Janelle has premonitions She predicted Hurricane Katrina and Danielle, Shane,Ashley in the Final 3

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

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Janelle says that Danielle has been totally lied to and she’s not going to be mean to her. Janelle: “Even if I do go home on Thursday i’ll still be your friend.. I want you to feel like all the times we were together were genuine”

Janelle: “I feel like such a dork because I was cheering for you during the HOH”

Janelle says that during allstars Boogie manipulated her to take out all the girls in the house she was the last girl..

Danielle really plays up her being confused and not knowing what she’s doing. She claims that people were telling her janelle is targeting her, She claims to feel like Janelle was being fake to her, and She claims her own insecurities. (Danielle does a pretty good job of deflecting Janelle)

At one points Janelle asks her if she has a deal with Boogie. Danielle says no way if she had a deal with Boogie Frank wouldn’t be on the block

Janelle says she has premonitions of Danielle in the Final 3 HOH. She saw Ashley, Danielle and Shane holding onto ropes. Janelle says it looked like the final 3 HOH. Janelle mentions that she had the same Premonitions about a hurricane right before Hurricane Katrina.

Danielle: “Oh My GOD you are giving me goose bumps I cannot imagine all of y’all gone”

Janelle: “If i stay i’m looking after you.. these vultures in this house.. I feel like they have twisted all my words from week one”

(Janelle piles on the lies.. which Danielle to will know as soon as she talks to Dan they talk for about a hour)

8:09pm Cam 3-4 Ashley and Wil (Flashback to this Ashley impersonating Janelle is hilarious)

Wil says he has no problem Backdooring Dan next week but he won’t put Danielle or Dan up outright. He mentions the current deal they have how it’s only good for 1 week and only applies to him not Ashley.

Ashley impersonates Janelle in a hilarious way. She explains her conversation with Janelle. She fills him in on Janelle thinking it was Wil who told Danielle the lies. AShley is worried because Janelle said Dan is voting for her to stay if it’s OK with Danielle. Wil says Dan is with Danielle and he thinks Dan wants Janelle to be evicted. Ashley brings up that Janelle thinks she has the votes. She said she has Britney’s. Wil doesn’t think britney will vote for Janelle he thinks only Joe will vote for her.

AShley wonders if Danielle has made a deal with Boogie. Wil doesn’t think so. They both agree they cannot trust Joe. Ashley mentions how Janelle told her Joe is going to go around and find the truth in the house. They both laugh Ashley: “Like joe is some super player”

eagle Eye walks in asks Wil if he’s solid with Janelle. Wil: ‘We vote Janelle out we lose a vote”

Eagle eye thinks him and Wil are in deep trouble.. they have to talk to Danielle and let her know they want a deal. eagle eye asks Wil if he’s talked to her yet. Wil says he s pissed at Danielle she lied to him, she told him he was safe. Eagle eye says their worst nightmare in this game is Frank and his alliance, they have to get Frank out. Joe recommends they all go talk to Danielle tonight. Make her know she’s safe next week with all of them.

Joe: “Dan planed all this” Joe heads out.

Wil starts laughing.. He says he’ll go up to Dan and Danielle offer a 2 week deal.
Wil: “Frank isn’t going to come after us he’s going after Shane and Joe”
Ashley: “I think Britney is playing us.. she’s acting like she’s shocked about Janelle”
Wil :”i have a strange suspicion Britney and Shane knew Janelle was going up ”

8:42pm Cam 3-4 Jenn and Wil Havenots

Jenn do you think Janelle is going home. Wil: “Yes I do.. but we do have the votes to keep her.. do you think we should keep Janelle”
Jenn thinks Janelle is the larger threat.
Wil mentions that apparently Britney is voting to keep Janelle.
Jenn: “I wish we could trust ian but we can’t”
Wil: “I know”

Wil brings up keeping Janelle says they know Janelle isn’t gunning for them she’s gunning for Danielle. Wil is worried that Dan has an alliance with Boogie. Wil says their plan should be to have them all split off and work with the other teams. Wil is going to get close to Dan and Danielle. Ashley is going to float to Britney and Jenn has to get back with Boogie and Frank. Wil suggests they they and keep each other safe within these subgroups.

Jenn: “If Janelle stays she’s not gunning for us.. and she has a good chance to win HOH.. she would put up Danielle and backdoor Shane.. We gotta see who is the bigger threat”

9:00pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Wil

Wil says Britney has told Janelle that she’s voting to keep Janelle

Wil knows that Dan and Danielle are really close but he’s not sure about Shane and Britney he never sees them together. Frank asks him about Ashley and if they can get her vote. Wil tells him that Ashley and him are tight, Wil: “Ashley’s been rolling with me since the beginning.. but just keep that between us” (Wil is loose lips tonight) . Wil says they have Himself, Jenn, Ian, AShley and Joe who will keep Frank safe this week.

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111 thoughts on “Janelle has premonitions She predicted Hurricane Katrina and Danielle, Shane,Ashley in the Final 3

  1. I dont like janelle up in the HoH spreading more lies. im hoping they all continue to see through this. its lame. janelle has no game, and I REALLY dont want to watch it on bbad, her gone will be AWESOME for anyone watching bbad as real game can continue not gossip about how stupid someone is or what happened in big brother all stars X amount of years ago. who cares

      1. spreading lies about someone is different than just not telling another they arent getting voted out. the difference is what cost janelle the game

      2. i completely agree….danielle and britney are the biggest hypocrites for all the shit they talk about janelle and bullying and all of the lies. what exactly are they doing right now towards janelle???? hmmmmmmmm. And then Danielle keeps repeating how she doesn’t play personal and she hasn’t lied to anyone in this house and she called herself a SWEET person and she hasn’t said one bad thing about anyone yet. wow…such a big liar

        1. no kidding everyone slamming janelle when everyone in the house is on level ground or worse! Dani and Brittany are so going down after Jani, boogie is gonna wipe them out! You live and learn, bye bye girls!

      3. I don’t know.. people keep calling janelle a liar and a fake.. uhhh what they are doing to janelle is both fake and lying. what in the world is wrong with you people? get it together stop the janelle hate. losers.

      4. janelle trying to flip it like boogie asked her last night to group up and not the other way around, and that she said no. cmon janelle, its just BAD gameplay. terrrible.

        then boogie put it in their heads how aggressive she is, so now anything she does comes off as such. its kind of awesome.

        good bye janie

      5. I am not a Janelle hater or lover so I feel my opinion is not biased. From what I saw last night on BBAD, Danielle was blatantly exaggerating and lying about what Janelle said to her in the HOH. She made it seem like Janelle was attacking and bullying her to keep her in the house, but that could not be further from the truth. Janelle was kissing a** which is what she always does when she is down. She was not being mean to her as Danielle described to Dan and Britney. I am not sure why Britney hates Janelle so much either. On a final note, Janelle was telling the truth when she said that Boogie and Frank were talking badly about Danielle when she won HOH and that both Boogie and Frank hate Danielle and will be gunning for her and Dan. Janelle was also not lying when she said that Shane is really not with Danielle as much as she thinks. I am not sure why Janelle is getting coined as the liar in the house. Everyone is lying, including my boy Dan who is my favorite player in the house.

        ~Dannie Boy Rocks!

        1. true that! Boogie was furious about Danielle winning HOH said he could not stand her! Not a fan of Janelle either but I do hope a miracle saves her and she puts either Danielle or Brittany out! Paybacks truly are a bitch ya know! I really cannot tale much more of Danielle and her infatuation with Shane, open your eyes girl, he is just not that into you!!!!! lol lol

  2. Did anyone watching BBAD or Live Feeds notice what just happened?? Frank actually just PUT ON DEODORANT!!! Shock of the week…

  3. funny watching wil talking about needing a 6 person alliance, when…its already done

    why in the world would they team up with those awful floaters

  4. Is Dan overthinking strategy at this point? I don’t understand why it’s so important for Dan to work with Boogie rather than be against him. Does Dan really trust Boogie that much and is being naive. This is Mike Boogie, for god’s sake. You can call him Dr. Will’s sidekick or whatever but he showed in All Stars that he could be just as cutthroat as Will was and still be charming enough to win the jury votes at the end. I fear that Dan is shooting himself in the foot by taking Janelle out at this juncture. I’m not truly sure what Dan’s intentions with Boogie are. Does he really expect Boogie to honor his deal with him? The one rule of Chilltown was to make as many deals as possible, without caring how many they would have to break in order to survive.

    1. boogie cant win the game, no one will vote for him. so hes straight up the BEST person to take to the finals, since if he IS loyal, if he CAN be…then guess what, my gosh, he takes out shane etc f or you, and you are the new true puppetmaster

      you think dan hasnt thought that out

    2. mike wont explode, he will let wil go ahead and explode on her, and ride it out

      boogie is in such an awesome position after this week

    3. mike boogie “put janelle on the block, she will show her true colors”

      that has to be the quote of the season right there when it comes to janelle. wow is she looking bad right now

    4. i actually think dan is thinking through his strategy correctly, he knows he cant trust either and i dont think he is thinking about working long term with either Mike or Janelle, like he said he only needs mike for one week and i personally think he is right in guessing that mike since mike couldve taken him (and danielle) out when danielle was on the block, he really isnt gunning for him that hard. If Janelle were to win HOH next week, she would likely target Danielle and/or Frank – and that right there is a greater risk than what they guess Boogie might do should he or Frank win HOH, which is most likely target players other than Dan or Danielle (for just next week). He seems to be thinking this through well, I’m actually impressed.

    5. i actually think dan is thinking through his strategy correctly, he knows he cant trust either and i dont think he is thinking about working long term with either Mike or Janelle, like he said he only needs mike for one week and i personally think he is right in guessing that mike since mike couldve taken him (and danielle) out when danielle was on the block, he really isnt gunning for him that hard. If Janelle were to win HOH next week, she would likely target Danielle and/or Frank – and that right there is a greater risk than what they guess Boogie might do should he or Frank win HOH, which is most likely target players other than Dan or Danielle (for just next week). He seems to be thinking this through well, I’m actually impressed.

    6. Dan is playing Boogie, remember Dan wants all four coaches in the game, so he is not going to vote for Jani, he will vote Frank out! I really hope Frank is blind sided cause no one deserves it more than that guy!

  5. Janelle: “I feel like such a dork because I was cheering for you during the HOH”. A lie. She got pissed at Wil for cheering her on.
    Janelle says that during allstars Boogie manipulated her to take out all the girls in the house she was the last girl. Another lie. Erica made final 2. So many lies in just a short time, and Danielle did a good job navigating and telling a few lies of her own.

    What a bunch of bare faced lies. Does she not think that Danielle talks to anyone in the house? I am really disappointed in the game Janelle is playing. The sex kitten act might have worked when she was 26, but not any more, it’s actually kind of embarrassing to watch. I’m starting to think that the only reason I liked her in season 6 was because the nerd herd was so unlikeable that she seemed better than she really is.

  6. Pignelle dropping lies like they are hot. Danielle is bobbing and weaving nicely, Thursday is going to be off the hook.

    1. i know!!! it is quite annoying!
      If Dan was smart he would save Janelle and then tell boogie that he tried to save frank. Then all coaches would be forced to work together!

      1. @Shane’s pink tank.Dan tried to do that last week,but production interfered and saved Frank,by putting strings attached to the offer of the coachs playing the game.It seems like now,all of the house guests have gotten on the I hate Janelle band wagon.Even if Dan were to realize he made a mistake in believing Boogie and trying to keep Frank.He wouldn’t be able to get the votes to keep her.The only hope Janelle has to stay in the game,is if production saves her.Which I think that has a good chance of happening.

        1. At first, I thought Dan was being stupid too for allowing Janelle to be put up, but he was the only one supporting Janelle staying in the beginning. It would have been way too suspicious to keep supporting her when eveyone else wants her out. On top of that, this isn’t Dan’s HOH so he doesn’t want anyone thinking that he worked with Janelle when everyone thinks he is the one controlling the nominations anyway. I think that Dan will have to turn on Danielle at some point because she plays too emotinally and I am not sure that she will win another HOH or POV. She won these two comps and now she thinks she’ll win everything and I am not so sure about that. After some thought, what else was Dan suppose to do? He’s playing it right. Oh and believe me, I don’t think Dan trusts Boogie as far as he can throw him. He just knows that it may be a good idea to try to get in his good graces for now and the only way to do that is to keep Frank. Dan knows what he’s doing.

          ~Dannie Boy Rocks!

  7. Everyone lies on Big Brother! Get over it people… your gods Dan and Boogie lie all the time… so why is Janelle getting so much crap for lying! So annoying

    Cant wait for Danielle to get voted out! I wanna see Shane play the game without his stalker

    1. Ditto!!! It’s a game and everyone lies. I am so over Danielle it isn’t even funny. What a bunch of dummies (Dani and Brit) if they think they are safe with boogie. They are in for a wide awaking next week when Boogie win HOH. They are going to be saying “we should have listen to Jani”. I can’t wait to see Dani’s tears flowing. I am loving this. They need to get smart and get Boogie out. Dummies!!!!!!!

      1. This twist with coaches coming in the game was so fucking stupid. I hope the coaches are the next 4 evictions. Maybe then the season will be somewhat salvaged from the producers doing their best to fuck it all up.

    2. I so agree, how quickly people forget Boogie telling Ian “this is BB you are allowed to write cheques you cant cash” the lieing in the house this year is prolly at an all time high! This is prolly the worse BB yet for gameplay they all playing follow the leader of the week! I have seen every BB to date and this one is by far the worst yet! Come on people learn to think for yourselves!

  8. Ashley is sooooooooo far out there. I bet she is great at parties, I know if I was talking to her drunk I would be pissing myself laughing.

    1. Any chance it’s all an act and she’s playing us all? Interesting Janelle and Hantz saying she’ll be in the final three. So funny watching her eyes glued to Shane as he worked out while Ian attempted to flirt.

    1. He also has stains all over his shirt… Doesn’t he ever change it. I love how some of the house guests were talking about how they need to get him to stop cooking.

  9. Bet there’s no alcohol tonight – which will keep loose lips from getting any looser! LOL!! Wed night – bet there’s some alcohol. Bye Janelle!

    OMG – Take the kitchen back! Finally – they talk about typhoid Joe!! Soooo gross!!

  10. Next thing you know Janelle will be in black-face, sporting a black wig, speaking in a Jamician accent and calling herself Ms. Cleo — All credit cards accepted!

    Ahh (sigh) so much for The Powerhouse alliance :( Would have been hilarious to hear those strategy meetings.

  11. Danielle is Dan’s little puppet the only way people will vote for him to win this game again is if he’s up aganist someone else who’s already won (boogie) and he knows that. I don’t want Janelle to leave but I CANNOT WAIT to see boogie and Frank go after Danielle and make her look like a complete idiot. I can’t even watch the feeds this week cause Danielle’s stupidity annoys me so much.

    1. It’s probably gonna go down like it did in season 10, when he had Memphis take out Keesha while he told her how sorry he was and how he didn’t want this.

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more! I can’t wait until boogie stabs Dani in the back. Its the only good side to Janelle getting evicted.

      1. That’s Mike’s purpose in the eyes of production…You watch he’s going to go postal if Janelle keeps acting like this…I’m no Janelle hater, but she didn’t play this bad in her seasons…She’ll be nice until Wednesday, and then she’ll start getting confrontational…

  12. Was Janelle like this in season 6/7? I can’t really remember it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them, but I def can’t see her being America’s favorite if she acted like this…

    1. Janelle got great edits in her seasons, she was just as catty but kept in-check more by Will. I hope they throw a montage come Thursday of her awful and obvious lies, she can’t leave with the rest of a America going “oh man, she got screwed”. It’s very cheap to use the villain card on Boogie and Frank, narrating the show like a superhero flick. Boogie has a notorious past, but you’d have to be blind to not see how it’s necessary for him to play a clean game(and he is, 90% of his convo’s are tame stuff), atleast until the bigger targets are gone(Jani, Joe, Wil).

      Bottom-line, Janelle is the comp queen, like Rachel, and that’s pretty much it for her game(like Rachel).

      1. And Rachel also got flattering edits on the broadcast show last season that did not show how she really was in the house. BB12 broadcast, for the most part, showed the real Rachel, and BB13 did not. I’d love to see an All Stars with Rachel, Brendon, Janelle, Evil Dick, Danielle and Jen (BB8), Dr. Will and Boogie in the house together! Fireworks!

        1. If I recall correctly, while Rachel did get some good editing, they also showed alot of her meltdowns. What they failed to show was how mean and nasty Danielle, Porsche, Kalia and even Shelly got.

          1. Rachel also had Jeff and Jordan in addition to Brendon doing their best to keep her mouth shut. She had several people keeping her in check.

    1. I was just coming to say the exact same thing Just. Her feet are grossing me out!

      Production needs to have comp where the penalty is that Danielle can not say “I” or “Me” for 24 hours. If she breaks the rules she goes up on the block.
      Wouldn’t that be heaven? Even if it only lasted about 10 minutes, because there is no way she could not turn a conversation back to herself, I think that is physically impossible.
      She is approaching Rachel Reilly levels with me, the sound of her voice makes my ears bleed!

  13. Danielle just said when talking to Britney that the two of them now have 5 guys on their side. I guess that would be Dan, Shane, Ian, Boogie, Frank. Wow, they’re in for a surprise. They really only have 2, Shane and maybe Ian who seems to like Britney all of a sudden. But what an amazing job Boogie did on her brain. By the way, who’s left? Ashley, Wil and Joe. Neither of them is a threat. Why would she be happy about that. Her entire focus is on Janelle, who’s lies may be annoying, but they’re hardly the threat that Boogie is. She is truly one of the really stupid players I ever watched on BB.

    1. I like how you’re shocked that eventually these people are gonna have to turn on each other, only one person wins bro

      1. I like how you fail to see that none of that would be happening if they got rid of Frank early and Boogie now. Dan and his team are slowly losing control and it didn’t have to be this way.

        1. They did try to evict Frank early and succeeded and Production saved him. The only reason they changed up the plan was because of Janelle’s non stop over the top lies and open selfishness. Remember Boogie made his pitch, they slept on it and then decided not to do it UNTIL the next night when Janelle opened her big mouth again in that coaches meeting.

          She did it to herself–all she had to do was lay low and stay quiet after veto and she was safe. She played like a noob this season and is going out like one that is totally clueless to what is going on in the house around her.

          1. If I am a player, and 3 of the “best” players ever (+Brittany) were suddenly dropped in the game as foes, after they helped CRAFT MY GAME AND KNOW EXACTLY HOW I PLAN TO PLAY, then I IMMEDIATELY target the coaches.

            You need to get a coach out right away to squash (or at least hinder) the chance of a coaches alliance taking over the game. Remember, some of these people have played together, and at the very least have bonded outside of the house as members of the “Former BB Player fraternity” that exists. This isn’t rocket science here, you take out one coach immediately to give you more options on who to work with / survival. Danielle’s only mistake is that she didn’t put up 2 coaches right out of the gate, but she made it work. Taking out Janelle is the best option for her to make it out of this week without being a target.

            As a “newbie”, THIS IS THE BEST PLAY FOR HER OWN GAME, even if she did it for the wrong reasons. Janelle shouldn’t have given her the ammo and underestimated Danielle’s ability to win comps.

  14. I knew Wil was going to be a problem for Dan.I wish Dan had people on all sides of the house.That way he would know Wil,Ashley,Joe&Jenn are plotting against him.And Wil is their leader.Hopefully, Dan doesn’t throw the HOH competition.

  15. I can’t stand Janelle this season but would love to see her rally the votes so Frank goes home. I really want Boogie to have to scramble for a new alliance.

    1. Let’s ask you a simple honest question. Why you want Janelle stay so bad? The reason why Janelle is leaving because she nothing but trouble.

      1. yes but she is also the only bit of any excitement in the house as well, this season thus far has been a snore fest! Only thing these guys do this year are eat, and make plans to scheme and then flip flop! And dont even get me started about Danielle, that girl is just pitiful!!!!

  16. It is worth noting that while Danielle is relaying her conversation with Janelle to Britney she is conveying it as a confrontational exchange, saying that Janelle went into rage mode and things got heated, which is false. Britney is shocked because Janelle told her that their conversation went well.

    So HONEST Danielle.. hypocrite trash!

    1. Its funny how hardcore she tries to make herself seem. To everyone else she says she will tell Janelle to her face that she is going home yet she sucks up hard to Janelle then lies about it when brittney asks her about it….I think she might be a bit psycho!

      1. I agree! Everyone is calling Danielle a psycho on all the blogs. She is just a girl who needs attention so she acts all hard when people are around and then acts abused when she wants attention from men. Ive been reading all the blogs and the consensus is that she is psycho, delusional and insecure

    2. Danielle twists everything Janelle says to her and makes it into a personal attack. If Janelle said ‘I like your top’ Dani would spin it into, “Janelle said my pants were ugly and my legs are fat!”

    1. I’m not die hard, I wish she would stay because she is good TV. But people are acting like Janelle is doing something everyone else isnt doing!

      Britney is way meaner and vicious, lies constantly

      Danielle lies and spins all of her conversations with Jani so that she can get sympathy from the men.. Very sad (daddy issues) oh and lies constantly saying she hates Jani but is so fake around her.

      I cant wait until next week to see who all the sheep are gonna start hating. B/c if my memory served me right, everyone hated Danielle during the showmance phase! HMMMM

        1. Yeah, I don’t get it, the devotional worship of someone you don’t really know based on this current season or past seasons. To me it is a game, first and foremost, meant to entertain, and how these people really are OUTSIDE of the game is irrelevant. I view them all as pieces on a chess board, and the strategies the employ, and how they each react to the new positionings (survival of the fittest) is what makes it entertaining to me. Hell, maybe I’m the weirdo for thinking of them in this way, but I do — as pieces on a chess board. They did sign up for a GAME, afterall :)

      1. Janelle is just doing horribly this year. She is not the same player from years ago. Maybe getting married and having a kid threw off her game.

        Dan is the master at talking game. Listening to him on the feeds, you really understand how good he is. He has good relationships with every person in the house.

        Dan talks game more than the entire house combined.

    2. Shanes tank is right tho, Danielle is doing a bit of embellishing. Can’t wait until next week when she isn’t HOH no one will sit and lidten to her rambling anymoe. And I’m totally not a Janelle fan btw….just tired of danis voice =)

  17. Let’s see how many times Danielle and Britney can repeat themselves again….and again….and again….
    Don’t they get tired of talking about janelle over and over and over. I’m sure getting tired of hearing danielle’s whiny voice complain so much

    1. I can’t take another minute of it. Get over it. Shut up. I want danielle to go home now because of it. The way she twists janelle’s voice and words is crazy. I’m not saying janelle is innocent by any means but I officially can’t stand danielle now

  18. Ian’s dangerous, he comes off as this happy nerd, but he is playing well…He’s in good standing with everyone…

    1. I agree, Ian is getting in good with everyone, however many of them still don’t trust Ian, but I don’t think they will be gunning for him anytime soon.

  19. LOL. ian about his conversation with joe to form a “outsiders” team. hilarious. even ian could not hold back his laugh.

      1. ian really starts to play the game. and a very good one. and on top that its really getting funny to watch him. starts to have a good humor and makes really good, dry comments.

  20. That’s why I didn’t want Janelle to come back to play BB14. I mean she was awesome in BB 6/7, but I think she totally lost her mind in the game. I still think that she’s a BB legend, but 3rd times is not a charm. It’s better to remember her greatness rather than her playing the game again. No VETERAN should ever come back to play BB 3 times because you love them the first time, and coming again changes the good things you remember them from :( I still love Janelle, but the lies just messed her up. Just like Dan said, “Did she ever played like that in season 6/7?”

    1. Ya unless some sort of fight starts between Boogie and Janelle the feeds are gonna be sorta slow until eviction on Thursday.

  21. danielle loves to hear herself talk…she can tell the same story again and again and again…u can tell she was on of those girls who would call her boyfriend 100 times in an hour to make sure he wasnt cheating…lol…idk….im glad they r getting out janelle…but i hope danielle leaves soon after this….

    1. lol did you see Britney’s face as Danielle told the story for the third time? Thought she was wetting the bed. ha ha

  22. While I am glad Danielle nominated Janelle, I hope she goes soon after Janelle. Shane is ruining his game by hanging out with her so much. Notice how Dan doesn’t try to discourage Dani’s showmance aspirations since he entered the game? She is going to end up like Keesha. I hope Ian wins HOH next week. I have a feeling he would do something totally unexpected that will turn the house upside down. It’s hard to pick a favourite this year. I liked Shane until this week. He should have been fading into the background, but instead he has been attached by the hip to Danielle. I don’t think the silent 6 will last for more than this week.

  23. Just wondering if anyone else heard Danielle talking about Janelle telling her production said the fans were calling Danielle and Shane, Shanielle?
    More interference… and it was my understanding that production wasn’t supposed to clue them in on happenings outside the house? ugh

      1. Janelle may have been feeding Danis fantasies, distracting her from the game! God knows it dont take much to do that, I pray Dani is next, cannot take her much longer\, hers and Brittanys talks and gameplay have me tuned out! Those two are going to learn the hard way that Dan and Boogie are gonna bail on them! And Shane, well he will be ket go soon after~

    1. I think she’s just stirring the pot, but if she really was told that, all the more reason to get rid of her this week. I bet production didn’t tell Janelle that a lot of her old fans aren’t liking her this season.

      She is probably just setting Danielle up. I bet she starts following Shane around and when Dani is seething with jealousy she will tell her that Shane promised her his vote. It wouldn’t be the first time Jani played with Danielle’s insecurities. It doesn’t really matter if she pisses off Danielle, because she doesn’t have any power now and Jani is pretty confident that she has the votes this week. She is trying to lay the groundwork for next week because she doesn’t think she is leaving.

  24. Getting Rid of a Player because she/he Lies, is POOR, POOR strategy!! – Dan is playing Right into Boogie’s strategy!

  25. Janelle already screw herself for disrespect Danielle and calling her names. Somehow, Danielle did remarkable smart move. Also, Janelle’s lying schemes of looking after Danielle. That bunch of bs.

    1. huh? Anyways the entire house has disrespected Danielle at one point or another! In fact read comments the entire world had disrepected Danielle, who is she a nobody who cannot think for herself, keeps asking everybody what would you do? She needs to go, the sooner she gets out the sooner she can seek the help she so desperatly needs!

  26. Congratulation Janelle! Your officially a three time big brother loser. I’ll betcha you will come back at age of 60 or 70 & still you lost.

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