“Tomorrow night when I go in they’re I’ll say I vote for Christmas and leave, that’s my word. “

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1:05pm Jillian and Ramses
The rules on Ramses’ curse
requires the HouseGuests to have to volunteer themselves as one of the nominees in the next 3 weeks.
Jillian suggesting he gets nominated this coming week because right now they have the numbers to keep him safe.
Jillian – Cody and Jessica will probably vote with us
Rames – I can’t win HOH..
Ramses explains if he won HOH he would have to put 2 people up make enemies then the following week he would have to nominate himself.
Jillian says she goes in the “Torture room” and sleeps nobody notices..
feeds cut.. (LOL)
Jillian says Matt is afraid of Alex, “Cody told us last night”
Ramses – just be careful what you tell Cody.. he’s a liability

1:06pm Cody and Kevin
Cody – I almost hope it’s a tie so I can be the one that kicks Christmas out
Kevin – they’re coming after ya
Cody knows
Kevin – I’ll go with you guys this time
Kevin says Jillian deserves a chance she’s been on the block 3 week
Kevin – my word is my bond, you’ll see
They shake
Kevin – Tomorrow night when I go in they’re I’ll say I vote for Christmas and leave that’s my word.

1:18pm Cody and Jessica
Cody says Kevin’s vote is a lock.
They think the vote is 6-6, 6-7 with Mark
Cody says Elena will be so scared she’ll jump into mark’s arms “save me”

Cody says Matt is making a lot of digs at Cody when he was explaining past seasons.
Cody – ok MotherF**** i’m not a idiot Matt I see what you’re doing.

Cody – If Matt wins and tries to put me up next week, i’ll make him look like a idiot I won’ hold back.. I’ll call him a coward and a Pu$$y

Jessica says now that they have the votes locked to Evict Paul they have to focuis on Matt not winning the HOH.
Cody – and Paul.. Matt and Paul

1:27pm Paul, Mark and Elena
Paul says Cody has made a side deal with Alex and Jason saying “My people are pissed at me I want to now work you guys to get them out”
Elena figured that out.
Paul leaves..
Mark and Elena start talking about shoes and jeans. She tells him she has a “good pair” of jeans that looks so good on her she “gets a b*ner”

1:31pm Jessica and Cody
Talking about Cody’s daughter and how he almost slipped up downstairs in one of his conversations.
Jessica – Hi Paisley
Cody – Hi Paisley

Jessica can tell Raven and Elena have had conversations.
Cody – what are you going to do when they crawl back

Cody doesn’t want Christmas to be out of the game due to her foot he wants to have a vote.

1:58pm Kevin and Jason
Kevin says he told Cody he’s got his back.
Kevin points out they were going to vote Christmas out anyways not because Cody influenced them. But if they can benefit from Cody thinking that why not.
Jason – It’s me, you, Alex, Josh, Ramses, Jillian, Cody and Jessica
Kevin – that 8
Kevin – I say we head hunt them all..
Kevin mentions the “makeup girls”
Kevin – some girls think the show is just for them
Jason- Think we can trust Ramses to vote for Jillian (to stay)
Kevin- I will twist him up like a fu***ing pretzel.. Just kidding, America
Kevin says eventually Ramses is going to snap he’s only 21. Eventually he’ll go “Coo COo for coco puffs like Josh”

They head over to talk to Alex

Kevin tells them Paul is telling him it’s 9-4
Jason – bullshit
Alex – he’s been working Ramses hard
Kevin leaves.

Alex says she doesn’t trust Jessica
Jason and Alex agree to get rid of Jessica within the next 2 weeks.

Kevin comes back says they are the geek squad..
Jason wants something better

Kevin – the goon platoon (LMFGO)
Kevin – the bullshiters

Ramses and Jillian join them.

2:12pm Dom, Mark, Elena, Raven, Matt
They want to get Cody, Jessica and Ramses out before Jury. They talk about how the house will be shocked when the votes come out and Christmas stays.

2:47pm Jason and Kevin

Complaining about the girls putting makeup on. “you doing a modelling shoot today”
Says it takes them 3 hours to put makeup on just to sit around for 5 hours to take the makeup off to go to bed, “whats the point”
Kevin – some of these girls, they think they’re playing the game properly.. I don’t see them doing nothing, playing grab a$$… don’t know if you can call what they are doing playing a game..
Kevin says it’s crazy to him that all these girls are leeching onto guys.

2:57pm Jessica and Cody doing some Yoga
Jessica – Is it out? My boobs not out

3:24pm Christmas is back
She says it has to be cast.
Christmas – It’s broken
Christmas – nothing changes

She doesn’t get a handicap in competitions. A doctor will decide which Competitions she can compete in.

3:42pm Mark and Elena
Mark says on a game level he wants to get Ramses out before Jury but on a personal level he wouldn’t mind Ramses in the Jury. With Josh it’s the other way around He doesn’t want him in the Jury house but on a game level who cares.

Raven stops by says she hopes Paul wins the HOH.
mark says one of them will.
Elena – I won’t

4:06pm Josh and Raven made dinner for everyone.

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This is bs with xmas. She can’t play in any veto pretty much and hoh. So she just gets to sit there and fuck everyone else.


Just call her Veronica, their situations aren’t that different.


Christmas is still active in the game. She just has very little physical game left. Veronica may not have even been aware she was on a show.


Yeah and I’m fine with her staying, if she isn’t voted out. Christmas with a broken foot would contribute more to the team than Veronica. Or Meg. Or any other person that couldn’t win a comp if they were the only person in it.


Exactly. I’d bet on Christmas with a boot in a physical comp over a lot of past contestants. Lol








Kevin wears a lot of lady clothes.


In the picture above of Kevin and Jason, one is sitting like a dude and one is sitting like a lady.

Sitting rules for genders

Oh…I never realized certain genders had to sit a certain way?


It would be for sexes not genders…there are rules for grammar.


::pulls on the jack boots::


All in on the Goon Platoon, lol.


I’ve noticed s some of the women wearing men’s clothing, and sitting like men! Omg! They are probably ..Can’t even finish, some people are such idiots.


<3 <3


People have observations, some of those observations may appear idiotic to you. So what, ignore them. No need to call people idiots for their unique observations. Good luck in your quest to control the world with your keen sense of moral superiority.


Yeah! What she said….I mean he. Can’t tell what gender anonymous is cause I can’t see how he/she is sitting. ??????


The comment was made about two males. Inferring that this comment implies that there is only one way for someone(sexes) to sit is incorrect.

big meech's bald spots

Alex and Jason are already trimming fat. By far the most cerebral players in the house

Booty Warrior

Mark wants some of that dark chocolate but I don’t blame him Dom is beautiful too bad Elena is there

big meech's bald spots

She pretty af. Dom runs circles around mama da and max-z


Maybe he’s going to Dom because Elana wouldn’t answer him when he asked if she thought they’d date outside the house.


Just vote her out so the game can be played properly !


With christmas not playing, it’s the same as her losing every single competition. If she can’t play in a competition, then she can’t win HOH or POV – but there are plenty of other people who will not win either of those anyway. So it’s pretty much the same thing. She can be nominated for eviction and if she can’t play POV bc of her foot, she has to use her social game to convince people to keep her – or she’s gone. If she were healthy and still never won a comp, she’d almost be in the same boat. People of people play this game and don’t win a thing. Some stay a while, others get voted out right away – so be it. As I recall, Jordan didn’t win much en route to her BB final victory.


There are a couple comps that are referred to as mental. Those generally require a person be able to spin a box to yes/no or true/false type answers. Those she can win. In reality, she only has a social game left much like Grandma Meg.


Granny predicts that Christmas will be evicted tomorrow night. It would be a lot more fun to see her stay, though!


If Michael Madsen and Sean Penn had a baby, it would look exactly like Kevin


Randy…that is so on point haha!


The big question is, who is josh voting out? Because he really is the swing vote that will decide if it’s a tie or if Jillian is evicted?


Hmmm. It’s a shame that Mark is so nice. That will guarantee him not winning Big Brother


I think Christmas is confused. If it was a complete break then the bone would need to be set (with screws and clamps) as soon as possible. It sounds more like a compound fracture. This almost always requires surgery as well. I suspect the doctors recommended to Christmas that she leave the game but allowed her to make the final decision. It’s unlikely that she will worsen the injury by staying. The issue is that delaying surgery allows scar tissue to form around the injured area which makes the procedure more invasive and less likely to be successful (though still with a fairly good success rate). I guess Christmas isn’t ready to give up an opportunity of a lifetime. If she can identify an effective regimentation with her pain medication I think she should be able to manage the situation satisfactorily.


I agree, everyone has different pain thresholds also. Christmas will be just fine. I do get a laugh out of these people saying Christmas should have to leave the game. Big Bro is an experience of a lifetime and ultimately it is Christmas’ choice!


Where does it say COMPLETE break? Sorry Doc, but a fracture is a break. Same thing.


You are correct. I explained it this way because that is how most people (patients) perceive injuries to the bones. If I was addressing an audience of physicians I would have described the situation differently. I said Christmas was confused because when she was questioned by the houseguests she stated that “no it’s not a fracture it’s broken”. Those without a medical background generally view a broken bone to be what is medically referred to as a “displaced fracture” where the bone snaps into two or more parts and does not maintain proper alignment. I can assure you Christmas does not have a displaced fracture because if she did no physician would allow her to return to the game.


Maybe she is lying

Butters Mom

I broke my foot last year and it was a complete break. It depends on which bone it was. I wore a boot for 3 months and did not have surgery. My husband broke the same bone in the same foot 3 days before I did but it was a centimeter off in a different spot and he had to have surgery because it affected his circulation. I know… sounds like a far fetched story … but we both had boots on our right foot at the same time and neither could drive.. we had matching scooters for my sons high school graduation ceremony.


Wow – talk about bad timing! There are actually many different types of fractures. I saw an enlarged photo of Christmas’ foot which displayed swelling an area that would indicate an injury to a bone or joint in the arch. If her fracture is non-displaced (does not move and retains proper alignment) then it is quite possible that immobilization for 8-12 weeks would be sufficient for proper healing. However, as this area of the foot does not receive the highest level of blood flow, many physicians would still recommend surgery for a patient who is very physically active like Christmas (she does CrossFit). Sorry I promise not to bore everyone with this medical analysis anymore. I just thought that some of you would be interested in the variables that would determine whether Christmas could continue and if she did what her limitations would be.

Guy From Canada

If they were able to set the bones externally with a cast it doesn’t require surgery that’s probably why they did the MRI today (more likely a CT if in Canada land) to make sure the bone was aligned as a follow up. Give it 6 weeks and she will be back to light activity on the foot without crutches. But without knowing what bone is broken, the type of fracture etc etc we can’t make guesses from outside the house. So long as the bone didn’t puncture the skin, they can set a cast just fine with our universal health care, I’d imagine it’s the same in American-land as the risk of infection is low enough to have a cast on for the suturing remodelling etc etc the body does the heal bone blah blah blah……insert sciency stuff………..


Agree. Years ago one of my kids broke their foot all the way across just below the ball, playing duck, duck, goose of all things. No bones went through the skin, no surgery; cast and then boot and therapy.


If Christmas lasts long, she won’t be able to do the “slip n’ slide fill the jar” comp


Or the wall


That’s the Pharaoh’s curse? Seem worse


It was good to see them all sitting around the table in peace. This was needed.


Ugh I hope Kevin doesn’t lie about his vote before hand because that will put him on the “other” side of the house. It’ll be too easy to figure out because the 7 voting to keep her are always together. It’s going to be obvious who voted where. Although Kevin makes the rounds with everyone, he still has been spending a lot of time with Jason. Too easy to figure out.

BB Lover

Votes as of right now
Christmas to stay
Mark,Elena,Matt,Raven,Dom,Paul , and Josh
Jillian to stay
7-5 ??????? 8-4 ?????? 6-6 ???? With the tie vote 7-6 who knows anymore
Right now christmas is staying. In my opinon she’s leaving tommorow I’ve been waiting for the house to flip and i think it’ll flip tommorow which won’t be a surprise and it’ll flip because of Paul he needs to calm the fuck down you’re safe for 2 weeks why are you playing so hard ? Lay Low after this eviction .
Kevin might end up going all the way like this nobody knows he playing both sides right now and nobody will come for him first. #Kevinforthewin


the vote right now is 7-4 christmas staying


Right now the vote is 6-6. Josh flipped. Xmas goes.


Does anyone have a link to east coast feeds?


So I’m wondering what the curse will be for the veto temptation. And Im thinking it could be, the cursed person can’t be randomly pulled for the veto comps until the veto necklace has been played. Which would be a total game changer! Because if not your name can’t be pulled you could easily be backdoored.

And what will be the curse for the halt hoax! If you stop an eviction what could the curse possibly be?


That awkward moment when u realize you like Cody more than Paul.

Hate to say this…well no I don’t. Mark looks like a Orangutan. Not just because he big. It’s more so facially.

Ok I have offended enough of you for this thread.




I agree with you. Don’t like Paul at all. Haven’t since last season. He would say all the time, it’s just a game, don’t get upset about being nominated, yet when he’s nominated it’s like how dare they!


Dinner at 4:06?? These people are either bored, or have to take their mess. Holy hell


If I remember right there are no clocks or time telling devices in the house. It can certainly mess up when folks are eating.

Bunny Flop

I am really starting to dislike Elena. She seems very cold.


I can’t stand watching and listening to Elana and Raven….I can’t take it


I’m surprised Elana doesn’t drool..why on earth would someone blow their lips up that big? She probably was a pretty girl before:(


If I was Kevin I would just lay low till after the vote period. Let the dust settle this Week. He’s in a good spot right now without revealing which way he’s voting. He can always blame Josh. LoL if he votes out Christmas, but now he told Cody ( so that plan is gone ) – if she goes.
I don’t understand why all these people are on here saying Christmas should be voted out because of her foot? SO WHAT !! Not all of the HoH’s are physical, some are just standing pushing a damn button ( true or false ). Plus there might be physical comp’s she can do that don’t require the use of her legs just upper body strength.
Look I am not a huge Christmas fan, But I will take her over a non-existent Jillian. By the way – who is she again ??
Plus Jillian isn’t going to win any comps. Are you freaking kidding me. The only friend Jillian has is Alex – No one talks to her maybe Ramses and he is barely on the Feeds either.


I love Kevin. He’s like the Big Ang of BB19. With his wise guy comments…#THEGOONPLATOON


I loved watching Big Ang! She was the funniest! Great comparison.
Rip ang.


Kevin needs to go back and read the bb rules. The HOH and nominees cant vote. And hes counting cody The current Hoh and Jillian a nominee as a vote. Also he thinks josh is voting with that side. Kevin you dress sharp but your not the sharpest tool in the tool shed.

Captain Obvious

Don’t be so oblivious, it is obvious Kevin is playing the “I don’t know this game”. On live feeds in some of his conversations, he is very aware and other conversations he is acting like he doesn’t know his own name.


Very good season so far. Good cast. Like the temptation and curse aspect, although I wish the audience doesn’t choose but rather some other method,


Cody is kind of starting to grow on me. Jessica really needs to go though…