Jon Pardy ENTERS the Big Brother Canada 3 House! “WAKE UP CANADA!!”

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 10
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

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Big Brother Canada 3 2015-04-13 14-04-10-800

5pm The live feeds return and the house guests continue with the Big Brother TV network segments. If you missed the house guests getting the task and preparing for it you can check it out here. Next up are the house guests re-enacting moments from big brother Canada 2.

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-04-13 14-04-57-024
Godfrey as host Arisa Cox introduces the BBCAN2 Rerun segment. Bobby as Kenny Brain comes up to to the front and introduces himself as being a model that’s gay but he won’t reveal that to the house. Johnny is Andrew. He comes up and takes his shirt off saying he has a tattoo of hops on his chest. Ashleigh is wearing the costume Heather had to wear last season. Pilar is Rachelle Diamond wearing the hotdog costume. Jordan is Paul. Bruno is Jon Pardy. Willow is Sabrina. Zach is Kyle. Brittnee is Ika Wong. Kevin is Arlie. The first scene they do is the Paul Jackson scene when Paul called Andrew a racist and a sexist. They re-enact the Ika Wong BBCAN2 moment when Ika shredded the house guests letters. Check out the videos below of the house guests acting out the moments from big brother Canada 2.

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-04-13 14-07-09-044

Bobby re-enacts when Kenny announced he was gay to the other house guests.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-13 14-36-59-299

5:40pm – 5:55pm All of a sudden the camera focuses on the diary room door and out comes Big Brother Canada 2 winner Jon Pardy. He yells “WAKE UP CANADA!” All the house guests go nuts! They all crowd around him and scream. They sit back down after and continue the BBCAN2 re-run with Jon. The go through more BBCAN2 scenes and Jon plays himself in them.

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-04-13 14-39-48-077

5:55pm Big Brother blocks the feeds and when the feeds come back a few minutes later Jon Pardy has left the big brother house. All the house guests talk about how great it was to see and talk to Jon. They talk about how Jon said that Canada is loving watching them all. You guys are killing it.

6pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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Jon said Canada is loving watching all of them? LOL.


Production fed him that line.

Kenneth Chow

To be fair, what else he supposed to say??…Canada hates you, you and you….lol…

another name

YES! if he did, it would be the first time I actually respected something jon did in the big brother house!


Who do you all want to come back?


maintenance man lol


Baeha please


Risha was hot

Middle child

Naeha, she will shake things up!

Kenneth Chow

Who is the maintenance man anyways???…lol…


Jonny… or Naeha but i feel more people will be less willing to work with her than Jonny. I feel naeha will get ganged up on even more than Jonny did. Either one though.


Naeha because she’s my favorite and could win comps, or maybe Sindy, as she has the most potential to re-integrate herself in the game (compared to Risha, Craig and Johnny).

another name

judging only from exit interviews:
risha wants to align with graig and Zach. and maybe sarah.
scindy wants to align with Jordan (horizontally) and maybe the girls, but maybe with Jordan and Zach.
naeha wants to align with sarah, jonny and Zach. or graig.
graig wants to align with every guy, but wants them out, but wants to align with them.
jonny wants to align with kevin (also horizontally).
so… does it matter?

Other Doug

Dawg. Am I allowed to give him my entries to the “win your way into the BB house” contest?








I really appreciate that most of these house guests not only know the game well, they even know every player from last season and other past seasons. It’s so different than BB US where you are lucky if 4-5 hgs know about Big Brother at all lol


Naeha and johnny will win mental puzzle
Craig and Cindy for endIrance or physical comp

To the curb

. I love watching former bb guests return and love seeing pics of them online celebrating together. I see their twitter between each other but I never see Sabrina or Andrew from Season Two in any of their tweets or pics..Did they drop them from their bb family..i would love to hear why and if they ever confronted either one.

another name

read that Sabrina had moved. first to los angeles and then to mexico

To the curb

i saw she opened up a salon in montreal but surprised none of her housemates attended..something going on they never talk or include her in twitter her or andrew and only mumzie ever includes kenny

another name

just checked her twitter to see if the story I read was accurate. as of April 12 still living in mexico. has a few tweets with Allison it looks like. someone calling for a truce between them, there’s no eating disorder or food issue problem? not interested enough in the two of them to dig any deeper (I dislike twitter).
she saw willow imitating her today. says she loved it.


When Neda & Jon found out what Sabs said to the livefeeders through the cam there was a huge fallout immediately after the show ended. Not sure if there is more or if there was a truce after that but I do know that Neda/Jon said she would never talk to Sabs again.

another name

I have seen that Sabrina has had some contact with Alison and Andrew. have seen that Andrew has had contact with tom (season one), Kenny, sarah, Sabrina, Alison, and adel.
that’s just by looking at instagram tags starting june 2014 up to about December. haven’t heard any of the jon/neda vs. Sabrina story. but not surprised.

Mathieu Jubinville

Lol! They just showed Bruno with the Veto in the preview on the EDITED SHOW!!!


It says a lot when I’m voting for the maintenance guy and Dawg at this point in the season. I’m really finding the current HGs are boring.

Not gonna lie

but britnee’s imitation on Ika was pretty good


Here is my grumpy BBCAN3 statement for the day.. I promise there won’t be any more 😉

It took BBUS 16 seasons to hit it’s low point.. so far BBCAN might have done it in 3

another name

that episode… wow. was that ever overproduced crap.
the way that was edited… does production watch the feeds?


I rarely watch the TV shows.. The feeds/TV episodes are 2 different shows and my preference are the feeds.

another name

then I recommend NOT watching this one. power of veto ceremony is half complete and according to the show nobody has caught on to Zach, or Zach and Jordan, or Zach Jordan and Kevin, or the diapers. at all. almost 1/2 of the hour was spent with melodramatic music showing the end of jonny and kevin.
they did the pixelated twinkle on zachs teeth. with the sound effect. dear production: make it stop.
end of gobsmacked review.


Ugh.. worse than I thought


Have you forgotten about season 9??


I’m not a season 9 hater.


can you refresh me on season 9? so many seasons……


Really really bad cast


Does this mean they get kfc for their feast? That would be funny, line up a table with all the fix’ins


Godfrey would be content with that.


I hated Sabrina as much as the next person, but my gfriend met her and she is such a sweet girl (also she looks good/in shape).


Quote: “They talk about how Jon said that Canada is loving watching them all. You guys are killing it.”

Too bad they took that the wrong way. They’re “killing it” alright. This season is dying.