Zach – “He’s (Johnny) like she’ll (Sarah) put you and Kev up.. right now if she wins”

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 10
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-13 16-24-09-052

7:26pm BBTV Talent Show pt2 (For part one see this post)
Sarah does a comedy routine.

Willow does a interpretive dance.

Pilar draws a picture of Jordan but mostly just giggles..

Kevin does a juggling trick

Brittnee, Bobby and Bruno do a early 90’s hip hop dance routine. (They end up winning the talent show)
Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-13 16-44-28-048
They successfully complete the task and will all get take part in a Wrap party.

9:00pm Feeds back
HOH Bruno, Kevin, Zach and Johnny. They mention Jordan had a ear piece and production was telling im what to say. They mention how they “Killed” it today with BBTV. Bruno wonders how many tweets they got.

Throughout the house they are getting ready for the wrap party tonight.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-13 18-16-16-948

9:16pm Sarah and Zach Bedroom
Sarah says the BBTV was a good thing because it prevented Johnny from talking sh!t all day.
Sarah – He’s trying hard i know
Zach – Ohhh
Sarah – ya
Zach – mmmh hmm
Sarah – harder than I think even
Zach – Umm probably not harder than you think..
Sarah – but I’m good still
Zach – 100
Sarah thinks it will be a questions HOH competition
Zach – we should study together
Sarah – thank you for everything
Zach – just keep what you are doing
Sarah – he’s not mentioning us is he.. our thing
Zach – he’s going against you.. if he can’t show he has value he needs to make you look like the bad girl.. If he throws you under the bus don’t worry about it
Sarah – there’s no way what he’s saying could be true..
Zach says Johnny has been telling him that Sarah will flip, “Don’t worry about it it’s fine… he’s 100% game playing”
Sarah – of course
Zach – he’s like she’ll put you and Kev up.. right now if he wins.
Zach – don’t worry I trust you 100%
Points out that they’ve been together since Naeha even before that.
Sarah – that’s so funny that is what he’s saying
Zach – It brought so little concern to me.. it’s desperation to stay in the house

Some posts that highlighting Sarah/Johnny talking game then Johnny spilling the beans to Zach.

Sarah and Johnny Gummy bear strategy talk

Johnny spills the beans to Zach

9:35pm Feeds cut as the houseguests are in HOH lockdown.
Production must be getting ready for the wrap party.
Will it be shown? Probably
Will there be booze? Probably not enough

10:24pm Feeds blocked.
11:07pm Feeds blocked.
12:00am Feeds blocked.
1:08am Feeds blocked.
2:00am Feeds blocked.
3:00am Feeds blocked.
When the feeds come back all the house guests are sleeping … Only Ashleigh goes to the bathroom and uses mouthwash, then she heads to bed.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-14 06-08-35-450


Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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43 thoughts on “Zach – “He’s (Johnny) like she’ll (Sarah) put you and Kev up.. right now if she wins”

      1. I’m thinking a lot more drama, some girl hate, and a lot less giggles over things that aren’t funny…oh, and maybe a bit of game. Nothing against Pilar, she’s just not a fun player to watch for those of us who like the game/dramatics.

  1. Kinda funny how zach and jordan are in the within the top 5 spots of 3 fav and fav alliance, yet we want them to be nominated.

  2. Apparently the first 5 house guests evicted are sequestered together. This is bad news if you are in the house playing everybody and kicking butt. It’s good news if you are a fan watching a predictable season and want a shake up.

    1. Right now he’s being played by Zach/Jordan so it’s not game related.. He must appeal to people because he’s goofy and has a cutie pie showmance.

      1. I do hope he breaks away and goes off on his own. Now that would be exciting feeds. If he was going to do that Johnny would have been a good person to have on his side.. you know for votes, POV’s, HOH’s etc

    2. Same with Zach from last season’s BBUS. Not actually the smartest and best player in the house but is adorable and relatively nice, hence he’s very likeable.

  3. Do we know when the evicted houseguest will be returning? Will the comp be this week right after Johnny’s eviction or is the return for next week?

  4. have a really weird feeling that the contest for the first five evictees to return into the house will somehow be tied to the bb fan contest on the website. if that’s the case, the contest would happen on Friday. I have no practical basis or evidence to back this up. just a feeling and I don’t know why. maybe i’m getting a pilar moment when I think about things and they happen.

    1. secondary rumor: feeds will be down from Friday the 17th to Sunday the 19th. not from the most reliable of sources, but fits with the timeline of not letting feeders know who returns until the sunday episode.

      1. Yeah I heard that one to and it makes sense but.. I checked the slice website and the schedule shows After dark for those days. Last feed outage the schedule was accurate and showed no after dark.

        1. I would defer to you simon, since as I said i’m not sure about the source of the information’s reliability. if they are right, i’ll see if they have anything else to pass on. lol. if they are wrong, sorry.

  5. Jordan and Zach will be screwed if Graig comes back. Jordan should watch out on ash because she is playing a similar role like Erika from bb4 and bb7 and could hurt his end game.

    1. 1) Naeha to come back in after she’s had a chance to talk to Johnny for a bit. This should give her enough information to rip up the house a bit
      2) Graig to come in cause I’m all about the bros ;)
      3) Risha to come back in for slips
      4) Johnny to come in to get revenge on Kevin
      5) Sindy not to come back in.. She’ll just showmance with Jordan and I really don’t want to see that.

  6. still having a weird feeling. after watching the way tonight’s episode was edited, I get the oddest feeling that it’s too early to say jonny is leaving 100%. the way things would have to be spun in order to keep him doesn’t make sense to me (declaration of war, forget about everybody throwing the hoh etc. all to save someone irrelevant to the Newport gameplan…), but I still think it’s 70/30.
    i’m replaying the arlie vs. adel eviction from season 2. if that taught anything, it’s that even the most ridiculous and asinine of arguments that don’t actually hold water, can be spun by production to be televised as amazing strategic moves.
    because of the way jonny did it, I don’t want to see him rewarded with staying… but I get the feeling the man behind the curtain is more interested in keeping jonny. wish I could reconcile it as a done deal… but I can’t.

    1. As far as keeping it entertaining … I think Sarah will stir the pot much more than Jonny.
      Maybe it’s just me … but Jonny has been boorrring!
      Sarah has jumped way up on my list after the gummy strategy session.
      She should of took it partially to Brunno and not the weasel Jonny.
      I hope Naeha comes back and joins back up with Sarah to plow through the house of
      middlers and clueless. Hoping for Zack n Bobby to go next.

      1. feeds have been down for way too long. really bad feeling this is where the man behind the curtain starts to try to twist the scenarios in jonny’s favor. when the feeds return, I don’t want to see sarah sitting on her bed bitching about how unfair all of this is and how much of a weasel jonny is for selling her out and how she has nobody to turn to because they have the numbers.
        if that happens with this long feed break, then production manipulation has moved into a whole new realm of batshit crazy. yeah, my production paranoia is really really starting to flare up. i’ll try to drop it for a while after this post.

  7. The cast is so boring that big brother need to tell them what to say the episode tonight was a joke and big brother is becoming absolute crap i would love to go on bb but even though im canadian i would never go on this joke like wtf. Its like winning at little league baseball

    1. It could be production being jerks but… something might have happened. Feeds have been down for 3 1/2 hours now. Maybe someone got drunk slipped and hit their head? Perhaps a argument broke out.. Maybe the rough collapsed seeing as there has been so many leaks..

      LOL I dunno at this point I’m thinking it’s more than just the Wrap party.

      1. According to the Police Scanner traffic …
        Craig has escaped from sequester and made his way back into the house…
        He has the house-guest held hostage and he says “if I can’t win, none of them will win”.
        JK ;-)

      2. Or maybe Sarah confronting Johnny and is ripping him a new one…. What grinds my gear is that they might have great footage, but will not use it at all to spice up the TV show, they instead waste time on writing script so that all the house guest sound witty. You guys, give better play by play which I for on truly appreciate.

    2. just read some of the “reasons the feeds are down” that sarah from season 2 posted:
      1)big house orgy in the hot tub
      2)Zingbot3000 decided to visit
      3)Willow had a heart attack after being Sabrina today
      4)Johnny blew up the house… literally
      5)Zach started looking for a personality
      6)Jon decided to visit naked
      7)Willow decided to go batshit crazy and break all the cheap furniture from the brick
      8)Adel decided to visit and convince them he has another secret power
      9)Alison broke into the house drunk to convince them she’s a healthcare professional
      10)the troll came into the house looking for more attention and dragged Zach into bed… he has a thing for men named Zach
      11)Ash is really a social media mogul with a really famous sister
      12)Sarah REALLY wanted to get high
      If she’d shown this much personality on second season, she might have made it further.

        1. uring the time the feeds were down they did sho that time on last nights After Drk. they got sent to HOH after the part of Z and S talking. in tere at least a half hour of nohinh other than pilar fusing with her hair. then all downstairs pizza champagne maybe nachos. then sarah and britt at hottub area where both discussed how rude the haves ere by jmping on the food and drnk rather han giving the havenots first choice. which she is righ

    . 8 Females
    Job Qualifications:
    . Get along with seven(7) other women for 8 weeks
    . The ability to do basic math and figure odds
    . Patience
    . A 1 in 8 chance to win a lot of money $$$
    . The ability to shred the other women after 8 weeks (which u will want to do by then)
    Apply @ BB

  9. So Bruno wasted that PoV this week that Canada gave him he could have taken that opportunity to get rid of either Kevin or Zack by replacing both nominees! and In the process continue to keep himself safe at least possibly for another week by getting Johnny on his side by telling Johnny Kevin wanted Johnny gone! – I said from 2 weeks in Johnny needed to cut ties with Kevin he was a slime ball and still is. He talks big game but hasn’t done sh*t except pop a balloon. And suck face all day. I am sure Brittney would work with Bruno and so would Johnny if given the chance. Brittney has warmed up to him the last week or so. They wanted Kevin and Zach gone anyways in the next few weeks before they could get Bobby and Bruno so why not when the opportunity presents itself at the perfect time?! Stupid effin HouseGuests! – And then you have Pilar who, why do we have her on this show again?????????????????

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