Big Brother 14 Britney says my uterus is on fire, it feels like I just had a kid.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

9:50am Shane is awake, he changes his mic battery and then heads out into the backyard. At 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds come back, Britney, Joe and Shane are outside. Britney is complaining of really bad stomach cramps. Shane offers to get her anything that might help. Shane heads inside. Frank joins them on the couch. Britney says that she feels like she just had a kid. Frank busts Mikes balls for taking coffee before its finished brewing because it’s the strongest part of the pot. Joe and Mike comment on how it’s hot out. Britney says that she doesn’t really care, her uterus is on fire. Mike says okay should I even ask what that’s about.
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10:25am – 10:45am Britney asks what Mike’s babies momma looks like. Mike describes her as relaxed and not trying to show off her body all the time. Frank comes back out and asks what they are talking about. Mike says that he’s describing his babies momma. Frank says oh yeah your babies momma is hot, I checked you out before it came in here. Mike is stunned and asks oh really? Frank says no. Mike says oh sh*t I thought you were Ian Terry’ing my a$$. They all laugh. They start talking about the height of girls / guys they like to date. Frank says that he dated one girl that was taller than him. He says that doggie style didn’t work because her femur was longer than his. Jenn, Jojo and Wil join them outside. The conversation switches to talking about music.

10:55am Ashley, Shane and Jojo are in the bathroom talking about random stuff while she gets ready for the day.
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11am – 12:20pm Big Brother announces that they are on an indoor lock down. The house guest head inside. Britney and Wil sit at the kitchen table talking about her cramps. Jenn, Shane and Ashley joins Britney and Wil at the kitchen table. Frank, Shane and Jenn talk about Franks cd that he got. Mike heads up to the HOH room to listen to Franks cd. All the other house guests are sitting around that kitchen table talking about random stuff.

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I love this season. Bigger fan of game players(Boogie) than entertainers(Enzo).

A hilarious scene happened last night. Janelle and Boogie’s group were both trying to figure out how to convince the other to keep Danielle. Janelle telling her members to hang out with JoJo is pure genius. I don’t care for her and that maybe over thinking it, but I love that the game is being taken that far.


HoJo is obnoxious. She’d be a great Barney Stinson conquest if it wouldn’t be so easy for him.


yea i saw that too…funny shit..looks like jojo will be going home..but we all know that they are prolly gone change their minds at least 10 times before thursday.


Good Morning and welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights. Let’s recap the mentor standings (PoV Competition)
1.Team Britney (3-3)
2.Team Mike Boogie (2-4)
3.Team Janelle (1-5)
4.Team Dan (0-6)
We will bring you live eviction ceremony. Let’s review the tales of nominees
Danielle vs JoJo
Danielle:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition, 2 Nomination on the Block
JoJo:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenot Participate, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition, 1 Nomination on the Block
Edge:Danielle will be safe, JoJo got evicted 4-2
Stay tuned for live eviction & third member inductee into big brother hall of fame class of 2012.


Continue:We are back of Big Brother 14 highlights. Let’s review the scenario of votes:
JoJo vs Danielle
Scenario 1:
Force of tie: Frank send JoJo home or send Danielle home w/Dan knockout
Scenario 2
Danielle evicted 4-2 knockout Dan
Scenario 3 (if Shane & Ashley decide to flip
JoJo evicted 4-2 with one player remain
Scenario 4 (If Ian Decide to flip)
Danielle evicted 5-1 knockout Dan
Scenario 5 (If Wil,Shane & Ashley decide to Flip)
JoJo evicted 5-1 with 1 player remain.
Stay tuned if this scenario would work.


What’s wrong with Britney? I’ll bet she pregnant. CBS Production will notified if she can compete in coach competition.


Correction:I mean if she can or can’t compete in coach competition. CBS Production should review britney’s contract if she will or will not compete due to her pregnancy.


As Mother says, “It takes two to tango.” JOE should have also been thrown out of the house if he did put up his fist insisting on a fight with Willie.



Monkey Bo

He put up his fists in defense. Someone is in your face, instinct says defend yourself. Joe wasn’t the instigator, Willie was fishing for someone to attack, Joe took the bait.