BB15 Aaryn “People say I’m likeable which is a joke

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McCrae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie, David and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


6:35PM Cam 1-2 Elissa and Aaryn backyard.

Aaryn says her vote is with the house if the house will vote to keep her then she will vote to keep her. Aaryn isn’t going to vote against the house week one because she would be gone week two

Elissa says Jessie told her if she won the veto to save her. Elissa didn’t think that was a good idea because if she uses the veto to save Jessie then she can be put up as the replacement. (this is funny being said to Aaryn because she usually rants about people in the house not understanding how veto works)

Aaryn explains to her that whoever wins the VETO is safe from being nominated regardless if they use it or not. Elisse: “Oh really.. I didn’t know that”
Elissa continues and says that when asked who they want to be put up Jessie said “anybody but me”. Elissa: “I was like really you don’t have anybody in mind.. and she was like.. no.. anybody but me”
Aaryn: “ i can’t believe she would say that.. thats weird to me..”
Elissa: “We’ll she did not suggest anyone”
Aaryn: “i think you should talk to everyone in the house one by one and just see where everyone’s heads at and maybe between now and veto something will change.”
Amanda storms in on the conversation.. says “He’s not going to use the Veto on you cause that will make him a target.. if you want to campaign than campaign do what you gotta do” (I think Amanda forgets that Elissa isn’t nominated yet)



6:56pm Cam 3-4 Aaryn and David
Aaryn wants to know what he was talking to Candace about. David says it was just small talk. They giggle that they’ve known each other for a week and he’s seen every side of her.
David: “you are so hard to read”
Aaryn: “I think you see me as conniving.. and i’m not”
D: “no I just think I like you more than you like me”
A: “No I do like you.. I’m scared of you because sometimes you do not listen to me”
D: “you are correct about that”
A: “HUH .. what the crap.. you through me to the wolves in the bathroom.. you straight threw me to the wolves you are a a$$hole”

David says he can’t be himself in this game
A: “Yes you can.. you would act less sketchy.,. cause you act a bit sketchy in this house”

Aaryn explain to him that she is fine with Jeremy now. She tells him if he’s having trouble reading people he needs to ask her because she’s good at it. Aaryn: “So is Jeremy he’s a communication major.”

Aaryn: “I know Jeremy is really smart and he can change your mind.. you have to stop letting people get in your head.. YOu have to trust me”
Aaryn explains that people in the house will try to break them up and sooner or later even Jeremy will want to split them up. Aaryn adds that the game is all about numbers they need numbers because they cannot win every competition.
David thought she was with the girls. Aaryn: “Sure I’m nice to the girls we need the numbers incase we have a bad week” She adds that the girls will win competition, “Jessie’s strong she’s going to win something.. not everything is physical”

Aaryn goes back to talking about the people in the house that do not know how to play the game. “McCrae, Amanda, you, Jeremy and me, nick.. GIGI have the best chance at winning this game.. everyone else no”

Aaryn: “You better get use to being on the block because we are big threats in the house”
Aaryn: “People say I’m likeable which is a joke.. Elissa told me she’s putting up the strongest player every week.. that means you are going up every week”
Aaryn: “People hate showmances cause showmances never break up.. thats a big big big target on use”
David: “I know”

Aaryn: “You can kiss me but I don’t want to Make out on TV”
David: “You’re more conservative than Kaitlin.. she did stuff last night:”
A: “What they do”
David: “Foreplay and sh!t”
A: “Thats gross.. I didn’t come on here to make a softcore porn.. I also didn’t come on here to look like a lil b1tch”
David: “I like that you are conservative yet liberal”

David about Kaitlin:”She told me she only had sex with 7 guys.. I thought she was a totally different girl.. cause the outfits she wears”
Aaryn: “She told me 2”



7:25pm Cam 1-2 HOH Candace, Andy and Helen Crying because they miss their families. Helen mentions that Elissa will not deny nor confirm that Rachel is her sister. Andy is wondering why she’s being so weird about it. Andy says for a while he was worried about Helen because she was spending so much time with Elissa. Helen she should have dyed her hair or something. Candace: “No no it’s the facial features”
Candace says that “Crae Crae” told her that he’s using the veto on either me or Jessie”
Candace: “I question that she has a child.. I question that for sure”
Andy goes to the bathroom
Candace mentions how odd the conversations with Elissa is. The other day her and “Howie” were in the kitchen talking about if they could have a superpower what would that be. They asked Elissa and she scoffed “I don’t want a superpower.. I just want to feed starving children and charity” Candace adds that Elissa seems to be mentioning all the time that she wasn’t to feed the poor. Candace finds this odd because of what kind of person Elissa is. All her clothes are brand names and her husband drives a lotus.
Helen: “Wait her husband drives a lotus”
Candace: “Ya .. He has a company that does windows and doors that is based in Canada..”

Andy comes back in from the bathroom.

Candace retells the story, “whenever i have a conversation with Elissa she says the most stupid shit.. “

Andy: “I feel the same way every time I have a conversation with her it’s like a wire is loose.. “
They agree that it seems like Elissa is putting on a show for the cameras
Candace: “She is always saying I just want to help the girls”
Candace: “well why did you attack all the girls”
Andy: “Keep this between us but we need to lay low cause the other girls are already going to do it.” (argue with Elissa)

They head downstairs


7:46pm Cam 3-4 bedroom Elissa and Judd

Judd tells her that he thinks she’s safe. instructs her to not act like she’s safe and to not tell anyone that he talked to her. Amanda enters the room and Judd leaves. She tells Elissa that she is going to stay she just needs to play it cool. Elissa is happy (See image) animated gif added to G+ HERE

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Chilltown Fan

Looks like David is finally growing a pair of balls, and is sick of being treated like crap by Aaryn. Also now we are one step away from Kaitlin going off on Jeremy. Kaitlin is going to be pissed when Aaryn tells here what she learned from David about her and Jeremy.

Chilltown Fan



Helen is starting to get on my nerves. One second she is offering Elissa advice and telling her she wants her to stay, then she goes and tells everyone else that she is really disappointed in Elissa for lying to her and not being genuine. WTF. Shes turning into a floater…


We’ll I think Helen’s just playing it safe, people hated Elissa so she’s somewhat throwing her under yet naturally (perhaps coz of the age) they gravitate to each other. Helen’s just living it up to her prior strategy which is to make the big players go at each other in the beginning then try to attack on the latter stages of the game. And for fucks sake, this is still week one, the lines have yet to be drawn so it’s still good to ‘float’ to see which side of the house is in the majority.


We need a new poll.. who is dumber, Jordan or Aaryn. I know it’s early, but damn, that is one dumb chick.

Janelle pov queen

Candace is disgusting for saying Elissa might not have kids like that’s just all kinds of trifling such a dumb bitch.


What is the takes of David’s Brain to be lighted up? Oh wait, he needs to learn that Aaryn is screwing him.


Is the veto ceremony tomorrow?


i love howard and nick they avoid drama

production rigged it

Oh my god if i didn’t know better i would thing Amanda was HOH. Does she ever shut up….damn i wish somebody would duct tape her mouth shut. If BBAD has many more nights like it’s been so far tonight it won’t last the entire season. Basically a soid hour of having to listen to Amanda go on and on and on and on and on and on about the same shit over and over and over and over and over again. Does she really think they’re going to pick off everybody they want to like clockwork, sorry not gonna happen production will step in and do something to change things up.

billy bob

it’s the adderall ,haha i swear aaryn kind of looks like Dani,