Josh “Everybody in this f****g house is threatened by you because you’re a f****g bad@$$!”

9:10pm Storage room – Josh and Jason.
Josh – nobody in this house is realizing how close we are which is good. Don’t let anybody f**king know. People are realizing that you and Alex are really close. But let me tell you something… Alex is a f**king beast! I.. in mental comps can beat these fools and I know that you’re a beast. Us three stick together. They’re playing their and they think we’re going to play their game. Us three stick together. I trust Kevin but Kevin needs to control his mouth. Jason – he’s fine. That guy is solid. You just f**king make sure that you focus on exactly what we talked about. Christmas leaving. I don’t care what they say to you .. you better stick to the pact or your a$$ is f**king grass. We can keep you for a few more weeks. Josh – if I win HOH, I pick who I want. Jason – right now Cody is on our side. We can get that son of a b***h out later. Do not f**k up on the vote. Just make sure you vote to evict Christmas. I love that f**king girl but that’s just the way it is. Jason – you, me or Alex have got to win HOH. No matter what they say put your trust in us. Jason leaves the storage room. Josh says f**k F**k to himself.

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9:15pm Storage room. Josh & Alex.
Josh – everybody in this f**king house is threatened by you because you’re a f**king bada$$! You need to trust me because I know that you don’t. But you need to trust me. I am with you, Jason and Kevin. Alex – alright. Josh – You have to trust me. Alex – I trust you. They’re playing their game. (points to the bedroom) And they’re playing their game. (points to the HOH room) They’re going to pick us off one by one. You get me? The only we’re going to get far in this game is me, you and Kevin can trust each other. They’re going to try and pull us .. or this is only going to continue. Alex – I don’t understand their… I would totally be on with Paul but he wants to keep Christmas. Like it doesn’t make sense and I don’t trust her. Josh – but don’t say that. I know that with my actions, you’ll trust me. I can’t preach to you. We can pray all we want. Josh – you are the baddest f**king girl mentally, puzzle-wise and physically… so know that sh*t.

9:45pm Bedroom – Christmas, Elena, Dom
Christmas tells Elena and Dom that he (Ramses) has to put himself up as a nominee any time in the next 3 weeks. Dom – well hopefully he doesn’t do that. Christmas – if he puts himself up this week, we have a bigger target. If he puts himself up next week, we still have a bigger target. If he puts himself up the third week.. Elena – so maybe and this would be a really big di*k move of me I can go talk to him and be like look I’m starting to hear your name more and more and people are starting to feel like your snooping. Dom – its true. Its true. You are hearing his name more and more. Elena – I am and I was hearing it before I just wasn’t telling him because I was trying to stay more loyal to the rest of ya’ll. I didn’t want to mess up any plans ya’ll had. But I could start letting him know that he was a part of the rumor about the banner. And that people are starting to talk more about him winning the $25,000. Dom – its true. Elena – and that maybe he should just wait a couple more weeks or as long as possible. I don’t know if that would even works because he might put himself up this week because he knows Cody is a bigger target. Christmas – I think we should play the opposite. Maybe we should be a little nicer and make him wait. Dom – yeah we should do that.

10pm HOH room – Cody & Jessica.
Cody – man we would have been such a dud season if we had just f**king safety’d our way through. I wonder if Mark is working a deal for us. Jessica – like what? Cody – hedging the bet with Paul. That’s what I would do to help Mark. Is there any way that Cody and Jess could be safe is you get it. Jessica – I don’t expect anything. Cody – I feel ya. Do you think after Christmas is voted out there will be a release in tension? Jessica – yeah. I think we’ll have to deal with Raven and Elena being emotional. I can see both of them crying already. Cody – do you think they would cry for you? Jessica – I don’t know and I don’t want anyone crying for me. Maybe you would cry for me? You cried for Alex, so I hope you would cry for me. Cody – hahahaha. Jessica – twice. Cody – you’re so dumb.

10:03pm – 10:30pm Lounge room – Kevin and Dominique “the dominator” do another episode of their shows. Christmas is the first guest. Dom asks her about her thoughts moving into the house / audience questions, etc. Jillian is the next guest. She talks about “letting her freak flag fly”.

11:10pm Mark & Elena.

Elena – all they said was that they think you talked to Cody and he thinks he has the votes. Mark – Crazy. I can’t want to see the votes tomorrow. Elena – wait you told him you’re voting for Christmas or Jillian? Mark – he thinks I’m voting for Christmas too. Elena – to go? He does? Mark – yeah. Elena – you never told me that? Mark – I told you that when you were with Paul. I told he and Jess that if they get enough votes I would be the swing vote to get rid of her. I told them that the day the veto happened. I only said that so that they would think it was okay. They think its going to be all the outsiders. Jess, Ramses, Alex, Jason, Josh.. they even think Kevin. They think its going to be 7 – 5. He’s delusional. They’re not going to make a scene before the vote. They’re waiting till after. They think they’ve got this. When they hear 10 – 2 they’re going to freak out.

11:20pm – 11:30pm Josh, Kevin, Ramses, Jillian and Jason.
Josh – the only chance we will have in this f**king game is if we stay together. If not, we’re handing that cheque to somebody else. We came here to f**king play.

11:40pm Alex hides in the storage room and scares Mark. He says he’s playing chess and needed his full mental capacity and she just f**ked it up. He tells her he got him good and that he’ll get her back.

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12:10am Kevin, Josh, Alex and Jillian.
Josh – I want that bed, I want a letter, I want a shower, I want to be in f**king power! Alex – that was a good intro. Kevin – what alcohol did you order? Josh – Merlot, chardonnay and beer. Kevin – I just hope its something.. and share with so the other people don’t. Josh puts up his middle finger. Kevin – if you want to just tell people I reserve the right to just be up here and shower by myself. Have you showered up there? Josh – no. I asked to use the bathroom one time and he (Cody) said why don’t you use the bathroom downstairs. Alex – what?! Jillian – no way!! Josh – I swear to god on my momma. someone was using the bathroom downstairs and he (Cody) was in the backyard so I asked him if I could use it and he said can you wait till the person downstairs gets out? Jillian – wow! That’s f**ked up. Josh – Kevin – guess whos seeing that? Josh – America. Kevin – but guess who is really seeing that? Josh – my family. Josh – since the beginning people have been slandering my name, dogging me, dragging my name through this sh*t hole. They can manipulate everything they want to. Kevin – I want to be around people I want to be around not people that are making out. Josh – Paul said it best, this isn’t a dating show this is big brother.

12:45am Outside the HOH room – Mark and ELena making out.

1:10am In the bedroom – Kevin, Alex, Ramses, Jillian, Paul, Christmas and Jason.
Jason tells a story about how he was “banging” a girl in the barn when she said it was too dry. She said spit on it. Jason said he wasn’t going to do that, so he grabbed his Carmex and put it on it. He says he blew 3 nuts without going flaccid. Jason – 3 consecutive times .. mind you that was all in 7 minutes. Kevin – best f**king 7 minutes of his life.

1:40am Josh talking to himself alone in the havenot room.
Josh – I am an outsider, I am alone but I am a vote and the vote that counts tomorrow. And its taking a tole on me because do I keep Jillian who I can have as an ally and continue to play this game with and she’s not a threat to my game or do I keep Christmas that is going after Cody but is a strong player even with a broken leg. She is a strong number for the strong alliance. But has trusted me but is not willing to break her back like I am willing to do for Paul. I am really torn because I am not sure what to do. I gave people my word but looking at the bigger picture I don’t think its best for my game so this is really hard. I’ve gone through BB hell. I’ve had to fight for my safety since day 1! I have a strong 5 out there, with me its 6. This is an underdogs game. This isn’t a high school game, this isn’t a popularity contest. I trust Dom, I trust Paul but I do not trust those two showmances .. Mark, I don’t trust Elena, I don’t trust Matt. And I love Raven but I don’t trust her gamewise. I fu*ked up in the beginning. I think Matt is a very intelligent person. I don’t like how he throws out
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2:10am – 2:30am Havenot room – Jillian, Josh and Alex.
Josh – we need to stick together. We have something. Jillian – we were worried about you. We saw them cornering you. Josh – they try to sway everybody but I know where I stand. I was in the outs, I would have been out that door this week if I didn’t have the apple. I would have gone home and none of them would have cared. They would have continued to jury but I threw a wrench in their plans and their plans blew up and their alliance blew up. So guess what I will never forget where I was on day 14. I was in the havenot room with you guys. Thirty days from now, I’m going to remember that. They tried to play me week one and get me out. They’ve been slandering my name and making sh*t up about me. My family is watching that. So guess what I am going for that HOH tomorrow and I’m not leaving my fate or my game in no ones hands and I’m going to make sure we’re all safe. I’m going to start throwing shots and this house is going to blow up. Alex – with Cody and Jessica being such a$$holes it takes the heat off of you. Josh – I’m just going to be like you guys never spoke game with me. Alex – I don’t want Jess to go to jury. She won’t be good for anyone. Jillian – I think we should put up Matt and Raven. Mark and Elena are fine. Really we just need to break up that group. They don’t even talk to Jessica and Cody. Josh – I don’t think we go after Cody and Jessica ..we don’t need to do their dirty work. They had a 9 person alliance and we weren’t going to jury now we have the numbers and we’re going to take control of this game.

Alex and Jillian.
Alex – Kevin is worried about you because you keep asking about the vote. Stop asking about the vote. Jillian – I can’t release control of my fate. I need to take control. You guys tell me I’m okay. Alex – when I tell you, you’re okay.. you’re okay. Jillian – my work and my life everything is in my control. I’m trying to keep calm and relaxed. Alex – if you go home this week that means there’s a rat in our group and that someone else has turned. Jillian – they won’t. Alex – Jessica has to vote with us and if Mark does too that’s sweet. We need it to be a 6 -6 or 7 – 5. If its 6 – 6, Cody will vote with us.

3:45am All the house guests are sleeping.

4:15am Mark and Matt are up in the kitchen. Big Brother turns the lights on and Mark heads to bed.

4:30am All the house guests are back in bed.

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meatball mark

Josh is bigger than me. Starts crying…


Looks like Christmas is done…

Christmas eve

Hopefully we’re all taking the lights down soon


Yeah, it doesn’t look good for Xmas, but with Josh, it seems like whoever talks to him last can turn him. So we’ll see.

But in the end, whether Xmas or Jillian goes, neither one of them are a threat to win HOH tomorrow night. It’s that competition that will determine which side of the house gets control of the game, not the eviction vote–that’s what I can’t wait to see!


I like that redhead mmm mmm mmm go ginger snaps


This is the most up-in-the-air vote in a very long time! I love it!

Spartacus Jackson

And it’s just week 2!!! This is awesome…


I haven’t seen a vote like this since Nick’s eviction on BB16…I expect Paul to go full-on Ginamarie! Can’t wait!


That Nick vote was a HUGE surprise for me back in the day. LOL I remember that Thursday well. It was a busy morning.

Spartacus Jackson

Gina Marie was crying like she was a widow and the domino effect for the most racist season in Big Brother history was ready for take off…


So confused where Josh is now.. even though he already said to the camera he’s voting Jillian out the other day. I can’t even tell who’s playing who anymore!! But Jason, Alex, Josh, Ramses and Kevin could be a good group and take out the couples and the rest of Paul’s group. So I hope Josh sticks with Jason & Alex instead of running back to Paul. I love Christmas but I kinda wanna see Paul’s plan fail.


I agree with this 100%, Paul was my favorite last year but he’s basically Paulie 2.0 this season.


I think that’s a serious stretch. Paulie? No.


Haha I really don’t see how that’s a stretch. He’s loud, obnoxious, arrogant, talks about sh*tting in people’s mouths…how he has so many fans is so telling of where we are as a society.


No way that group can stay together and execute a strategy, just none. Numbers wise it could work, but Josh will blow it all up.

So anyway...

I want Christmas to stay but it sure looks to me like Josh is voting the other way.
I don’t think I can handle watching Cody’s big ego if that happens! I want Cody gone. Ugh.

sunny dee

my number one reason why i prefer josh or kevin just votes out jillian. rather not see cody’s plan work out, especially considering he thinks it is working out. josh voting to keep jillian will be a vote condoning cody’s HOH arrogance of not letting anyone else use the bathroom, which he did to josh himself.


Jessica is the perfect example of being pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside. UGH!


I bet she has slept with Tiger Woods multiple times!! Seriously!! ????


I like Dom but I don’t want to see that “show” shit. I hope it’s not on BBAD.


I’m sure each of the house guests are encouraged to do something to try to entertain the masses on the feeds and for the camera people to hopefully get something they can use. Most of the time, it’s drivel. Remember Mango’s attempt at some kind of revue? That was supposed to be something America would like.


Am I reading too far into things?

Did Cody tell ramses last week that his old team was using him? Does that mean he has a new team? Should i continue hating cody or root for him? I’m so confused.


Yes he is attempting to form a new team with the singles. Actually they are a better team to work with as they are focused on the game and not on Showmance. Stick with Cody. He tried to make a Big move getting Paul out. Big Brother threw a wrench in his plan. Paul had his chance last year. He failed. Wouldn’t you prefer to see it played out without someone who has played before?


I think he’s screwed regardless. They (Alex, Jason) say they’ll keep their end of the deal this week but they don’t want to work with Cody long term. Alex is more focused on getting Jessica out due to Jessica’s jealousy and obvious dislike of Alex, but she says she’ll vote Cody out too the first chance she gets.

Basically the only person that really wants to work with Cody long term is Jessica.


So does it seem like Christmas is going? I can’t tell


if christmas gone tomorrow. i guarantee she will be back next year.


My favorite comment from tonight’s show, “I may be a Rodeo Clown, but I’m no fool!”


Josh is so hard to read I really hope he sticks with the outsiders it will be way more fun to have a 6-6 vote and paul be shocked and pissed

Skidd Marks

Not joking here, I think Josh has some sort of mental issue that has either gone undiagnosed or untreated. He is very emotionally unstable and lacks focus, only goes after what is right in front of his nose and not looking clearly at the bigger picture. ADD or ADHD at the least.


I’m not sure how Megan got in the house with PTSD. It makes no sense so I could buy Josh slipping by as well.


What’s going on who is leaving now lol I’m like lost

Bring Back Zac Attack

I can’t believe I’m pulling for Cody to get Christmas out. I want to see Paul blindsided again. I can’t stand Elena/Raven/Matt now so I want to see them scramble. Love Alex, Jason, and Kevin. They can definitely go far if Christmas goes and they team up with Cody — I can’t believe how much Cody is risking for Alex. Watching him call Jessica by Alex’s name was hysterical.

Josh better not disappoint me!!!

Bunny Flop

Well he likes how Jessica looks. And how she rolls around. But, he really loves how Alex thinks. That happens a lot with people who a shallow, and are growing out of it. Only time will tell if he’s just to stunted to grow up. He should know, that Jessica would ride any horse that’s got a pretty, shiny saddle. She won’t be with him outside. I mean his truck is broke down. She’s the type to go for an old, rich man who wants to buy her.


For some reason Josh makes me laugh out of nowhere. He just does stuff…???


How can they keep somebody with a broke bone in the house ? Plz explain


Many who have been in the BBhouse have played as if they had broken bones and brains. They were worthless in phys and mental comps. Obv C’mas will be unable to compete in phys comps that can make her injury worse, but she can compete in less strenuous activities and comps. I am thinking it is likely that production wants C’mas out due to liability issues and may have conveyed this to some HGs to have her voted out. Thoughts?


I don’t think they are looking at it from a liability issue but entertainment. She was brought on because she is a physical woman who could compete with the jock types. Now she’s unable to play in the role she was brought in for so they may be cutting her loose.

Dr. J

This is turning into a good season of BB. People are confused about who is voting for whom. The house is in constant manic mode from the looks of it. Paul needs to stop overplaying his hand if he wants to get farther in the game. I think he will fail badly but time will tell. Josh talking to Elana about having the “brains” to lead his group is laughable. She’s the brawn and he’s the brains and that will take them far. There is no lack of ego in this years players. Men and women alike on their own ego trips. Very good season so far and it is only going to get better I think.
Mark cannot see that Elana just isn’t into him. He’s fawning all over her and she is letting him but she doesn’t see him in her future. I think he has a fractured image of himself and will be crushed when he figures it out. Jessica is in the same boat as Mark. Cody doesn’t want Jessica (she’s too wild for him), he wants Alex in his life. So, interesting dynamics in players, gameplay, and interactions between them. Yes indeed, good game so far…


If you’ll notice literally every single person except Cody talks about how much they “like and trust” Paul. Even Alex, which kind of surprised me. He seems to be in a pretty good spot even with him riding everyone about Christmas.

And Elena gives Mark just enough to keep him going. So I feel kind of sorry for him. He seems like a really nice guy.


Jessica is a freak. I heard her tell Cody “If you do that again, there are knifes in this house” damn. Why do these people get so involved 10 days in?


XMAS … looks like it is time to start working on that 3rd book perhaps. Lets see, you have The Badass Body Diet, The Badass Life … how about The Badass Eviction Exit

BB Lover

I want Christmas gone sadly (she was my fav but now go kevin go ) because Paul has been killing me with his loyalty with her and been doing too much to save her and i think it would be more entertaining if Christmas left than stay from a viewers standpoint and Paul trying to figure out who flipped will be funny and hopefully he’ll calm down for the next two weeks before he gets neda’d when he gets off safety. I’m calling it now Paul will leave pre-jury and come back with the help of production or he goes during double but there probably won’t even be a double this year so the first one seems logical.

Skidd Marks

Christmas, if she stays in and heals up properly, is the biggest physical threat to the male “Jocks” of the house which is why they want her out. If I was playing I would want Jillian gone. She’s exactly the type who skates to the end and wins because she has no blood on her hands.


She is on crutches. She’s not a physical threat anymore. She may be good to go with the mental comps.


It often looks like Mark is making-out with a lifeless sex doll.

Bunny Flop

I know! She looks like a blow up doll! I was watching BBAD, that girl’s mouth is always open. I think she’s got too much fillers in her lips. I think Mark would’ve been better off hooking up with Dom.


Love the temptation twist this year! Was starting to look like the boring, old, one sided, everyone votes the same way type of season but when Paul pulled out the medallion, the look on Cody’s face was priceless! Flustered, Cody put Christmas up & fractured his alliance. Now we got a game! Now I have no idea how Josh will vote & it makes the game exciting again. Starting out to be a good season of Big Brother.


Al I really like Christmas in the beginning, but there’s something undeniably arrogant about her that could lead to being super annoying. So I’m actually rooting for Cody’s HOH to actually work out. He’s definitely fascinating to watch. I hope Christmas gets voted out tonight, it’s going to be an epic season. Let the bloodbath begin!


People actually playing their own game? People not just “going with the house”? People fighting to stay alive and going against the grain? Making HUGE moves, not afraid to get blood on their hands, looks like the Best Season of BB in a while!

Spartacus Jackson

Cody “This would be a dud season if we just safety’d our way through the game.” Thank you man for actually playing the game starting week 1. No voting with the house crap, no waiting for the “perfect” moment to take a shot…(Helen), Its been balls to the wall already this season. We usually have to wait until August for some serious gameplay to happen. This isn’t summer camp ladies and gentlemen…this is Big Brother with a 500 thousand dollars on the line…life changing money.


I agree with everyone that Paul is off the chain this year and he is way over doing it. I thought he was smarter than that. However, remember, he will have another two weeks of safety so if Paul gets blind sided and Christmas is voted out, Paul has two weeks to adjust and tone it down. He is a smart enough player that he will get it figured out and play the next two weeks on a calmer and more strategic level.

Spartacus Jackson

He over did it last season also, but Paulie and Corey sheilded him a lot plus factor in that Nicole, James and Zykiyah had his back as well. He earned my respect towards the end when he started winning some comps to compensate for his annoying personality. He should have won last season over Nicole. He had a better social game but it bit him on the ass due to a bitter jury.


It’s really disappointing sometimes to read the comments on this site, I come here because of the good recaps and most commenters discuss the game.

But I am fed up of seeing so many negative comments!!! Comments like mark is making out with a lifeless sex doll and jessica has probably had sex with tiger woods!

Seriously who are you to judge anyone??? If you think they are a bit trashy because they talk about sex etc, so what! It’s 2017 they can do and talk about whatever they want. I don’t think any of the houseguests have been majorly bitchy or anything. Yet commenters here are already crucifying people for just normal human behaviour.
I don’t think these houseguests have done anything yet to be trolled so hard in week 2.

So IMO if you don’t have anything nice to say or game related, don’t be commenting horrible things about the houseguests.


Like you just did about the commenters?


o shut up

Bunny Flop

Are you new?
As Kevin says. (I do Love him so ) ” this is Big Brother, not the Dating Game”.


It’s not that they just talk about sex but that seems to so dominate their thoughts. They are like bonobos, rubbing up against anyone and everything for a moments pleasure, desperately seeking attention to apparently fill a hole where self respect should be. Some of these guys are no better than 12 year olds living in a Porky’s movie.


I cannot stand to listen to Jillian talk. She brings nothing to this game. She needs to go so that strategic people can play. I don’t think her leaving is going to affect anyone’s game long term. Please Josh, vote her out!


Cody developed a hot and fast crush on Alex and has thrown everything over for her. This is like epic heroic Victorian storytelling especially since Alex can’t really stand him. His kingdom for the wench and damn the serfs until the wench poisons him herself. Cody as the brooding Heathcliff, doomed from the start with his massive love and ego all churning inside. You get the idea.


Ha ha! YASSS!


Don’t tell Jessica!! lol

sunny dee

i remember other physical guys saying they wanted all the physical guys in the house at the end so they could fight it out in a challenging way, as if they end is based only on the physical comps. like it is not a competition if they were up against a jillian or ramses, and it only counts if it is a matt or mark. or in this case, Cody sees Alex as the only one consistently beating him, so he wants her in the game to compete against or it isn’t worth sticking around?

clueless about the game imo


So Christmas is leaving….isn’t that what Cody wants? I was under the impression that they disliked Cody but the way the votes look it looks like Christmas is going. Aside from what they think the better move would be to get rid of Christmas even with her broken foot she is a way stronger mental and physical player than Jillian. I do like how this season is going no one is doing that stupid thing where they say “whatever the house wants” I used to hate that in past seasons. My favorites this season are Alex and Jason, I find it funny that Cody threw the comp for Alex, maybe there is a good human under there somewhere. Really the only person I don’t like this season is Jessica seems so superficial.

sunny dee

i think he was overly obvious about ‘throwing’ it, when the fact is he wasn’t beating her. in order to do that, he would have had to go refill the tub, and come back and try again. his stars were not staying up at a time where hers were all up and all she needed to do was wait a minute, and he had little chance of getting 17 up there after going for more water, and trying once again to balance it out. like making deals with both noms, on the basis that one of them is still in so they can then tell that person how hard they campaigned to keep them when in reality they did nothing, but want to take the credit.

regardless of who stays, cody and jessica are still isolating themselves a lot in the HOH, when they should be out more


Best BB in a long time! If the HG keep up in the manic mood, it will only get better for us and worse for them.


Ya Tomasa, gonna be an epic and memorable BB.
Can not predict who can and will win.
Dawg your turn for Kraken Hour Show

God Bless America
God Save our Queen


Yes. I love Cody. I don’t like Jessica for one thing she lied that she called Alex a panda. Also Cody played a good game America saved Paul I did like him last season. Don’t like him now he think his smarter than others and he played every one I hope people will see him for what he is. Please save Cody Xmas can go don’t care for her. Go Cody you the man.


No, as Paul said, she called her Pao Pao. It was because ahe is very similar to Pao from a few seasons ago. Panda was never said. Go back and check it out. Nothing racial. She was close to Elena, Raven, and Dom. But those 3 idiots starting fawning over Paul. Even Paul can’t believe how stupid they are. Elena calls him a genius and Dom saying she’s going to get more expert advice from Paul. They’re a joke. Jessica is a beautiful girl. Sounds like a lot of jealousy.


I love Cody and Alex. Cowboys
Dom if she plays her own game.


Paul needs to be taken down a peg or two.
He got his safety, now he needs to lose something. He can’t get his way all season. Maybe losing Christmas will humble him some. He’s on an ego trip right now and it’s annoying.


Agreed. I don’t recall him being like this last season. Wonder if his “fame” got to him. I was happy to see him back but he talks down to people this season.


Well since you afraid to put a name on your post I will write to the air.

People here will write whatever they want within reason. If you dnt like it dnt come here.

I find all observations interesting even the ones I dnt agree with.

So please everyone continue to post what u feel. Cuz I for one enjoy all comments except some fool telling ppl what to type. Epic Fail.



Good said.

Daisey Dukes and Boots

Again, I completely agree with you Free…..
You and I have butted heads on this site for the last five seasons.
And with that being said, yay, this is the first season that we are on the same page!
However, even when we weren’t,
we were always respectful to each others opinion and comments.
— so whoever this newbie is, he/she does not understand us,
nor Simon and Dawg’s sense of humor.
And most importantly, this whiner does not know to buy the fees thru this site,
or make a donation for all the hard work Simon and Dawg do.
#KevinForTheWin 🙂
Cheers, Free – here’s to a great season starting off with a bang!!


My complaint remains the same: CBS needs to air this show 4 times a week and not just 3. Such BS! So much goes on in that house and they squeeze so little in the actual show. Not everyone gets to watch live feeds. Thankfully we have OBB, but if you’re like me – that do not want to read a lot of spoilers before the actual airing – reading about the show kinda diminishes the impact of when watching stuff unfolding in TV episodes.

Other than that, I know Cody is pretty unpopular here – hell, I was one of the first to express my dislike – but I must say I respect his position in wanting to keep a great competitor in the house. Wanting to go up against Alex made me look at him a bit different. I like people who want to beat the best and not get the rid of the best. The person I truly laugh at is Matt. What a sorry excuse for a houseguest. Does nothing, want to sit pretty without doing any work (what was that pitiful performance on the veto comp? – and has the guts of making faces when displeased with the way things happen in the house. Dude, get the F out. Take the rest of your alliance with you. Well, Matt and Mark have zero chances of winning this season. And Elena should not be on BB. She should be on a shrink’s couch treating her self image issues. And Jessica… Jessica… you’re pathetic.


Dawg, Simon-do you know yet what this season’s temptations are in order?


I don’t sorry. There was a leak pre season that had the first 3 listed but I don’t remember what they were.


Wasn’t the third one cancelling an eviction?


I think Cody is probably kicking himself for latching onto Jessica so fast Now he can’t go for Alex without completely destroying what game he has left. Its too bad Cody is such the egomaniac that I just can’t get past it. Because he could really be great at big brother. I think some ego is a plus. He’s just too egotistical. He seems to really believe that certain people are beneath him. This vote tonight is going to great. Like some others have said. I’m loving there is no voting with the house. Everyone’s up in the air and plenty of drama to ensue after this vote. Great start to BB.


No matter how the vote turns out the house will get flipped again. I wonder if who ever gets HOH will they play the nuclear option and put Jess and Cody up?


I want to see how Jillian will be once she is in the house and can socialize more without being encumbered by being a nominee. I think she was pretty funny when she was doing the impersonation of her mom on Dom’s talk show last night.

I would like to see Alex, Jason, Kevin and Jillian do well and if they can bring in Josh and Ramses and keep them safe to alleviate some of their paranoia, maybe than can get themselves into at least the jury house.

I like how Cody is willing to go immediately after the big fish and do battle but his personality is just a bit lacking. As for Jessica, she is tough but I think her game play is a bit too mean spirited.

Matt, Raven, Mark and Elana probably all need to be targeted. None of them seems to really want to take charge and step up. They all just seem to want to have an easy ride to the jury house.

Dom is playing a low key game so far and I would like to see her put in some position of peril to see more of how she will play the game instead of just trying to float. Need to see more from her other than just trying to land a gig with CBS after the show is over.

Paul is Paul. Not much has changed really other than he seems to play like he has more power and sway this year as a returning vet.

Tiger in the woods

I’m all in for the outsiders. Cody and Jessica can be meat shields for them until it’s time to show those two the door.
At least Cody made the first week interesting.
And he won’t back down.


I did not watch any feeds today so before they were taken down where was Josh’s head at as it seems he will decide if Xmas goes home or not?


I got a post coming.. looks like he’s back to keeping Christmas.


I would like for Josh to vote out Jillian, set Paul/Christmas’ plan into action, and see alot of people get really angry and to find out who flipped! Also, it would be so funny if Josh win the next HOH; and see Cody and Jessica scramble to kiss his ass and try to manipulate him into thinking they’re “friends”. The alliance I’d like to see is Paul, Christmas, Josh, Mark, Alex, Jason, and Kevin…but the true alliance is Kevin, Josh, Alex, and Jason making it to Final 4! #Outsidersrideordie!