“yes my foots broken, but I still have a lot to contribute”

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It’s been slow…

4:29pm Christmas and Matt
Matt – they’re’s a marked difference in Josh, Good work
Xmas – He’s going to be a good asset, they have no idea
Matt – no creepy comments, helping with the dishes, good work
Xmas – thanks you
Matt – you don’t have to compete to be important.

5:00pm Jessica and Cody
Jessica says Elena and Raven are christmas’ little minions.

5:01pm Mark and Jason
Mark tells him to keep cool with everybody especially paul because Paul trusts him.

5:46pm Matt and Raven
Tells her that Ramses has the curse meaning he has to go up on the block once in the next 3 weeks
Raven – yes

6:01pm Paul, Christmas, Mark, Elena, Raven, Dom
Xmas – yes my foots broken, but I still have a lot to contribute
Xmas – I know that I’m limited but I still can contribute a lot, I would love to continue with the plan.
Xmas – I’ll help you guys get to jury, you guys get me to jury and I’m going being the first one out so you guys can play as hard as you can.
Elena says they can worry about getting the rest of the people out first.

Mark says he talked to Jason and Jason wants to throw the HOH to Paul to show him his trust.
Paul – I’ll make him a deal “You’re golden baby throw it to me”

6:04pm Kevin and Jason
Kevin explaining how they are going to get rid of Cody. Put up Matt and Mark if POV is played get out Cody. Kevin thinks Cody is going to win out and they’ll never get him out.
Jason says that Cody is on their side.

Jason – it’ll be f***g chaos when Christmas leaves
Kevin – Elena says she’s going to win.. She has trouble walking to the kitchen
Jason – Paul is going to go nuts he thinks Christmas is going to stay

Josh joins them.

6:21pm Kitchen Elena, Matt and Mark
Mark – crazy how fast the Big Brother house can turn
Mark – it was Alex, Jason, Josh, Ramses, Jillian (Their old boot order?)
Adds that now it’s the reverse Jillian, Ramses. Josh, Jason and Alex. (their new boot order)

6:28pm Matt, Mark and Raven
Mark is pissed that Josh calls him Meatball
Matt says they have Josh reeled in now.
Matt asks if Cody has apologized to them.
Mark – no, he hasn’t talked to anyone.
Matt goes on about how dumb Cody is for putting Paul and then Christmas without knowing he had the votes.
Mark says he wants to pick Ramses up and throw him.
Matt – it would be at least first down
Matt asks if Cody is just smarter than them or stupid.
Mark – “no he’s F****g Stupid”

6:35pm Christmas and Dom
Christmas says she’s really disappointed that both the veterans this year were total Failures.

Dom doesn’t think Jessica is going to be as well received as she thinks. The fans she does get won’t be the highest of quality.

Christmas – they’re going to want T and A and not care what she says.. I already have a fanbase and a established Brand I don’t need this to build a fan base.

Christmas is worried that Paul has withdrawn from her these last few days.

7:05pm Mark, Dom and Christmas
At first he wanted to still protect Cody because Cody is “my boy” but after what happened yesterday he wants Cody out as soon as possible.

Mark – I’m also a f***g nightmare if I don’t like you

Mark tells her nothing changes after hearing her foot is broken. Says she’s still an asset.
Ramses starts walking in Mark whispers “give me a crutch i’ll shuv it up is @$$”
Mark doesn’t want to hear Christmas’ poop / pain med story.

Christmas says production is going to make an announcement before every competition to tell them it hasn’t been modified. Mark thinks they modified the team one they did and doesn’t think production liked it. Feeds flip… (Mark messed up his finger during the first comp)

7:24pm Mark and Dom
Dom – I won’t come after your girlfriend
Mark – not until we’re closer to Jury
Mark says Elena is very close with Matt and Raven.
Mark – when I walked in they were whispering and they completely stopped.
dom – that’s interesting
Mark wants to show Paul his strengths and his trust. He wants him and Paul to be the only two standing during the HOH and he’ll throw it to Paul.
Dom – that;’s a very good idea
Mark – that’s step one.. then hopefully I can play for Veto. if not make sure I get the next HOH

Dom points out that Paul hasn’t disclosed what his plan is.
Mark – you think he would get rid of me or someone in the group.
Dom – I hope not, I haven’t got that vibe yet

Dom says she’s a nuclear engineer, she works on unmanned systems in Washington DC.
Mark isn’t that shocked because she use to talk about med school.

7:25pm Kevin and Paul
Kevin- I’ll never turn on you, other people I may but I’ll never turn on you
Paul – you don’t have to tell me that I’ve already figured that out

Paul – You’re voting Jillian out
Kevin – yes

Paul – you’ll get cut on the other end… Kevi.. even if don’t, doesn’t matter because..
Paul – Meatball.. (Josh)

7:27pm Jason and Paul
Paul says Ramses and Cody made up that thing about the banner plane
Paul says everyone is throwing the HOH to him, I’m not using you or Alex as pawns.
Paul – nether you or Alex are going anywhere near that block next week
Jason – Well good

7:42pm Josh and Paul
Josh – I only trust you and Christmas
Paul – I’ll never put you up unless it’s a pawn game move
Paul says next week Josh won’t see the block he’s after Jessica and Cody.
Josh _ they think I’m voting for Jillian
Paul – but you’re voting to keep Christmas
Josh – yes

7:44pm Jason and Paul
Paul is saying everyone is on the same page for tomorrow. Warns that “they” are going to try some last minute shit tomorrow morning so get ready.
Paul – you and Alex are no more on people’s agenda right now all we want to do is get Cody and Jessica out.

7:55pm COdy and Ramses

Ramses tells him his curse doesn’t take his vote away.
Cody – good because your our side now
Cody goes on about his old group used him for his HOH to get Alex up and once she won Veto they wanted Jason up.


8:05pm Josh, Dom and Mark
Josh swear allegiance to them.

8:23pm JOsh and Christmas
Josh says Jessica and Cody never talked game with them before they look at him like they are disgusted in him. He told them he’s voting to keep Jillian but he’s not.
Josh – I want to work with you, Paul and Dom.

Josh asks what happened to their final 8.
Christmas explains that Cody wanted to make a “big BB move” and “take out one of the greatest players of all time” (LOL WOW ) Jessica wanted Christmas evicted because she’s insecure and the type of personality Christmas has threatens girls like that.

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Captain Crunch

Every year these house-guest have there priorities messed up, they’re content with just making it to jury instead of winning the game.


They get a grand a week while in jury… so it doesn’t surprise me too much, but that compared to $500,000- yeah it makes no sense


no no no, when they talk about “getting to jury” they arent talking about actually going to jury! They just want to get to the point in the game where “if” they get voted out then theyll go to jury!


I want Christmas evicted so bad just to see Paul’s shocked face!

I really don’t want the vote to go the showmances way!


Christmas getting evicted IS the showmance getting their way.


No im talking about the “majority alliance” of showmances. Cody and Jessica have already joined the outsiders now.


Jessica is hot yo, the gif is phenomenal

Kevin stole Shemp's hair

I’ve seen multiple comments about wanting Christmas voted out just to see Paul’s reaction. I’d rather see something happen to Paul directly. Clearly he is the BB production darling this season and they are making no secret of protecting him. That’s the part of BB that irks me. Wasn’t a big fan of Paul of last season (although he did play a good game to get to the finals). I find him even more annoying this year. Hope he goes as soon as his protection runs out.


If only Paul would withdraw from all of us.

BB Fan

Watching Alex on After Dark she’s starting to turn into Vanessa. Not a good thing for her. I think her and Cody think they have control of the house dumb logic at this stage of the game.


Really dislike Cody & Jessica. Two humongous egos. Need to be taken down a peg or two. Liked Alex’s attitude (up front with Cody about voting them out) but she’s starting to sound like she’s aligned herself with Cody now. WTF?? Paul’s getting a little crazy & needs to calm down. Hope Christmas stays!


I think it will be a 7 to 5 vote with a vote with Josh being the swing vote and deciding the ladies vote.

Skidd Marks

The house is too intimidated by Xmas unfortunately. She’s probably leaving tonight. It’s irrational to me. She could be a potential weapon against the Alphas of the house if she stays. I think keeping her would be a wise investment.


If Christmas is evicted, that is the end of BB for me! They need her in this game!


Simon/Dawg, as of now, who is going? I’ve been trying to catch up!!!!


If Josh is the swing vote and then gets HOH I will laugh so hard. Not sure how probable that is but it’s fun to think about.


Who gave cowboy coffee ?. He’s so excitable, he needs to calm down and Paul needs to leave him alone. Who knows who is voting for who? They are all all over the place. Hopefully Jillian goes, she’s added NOTHING so far.


Why does Paul keep wearing boxer briefs as shorts?


He owns a clothing shop. Put some pants on Paul.


I’m dizzy keeping up with who is voting for who, who is lying to who, I have no clue how the house is voting tomorrow… for the record, I hope Christmas stays.


Josh is the swing vote that is the only certainty tomorrow and he will decide their fate


I seriously don’t think THEY can keep up with their own plans. They sound schizophrenic.

Never missed an episode

I loved the comment on tonight’s show from Alex about this not being The Bachelor! These women, especially Jessica, are so desperate it’s ridiculous. It’s like high school. Once Cody goes who does she have? No one. She’s put all her eggs in his basket. So dumb. That’s one of the reasons I like Christmas. Yeah, a bit of an ego, but she’s not there to hook up. She’s there to play. I respect that. Jillian needs to go. She’s as worthless as Meg was and plays the whiny victim.


It’s obviously still really early, but I’m loving this season so far! Nothing has been predictable as of yet other than Paul winning the first temptation, which I was pumped about anyway. Definitely rooting for Paul & I like Alex too. Will never pull for Cody or Jessica, but it would be interesting if Jessica won HOH tomorrow!! I just hope the power shifts every week so 1 alliance doesn’t run the show every single week…. liking the temptation twist though so far after completely hating the idea of it at first


I know I’m fairly alone with this opinion, but I really respect codys game.
He tried to nominate a big player who was a big threat to his game, and he did it regardless if he had the votes to evict Paul that’s mega ballzy.
Love him or hate him, he’s here to make big moves so I hope he stays in the game!


You WOULD have been correct if not for the fact that Cody chose not to let a single person in on the decision. Not telling a single person is one of the worst moves in BB history. He could have easily let his alliance in on it and I’m sure they would have complied. And then when Paul was protected – instead of throwing up someone from the other side he threw in ANOTHER supposed alliance member. They probably would have gotten over the Paul thing, but the Christmas choice was where he really fucked up.


He should put Jason or Kevin up.

Never missed an episode

I would have loved it had he clued in his alliance what his plan was. But to go rogue just proves he’s a punk with a big ego. I wanted to like him, but he lost my respect when he told Megan the reason he nominated her was he didn’t like her. In my opinion that was mean spirited and unnecessary. Now I can’t wait til he’s gone.


U r not alone. Cody and Jessica are my favorites.


Hey simon and dawg what do u guys think of the season with the temptation theme I like it ! Also do you think another vet will enter the game especially since all the eliminations already ? Lol Bb has never only brought back just one single vet


What a hoot if they brought Nicole back! Flashback mode for Paul! His biggest mistake (taking her to the finals) walks through the door. Paranoia on steroids!


I completely agree. I respect codys game. Rooting for him

Jimmy 64

Is it just me or does Kevin dress like John Gotti


I seriously think he was one of Whitey Bulger’s old lieutenants in Boston!!


I think if you consider every season of Big Brother in recent years, Paul would have to be considerate one of the greatest. Derrick was better, obviously – but I think Paul is up there.(In reference to the “LOL WOW,” commentary lolol)


I respect and understand you are a Paul`s super fan. But I can name at least 20 or 30 or even 40 better players than Paul.


No, Derrick was really not that great. Just because a person wins, doesn’t make them good.
Paul is much better.


Are you kidding me?


I think Paul got into a shit ton of hot water last year and always managed to get out of it. He went from being one of the first people the other side wanted gone to then BFF with Pauline who held all the power for awhile. On the block multiple times, won a ton of comps, made final 2… how is that NOT considered being one of the better house guests in bb history? This isn’t based on his popularity. Kaysar was wildly a favorite but also pretty shitty at the game, for example. Paul put in constant work.

So anyway...

I like Mark a lot. Can’t stand Cody and Jessica! I wish Alex was on Paul’s team. I thought Josh was voting out Christmas but after watching his conversation with Jason it looks like it’s going to be a tie with Cody voting out Christmas. I hope Josh can be persuaded to vote Jillian out!


Mark is just a floater and so is Matt, and so is Kevin and so is Josh and so is Jason.


It’s week 2. You don’t know that they’re floaters yet.


Not sure I want Cody or Jess for the long run but I definitely want Cody to be the deciding vote on keeping Jillian over Christmas. Also I can’t believe they are willing to throw it to Paul. Why don’t they just sign the check to Paul now. Maybe it’s because they aren’t playing for the check any longer. All want to give it to Raven but Paul.

sunny dee

i don’t think it matters who is hoh next time around, plus none of them want to be the ones to put up who they want up. makes complete sense to give the HOH to paul this round, since he can’t play the following hoh, but will still be safe from being nominated as in safe from the usual post hoh fallout.

i am not convinced that kevin is voting out jillian. in which case he is the swing vote, not josh. josh is fully commiting to voting out jillian, that doesn’t even seem to be a question. the question is which one is the one kevin is telling the truth to, paul or alex/jason. i don’t think there is any doubt jason is voting to keep jillian, because i am pretty sure he fully believes kevin is keeping her, and the josh is keeping her. .


Simon and Dawg,

will the breakdown of the votes be the following:
Jason: Xmas
Jessica: Xmas

Paul: Jillian

5 to 7 Xmas stays? (is dominique no longer working with Cody?)


I haven’t been watching the feeds for the last while so I’m not sure where the house is at this point. I’m sure it will change before the vote as well. I am however fairly sure that Christmas is staying.


Kevin: “Elena keeps saying she is going to win..she has trouble walking to the kitchen”


I dnt trust anyone who doesn’t like Kevin.

And maybe I’m the only who thinks so…but Xmas is gone tomorrow.