Big Brother Spoilers – Boogie and Dan cut a deal “you ready to f***ing roll”

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday) Noon
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

9:23pm Cam 3-4 Pool Ian and Dan Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Ian saying that Janelle is much bigger threat than Frank. He points out that She’s a front runner to win the HOH and she’s targeting Shane. Ian continues trying to sell keeping Frank saying if Frank or Boogie win HOH they will put up Wil and Joe.

Ian keep saying Janelle is after people on their side. Ian doesn’t understand why they are choosing to keep someone that is definitely coming after them over someone that Might come after them.

Dan asks him how he can trust Boogie. Ian knows how boogie plays the game and he knows that he never turned his back on Will. Ian: “Frank is his Will..” Ian says if the HOH competition is knock out he’s going to win it the only person that can compete with him is Janelle. He points out if Frank wins it he’ll put up Joe and Wil. Dan asks him how he knows that. ian explains that he’s been rolling with Frank since week one he knows.

Ian really hammers home that to send Frank out the door is a mistake. Dan is going to get people together to talk in the HOH.

9:48pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Frank
Dan: “I got a 100 sell me Frank”
Frank saying that he understands why Dan and his group is apprehensive about trusting Frank and Boogie. Frank says he’s been trying to play this game as honest as possible. He brings up last week when he was trying to get Wil’s vote and said he would put up Shane if he won HOH. He was trying to stay in the game obviously he’ll tell Wil whatever he can’t say the truth which is Joe and Wil.

Frank tells Dan he’ll put up Joe and Wil if he wins HOH next week, He also adds that Jenn and Ian are not off his list of potential targets. Frank mentions how their 6 person alliance is perfect 3 sub groups of 2 that make it to the end. Frank starts selling about Him, Boogie and Dan being in a final 3 pact.

Dan just feels that taking Janelle out is a really aggressive move early in the game. Dan says he’s having a talk with his group tonight he’ll tell Frank what is happening tonight.

10:01pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Boogie
Frank is pissed at Dan saying ‘I got a hundred dollars sell Frank” Frank “Fuck you sell you Frank”
Frank gives a rundown of the conversation he had with Dan 15 minutes ago. Boogie says Dan is walking around thinking he has relationships with every person in the house.

Boogie says he’s going to talk to Dan again and frme it a little different. With Frank gone this week he has Ashley, Joe, Janelle, Wl, Jenn and Ian all competing for HOH and if one of them wins HOH they will be looking a large targets like Shane and Dan. Boogie will also point out if 2 from his squad go up they don’t have the votes to save them.

10:08pm Cam 1-2 HOH Boogie and Dan
Boogie wants to know where his head is at.

Boogie goes through all the benefits of signing up with Boogie and Frank. Boogie: “I feel like I’m begging.. but I truly think this is what’s best for Us and you Dan the individual”
Danielle joins them.
Boogie: “Let’s send out the queen bee week fucking one of the reset.. lets sting her ass and get her out of there.. Danielle wants her out C’mon Dan”
Danielle speaks spanish and leaves.
Dan says he’s a bit worried that the new players will come after the vets like they did last season.
Boogie: “imagine if one of them wins HOH next week.. someone will be sitting next with me.. You think it’s going to be Ian. Jenn or Mike Boogie.. NO it’s going to be Mike Boogie, Dan or Shane”
Boogie says if he sends Frank home then he’s got 4 and Janelle’s side has 4. Boogie, Jenn and Ian are twisting in the wind, “It’ll be 4 Vs 4” Boogie: “Voting out Frank isn’t going to have me running to you guys.. I have 2 options be by myself or tag up with Jenn and Ian.. all these options suck for me”

10:26pm Cam 1-2 HOH Janelle, Britney, Boogie, Dan

Janelle and Britney asking Boogie if he wants to join them. Boogie says to Janelle that his guy is against her guy he doesn’t see what they can do.
Janelle tries to tell him that Frank is coming after Boogie and Dan. Boogie laughs says Frank was playing you he was telling her whatever she needed to hear when he was on the block. Janelle says she wants to take out all the players and have the coaches make it to the end. Boogie asks why is his guy going home and not Wil. Boogie suggests they vote Wil out and they can team up. Janelle says they will take out Wil next week. Boogie doesn’t trust her. Boogie: “Look guys there is no way I’m going to support anything that gets rid of my number 1 guy.. He’s the only person that has been truthful to me” Boogie tells them he’ll sign up with the coaches if Wil goes this week.

Dan asks can they sacrifice anyone to mend things between Boogie and Janelle. Boogie says no because it’s a waste of an HOH. Boogie adds that he’s fine to leave this to and Danielle if they feel that gettign rid of Frank takes them further in the game than fine. Boogie has no problems going home the following week he just doesn’t want to be the first in Jury voting for AShley to win 500K.

Dan asks if Joe goes up and goes home where does that leave the coaches. Boogie explains to them that this coaches alliance is short lived because it’s obvious that none of them want to get rid of their Number 1 player. They all want their golden parachute.

Boogie thinks they should put Joe up on the block he’s no good for anyone. Boogie knows Joe has rattled Janelle’s game

The girls leave the guys.

Dan: “We’ll that’s clearly not going to work… you ready to fuckig roll?”
Boogie: “He’ll YA”
Dan: ‘if you are going to stab someone in the back have it be Britney, Shane or Danielle”
Boogie: “Are you ready to sacktown Her?” (Janelle)
Dan :’I’ll sell it to the team”

Boogie explains to him that Dan and Him come on the show for the money, love of the game but to also put on a show. And what better show if it’s him and Boogie in the final 2. Boogie says there is no way that better than launching that mother fucker right now than getting that liar out.

10:56pm Frank comes up They agree riding the 6 as far as they can go. Dan tells them they need to keep the group a secret.

11:01pm Cam 1-2 HOH Danielle and Dan

Danielle looks at him “What you do.. “
Dan: ‘nothing.. we have a decision to make”
Dan explains that all 4 coaches were up here and there was talking and Mike Boogie called out Janelle about lying and she had nothing to say… what does your gut tell you..
Danielle: ‘Janelle’s a liar.. been saying that since Day one”
Dan says with Frank and Boogie in the game there is a bigger target than him and Danielle.
Danielle: ”That is what I told you yesterday and you said I was playing personal”
Dan thinks if they roll the dice with Boogie and it fails Danielle’s still safe but if they roll the dice with Janelle and it fails Both Danielle and Dan are at risk.

britney comes up Dan asks her what her gut reaction to what happened in the HOH. Britney: “He’s being honest and he called her out on everything”

They all start agreeing that Boogie is telling the truth and he can be trusted to roll with. Shane joins them and they start filling him in.

11:20Cam 1-2 HOH

dan we gotta make a decision right now let’s go around the room Ian what do yo think
Ian wants to get Janelle out
Shane is 50/50
Britney is 50/50
Danielle and Dan: Out Janelle
Britney: “good it’s decided.. Janelle out”
Dan says he’s going to go downstairs and tell Boogie.. that’ll make it official.

Ian leaves.
Dan doesn’t want people to know they are working with Boogie and Frank so they should take Wil off the block and put up Janelle.
They count the votes.. Dan, Britney, Shane, Boogie and ian vote to evict janelle. Shane: “5 / 4”

Dan’s about the walk out the door says there is no turning back. “britney you are still 50/50” britney: “yes.. but I’m still on board”

They pull the trigger Dan heads to tell Boogie and Frank.

11:31pm Cam 1 Arcade room Dan, Frank and Boogie

Dan tells Boogie to head up to the HOH they’ll be up in a minute. Dan tells Frank that he just saved Frank from being evicted. Frank: “I won’t forget it Dan” Dan: “meet me upstairs in a minute”

11:35pm cam 3-4 HOH super alliance, BFBSDD. Janelle comes up and knocks on the HOH door. Frank and Boogie run into the shower to hide. They do not answer the door.. Janelle leaves.
Britney tells them that her main concern is Jenn or Wil pull out a HOH win and Boogie/Frank are up here with the same song and dance as this week. Britney wants this to be the kind of team that goes up to the HOH and tells them to put Ashley and Joe up and they will be safe for a week.

11:56PM the HOH crew trying to decide on a team name.
Dan: “Mayhem 6”
Boogie: “6 Pack Summer”
Frank: “Since we’re all going to keep this quiet.. the Silent Six”

They agree on The Silent Six and Dan shows them their code.

12:12AM HOH Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle They are chatting about how they will get more mileage out of using the POV on Wil and how Danielle’s speech will be during the POV ceremony. Dan says what is going down right now is huge this is something Danielle will mention during her Final 2 speech.

12:20AM Cam 3-4 HOH Britney and Danielle Britney breaking down because she feels bad that she downstairs lying to Janelle. Danielle says to her that she’s been bullied all her life fro Girls and she see it in Janelle that she’s just like the girls that use to bully her.. She was called Fat and ugly and the girls in her sorority tried to sleep with her boyfriend and that is why they broke up.

Danielle: “I hope she doesn’t treat you badly but she will”

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this past 2 hours where one the most and exiting live feed stuff i ve ever seen! this 4 coaches meeting alone was so intense. holy.


I’m so effing stoked right now, 2 of my fav bb players of all time working together, this season is really shaping up to be awesome.

Shane's pink tank

The DDSB and BF Alliance is soo transparent. I hope the news win a few HOH’s back to back and just take that alliance out! Even better if Boogie and Frank flip on them and help the newbs get rid of them!

Stupid move trusting Boogie!!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!

Shane's pink tank



I agree about trusting Boogie, but I don’t think they really trust them any farther than they can throw them. You saw how they explained it to Ian!

I like this move though. I hope it results in a few things…

1) Janelle reveals her true colors (pretty much gonna happen)

2) Janelles team figures out it isn’t a “team” game!

3) It wakes up the newbs and makes them realize the coaches must now be thier #1 targets.

4) All the misfit newbs come together and pull something out of thier asses.

5) The fight card fills up with a few good bouts in the upcoming weeks. Mabey even a Battle Royale!

6) Team Trixie rises from the ashes and kills them all!

Shane's pink tank

I want all coaches out now.. Over them messing with the newbs game!!!!!!!!

Godless Monkey

“Team Trixie rises from the ashes and kills them all.” LOL. Wouldn’t that be hilarious! Go Team Trixie! Namaste ;)


You know that you are delusional don’t you?


If I was part of Shane, Brittany, Danielle, and Dan’s alliance, I would get out Boogie the next chance they got after this week. It is too risky to work with him.


Ian looks like Alfred E. Newman.




Boggie Is the man when he is on his game! the men from chilltown can out play anyone! SUPER BOWL!!!


exactly! chilltown is bad ass!


Can’t wait to see the look on Janelle’s face on Wednesday when Danielle uses the veto and puts her bleached blonde, fake boobs, fake ass on the block!


Why do we have to wait untill Wednesday? Does CBS really think anyone gives a damn about Two and a Half Men now that Charlie Sheen is gone.



Two and a Half Men is now on Thurdays. Moved from Monday. Never was on Tuesday.


I’m so glad I tuned into BBAD! Definitely some of the best game play I have ever seen. Boogie sealed Janelle’s fate. I wasn’t rooting for this guy, but he made me a believer. Bye bye Janelle you were outplayed!


I cannot WAIT for the goodbye msg Boogie leaves for Janelle, god it’s gonna be hilarious.


I really think Janelle did it to herself. That coaches meeting sealed her fate!


I agree. Earlier in the day Brittany had given Dan information, if Wil won, he would try to take Dan out. That is why he asked the question to Janielle. Who would Wil put up, her answer sealed her fate. Janelle could not be trusted. Who knows what wopuld of happened if Janelle had been honest.


Boogie shut her down in the coaches meeting. Her face, hahaha! It really shows that she sucks as a player, that’s why she never won. She won comps, but can’t play the social/mental part at all. She’s not very smart and very fucking fake.


The Avengers!!!! And then BBDIS stabs them in the back when the time comes I LOVE THIS SEASON


Tomorrow morning, Jenn will be the replacement nominee and the target the way this is going. What a ride.,..


finally some one in this house made a move. boogie showed tonight why he is considered one of the best big brother players. He appealed to dan on a level that dan could relate to, he called janelle out he kept calm and is appearing humble. I hope this stick and janelle goes thursday. The game just became interesting and this is what they needed something to be lit under boogie to pulled this off and now janelle and mike will be at war until thursday.


I started to like Dan and went from hating him in a matter of seconds.Fucking Boogie!
They are being played hope to god Janelle can get the votes she needs.


Totally agree :(


If they get Janelle out, Danielle will be gone next week. They are idiots if they trust Boogie. I think they will have a better chance of winning if Jani is still there. I would never trust Boogie. This is going to be good. I can’t wait to see Danielle’s face when he nominates her next week.


Loving the feeds tonight. I hope it’s a done deal and Janelle goes home. Danielle may be insecure and clingy, but she has earned my respect if she puts Janelle up.

Shane's pink tank

She is merely a puppet! She didnt come up with the idea. IMO she gets absolutely no credit for it! She does whatever Dan tells her to do, its pathetic. i will be laughing when she gets put on the block by Boogie, Frank or Dan!! No win for you Danielle!

Aqua Bernie

I agree! Can’t play herself.


I believe this idea orginated with Shane and Danielle. at first Dan didn’t like the idea, because he was protecting the coaches. that has since changed.


That’s what I was thinking.

Shane's pink tank

Come on production.. Save Janelle. or just bring her back in a few weeks!

Shane's pink tank

Come on production. SAVE Janelle. or bring her back in a few weeks!


I thought you “wanted all the coaches out now” ?


bringing her back in a few weeks makes more sense than saving her right now.


Definitely don’t want to see Janelle come back in any form!!!!! She’s ‘in the game’ now, and so she needs to be voted out just like anyone else. It would be great to see Janelle again on an ALL STARS SHOW (OF BIG BROTHER AND SURVIVOR PLAYERS). For now, I’m tired of watching her lie to everyone, let’s move on!!!


Dan is more stupid than I thought! Boogie will promise you the world until he doesn’t need you anymore! He wants Janelle gone b/c she knows his game. He continues to call Frank his number 1 guy. How many clues fools these fools need? At this point I feel like Dan is too busy trying to prove he’s the best by possibly beating Boogie. He doesn’t realize the minute that Boogie/Frank get power the will Flip so quick and stab him in the back! Do they actually think Frank/Boogie will forget the past two weeks! There is no chance in hell that will happen. They don’t even need Boogie or Frank to take out a house full of floaters! And don’t get me started on how naive Dani/Shane are…..


its a GREAT move for dani and shane. eventually dan was going tobreak them up, now they have a chance if they can work with boogie before dan does.

there is an argument to be made that boogie would rather just ride to the finals with danielle, and drop dan and shane along the way

of course, thats in a fantasy world the hg’s live in where boogie actually wins a lot of comps. no, he just messes with your head, like he just did to convince them to take out janelle.


I doubt it dan has a final 3 deal with frank and boogie i don’t know which way is better either way i think danielle and shane will be the first casulties and i am pretty sure regardless what danielle thinks wil will be gunning for her


It’s The Six Pack Baby!!!! Catch you later pignelle. When she goes on the block can you say GRENADES!!!!!


My only question is will production let this play out or will they save Jani and ruin Dani’s game?


thats my thought

will production actually let this go down

or will they throw a wrench in the works

id have NO PROBLEM if they brought her back in a comp vs sequester hg’s, if they are still there, but the house is really full, and would need like 2 double evictions to make that work


Production has already messed with the game! Frank is going to escape eviction again, how many times can they start the game over for him? What is the deal with this guy? they are protecting him like crazy, it is so evident. When Dan was trying to convince Booger to join them , he just kept saying “keep Frank” … I think production owes us a double eviction and Frank and Booger are the ones that should go, and after that Janelle. And Booger keeps talking about what role production wants out of him… how obvious that Booger wants to recreate him and Dr. Will, when the only reason Booger won was because of the finesse of Dr. Will. Dan won’t be able to help Booger, because Booger is too lame and crochety when things don’t go his way. Thank you, Simon!!!!


I really want Dan to win this game again.But I don’t think Dan should trust Boogie.One of my main problems with Dan trusting Boogie,has to do with Boogie not wanting to let go of Frank.If he really wanted and have intentions on taking Dan to final 2,then why can’t they evict Frank on Thursday and Dan&Boogie can do the same thing that Boogie planned but with out Frank?I got a feeling that Boogie only wants to take Frank to final 2.What do you guys think?


THIS, is why mike boogie is good for big brother. now THAT was some great television. wowwww. from the meeting where boogie basically checkmates janelle, to the after meeting where they finally decide to believe boogie, and I actually believe he wont put them up if he did win hoh next week honestly.

wow, this would be one of the biggest backdoors in bb history for a major player like janelle to leave the game. if boogie pulls this off and saves frank, that is pretty freaking awesome, and I hope to see more players take note and do the same

good for danielle tonight telling dan how she felt about it, and good for ian, who is like this jedi ninja who sneaks in and puts in a few words, then leaves, and he had a HUGE effect on dan earlier in the jaquizzi, where I think ian is a big part of why they began to trust boogie, then the meeting put it over the top

PLEASE let frank the awesome pot smoking partner of boogie stay!


their called the silent six….SILENT SIX FTW! get over it people who doesnt like it. boogie proved tonight that he is a bad ass player and that is why he is part of chilltown. i think dr.will would be happy. if he wins i think he deserves it. i prefer a powerful newbie should win it… frank, shane, danielle or ian..he is starting to work his magic. but SILENT SIX FTW!


love boogie, and was ready to send him home myself if he didnt turn himself around.

I didnt think he could actually pull this off, its kind of incredible really.

dan REALLY wants to PLAY with boogie, which I always thought he didnt, but its almost like he feels he can trust him to a point, and wants him around tohelp get rid of shane. keeping frank will HELP dan in the long run. just watch


I find it funny when people say boogie will keep you til he doesnt need you anymore

is that not the point of big brother?


Not if AG doesn’t want it to be!



the question is, how could she turn it. it would require brit to flip both jenn and ian, no way.

danielle is SET on it if she goes thru with it

they dont have enough time to really do anything


oh goodness, if janelle goes up, they WILL vote her out, as she will self destruct at the thought of boogie besting her

this has to be like christmas to mike boogie. he really had no chance to win the game, and his only ally was about to go, then the one thing he wanted maybe as much as the 500k, to take out janelle for a 2nd time, not only happens, but it happens while saving his ally?

what a move.

anyone thinking brit wiill tell janelle….no. shes been lying to janelle for a couple days about all this


janelle’s mistake was not calling boogie’s bluff on joe

boogie knows that in itself would be a waste, jenn a waste. he had one of the most honest conversations ive ever seen in big brother. he didnt put his cards on the table, he just laid out on the table. and it worked.


mike boogie 2. janelle 0.

Will Taylor

This new alliance sounds awesome, especially if it means keeping Boogie and Frank safe another week. Even if Frank goes home this week, I hope Boogie decides to still work with Dan to hopefully go far in this game another season. I have a bad feeling that if Frank is kept on the block with Janelle being put up as a replacement for Wil, Britney and Shane may vote Frank out because right now they are only 50/50 for putting up Janelle. And I could see Janelle easily influencing both of them to keep her in the game longer, especially Britney.

Will Taylor

I hope so for Frank’s sake because he has been put up on the block 3 out of the 4 times so far this season and only really deserved to be put up last week imo. I don’t see this alliance lasting very long though, if either Frank or Boogie win HOH next week, I think they may backdoor Shane because he is such a physical threat in these comps. If any of the other 4 win HOH, I think the alliance would hold strong till B or F gain power. If Wil, Jenn, Joe, or Ashley win HOH next week, Boogie and Frank would probably try to cut a deal with them and offer up any of the other 4 in the silent six alliance. I hope neither Frank nor Boogie win HOH next week though because it would put too much power in their hands too early in the game, and Frank is already viewed as a tough competitor even though he has only won one HOH.


I say 2 weeks tops Simon and then BBDIS will strike first, Dan is not completely sold on working with Boogie


I see it going 2 weeks before production throws a wrench into it.


@ simon what do you think is it a good move trusting boogie? Also i can see a huge decline in ratings after Janelle leaves.


seriously? how is there gonna be a decline in ratings cause janelle is gone? boogie made BBAD tonight. that was some entertaining sh!t!


BB ratings have been declining with Janelle and the other vets in. I don’t see how vets are helping the ratings and I doubt one vet leaving will tank them.


I LOVE THIS…so janelle by being the nosy and scheming little troublemaker she is…runs into the HOH room…and ends up talking her way out of the house..hahahaha i love it….that conversation made brit and dan realize that janelle needs to go…FINALLY ….dan has finally woke up and smelled the coffee…i still cant stand britney she interuppts everybody in the middle of their sentence, britney thinks what she is saying is the most important…she wouldnt even let danielle talk she just kept cutting her off…i love this season….i cant wait to see janelle after danielle nominates her….what i love the most about this situation…is how dan knows that shane and danielle aren’t going to win this season because he told boogie not to backstab him make sure its shane or danielle lol….wow i cant wait til the ceremony…goodnight my fellow bb fans


she lies, acts like a child, interrupts their convo just to be annoying, and boogie turned it on her. classic.


I say 2 weeks tops Simon then BBDIS strikes first, I don’t think Dan is completely sold on working with Boogs


i think dan is sold on it now. all this week frank and boogie talked to dan about it and all they got outta dan was… mhmm..yeah….ya…etc. but after this bad ass move.. dan got up and said more then mhmmm yeahh…etc they shook on it etc. i think he is sold.


Ok well of course janelle had no chance. She never had a reason to promise them anything because she wasn’t in the block. Danielle made it seem like she was safe. Dan should have atleast gave janelle a chance to go along with there plan. If janelle had started on the block then she would have had a chance to make a deal. So really there was no contest. I can’t wait until boogie turns in them. Believe me he will


NO WAY!!!!!!! Janelle has already had plenty of chances to work with them.


Great….now Brit is crying, if she ruins this i swear


stevo are u serious/./. is she really crying? i dont think she can ruin it…because that will show to the other players that she wants to work with janelle…she better man up…damn boogie was right….BRITANY IS A GOOD PLAYER IF YOU WANT TO FINISH FOURTH PLACE!!!! say what u want about boogie…but he speaks the truth


Ya she was crying, but Danielle’s really gaining my respect, she talked her down with clear and concise logic and convinced her that getting rid of Janelle is the best move.


I was hoping that it would be a boogie and janelle that would have made Shane all out winner! but now it’s the 6 the SILENT SIX i hope it goes thru until the 6 are left then they get rid of danilee , frank , boogie, dan then the final 2 are Shane and Britney GO SHANE !


I find it funny how people still fall for Boogies BS. I find it funny that this house is for the most part composed of idiots.

Carol & Steve

I doubt they’ve completely bought Boogie’s BS, but he clearly shut down Janelle. If she’d have been willing to let Wil or Joe go she could’ve saved herself for one more week. Her team will be the end of her.


What do you expect, they were all recruited from dating shows and facebook!


Omg I can’t wait for Danielle to go home. Hopefully soon. She thinks she’s the greatest player in BB history. So far she won an HOH tailor made for shorter people Matt was short and he won when it was the same comp only as a surf board and Danielle won when they were skis. So now Dan has basically made her do what He wanted to do. The only problem is Dan out thought himself this time. Remember what your teachers taught you. If your not 100% sure then always stick with your first answer. Dan this is a bad move. Boogie just threw up a hailmary on your Defense and frank caught the TD.


One of the best game plays in BB history, IF! Mike is able to save Frank…


It’s one of the best game plays for mike and frank but not the 4 idiots who are trusting them.


Do you truly believe they’re a bigger threat than Janelle? Or are you just a fan of hers?


You keep Frank? Then Mike is running the house..The Noobs get picked-off…


I would have settled this a different way. I would have said janelle give me your wedding ring until we are final 6 or you are going up on the block. Bam. Now you can trust her


Ok I guess I’m the only one who caught boogie say how great it would be to go up against jenn, Ashly or joe in the final 2. Which shows me that boogie is not taking Dan or any of them to even a final 6. Boogie knows they are 4 deep so he will make sure he has the numbers when it counts. Bad move Dan. And Danielle stop thinking your great at this game. Your great as being Dans puppet


BAHAHAHAHA ding dong the witch is dead ,yeah !!!!!!!. Love my Mike Boogs ,hes so good ,if all else fails tell the truth .A new BB move his man Will must have been totally cheering at his big screen tv . BYE BYE JANELLE HEEHEE!!!. week one of the reset ..


This will be the greatest backdoor move ever …Silent 6 rejoice shhhhhh …and Britney will go down as the Oscar winning actress …


Boogie will make the first move on BDDS. Ian will roll with boogie and frank over Dan and them just because Ian knows he’s number 5 in there alliance where with boogie he will be #3. Also boogie will get to the other side of the house first and take Dan out.


Based on what I’ve seen, Ian, is Mike’s Wild Card…


yes. ian is very much a smarter chicken george who will at some point be a huge player for boogie. so far, hes put in small comments that have helped the janelle out the door train


good for jojo starting this all with her “make big moves” comment.

janelle is going to know the second they put her up that its not legit. but oh well, at that point she will self destruct. the most important conversation in the entire game ended with 2 coaches blown away with mike boogie, and janelle saying “hes bad at this game”. its just funny. sadly, the game has really passed janelle by faster than it did boogie who with this move proves he still has plenty left


Simon and Dawg…I just wanted you guys to know that I decided to get the live feeds and I went through this website..I hope this will help this awesome site!! I am using the B3V very nice…Thank You!!


Does anyone really believe that Boogie is taking Dan to final2?


JW!!! boogie knows deep down dan can take him farther than frank….can u imagine boogie and dan the final two! that would be awesome


brittany crying only proves that she isn’t built to win big brother….u dont cry because ur lying to someone in big brother….i would love to play poker with her lol


hey simon…i want to thank u as well….i only watch on showtime but, i just started watching big brother in season 10, and i am totallt addicted…i wish i would have started sooner…but thank u for the updates and all the hard work u do to keep us informed….by the way the silent six is unstoppable lol….until dan and boogie start running the whole game….cant wait tll 3 pm eastern time


Not going to happen. Boogie is going to get rid of Dan so fast it will not be funny.


No, but Dan, bought his BS, that’s all that matters–it’s BB…


@JBmoneY. I guess you have a point.Just like Boogie bought the load of crap Dan was feeding him last week,about how he has the votes to save Frank.Yet,the entire time,Dan and his alliance(Danielle,Britney&Shane)were planning to blind side Boogie&Frank.It took production to save Frank,because they(Dan,Danielle,Shane&Britney) fooled that side so well(Boogie& Frank).I’m interested in hearing what Dan is really thinking about this plan to work with Boogie.I guess I’ll find out when he talks about it in the DR.


Hell to the NO! He’ll stab him in the back first! But then again neither will probably make it to the final two. The newbies can only be clueless for so long!

MU Tigers

That’s what everyone was saying last year. And we saw how that worked out. Adam is probably still talking about making a big move.

MU Tigers

If they do, I got some oceanfront property in Oklahoma to sell them.


According to the conspiracy theorys on youtube, St. Louis will be under water after the New Madrid falt erupts and OK will have ocean front available.

I may have to take you up on that offer! :-)

Shane's pink tank

i HATE DANIELLE!!!!!!!!!


Ok here’s brittneys speech to boogie. “if we do this I want us to be together and if we lose we just sit here and say ok no backstabbing no throwing people under the bus. We come up here as a team and tell them who they need to put up”. And here’s what boogie heard. “blah blah blah my name is brittney and I got played by lane and hayden and I haven’t learned 1 thing in this game because now I’m getting played by frank and boogie”. If Brit wants to just be honest then be honest with janelle you two faced lazy eyed b****.


She’s worse than Janelle when it comes to the BS in the house, but Mike hasn’t picked-up on that yet…


I can’t wait to see Janelle walk out the door. Her game is sloppy, and everytime she opens her mouth it makes me want to throw something at the TV. Great game play by boogie and thats what this is a game. Silent six all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MU Tigers

Seeing someone on TV makes you want to damage your TV? Sounds like anger issues. Is this Willie??


What if it’s Nancy Grace though? Then it should be alright I would think.


The more i watch britney…the more she makes me think that she is not very good…i was surprised they had her as one of the coaches, since she got played the hardest in bb history probly…she isnt built to win this game…boogie was right…she is a fourth place kinda girl


She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, it was obvious she wanted to keep Janelle, yet, Mike, and this new alliance didn’t see it–I was surprised they didn’t see it…

Aqua Bernie

100%! She doesn’t have it.


janelle sealed her fate….if she would have never walked in on boogie and dan …this wouldnt have happened…and everything about her is fake…her boobs…her nose…and everything that comes from her mouth…i bet her kids will end up on toddlers and tiaras


agree. and boogie isnt winning big brother again, but he for sure is taking janie out of this game for a second time.


Brit exposed herself, in my opinion, and I think Dan, is smart enough to pick-up on it…

Carol & Steve

I agree – Shane was smart enough to go 50/50 (for Brit’s sake I believe) but when it was clearly gonna happen he said 100% & Brit couldn’t give it up. She may be out week 3 but she’ll be more controllable w/o Janelle – she showed her cards to Dan on this one.

I think it’s genius that everybody but Ian was out & about in the house. What better time to have a big pow wow! If Janelle’s players weren’t sleeping on the job there’s no way that 6 people gone would be noticed or that the meeting could’ve gone on this long.

Now her “team” will have to rely on her version of what might be happening, but since they all know she lies how can they trust her. Awesome!!

When Janelle goes up she’ll probably think Boogie & Dan are together, but that she’ll still be able to swing enough votes: Brit work on Shane, Ashley on Ian, Joe on Jenn.

In no way do they believe Boogie’s BS but they also know this gives them a few weeks. I give the alliance about 2-3 weeks – get out Joe & Wil before they start turning on themselves.

I believe Boogie & Dan know that their best chance to win would be to have two coaches at the end & see what happens. Even if a coach is up against a floater newbie I think the newbie would win.

Can’t wait till tomorrow!!


exposed herself as what? she has janelle fooled, and has for a few days now.

janelle is going on the block, and the votes are looking very much 7-1 or whatever. production has to save her or else its over for janie and her season.


good for brit, she is starting to play the game by playing janelle. she will need mike boogie around as a target for when shane starts to get antsy.


@JBmoneY. I can’t believe I’m about to say this,because I’ve been rooting for Dan from the beginning and I still consider him as one of the best players that ever played the game.However,I doubt if Dan will be picking up on anything.Boogie refuses to let Frank go.He called Frank his #1 player.So, why does Dan believe Boogie will actually take him to final two?On a side note I really think after production heard how people are on board with getting rid of Janelle this Thursday.I think they’re trying to figure out a way to save her.I’m only rooting for Dan,but Janelle is a big deal when it comes to CBS/Big Brother.If production went out of their way to save Frank last week,and last season they saved Rachel&Jordan.Even if your not a fan of Janelle’s,she still is popular.I think production is trying to come up with a way to save her.I think production wants the battle between Janelle&Boogie to go on longer than this.I don’t think they(production)planned for her to leave this early.Janelle is on the perfect show,because Big Brother’s motto is “Expect the Unexpected”.Which means they(production)can come up with any idea,and save Janelle if they wanted to.And I think they want to and they will save her.I don’t know how their going to do it.But there’s no way production want Janelle gone this early in the game.


I don’t think Britney is a “mean girl” and that is why she cried, she should just defend herself from Janelle’s pursuit by saying she hasn’t made a decision yet and leave it at that.

However, I think it would be awesome if there is a double eviction this week.


Well… I or we never like Boogie and I only watched 2 episodes of this season and Me and my entire family are BB fans but after knowing boogie is in the game, no interest of this season at all! So don’t really care what happen, so peeps enjoy the season! I can’t really say anything except I like Dan, watched his season religiously even BBAD!, BUt might visit this site from time to time for entertainment!


stevo thanks for keeping me updated…i only watch cbs and showtime…i dont have a debit card to get the live feeds…thanks bro


Ok this is brittney the genius. “oh janelle is working with Ashley, joe, and will they will never take her out”. And then 5 minutes later when asked what would will joe and Ashley think here’s Brits answer ” oh will hates janelle, joe hates janelle and and Ashley hates janelle. They would be happy to see her go”. Ok genius brittney which one is it. Are they all together or do they all hate her. What a complete idiot Brit is. Good luck in 6th place Brit. If you even make it that far.


i didnt like danielle either until last night when this all start going down…and i think she had balls to put up will after making a deal for safety lol….now she is going to do the best backdoor in history…even though it was boogies masterplan…but u have to give danielle props…now she just has to stop acting so desperate and figure out what she is going to do when it comes down to six….because once it gets down to six dan doesnt care who he plays neither does boogie….


Im pretty sure Danielle is full of shit I’ve been bullied my whole life. Your pretty how were you ever bullied. You lie about being a nurse so how do we know if everything you say is a lie


What are the chances of Shane and Dan in the final two?


I’d love to see this happen, but doubt it, niether will be sure of a win against each other, they’re both playing well with the best part of the game ahead of them. I’d hope that Shane would win, considering Dan has already won and $50 k is nothing to sneeze at.


What I think would be great karma would be if Boogie drags (or thinks he drags) Danielle to the final, thinking he can beat the little southern girl at the end and Danielle whoops his ass at the end. That would almost make getting evicted early worth it for Janelle to see Boogie beat at his own game and bested by a female.


Excellent scenario, I like it!


oh well, dan just sealed his fate…trusting mike is like putting your hand in an alligators mouth and .expecting not to get bitten. Hope danielle is there to bandage his bloody stump as he goes out the door.


i think dan just made an amazing move.

he is definately in one of the best positions in the house

Ian is also in an amazing spot right now

The Quack Pack is where its at!!!!