JUDD: “Production gets too involved in what we do”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


6:26pm HOH Spencer and JUDD

JUDD Candice is doing some scheming. Spencer knows that he’s not sure about what though.
JUDD explains that when he was in solitary he heard Candice have a conversation with another girl in the bathroom. “I heard her say HElen next”

Spencer thinks there is some deal in the works to save Aaryn already and get Kaitlin out.. OR the third nominee. .
Spencer: ‘This is what I think is going on.. I think ELissa put herself with no fear because Aaryn is such a HUGE target”
Spencer says from the whispers he’s heard Elissa is trying to get the MVP target off her back and place it on Howard. Spencer suspects that Amanda may be the next person nominated.
Spencer: “This is pure speculation.. because what she is saying is Howard is a NFL player with a huge fan base”

Spencer: “Kaitlin is in a position that she is scrambling and making deals”

Spencer and Andy agree that neither them nor McCrae/Amanda trust Kaitlin.
Spencer: ‘Does Amanda ever bring my name up honestly.. today”
JUDD she does.. she’s just a little worried about you.. she thinks Elissa is MVP”
Spencer says that Amanda has a deal with Elissa and now Elissa wants out of it he thinks she’s trying to target Amanda.

Spencer thinks there are a lot of people targeting HElen right now. JUDD says if Candice is talking so loosely he’s not sure he wants to ally with her. Spencer agrees says he wished Howard hadn’t started talking to Candice about things.
CBS Interactive Inc.


6:50pm HOH McCrae and Spencer

Spencer says he’s been working Kaitlin, Aaryn and GM a little bit just incase the twist involves them so they can be safe.

Spencer tells him that a lot of people are saying AManda or Elissa are MVP. He wants McCrae to go to Amanda and make sure she knows that the four of them are all cool (Spencer, Howard, MC, Aman)
Spencer says they are at the bottom of it right now they just have to make sure that this twist doesn’t f*** them. Spencer: “We’re totally on board with y’all no doubt” Spencer thinks that Elissa is trying to shed the MVP so people will not make her a target. THat is why she nominated herself, “They are going after you or Amanda” Spencer adds that they will probably make a deal with Aaryn because nobody will suspect it.
Spencer: “Dude that’s all my thinking.. I never heard people say that”

Spencer: ‘I’m waiting for Helen or Elissa to approached me with the idea to vote out someone other than Aaryn”


6:58pm HOH Spencer and Amanda
Spencer tells her that Howard is not the MVP. Spencer says he the lowest on the totem poll right now so he’s been working

Amanda says the only person that has thrown his name out is Elissa.
She’s kinda heavy handed if she doesn’t like you she hates you. Spencer tell her that the two people the house really wants gone is Elissa and Amanda.
Amanda: “OK”
Spencer: ‘That is just from a scheming standpoint.. they see you and MC scheming all the time”
Amanda: “who says that”
S: “everybody”
Spencer says They think this and it’s partly true you made a bunch tiny protection alliances and everyone is comparing notes and finding out they all have the same deal with you.

Amanda asks why she is getting all the heat and Mc isn’t Spencer says that McCrae is seen as tagging along with you.
Amanda: ‘If you are not going to tell me who is saying this specifically it loses it’s luster.. I’m supposed to trust you “
Spencer: “Kaitlin, Gm.. pretty much everybody”
Spencer says that Elissa is trying to shed the MVP he believes that she nominated herself.
McCrae joins them.

Spencer asks her if they have a deal with Helen. Amanda says none. Spencer doesn’t sound like he believes them.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


7:02pm Storage room McCrea and Amanda

Mc is telling her that Spencer thinks Elissa is after them. MC says that he’s heard from a couple people that Amanda is becoming a target they see her as a big time schemer. He tells her she needs to play very very carefully and stop whispering in people’s ears.

MC: “Andy and JUDD said it to not just Spencer.. we are always together and you are always whispering and scheming”
Amanda mentions that JUDD heard Kaitlin say that Helen needs to go next, ‘She was talking to another girl”
MC goes on and on that Amanda’s scheming is ruining her game she needs to lay low. Mc :’This week we should be fine.. but next week you have to be careful we’re both in danger.. you have to stop talking game.. I really mean it”
Amanda: “I feel that Elissa will not put me up”
MC: “I don’t think either.. she talked to me at the photo booth..” Elissa said to McCrea that she feel really hurt by Amanda. MC: “DUDE are f**** kidding me.. she’s f**** nuts.. she’s looney in the head”

MC: ‘DUDE she doesn’t get it.. she doesn’t get it.. she tells me she never talks about Aaryn but that is all she talks about”
Amanda: “I know”
MC says they need to keep Elissa on their good side. He doesn’t trust Spencer or Howard but at the same time he can trust they are going to be shady mother f*** . He can’t trust anything about Elissa.
Amanda says she trusts Aaryn more than howard and spencer. “Aaryn tells me everything”

They agree that Howard, Kaitlin, Specner and candice are working together.
MC: “We cannot have Elissa flip to that side. they will clean house”
MC: “We have to be super careful now because if you go up you are in danger “


Helen joins them

McCrae says that Amanda’s name is coming up as a target. He’s worried about next week
Helen says as long as the superfriends stick together they can get to jury without any problems.
Helen tells him that Elissa is still with the plan.

Helen thinks the MVP is Howard because he was in the Diary room for 45 minutes. She does not think Anyone in their alliance has the MVP.
Amanda: ‘I promise to you and swear to you i’m 100% loyal to you” Helen says as long as they stick together and stay “Team Elissa” they will get to jury.
Amanda leaves,
Helen thinks it was good that Elissa and Amanda were fighting last night because it make it look like they are not together.
McCrae agrees
He says that he’s 100% loyal to the superfriends. Helen says they need to get Aaryn, Kaitlin, GM, Howard, then either spencer or Candice out. Helen is worried that Candice is getting hot and heavy with Howard so if that becomes a problem she may have to go early.

(Superfriends = Andy, JUDD, Jessie, Helen, Elissa, McCrae, Amanda )


8:08pm HOH McCrae and JUDD

Chatting about the benefits of getting Kaitlin out this week. Out of Kaitlin and Aaryn Kaitlin will be able to integrate herself better into the house whereas Aaryn will just be the number one target next week.

MC tells him they are down with whatever he wants to do.

MC asks him is Elissa has talked to him about a power. JUDD says all she does is smile and stuff she told him she didn’t have a power. JUDD: “I told her that may be funny to you but it’s not funny for the rest of the house”
MC says that Elissa was mentioning she got in trouble from production about the conversation she had with JUDD.
JUDD: “Oh probably because she keeps asking me about me DR sessions.. she asked me like 20times”
JUDD: “You know when you are HOH you have to go to the DR a lot”
MC says when Elissa and him were in the HOH she was timing how long JUDD would take when he went into the DR. She was using the HOH TV.
Big Brother comes over the speakers JUDD McCrae you are not allowed to talk about production.
JUDD: “IS ELISSA F*****ing PRODUCTION.. that’s what we’re talking about”
JUDD: “I feel like she’s after me dude.. Elissa.. what do you think”
MC doesn’t know, “She was fighting with Amanda last night”
JUDD: “Production gets too involved in what we do”
MC says that Elissa is going crazy because she has too much power now.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Missed these Photo Booth images on the last post
More are here on tumblr


8:19pm McCrae’s bday party

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ok,This is Important! If I was on BB could I get medical marijuana in there? cause I would NEED to be around those nuts! simon, dawg? anybody? JUDD needs it now!!!


*it…I would NEED “it”, the medical marijuana—>it…


Weed? I’d need mushrooms to make sense of all these crazy people…


Probably not, but I would keep my apple-pucker with Mt Dew close and several chasers. And plenty of chocolate.

Elissa's cute little dimples

I would need some DMT to put up with racist Amanda Zuckerman!


Unless you start providing me with clear cut examples, you are just a race-baiter.


I’m not seeing Amanda dropped from a contract, fired from a job, or a public statement from her employer that she does not represent their views. So if it is happening, it hasn’t reached the outside world.


because she works in the family business

why deny it?

she is a self confessed racist, constantly called out on it by mccrae


Proof,do you actually watch the show.the woman said she’s a racist.


Oh, yeah. I’m going to take your word for it. Proof or it didn’t happen.


she jokes all the time about things ppl say, like to make a joke of it. i do not think she’s racist or homophobic. i want to see what ppl are talking about, give me an example!!


Are you an idiot? Amanda has also had her fair share of being around antisemetic comments – she’s jewish. Having spencer talking about his affinity for hitler is downright wrong and offensive to a race that went through a genocide. You need a history lesson.


@MEESH, is anti-Semitism considered racism? I think that officially falls under prejudice, but NOT racism. That just needs to be pointed out!


i would need some earplugs or an ipod so i wouldnt have to put up with amandas brutally annoying voice


Weed? Naw. Isn’t strong enough. I’d be asking for whatever kills all the celebrities ;) I’d just take it in moderation:)
Many more days to go through in this Elissa-rigged BB house.
A wonder? How hard would I try at comps — knowing the game was rigged against me? True Prisoner’s Dilemna.

Jean A.D.

When CBS hired people to prune back longtime employees in the early 1990s they hired short term hatchet~people
as they put the company under an inquisition. So JUDD has noticed how stupidly control freak they are? my O my!

Jean A.D.

MC says that Elissa was mentioning she got in trouble from production about the conversation she had with JUDD.
JUDD: “Oh probably because she keeps asking me about me DR sessions.. she asked me like 20times”
JUDD: “You know when you are HOH you have to go to the DR a lot”
MC says when Elissa and him were in the HOH she was timing how long JUDD
would take when he went into the DR. She was using the HOH TV.
Big Brother comes over the speakers JUDD McCrae you are not allowed to talk about production.
JUDD: “IS ELISSA F*****ing PRODUCTION.. that’s what we’re talking about”
JUDD: “I feel like she’s after me dude.. Elissa.. what do you think”
MC doesn’t know, “She was fighting with Amanda last night”
JUDD: “Production gets too involved in what we do”
MC says that Elissa is going crazy because she has too much power now.


Jean A.D.

100,000 THANX to Simon for the big block of text i quoted!

once again, i tried to type Elissa and then ELIISSA resulted.


Controversy and curiosity seem to be driving viewers to “Big Brother,” as Thursday’s installment delivered the CBS show’s best numbers of the summer and stood as the night’s top program in demos.

According to preliminary national estimates from Nielsen, the live eviction episode of “Big Brother” averaged a 2.3 rating/7 share in adults 18-49 and 6.7 million viewers overall in the 9 o’clock hour. This represents gains of about 10% vs. last week and season highs for the show, which has gotten off to a lackluster ratings start.

“Big Brother” made headlines recently for the racist, sexist and homophobic remarks made by some of the contestants, and Thursday’s hour saw one of the prime offenders, Aaryn, on the chopping block as one of the three house guests nominated for eviction.

She survived last night’s vote, but the ratings boost suggests that viewers may be tuning in to see her ouster from the game — which would mean a sit-down chat with “Big Brother” host Julie Chen, who voiced her displeasure with the bigoted comments on the CBS talkshow “The Talk.”

http://variety.com/2013/tv/news/controversy-lifts-cbs-big-brother-to-season-high-1200565452/ Here is a link to the 7/19/13 VARIETY article…by Rick Kissell


this house is going crazy and i know what its missing straight shooters like shelly lol .. this season of the real world has nothing on big brother so much drama i dont even know who i am loyal to in this game it changes so much …

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

I really find the disparity in MCPizza and Demanda’s styles of play comical. MCPizza almost has to keep her safe but that will no doubt will be his downfall and since he has realized the danger they are in he is stepping his game up since week 1.

Demanda is done whether its this week or next her game is way to abrasive and the other HG are right all of her alliances are the same.. She has no true allies other than MCPizza so all these deals are false promises and everyone has come to that conclusion.

I like McCray but I truly believe unless he wins HOH or POV every week he will be gone fairly soon once Amanda leaves …


Way too, abrasive maybe. But it makes for good teevee.


MCPIZZA and DEMANDA! I love it! TOOOOO funny!


Does anyone know what the tattoo is on Amanda’s lower back? It was on the show tonight but never did get a good enough look to tell.


It says. ‘Parking in the rear’


it says tramp


Don’t really get spencer talking to McCrae and Amanda. Dumb on his part. he was doing pretty good laying low this week. MC has told Amanda about her mouth getting her in trouble with the other houseguests so if she doesn’t pick up the hint from the 1 person she can actually trust then too bad for her.

I love Candice but she is driving me crazy talking about HG to of all people Elissa, who is spiralling. I certainly feel Howard’s gonna cut her loose if she keeps this up.

Andy is on his way to getting best floater of all time award


andy floats through walls, people go on talking game like they don’t even see him there, i don’t get it…


^ not Name^ ^Pearl^ see? I need “it” now ;)


Harry is doing pretty well with the invisibility cloak. Everyone else is trying to get the Elder Wand.


Claim To Have Glaucoma. Amanda Claiming Adhd Worked For Her To Get Her Aderall Fix.


Of course production is involved. Big Brother, people. That’s what the name implies…you are always being watched, and if you upset the powers that be, you will be punished or destroyed by a clone.

This Season Blows

Actually, the name is just a holdover from the season 1 format when it was actually still primarily a social experiment. Once it became a game show, production needed to back away, stop meddling, and let the game progress naturally.

If it wasn’t for season 1, I’d bet that the show would have a different name, considering how it’s completely different from just about any other country’s version of Big Brother.


Is production monitoring these boards too? I’m just going to start saying Voldemort.


JU Double D gets it….


Stop taking about Elissa, every time you do feeds cut, she’s production, get it? STOP TALKING ABOUT HER.. Call her by her “code name” MVP.


McCrae proposed to Amanda!!


so its a same sex marriage



Medical Marijuana in the Big Brother house… YES PLEASE

If Amanda and Aaryn can get Adderall, they can get weed.



WTF can’t people just talk in the HOH anymore? Every season you see a group chatting in the HOH talking game or just tlaking about random s**t not wanting to be bothered by anyone, and all of a sudden here comes some nosy fool to ask to use the bathroom…. They need a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, to let people know not to f**king disturb.


That would just make people more suspicious.

Ohhh UH! UH!

Please producers give us a double eviction this week. Get Amanda OUT! omg pleeeeeeease

Awesome = Amanda gets backdoored and Aaryn also leaves in a double eviction.


Wow, you just described the best way to turn the life feeds into a borefest in one day.


Amanda and Aaryn are some of the only people that make the feeds entertaining, although I would love to see Aaryn’s racist ass walk out the door, I love the non-racial drama she brings to the house. We want more fights!


I’ll give you a half a thumbs up. Aaryn needs to go.


That would be more awesome!!!!!!!!’


If McCrae and Amanda get married for real, will they be allowed to share the winnings?


Depends on what state they live in. Community property state it’s 50/50.

la la la

I love Amanda and Elissa!!!! Spencer and Howard need to go!

This Season Blows

It’s pretty sad that the rigging has become so blatant that it’s all the houseguests talk about anymore.


If the Hgs get it, why don’t the sheeple?


Production may have to cut elissa soon shes bringing to much attention to productions interference soon even the sheep won’t be able to deny it

STFU Donnie

Every time Judd talks, I keep waiting for production to come on the loudspeaker and say “Judd, please spit the marbles out of your mouth”

I wonder if the other HG’s just pretend to understand half the stuff he says because I sure don’t.

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

The more I listen to him, the more I can understand. He reminds me of Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain, how he talked and even resembles him a bit.

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Can someone please tell Chub-o-matic Spencer, (who cannot stay in the standing position more than five min.) to stfu and quit making fun of GM working out. At least she’s trying.
Also, is anyone else having issues with the feeds repeating every so often?


It’s An Act, It’s Just An Attempt To Make The Other Hgs Think He’s A Stupid Country Bumkin & So Far It’s Working. Hopefully The Country Boy Will Survive. I Love Judd.

STFU Donnie

Have you ever seen “Hot Fuzz”? Judd is the American counterpart of the old man cop who Nick Frost has to translate for when they discover the weapons cache? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cun-LZvOTdw

I keep waiting for Spencer as a fellow Southern boy to sell his value as Judd’s translator as a reason to keep him in the house…


what week will make the first jury member…..


3 more weeks I think


thanks – maybe there will be a double eviction before that…..


“Judd: GM might be a scientist…”



Elissa is up to something. Elissa is up to something. Elissa is up to something.


Howard and Candice are literally SOOOO boring. I can’t stand to listen to them talk game. Please change the camera BBAD, I’ll die of boredom.

Amanda's Boobs

My boobs seem to have lost all their inhibition. They are flashing everyone in the house and making my game look kind of shady. I need a muscle relaxant quickly. I must see the BB doctor to get a quick CA medical excuse so I can toke up quickly. If I don’t get some smoke in me quickly, watch out because I will post as Amanda’s Vjay.

I coulda rocked the House

Can ANYONE be more annoying than GinaMarie ??

As for Andy…His favorite drink must be Rootbeer cuz He sure likes to float


The first time GM opened her mouth.


go superfriends go!


id like to see howard go now hes clearly putting a target on candice and dont think he cares about her hes really stupid in his theories yeah elissa nominated herself what a dumbass oh yeah and you manipulate the bible for greed you also read bible scripts and share them with your houseguest then you slide the dagger out and stab someone in the back plus your degrading to women


And Howard is so boring to try and listen to.
I feel like I did when I was a little kid in church when the priest would just drone on and on…
When he gets with Candice it’s twice as bad…his drone and her fake baby voice….ARGH!

How can anyone want Amanda gone and not those 2?
Amanda is interesting at least.

Kind of bummed, week one I liked How and Cand, now I just want to hear one last thing from them….
Exit interviews with Julie.


I think I want to see a picture of Amanda’s boyfriend pre-BB.


I don’t know, I keep getting flashbacks of David’s face when everyone else knew Elissa was Rachel’s sister. Now someone as clueless as David would have been fun to keep around.


I am watching BB after dark and these people make me want to stick a fork in myself and say I’m done. I have never seen so many stupid people, the stories they come up with, BB must be pumping hallucinogenic drugs in the air filtering system while they are sleeping. {I am kidding}


I don’t dig the generic commercials during BBAD, I miss Showtime previews. Like, I remember during season 12, the Californication preview was playing this hilarious song “Opps,My Bad – Yalloppin’ Hounds” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJgLEfhnX2Q Had me rollin all night singing it.


haha! looks like Amanda & McCrae got hit in the butt with “the block”. They’re back out & talking to people again. I bet Helens tongue has went in spasms.

Roisin Dubh

I’m sorry, but you name your alliance the superfriends, you deserve to get crushed seven ways from Sunday.


I am kinda leaning on a final 4 of: Helen, Andy, MC, and Judd. I don’t’ know why, many of the others are driving me nuts.


i think ever since the nerd herd production has gotten way too involved. Granted that was a disaster season but still couldn’t that problem just be solved by better casting?


Andy isn’t actually a floater, he’s clearly aligned with a side and pretty much the whole house knows who he’s aligned with. Why ppl perceive him as a floater is because he’s doing a damn good job covering his ass with everyone else. Not making deals with everyone else but almost making them believe they can trust him because he doesn’t talk back or disagree with them. Very smart IMO


These players have no social game really no game at all..All the former big brother players scheme but had a great social game….These players are only good to talking shit but their game sucks…..Spencer you should never talk to Amanda; she really running the house and Judd be wise and put her up…Howie need HOH and put up McCrae either GM/Aaryn/Amanda depending who get kick off on Thursday….. Elissa whatever drug your taking pls market it to America because she always looks high & happy…

Jean A.D.

if Rick Kissell’s VARIETY article is correct, and CBS management likes both
the 10 percent Thursday to Thursday jump in ratings and BB’s demographic…
We are going to see MORE + MORE micromanaged “live stream” footage!!!!!!!


I wish someone would flyover the BB House (like in the early seasons) with a banner just to stir things up….if they are this crazy without help….imagine if someone gave them that.


Amanda and McRae, imo, are in a great spot. They’re just a couple of spots lower than a few other (larger) targets, and it seems to be that way each week. I don’t think they’re in any real danger at present. As long as Aaryn, Howard, Elissa and Gina Marie remain in the house, there are bigger fish to fry. The one caveat being that Amanda must back it down a bit, and she did yesterday… as the day went on. Also, McCrae has a real shot to do very well in every BB competition… more so than Howard, Spencer, or Andy imo. Amanda and McCrae are doing just fine — just paranoid as hell. And Amanda does make for some really good TV.

I think Kaitlin might be in the best position of all, IF she plays her cards right. No way she goes before Aaryn or GM imo. I even think Howard and/or Spencer goes before she goes (Candace too maybe). If Kaitlin could hook onto a good group (maybe Amanda/McCrae – Helen/Elissa) it would mean everything. She’d also have to keep her profile ultra low for the next week or two — nothing sketchy. If she could also win a competition or two this would help ensure any upcoming HoH thinks twice before nominating her. If Kaitlin can do these not-so-simple things (over the next couple of weeks) she’d be right back in this thing… and she’d be coming back as a much stronger BB player. I’m watching her as an underdog for the whole thing. We’ll see.

Aaryn, Spencer/Howard, Candace, Jessie/Judd (<— wildcards) will be the next houseguests evicted in no specific order — imo.

P.S. — I really don't like how Jessie treats Judd. She's "with him" just enough to make him wonder if there is a possibility for more. However, Jessie makes it quite clear in her body language and DR sessions that she has no "special" interest in Judd other than having him be the guy to DRAG her along in the game. She desperately wanted a guy and Judd was the last one remaining (Spencer? lol …umm no). Jessie should be glad to have a partner at all, she is not far removed from Aaryn, GM, and Kaitlin in terms of "mean girl" status, imho.

As always, thank you Simon and Dawg for everything you do. We really do appreciate it. I'm a fan of this site going on five years now. Great job guys. Kudos to ya and next round's on me.

Booooo Aaryn!!!!!


time for amanda to be nominated, lose her sh1t trying to figure out who mvp is, and their showmance to be ripped apart when she is sent out the door