Frank Eudy the Son of Wrestling Legend Sycho Sid Vicious

Frank Eudy revealed in his SuperPass Interview that he is the son of wrestler “Sid Vicious” otherwise known as Sid Eudy. To find out more about Frank you can check out his Big Brother Bio and sign up for the live feeds and get access to exclusive interviews. In his interview he stated that he plans to not reveal to the other house guests that his father is a famous wrestler. Sid Vicious was know by many as The Man That Rules The World!, Sid Justice, Sycho Sid, Lord Humongous, and Da Man.

We also came across photos of Frank dressed up as Marilyn Monroe apparently for a charity event. The other photo is of Frank when he was younger being picked up by his wrestler dad.



If you aren’t familiar with wrestling legend Sid Vicious, take a look at a couple videos of him in action. The first video show Frank Eudy’s dad Sid back in 2001 jumping from the top of the ring to take out his opponent and ends up breaking his leg.


The next video is a match between Sid Vicious and Goldberg:

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Psycho. With a p.


In reference to the wrestler it’s SYCHO with a S.

Sid Eudy. Sid Vicious (as Sycho Sid) in 1995. Ring name(s), Sid Steele Lord Humongous Vicious Warrior Sid Justice Sid Vicious Sycho Sid. Billed height, 6 ft 9

Thanks for the correction though.. spelling mistakes are common around here.


DRINK! I started my reality TV career after being rejected from the WWF. I auditioned to be Yokozuna’s wife but the ring didn’t fit.


*Tasteless Alert, but all in good fun…

Did you know that the cause of Yokozuna’s death was heart failure, but he was a hunting victim and shortly thereafter, an appetizer for Allison Grodner?

Darryl (D Dub) Lovell

I just wanted to take a minute and tell Frank GOOD LUCK on Big Brother. This ain’t about his father, this is about Frank being himself. I haven’t seen him in years. But, what I do know is frank has got everything it takes to be a leader. A leader who will guide you to the end and more than likely, lose on purpose. BECAUSE!!!! A GREAT WARRIOR or a great friend, WINS no matter WHAT. His father is a great man and a supergreat dad who remains in millions of people’s heart. Franks mom is kind, considerate, and beautiful. Not sure what the show Big Brother is, but I do know all of the Mid-South will be watching. Oh YEA! Let me leave you fine folks this! When I would stay at Sids when we were teenagers. I would watch Jeff Jarretts daddy with Jerry Lawler and all that good wrestling with Sids mom and Sisters . Sid would be in the kitchen making eggs saying ” I can’t believe y’all are watching that stuff. He went from cooking eggs at the house to being a great wrestler surrounded by Great People!. As a Good boy to a great friend he evolved into a BIG BROTHER!!! Good Luck Frank!!!!!!!!