Big Brother Spoilers *Alliance’s* The MC’s, The Boom Squad, Bieber Fever, blowmance and Elissa

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McCrae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie, David and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


8:11pm cam3-4 HOH Amanda, Jessie and Candace

Jessie says she had a bit of uncertainty this morning but she’s not worried now. She starts in on the “Elissa doesn’t want to be here” argument. Brings up that why not send the person home now and leave the people that want to to play.
Amanda: “He’s 100%.. he wants her out” (McCrae)
Amanda: “You’re not a threat why would someone vote to evict you”
Jessie : “ya.. I feel better once eviction is over”
Amanda asks if David is freaking out because he shouldn’t, they are all on the same page. Amanda says she is feeling sick. Jessie heads downstairs to see if there are any tums in the storage room.
Candace: “You alright”
Amanda: “I just feel nauseous”
Candice says that it’s easy to get paranoid when you are the block. “ there is a sense of embarrassment when you are nominated first.. it’s a social reject thing. “


8:30pm Bathroom Cam 3-4 Spencer and Elissa Elissa talks about her life back home. She says ever since she had a child she doesn’t go out ever her life is 80% baking cookies. She goes on about how great Canadians are, Light hearted, always having a good time. She loves spending time with her Husbands family.


8:36pm HOH Cam 1-2 Amanda and McCrae

Amanda: “Do you like how I did that.. got the blood completely off my hands.. making Judd and Spencer think it was all their IDEA” (keeping Elissa)
McCrae: “YA”

Amanda: ‘You are going to put Elissa up”
MC: “She knows”
A: “If you save ner she is going to save us”
MC: “I know.. depends on who is the next HOH”
A: “We’re in a f**** good position right now”
MC: “She just needs to keep her cool”
A: “That fight was a good idea.. did it look real”
MC: “Seemed real.. did anyone ask”
A: “Ya.. I’m saying to people the reason we got in a fight is because she was trying to get me to convince you to not use the veto and put the target on your back so people go after you ”
MC: “I’m so worried now .. “
A: “you are just going to put her up .. “
Amanda says the plan is to get rid of all the “younger ones” then get rid of Elissa. “Then we can get rid of the excess except for HOwie.. Maybe you me and Howie final three”
McCrae laughs because it’s week one.
A: “Why are you rolling your eyes.. do you like the idea of what’s going down”
MC:” Ya.. I can’t campaign for her”
Andy joins them.


8:55pm Havenots Judd and Howard Cam 3-4

Judd is saying that it’s a no brainer to keep Elissa this week.. He thinks that Elissa is going to get the MVP so as long as they have her in their pocket they can get to “Final 5 no problem”

Judd: “When it gets to the point where she’s shady we get rid of her”
Howard wonders when the POV ceremony is.

Judd isn’t sure, “If he don’t put up Elissa it’s going to make him look really bad”

Judd counts the votes they have to save Elissa, “me, you, Spencer, Helen, Andy, Amanda and Candace .. Let’s wait till the last minute to talk to Candace.. I mean she like me pretty good and she likes you pretty good so she’ll be down with it.”

Judd: “I think she’s a better bet than Jessie cause Jessie is going to go with those two girls.. those girls make me nervous.. they’re always whispering.. especially the dark headed one sleeping over there” (Kaitlin and Aaryn are the girls)
Howard: “this is the smart thing to do from a game standpoint”
Judd: “It’s a game it’s a cruel game.. like cards”


9:00pm HOH Amanda, Spencer, Andy, McCrea

They are talking about taking out Beiber fever
(Beiber Fever = Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn, David and Nick)
(MC = Nick, Jeremy, Spencer, McCrae and Howard)
Spencer: “you guys let me handle Candace.. nobody talks to her.. I’ll tell her right before it goes down.. I don’t trust Jessie”

Spencer warns them all that they need to keep quiet from now. Amanda is worried that Howard is going to tell Candace what is going on. Spencer says he’ll go down and talk to Howard. He instructs Andy and Amanda to bring Helen up to the HOH and give her the skinny about what is going on this week. He think she will be on board and will be appreciative.
They all agree that they have enough votes to keep Elissa.

Spencer leaves to talk to Howard.

Judd: “We’re solid 8 to the final 8”
Amanda is excited.. “Dude welcome to Big Brother”
(Every year there is a group that chills in the HOH makes a final 8 deal and celebrates.. Almost every year the group implodes before week 2 last year it imploded before the end of week one.)


9:24pm backyard gymnastics GIGI and Elissa Animated gif of Gigi’s wipeout on G+ and Elissa’s gymnastics animated Gif Here


9:26pm Bathroom Howard and Spencer Cam 1-2
Spencer: ‘the pieces are coming together me and you are now allied with McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Judd we are going to not vote Elissa off we’re sending David home”
Spencer: “We need to get the MC together and work this out.. obviously nobody knows about the MC. we gotta keep it on the downlow…Are job is to keep Nick and Jeremy safe and they will keep us safe”
Spencer explains that Nick and Jeremy are going to try to get the other group to pick off Amanda, Helen and Andy. Spencer’s side is going to try and pick off Kaitlin, Jessie and Aaryn.
Spencer: “Then the MC is together Final 5.. just stay low stay low.. You know you can trust me.. I know you know it’s all good.. Do not talk to candace at all she is not involved in it she is on the outside..
Big Brother Alliance’s

(Beiber Fever = Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn, David and Nick)
(MC = Nick, Spencer,Jeremy, McCrae and Howard)
Boom squad = GIGI, David, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy
Blowmance = Andy, Howard, McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Spencer, Judd

CBS Interactive Inc.


10:00pm Cam 1-2 Bedroom Jeremy, Aaryn and David
Aaryn telling them that Kaitlin has come up with a name for their alliance, “Boats n Hoes”. Jeremy is all excited about the alliance name. He jumps out of the bed goes over to the mirror, “Dude what happened to my face”
Aaryn: “You got so excited about boats n hoes pimples popped out”
Jeremy: “I don’t know what the F***.. I’ve been so stressed out about today.. ”
the three of them head out top the kitchen on the way they met up with Kaitlin.
Jeremy to Kaitlin: “You’re a f*** genius”
Kaitlin: ‘It wasn’t all me”
Aaryn: “I came up with prestigious worldwide”

10:35pm McCrae working out


10:43pm Cam 1-2 GIGI’s wounded foot Gigi stepped on a “sea Shell” while outside and cut her foot.

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And this is week 1! Man, I thought last season went all over the place week 1 but this one takes the cake!


Mc has a good plan Spencer and Howard need to keep the team together make sure they are all on same page

Insecure Teenagers

I’m quite enjoying this first week of BB15. Hope he drama lasts!

Insecure Teenagers



Eww. Since when was Jeremy part of the MC. This is getting very confusing now.


There’s too many damn people in the house… Hard to keep up with all of it


I really like the idea of MC but ugh I just wish Jeremy wasn’t in it because he seems like such a douche bag. Switch Jeremy for Andy!!


like simon said these huge week one alliances never last most alliances with more then 3 or 4 people don’t last more then two weeks there’s to many people for everyone to keep agreeing

King Silva

MC has a good plan but I hope they fail since I don’t really like them especially Jeremy..


Amanda needs to calm the hell down…she’s not even the HOH. Mc cray cray doesn’t have the balls just to say “Amanda chill we got this” that girl is going to run her game (and others) into the ground if she doesn’t tone it down.

Biff Tannen

These people have no idea what they’re doing–it’s beautiful.

And Jeremy saying he’s good at reading people because he’s a communications major is like me saying I’m a great surgeon because I caught part of an episode of General Hospital.

Every time he goes to bed, Big Brother should say over the loud speaker, “Good night, sweet prince.”


im totally confused on the mvp exact rules, and how the extra 2 veto players are picked to make the 6 veto players

firstly – if veto holder uses the veto to save someone, is it the hoh that chooses the replacement nom, or does the mvp do that? if the mvp does then if the mvp is still secret at that point of the week and hasnt told anyone they are mvp, then the replacement nom after the pov was used would again have to be made in secret in the diary room? if the mvp picks the replacement nom then effectively the hoh can no longer backdoor someone without working with the mvp…only way around it would be if the hoh was mvp as well…if the hoh picks the replacement nom if the veto is used, then can the hoh nom the mvp? also how many times is someone allowed to be mvp? is there a limit? if you are mvp one week are you ineligible for mvp the next week but then eligible the week after like the hoh rules? also would a player be allowed to claim to other house guests that they are the mvp even if they are not, since the mvp can keep it secret or tell any or all house guests they are mvp? if that happened what if multiple players did that, could the actual mvp force bb to confirm to the house exactly who was mvp?

re how the 6 veto players are picked – in the past it was the hoh and 2 noms each randomly drew a player from a bag to make 6 players…now with the hoh and 3 noms in the veto comp, thats 4 players, but who picks the other 2 players? with 3 noms plus the hoh, which 2 of those 4 draw from the hat? i assume the mvp does not have an assured spot in the veto comp and also cant pick a player either(although elissa was in this veto comp)?

why are these rules so unclear? or have the rules been released and ive just missed it? if anyone can confirm for sure it would be appreciated

with live eviction on wednesdays now, does that mean everything else is a day earlier too? is the mvp player informed on thursday night so they can pick the 3rd nom on friday, after the first 2 noms, but before veto players are picked? so noms and veto comp on a friday instead of a saturday, and veto ceremony on sunday instead of a monday? have not comps thursday instead of a friday? that leaves all of sunday afternoon and night plus all of mon, tues, wed for campaigning for the 3 noms to save themselves, or for 2 noms to team up to try to get the other nom evicted

i think one of the main reasons for the 3 nom and mvp rule change is to create alot more uncertainty and make things less predictable, especially between sunday night until the eviction night, when in some weeks its so clear who is going to be evicted

just on after dark – the continual audio mutes to cut swearing is very annoying…i cant believe they do this for a show that airs in the middle of the night…wtf? at least its ad free, but i would rather it 3 hours uncensored on showtime2

with the duration 90 days rather than 100 days there are 12 eviction wednesdays including finale night, so with 2 eliminated on finale night at final 3 stage, there will be 2 other double evictions


I don’t have a hard time following the rules at all. It’s basically the same old BB with just a powerful but not so powerful (as the MVP can still be nominated) twist. There can also be a chance to backdoor someone, the veto holder must only replace the first two original nominations and not the choice of the MVP.
Also, I think it’s stupid to reveal that you are the MVP. By revealing that you are puts a target on your back (as with the case of Elissa).


Great start to this game so far! My thoughts….

I believe Jessie is the 5th in “Bieber Fever”, not Nick. Prob doesn’t matter.

Really like Amanda, but she’s playing too hard, too quick. Has good relationships but talks too much and so far NEVER seems to leave the HOH.

LOL at the blowmance alliance – already have penciled in final 8. Like Elissa is really winning MVP every week or BB won’t throw another twist in.

MC really appears to be situated well. 3 in the blowmance, 1 in Bieber, and 1 “floater” (Nick). Spencer and Howard seem to be real tight. Their biggest problem could be next week if David leaves and someone like Amanda or Andy wins HOH and tries to target Jeremy. Could have trouble saving him.