Amanda asks did you have fun last night when we made out heavily? McCrae says he regrets it.

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer

CBS Interactive Inc.

2am Amanda and Andy are in the lounge room talking. Andy says that he would much rather Howard or Kaitlin go home than Aaryn. They are much more dangerous. Andy and Amanda talk about how Howard and Kaitlin have deals with everyone in the house.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Amanda and McCrae are in the lounge talking. McCrae is whispering. Amanda asks why he’s whispering. McCrae says because when this door is closed, shaddy sh*t is going down and I don’t want you a part of shaddy sh*t anymore. Amanda and McCrae head into the kitchen. Kaitlin asks them how their date went to night. McCrae says that it was magical. Amanda says it was amazing. Amanda says McCrae was super nervous. McCrae says because he knew what was happening and it made me nervous. Kaitlin talks about how she used hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on her teeth last night to whiten them but had flossed right before and now the skin on the gums lifted up.

Up in the HOH room – Aaryn asks Judd if he is sad that he doesn’t have a snuggle buddy. Judd says that if she (Jessie) really wanted it she would have won it. Andy asks if anyone is in the color room now? Gina ask what are you calling it, the colored room now? Get it, colored? Aaryn says watch what you say, Andy. It can and will be used against you.


2:40am In the havenot room – Howard and Candice are talking. Candice is telling him that she is upset with him because he told her to walk upstairs behind Spencer. She says that she doesn’t understand. Howard apologizes and says that he didn’t join in because he didn’t want people to think they were going around in a group. Candice brings up how Howard dismissed her earlier too when he was playing pool with Kaitlin. Howard apologizes again. Candice says that she doesn’t like to be dismissed. Howard says he wasn’t trying to do that because that’s disrespectful and her friend Elissa did that to her. Candice says he thinks he’s worried about what everyone thinks. Howard says I’ll never leave a room without her again. Candice tells him not to be sarcastic. Howard saying it won’t happen again.

Up in the HOH room – Spencer, Gina, Judd, Aaryn and Kaitlin are talking about random things. Gina is pissed about how everything that Amanda talks about is sexual. Gina says do you want me to shove a plunger up your a$$ and get it over with. The conversation turns to talking about veto competition. Kaitlin comments that if you (Aaryn) or I had taken the $5000, then we would be going home for sure. Aaryn says that she would have put it in the discard pile. Kaitlin says that would have been hard to not take it. Aaryn says it would have been hard and I would have cried but I would be going home for sure. Judd says that he told them all to go for prizes because he thought he won the Veto. Kaitlin says that she is mad because she thought she was so close again and almost won it. Gina is really pissed about how Amanda and McCrae took over his HOH room without asking. Gina says that they came up here used his room and ate his food. It was really disrespectful of them to do it. Gina says show a little class and manners. Gina says that she blames Amanda for it.


Meanwhile out in the backyard – Amanda, McCrae and Andy are talking. McCrae says that he didn’t like that Elissa acted hurt by how Amanda was with her yesterday. McCrae says that he wants Elissa gone soon. Andy says that he feels like he’s playing a game with Howard where they both know they want each other out. McCrae and Amanda agree. Andy heads to bed. Amanda says that she wants to know who the new nominee is. McCrae says that if Amanda is the nominee, he will be like what the fu*k. Amanda tells McCrae not to look at her if she is nominated. She tells him to watch people’s reactions. McCrae asks who. Amanda says watch Elissa first. McCrae says he will.

McCrae says he regrets “making our heavily with Amanda last night:
Amanda asks McCrae if he had fun last night. McCrae shrugs and Amanda asks what was that?! McCrae says yeah I did but, I dunno. I did. Are you sleepy? Amanda says yeah. Amanda asks why didn’t you have fun last night? Do you regret it? McCrae says Ah I don’t know, I had fun for sure but with a grain of salt. Amanda asks what do you mean a grain of salt? McCrae says I don’t want to talk about it. What, that was super fun. McCrae says a grain of salt is that I can’t believe you dressed up a dominatrix and Elissa ruined it all. Amanda says I wasn’t talking about that. McCrae laughs and says that’s what I was talking about. Amanda says we were not talking about the same thing. I meant about after everyone left! McCrae says when you said you loved me, that was nice. Amanda says after that, when we “made out heavily”. Amanda asks is that what you meant when you said you regret it, kind of? McCrae says yeah. Amanda asks why? McCrae says I don’t want to talk about it. Amanda asks you weren’t ready to make out like that, is that why you weren’t ready? McCrae says no, but I don’t know. Amanda asks what did you think it was obvious we were making out? McCrae says yup, yeah, absolutely. McCrae says I wants to go brush my teeth. They head to the bathroom to get ready for bed.


CBS Interactive Inc.

3:10am Up in the HOH room – Spencer, Gina, Kaitlin, Judd and Aaryn are talking. Spencer says that it is pretty brazen of Amanda and McCrae to write their names on the bathroom door when all of the other couples have been broken up and been sent out the door. The conversation turns to talking about the MVP. Aaryn says if I had gotten it I would have told you guys because they people would have respected me. Kaitlin comments that she thinks Elissa is the MVP and says that putting herself up was a brilliant move. Kaitlin says that if Howard goes up we know for sure it was her. Kaitlin says she thinks Elissa got a power for nominating herself and that is why she took the punishment to not play in the next POV. They talk about how Elissa said to Howard that he better think of a replacement. Aaryn says if Howard is MVP, he would never have nominated himself for first or second nominee because that’s fu*king retar*ed.

Gina starts going off about how she wishes we had all gotten Elissa out first or second week. Aaryn says that Elissa is demonic. Aaryn asks why Elissa is trying to make everyone hate her. Judd says that Elissa is trying to be like Rachel because she knows how lame she’s been. Spencer thinks Elissa got the Coup d’état and says its good for two weeks. He thinks no one will want to nominate her because they won’t want to risk her messing up the noms during the live show. They discuss whether or not someone will be coming back and if there will be a double evict. They think if there’s a double eviction it will happen after the MVP twist ends. The conversation turns to talking about how McCrae was 21 when he lost his virginity. Spencer says he was 21 too. Judd says he was 15. Kaitlin says she was 17. Gina says 16. Aaryn says she didn’t even really know what was happened and says that she was really talked into it.

4am Spencer says that he hopes his girlfriend’s parents don’t like him and hopes they start liking him now. He says that they won’t even let him in there house and now I will be in there house 3 nights a week. Aaryn says if they don’t like you they won’t want to watch you. Spencer says he thinks they will want to watch to see why he would be cast for a tv show, there must be something about him. The conversation turns to talking about Brendon/Rachel and Elissa. Gina teases Kaitlin that she will marry Jeremy. Kaitlin says Amanda, McCrea, and Candice wouldn’t be invited to her wedding. Gina says that Candice could be the freaking valet. Gina says mark my words I will marry Nick. Kaitlin says I hope we can all be friends after all of this. Gina says I don’t want to be friends with Candice, I hate that bit*h! They talk about the things they’ve said about each other in the dairy room. Gina says that she’s said some funny stuff about Judd. Big Brother tells them not to talk about their diary room sessions. Aaryn tells them that she isn’t and says stop fu*king up my game. Aaryn then throw the toilet paper that was sitting on table on to the floor. Aaryn heads down stairs to go to bed. Spencer asks Aaryn to look in the kitchen at what time it is and show the camera. Aaryn goes down and shows them on the spy tv that its 4am.


CBS Interactive Inc.

Judd, Spencer, Gina and Kaitlin are talking about who they think the MVP nomination will be. They think it will either be Amanda or Howard. Kaitlin wonders who would be the best person to put up to knock a let out from Elissa. Gina says Amanda and McCrae. Kaitlin says that they need to put up two people and say that they’re both pawns. She says that she knows that Howard is their biggest target right now. Kaitlin says that she heard Howard is a target of theirs and I don’t want to lose Howard. Gina, Judd and Spencer agree that they don’t want to lose Howard. Kaitlin says that if she won HOH she would want to put up Amanda but she would freak out on me. Kaitlin thinks Gina would be better to put Amanda up because she could handle it better. Gina says she would do it. They talk about how Amanda wouldn’t be able to win the veto because she sucks at the competitions. Kaitlin says that she wonders if taking Helen away from Elissa would be their best bet. Spencer says you could tell Helen she’s the pawn against Amanda like how she uses you as a pawn. Kaitlin says that they have to win the next HOH. She says that she thinks Howard will come out the woodwork and scare everyone by winning. Spencer says that Howard will be a beast in competitions. They talk about the competitions that Howard hasn’t been good at. Kaitlin says that the only reason that Elissa won the Veto is because it was set up for her to win. Gina agrees. Kaitlin says Elissa isn’t that great. Gina says that she doesn’t like that people are walking around the house like they ain’t shook, I am about to shake the sh*t out of this house! The conversation turns to talking about the POV competition and how all the big numbers were over on Elissa’s side. They’re talking about it was set up in Elissa’s favor to win. Spencer tells Judd you know all the big numbers were on her side right? Judd says yeah. Big Brother then switches the cameras to the downstairs bedrooms where the others are sleeping.


5am – 5:15am When the feeds return to the HOH room – Gina, Kaitlin, Judd and Spencer are talking about Amanada. Spencer says that he asked Amanda how much her and boyfriend had to make a year to keep up their life style. Spencer says that she said $200,000 a year. Spencer says that he watched McCrae’s face when she said that and his face dropped. There is no way a pizza boy can keep up with her. Spencer brings up how Amanda talked about suing people back home. They end their conversation and plan to head to bed. They all agree to stick together and to be loyal to each other. Judd brings up how Howard doesn’t want to be associated with Candice. Kaitlin wonders if Candice would vote against the other side. Spencer says that she isn’t happy with the other side they asked her to leave the room when they were having a conversation and that pissed her off. Gina says that Candice is nothing more than a rat that runs around and talks shit. Kaitlin says if Amanda is up, we have to get her out! Kaitlin, Gina and Spencer all head downstairs to go to bed. In the bathroom Kaitlin says we would have the 6 votes to vote out Amanda! They head into the kitchen and Gina kisses Nick’s memory wall photo. She then starts making farting noises and talking wanting to fart on people so bad. Spencer says you are dirty!

6am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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I thought Aaryn was supposed to dye her hair pink? Everyone has did their punishment but her. What gives?


Alright, so I went back to read the punishments and I don’t see where Aaryn was supposed to dye her hair pink. I know I read that somewhere or am I going crazy?


I know right, that’s not fair.


i know, and what was kaitlyns punishment?


lmao. poor Howard..


What the heck!!!!!!!! Why Aaryn suppose to dye her hair?


That was her punishment from the POV competition.


Can,t wait if Helen will be able to dismantle this new alliances forming.

the MVP person is to be revealed real soon, now?

we might have an inkling before high noon on the west coast
and if we are even luckier, 12:o5 EST? its hours away now!


Those three girls are disgusting (Aaryn, Kait, GM). Spencer told them that Elissa has 3 step children & one is her son’s age. Kait can’t figure out how that could be so Aaryn decides that her husband is older & Elissa was his mistress. Really? These girls don’t have a brain cell to share. They went from trashing Elissa to trashing Amanda and of course they had to trash Candice. GM is so full of crap with her “I will say it to your face”. That is an insult to those of us who would actually say it to your face. She was all sweet with Elissa yesterday and Elissa gave Aaryn some really good advice Sat. night but Aaryn was right back to trashing her in no time. The fact that any one of these “geniuses” believe that Elissa would nominate herself proves how intelligent they are. Elissa would never think of that. Dan Gheesling would definitely do it but Elissa is no Dan.


Hoping that Elissa and Helen and Amanda can break this Howard alliances with mean girls.


I soooooo want Candice to vote out Amanda so she’ll look like a hypocrite.


I watched the fees this am (rewind) and when Spencer was hoping his gfs parents would like him after watching him on BB I LMAO. I hope they get the live feeds so they can see what a gross person you and and your gf isn’t waiting for you you come out if the house.

Dawg, where do you think Judd’s aligence really a lies? He talks shit and agrees with whomever he is talking to. It’s hard to know what he would really do.

GM gives NYers a bad name. Wow! She is all bravado and she is talking about how others suck at competitions, really?! You haven’t proven to be good at any of the comps that really count and the have not comps are all team comps.

If Amanda goes up as the MVP replacement, she is screwed. It will be interesting to see who the replacement is.


Sorry this I watched the fees this am (rewind) and when Spencer was hoping his gfs parents would like him after watching him on BB I LMAO. I hope they get the live feeds so they can see what a gross person you and and your gf isn’t waiting for you you come out if the house.

Should be

I watched the feeds this am (rewind) and when Spencer was hoping his gfs parents would like him after watching him on BB I LMAO. I hope they get the live feeds so they can see what a gross person you (Spencer) are and your gf isn’t waiting for you when you come out of the house.

Jean A.D.

even with the typos it was very understandable. if the gfs parents are classic middle america, the oral sex comment
is enough by its lil ole lonesome to 100% max out and negate any idealized image they may fleetingly have of him! i
did have a rather sleepless night, i added an “L” to elissa’s name. we don’t have an edit function, sometimes this adds
a gravitas and realism to the rough raw nature of the way we react to each critical development inside the BB house!
Dawg did a nice thing by letting us who are perhaps too cheap to get the live feeds see into the wee hours a bit further!


I think that Spencer is filling the delusional, oaf slot, last memorably occupied by Adam. They need to get him out, I can’t watch another final three with that doofus.


dammit amanda 🙁 i knew she was going to be a target, but I at least wanted her to get to jury for mccrae and then mccrae could have gone for the win.


Andy calls it color room, Gina says Candice to be valet in Kaitlin wedding. What is wrong with these houseguests.


i think he meant like colours of the rainbow, i think it’s called the rainbow room. the girls just took it wrong.


Oh come on do not be naive. You know what they meant and how Gina repeated the phrase.


Andy called it “the Color Room”, GM said you mean “Colored Room”….then Aryan snarkily said “watch what you say,
they will use it against you”. No need to crack on Andy.

FYI, everyone calls it “The Color Room” or “Color Block Room”. They say this all the time on the feeds.
They mean the one that has the “It’s a Small World” type design (which I think would be a much better name for it).


Of course everybody calls it that. Those that watch the feeds know this. However, there is a mob mentality at work here that sees everyone and everything said as being racist or slanderous.


The girls deliberately took it the wrong way for yet more knee-slapping hilarity, but Andy didn’t. He’s only sneaky-weasley+.


Aaryn’s a prize goat for the HG’s, and ratings gold for production. I see her in the jury house at the very least, stirring up shit to the end.

Keep it real

Howard and Candace playing the race card? Obviously those who make those kind of comments don’t know what playing the race card means. Please google it if you want to know the true definition”. When someone is making negative comments and name calling because of your race it is a racial slur. Howard and Candace haven’t once said anything negative about others race, gender, or sexual preferences. They are playing the cards that has been dealt to them in the house, and if you must point blame, than blame those who continues to use racial slurs and color comments, they ruined BB. They are not smart or wise enough to keep their personal thoughts and feelings to themselves, to bad because the real world and their employers will be ready to judge them. Obviously Aryan, GM and Spencer wasn’t smart to play a game while protecting their true character and reputation. Howard and Candace did not come into the house lying and accusing folks of racial slurs, they heard these comments spoken and we all did it’s on camera. If Howard or Candace would have cursed them for their comments then they would have been accused of bullying, yet they kept their cool and folks admit the comments are wrong, but still saying they are using the race card. Keep it real, the house is full of racist young people that is to ignorant to realize how their lives may change once they are out of the house, fame and money is not worth it. The mature smart ones already know this and playing a game without disrespecting an entire race of people.


Sooooo another week where aaryn stays. Yay. I hope gm is the replacement nom


I’d get Aaryn out too. I just loathe her, but if Amanda goes up as replacement it’s not likely to happen. I would rather keep Amanda in the house a little longer and get rid of the Mean Girls.


amanda is a mean girl too


yes she is the meanest of the 4 mean girls


what show/live feeds are you watching? aaryn is very clearly the meanest.


i dont agree, but everyone has their opinion


True, I should clarify, the original Mean Girls. All the girls are nasty and catty for the most part.


i’m really not rooting for anyone to win, though i think helen and elissa (maybe judd and jessie, hard to pin them down) are the nicest people there so would be cool with any of them winning. but i wont be upset if they dont.

i’m rooting for amanda, gm and aaryn to be out asap. amanda due to tired of her being pushy and a liar. if she wants people nominated, then win something and do it herself. her talking bad about people behind their back not doing what she says pisses me off. dont like how she took over judds HOH either. and rooting for gm and aaryn to go due to can’t wait for the media backlash to smack them 🙂

i guess i like kaitlin, but on in regards to looking at, lol. i think she is beyond gorgeous. but could care less if she won.

btw, how dumb are all of them that keep going on about how elissa nominated herself. why would she do that? hello, idiots, there is a twist in the game, not a twist (if thats what they wanna call it) in what elissa does.

Jean A.D.

it does looks like the paranoia has only slightly abated over the evening!
4 a.m PST is 7 a.m EST and faithfully keeping up with the BB live feeds
during the wee hours as most of the good ole USA sleeps is quite a task!
simon may be 100% correct that the MVP poll had amanda near the other 2
and she is about to find this out, even though some of the HGs earlier had
speculated on what the big twist is! they know CBS tweaked the show.
they as a group still assume one of their own slipped into Ellissa’s slot?


LMAOOOO how do you not know whats going on when someone’s talking you into losing your virginity!? she only said that cus she was probably only 12 when it happened and didnt want anyone to think bad things of her……….


Just wanted to say that I appreciate the updates.

Also, why do the HGs stay up so late? 5-5:15 am and they’re still awake?


“Aaryn says that Elissa is demonic. Aaryn asks why Elissa is trying to make everyone hate her”.

That, my friends, is called “projection”.


Howard needs to cut Candice lose now! She is going to ruin his game.


he will need her vote to get amanda out, and others out…he will just calm her down…i dont see him cutting her this early

Jeremy's Boat

With how Elissa and Helen talk about her, it seems like if Amanda goes up, McCrae might be her only vote…


that would be brilliant


Amanda goes up, gets evicted and Helen or Elissa becomes HOH, that would be fantastic. Its always fun when alliances crumble. If Helen does win it would be another witch hunt who turned against the super friends. :))


Once again they all talk shit about each other it like they have 10 million deals with different ppl I can’t keep up… I’m all for Aaryn, Amanda, Andy to get out the house….As for Howie, Candy, GM, McCrae, Helen, Spencer, Jessie go to jury and final 3 be Katlin/Judd/Elissa….

Coup d'État

“Aaryn says that Elissa is demonic. Aaryn asks why Elissa is trying to make everyone hate her.”

THAT, my friends, is called “projection”.


I rather have Howard get evicted next week.


i belive amanda will go up to shake up the house in put elssia in a good spot with howard he will trust elssia more


“Spencer says that he asked Amanda how much her and boyfriend had to make a year to keep up their life style. Spencer says that she said $200,000 a year. Spencer says that he watched McCrae’s face when she said that and his face dropped. There is no way a pizza boy can keep up with her.”

Could that be more evidence she’s using him in the game? poor pizza boy


I think they are using each other. It is a tie. It is a game. Mccrea is just playing along with Amanda. and it shows by his comments and actions.


I’m team Amanda. I think she plays this game very well with lies and manipulation, and that’s what BB is about. She hasn’t really proven herself to be a “strong competitor” like many people have suggested, however I can totally understand that they do need to get her out soon or she will go far in his game and she is very strong in her social game. The one thing I am soooooo tired of is people blaming Amanda for McCrae’s actions. Seriously America? McCrae is a big boy and he makes his own decisions. If he ALLOWS Amanda to take that much control over him, he is still at fault! “A person can only do to you, what you allow them to do!” #TeamAmanda


she doesnt play that well because most of the house now want her out – annoyed too many people, and too much overplaying with aggression

its all well and good having a dominant type personality, but if you rub people the wrong way, then it hurts your game

someone like judd or andy or jess have nobody coming after them


If Amanda goes up this week, she is going home, but production probably wants to milk the “wedding” thing which is on for next week, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gina Marie or Spencer go on the block. It could happen. If the network really does count the votes, Aaryn would have been first choice, but she is already on the block. I am betting Kaitlin came second, also already on the block. So third choice was Elissa, partly because some of us just dislike her and want her gone, and partly because according to some tweets, the Brenchel Army voted before they heard that they weren’t voting to give her a power, they were voting to nominate her. ROFLMAO! So with the top three vote getters immune, it will be the 4th place that gets the nomination. I think it’s a toss up, but a lot of the politically correct crowd think that Gina and Spencer are just as bigoted as Aaryn. I guess it comes down to whether the Aaryn haters used all of their votes on her or split their vote. If they used their votes on Aaryn, Amanda and possibly Helen are in trouble. If they split their votes it will be Gina or Spencer. I would prefer to see Gina go up because she will go crazy. I don’t want Amanda to go home yet, but if she does, it will help McCrae’s game. I hate showmances, but this one is less annoying than the others.

Varys Blackfyre

These people are so paranoid about everyone, but I guess living in a house with no outside contact can do that to you. I really don’t know why they believe Elissa is smart enough to put herself on the block to cast suspicion on someone else. The girl just doesn’t think like that. They are really letting Elissa get into all their games. They’ve made her more powerful than she really is. They should’ve dropped her when they had the chance already, twice.


Please Please let it be would be so much fun to see her go nuts.


I’m guessing if the MVP twist does conintue (it may very well end with no one else on the block) my guess is Helen will be nominated… just thinking about the CBS show and its audience…. Now, if production selects the replacement, it will probably be GM.


They’ll probably dye my hair for my live eviction


I get the Aaryn hate, but Elissa is no peach either. Both Ananda, Candace, and Ellissa are b*tches, and Helen is just as much a bully as Jeremy was. And as much as I hate the racist as everyone else, you cannot view the other women in this house as perfect. And I know there is a good chance Aaryn staying if Amanda is in the block, and Candace will be one of the votes that will make that happen. Then she’ll whine bout a racist in the house. Over and over again.


I think CBS is playing with fire – while we all heard/saw Aaryn’s comments – she was not the only one to spew racial slurs – GM was right beside her and Amanda isn’t far from the mix. But CBS hasn’t shown America edits other than Aaryn’s – that’s why I think Aaryn’s family is working on damage control and have probably hired an attorney as well… don’t get me wrong onlinebigbrother community – I’m not excusing anyone of anything – I just think that CBS has not portrayed the whole picture – and I also think that CBS might have ignored these comments had it not been for the blogosphere calling them out.


Note to self, how, in god’s green earth, did I forget to add Spencer into the mix…..


The thing Spencer said bout Hitler, I’ve heard before. It was a slam at Obama more than a pro-Hitler comment. Saying Obama is a good leader because he is a good speaker is not something to base leadership on. Hitler rallied millions to commit genocide via speech, and in Spencers eyes Obama is on the same level for ruining his beloved America.


Don’t get me wrong, he said some craphole things but that one line is not pro-hiitler.

Still an a-hole though lol


i agree

amanda will go crazy if nominated

get your popcorn ready

its pov ceremony day


I don’t think they care, with production’s manipulation of the game which has been going on since season 1, and the blatant editing of truths that the live feeders hear/see for the main show to paint a certain picture for some of the HGs to hide the exposure from those that don’t buy the feeds or read these blogs.

Past HGs talk about the manipulation all the time.

Mike B



This house has me so confused. At times I honestly don’t know who wants to vote who out.

Howard's Biceps

I hope Amanda is the replacement nominee!!


let us pray


When will we know who the third person up for eviction is? I know it’s today but is it like tonight, or early afternoon? Does anyone know?


Only the god lord, production and Elissa know when…..


It should be obvious that the reason these women talk bad about each other behind each others backs is because they are so insecure that they need validation from others(Look, she is worse than I am). I thought that Jessie was the most insecure one in the house the first week, but now I see that outside of Helen, she is probably the most secure in herself woman in the house.


Amanda needs to go home.
Production should wake the HG’s up early like all of working class America does. Give them a trivia challenge right away with no warning signs.


and amandas continual lack of respect for judds hoh room and food, and her always disrespecting jess could sway his decision to get rid of amanda if given the option, now instead of next week

Elisa's Botox

Candice has gotten really annoying with her Howard obsession, he’s not even into her…she even talks in 3rd person ‘Candice & Howie’. She’s only doing this b/c she is assuming Howard is going on the block and she is getting too defensive of him…but he won’t go on the block…it will be Amanda or Spencer

Howard's Biceps

I hope Amanda is the third nominee!!

Amanda's Luggage

Amanda’s luggage says: I’m not sure where I’m going after this. It certainly isn’t my (now) ex-boyfriend’s house. McCrae doesn’t make $200,000 a year, so her luggage certainly ain’t going in his pizza delivery car. Now I just want McCrae to f***ing win the 500,000 so he could maybe franchise a pizza joint, and just be an overall decent human being for the rest of his life.


Aaryn and Gina Marie are just not psychologically equipped to be on this show — they have intense pathological insecurities — and Jeremy was a borderline sociopath. Terrible casting choices by CBS on those three individuals this year. As long as Aaryn and GM remain in the house, it will continue to be a racially-charged powder keg.

Big Brother is supposed to be about lies, paranoia and backstabbing to a certain extent, but it’s still a gameshow and usually the contestants are able to have some fun along the way. This season doesn’t seem like much fun to be playing the game and it isn’t as much fun to watch, either.



The Black Fish

Does anyone even see McCrae trying to get back at Amanda’s evictors? McCrae is such a p*ssy that he would fall back in line with the former MC like a whipped puppy.

Dawn Boone

So once again GM makes a racial comment Candance can be a valet what the hell! At least Candance can form a proper sentence. GM is so ignorant! These people are so nasty! This cast is so hateful!


“Gina says mark my words I will marry Nick.” I wonder if Nick has a restraining order yet?


Yup. Kaitlin is still a mean girl. I’m not even sure how Gina ever got a job as a pageant coordinator…she is so unladylike. I’ve noticed people keep asking Nick on his Twitter feed about Gina, and he just ignores the question completely. Amanda and McCrae clearly are on the outs. I see all the mean people staying together after the show and being LIFELONG friends, because they only feel comfortable in their popular crowd bubble. That’s great, because at least they can leave all the normal people alone, who don’t think life is about them. Amanda strikes me as a female version of Jeremy. Both have shown us their a$$. Both talk about sex all the time, and both are grating. Jeremy does the normal manly — puff his chest–sort of thing, and Amanda just flaunts her chest to everyone. I can sort of see why Kaitlin wouldn’t invite Amanda, but what is her deal with McCrae. Sorry, McCrae guess you ain’t pretty enough to be in their crowd. Don’t worry about it…there are better people out there for ya.


I think Elissa should be told America’s vote was a mistake. They didn’t know they were putting her up for eviction. We all thought we were voting for MVP!

Helen for the win

i’m hoping that Helen stays in a for a while,she is doing a good job laying low this week, after her week in power. well done.