Big Brother Spoilers Zach – “We won’t have to fight for our life until week 8“

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations: Caleb & Devin
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

BB16-2014-07-14 19-21-16-849

7:17pm HOH Frankie and Victoria
Doing a Jewish prayer. Frankie’s kabbalah bracelet was taken away, he requested 3 times to get it back but was denied. He asked a third time and it was given to him. At some point Victoria was told her family would be watching she looks at the camera and blows a kiss says hi.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-14 19-38-18-650
nutritional components of Slop
Big_Brother_16-2014-07-14 19-51-42-137

7:33pm brittany is making some BBQ chicken salad For Nicole and Frankie.. Frankie comments on how amazing it looks. she says presentation is very important. Nicole frankie and think she should write a book. Brittany ‘s friends always tell her she should start a blog about “budget cooking”
Victoria joins them. THey offer her some of the salada. She says she can’t it’s not kosher.
7:51pm Backyard couches.. A bunch of houseguest chit chat. Talking about reality shows they like. Frankie loves top model. Says Cody should go on it. Cody doesn’t think he could the guys on that are very very thin. Amber joins them they ask her about modelling and where she stands based on heights. Amber tells them she’s 5 feet 9 inches whichs is the minimum for runway. Camera zooms in on Victoria’s glare.
Big_Brother_16-2014-07-14 20-02-20-114
8:00pm Derrick and Amber
Amber thinks everyone is going to vote the right way. Derrick think it’s going to go as planned “I’ve spoken to every single person .. everyone was candid on getting him out”
Amber says she’s nervous about the people not in the bombsquad. Derrick says he is to he doesn’t get to play they are all in danger. Derrick hopes this week is endurance because he’s cool with most of them. Amber asks him who are the 9 people in the jury. Derrick dodges the questions says they have two more weeks, “It’s either a 9 or a 7 I think it’s 9” Amber doesn’t think Devin deserves to be in jury.
Amber is worried about Victoria, Jocasta, Brittany and Donny.
Derrick doesn’t know Victoria has been living in the HOH all week. Derrick tells her if Nicole and Christine win the HOH they might put her up you don’t know what their plan is. Amber says she’s good with Christine, Derrick – “Bad Example.. Victoria” Amber adds Brittany.
Amber thinks Caleb has made her a huge risk in the game.
Derrick says Devin’s personality is ugly, “Don’t be shocked on Thursdays if you hear some boos”
Derrick – As long as Caleb is in this house you will never be the target, “I don’t think anyone has the b@lls to put Caleb up yet”
8:22pm Derrick says the fans want Devin out. If he was sitting on his couch watching the show he would being saying get that guy out.


Big_Brother_16-2014-07-14 20-17-10-631

8:16pm Cody, Hayden and Frankie working out Frankie leading.. Cody stops half threw because of his shoulder. It’s pretty brutal after they are finished Hayden raises his arms up wishes it would rain (See image) Hayden starts to scream says he feels like he’s in a movie.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-14 20-33-08-900

8:32pm Hayden and Derrick
THey are guessing they won’t go up but Hayden would still want to win it.
Hayden says with Donny he’s so back and forth, “He’s a good guy most of the things said about him are rumours.. I think the majority of the things” Derrick says the only thing he knows for certain is Donny is playing the game. Derrick and Hayden agree that JOcasta and Victoria’s are floaters but Donny is playing. Hayden says Donny likes them, Derrick – “He definitely likes you”
Derrick says you never know with Donny he might win the HOH this week and you and cody find yourself on the block because he thinks you are a threat. Hayden thinks Donny likes Cody, Zach and Derrick he’s never said anything bad or good about them. Donny is good at mental and not bad at physical so he might be pretty strong player. Derrick wants Donny before jury. Hayden says this week is a no brainer it would make no sense to evict Caleb of DEvin.
(During their stretching/run they find a dead ‘bug’? the ants are taking all over it. See images below)

8:51pm Storage room Derrick Caleb and hayden
Caleb laughing says tonight will be the night he tries to cuddle with Amber. Derrick laughs when he sees him with a hand print he’ll know what happened.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-14 20-55-05-992
9:00pm Donny, Hayden and Brittany looking at stars and eating icecream. Brittany made something special for Hayden to eat. they
Donny asks them what their highs and lows were
Hayden mentions something about his run today.
Donny – “bad answer.. how about when the little froggy hopped over and gave you a hug was that better than a run”
Hayden – ya
Caleb joins them they asks his highs and lows were ?
Calebs lows are getting woken up and eating slop
Brittany – That was the same as Hayden”
Caleb’s Highs was able to walk around talk to people and not game talk it was a day off.
(Before HAyden and caleb come by Donny, frog Brittany and Zach are talking. Zach asks Donny if Devin really did come to him and ask him about votes. Donny says Devin came up to him and Asked him if he can get the 6 votes. Donny told him no he doesn’t see it happening)
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Big_Brother_16-2014-07-14 21-09-21-698

9:40pm Hammock Zankie
Frankie tells him about the conversation with Devin earlier today where he said “They” wanted him to campaign. Frankie tols Devin not to it’ll only make him look worse.
Zach – “We won’t have to fight for our life until week 8 “
Frankie asks him if Brittany and Jocasta were up on the block who would he vote for.
Zach – Jocasta” Zach explains he wouldn’t vote for Brittany over Frankie, Derrick, Cody or Christine.
Zach adds that Brittany cleans and cooks she great to have around. Frankie thinks its a very smart strategy points out that Victoria and Jocasta do absolutely nothing.
Zach says all victoria does is change her clothes.
Frankie thinks that “Jocasta’s Strategy is to convince everyone they would be sinning against god to put her up”
Zach – “Really.. that won’t work on me”
Frankie adds he’ll still put Jocasta up she’s an amazing person but in the game she has to go. Zach – She’s going up for sure next week.. for sure”
Frankie says Caleb hates Cody a lot.
Frankie is most worried if Jocasta and Brittany win the HOH because they have no idea what they are doing. Frankie thinks he would go up. Frankie says the 8 alliance is strong right now.
Zach thinks the targets within their alliance is Amber. Caleb, Cody and Christine. He’s not seeing them go up. Zach and Frankie talk about their final 2 deal. Zach doesn’t care if he wins it or not he just wants to get to the end. Frankie mentions what Zach did last week was huge, Caused all that drama called out Devin and still stayed in the house by a vote of 10-2.

Derrick and Frog join them..

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Jocosta is invisible.


holy ghost?

Nicole Frog

Oh no a ghost, where?


I like Derrick but why does he have to be such an ass and say that Donny should be evicted before jury… I’m pretty sure Donny needs that money more than half of the people in that house (most of them have or come from money) At least let him get his jury money if he’s not gonna win, why go out of your way to ruin that. That’s messed up! Now I’m hoping Donny wins HOH and sends one of his minions home preferably Christine.

Michael LB

I don’t know why but it really bugs me when people say someone should win Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race and so on because “they need the money.” If one really needs money stay home and find a job or find a better paying job, going on a game show should not be the answer to your problems.

Instead, I think the prize money should go to whomever plays the best game, regardless of what their financial situation may be at home. Just my opinion, sure many will disagree.

I Don't Like Derrick

I hope he sends Derrick home. After all, Derrick is “fucking with his money.” HYPOCRIT!!


Donny is fake and gotta go.

Well if the person that should win is the one that needs the money the most. Then Devin, Britanny or Derrick should win because they have children.
Donny is single, that means he does not need to money.

You have no clue what you are talking about, everybody needs the money and that`s why they are on the show.

And yeah I dont like Derrick but Donny gotta go before jury


…. …. ….. I just wrote her name 3 times and thats all that appeared….she’s a ghost


Are those Amber’s scarves Caleb keeps wearing around his head? Such a tool.


They should stick a sign on his back.. “(arrow pointing up) I’m with stupid.”


How about simply, “I AM Stupid.”? Less confusing.


hey everybody i just like to say im a huge huge fan of donny i think he should win the whole think hes funny respecful honest in a good person to me i will love to be on big brother with donny we have a great time i be lol so hard they ask me to stop donny not only playing the game hes having a great time this is what i call big brother having a great time but sill playing the game donny all the way

Amanda's Cousin

Why are they not allowed to sing? On non strategic big brother editions, all the houseguests do is sing.

kathie from canada

I think it was explained in earlier years of BB that houseguests can’t sing because of copyright laws. I assume that means that BB might owe royalties??


it’s due to FCC regulations on national broadcast TV. they can’t air any of the footage of them singing without paying BMI & ASCAP for the royalties to the songs they’re singing.


Hey Simon, just want to say, Thank You, for everything you do for cats. I Love Cats! =^. .^=


I know Devin has played a bad game and burned bridges with people but I feel sorry him, seeing him by himself all the time. No one deserves that, not even crazy Devin! He’s the only reason the 1st two weeks of the game were so exciting for the viewers.


“Zach says all victoria does is change her clothes.”

LOL…too funny!




haha – frog (not christine!) said she wants to cuddle with hayden. 🙂


No I don’t think any of the house guest are ever allowed to sing or whistle. No singing because of copy rights and what not. I cant remember if they were allowed to sing “Happy Birthday” even when it was someones B-Day.


I also think its funny how Devin is “okay with everything Bro” and ready to go home, Yet he starts asking how many votes he could get? So are you done or are you still playing the game? I hope he goes for real.


That guy is n e v e r going to stop playing the game. His ego won’t let him. No judgement.


He SHOULD keep playing. Besides production is pushing him to.


I swear these house guests are like sheep, they follow whoever can provide for them, blindly, while the wolves slowly pick them off while no one notices.


It’s the females. They’re basically just hanging out at the house with the ‘hot guys’. I think Amber and Britt are the only two who might want to play the game and not get involved in this cutesy stuff, but they’re too weak and too few. Victoria, Nicole, Christine… just, why are they even there. I may as well include Pow and Jocasta in there. This female group needed an ass-kicker or two.

The 3 guys (derrick, zack, cody) will kill anything in its tracks if they pick the right order of people to take out, unless something changes or some bad luck strikes.


Are we watching the same game? I think Amber is one of the biggest sheep in the game. She literally has no idea what to do. Nicole and Christine probably have the most information about where people stand and who’s aligned with who in the entire house.


I just can’t with Caleb anymore. Lord knows I’ve tried. He’ll have a perfect Christian wife and home by 30….bible study every night. Is that in between hocking your physique for heaven knows what during the day? He’s going to fast in prayer until Thursday in between trying to play grab ass with his queen while she’s unconscious. I really think this guy lives in a complete fantasy world in his mind ( or in his Levi’s ). He is amazing, tho. Never saw anyone not get the picture AT ALL. Myself? I hope he stays around. The junk that’s going to go down between he, Amber and Cody is going to be worth the price of admission.


Yeah, I listened to that. Creepy. He’s the kind of guy that might snap and do something really crazy in a few years. I do think that Amber’s family are rightly worried. (if you go to Amber’s website, there is an interview with her family — google “Caleb’s Obsession: Amber’s Family Speaks”


I cant defend Devin anymore if hes gonna go out like this….id be talking so much shit and calling every body out id become the monster they all want me to be id make all their nightmares a reality not an hour would go by without me talking about the bomb squad and making sheep noises and telling the outsiders how their going to be taken out one by one…if i still go home oh well im gonna leave with my head held high and i wouldnt give a damn about being booed

Roisen Dubh

Dear God, Derrick does not shut up. Frankie is the only one to realize How huge Zach’s meltdown on Devin was.I thought the last season were a bunch of dummies, but these guys are staring to amaze me with their stupidity. It’s getting Jim Jones level here.

Where's the fridge?

Why isn’t there a refrigerator in the kitchen?


The large metal drawers are the fridge/freezer in the kitchen.

Where's the fridge

Oh. I never even realized there wasn’t one in the kitchen until I saw Hayden get milk for his cereal from the storage room and Caleb get ice out of a cooler on the counter. I thought it was dumb to have the only fridge in the in the house in the storage room on the other side of the house.

Greg G

They said he’s the worst player in Big brother history, No I would rank David BB15 or rather Joey this season. And to be honest, none of the guys in the house has awesome game play. What big power moves have they made? Nothing…
Back-dooring a person that majority of the house dislike isn’t a power play its a DUH play. Sorry Derrick you don’t get the role of being a power player for that. Any one who became HOH would have done it. Its not rocket science to do what you did Derrick.


How old did Frankie tell the house guests he was? He is 31 right? On after dark tonight Brittany and Caleb were talking about how mature some of the guys were for their ages and they thought Frankie was older than he was. I see him as immature for a 31 year old so I’m confused.


We’ll see if Caleb keeps his fast pledge and if he does how crazy will it make him? Obviously he doesn’t watch BB. Never Ever do anything extreme when you’re on the block. Give it another day as HN and no food and they Cody flirts with Amber. Now that should be fun to watch.


Derrick says Jeff played the game and didn’t look like a putz, “He’s a prime example of being who you are as a person”

Well, Derrick obviously didn’t watch the feeds because Jeff was a complete and utter a$$hole. The only reason he made it far was because he was production’s pet 2.0 (right after Jordumb of course!) sorry, but I was soooo over those 2 by BB13


Clown shoe…nuff said

smd nicole



Zack so should have gone. He is so boring, stupid and imature

And things keep going and if we have Zack, Cody, Derrick, in the final 3… will be the wrost season ever


First off, Zach is great. There are several people in the house who are far more boring and way dumber than him. As frankie pointed out, Zach’s speech against Devin last week turned out to be a great game move for him. It was not only entertaining, but puts him in a strong position for building a case for himself should he make it to final 2.

Secondly, I’m not sure how many seasons of Big Brother you watched…but season 9’s cast was beyond trashy and will in all likelihood always be the worst season ever. The winner went on to be thrown in prison for using his winnings to finance a drug ring.


I think Frankie is lying to him, pumping him up. He wants him to take their final two seriously. It was a dumbass move that could’ve been avoided by just saying “you’re right devin”, even once, or just shutting his mouth.
It was very entertaining but not smart or strategic. It was some sort of pouty little fit he had, and he’s lucky Devin is so untrustworthy or he would’ve been gone. I think Zach gets bored easily and loses his patience. Like this week, he was the one on the get Caleb out quest until Derrick talked him down. He lost interest in his one target Devin quickly, didn’t he?

Detroit Girl

Funniest points:
“Amber tells them she’s 5 feet 9 inches whichs is the minimum for runway. Camera zooms in on Victoria’s glare.”
“Victoria comes up to them says she’s craving something sweet what should she do. Frog says eat”

Thanks Simon & Dawg for the constant laughs! Will remind husband to use your Amazon link


Hahaha those are funny.

julies's Glitter

What is Caleb wearing around his head? They look like giant scarves. Did he bring them, or is he using the girls clothes?

A Nonny Mouse

He’s using Amber’s dresses as scarves. Well, at least it’s not her skin :p


I guess Derrick the fortune teller i think Devin going to get a lot of boo’s haha!!! I hope Donny and Jocasta win HOH


I guess Derrick the fortune teller i think Devin is going to get a lot of boo’s .I hope Donny and Jocasta win HOH