Bruno to Godfrey – “Team Black and Bru Baby”

11:17pm Willow and Kevin
Talking about Zach and Ashleigh doing more than just kissing one night. Kevin mentions there was gasping.
Willow says Bruno was asking her if she was with the girls.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-11 20-21-48-283

11:20pm Brittnee and Sarah
Brittne saying Zach and Ashleigh are doing way more than just making out that sh1ts gotta go. Brittnee adds the plan is to b@ckdoor bobby next week with Godfrey and Pilar as pawns if Bobby wins POV and save Godfrey they take out Kevin.
Brittnee says Kevin and Pilar are together “If you want love go on the bachelor”
Sarah – I feel that JP is deliberately going after Bruno
Brittnee – We need to flip things up
Sarah – why are they protecting kevin so hard.
Sarah mentions how JP goes back and tell Zach everything,.
Zach comes in .. tells her he doesn’t know where Willow’s head is at.
Zach – I don’t want you guys to think i’m f***g around.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-11 20-53-02-391

11:45pm Bedroom Ashleigh, Pilar, Kevin and Jordan throwing mud at willow
Jordan – She’s taking final 2 with everybody..
Asheligh – We’re sitting pretty right now
Kevin leaves. Pilar saying they have 5 and that’s enough to control the votes.
Jordan says as long as two of them don’t go on the block their golden.
Jordan – If Bobby, Bruno and Johnny go in the next three week we’re golden.
Ashleigh – Willow too
Jordan says they are all well rounded in comps, Pylon and Ashleigh are good at endurance, Zach and Kevin are “BEASTS” at physical and Jordan is good at mental.
ASheligh – if our five is as solid as they seem to be there’s n way we’re not making jury.
Pilar – I say we can do it.
Jordan keeps telling them they have to get rid of Bruno, Bobby and Willow “Bruno wants Kev”
Pilar – Bruno wants Kev
Jordan – I’m going to put up two floaters and take out Bobby
Ashleigh wonders if peopel are suspecting she has a deal with Zach
Jordan – Willow does

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-11 20-55-24-119

11:58pm Hot tub Sarah and Johnny
Johnny says bruno is worried about a couples alliance
Sarah warns they are going to have a 6 person couple alliance “JP and Willow TODAY!”
johnny do we really think we’ve been played the whole time
Sarah – well ya everyone is planting their seeds everywhere.. they must feel comfortable
Johnny a lot of people do
Sarah – someone like Zach .. . who would put him up
Johnny – the people we think
Sarah – Bobby and Godfrey.. Bobby is throwing competition and godfrey can’t win a competition to save his life.
Sarah says Pilar and AShleigh are sitting pretty in the house and what have they put into it
Johnny – Pilar has done nothing
Johnny says he walked in on a conversation with JP and Zach and once they saw him they cut the conversation right on a spot
Sarah – so if Zach, kevin or HJP win there is no way they put Ashleigh or Pilar up.
They agree it’s going to be Sarah and Brittnee maybe Godfrey going up.
Sarah starts to cry.. about Graig..

Sarah tells him she’s know she’s not as close to Brittnee as Brittnee is trying to make it out to be because brittnee isn’t telling her everything about Bruno. They’re perplexed that Brittnee was the one who b@ckdorred Graig yet she’s safe this week.

(video is uploading.. It’s long.. might take 10 minutes)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-11 21-24-19-806

12:17am Zach and Willow
Zach – be careful who you are talking to
Zach says he doesn’t want her to think that him, Pilar, AShleigh are going to become an alliance.
Willow- You are too smart in this game and you want kev out anyway
Zach – ya
Willow tells him that Bruno and Bobby want Kevin Backdoored.
Willow – how do you feel about me
Zach – I love you
Willow – I love you too.. you trust me
Zach – ya .. yup
Willow – you get any weird vibes
Zach – no .. we just keep moving forward .. i just want to take it one day at a time.. things change so fast.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-11 21-50-34-453

12:29am Zach and Jordan
Zach – surprising G had a good read on this game the two people he questions was me and Willow the two flip flopper.. He just didn’t know how to act on it.
Jordan says if they just sit back and do nothing they will make it to final 6.
Zach – We’re setting ourselves up for the long play.. you saw Dan do that in his seasons.
Jordan – the key is knowing when to turn it on..
Zach – we can sit back and let it rock
Jordan – we have such a good relationship with everybody.
Jordan – Back door Bobby next week then take out Bruno.. after that we can chill.. as much as I want to take brittnee and Sarah I don’t think we should
Zach agrees says they need to roll with the diapers
Zach says the bond with the girls isn’t tight liek teh bond with the boys.
Jordan says they could pull in ashleigh with newport.. adds the girls never compare notes
Zach says they have to make sure the girls don’t talk together
Jordan says the one thing he was looking forward to coming into the show was to have a final 2 bro mance..
johnny joins them followed by Sarah, Ashleigh, Johnny and Willow.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-11 21-50-35-669

12:29am Have nots room looks like a good place to party.. too bad they never get booze this season

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-11 22-17-03-170

1:14am Jordan and Johnny

Jordan says it’s so frustrating playing with people that don’t know what is gong one.. talking about Pilar. Adds he’s talked to other people at they all say they’re going with the hose.
Jordan – Scheming and plotting is what we need.. have you talked to B yet

Johnny – a bit.. I feel it will be decided by Monday night.. maybe tomorrow.
Jordan – Keep looking for that secret Veto .. the tablet is on.. the code is somewhere.. I dunno sometimes it’s on for no reason

(wathch the video and see Willow throw the ball while saying “I hate will she’s a ugly b1tch”)

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-11 23-11-46-621

1:47am Kitchen Johnny and Kevin
johnny says he’s getting the vibe today.. the eviction vibe
After some giggle with Johnny, Kevin and Sarah Kevin leaves.
Sarah and Johnny Talking about being given a special power to keep them in the game.
Since I’m gay and I can pack a little in my back side I deserve the Bum Veto
Johnny says their lives would never intersect if it wasn’t for Big Brother.
Jordan comes in Sarah leaves. Jordan asks him where he thinks the votes are.
Johnny – Zach needs to work Ashleigh and Kevin needs to work pilar.
Jordan says if he can get brittnee that will be huge.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-11 23-45-04-468

2:41am Sarah Cleaning up decides to use the gummy bears to do some strategy
Thinks maybe they can pull in Willow to start taking out the couples, “Willow is the tie breaker”
Sarah says if her and Brittnee or one of Bruno’s crew (Godfrey, Bobby, Willow*) win the HOH she’s going to “spill the beans” about the Couples (pilar, Ashleigh, Kevin, Zach, Jordan*) “We say this is clearly dangerous.. Willow will be in on it she’s smart.. 2 of them are on the block they only have 3 votes we’ll be fine”
Sarah impersonating Jordan “I’m obviously getting close to Zach but you’re my Girl”
Sarah – ya OK .. why do we have a date every night and try to lose me
Sarah – I can’t make vendetta’s Bobby is a fine enough guy don’t discount it.. don’t pull the Ika Heather thing.. be able to work with anybody
Sarah “Get closer to God and Bobby.. get closer to Bruno.”
Sarah – Honesty I kinda hope Bobby wins and puts up Kevin and Pili.. I would like to see kevin go home then Zach go home Then parhar (Jordan)”
Sarah – then i’m left with Bobby, ashleigh, Pilar.. ya I can work with those.. fu** these guys man
Sarah – There’s something up with Kevin.. he has secret missions.. he’s Canada’s player.. but if he’s Canada’s player would they have put up Britnee and Naeha.. . He totally popped that balloon.
Sarah – Johnny is collateral damage
Sarah – Godfrey is my boo.. He should go to final 2.. i’ll take him to final 2.. do they honesty think he’s not intelligent l.. look at the things he says.
Sarah – who am I going to put up… Zach and Parhar… nope Zach and Kevin and I’ll get Parhar on board.
Sarah goes inside opens Kevins? pop bottle says she’ll leave his pop flat it will be her secret little thing. She heads into the living room says she’s going to be able get a lot of information from Jordan as long as she wins HOH.
Sarah – “Parhar you think you’re fooling me.. you think you’re fooling anyone.. can’t people tell when you are acting different.. poor Johnny.. I hope they aren’t playing me.. I trust Willow a little bit when she tells me I’m staying. ”
Sarah – Ashleigh talks game to people..
(So we have Bruno and Sarah onto the Diapers..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-11 23-43-49-545
Pepperoni Knees

Target this here(The scenario if Bobby wins HOH Johnny points at the target)

3:24pm Sarah and Johnny
She says whoever stays has to stop this loyalty thing
Johnny – be selfish
They head outside with the gummy bears to talk game. Says Kevin is closer to Zach and Jordan than they are otherwise Pilar would be on the block and both of them would be safe.
Johnny – Jp is so far up Zach’s a$$
Johnny says working with Bruno’s crew is shitty people.
Sarah says the other side is shitty, ‘What have they done for us lately”
They go through multiple scenarios using the gummy bears. You’ll need to watch the video. Basically they have a lot of things figured out and will be going for the diapers. They actually see right through Jordan and Zach’s bullsh1t.
Johnny sees Zach and Jordan talking all the time every night. Since day one they have been whispering.
In the case where Bobby wins the HOH Sarah is confident she can talk to Bruno and he’ll relay to Bobby. You work Bobby by going through someone like Bruno, Points out Bruno is a logical player it won’t be a problem.
They agree the diapers are not workable right now Bruno’s side is.
Sarah thinks if she had power Jordan would be scurrying around all she would have to do is tell him she knows what is going around.
Johnny calls Jordan “The scared little baby”

Johnny says there’s fear with the diapers that they would go to Bruno and blow them up but they don’t think it would help them it would make things worse.
Johnny says Willow’s shenanigans are starting to irritate him.

Target move here(Bobby points out her and brittnee need to get with bruno’s side)

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Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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I couldn’t ever do anything more than kiss a guy on national tv. I would imagine my family and friends watching, so Ash and Zach really are brave lol. Also Brit is sitting so pretty. After being on the block so much, she’s on no one’s radar now.

another name

if I could say one thing to people playing big brother: if someone utters the statement, “i don’t want you to think… blah blah blah” whatever the blah blah blah being said is, that’s exactly what you should be thinking. the reality is the person making the statement is saying just that. they don’t want you to think.


It’s actually basic psychology and the first thing my husband loearned in business school: whatever someone (person or huge multi national corporation) says they aren’t–you can be sure that that they ARE and more than anything else. It is so true…the politician who starts by saying they aren’t gay is the one caught in the airport bathroom. The guy or girl who says they never fool around does it daily. And the ones who say “I don’t mean…” are definitely thinking exactly that. People disclaim their biggest truth because they know it reveals too much of themselves.


Bruno is starting to think rationally, hopefully he can see the huge game move he can make this week by taking both Sarah and Johnny off the block and nominating Zack and JP! If he did this it would be the best thing ever! To watch these two losers, who think they have this game in the bag already, sweat it on the block?! Like that would be amazing especially when they start ripping eachother to shreds to the rest of the houseguests! Please let it happen!! Bruno listen to Godfrey, he is so right and tell Bobby to STFU he knows nothing.

Ian Ziering

It would probably give you flashbacks of watching the sharknado ripping the city of los angeles to shreds eh Finn?


Brit is actually playing the best game right now. No one is targeting her yet and even if someone does, she is relatively safe until Kev, Zach, Sarah, Bobby, Bruno, Willow and Godfrey leaves. I just don’t see the girls targeting her and even if she is on the block, no one is much less of a threat than her.


I don’t think she’s playing the best game because it’s her strategy. The other players are just aware that she’ll be easy to get out, so they aren’t worried about her.


I still see bruno having great potential. Fucking naeha better win her ass back in the house.


I think Naeha has been gone too long. I would rather see Johnny come back and go through with the plan he and Sarah were talking about. Especially if Johnny could get the HOH. That would be perfect.


Johnny is dumb if he wanted to be safe he should pull a dAn gheesling funeral move. He knows he is going home if still on the block. I wonder if Bruno knows about the double veto

Alec Tryhard Beal

#JinjaNinja #604 #Propa #SheyldSucksD

Other Doug

#TeamMaintenanceGuy all the way!


I can’t stand it when JP and Zack (and some of the others) say Godfrey is stupid, dumb over and over again. I’m rooting for Godfrey! I hope he gets his chance to shine!

another name

hey c. it is sort of difficult to listen to the way z/j demean everyone else in the house, but take solace in this: Godfrey’s strategy is to play dumb. the fact that they believe it means godfrey’s strategy is working.


If only Bruno would use the POV on Sarah and backdoor JP or zack ne will have the #’s to do it . (God,Bobby,sarah and b)bruno can stir up the house…..if only sarah or johnny sells them out…god is on to them…go bruno.


Sarah and Johnny need to go to Bruno and Godfrey (forget Bobby) with the gummie bears ASAP before the Veto ceremony and show him that the diapers will control the votes after this week! and the best move for Bruno’s side is get rid of JP of Zach

i’m tired of JP’s dumb alliance names, for a “super fan” he sure does come up with stupid names


Thank The Lord Godfrey, Bruno, Sarah, and Johnny are onto the Diaper Alliance. Now they just need to come together and they could change the whole game. I still think pulling Sarah and Johnny off and putting Zach and Jordan up will be the best move for G, S, B, J. Jordan would go I think.

Willow- Jordan (she still seems obsessed with Zach)
Ash- Jordan ( also obsessed with sucking face)
Pilar- with the majority
Kevin- with the majority (though he still foolishly believes in the fortress)
Britt- with the majority
Sarah- Jordan
Johnny- Jordan
Godfrey- Jordan
Bobby- whatever he’s told

This just depends on whether G, S, B, J agree on getting out Zach or Jordan. Some people in the houde have talked about believing hg are coming back. I don’t see Jordan beating Naeha.

And Britt is playing a great game. She took out a strong player but is totally flying under the radar and working a good social game. Most people on all sides seem to toy with keeping Britt and Sarah around at the end which is great for both girls.

another name

so, the stage is set, and i’m feeling a little less cynical with four people starting to clue in on what’s been happening right in front of them for weeks. BUT they all keep saying “next week we should”. the veto ceremony hasn’t happened yet. at least jonny and sarah should be saying lets go to bruno now or in the morning before z/j can do damage control. jonny has NOTHING to lose in leaving without a fight, sarah has nothing to lose in exposing the real enemy, take britt along, she’ll back it up and Bruno trusts her a little bit more. just exposing that jonny was working with the hexagon before they backstabbed him is enough. they’d unknowingly reveal to Bruno that Zach is double dipping on the chop shop, and jonny can word it to Bruno that z, j and k were completely behind the plan to backdoor graig before they backstabbed him (jonny). jonny and sarah can further inform that the couples and Jordan are an alliance. Bruno will buy it, since he’s pretty much come to the same conclusion already. Jonny: you’re going home, so scorch the earth and name names to save yourself. okay. yes, i’m less cynical and even though jonny is riding the middle in terms of my most to least favorite players list, i’d rather see the excitement of blowing up the status quo than watch another “easy week.”
okay. I do like the fact that godfrey and sarah, two players that j&z consider pretty irrelevant are the ones that have come closest to unravelling the scheme (with Bruno and Jonny).
I’ve gone from cynical to guardedly optimistic. really hoping I don’t end up completely disappointed.


If Sarah and Bruno get together and talk before the VETO, that would be phenomenal! We could have Bruno, Godfrey, Bobby, Sarah, Johnny, and Britt VS. Zach, Kevin, Jordon, Ash, and Pilar. I’m not sure where Willow goes, but I think Bruno could bring her over. I love it when two groups declare war on each other. This “sit in the shadows” gameplay is boring to watch.


Did Bruno and Godfrey just become my favorites?


They will be if they take shots at Jordan and Zach first.


It’s funny how Zach and Jordan still think that nobody suspects their alliance while (almost ) the entire house saw it (especially Godfrey, Johnny and Brittnee) Ha ha