Willow “I better take a birth control, last night was wild!” Sarah “I am not dealing with that puke.”

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 10
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-14 06-42-28-756
9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Sarah gets up and goes over to Godfrey’s bed asks him if he’s awake. Godfrey nods yes. Sarah heads to the storage room to change her batteries. When she goes through the kitchen she comments to Bobby that “Today might be a rough one!” Bobby agrees. Bobby heads out to the hot tub and notices its a nice day. He heads back to the bedroom. Brittnee says this is a wine headache. Everyone knows you slam wine link we do. Yesterday was so much fun and you spoiled us! I love you, I love you, I love you. Pilar asks Godfrey how he’s feeling and he says a 4. Brttnee says its better than a 2. Godfrey asks if Brittnee is still drunk. She laughs and says no.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-14 06-47-23-562

Sarah brings Bruno his batteries. Sarah says it was a rough night. It was obnoxious to a certain point. Sarah says I just felt a little bad for you. Bruno says don’t I was 22 once. You guys stayed up late did you? Sarah says they were up late at night in the bedroom giggling and stuff. Sarah checks on Willow next. Willow asks what happened last night. Sarah says I think we were good, incredibly tame. Willow says thank you so much for last night big brother, you didnt have to do that. Willow says I better take a birth control because last night was wild! Sarah brings up how last night her and Willow had a serious talk last night about being left out, feeling old and the situation back home. Sarah says Godfrey can’t find his mic. Willow says oh no. Sarah says Bobby said its in Godfrey’s bed somewhere. I am not dealing with that puke. Willow says I’ll do it. Sarah says no he can do it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-14 06-47-25-906

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-14 07-02-22-378
10am In the kitchen – Johnny, Sarah and Bobby are talking. They talk about how some people can’t hold their liquor. Bobby tells Bruno that Godfrey was puking his brains out last night. Bruno says I called that one happening. They talk about how Big Brother gave them a football. Bobby talks about running around naked like Arlie. Thank god I wasn’t hard so I could cover it all. Thank god, I didn’t have a chub going on.

They talk about how Godfrey was throwing up in the bedroom into a slop bucket last night. Jordan says he was GONE! Zach says everyone handles liquor different. Some people can handle it. Johnny says and Godfrey can’t. Bobby, Britnee and Bruno head out to the hot tub room to suntan. Bruno says I hope God is okay. Brittnee says he got so sick last night. I did not think he was the one to get sick. Like even JP and Ashleigh I thought they would be the ones to get sick. Brittnee says that JP was trying to get with her so hard last night. You’re a good looking young man but you’re 21. Bruno says he will do well when he gets out of the house. Brittnee says Johnny and I had a little make out session last night. Canada is going to be so confused. Just for the record Johnny still likes dudes and I still like straight guys.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-14 07-14-51-543

In the kitchen. Jordan asks Johnny who he kissed last night. Johnny says Brittnee, Godfrey, Kevin, Ash… who didn’t I kiss. Johnny says yeah, Bruno, you, Bobby. Jordan comments on how Zach kissed Johnny and Kevin last night. Zach says that is a new thing to add to my resume, kissing guys when I get drunk.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-14 07-07-25-274

10:35am Up in the HOH room – Zach tells Ashleigh how Brittnee was literally pushing him on to the bed and up against the door. Zach says I was like I like you B but … Ashleigh is surprised and says what!? Johnny joins them. Johnny says Brittnee was sloppy last night. Jordan joins them. They talk about how last night Godfrey was begging for liquor. Jordan says he came up to me “Please, give me some more.” I told him I would give him my beer if he would shut up and he said okay. They comment on how Jordan and Brttnee were rolling around in bed last night. Zach asks were you kissing. Jordan says no, I wish. Johnny stole her away from me. Jordan comments that Godfrey loves Ash. Ash says he usually thinks I’m trailer trash with pimples .. but when the juice starts flowing. Ash gets called to the diary room. Johnny brings up how Brittnee said there was a love triangle between you (Zach), her (Britt) and Ash. Johnny says Brittnee commented that the moves Ash was making in bed .. she’s not a virgin. Zach says she’s still a virgin! Ashleigh returns.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-14 07-24-32-021

In the bedroom – Willow talks to Sarah about how Johnny was trying to get her vote. Willow says Johnny said that the people that vote for me to stay I will remember that if I get the chance to come back into the house.

Out in the hot tub room – Bruno and Brittnee talk about how Godfrey told Brittnee she’s afraid of the dark chocolate. Britt says I’m not afraid, I just know what I like. Bruno says he’s a great guy but I understand why he has trouble getting girls at the club. Brittnee says he kept trying to take peoples drinks.

In the kitchen – Jordan says that Godfrey came up to him and said we should have a final 2 because I suck at competitions. Jordan says now when I nominate him I can just say I’m trying to cover up our final 2 deal. Zach tells Jordan about how Brittnee cornered him in the HOH room trying to kiss him. Zach says that he had to nicely tell her no because we still need her on our side. Jordan says that’s why showmances aren’t a good idea. People get jealous.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-14 07-52-58-907

11 – 11:10am Up in the HOH room – Johnny is campaigning to Kevin about wanting to stay in the house. Johnny says if I stay and win HOH I would put up Bruno and Bobby. I feel like the lines will be drawn this week. Like it forces you to work with the couples. Johnny says Sarah will not continue working with you. She will flip. She did it gummy bear style. I would not have this much detail if she didn’t.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-14 08-02-39-044


Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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They’re all talking about how that was their best day yet, and how they can’t wait to watch it again when they get out.
The mere concept of BB blocking the feeds the ENTIRE NIGHT doesn’t even strike them as a possibility. Same here.
This to me is the lowest blow yet from BBCan, just shutting the fans out of the whole night that they’ll be talking about constantly for the next weeks.
Not because there’s some spoilers we’re not supposed to see, not because something “inappropriate” happened, no. Just because BB thought there might, at some point, be something “inappropriate” going on, and so they decided to just have a chill night by preemptively not showing anything instead of watching with their finger on the red button.
BB, if you’re reading this, I’m so disappointed. You literally shit on your fans.


Thanks hg. Way to rub it in that last night was amazing :/ thanks bb for making the feeds a colossal disappointment this year.


So the reason why they took down the feeds last night is because they gave the houseguests alcohol? Seriously, we all know that this is not a general patronage show, the drunken moments are one of the most entertaining ones and game talk when drunk are also fantastic viewing. I can still remember the night Allison got drunk and saved herself from being on the block.

This change in channel really sucks big time. I can’t even finish the show without cringing at each of the housemates scripted confessions.

Not that I’m a hater of the program, I’m still loving this season but honestly I prefer watching the feeds rather than sitting through the tv show.


How nice of BBCAN to block the feeds during the best night in the house so far…and they could at least have some kind of timer to let you know when the feeds will return instead of keeping the viewers waiting all friggin night to see the “wrap party”, wtf.


I’m beyond pissed at this season.. Expect 2-3 grumpy comments from me today about BBCAN3


Is there video of the Wrap party Dawg? Or were the feeds cut for the madness?


Feeds were blocked all night.. they only showed the wrap party on after dark. they fu*ked the fans over


Thanks Simon! Dang that really sucks. I’ll have to see if it’s on YouTube or something. It sounds like there was a lot of hooking up (especially by Johnny).


Like everyone else said, it was dumb of them blocking the feeds last night, when we have seen the HGs drink just a few days ago.

So I am assuming that Zach and Ashleigh fondled and shit under the sheets, which Britnee saw and accused her of not being a virgin. Jordan tried to get with Britnee and Ashleigh? He is trying hard to get a showmance.

I wonder if they are going to air this on the show.


Bruno: “Feeders got it good last night!”
Nope, we didn’t.
Could someone actually forward this link to someone at BBCan so they get to read the comments? I’d love to hear a statement from them.

What a Jerk!

Big Brother is a colossal jerk! He makes sit through BBtv, teases us with a wrap party, and then shuts us off! Way to treat the fans. So angry and disappointed that we missed the best night yet. What a waste of my night.


I just saw the pov episode and WHAT WERE THEY THINKING. That comp was designed for the nominees NOT to win!! They made the twist flop themselves


EXCELLENT point! BBCan has no one to blame for their twist being a dud but themselves. That was the worst planning ever.

I just sent a message to BBCAN personally. I sent them a message weeks ago letting them know that I can’t watch video clips but I can watch full episodes. I let them know that I can’t vote for Fan Feeds but I can vote for everything else. No one got back to me and it hasn’t changed.

I told them that the only conclusion I can make is that they don’t care. I told them they dropped the ball this season and that every season has been getting progressively worse. I explained the fan’s anger about the Live Feeds being down so much and how the house is constantly on lockdown and VERY boring. And I told them that if the Live Feeds hadn’t been free, they’d be getting a lot of demands for refunds.

I was prepared to enjoy the season. I don’t get grumpy easily. But my time is valuable and my loyalty is only given when it’s returned. In this world, people seem to take whatever treatment is given to them from businesses, including TV networks. Not me. They need us, we don’t need them. There are plenty of substitutes for them. Sorry this comes across as self-righteous. I’m really not that way. What I am is sick of being treated as inconsequential and unimportant by the businesses I support.


Thumbs up Fred


Thaks for making BBCan 3 a colossal failure with the feeds going down on a consistent basis


I don’t care about watching a bunch of people get drunk and make out with each other. If that’s all that happened, I don’t mind missing it.


No disrespect to your comment however you project that as your personal choice.. as all viewers should have that option, I agree. However by the feeds being down all night, no one had the option to watch so your personal choice wasn’t really yours…. BB chose for you. IMO… I believe that’s what the piss off is referring to, BB certainly isn’t heading down the road of increased ratings, for some people the option isn’t always there to pop open the feeds whenever, so when they have “that time of day” available and keep coming across the feeds being down… It’s getting to the point of why even bother to check in. For me personally, the feeds are where I get a more accurate perspective on what’s going on.. the show itself is an over edited joke.
BB can get their S**t together any time now,


If the Live Feeds weren’t free, everyone would be demanding a full refund. Rightfully so. Not only is this the most pathetic house this year, BBCan is dropping the ball all around.

“Big Brother” is supposed to be a character, but in Canada, it’s just someone who tells them what to do. “Girls, can you go around and collect this and that…” At least in the UK and AU, Big Brother never breaks the character of BB and it REALLY adds to the fun – for the fans AND the housemates.

As for this house. When it’s not boring, it’s vulgar. There is no inbetween with them. I don’t want the Live Feeds to watch immature, moral-less vulgarity. And I don’t want them to watch them lying around talking about previous BB series. After two relative successes, BBCAN3 is tanking and I doubt there’ll be a season 4 for me. (And I already quit BBUS for their hot mess of cruelty and lack of humanity.)


While I agree with you that BBCAN dropped the ball in comparison to the other season, comparing this and BBUS to BBAU and BBUK is apples and oranges. While they are both fruit and edible, they are of different taste and characteristics. You can’t place the “big brother” of BBAU and BBUK into BBCAN and BBUS because they are different. BBAU and BBUK houseguests need to win the fans and viewers over to keep them in the game. The viewers’ votes determine who will stay or go and that in itself changes the entire dynamics of the people living inside the house. This is why their “big brother voice” tend to be more proactive and warn the houseguests if their act is being ‘too much’ and ‘inappropriate”.

In BBUS and BBCAN, what the viewers think doesn’t really matter. While there are twists that change the game (that involves the fans outside of the house) it doesn’t change much the dynamics of the people living in the house. These franchises focus more on competitions and savviness. Even if you are the most hated person in the planet but can win challenges you can still win the show. If “big brother” in BBUS and BBCAN acted the way in BBAU and BBUK, he/she/it could sway the houseguests into who they are voting for.


Given the way Kevin turned on Johnny in .25 seconds, Pilar better watch herself. Kevin is the king of premature eliminations.

sooo annoyinggg

Im so upset that they blocked the feeds last night!! does its mean that every time the HG’s will get alchohol the feeds will be blocked? I really hops not. the most intresting thing in this show its when they get drunk.
and now i need pls someone help: when i want to watch the after dark at global I always get a massage that says:playback unavialable try with a different browser error code102100. and when i go to another browser the massage had showed up again. does somebody knows what the problem is? pls pls i need your helpppp.
(and sorry about the bad english).


BBCAN 3 Production: just a gaggle of bunglers. Shame on them!


I don’t watch the live feeds but reading this actually makes me pissed off they blocked them. we could have seen/read so much more. First fun night and BB blocks the feeds. Nice job.


I wonder if they blocked the feeds for it because of last year when everyone was drinking and having fun, (lols @ Allison ) apparently people were complaining about it and how children watch BB and they should know better then to show people drinking yadda yadda yadda . Maybe this is why they decided to block it? I have no idea why they would even bother. If what’s happening on BB is inappropriate for kids atm, then people will/would turn the channel. Blocking it sux because there are conversations that could take place and we want to hear them!


I would think at that time of night, children to be sleeping and I hazard to guess little people wouldn’t be watching the live feeds. Aside from that, what gets aired on the televised shows… it’s parental responsibility to monitor what their children are viewing.