A Big Brother 15 Engagement “NICK, GinaMarie is Jealous”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


8:30pm HOH Amanda and McCrae

They are going over the day conversations.. THey don’t trust Spencer, Howard, Kaitlin. Sounds like they are still onboard with the superfriends and Beleive there is a Howard, Candice, Kaitlin and Spencer aliance.

McCrae is looking at the HOH TV screen “Mother f****er what is that” they get up and take a closer look.
McCrea: “This sucks can’t read it.. I think it says will you be my Big Brother Wife”
Amanda: “Is that what is says”

He gets down on one knee and proposes give her the ring
Amanda: “This is so cute.. YES”

The wedding will be later in the week..

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


CBS Interactive Inc.


9:13pm Mc and JUDD

MC: “Anything new”
JUDD: ‘I think GinaMaria is jealous” (Of Amanda’s ring lol)
JUDD says the joke is McCrae has had the best week, 5 grand, a birthday and a wedding.
Andy comes in “Hey gents”
Andy asks him if he heard anything interesting when he was solitary confinement.
JUDD says he’s worried to say anything he doesn’t want to be the target next week. Andy: “JUDD IT’S ME”
JUDD says he heard Kaitlin talking to another girl and she said Helen is the next to go.
Andy says their number one goal should be to help Amanda get the target off her Because right now everyone is talking about her being a schemer.
MC tells them that Spencer and Howard are pushing for Aaryn to go.
Andy thinks Kaitlin was talking to Candice when JUDD overheard it.
Andy says Candice is a open book and it’s hard to deny that Candice hate Aaryn and Kaitlin.

Andy: “If the house rallies to backdoor Amanda we don’t have the numbers”
JUDD: “Elissa is really freaking me out.. I thought we were tight but now I don’t know”
McCrae says that Howard is picking up all the pieces gaining numbers slowly.
Andy and McCrae are saying Howard and his growing army is the real threat to them.
Elissa joins them. to use the shower
9:34pm McCrae says that Spencer is super dangerous. Andy agrees. They talk about how good of a liar he is.


9:25pm Hammock Spencer and Jessie
S: “I got your back girl.. but it’s tough sometimes because you’re sassy.. “
J: ‘I’m not that tough”
S: ‘I like it… I’m just teasing girl.. I got your back”
Spencer asks her if Kaitlin goes next week followed by GM who does She want gone next.
Jessie is scared to say. Spencer understands swears he won’t tell anybody.
Spencer says there is a lot of talk about her going up.. he wouldn’t mind that happening says he would consider voting Amanda out until
Jessie says Amanda and Spencer agrees. Spencer says that Amanda has been doing too much scheming and plotting. Jessie mentions how she has everyone under her thumb. Spencer: ‘She thinks she does.. she don’t”
Jessie says she’s intimidated by Amanda. Spencer warns her if you cross Amanda she will spread sh!t throughout the house about you
Spencer tells her there is a lot of talk going around the house that Amanda might be the 3rd nominee. He wouldn’t be upset about that happening. He says keeping the status quo is the best plan but he can’t say he wouldn’t consider voting out Amanda. Once she goes McCrea will be loyal to me. Jessie wouldn’t mind seeing Elissa go before jury points out that Elissa has been telling people she doesn’t want to make it to Jury. Spencer has heard Elissa has final 4 deals with people.


9:31pm Howie and Candice
Howard is going over his talks with Kaitlin and GM.

Howard tells her the girls don’t like her because she is close with Elissa.. I tell them I can control you and your vote. I told them we have no game connection we just like to “Kick it a lot”
Howard says Gina can’t get over her personal stuff with Candice and Kaitlin says she never had a problem with Candice to begin with.

Howard: “I know Kaitlin is in cahoots with Amanda but I think it’s severing now”
Howard told GM and Kaitlin that he knew what Amanda and McCrae were up to “We need to kinda.. go against it”
H: “That was 2 nights ago and ever since then she’s been tripping”
old them I know what Amanda and McCrae are up to and we got to go against it.. every since then she’s been tripping.

Howard thinks the biggest thing that Kaitlin has against Candice is her connection with Elissa, Elissa got Jeremy out.
H: “I told them you are cool and have my back but they don’t know you are cool with Jessie, JUDD, and Spencer”

Howard says he doesn’t care about anyone else but Spencer and her.
Howard’s boot list is Candice, Spencer, JUDD, Jessie,Andy
Candice wants Helen after Jessie. Howard doesn’t know “she’s coming around.. I really don’t count her yet”

Candice tells him she is worried about what he’s doing because the other side of the house will think she is disposable. Howard doesn’t want her to worry can’t go in there and tell them they have a final 2 deal. Candice points out that the only person on Helen’s side of the house that is keeping her safe is Elissa.


10:05pm Hammock GM and Spencer

Spencer says that his belief is that Elissa has the MVP and she nominated herself because she wants to frame Howard. Spencer mentions how Elissa is saying Howard is a professional Football player. Spencer points out that the NFL is in training this time of year Howard wouldn’t sacrifice a NFL salary to be on Big Brother.
Spencer adds that Elissa and Helen are very close you would think that whoever used the MVP on Elissa would then nominate her closest ally Helen. Helen is as cool as a cucumber not stressed one bit.
Spencer hints that there is a lot of talk around the house that Amanda is going up. GM wonders if Amanda goes up do we have enough votes to get her out
The votes to evict Amanda – Candice, Howard, GM, Jessie, Spencer
The votes to evict Aaryn/Kaitlin McCrae, Helen, Elissa, Andy
GM isn’t sure that they have Jessie.
GM: “I told Howard he better check his girl..” GM says that Candice is going around saying they’ve been talking shit about Elissa. GM tols Howard how can we be on the same team when Candice is screwing them, ‘I can’t help you if i’m not in the house”
Spencer agrees that Candice is a wildcard Howard needs to get her under control. Spencer hints that maybe at one point when Candice is nominated they’ll have to tell Howard we gotta let her go.
Spencer is worried about Kaitlin is talking to Amanda about them.
Gm says kaitlin won’t rat them out she had the chance to and never did.
Howard joins them after chatting to Candice for an hour. GM jokes, She asks if his ears need a reat first.


10:30pm HOH Elissa, Jessie and Candice Jessie thinks the MVP replacement nominee should be someone that people like so it guarantees they get out Aaryn this week. She thinks if Howard or Spencer go up Aaryn or Kailtin have a chance to stay.
Elissa leaves
Candice says JUDD is a great guy and she likes the fact he was trying really hard in the Power of Veto competition.

10:44pm Elissa and Andy

Elissa talking about Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin. She doesn’t miss Jeremy

She whispers “Is the mutual consensus to vote Aaryn out”
Andy think that is the plan. Elissa: ‘Do you think it was weird that they were asking how loyal people are to me. . like Amanda”
Andy: “I dunno.. I don’t know what to make of anything. I feel like there are people here I can trust like you and Helen”
Elissa says she feels like they were the only people that would not put each other up until the end. (Superfriends never turn on each other)

11:02pm JUDD and Elissa
JUDD says when he was in solitary confinement he heard Kaitlin tell another girl Helen is next
Elsisa: “Aaryn still needs to go.. she was trying to start the fight between Amanda and I”
Elissa: “I was being so nice to Aryan last night”
JUDD: “She was saying that you were being nice last night.. she said you are a whole different person”
Elissa: “I’ve never had a conversation with her since week one”
Elissa says that Aaryn started the fight between her and Amanda.

JUDD says Jessie has been walking in on her conversations and lingers around even after she is asked to give him privacy . Elissa warns JUDD about Jessie says that Jessie’s has JUDD wrapped around her finger.
JUDD says I’m the one that got her to flip I control her. He asks her if she’s been saying she control him. Elissa say no she just doesn’t want JEssie top mess up his game.

JUDD tells her if Kaitlin is coming after Helen she’s coming after Elissa. Elissa isn’t worried because without Aaryn Kaitlin doesn’t have any votes. JUDD points out that Kaitlin has a good personality she will have no problem making friends.

11:28pm Cockpit JUDD and Aaryn JUDD tells her to ki$$ Elissa’s A$$ if she wants to stay
11:34pm Backyard Amanda, McCrae, Spencer, Jessie, Aaryn Chit chat
They are talking about when they first knew about sex. Howard says he was and had just seen boy in the hood.
Spencer: ‘I was kinda a pervert” everyone laughs “NOO NOOOO”
Spencer says he use to try and watch red shoe diaries with David Duchovny. He also liked to watch Dream on because you were always guaranteed to see some T!t!es on that show.

Spencer: “I wasn’t aware of the mechanics exactly.. I was allways really interested in naked women”
Spencer: “If I was a girl I would be more nervous s*cking my first d!ck then getting f*ck*d

CBS Interactive Inc.


11:45pm Storage room Howard and

Howard says he appreciates her no putting him up last week. He wanted to tell her straight up that he’s not MVP and he didn’t put her up.
He says all the times he was called into the Diary room were mostly about Candice.. Feeds cut

Howard tells her it’s not Spencer or Candice they would have told him if they had it.
Elissa: “maybe JUDD “
Howard: “I don’t know about JUDD.. I know is isn’t Spencer I know it isn’t Candice”
Elissa: “I knew I was going up… umm hmm I had gut feeling I knew something was changing umm hmmm .. I felt betrayed.. I felt that I made connections with these people and it sucks i’m on the block”
Howard tells her even if she did win veto she wasn’t’ going home.

Eliisa thinks it was a evicted houseguest that was given MVP she think because she was responsible for evicting David, Nick and Jeremy that they would target her. Elissa tells him that last week they all wanted him up but she wouldn’t do it because she always thought they had some kinda common ground.
Howard says he would never come after her if he was in power. Elissa says she’ll let him know if he’s in danger.

Howard tells her to give Spencer a chance and talk to him. She says she will.


12:10AM LOL JUDD put on Nicks towel and hat and is walking around the house. Elissa “Thought” it was Nick and started yelling “GinaMArie Nick is in the house.. NICK is the tiwst” JUDD goes up to give her a hug. Ginamarie starts to cry.. She after says it was funny but she continues to cry. She really thought it was Nick
JUDD feels bad says he’s sorry. Ginamarie says when JUDD went to hug her it really looked like Nick.


12:22am Hammock JUDD and GM
JUDD apologizes again for dressing up as Nick.

JUDD trusts Spencer and Howard but he’s not sure about Kaitlin and Aaryn. He mentions that Aaryn twists words. GM says he wasn’t getting along with Aaryn today.

GM brings up being mad during the Big brother engagement. She was pissed because everyone gave her a hard time about Nick and everyone gave Kaitlin a hard time. She points out that McCrae and Amanda had a freaking Engagement and everyone was joining in having fun. Wonder why nobody sees a couple that strong as a threat.

JUDD says he didn’t get along with Nick at first because he felt Nick thought he was smarter than everybody else. JUDD: “The first 4 days he didn’t talk to me” JUDD adds that near the end Nick and him spent a lot of time together.

They hear candice screaming something from the couch.

GM talks into her microphone: “Big Brother can you drop a house on candice and kill her please.. I would rather be in solitary confinement than having to listen to that b!tches voice all day long”
Feeds cut
GM “All she talks about is sucking d!ck and getting f**ed in the a$$.. she thinks it turns Howard on”.
JUDD: “Makes her look trashy”
GM: ‘She is trashy”

12:21AM Amanda Mooning at the Engagement party

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Please tell me this is a mock wedding. There is no way these two will actually last.


Yes it is a mock wedding.


Maybe GM Is Playing The Whole House With This Nick Obsession. Be Funny If She Ends Up In The Final2.


I kinda hope she is, otherwise, her obsession w/ Nick and the fact that GM can’t take a joke is sickening.


it is so dumb

it just makes them even more of a target now

break up that sh1t and send amanda home


So let me get this straight, the target is Aaryn-Katlin-Amanda-Helen-Howard-Spencer


If Helen wins HOH next week: Ok guys, my target for this week is Spencer, GinaMarie, Katlin, Amanda, Aaryn, and Howard. Sure, we can only get one out this week, but whats the harm in revealing all my targets?

Mississippi Girl

Had to skip straight to comments to say Spencer is lying on the couch talking to GM while playing with his junk. How disgusting! And she continues the conversation like she doesn’t even notice.


Can’t wait for the veto nominations. I hope Howard goes up but I think that is a very low probability. Amanda would be my second choice. Does America’s MVP get to choose the second nominee since Alissa took herself off the block? Does the 2nd place finisher go up automatically in her place?

Simon, any ideas about this?


What about GM? She’s not America’s sweat heart, is she?. I don’t care how is it as long as it isn’t Amanda


* Who .. lol


Hi Simon, this is just my feeling that I will not be surprised if it is Howard.


i have never wanted a house guest nominated more than amanda in any bb season in any country bb version ive watched

i want to see her lose her sh1t

Amanda, bitch you ain't cute

Really hoping America voted for Amanda as the third highest nominee.
Bitch. Needs. To. Go


Yes, good old-fashioned misogyny should help you get your point across.


you mad? ha ha


Think I struck a nerve. My post was here, and then it wasn’t.


Elissa: “I was being so nice to Aryan last night”


Finally, someone spells Aaryn’s name right.

BB15's a slipnslide without water...

But you KNOW it would be more funny to see her lose it if McCrae was nominated!
I would love love love to see that!

Janelle pov queen

Howard thinks candice is his child god let her play her own game he try to make her hate Elissa and everybody she trust the most get away from him girl run for your big brother life


Surprisingly i think Helen would be in a much better position on the other side of the house. I can’t wait when she gains control on the house and unleash her terror AGAIN. :))


Her Reign of terror got the job done. She needed to be told that Kaitlin and Company are gunning for her next. Hoping she can uncover this new alliances that are forming.


Like her and Elissa also Amanda but she is self destruct and Candice but Howard will get her evicted. My opinion only. I will not be surprised if Howard is the replacement instead of Amanda.


Howard’s game is dumb, it’s almost unbelievable! Candice needs to break away from him and his BAD gameplay, he’s ruining her game! The mean girls he’s trying to start a super friends 2.0 alliance with don’t even like him and he’s easily # 1 on their shit list after Elissa and maybe Amanda! He needs to stop talking so much to other people who will rat him out in a heartbeat especially when he hasn’t won shit to back up all this crap he’s saying. Lay low, man and SHUT UP until you actually win something! He’s almost like the male version of Amanda. NO WINNING AND ALL THE SCHEMING.


No, Spencer, McRae won’t be loyal to you. He doesn’t trust you.


I have to wonder if some of these people are pushing showmances as in the case of Amanda and McCrea as some strange sick copy of the Rachel and Brenden “love story”. So that their name can be combined for stupid sh*t like the Brenchel and the Brenchel army however the hell that even got started as a label for their fans. Maybe it’s an aim of true love and finding your soulmate in the Big Brother House (I’m laughing on the inside). So that their popularity can rise since they are a couple. In the case of Amanda it just felt very calculated on some level. Not that it even matters really. Just a thought.


I like the Mc Crea Amanda relationship…..They’re both fully aware that they are using each other and it works for them,
well sort of….if Amanda would heed the warnings and shut the f*** up! She is her own worst enemy. Personaly I don’t like her.
Judd Judd Judd…Howard will be the death of you. Judd should of put up Howard and Ellisa up and Spencer as a third. But? If they vote out
Arayn …..what a waste of an HOH…Can Spencer be more discusting? What will he do next?
The Ladies need to sleep with one eye open around him. I see trouble down the road with this guy.
His brain is not right. He says his mother is watching and he insults women constantly and sits there with his hand down his pants?
Funny thing about Arayn is she is actually becoming one of the better stratagist in the house…how sad is that?
Thanks BB great freakin job you morons.
When your show gets canned you have a government job waiting for you, since you’re so freakin well qualified.


My Boot List……
Howard, Elissa, Candice, Spencer, GinaMaria, Jessie the non player floater


my boot list…



You mean like McCranda?


BB game aside, I think Amanda and McCrae are a cute couple. If only she was single when she met him and her attitude wasn’t so bad sometimes, I would really root for them.


nothing in bb history disgusts me more than amanda

racist bully, mean spirited, cold, selfish, no respect for others, and simply annoying… f-ck5 on judds bed and doesnt change the sheets, and says its annoying that jessie is in the hoh, when its judds hoh and he is good friends with jess

kick that vile b1tch amanda out the fcking door


Hopefully howie can get all the ladies on his side and take out superfriends but I don’t think they should rely on jessies vote to take out amanda jessie promised she was keeping nick and didn’t


dude jess absolutely hates amanda

votes to evict amanda if she is up…

howard, spencer, jess, gina for sure

then howard would have to work on candace voting out amanda, but because candace wants aaryn gone judd may have to get helen to vote out amanda…and similar to candace, it would be hard to see elissa not voting out aaryn, same with andy as he is close to her and amanda

so the 5th crucial vote would be candace

hopefully amanda goes 5-4


From what I’ve read, and I do not get the live feeds, so I could be way off on this, but is Andy in every alliance in the house? At this point my money is on him to at least final four. He seems to be successfully infiltrating every alliance, creeping in and out of private conversations, no problem at all, with a “Come on guys, it’s just me, Andy!” attitude, and is totally flying way under the radar. He seems to be one that is, so far, most intelligently playing the game.


My personal boot list: Spencer, Aaryn, Gina, Amanda. The rest I am pretty neutral towards. If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be Judd.


I hope the Superfriends alliance implodes since it’s actually named Superfriends .

Outside some of the pairs I can’t tell who is really in a loyal alliance or not. It almost seems as if it depends on who is in power. I guess Andy is loyal to Helen? Or maybe just who he’s currently in a conversation with. I don’t like that MVP twist in theory but since Elissa is likely taking herself off the block there is some suspense of who will be nominated in her place. And also, some anticipation of their reaction when they find out America voted. Having said that, I hope they end it after this week. I would rather see two people on the block and have to fight it out especailly since the numbers are getting lower and alliance lines are still sort of shifty in areas.


Wow did they really name themselves superfriends? I don’t have live feeds and just assumed simon made that name up as a hilarious joke.


No I’m seriously asking did they name themselves superfriends because if so I hate them evenmore


ok good that’s what ithought and that’s a great name choice simon I laugh almost everytime you use it when their talking about about how great they all are then I started seeing comments in the last two posts about that being their real name and I was like omg if they really came up with that that’s worse then knockouts


I think McCrae is going to be mad when he wakes up from the Demanda fog and realizes he wasted his dream to be on big brother…. I’m thinking this kid has never seen a real live naked lady … Just sad!


GM jealous of Mc and Amanda!! LOL Too funy, there is no way in hell Nick would gone for that!!


All of them go around to everybody in the house and talk shit…None of them have a social game…Howie I like u dude but as long as you, Candy, Jessie, GM, Helen, yall good making it to jury…..


I have to say this has been a pretty interesting season so far… I almost didn’t watch because of last season. It at least gives me something to talk about and GM gives me plenty to laugh about, man she is certified 5150 (crazy). I think BB is for sure manipulating but I don’t care as long as its stays interesting. I didn’t have a favorite until Judd got HOH… He is a hoot… He should be MVP for thinking for himself and seeing through Demanda’s BS…


Gina Marie is just confused, poor bimbot 🙁

She thinks she’s been cast as a Mob Wife extra on a Martin Scorsese movie.


….and her man, Nick, just got whacked couple weeks ago. Soon she’ll be digging up spots out in the backyard looking for the body.


That Spencer, just the kinda guy a girl likes to take home to meet mommy…
Spence, you’re so funny! Tell my mom again that theory you have about how sucking di*k is far more nerve racking and anxiety ridden (Shit, where’s my Xanax?!!) than getting fu*cked! He’s a keeper, Ma, told ya!


That post was just as ignorant as your grammar and spelling

Roisin Dubh

Wow, reading that post reminded me of the book Flowers for Algernon.


Ha! Rois, clever :))
To that I say, Cheer up, Charlie 😉

But @ Name, are ad hominems really called for — on a BB site? Just think about it 😉

Jean A.D.

if Amanda + McCrae = a possible showmance wedding!!!
is this the scripted soap opera “drama” that keeps the
crowd hooked that will tune in thursday as Aayrn is to
be very politely evicted? ( its easily 50/50 odds, i feel!!!)


I find the showmances annoying as hell, but I’m not a soap opera kind of person either. All the catty drama is driving me nuts too.


“Andy: “If the house rallies to backdoor Amanda we don’t have the numbers” and “McCrae says that Howard is picking up all the pieces gaining numbers slowly.
Andy and McCrae are saying Howard and his growing army is the real threat to them.”

Andy and McCrea are essentially telling Judd that it’s a good time to grab Jessie and leave the Superfriends. If the Superfriends of last week were still strong then Amanda has no cause for worry…but Andy is telling Judd, those numbers are gone (which means he knows which Superfriends will flip on Amanda…and potentially Judd in the future, but isn’t saying who) and the plan to manage every eviction until jury is over with, which McCrea joins Andy in reiterating that those with Howard and Spencer have the momentum.

“JUDD: “Elissa is really freaking me out.. I thought we were tight but now I don’t know”

This was where Andy and McCrea needed to give reassurance. Judd (with Jessie attached) was giving them chances to show that they along with Amanda and Helen (managing Elissa) are still a cohesive unite and Judd should stay loyal to the majority…but they already suggested the majority is gone if Amanda is nominated and now they’re allowing Judd to believe Elissa is a wildcard and one they no longer have the majority vote to control.

I just hope regardless of what Judd does, he stays smart and the first thing he needs to do is understand that his HOH ended after Elissa won veto. He needs to lay back and read the tea leaves. I still say he’s on the money wanting to break the guy’s eviction streak and should weigh heavily in that direction (should ANY of the guys go up in the 3rd chair), but beyond that he should see where people are leaning and once he identifies a majority, then he needs to climb on board with them, while going to the other side and letting them know (especially Elissa) it’s a toss up and that as a lame duck HOH, he has no power to move votes. Judd’s goal should be to remain solid with both pairs of guys (Howard/Spencer and McCrea/Andy) while solidifying his spot with the majority group and making certain the minority group(s) have bigger targets. These are easily attainable goals as long as Judd keeps his head and doesn’t over-talk.


I’m surprised BB hasn’t ordered in McDonalds breakfast and renamed it the McManda.

Roisin Dubh

God I hope Howard gets HOH, that entire house will turn into the thing everybody is accusing him of being. They already are, but it will be on a much bigger scale. It’ll be the reckoning that is long overdue.


Right, where’s the outrage for that? I read that Aaryn’s Mom has secured the services of a PR firm-I think that this show will eventually implode from all the future hate speech if that girl manages to parlay her bigotry into any kind of lasting fame. About the only ones who I like are McCrae, Judd, and Andy, and by like I really only mean tolerate. BB ruined this group with the inclusion of Elissa, why don’t they turn to a gimmick where every HG is vetted by a psychiatrist, and stop recruiting in bars?


If I was BB…no way I’d want Amanda backdoored. The Hitler guy stays and the Jewish girl goes? Nuh-uh!


Sorry, meant to reply to NATE.


When do we find out the third nominee, that America chose?


Kaitlin still aligned with the Mean Girls and Jeremy. That will continue to give people pause.


Spencer: “If I was a girl I would be more nervous s*cking my first d!ck then getting f*ck*d


Uh, yeah. Spencer is a complete dolt. You can’t wash away a baby after slugging some Mt Dew to get rid of the aftertaste.


Rachel and Brendon’s mock wedding was super silly, you couldn’t help but laugh at it, they had them looking like 2 homeless people getting married dressed in trash bags for a wedding dress and tux.


Love following the Twitter feeds of the 3 booted guys. This from David (regarding Spencer):

David Big Brother 15 ?@davidgirton2 6h

@twinky411cd And I almost barfed. Its just funny to watch him on live feeds how creepy he is towards woman.

i'm a new math fan

crass + uncouth = spencer

david the charmer = pure cooth


Dude, for a “new” math fan…
you are three weeks too late to the equation.

I’m a new math fan + relevance = David who???

Jean A.D.

DFG… sincere advocates of “new math” revolutionized grade school and middle school textbooks in the 1970s!

i think the net moniker is a sardonic one. someone was hoping simon would do a GIF to visualize the way

the loose and firm alliance lines and our New math” fan babbled on about set theory and elementary high school

algebra and geometry. triangles are lousy in relationships but are very geometrically solid. pairs can go into

the french ‘folie a deux’ madness of the two very quickly. squares in real life are boring but collapse fast

in geometry. five sided objects or six sided objects can be building blocks. the game can be summed up

by listing all overlapping and non~overlapping threesomes, and their secondary alliances. david is past tense.

Jean A.D.

david is very very cute and david is very very past tense.
nick was brilliant, he was totally solid + loyal with J + S
but McC + H are almost lucky afterthoughts in the MC 5!!!
if you take 5 and do a times two you have 10 votes, the
idea of pairing off with the women via divide and conquer
and/or divide and rule had an euclidean logic. when McC
fell in love with A and they became a foie a deux pair, the
whole game for the MC went ‘south’ so very fast on nick!
we know howard has male bonded with spencer in the
wake of the collapse of nick’s empire for the lack of a better
strategy. had aaryn kept half her bigotry to herself, we see
how H would be even more isolated. C likes H, nick was
not stupid, only badly timed! he came VERY close to greatness.


its ratings are up!!!!
the Variety article…


What he make the ring out of? It looks like it’s from a candy machine.


I have seen every season from Chicken George until now. Hands down the worst season ever. Why is the house full of dorks and crying women?


The girl drama is so obnoxious!


show gets worse as each day goes by….


i call this allince the real deal howard candice spencer elssia final 4


Oh GM isn’t going to get evicted. She’s going to have a nervous breakdown and be taken away by men in white coats.


Nick’s best defense would be to get married. Right now. Wait, no…that would just result in TWO missing bodies showing up in the Hudson.


“GM “All she talks about is sucking d!ck and getting f**ed in the a$$.. she thinks it turns Howard on”.
JUDD: “Makes her look trashy”
GM: ‘She is trashy”

And this! This beautiful, ironic quote coming from the woman who deep-throated an ice cream machine. Priceless.


OMG I was taking a drink of coffee when I read this, had to wipe coffee of the screen when I burst out laughing

Ewww, ice cream

TThe way she ate that ice cream was so gross and unnatural. It’s so funny how she has20/20 vision to Howards rejection of Candice, but is blind to Nick’s disinterenst of her. Lol


It’s pretty clear that Howard doesn’t want women telling him what to do, and that’s why he’s trying to rally GM, Kait, Candice to work for him.


these people are hilarious ellissa is the mvp and nominated herself and howard is an nfl player (because every muscular black guy is in the nfl) who thought he could make more money playing big brother this season


After watching the BB15 bigotry reel, I’m not really impressed with anyone. Kaitlin was a complete Mean Girl in the beginning…especially with Jessie. Spencer and Jeremy are just misogynistic creeps. Kaitlin wised up, but she still has some taint on her she’ll probably never shake. GM and Aryan are pleasant as always. Calling Andy those names to his face? McCrae and Amanda were in on the horrible fun. I think now I’m pulling for Jessie. Haven’t seen her in any bigotry clip being the instigator. Howard and Candice are my second and third choices. Sorry, Dudes, y’all deserved to go home.


i like jess too

team judd/jess, with howie/candace final 4


GM — you don’t deserve special treatment because you were a complete d—-bag to Candice, and Kaitlin doesn’t deserve any sympathy because Jeremy was a complete d—–bag.


Simon, This should be an easy question… Who is going up for the 3rd nom this week?? If its Amanda do you think she is going home over Aaryn?? If its Amanda I think its going to be close to it Go home Amanda and you stay Aaryn wooooohooooooooooo go aaryn:))


I’m sorry, but why is Spencer and GM getting off so easily? Aaryn’s hardly in any of the convos, so me thinks she’s on the outs.


Where the heck is old mighty mouth Helen??? She comes around long enough to get info, repeat it to the house snitch and then go hide out somewhere.(Andy, you’re being played so bad and you don’t even know it) I thought the HOH was the house HOH. She’s missing out on her dictatorship moments. You’re not scared are you Helen?? ” Oh no, America’s the MVP this week, let me hide, maybe they won’t see me”!!!


Any1 else think we can thank Grodners love of Danielle Donato and Frank for this cast?
That “Love me because I believe you are suppose to” attitude…………….


Are you complete freaking racist you freaking turd? Send this piece of pure racist trash packing please Dawg and Simon!

TY Stan

Mr. BiLL

Now that the “Bulldog and the Cat” are engaged, The “Red-headed fly” in the house will be on less of a trip about his little alliance now
that the little doggie is being somewhat “Muzzled.”
It’s just really sad that the “Weeping willows” pet, has been carted off to the pound.

But never fear, all is fine in the … “Hamster cage on the prairie” #15


OMG….GinaMarie still obsess with Nick this nick that. GM no more nick.


The twist is NICK. lmao. Please make the show.