making disparaging comments about danielle and her fat legs…..

      1. Janelle’s conversation with Jo Jo was grossly exaggerated. Try flash back to July 25th, around 9:50 to see how cruel Jani was to Danielle.


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