Hottest Day in the Big Brother House – Dan: “It’s from Janelle reading the Bible all day”

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

3:05pm Cam 3-4 Backyard
Ashley, Jenn, Ian and Wil talking about the lack of alcohol this season. Ashley thinks it’s because there is so much drama in the house already.
Ian brings up the Head of Household competition being cornhole based. Ashley says she’s never played that game before coming on Big Brother.

3:15pm Cam 3-4 Ashley and Jenn
Ashley asks her how many followers she has on twitter.. Jenn says 2K. Ashley: “Wow thats so much”. Jenn says she use to tweet stuff when she was drunk and it was funny stuff but now she’ll have to be a bit more responsible. Jenn goes on and on about twitter and instagram.
Jenn brings up that she did some charity work for cancer and they took a picture of her that showed her “Side Boob” AShley: “I love side boobs shots their my favorite”

Ashley says that Janelle talks so much shit about the other players “She’s the typical mean girl”. Jenn wonders how did she win fan favorite she’s such a mean nasty person. Ashley wonders if maybe she was getting a really good edit. Jenn really doesn’t know because from what Jenn sees Janelle is a mean spirited person. Ashley: “It sicks how everone thinks i’m her puppeteer “

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3:22pm Cam 3-4 Frank, Ian and Wil

Frank saying he talked to Joe to see where his vote is at but Joe never repeated. They start talking about how weird Joe has gotten. Wil points out that Joe was all gung ho to get the coaches out then just yesterday he was saying they need to protect Janelle. Wil: “Don’t trust Joe he will spread what you are saying to everyone” Frank brings up

3:27pm Cam 1-2 Janelle and Britney
Janelle saying she talked to Dan in the storage room and he said she can count on his vote as long that is where the majority is going. Janelle says she has Wil, Joe, Ashley and Britney. Brintey: “There you go you have 5 votes no worries” Britney gets called into the DR.

3:30 Cam 1-2 Head of Household Dan and Danielle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Dan tells her they are going to have to give Janelle the news Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Dan: “But if you want we can Blind Side her”. Danielle will tell her when they get closer.

Dan points out Janelle is playing like Brian .. “so much stuff going around”. Dan: “I honestly feel if she won she would put one of us up but if one of her people had won maybe not” Danielle thinks Janelle would put her up. Dan says no way Janelle underestimates her she would put Shane up for sure.

Danielle mentions that Janelle has been trying to get Britney and Shane arguing by telling stories but Britney called her out about it. Dan thinks she’s going to throw all sorts of things at them these next couple days.

Dan brings up how Boogie could have knocked them out of this game and the fact they he didn’t means something is there.

Danielle says no matter what Janelle says she was giving Danielle dirty looks and acting weird around her. Danielle: “She changes on me everyday .. Called me a floater and a waste of space to all her team”

Dan points out that it’s only Monday and a lot can happen between now and Thursday, “Things get crazy now”
Dan: ‘I wonder if she is going to snap… she’s never been in this position before”
Danielle: “They told me it’s the hottest day this year”
Dan: ‘It’s from her reading the bible
Dan: “Ians in the best spot of the house.. no one is going to touch him.. one of our group of 5 is going to get picked off.. I wonder who it’s going to be”
Danielle thinks it’s going to be Shane.

Danielle brings up that after the Power of Veto Ceremony Wil said WOW and AShley was beside him saying “What do you expect you can’t go around being mean to people like she does”

4:05pm Cam 1-2 Pool Frank, Ian, Wil and Ashley

They ask him if he has the votes.. Frank thinks he has 5; Ian, Jenn, Boogie and Wil/Ashley
Ashley: “No offense I want to do what Danielle wants”
Frank understands he doesn’t know where Shane or Britney are voting. Wil mentions how shocked he was seeing Janelle get nominated today.

Ashley: “I guess the trixie and PIxie thing is over” Both Ashley and Wil do not want Janelle to know they are voting for Frank to stay.

4:20pm Cam 3-4 Backyard Couch Britney and Janelle

Britney talking about being 25 years old in a couple weeks. Janelle mentions that when she was that age all she wanted to do was party. Janelle explains how she use to fly to Paris and London to party.
Britney asks Janelle about her big brother fame.. if it’s going to start all over now that hse on another season. Janelle: “it only lasts a couple weeks”
Britney says 2 years after Big Brother 12 her Fame has really fizzled when she got off on her season she would tweet something and get 700 replies now she gets just a handful.
Britney: “I talked to Ragan a couple months ago and he said that his life was just getting back to normal.. I felt the same way but now it’ll probably go back to how it was. ”

4:24pm Cam 3-4 Bedroom Frank and Boogie
Frank telling him that it sounds like they have Wil and Ashley’s vote.
Boogie: “I’ve started to blend into the background because everyone is scurrying right now” Boogie wants to make sure they are not such a big target for next week. Frank adds that Wil and Ashley were absolutely shocked about what happened this morning.

4:52pm Cam 1-2 Storage Room Jenn and Wil Wil tells her he made a deal with Danielle to keep her and Dan safe next week if they take him off the block. Wil thinks that Danielle had this planned all along but he’s still going to honor the deal. Wil: “So Janelle is going home.. SWEET” Wil points out that AShley or Jenn can put Dan up.

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123 thoughts on “Hottest Day in the Big Brother House – Dan: “It’s from Janelle reading the Bible all day”

  1. I couldn’t be happier that Janelle is on the block. I’m so glad everyone is starting to read through her lies and BS. I loved her during Seasons 6 & 7, but I truly just cannot stand her now. I just hope Frank and Boogie are smart enough to not say anything to anyone that could screw this up (a mole hill is turned into a mountain in that house). And I have to say, I just adore little Ian.

  2. i like franks new spirit tard, dont know why they added the arms and torso to it, he doesnt wear that part. he only needs the leggings/

    go special trearment

  3. I hate boogie with a burning passion everyone thinks its better to listen to a guy who will take Frank to the end. Dumb players! Ashley is even dumber i’ll just float as usual.

    1. Why do you hate Boogie so much? Not my favorite player, but I have nothing really against him at the moment. Glad Janelle is going.

      1. I’m glad Janelle is going. she is toxic to the house. But, as a woman, I think Boogie and Frank are the lowest form of human. Their utter disrespect of women and the names that they call them when they know they are on the feeds is inexcusable. If I were the male relatives of the women in the house, including Janelle’s, I would be waiting at the door as these two misogynist boneheads leave the BB house to teach them to respect women. I hope Frank’s Nana beats his ass when he gets home.

    2. Simon,
      Is there anyway, you can make her change her name? It’s slightly confusing that she keeps posting with the same user name as me especially since we have conflicting opinions of the house guests. I posted with this user name for the past 2 years and never had a problem with someone using my name.

        1. Simon,
          I suppose I’ll settle this now, and just use this user name from now on. (=

          For clarification to everyone else, I’m the “Erin” who has been using my name as my username the past few years (the “original” Erin), who cannot stand Janelle, and will proudly cheer Thursday night as she walks out the door.

          Congrats to Boogie and Frank for actually pulling this one off this week and an additional congrats to both of them if Janelle walks out of the door. This is the kind of gameplay I like to see, the way Boogie has begun playing these past few days: the smooth talking, the manipulation, and the execution of the plan. The game Janelle has been playing has been absolutely horrible this season: the pointless lying, the rude comments, the personal attacks.

          1. Woops, sorry, technical difficulty, this is my username from now on. Somehow it automatically changed my name back to what it’s been.

          1. too funny simon how old is the new Erin because she resorted to name callin whilst the original Erin just moved on. :)

    3. oh erin. you think because he fought for frank, that he will take frank to the end if he ended up with a choice between him and say..jenn? wowwww.

    4. its too bad they plan to tell janelle, because that will ruin everything and also make it far less interesting to watch on television. oh well.

    5. But that’s the thing. Boogie won’t be taking anyone to the end. I don’t see any scenario where he would make it to the end, and if he did, I don’t see a scenario where he would win the game. He impressed me last night. The way he called Janelle out in front of Dan and Brit left him very vulnerable. It could have blown up in his face and got him nominated, definitely a ballsy move. He was honest enough and that came across. Janelle looked really bad. I do think that Boogie would renege on his promise if he won HOH, but I don’t think Frank would quite yet. Don’t underestimate team tits though. If Ashley or Jenn manage to win HOH, Danielle and Shane, maybe even Dan are in trouble. Like Wil said, he promised them safety for a week, but that doesn’t mean the girls have a reason to not put them up. And it would be their own fault because they have not gone out of their way to bond with Ashley and Jenn. Year after year the people in HOH spend way too much time up in their room and away from the rest of the HG. Once POV is over, they should be in their room as little as possible, gently building bridges for the next week, but they mostly forget that they have no power after veto. That’s something Dick always understood. I don’t think he even slept in the HOH room. A good rule of thumb is to have a one on one conversation with every houseguest whether it’s game related or not at least once a day.

      1. Most players in the BSDDBF 6pak may take Boogie to the end. Like Dan, they feel that Boogie will not be able to ge the votes to win.. but you never never know.

      1. @THE “ORIGINAL” ERIN. Can I ask you a question? If Janelle would comes back at age of 60. Can she still lose again?

        1. She would absolutely still lose! She’s known for being good at competitions, however, she is also known for not being a good strategist. From what I’ve seen, her strategy is slander Boogie to try and make herself look good.

          1. @THE “ORIGINAL” ERIN! Thanks, Janelle keep attempt coming back age of 60 & still lose. Does she look good with a walker at Big Brother House when she continue to lose again?

  4. Danielle said she wasnt afraid of Janelle… what is Danielle doing??? HIding in the HOH ..pathetic!!!!

    on a separate note, she looks so scary without makeup!

    1. I hate how everybody is being so mean to Danielle. You are acting like Boogie when he called her chubby and ugly. Don’t hate, I don’t like Boogie but I don’t feel the need to insult him on a personal level, I stick to purely not liking him BB game wise. I don’t think it’s right to go and hit below the belt like that and call her ugly.

      1. Agreed…
        We should all assume every part of what we see is game also.
        We do not know these people and this is not reality…

        1. didn’t Janelle on her season make it a living hell for someone the week they were going home?? I kind of remember that she was drunk as a skunk and her and Howie were no stop on whomever it was getting voted out that week. They were relentless and ruthless, so if she gets a taste of her own crap then good on her. Kettle meet pot, I have no take it easy feelings for her because she deservers what she gets

          AG is a d-bag

  5. This is what I predicted after Danielle used the veto–M/F will lay low in the house…Let the other hg’s duke it out or awhile…

  6. I love all the crap Jojo is talking about Danielle being a stalker and Shane using her on her twitter.. now that is comedy!

  7. @Simon.“Dan brings up how Boogie could have knocked them out of this game and the fact they he didn’t means something is there.”What time is Dan referring to when Boogie could’ve taken them out the game?And can you please tell me,What did Janelle do to Joe,Wil&Ashley for them to hate her like this?Does Wil hate Janelle because she saved him,by winning the coachs competition and because she gave him advice on how to play the game?And does Ashley also hate Janelle because she saved her in the coachs competition?If anyone else want to answer these questions,feel free to do so.

    1. Boogie could’ve taken down out when Danielle was on the block against JoJo. If Danielle would’ve went, Dan would’ve went because he was a coach and she was his last player.
      And as always, Capn Wedgie is a goof ;)

      1. A ‘goof’ that you can’t seem to stop thinking about coz here you are mentioning him in a reply to a post that has nothing to do with him. It amazes me how people get personal instead of sticking to game talk. Can’t we all debate each another without resorting to personal mentions or attacks? JoJOho, move the fuck on. You’re mentioning Captain but he’s not mentioning you.

        1. Okay, I take back the post I just wrote in response to JOJOho, it clearly didn’t do any difference. I’ll leave you guys to your personal attacks…..

    2. The reason Janelle is drawing fire from all sides has more to do with the way she speaks to people. She can be very condescending. As viewers, we can appreciate how she has managed to keep her original team intact. But, in the process, she has also talked to them in a way that suggests she feels superior to them. She gives them no credit for their social game, etc., which is also a factor in their still being in the house. No one wants to be treated that way; not even by someone who has otherwise guarded their backs. If Janelle had had someone like Willie in her team, all the maneuvering in the world would not have held them together. Just ask Britney…

  8. bunch of boogie hating. why? he just provided some of the best bbad ive ever seen last night.

    get janelle out the door, boogie and frank slide by, and can start to chip away at that alliance along* with dan when the time comes. boogie and dan will work together eventually, its just a matter of when. right now its really just the house coming together and really saying “we hate janelle”

  9. Why does Wil want to target Dan over Boogie?The only reason I didn’t mention Frank,is because I think Wil only wants to take out the coachs.But Why Dan over Boogie?

    1. and also wil has bought into the idea that Dan is this big ole Dangerous player, not knowing that Dan has just been mind fucked by boogie..Hope dan gets whats coming to him, he has put shane and danielle in danger with this alliance.

      1. I’m rooting for Dan,what happens to other house guests game I don’t care about.But I really believe Dan has messed up his own game.I heard Dan mention trusting your gut.Yet,he isn’t taking his own advice.Dan has said so many times how keeping Boogie&Frank in the game is dangerous,and I agree with that.For one, the idea was to take Frank out then it will cripple Boogie because Boogie needs someone to help him cause damage to the other players game.But not just anyone,he needs a person that the other players can trust.On a side note,for the people who continue saying Boogie&Frank aren’t dangerous together.Look at what they just did in less than 24hours.Everyone is planning to evict Janelle.Now,back to what I actually care about.Dan should have never believed this load of crap from Boogie about a final 2 deal.Here’s why I’m saying this.Boogie told Dan he wants to work with him and their going to final 2 together.Yet,Boogie also said Frank is his #1player and he won’t work with the coachs unless Frank can stay in the house.That doesn’t sound like a person who wants to work with Dan and take Dan to final 2.That sounds like a liar.If he really was down with Dan,then he would cut Frank loose.Dan mentioned earlier,when he was trying to keep Janelle that Janelle lies and he knows her game.He also mentioned since they know what Janelle’s about they can keep their eye on her.On a side note.I’ve been reading comments about the reason Dan believed Boogie has to do with Boogie exposing Janelle as a liar.But that doesn’t make any sense,because Dan&Britney both said they know Janelle’s game and they know she’s been lying.But they still was down to work with her,because she wanted the coachs to stick together and she was alone.Janelle also wanted the coachs to work with each other.Not that long ago Dan&Britney was down for that too.That’s probably because it makes sense for them to stick with each other.Boogie made it clear that he won’t work with the coachs unless Frank can stay.How does it make any sense for Dan&Britney to work with Boogie who they lied to(Which gives him a reason to want revenge)and he isn’t interested in rolling with the coachs unless Frank stays.Over Janelle who wants to keep the coachs safe,and she wasn’t going to target Danielle because Danielle is one of the newbies that’s not anti coach,neither is Shane(all though he seemed a little to happy when it was mentioned about taking out the coachs.He also told Danielle not to listen to Dan.Since I’m rooting for Dan(I have a problem with that Lol.)If Janelle tried to take out Shane.Dan would’ve been able to talk her out of it.Janelle knew her entire team was against her.She was alone and completely willing to work with Dan,Britney,Danielle&Shane,to help them get rid of the anti coachs newbies.She never told Dan or Britney that she won’t work with them unless she can keep so and so.But we all know would did do that(Boogie).I think they could have trust her over Boogie&Frank.Dan,Britney,Shane&Danielle never lied to Janelle’s face and tried to blind side(now they have)her.So they didn’t have to worry about her wanting revenge.But again,Boogie&Frank want revenge.They haven’t forgotten how they(Dan,Britney,Danielle&Shane)played them like fools,and they would’ve pulled it off(I wish production didn’t step in and save Frank).Dan better cover his self because I have a feeling that production will try and save Janelle from being evicted.For the people who are going to say,“they won’t do that.It will be too obvious”.Try and remember last season with Porsche’s pandora’s box.Rachel&Jordan were nominated for eviction.Thanks to the pandora’s box,the veto competition would have the house guests competing in duos again.Production made the veto competition the same competition that Rachel already won earlier in the HOH competition.Of course Rachel won the veto(that was the whole point.Production created a competition that they knew would favor Rachel winning it).That’s not all,production made it were not only Rachel would be safe but Jordan too(she was also in danger of going home).That’s not the only time production went out of their way to save certain players who they like or who’s popular with the viewers.It’s funny because Janelle fits both of those categories.Production loves Janelle and she has a huge fan base.So, I hope Dan is thinking on all levels with this choice that he made.I’ll feel better about Boogie saying he wants to take Dan to final 2.If Frank isn’t in the game.But he’s still here and it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere.Unless production gets involve and I think it’s a huge possibility that they(production)will think of some way to save Janelle.They didn’t put her in this game,just to be taken out this early.I’m interested to hear what Dan was thinking,when he agreed to this fake deal with Boogie.I don’t agree with this move he made,but Dan is still one of the best players that ever played the game.So,he has to have a plan.But we’ll have to wait and see what he says in the DR.I also think Dan have to win the HOH competition and he needs to take out Wil.

        1. Jw what the hell? This is a freaking essay I wonder how many people are going to read ALL of it, LOL. I couldn’t.

          1. @Queen Bee.Lol. I didn’t plan on writing that much,but once I started writing about one thing.I had to touch on a few other things.

    2. Dan might want to take out Dan, rather than Boogie, because he might think that Danielle would be lost without Dan. That is NOT true. Also, he’s spent more time with Boogie, and he probably ses Dan as more dangerous. Dan plays a good game. I think that Wil is clueless about the 4 and the 6 working together.

  10. Honestly I don’t get why ppl liked Janelle. She’s not a very good player. It’s blatantly obvious when she lies. And they’re not even strategic lies…they’re basically petty mean spirited rubbish. Great at comps but let’s face it, her competition hasn’t always been stiff. I would love to see her go up against Rachel or Danielle Donato. All-stars again perhaps? Anyways she’ll leave on Thu. Won’t really miss her much. She’s added little this season.

  11. Not that I want the other side of the house to win but if they were smart they need to keep jani they have not won any completions their floaters if they got the votes to keep her and tell her what’s going on then she’ll owe them she’s the front man and will go after the other side not them like boogie and Dan will do she will still be there target and not ashley will joe or Jen that’s just my opinion if they want to back door Dan they need her because they can’t win a completion or as far as we’ve seen

    1. I’d suggest changing your name to CaptainWedgie, but then no one would care about your posts. :)

  12. This would be great of comparison from last year & this year. Last year, Jeff backdoor Daniele. This year Danielle backdoor Janelle.

  13. Simon, can u update us on where each houseguest stands and who is working with who? I’m very confused right now.

    1. Sure, (except for silent six these names are made up by me)
      Silent Six = Dan, Danielle, britney, Shane, Boogie and Frnak (this may last a week at the most)
      Dan’s 5 = Dan, Danielle, brintey, Shane and Ian (this will last a couple weeks unless Ian flips)
      Core 4 = Dan, Danielle, brintey, Shane (this one will go the distance if they are not taken out)
      Core 2 = Dan and Danielle
      New Chilltown = Boogie and Frank
      Float city = Jenn, Wil, Ashley
      Team Janelle = eagle eye Joe and Janelle.

      if the vote Happened right now Janelle would go home.

      Britney has a solid side relationship with Ian
      Dan has side relationships with Boogie, Janelle, and a to a certain degree Jenn

      I’m sure I missed a few..

    2. silent six alliance: dan, danielle, brit, shane, boogie, frank. the first 4 have side deal with ian.

      and dan has a f2 deal with boogie. shane has f2 deal with danielle. dan, daniell, shane and brit have a deal to go after frank and/or boogie later. of course boogie and frank want to go after one the other 4 latter too. maybe the first one whos in danger is shane.

  14. Why is everyone saying janelle is a huge liar. A lot of the stuff she said is true. Shane did tell frank that they should gun for the coaches. So that wasnt a lie. And she never said boogie said he was mad at Danielle. She said he was mad at her which again was true. Boogie hates Danielle. As for Danielle being a floater well janelle said that earlier back when Dan had Danielle lose comps on purpose and basically hide under the radar. If janelle just explained that’s when she said it then there wouldn’t have been this bad of a problem between them. Another truth that janelle said was that frank said he was going after boogie. Now frank didn’t mean it but the fact that janelle told them shows that she can be trusted. I’m going to live Danielle’s face when 2 of her core 4 are up on the block next week. And then they will be saying the same thing that they have said each week. “we should have gotten rid of frank

    1. The lie that springs to mind first is when she told Danielle that JoJo said she was fat and had ugly legs. There was no need to do it than to needle Danielle.

  15. Simon,
    This is getting ridiculous. Apparently, changing my user name was not mature enough for this girl. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do because evidently, me being mature about it and just changing my user name was not good enough. Once again, for clarification, the above commenter is not me.

    1. original Erin you handled it fine that other person is probably fuking with you I had idiots on here that have done this to me to me before it makes you not wanna post and it takes all the fun outta this site. but I know who you are and have chatted before with you chin up it’s gonna be alright.

  16. danielle is not a good player…i think it took balls doing what she did…but she only did it for personal reasons…not to advance in the game…and she always needs reassurance from dan…play ur own game danielle…what r u goin to do when dan puts u on the block…cry in the dr? u have to start playing ur own….i just find it funny…and u r right she looks ugly without make up….but i do like that she went through with the backdoor of janelle…too bad she needed 6 people on her side to do it….its a smart move…but i can tell where this season is going….shane is going to be on the block next week…and believe me when i tell u this…if dan wins HOH he is going to try and backdoor shane…he will try and get someones vote on the other side to get him out…and then the alliance of dan, boogie, frank, and ian will prevail…thats my prediction…maybe he wont backdoor shane next week…but dan will be the one who takes out shane one way or the other…i think he may convince whoever HOH is…to do it

    1. shane can play in the veto comp thats what he has goin for him…but i really feel like him or danielle will be leaving soon…and then danielle will cry and cry and cry…and i want to see how shane acts if by some miracle ashley wins HOH…lol…i bet u he tries to flirt with her hardcore…because the only reason hes cuddling with dani is cause things r goin good right now..

    2. Dan will never nominate or backdoor Danielle. He will let someone else do it. The same goes for Shane for a while. If Shane is still there at the final 5 Dan will take him out. Right now he needs both Danielle (who is the person he is closest to in the house) and Shane for numbers.

    1. LOL. really a good one. she made so many mistakes….you cant count them. go watch the coaches only meeting yesterday! she has ruined all her game alone in that 30 mins. a good player would have done better.

      she overplayed way too much. her thinking was all about jury votes. thats way too early to play like this. the others had that figured out pretty easy. and its not a good strategy to be the biggest liar in the house. whats kind of funny to do that with boogie around.

      1. I think the biggest liar in the house is Danielle who twists everything everyone says as well as every ‘look’ they give and makes it about an attack on her. Sadly no one seems to see this.

    2. 1. Will Kirby
      2. Dan Gheesling
      3. Dick Donato
      4. Mike “Boogie” Malin
      5. Danielle Reyes

      those are the five greatest players in big brother history, all of which have gone where Janelle has never been… the final 2.
      in fact there are exactly 26 big brother players who have proven to be better at big brother than Janelle. I cannot believe everyone thinks she is so great when she technically is not even better than Jordan.

      All the Janelle love needs to come to an end. She’s never won, and never will. She won’t even become a final 2 member. She should not go down as one of the all time greats.

      Renegades for life yo!

        1. How bout i take out Danielle from the list and throw in Eddy, Lisa, Jun, Drew, Maggie, Adam the druglord, Jordan, Hayden, and Rachel. Those 13 are the undisputed greatest of all time. No argument can be made that anyone else who’s played big brother is better than any of them, that includes Janelle. She is not an all time great. Those people are.

        1. of course, and if dan or boogie win the game then they will solidify themselves as the greatest of all time, even above will

  17. Joe, wil, and Ashley are a bunch of floating loser. Janelle’s lies was to help they losing asses. They keep saying who they gonna put up and they can’t win nothing. Just like in real sports if the team continuously lose they fire the coach. Janelle’s going home cause of her former players. Janelle should have traded for Shane or frank when she won the coaches comp. I hope see go out peaceful and don’t give the satisfaction of getting emotional. Danielle is gonna regret this

    1. BAM SIMON you got her “)
      I actually wrote to big brothers big brother did not know that person was so immature
      I have posted under name and anonymous before but by accident. if you log out of computer or clean cookies it erases user name on here and I would post before checking that since user name is always greyed out it’s hard to see.

  18. Imposter Erin, you are Simon and Dawg’s guest here. Why do you come to the party, impersonate and insult other guests and take a dump in the potted plant in the entrance. I highly doubt you have contributed anything but juvenile games to this site and you are lucky I am not moderator because I would ban your IP. It’s their website and they can tell you to do whatever they want. If you don’t like that, you can do us all a favour and go somewhere else. Please have a little respect for Dawg and Simon, for the people that have been here for ages and the people that have just found the site.

    Original Erin, don’t worry. We can tell the difference between you and the imposter, because you are always respectful of people that have a different opinion.

  19. i cant wait to see a good old fashion chil town phone call by frank and boogie or maybe even dan and boogie hmmmmmmmm

  20. Janelle only lied to save her players and she didn’t even say half the things that Britney and Danielle talk about that she “said”

  21. Actually janelle didn’t blow it in the coaches meeting Dan is so dumb he fell for rat face boogies bullcr*p. what I heard from boogie was he will NEVER part with frank. Janelle said lets all join forced and take out the coaches. Then when he asked janelle to take out one of her own now she said lets do frank this week and mine next week. So basically both boogie and janelle were feeling the same way the only difference is janelle said she wanted an all coaches alliance and boogie said no. I would rather have gone with janelle after that coaches meeting. Plus if you remember janelle did finally give in and said ok let’s get out joe then but for some reason Dan and Britney said she never said anything. I think rat faces spell was on them and they missed that part. Also when told about slinging people names around and saying things janelke said what are you talking about what did I say. Boogie wouldn’t tell her what was said so how can someone defend themselves if they don’t know what was said. It’s like going to trial and being told you can defend yourself but we’re not going to tell you what you were charged with. I totally would have sided with janelle after that coaches meeting. But then again I’m smart. I would have had the core 4 take janelle upstairs And say we don’t trust you. What will make us trust you. Then I would ask her for her diamond ring. She was willing to do it once before I’m sure she would do it again. The reason why janelle had no game was because she didn’t think she was in trouble so she was just relaxing. She thought she was in good with them. This was a total blindside. she had no way to defend herself because no one told her what people were saying.

    1. No excuses for Janelle, and the meeting was no blindside. It was a level playing field Boogie just happened to be very good at explaining himself and his intentions and made a lot of sense in what he was saying. Just because some people sided with him doesn’t mean they are any less smart it simply means they have a different opinion from you. I’ve read opinions that conflict with my own and I think the people posting are as smart as anyone.
      Anyways I was saying I saw the meeting and was very impressed with Boogie. He seemed honest and Janelle came off looking like someone who was trying to pit him against Frank, and what makes it easy to not believe her was that even when Boogie mentioned the lies being said he spoke for quite a while before she asked anything about the lies, almost like she knew what he was talking about. That’s how I saw it, but I see you saw it differenltly.
      So if Janelle is not in trouble she won’t be able to be persuasive and defend herself? In this game you gotta be prepared for anything. No one jumped her, it was a fair meeting.

    2. I agree with Queen Bee.

      But the part about voting out Joe was not addressed. I saw that meeting too. Dan and Britany did not “forget” anything. They paid attention to the most important part: Janelle’s hesitation. The very thought of loosing one of her players was so foreign to her plans that she could not think for 5 minutes. That silence spoke volumes. Janelle did not want to loose any of her people until Jury so she was assured a win (at least in her own mind). She was going to take Boogie out as soon as he made Jury.

      Dan and Britany made the right choice. No matter what Janelle says, she was going to target Shane and put Danielle up to secure votes.

  22. I wish some of Jani’s fans could be honest with themselves, if they watched the feeds they would see she has been taking and twisting everyone else’s words for weeks. She is all about making herself look awesome and belittling everyone else. Her insincere demeanor, flipping her opinions and sharing half truths is what is sinking her. THeir all sick of her as am I.

    Interestingly I talked to some friends who don’t watch feeds, and I think just based on editing they are big fans of Frank. I told them they were crazy, he is such a sleeze, but it’s all about the edit…. They were also shocked that Dani is such a stalker. I can’t see watching this show as broadcast only, so much more happens, like last night made the month’s fee worth it just with those crucial couple hours.

  23. Mike boogie is overrated. He wants janelle out because he’s jealous that she has more fans. You never take someone out of the game that would try to keep you safe and vote for you in the jury. Janelke wanted to 4 coaches to work together. If boogie was so smart he would have kept her in his back pocket for a little extra protection. Boogie is Dr wills shadow. Was last night a great move yes but listen to what everyone has been saying. They don’t trust boogie but they do trust frank. So really it wasn’t boogie who saved frank. If frank had gone home last week then there’s a big chance boogie would be going home this week because he would have pouted like a little baby. And threatend the coaches and then Dan would have cut ties with him. Dan just over thought things. He had it right the first time. Always go with your first answer if your not sure.

  24. I have to say this. I know a lot of people didn’t like the twist but this season was so boring up until the coaches came in. The twist and turns have been crazy so far. And with frank being on the block who knows. Things could change and they could still vote frank out. This 1 week has been more exciting then the entire season 12.

  25. Inside house was on lockdown. Can’t help but wonder if production sat up a Pandora’s Box or some other way to save Janelle. Wouldn’t surprise me. I hope not. Hard to have a strategy in the game this year as a player if they keep throwing in new “twists.” I really hope AG is not that transparent.

  26. Come on production! You advertise that we can be a fly on the wall 24/7, but we get fish so often it sucks, and most of today we have all 4 cameras on the same thing when there is lots going on in the house. If you have to put fish on one scene because the HG are talking production or singing, why can’t you switch to somewhere else instead of just fishing us with all 4 cameras? I sometimes feel like us feed watchers are neglected and under appreciated by production, when we tend to be the biggest fans of the game.

    1. I COMPLETELY AGREE. I do not subscribe to the live feeds but I have been an avid reader of this site and many times I had read the words “feeds cut/fish” and I think it’s pretty stupid that production steps in to censor shit. I understand that this is “their game” and all but they already censor stuff on TV. If a person is paying for the feeds, I believe they are entitled to hear game talk and production stories. What are they trying to hide?

  27. I’ve got a question for you all that have the live feeds. I finally caved and clicked the ad on this site to get the live feeds so I’m currently 3 days into an unhealthy addiction. Now, I’ve seen some of you all refer to specific time frames that you say we should go back to and view.. how do you do that? Is there a specific tab on the superpass site where you can pick specific times to watch?

    I also didn’t realize it was only 2 rooms at a time that they showed. Kind of a bummer, but I understand they can’t follow all of the houseguests 24/7. I never realized how often they’d have to flash the fish tank; I understand them cutting out when they sing or talk about people in their personal lives, but there are certain convos that don’t seem like they need to be cut that are. Just my observation.

    Last thought… Britney is hilarious. And I like the chemistry between her and Mike. I wish they’d pair up in a super secret duo alliance. DRs with the two of them would be amazing.

    1. Thanks for getting the feeds from us.. You need to use Flashback I’ve included a screen capture of where to find it at the superpass website. yeah they show 4 cameras usually 2 angles from 2 different scenes.

  28. dan, dont you dare tell janelle before eviction, this needs to be a russ hantz on survivor the first time style cut, where the person has absolutely zero idea they dont have the votes.

  29. Does anyone watch BB after dark on Showtime? If so what is the deal with Ashley, she is so drugged out acting. When you watch it on tv they do not show all this. And she is always talking about how much she is hurting, have I missed something? I’m holding my breath until Thur., how they don’t change their mind on Janelle, but who knows, they seem to change with each hour that passes. I hope Danielle and Dan are put up next week.

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