Ashley says the HOH power has gone to Franks head, he’s calling himself the white knight.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

12am Ian, Britney, Jenn, and Ashley are out on the backyard couches talking. They talk about how Jojo felt like she was excluded from the dance routine. Ashley says it was spontaneous. Britney says that Jojo and Shane are paying for the Willie situation. Danielle joins them. Britney says that it sucks for Danielle too she’s in a bad situation. Danielle starts talking about her team and says that Jodi had told people that she thought she was safe because she was the token black girl. Ian says what the fu*k she really said that. Danielle says that she didn’t say that to me but she said it to others. They talk about how it’s hard being in a position of power to the complete opposite.
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In the bathroom, Mike, Janelle and Wil are talking. Wil asks Mike if Danielle is going up on the block. Mike says yeah and that they will just have to decide as a group what’s best for everybody. No other plan than her. Janelle says that it would have been nice getting Shane out this week if someone might be coming back. Mike says it might be better getting him out next week when there isn’t a possibility of someone coming back. Mike says there is going to be some day that will drag now. Janelle says tomorrow we have the meeting. They talk about how Willie blew it, he had the POV to fight for and he could have grabbed a couple people if he was nice and apologetic. Mike says he could have had another 12 or 13 days in here.

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Danielle & Dan in hammock, she’s giving her a rundown of her day. He says he’s so proud of how she handled herself today. Danielle tells Dan that Wil told her he was fighting for her. She says Wil hates Jojo. Danielle says Janelle is two-faced, she goes where the power is and she’ll stab you in the back in this game. Danielle says Jojo wants to be the only girl in this house. Dan says girls play this game so different from guys.
12:25am Boogie, Wil, Ian and Janelle are talking. They talk about how Willie is going to have to pull a lot of loads with his tug boat to make up for the money he lost. Ian says it’s okay I’m sure Russell can help him out, he got a lot of money from survivor. They discuss the prize money for survivor. Then Janelle tells them that she wants to be on survivor. She talks about how much she loves the show. She says that she can start a fire. Janelle tells them how she was a juvenile delinquent and got into a lot of trouble after her parents’ divorce. She says that she ran away from home, was on probation, had problems after parents’ divorce, and went to boot camp. She says that all the girls there for serious crimes and she was there for skipping school. She says that they had hike up a mountain for like 15 days. She adds that she also had to camp alone.
Danielle and Dan are in the hammock talking. Danielle says she was sort of mad at Dan for telling her earlier in the day that it was graduation day and that she was on her own. She laughs and says it’s okay, it really lit a fire under her. Says she still loves Dan and trusts him. Danielle says Ashley is genius and that half-closed eye look is all an act. She says Ashley has brilliant ideas about game strategies and she was shocked the first time she heard Ashley really talk game. She says Ashley is a lot smarter than anyone thinks. Danielle tells Dan about her nursing job and how she is responsible for 60 people on her shift. She says that because she is so high up in the medical field, if someone around her dies and she doesn’t help she could get a malpractice suit. Danielle says that the way Ashley pops Advil’s and the way she was the other night … Danielle says I shouldn’t say.. Dan says yeah don’t say it. She says that she can name every element in the periodic table and if Ian knew that he wouldn’t like it because he thinks he is the smartest person in the house. She says that he mom works for NASA and that most of her family are in Mensa. Joe joins them and he talks about being a chef.

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1:10am Ashley and Britney are in bathroom talking about how they wish they had done more to help Willie, and they feel like they’re not allowed to say anything good about Willie in front of the other house guests. They both say he was nothing but good to them. Ashley brings up that the other day all Willie wanted was to go into the diary room to calm down. Ashley says that Joe was talking at dinner about how he hopes Willie gets some help …he only was saying that because he was feeling guilty about how he treated Willie. Ashley says that it was Joe’s fault what happened that if they had just let Willie calm down everything would have been fine. They talk about how they are not happy with how things are going. Ashley says that they are all so mean! Ashley says that Janelle hangs with whoever’s the flavor of the day. Britney said that everything Janelle does is about the game. Ashley tells Britney that Janelle told her that Wil doesn’t have her back. She says that Jojo is getting screwed because Jojo is being loyal to someone? Britney says that the house is just like high school. Ashley starts to defend Willie and say that the newbies only meeting was not a bad thing. Ashley brings up how the HOH power has gone to Franks head ..that he is calling himself the white knight.
1:30am In the bathroom, Janelle and Ashley are talking in bathroom area. Janelle tells Ashley that they should cut a deal with Jojo and hang with her and ignore Danielle to make Jojo into a bigger target for this week. Ashley says oh yeah. Janelle says that her only trepidation is Joe wanting Jojo out so bad and that it concerns her since she doesn’t really know why. Ashley says that she doesn’t think the coaches will enter the game. Janelle agrees and said, if it happens it would be a competition to see who would get to enter. Janelle says that it will be awkward to hang with Jojo this week but that she thought they could do it. Janelle says that Boogie wants Dan out, which makes her want to keep Danielle. Ashley says that if she won HOH she would nominate Shane and Frank. Janelle suggested Shane and Danielle instead with Danielle as the pawn. Ashley says that she thinks it’s a mistake having Shane and Frank in the game longer. They talk about maybe back dooring Frank with Shane, Danielle scenario. They think Shane would be easier to manipulate than Frank. Janelle says that maybe not to put Danielle up since they need her vote and to instead put Shane and Jenn up on the block. Ashley says that everyone thinks I’m terrible, but I’m just as smart as them all. Ashley says that she wants HOH to get a Drake CD. They say that they are working this week for next week and that their best case scenario would be Jojo out this week and Ashley winning HOH.

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2:30am – 3:25am Wil, Ashley, Janelle, and Danielle are talking in the kitchen. They are talking trash about Jojo. Danielle starts talking about why she thought Jojo needed to go this week. Wil says that Kara made a big mistake not coming up to their team trying to work with them to stay in the house. Janelle and Wil head into the arcade room. Janelle tells him about her conversation with Ashley about hanging out with Jojo trying to make her look like a bigger target. Ashley and Ian join them. They talk about how Franks HOH power is going to his head. Ian says that he didn’t like how Frank yelled at him and that the HOHs have gone on power trips. Janelle says that Boogie wanting Dan out so bad made her want to keep Dan in the game by keeping Danielle this week. Janelle pushes for Jojo to go this week and that it would be best for them. Wil agrees. They talk about how they should not tell Joe any of this since they figure he will tell Frank. They think that they should be able to get Joe to vote their way because he’s so amped about playing Big Brother and making moves. They talk about working with Shane if they can get Frank out next week. Ashley says that we are not going to tell him a lot. Janelle brings up how Shane won two POV’s and is now talking smack. Wil is worried that Shane might agree to work with them and then flip. Janelle, Wil and Ashley head to bed.

9:30am Big Brother is letting the house guests sleep in this morning. All of the house guests are still sleeping. Britney got up and headed out into the backyard, she did a couple laps in her flip flops and then curled up on the hammock.

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48 thoughts on “Ashley says the HOH power has gone to Franks head, he’s calling himself the white knight.

  1. I like how they’re figuring out all this stuff about Willie AFTER they’ve already treated him like crap, and once he’s gone.
    I mean really?

    And they’re now seeing the light about Janelle & the flip flopping she does to whoever’s in power.

    And NOW they see how dangerous Frank is. I can’t help but laugh at how emotions got the best of these players this past week and they’re just now realizing it.

    1. yea this house is so fu*king stupid…they had frank on the fu*king block like 4 days ago and now they all like we need to get rid of frank..i cant believe ashley is now talking about how she feeels so bad for willie..i mean really b*tch..willie tried all last wk for ashley to vote on his side..and ashley pick her side. this is so fu*ked up in many ways..only because jan and wil and joe are the real bullies in the house.

      1. Unreal, isn’t it? Look at my blog before that vote, it was so obvious to anyone who watched this game in the past that the best move was to dump Frank, but I have to agree these players are really playing like fools. Oh well, they’ll make a dumb move this week and realize it again next week….and the beat goes on. lol

  2. It would better if JoJo (Mila Kunis/Jwow) goes home this week and next week target Joe (Roger Clemens) for starting trouble & Willie’s outburst. That way, Joe (Roger Clemens) would be better of leaving next week. What you guys think?

  3. Why does Ashley feel bad for Willie now? Did she forget she turned her back on him as well?

    I feel like some of them take the game too personal. These sorts of things happen all the time. Power shifts and you end up having a great or tough week. It’s Big Brother. Willie chose his fate, and he got sent home for it. JoJo and Shane “chose” to have an alliance with him and they faced the consequences. And good thing for Shane that he won POV. And JoJo, I don’t feel bad for. She talked a big game last week, but didn’t back it up.

    Really, Ashley should just be glad the target isn’t on her, while she’s feeling sorry for Brit’s team.

  4. Now that BB14 is short on players, maybe they should put Shelly, Adam and Rachel back in the draft for the coaches to pick from. Anything to keep the coaches from dropping into the game. Go, Team Dan, yo!

  5. Here are scenario, shane (Tom Cruise/Matthew Fox) takes himself off the block. Danielle (Jordan 2.0/Kate Ziegler) goes up and the votes would favor to evict JoJo (Jwow/Mila Kunis) because her bigger threat. Joe (Roger Clemens) thought getting rid Danielle (Jordan 2.0/Kate Ziegler) with Dan out of the picture, having a slight chance of coaches not enter this game. What you guys think?

    1. And so it should be…if they’re worried about Dan coming into the game. I’m Team Dan but Danielle has to step it up. I’m starting to doubt she’s a nurse; you need assertiveness for that job.

  6. these clowns could have gotten Frank out last week.

    I think that there will be no elimination this week. They will go through everything as if it were going to happen then Thursday it will be announced. I just think when someone on surviver has left (medical reason) they never booted someone out that week. That way d-bag AG can kind of keep her schedule

    Does anyone else think Janelle is a cross between Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashisn? She talks like Paris and certainly has the azz to match Kim K?

    1. I was fine to have Kara gone last week, thinking Frank had more potential for game interest. I don’t like him yet though. Spot on with the Paris Kard combo. I’m hoping JoJo goes this week. Then again, I’d like to see Dan come into the game, he might have advantages but I think he’d be the biggest target, the coaches would probably want him out, they don’t need him for an alliance, and we don’t want a coaches/vet alliance anyway, that’s how it played out last year. It would be great to see how Dan, a good player, works it out.

  7. I really hope Shane and Frank stick with their alliance and knock out Joe or Wil next week. Janelle needs to take a hit with all her back stabbing and flip flopping. Her jealousy is the reason the hotter girls are getting voted out. I’m not liking her at all this season.

    1. Agreed, I could lose either Wil or Joe easily. I’m “meh” with both of ’em, although Joe has added to the drama a bit, but can’t stand his loud-talking.

  8. Simon, I have a question. Did Willie’s belongings still there or someone pack it out and brought it in the storage room?

        1. While Willie was on his rampage and being a pissed off mess, he went around gathering all his things and had them near the Diary Room door …. then Joe came down and instigated him to the point of a few headbutts and chest butt and then he stomped off into the Diary room never to be heard of again….Best I can describe it….feeds show all but the head/chest butting at about 5:45 pm Friday CST

              1. That’s okay! But you like Big Brother 14 Highlights with my stats and mentor standings! What you think of the mentor standings?

  9. Jo Jo and Shane didn’t choose to be in an alliance with Willie. Brit put them on the same team. I don’t see any of the other players willing to dump their team members so early in the game. They can all point fingers at Jo Jo and Shane, but if any of them had been on Willie’s team they would have been in the same situation. Willie went nuts. Willie got kicked out. That has nothing to do with Jo Jo and Shane, and it’s not fair that the rest of the house shuns them for it. They are playing personal and that always bites people in the end. Jo Jo might be annoying them, but she is not a threat. I really hope Frank puts up Joe instead of Danielle. Joe’s mouth is going to get him in trouble. Janelle’s team is behaving like they’ve already won HOH and Boogie’s team is stupid if they waste this HOH to get Jo Jo out. All that does is burn a potential vote to help them take out one of Janelle’s players in the future. The final six alliance between Janelle and Boogie is a stupid plan. If it comes down to that, whoever wins the final six HOH is going to take down a member of the other team by putting two up and backdooring the third if necessary. The team that only has one player left will only have one vote and no chance of saving themselves. So the team that wins that HOH is golden, but the team that loses is done. Janelle is going to flip on Boogie’s team as soon as POV ceremony is over, just like she flipped on Brit last week. I thought Boogie would be smart enough to see that, but it looks like his ego is getting in the way. Something about that HOH room turns people into tools.

    1. Good write up but Boogie has already recruited Shane and probably will get to Danielle before Tues. Frank and Boogie will offer her a chance to stay if she puts up 2 of Janelle’s team if she wins HOH next week. Those discussions happened on BBAD last night. Yet, Boogie already has a counter attack for Janelle when he needs to use it. The previous plan is all he is telling anyone today.

    2. Chloe, the last 35 minutes of BBAD last night has Frank, Boogie, and Shane talking about working together in a secret (to everyone else) alliance. Their strategy is to try to stay under the radar with 1. Shane possibly getting the next HOH and then putting up two of Janelle’s people or 2. if Ian or Jen win HOH talking them into putting up Janelle’s players or 3. if Janelle’s player wins HOH and puts up Shane and someone else, then if they lose Shane, Oh well. In the case that it is Frank and Shane then Danielle/JoJo would be the deciding vote. So, it’s not a terrible strategy. But you’re right, if Frank replaces Shane this week with one of Janelle’s players then he/she will be voted out and they will be in great shape. The only thing is then what is the impact of so blatantly going against their two week agreement? What about the jury?

      1. Janelle went against her agreement with Brit as soon as the POV ceremony was over, and they are already plotting to do the same against Boogie’s team, so neither side would be innocent. I am counting on Joe’s big mouth to expose Janelle’s plan so that Frank makes the first move. I really am not liking Janelle this year, the only one on her team that I can stand watching is Ashley when she is not around Janelle. Unless Janelle loses a player this week and Boogies team loses one next week, this could turn into a snooze fest with nobody to root for (honestly at this point I can’t wholeheartedly root for any of them).

        1. Thanks, that makes perfect sense! I too find it hard to root for anyone, but maybe Shane if he continues to grow during the game. Everything Janelle does is so calculated and transparent either playing to the viewing audience with what she wears, trying to appear sweet, … or manipulating her players and other players. As a coach Brit has a good heart but she gets too down … but at least she is honest about how she feels. Things aren’t very interesting at this moment. It would be good if BB would do something soon to stir the pot.

  10. What a snooze fest this show has become … here is some tid bit of info … Willie was upset with the turn of events of the day … they go into lockdown … joe take and hides Willie`s smoke patches .. Willie knows this .. …. Willie is getting major ticked .. asked for them to allow him in diary room to cool down .. he was denied … ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE .. Bottom line … BB TOTALLY SCREWED UP … no longer a BB fan .. TOTAL CRAP

    1. Well put Marianne, and IMO Willie had tried all the eviction scenarios in his head and when Brittany lost the coaches challenge his I’m in control complex completely failed. He felt like he was taking his team with him to eviction. Hence a boil over and a ‘I’ll f**k this game up attitude’. He was definitely provoked to go over the edge and BB did not diffuse a thing until too late.

  11. I hate willie fans can you people just get over it janelle team is playing the house team janelle we still in the game.

  12. I get the feeling that even without coaches Hojo na Shane would’ve still formed some alliance with Willie, with possibly Frank in there as well. In Fact Willie wouldve still alligned with everybody as he began to do already. Also holy shat the HoH this year seems to be like Sauron’s ring of power, they all go crazy with it.

  13. I HOPE JOJO STAYSS SHE HAS SO MUCH TO OFFER !!! She is Prob the strongest female in the house besides janelle who is just a coach for now.

  14. Simon and/or Dawg, I don’t know if you guys know it, but unmoderated comments are visible in the recent comments page, so we see those spambot posts until you delete them. Just mentioning in case you didn’t realize it. You guys rock as usual! Vote Dawg!

  15. Compared to last season, BB is 3 HG’s short and even bringing back a sequestered evicted HG still leaves them 2 short. Evil Dick and Willie cancel each other out regarding the quantity, so 2 Vets must enter the game. How BB produces that and new twists each week is anyone guess. This is all about ratings (money) and don’t anyone forget that. AG has already made the adjustments.

  16. I stopped watching the feeds for a few days after the Willie fiasco. Frank and Joe should be ashamed of themselves for using the *gay* card to provoke others into hating Willie. We all saw the feeds and Willie did nothing of the sort. However, the hypocrite, Wil uses his voice in high pitches to mock Willie for being a redneck. I was a fan of Wil’s up until I saw all of the double standards he lives by. Willie obviously has an issue with anger, and needs to deal with that, but was he provoked and bullied just as the others say they have been? The show has seriously taken a turn for the worse. I have never felt the need to defend someone before like this. In previous seasons there were those I disliked and even came close to hating, those that I liked and could see all the little lies that made for good game twists, but that was the game. I think using the *gay* card was one of the sorriest pieces of game play I have seen. I read elsewhere that Willie has a gay nephew and felt he needed to defend himself against this lie for his families sake. OH….and would someone please sneak into Joe’s room at night and shave off the disgusting caterpillar he has crawling up his chin! UGGG!!! Rant done, moving on. Good luck Willie….you did bring entertainment to the show and seem to be a likeable, fun guy.

  17. Wow, what a bunch of whiny babies, could have, should have, about Willie. Watching this season is like watching a color test on tv. Willie did at least give it some excitement. So boring and all are wantabes now. This will be my only post because I will not be watching anymore. I know my choice and I might miss something, doubt it very much……..

    Heres to next year!

  18. Now, I know I remembering reading that Danielle already told people about what Jodie supposedly said.Why is she repeating something that she admits she didn’t hear with her own ears?

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