Zach says I am the biggest a$$hole jerk and I am going to have b***hes lined up ..

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations: Caleb & Devin
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 00-52-56-634

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12:55am Up in the HOH room. Amber asks Caleb who do you think is the biggest target next? Caleb says that’s close I would say Donny. Caleb says Donny’s not beating me in an HOH! Not happening. Amber says you never know. Caleb says well unless its numbers. Amber says what about like the croquet one? Caleb says well yeah. He says it would be stupid for them to put up 4 strong players. If you give me 2 chances to pull myself off I will do it. Caleb says what would probably help would be to pray together. Amber says yeah any time anyone wants to pray I’m here. Amber says it sucks we’re the strongest in the house. Caleb says well I wouldn’t say you’re the strongest, I would say you’re an average girl that wants to win 500K. Caleb says I will tell you all those dudes will turn on us! Zach, Cody, etc. Amber says yeah Zach will. Caleb says Cody will too. Caleb says from here on out you and I hammock personal talk every week? Amber says do you have a lot of personal things to talk about? Caleb says yes. You and Me, Amber and Caleb get to know each other. Amber says I’m not saying yes, I know what you’re doing. Amber says I don’t know, maybe. Caleb says I don’t like maybe, I’ll take it but.. No, nope I’m not taking a maybe. Caleb says I bet your dad is thinking this guy lives so close to me I got to meet him. Amber says oh really!?

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 01-11-42-231

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1:10pm In the fire room – Victoria talks about how she is deathly scared of birds because when she was younger a crow picked her up. Victoria says that she sued the city she lives in because she fell while roller blading. She says that the cement was uneven and the shadows from the tree shadow made it so she couldn’t see. She says that she fell and broke her ankle. Everyone can’t believe that she actually sued her city. Victoria says that they pay a lot to make their city perfect and my dad’s friend is a lawyer. She says we sued for $6000. Christine says see that pisses me off! That makes me so mad stuff like that! America Sue happy. Chistine tells a story about someone trying to sue the Star Bucks she works at because they tripped on the umbrella. I can’t believe you sued your city because you fell for $6000. Victoria says we sued for $6000 but I didn’t really get that much. $2000 went to the lawyer and a $1000 went to medical. So I only really got $3000. Zach asks what did you do with the money? Victoria says I went India. Zach asks any more amazing stories like that? Because that story was amazing! Victoria says well someone tried to sue me because they ran into me with their car. Christine says see that’s America sue happy.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 01-14-24-871

1:25am Zach and Derrick are playing pool in the backyard. Derrick and Zach talk about how Cody is sitting pretty. Derrick asks who told you that Victoria was questioning me? Zach says it was Frankie or Christine. Derrick says we’ll I hope I don’t go home at her hand. Derrick says Victoria doesn’t know what’s going on, she doesn’t understand she’s on a show called big brother. Derrick and Cody talk about Brittany. Derrick says that Brittany is playing the game and then forgets and shows her true colors. He is going up next week for sure. Cody asks really? Derrick says throw out two HOH’s. Derrick says any one other than Jocasta and Donny as HOHs and Brittany will go up. Cody asks who’s the next target? Derrick says I think Victoria will be. Zach comes out. Cody says I think if Donny wins HOH it could be good for us because then he would go after Caleb and take him out. Derrick says Donny isn’t going for HOH. He already said he hopes he isn’t coming off as a competitor. They talk about Brittany. Derrick says Brittany will do whatever she wants. She has the balls and then some to put us up. Whereas Victoria can be manipulated to do whatever we what. Zach says I want her out. Derrick says yeah and watch you send her home and then the next week Brittany put you up and you’ll be wondering why did I get out Victoria because she will never put us up. Zach says maybe I just hate Victoria. Zach says we need a plan of action. First plan get Hayden down with us. Cody says he already is down with us. Zach says but we need to make it official. Zach says don’t think I want to win this HOH because if I don’t put up Donny, then Caleb would be mad. Cody says that doesn’t even matter Caleb is like Devin he thinks he has that numbers when he really has none. Zach asks do people think we’re as tight as we are? Derrick and Cody say no, they just think we play pool. Cody says that Celeb thinks that he will beat everyone in endurance. He’s not beating anyone. Derrick continues to talk about how he doesn’t trust Brittany. Derrick says she didn’t come to us once to say thank you for saving me. Cody says I get it and don’t trust her either but understand how you don’t trust her ever more.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 01-42-44-256

2:05am – 2:25am Caleb and Amber join them. Amber and Cody go inside to make food. Caleb tells Derrick and Zach how he just had another really great talk with Amber. Caleb starts talking about his mom and says Beast Mode Momma T! That woman is the rock for which I stand on.. Zach asks Caleb who are the last two HOH’s you would want up? Caleb says Donny and Victoria because she would put up whoever anyone tells her to put up. She doesn’t even know what game she’s in, she thinks she’s in summer camp. Caleb says it doesn’t even matter because no one will put me up. If you’re going to put me up you better backdoor me and if you do you better have the numbers because if you don’t I am coming after you. Caleb says if Amber doesn’t want to go out with me after ..what girl won’t be lined up to meet me and date me. Zach says right!! Zach says I am the biggest a$$hole jerk and I am going to have b***hes lined up .. Oh OH I didn’t mean that! I feel bad I used that b-word like that. Caleb says he didn’t mean it.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 02-20-31-853d

2:30am Amber, Cody, Zach, Christine and Caleb are sitting on the backyard couches. Cody asks why aren’t you sleeping Christine? Christine says that Victoria, Frankie and are snoring in the fire room. Caleb says that Devin is worse than 4 people snoring together. They continue to talk about random things. Zach talks about how he’s worried about what he said earlier being online typed up. Christine and Amber asks what he said. Caleb says he just called girls the b-word. Christine says I don’t think its that bad if you’re a horny guy talking about slicing women. Zach says I am just worried about it. Amber says I think if you just dance more and talk less you’ll be fine. Dance more and sleep more. Zach says but I don’t want to filter myself ..this is just me.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 02-40-59-941
2:30am – 3am UP in the HOH room – Cody comes up to the HOH room and asks how Derrick is? Derrick says that Zach pissed me off with Zach. I am a realist, I understand, but don’t tell the guy that just save you that you’re going to throw the HOH this week. Derrick says I don’t care if you’re going to throw it but don’t tell me after I just kept you safe that you’re going to throw it. When I get out of here I am not going to be disloyal or look like a rat. Cody agrees. Derrick says that Zach just talks too much. Cody talks about how Zach brought up a plan to tell Victoria to make an alliance with Donny. I told him not to do it. Cody says first off anything that he does that is asinine reflects bad on me. Derrick says even if you’re thinking of throwing a comp, you don’t tell people that. AND he told me right after he was going to throw it that Donny would put me up if he wins it. Cody brings up how he was play pool with Zach the other day and he told me he would backstab anyone. Don’t tell me when we’re in an alliance together that you’ll backstab anyone. I know what he meant but.. Derrick says I wanted to come in and be loyal to my boys to the end, kind of like the Brigade (Big Brother 12 alliance). The conversation turns to talking about Brittany and how they don’t really trust her. Cody says I never have a conversation with her and say okay things are good. I definitely don’t think she would put us up. Derrick agrees. Derrick says I am a little concerned about how you, Zach and Hayden talk about making an alliance. And I’m not worried about it because I understand you have to do what you have to do to tie up lose ends. I just don’t like how Hayden hasn’t mentioned it to me. So he isn’t being completely honest with me. I am just voicing my concerns. Zach was pissing me off. Him telling me all week he’s going to win this HOH and now telling me he’s throwing it!? Derrick tells Cody I hope you know how f**king down I am with you. I think you and me are playing the two best games in the house.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 02-41-25-856

3:10am – 3:30am Cody says I want to get Caleb out sooner than later. Derrick says I am down! They talk about trying to get Caleb out once the battle of the block twist ends. Derrick brings up how Zach said it was either Frankie or Christine that said they don’t trust me. How do you not know, we have nothing better to do.. Cody says it was Frankie because he would say if it was Christine. Derrick tells Cody I am taking you to the final two. I don’t care if it screws me and I get the 50K, I am not going to be a rat or screw you. Derrick says I am Caleb’s new Devin. If he tries to take a shot at you he’ll tell me before the HOH and that’s when we know we need to take him out. They bring up Victoria and Derrick says right now I am in good with her and I can get her to vote how we need her to vote. I get that later down the road she is a vote for me so we will need to get her out. I get that and I would even put her up in good faith to prove to you. Cody tells Derrick that he trusts him 100%. Derrick says I had a good feeling about you day two. They talk about how everyone of the best players have at least one person they could trust 100%. Cody says we need a name. Derrick says how about by Thursday live eviction we come up with a name? Cody says okay! I’m going down stairs to think about it.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 03-11-36-866

3:30am – 3:45am Caleb goes to take a cold shower. Amber is getting ready for bed. Caleb says its breath taking! It reminds me of basic training. Amber says I’ll turn on the hot water to make it even colder. Amber and Caleb head to bed in the havenot room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 03-40-20-014

9:30am – 10:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Brittany and Frankie are awake in the kitchen eating and putting away dishes. Donny’s in the living room by himself in silence. Brittany heads to the bathroom and starts getting ready for the day with Victoria. Victoria tells her about her dream where she dreamt they were all fat and ugly on tv and in the challenges. Brittany says I think about that everyday.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 10-04-27-161
Hayden gets up and says that his whole reason for getting up was to go outside but can’t because they’re on a lock down. Hayden joins Donny in the living room. Devin wakes up and lays on the living room couch with them. Devin asks do you think they’re already building the HOH comp? Hayden says I don’t know. Devin says usually they tell us. I want to say they’re fixing the hot tub because that sh*t don’t look right.

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Alliances (Some of these only a few of the members actually think the alliance is real the bombsquad is done but some people still think it’s real)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Feed watchers = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and hayden (still being built)

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Cody is accentual and literally going to use these 2 words in every sentence he speaks.


Derrick talked shit in how Devin ran his HOH, now look how Derrick is talking the same paranoid shit Devin did when he was HOH.


yes, totally agree. I am getting seriously concerned about Derrick, watching the AD, and seeing the notes here, is there EVER a single second that he isn’t whispering, conspiring, talking game with anyone at all? every single time he is with one or two other people, that is all he does. eventually someone is going to see he’s talking to me this way, and when he goes over and is one or one with someone else, they can see him one on one and knows exactly he’s doing it with them too!

Just seems really indiscreet to me. on the other hand, i can appreciate both him and Cody getting to F2 because they both play constantly and really hard, and that shows me they are in it, and deserving. Nicole and Christine I like, and would like to see going to the end, but both are far too timid about what they can or should be doing to get there. Britnay is showing far more spunk, as is Amber, even if those two aren’t likely to work together, they should be.

Victoria is a nutjob. Picked up by a CROW!!?? Does she even know what a crow is? they aren’t nearly big enough. i still can’t get over her thinking her PARENTS sent something to make sure she had this body wash or shampoo or whatever the heck it was. Like Caleb says, she thinks this is summer camp,.

Maya Bee

Being an HoH is a bittersweet thing and the power keeps you safe but it can also destroy you too.


Hasn’t seemed to ruffle any feathers though. But he’s definitely going to have to tone it down a bit next week when he isn’t HOH.
Wouldn’t call him Helen just yet.

Little man syndrome

Oh my god….please let the HoH comp be endurance and PLEASE let somebody beat Caleb. I would love for it to be Donny. Just imagine the excuses Caleb will come up with for losing….because he WILL have an excuse other than he just sucks.

Oh Caleb

“Caleb says we’ll I wouldn’t say you’re the strongest, I would say you’re an average girl that wants to win 500K. ”

Great way to compliment your girl there, Caleb. I’m sure she’s in love with you now. This kid needs a reality check so bad, and I hope he gets it on national television.


I’m starting to get bored with this season, one of Cody, Derick and Zach really needs to leave to shake the house. I’m already seeing Caleb winning the next HOH and it’ll be another snoozefest week.


Your mom is another snoozefest week.


So am I. You can just about see where this is heading. Derrick and Cody and Donny in the final three. No one in the house will vote those three out. They won’t vote Derrick and Cody because they’re afraid and they won’t vote Donny because he’s too nice. Please explain why Derrick is so mad at Zach? Zach hasn’t changed. He’s the same person he was last week when he was put on the block, but he refused to both see and accept that. He was too focus on his family and his money and wanted Devin out. Devin told all of them this last week, Zach was not to be trusted. I wonder who Derrick will regret sending home now? Devin or Zach when he had the chance. Everyone complains about Zach sleeping, but Zach is playing the game. Dr. Will or not, it would be nice to see Zach be the one to take Derrick out. Derrick is right to be worried about Zach, but he’s to stupid to do anything about it. Yet he thinks he’s a great player. Good he be but not great, because he talked trash last week saying Pao had to go because she threw a comp and Pao denied it, but keeps Zach when Zach tells him to his face, he’s going to throw HOH! That makes no sense. Then Derrick says he’s loyal to all the guys, but yet he’s mad at Zach for being the same thing he is and seems proud to be and that’s loyal. Derrick is either very contradictory, hypocritical, or simply not thinking before he speaks. Something tells me Zach May be the one to watch this season. The one guy no one has mentioned of putting on the block or BD’ing. And with Frankie help Zach is going to go far. Let’s watch and see. It seems Derrick and Codyy along with Donny May make it to the end based on what we’re seeing and hearing, but I think Zach and Frankie are going to be more like Dr. Will and Mike boogie, and not Derrick and Cody. Again, let’s wait and see.


I think the reason why Derrick is pissed at Zach for saying he’s throwing the HOH is because he’s not being a team player. By winning HOH, he keeps “his boys” safe, just like Derrick did this week. For his game, Derrick needs an ally as HOH. It’s not similar to the case of PowPow at all. I think Zach is just shooting his mouth off (as Cody said).


Caleb and Amber need to Go Home! They’re anti Donny. Sure hope Donny can find some true allies soon.
Team Beard till the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donny had true allies but he keeps getting talked into sending them home. (Devin and Pao). Yes he voted for Pao to stay, but he didn’t help campaign for her. He listened in on people come to him saying Zach was staying, but he never gave a reason why it was better for everyone if Zach went home. He followed the same 7 why everyone keeps saying 8 I have know clue because Devin is not in the 8 anymore. He seems to be going along to get along instead of playing the game. It’s never too early in the game to get out your threats no matter the target on you, because what they have never done in big brother was gather the under dogs together or the women stick together against the men. These women get so petty and jealous of each other instead of realizing its a game for only three months. Who cares about any of the petty stuff? Joey tried to tell them but they’re getting picked off one by one. Nicole will be the last girl standing like Brittany was on another season, but they’ll never take her to the end not even Hayden.


Hayden took Devins spot. that’s why people are saying the alliance of 8.


The funny thing is it was DEvin and Caleb who invited him in to take Zach’s spot.

Even more funny is how the bombsquad is still a thing with Caleb and Amber. If either of them win HOH it’ll be Bombsquad to jury talk all week.


Derrick and Codys biggest mistake thus far in the game was going out of their way to keep Britt thats what started the blow up of the bombsquad they should of just let her go and get evicted she is of no use to them its like lugging around a dead body .I think Derrick and Codys days r numbered they r getting way to cocky and i hope they both leave b4 jury. DONNY AND HAYDEN FINAL 2 FOR THE WIN PLEASE….


Im sorry but christine is hard to look at ..

julies's Glitter

How dare they force you to look at a female who isn’t a super model.


There’s plenty of girls in between super model and road kill so Ares does have a point.

Caren in Canada

Christine IMO is a very ugly girl, and it has not one dayum thing to do with reflections in a mirror, but EVERYTHING to do with her outlook, and attitude towards just about everyone in that house! Other than her own alliance, she does not have a single nice thing to say about anybody in that house! he is just one very mean, and very ugly young lady, and I hope it comes back to bite her in her tattooed ass!

K Kelly

You think Christine is hard to look at? Then you will never survive looking at Jocasta. She is absolutely homely. Poor child. She runs around acting all Godly and shit. Somehow it just doesn’t fit. I don’t doubt it, it just doesn’t fit.

Vero fowler

I dont like that Donny is the next target I tought Derrick was going to protect is TA but I guess the power get to his head now and he forgot about this alliance. Starting to get boring the pretty boys and their queens will surf all the way to jury. I almost wish Devon stay this week.


I’ve been saying that since the TA started. I originally THOUGHT they were going to stay true together, but literally the next day I was reading crap Derrick was saying about Donny and I don’t get it. The only thing I can think of is that Derrick believes he can’t beat Donny in Final 2.


I don’t think anyone will beat Donny. Donny will be like Jeff won’t win BB, but will win Americas favorite. This is the only reason I think Donny will win BB, because I don’t think any winner has own both BB and Americas favorite. And seriously besides Donny who would win Americas favorite at this point in the game?


I could be wrong, but I don’t think you can win both (BB and America’s Favorite).

That said, I think people are concerned that if they’re sitting next to Donny at the end then they probably won’t win the $500k. And I get it – the whole point is to win the $500k. That said, I still don’t get Derrick’s rush to get him out. Why not at least keep him as a vote and get rid of him later?


I wish Derrick would go up so we can watch him go into panic mode.


I love how Zach pretends he is an A88hole, but deep down he is such a sensitive and caring guy. Drop the tough guy attitude kiddo.

Detroit Girl

He’s pretending? Oh…


yeah he really plays with too much heart, honestly. It shapes all his decisions, he is more worried about appearing tough than actually being tough.


You might be as dumb as the girls there.


Ok I like Cody but what the hell has he done to think he has been playing the best game? (with Derrick) ? lol


“Derrick tells Cody I hope you know how f**king down I am with you. I think you and me are playing the two best games in the house.”
Cody didn’t say his game was the best. Derrick did.


“DERRICK tells CODY I hope you know how f**king down I am with you. I think you and me are playing the two best games in the house.”
Cody didn’t say his game was the best. Derrick did.


oops, I thought my first post didn’t work… sry.


Zach again calling women the B word. Good editing saved him when he called Victoria one. IT also prevented people from seeing his rant with Pow.
Are they going to allow this one to get through?


Just wondering–what are the mattresses made of in the Have Not Room? Is it like Blue Ice?


Donny for Oldest America favorite houseguest!!!!!!!!!!!

julies's Glitter

Donny for Coolest America’s favorite houseguest!


I want Zach to go home just because he thinks he’s going to smooth sail to week 8. Him and Cody too actually.

Mister E

It’s about time for another twist. I’m thinking this Thursday we will see another twist. Since its supposed to be more twist this season than ever. Think we need to shake things up a bit. To many people feeling safe and relaxing. How about a twist involving working in pairs and get handcuffed together. And Cody and amber get handcuffed together. Then we can watch Caleb go crazy

kathie from canada

How about something really different. What if there were a couple of random and unexpected swap passes given out just as a houseguest is evicted. With the pass, that player could swap places with a safe houseguest on the spot! No meetings, no nothing! That way until someone walks out, everyone is on pins and needles.


I think next week if say Donny/ Brittany won HoH out of some huge freak accident
It would great if the pool table where the nominations, Hysterical
Derrick/Cody and Zach/Amber
“Y’all best win the BoB… no throwing it or yah might not be safe.”
Brittany’s nominations win safety
and Derrick and Cody have to fight for PoV
Y’all best win that PoV or you may be out.
PoV not used
and the real fun of the Zach attack happens
Cody/Derrick turn on each other
Caleb go’s beast mode
Frankie talks crap but against who? abs or Team America.?
Fun for the whole Big Brother Power Power Flip Fans
It will never ever happen… but a Big Brother fan can dream LOL


This scenario is bang on for what I want to see happen,


Seeing as Donny has won a few comps now, him winning HoH isn’t unlikely at all.

smd nicole

caleb is pretty much the same person as jessie….. but he isn’t as strong and he can’t make women think he died when he gets evicted


I said the same thing, Caleb is an arrogant a** just like Jessie


How wonder Zach heard the rumor that he is the cousin of Amanda? Probably both are loud mouth!!!


With Devin leaving this week, this season is about to turn into the Derrick show… ugh…. I don’t understand why he thinks that he is making such great moves. Just because you talk game with everyone, doesn’t make you a good player thus far. He wasn’t really done anything.. He luckily won a HOH that had nothing to do with skill, then he won the battle of the block because Caleb threw the comp. With everyone acting like this is trip to Camp Sweet Water, I don’t see anyone making this season memorable.


They should change the HOH rules, I think the current HOH should always be able to play for HOH.

That`s why players like Devin does not make far. And Floaters always make far.

If everybody could play for HOH every week, nobody would be scared to be HOH.
Like Devin could have won HOH again, and again and again.

and for example Big Brother Brasil give prizes for the HOH, such as money, cars etc.

this american rules allows people just to float the whole game and make it to the end.

and also in Brasil HOH can only put up 1 person on the block, then all the other house guest vote and the person with most votes goes up on the block.


I agree! Allowing the house guest to compete in consecutive HOHs would put a fun twist on the game. It would really show who the stronger players are, and get rid of the COWARDLY WAY (Derrick) of getting someone out which is backdooring and not giving someone a chance to save them self.

Detroit Girl

Totally agree! Backdooring is a chicken $h!t way to get people out. Since we’re stuck, can’t wait til it’s don’t to Derrick. His ego grows to annoying proportions daily, so much for protecting Team America!

Detroit Girl

* done to* stupid autocorrect


devin got a chance to save himself, he played in pov and got beaten by Donny…


It’s still considered a backdoor because everyone on the block is being used as a pawn when Devin is the real target. Derrick is calling it a backdoor, everyone is calling it a backdoor. Even if he didn’t play in the veto, they still would have used the veto to take someone off the block and put him up.

Maya Beet's

I think that’s an excellent idea to protect the strong players and make the floaters actually play the game. The only problem is an unlikable player will become the dictator of the house. lol But it would be interesting to see.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a season of that where everybody could play for HOH. Too bad they didn’t do it this year. It would have been hilarious. I get they don’t won’t one or two people dominating but as long as they mix up the type of comps and games it could help. And make where some of them have to have more “fire” than what they do sometimes.


I like what you’re saying here, but if all the houseguests vote to put someone on the block, isn’t that the obvious person to go home?


I agree. They have run into a similar problem, like in season 1. The houseguest nominated who went up, and then America chose who went home. The only problem with that is it became a popularity contest and the people who were actually playing the game got cut short because they weren’t liked by a certain group of people. It’s kind of been a challenge for CBS to keep a fair balance in the game, that’s why they keep throwing in different twist every season. In my opinion, they need to just get back to the basics. ONE hoh, Pov, Slop. That’s all big brother needs. No Team America, Saboteur, Duo Twist, 16 pandora’s boxes in one season to manipulate the game. JUST A HOH, POV, SLOP, maybe a diamond power of veto, maybe.


oops, I thought my first post didn’t work… sry.


i really hope donny and jocasta win hoh this week in put up caleb and frankie and amber and chrristina and let see if frankie want caleb to save amber caleb think he could win every hoh i hope its a question hoh in he think he could winn endurance too you a big men caleb that what going to get you on that endurance but i dont think it will be that for hoh this week i think it going to be question a-b


Caleb says He won’t take a maybe… I think you won’t take a No either and that is what should have any girl worried of you are into her. All of Amber’s behavoirs apparently show she isn’t into Caleb.

Bullet Bill

Caleb is so creepy with Amber. Dude went from “in love” to “full blown stalker” in like 2 minutes.


Is it just me or is Amber super annoying? She has a vendetta against Donny for no reason, she keeps leading crazy Caleb on instead of telling him how she feels straight up and she uses people’s stuff.


Maybe she isn’t telling him straight up because she’s scared or poke the crazy since it’s temporary. Some men won’t take no for an answer anyway. Plus she’s not privy to every conversation he’s having about her. And I find straight up mean girl cattineess more annoying from some of the other women in the house over Amber. As a matter of fact I’m more irriated with Amber (in the game) because she’s not more of b*tch and more aware of things and people in the


Simon and/or Dawg – can you clarify where this has been said? I’ve seen posts where other houseguests have said Donny and Amber don’t like each other, but I’ve never read where Donny/Amber have actually said anything specific.


Thank you for explaining!


It’s just you


No she’s annoying but not as bad as Victoria and Christine

BB lover

Here we go again with the Amber hate it’s not her fault she has a stalker chasing after her she already told him she doesn’t like him. And all the girls do besides Jocasta is talk crap about her behind her back and say she talks about them when she doesn’t.Also let’s not forget when it comes to Donny he did try to get Nicole to nominate her and Christinewhen they were suppose to be close that’s why she’s pissed at him.


It’s my understanding that he tried to get Christine nominated with Amber. In other words, Amber was already a definite choice (especially after Nicole’s meeting with Derrick). So if Amber is really upset with Donny for that reason, then she’s an idiot. First of all, she put Nicole on the block so what’s the difference? Second of all, she was pretty much never in jeopardy of going home given the fact that A) Caleb was planning on throwing the comp and B) even she stayed on, there was a 90% chance Devin would have still ended up either in place of her or Donny.


Caleb and Derrick are always talkng about floaters and how they don’t want people who just sit around to win Big Brother. I don’t even think there are any floaters yet except for maybe Jocasta who seems to not even realize shes in a game. I think people are just trying to lay low for the first couple weeks….which would totally be my way of game play in there if I was in the house….I think the true game really begins after about 6-7 weeks. I dislike usually the people that play too hard too fast defineatly if these people were true fans and good players they would get out Cody, Derrick, Amber and Frankie.

Haters gonna hate

These comments are hilarious. When someone is nice but plays a sucky game, everyone likes them. When folks are playing a great game, but HOW DARE THEY BE COCKY, you hope they leave.

Haters. They be hatin’. All day. All night.

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Best comment ever! So true. The BB fans act like Devin, Caleb, Amber, and Derrick are the anti-christ because they are competitive. Meanwhile the lazy house guests like Chris, Nicole, Zack, Cody, Brit, and Heydan are saints. I tend to look at the show with common sense.


Brittany doesn’t seem lazy to me in the least. She tries hard at comps; she’s tried to work herself into an alliance (which is now why Derrick has decided he doesn’t trust her); and she’s constantly cooking and cleaning.


So many posters here are definitely reamers. Even have a few people that thumb down comments that make no sense to rate one way or the other. Weird. I’m just glad that none of the cast is anywhere near as bad as last year.


There can’t be floaters in a 20 Alliance House… Floaters don’t have an Alliance and I think everybody has an Alliance in that House… even people that aren’t in that house have an Alliance in that House. PowPow and Joey just started a new Alliance and they are thinking about inviting Devin to join so they can go all the way.


oh, and what about the Weirdos alliance: Nicole, Christine, and Hayden? (maybe they will add Donny?)

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They won’t add Donny because he’s not “cool” enough and he doesn’t look like them…he’s different. It’s ironic how Nicole, Cristine, and Heydan act as if they are the “outsiders” but in reality I don’t think they are very open to people that are different or from a different background. Just my observation.


Ugh. My god, they’re so boring. Once Devin leaves, this season is going to be another Big Brother-Season 1.


I am disappointed in Zach. no, not with the stupid stuff he has said, but just how much potential he has, but really is just going to blow it with that quick temper he has anytime he fails, and not focusing on the game at hand. he will have some great thought, then out comes something really stupid

he is a true boogie wanna-be, and he fails at it. sucks, I had hoped to root for him this summer as he caused trouble and tricked people. he simply can’t.


damn britt spends the most time getting ready (45 mins and still working at it) than any other girl in the house! and the results aren’t even worth it. she is one vain bitch.

K Kelly

So is Queen Vic


Of course your anonymous. She also spends most time cleaning cooking but oh that’s ok cause it’s for everyone else.
She’s definitly the most clear thinker in fact the only one close is derrick the cop and he got hoh itis pretty quick wake up derrick the tide is turning and you are pushing too hard


Britt literally has almost 24 hours a day ( she doesn’t sleep ) to do nothing. I personally love doing my hair I would spend so much more time on hair and makeup. Who cares if they have nothing to do. It kills time and she can do nothing with nice hair and makeup.


“Caleb says he (Zach) just called girls the b-word. Christine says I don’t think its that bad if you’re a horny guy talking about slicing women”
Wow…. So now Zach gets a pass for his misogynist outburst but let it been Devin… It would have been a bash fest; even if he apologizes they wouldn’t wanna hear it. It’s unbelievable how certain people can get away with saying things and not become a reason for getting evicted. I can’t with this cast they are ridiculous.

Lady Luck

Derrick is so annoying with his ‘Britnney does not Trust me/I can’t trust her” talks. Like what is his obsession with it, you control most of the house…Put her on the block and vote her out. I don’t think anybody would really care if she goes.

K Kelly

I just wish they would get rid of Frankie. What a slimey snake he is. They are are oblivious to him!

K Kelly

Oh yeah, then Queen Victoria. We sue, we don’t have to work!


If someone could clarify for me. Can production bounce Caleb for pushing himself on Amber? He seems unstable and obsessive. Thanks.


Lockdown… we have had HoH, BoB and PoV what is going on… Could it be a surprise Double Eviction Week… My guess is that it is a good old fashioned luxury give away… I can’t imagine building an HoH comp this early in the week. Could they be doing a practice for another dumb luck comp… maybe it something to do with memory. They will have to remember things for the next HoH. Oh well it is Big Brother.
Hope it is a surprise Double Eviction Week LOL. That would be a throw off for everyone.


Once Devin gets evicted, I have a feeling the house is going to get boring. He brought the right kinda drama, we love to hate those types of HGs… I’m kinda hoping production pull some type of magic in the DR like they’ve done so many times before, and save Devin… They’ve been known to change a HG mind in the DR, remember Shelly BB13?.. That could happen again.

Creepleb is still enamored with Amber, and she don’t even like the dude, but instead of “prematurely blowing the rape whistle” she’s using him to stay safe.

Zach is going to blow his and Frankie’s game….

Christina is going to continue to lay low and do nothing, relying on Nicole and Hayden.

Jocosta will continue to be a pawn nomination, til her lucks runs out..

Britney is just a eviction waiting to happen, give a few more weeks.

Victoria is… wait, she’s still in the house right?

Cody and Derrick, might have the best shot at winning, Derrick more-so….


LOL…yes Victoria is still in the house…but, she can’t be as dumb as she is pretending…at least I hope not.


Is it me or is this the season of the “beast”?!?

Seriously, I’ve never heard that term used so much – I feel like everyone in the house has used it and most of them use it often.


Why is Zach so mean to Vic?
Vic’s story about the crow had me dying
Always saying he wants her out there are bigger targets!

A Nonny Mouse

Derrick is acting like a don, with this~ people don’t thank me because I don’t put them up~ garbage. He needs to be put up so that he realizes he’s not sitting pretty in the house.