Big Brother 14 Brazilian Butt Workout in the Living Room

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

1pm In the bathroom Janelle and Dan are talking. Danielle says that not once has Dan told her what to do, he gives me advice but.. She says I think he is really scared of Boogie. Janelle says that she is too, he works out like 3 hours a day. Janelle and Danielle continue to do their make-up and nails in the bathroom. Meanwhile out in the backyard the conversation turns to talking about DWI’s and DUI’s. The talk turns to music. Dan brings up a story about a guy that left the band Fall Out Boy a week before they blew up and got super famous.

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1:30pm – 1:45pmAshley asks Mike if he has ever been paid to make an appearance. Mike says that Canada pays the best for appearances. He talks about he and Dr. Will got paid $7000 each to make an appearance in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. He says that it was an all-girls Q&A thing, where when they came out on stage it was like Insink ’99. Mike says that when they got back to the hotel Dr. Will had a note under his door saying I am married, but not this weekend with her phone and room number. Meanwhile inside the kitchen, Janelle, Joe, Danielle, Wil, Jojo, and Frank are talking and joking around. Joe says how funny would it be if Willie was America’s Player and he went out week one. Janelle says that Willie was too crazy to be America’s player.

In the kitchen, Janelle, Wil, Ashley, Dan, Mike and Frank are talking. The talk turns to pregnancy. Wil asks her if she ate her placenta. Janelle says ewww… no… I did take a look at it though was purple, red and this big.

225pm In the living room, Janelle and Ashley are doing a workout routine. Mike and Dan are up in the HOH room watching them and laughing. Mike asks what are they doing some sort of bad sorority workout routine. He says this is something that you would see at Senior Frogs in Mexico. Mike asks what does Danielle ask you about? Dan says that he is just telling her to relax and that last night it was worrying him because she was a little glassy eyed. He says that he told her to He says that she wouldn’t talk to anyone without asking me about it first. Dan asks if Danielle needs to be campaigning. Mike says no, all she needs to do is win HOH and focus on putting up Janelle’s line of players. He says that anyone would want to be in the finals with her. Britney joins them and says I thought you guys were watching Brazilian Butt workout. They start watching it again. Danielle joins them for two seconds then starts to leave. Dan goes out of the HOH room and yells at her to go back everyone is watching. Dan says that live feed sales are at an all time high because of them.
2:40pm Mike asks Dan and Frank if they are going to go the distance without rubbing one out. Frank says that he isn’t going to unless Britney is going to throw out her wedding ring. Dan says that he isn’t going to do it in the house. Britney says that she overheard Enzo rubbing one out in bed one night. She talks about how Lane would shower and do it pretending to wash his hair and ears. Mike asks Britney if she is more sexual or her husband? Britney says that he is, he is so handsy … she has to sneak to the shower …and as soon as he hears the water running ..he is all of a sudden dirty and jumping in with her. They continue to watch the workout routine. They make fun of how bad Ashley is especially when she said she used to be a cheerleader. They speculate that Ashley got shot by a sniper and that’s why she’s so bad.

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2:30pm – 3pm Meanwhile Jojo and Shane are talking in the hammock. Jojo keeps going over and over again about what she will tell Frank and how they should keep her over Danielle. Jojo comments on how Janelle has a Miss Piggy nose. Shane tells her to stop, don’t start making personal attacks. You are better than that. Jojo says that it’s not like she isn’t ripping me apart in the diary room. Shane says just don’t start personally attacking people. Jojo says oh I’m just saying it to you. Jojo says that this season needs her, she has so much more game to play. She says that she is going to get in some verbal fights with people. Jojo comments on how she still needs to make out with him (Shane). Shane says yeah, we should do massages tonight. Two cameras switch to the HOH room where Frank, Dan, Mike and Britney are talking about music and other random stuff. The other two are on the kitchen. Janelle, Danielle continue their workout in the backyard.

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36 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Brazilian Butt Workout in the Living Room

  1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

    somebody f**k JoJo or punch Jim (BB12’s straight shooter) in the face.
    The past week has been a snooze fest.

  2. yo Simon

    Just a suggestion, I think you need to add another catagory for your weekly round up tote board. There doesn’t seem to be a spot for “who is safe for the week”. Just suggestion as I know you have plently on the go and we thank you for doing this………

  3. Is it just me, or did Ian look like Bud Bundy the other day when he spiked his hair and had fake tan on his face?

  4. Out of three players who will go for America Favorite Houseguests:1.Shane,2.Frank,3.Wil
    My favorite is Shane would be America Favorite Houseguest.

    1. Don’t think it will be Wil. He has shown a truly nasty side, plus he’s a hypocrite. I vote for Shane or Frank.

    1. Lmao I kinda like it. He reminds me of Tom Cruise in that picture.

      It’s way better than his hair was the first couple of days.

  5. Here is the quote from Stone Cold Steve Austin: “BOR-RING,BOR-RING,BOR-RING!” That’s how the fans want to see, bring back Kara, coaches enter the game, veteran enter the game, or even tryout player. Come on CBS Production, make your ratings going up. This would be put everyone to sleep. AG, Find the way to entertaining. It’s not fun! What you guys think?

    1. Idk what they’re going to do but they need to do something fast.

      The most exciting players seem to be getting knocked off one by one.

      ( Willie & soon JoJo )

    2. i want to see jodi come back..she never even got a freaking chance..still wondering why big brother did that. have bb ever done that before..evict someone on first night?..not familiar with all the seasons.

  6. BB Feeds: “See what they can’t show you on TV”
    What I want: “See what they won’t show you on the BB feeds”

    just sayin…

    I don’t know why they bother to block the comps when everyone watching the live feeds knows the results within 10 minutes of them coming back on…unless of course the comps are rigged. I would pay double the rate if I could see real behind the scenes, full diary sessions (24/7 DR feed), comps…etc.

    Everyone pretty much knows the show is scripted and somewhat rigged anyways.

    1. I watch BBAD. If and when the comps continue on into the night, we see them as they’re still going on.
      And it’s the only reason I get showtime once a year.

  7. Does everyone notice that Janelle looks like Nicolette Sheridan from desperate housewives? I just want to know.

  8. In the Dan/Danielle convo last night, Daniele said ‘You told me to make Shane fall for me, and I did it’.
    Daniele is so delusional. Yeah, Shane ‘s so in love with her, he’s campaigning for her to leave.

  9. “He talks about he and Dr. Will got paid $7000 each to make an appearance in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.” Yeeeaaaahhh! A shout out (sort of) for Edmonton! (Where I currently live.) I don’t remember hearing about their appearance, though, so it must have been during the 6 years I lived in B.C. That would have been an interesting Q&A to attend.

    I am impressed by Jojo doing some campaigning to save her butt, but I still don’t think she’ll end up staying. I honestly have no idea right now who is going home though. I do find Jojo to be lacking in class, but hopefully she’ll realize some things about the way she talks (and the stuff she divulges) when she watches herself on the show.

    I’m not surprised Ashley is feeling left-out…her team does discount her a lot and they don’t really keep her in the loop. They do bully her a bit, too.

    I have to say, even though she might be considered a floater right now, I think Jenn is playing it smart right now. I would like to see her have the opportunity to actually start playing the game and play in some of the competitions.

    But, there’s still a lot of game to be played, and hopefully another good twist coming…soon! This game changes so often, I find my opinions of the players does too…and now I’m feeling a bit confused about how I feel about everyone. Lol

  10. Danielle:”She says I think he is really scared of Boogie.” I don’t think Dan is scared of Boogie.He probably just doesn’t think that right now,is a good time to go against him.Just like I don’t think that Boogie is scared of Janelle.He just didn’t think that this week was the right time to attack her team.Do all of the house guests know that Boogie is rich?

    1. whats your definition of rich? 100 g 500 g what could he really be worth. why go on this show then if RICH (nowadays 1 mil isnt even rich to most rich people

  11. Danielle talks about her weight all the time….it’s annoying. She’s constantly complaining about eating so many cookies and how fat she is getting. She’s gonna cry when someone agrees with her and calls her fat….so maybe she should shut up about it already.

  12. I am watching BBAD from last night first 53 minutes just basically Dan and Frank playing chess with Boogie talking non stop BS, another 15 minutes was used to show Janelle, Ian playing pool (a snooze fest) then Brit ash and danielle all taking a bath together (with bikinis on)
    Jo Jo and shane talking shit about Janelle and the other coaches (shane thinks everyone should say F the coaches) dah! isn’t that what Willie said already)
    Dumb and Dumber (Frank and Booger) in HOH room drooling over Ash, Danielle and Brit) (all of a sudden Frank has to wash his face)
    Joe trying to give advise to JoJo comparing Willie to Hitler (who in the fuck does that asswipe think he is) he is a shit stain on the panties of life :) ( Joe is on more but I can’t stand him enough to watch him)
    Brit and Janelle (the blonde ambition girls) talking about voting 50 50 so Frank can get the one out. (didn’t Willie want to do the 50 50 and look how that turned out).
    These were the highlights from last nights BBAD if it was on CBS it would take 7 minutes or so to show. all in all no one was showcased tonight (with the exception of the 53 minutes of Dan and Frank playing chess) all the housemates were equally on camera.

    1. Jason, you skipped all the parts where JoJo cut everyone off who was trying to talk to her and Britney getting drunk and trying to steal Boog’s beer, getting caught.

      1. No sheet.. JoJo needs to STFU and listen once in awhile. She might learn something that helps her out.

        Larry King once said “I never learned anything while I was talking” (I believe this was originally an Einstein quote).

  13. @name. I’ve read comments on here and Janelle has said several times,that Boogie is rich.Even Dan asked why is Boogie here?He asked this because I guess it’s kind of known that he’s rich.I also read on Wikipedia,that Boogie owns high end restaurants,a nightclub named Les Deux.Boogie and Dr.Will own a laser tattoo removal clinic called,”Dr.Tattoff”.Janelle said Boogie is a millionaire.After reading about him on Wikipedia,I think she’s right.You wanted to know why would Boogie come on the show,if he was rich.Well,it seems as though the popular belief is that Boogie wants to prove that he can win this game without Dr.Will.

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