Will Janelle get any votes? Danielle: “She’s gotta get the hell up out of here.. Before she spreads more lies”

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

9:33pm Cam 3-4 Storage Room Ashley and Wil

Ashley: “we’re not really floaters.. but I guess we kinda are” 
Ashley: “are we going to tells Janelle on wednesday we are not voting for her”
Wil thinks maybe they shouldn’t bother and they skip all the drama. 
ashley mentions that Britney is asking her if Wil is upset about being on the block. Ashley adds that she was asking her the same question and said she was surprised Ashley wasn’t more made because her Trixie Pixie was nominated. Ashley: “do you think She’s fishing for information? “ Wil: “I think she’s trying to find out if you are willing to work with them” 
Ashley isn’t going to be working with Britney. 
Wil is pissed because Joe used up all the chicken. “He uses all the food” 

9:36pm Cam 1-2 Britney and Frank Bathroom

Frank relaying his conversation with Wil to Britney. They are thinking that Wil is going to put up Shane. Britney says they are good with Votes as long as he puts up Joe and Jenn against Shane. Frank says that Wil has offered him safety.

10:07pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Shane playing Badminton while Britney, Wil, Boogie, Frank and AShley talk about how much food JOe makes. Wil is thinking it’s time for them all to make their own food because too much is getting wasted.

10:17pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Britney Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Danielle tells her about Janelle’s lies, “The good news is she has no idea any of us Talk.. she told me that it was Boogie that didn’t want to work with her and she was willing to do whatever”

Britney: “OMG she was downstairs telling me that you wanted her to stay and you were going to convince Shane to vote for her”

Danielle says Janelle would toss in some digs with her as soon as she sensed she had the upper hand with her.
Danielle: “Janelle told me that you promised her your vote”
Britney: “I never promised her anything.. I told her I would let her know”
Danielle: “Janelle’s gotta go if she comes up here again and tries to Bully me or guilt trip me.. I’m going to scream”
Danielle: “‘Ohh and she starts making up that she was the only person that was sticking up to Danielle during when Boogie and Frank wanting her out”
Britney: “Oh MY God”

Britney: “She told me that you are going to get Shane to vote for her”
Danielle: “I am going to blow up on her.. She came up here crying trying to guilt trip me.. once she started getting comfortable with me she turned back into being a complete B!tch”
Danielle: “I cannot believe she’s still lying so much.. She offered me her stupid dresses until finale night”
Britney: “Oh my Gosh what a nightmare.. she keeps asking me for information”

Britney starts to bring up that if it’s 2 girls in the finals they have a better chance of winning, “There has never been a girl that has won against a guy in the final 2.. I know you are close with Shane, I know you are close with Dan.. I just want you to think about sitting in the final 2 with them”
Danielle says “Shane is like my boyfriend, Dan is like my Dana and Britney is my Best Friend.. and you know what they say in the Sorority“

Britney smiles says they need to be aware of the guys but for now they’re group is perfect.
Danielle: “Janelle’s gotta get the hell up out of here.. Before she spreads more lies”

Danielle: “AS soon as she sensed that I was a bit sorry she started built tripping me… trying to break me down”

(Danielle is 100% saw through all of Janelle’s Bullshit.. However Danielle did exaggerate a bit)

Dan joins them. Danielle fills him in a bit about the conversation with Janelle. She says that Dan promised her his vote and Shane is coming after Dan.
Danielle says she tried to guilt trip her and as soon as she thought Danielle was feeling a bit bad and sorry she started with the snide remarks.

Britney: “I was the biggest Janelle fan ever”
Dan :”I never remember her playing like this before”
Dan has trouble believing that Danielle won’t verify what was said.

Dan: “One thing that is underrated in this game it’s how you treat people.. If she treated AShley well she would of had her vote”
Britney: “If she had been like she is now since Day one I wouldn’t vote her out”

Dan asks Britney when they should tell Janelle. Britney will tell her on Thursday because at that points Ashley would have told her.

Dan explains that they shouldn’t feel bad about Janelle going home she gets to see her husband and child. he points out that Janelle is wealthy she’s going back to a good life.

They wonder why Janelle thinks she’s not the target when Danielle used the POV to put her on the block. Britney: ‘Does she thinks you just wanted to use it because it was shinny”

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10:56pm Ian joins them says he brings a joe story for them to enjoy.
Britney: “ya this is like christmas”
Ian mentions that Joe cornered him in the Storage room about an alliance. Ian laughing says he proposed Ian, Ashley, Joe and Jenn. The alliance will be called the Outsiders. Ian: “Joe kept saying Nobody will expect it.. nobody will expect it”

Danielle really pissed at Janelle for trying to guilt trip her: “Janelle you are going to be saying a goodbye speech”

Danielle says Janelle claims she has everyone’s vote.
Ian: “I don’t even think she has Ashley and Wil’s vote anymore.. I overheard them talking about it”
Danielle is still upset about her talk with Janelle she just keeps talking about it.
Ian: “She’s gone.. Personally I liked her but her game has really been off.. Classic Too fast too soon”

Danielle: “She told me the only reason I am still in the game when JOJO was up was because of her convincing.. She made me feel like I have a obligation to save her because she saved me week 2”
Ian: “that is totally false.. JOJO was the last remnant of Willie she had to go”

Ian tells him that after the POV Ceremony Boogie put his arm around him told him to fasten his seatbelt cause he’s cruising with Chilltown now.

Ian says the good thing about Frank is he doesn’t shit stir unlike Joe. Ian wants Joe gone before Jury because he’s so much trouble. Ian asks Dan who he would put up. Dan: “Joe all day”

Ian says that Boogie has no idea where Ian is in the game. Dan is glad says this way Boogie will tell Ian about a preemptive strike against their group. Dan suspects Ian will be the one he wants to do it.

11:28pm HOH Janelle, Britney and Janelle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

11:54pm Ian taking a bath, Britney and Danielle are in the room. talking about Joe being the target next week.

11:56pm HOH Boogie, Danielle and Britney

Danielle is telling Boogie about her conversation and the lies about Boogie asking her to team up with him.

Boogie comments how he doesn’t know why her game is so different this year.. Janelle is making things up that are not even believable. Boogie mentions he was just talking to Dan about this it’s weird.

Danielle brings up Janelle saying “I thought you were my friend you stabbed me in the back and I didn’t even have any makeup on”

Boogie: “No I stabbed you in the front and you were too comfortable and cocky to put makeup on”
Britney goes on and on about Janelle..
Boogie: “She’s just Grasping for straws.. it’s so pathetic…”
Britney goes downstairs to grab some food when she comes back she comments on Janelle’s mood.

Danielle says that Janelle is always trying to beat her down with these her her little comments. Britney: “It’s those undercutting comments that are sly… She’s even told me a couple time”.
Britney: “she told me how you want to take people that you can totally beat to the final 2
and in the same breath told me she wanted to take me”
Danielle brings ups Janelle saying Danielle did have a chance in the HOH competition if it was endurance. Boogie says this is how he wanted to see Janelle at least once without her fake baby voice and being nice to everyone.
Danielle tells Boogie about when Janelle told her JOJO was saying I was a fat ass a heifer and my legs look like cottage cheese.  Janelle was trying to get Danielle to go start a fight with JOJO. 

12:20pm Backyard Wil, Ashley and Boogie Wil saying he’s sick and tired of his name getting thrown out there by Janelle and Britney. Somehow last night he convinced Danielle to put up Janelle. Boogie says he hasn’t had a problem with Britney but he’s been privy to a lot of Janelle’s lies. Boogie brings up the entire Janelle story about her telling people that he went up to her to form an Alliance when it was really the other way around.

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It’s great that Janelle is 110% transparent to Danielle, but jesus christ she blew that entire conversation out of proportion. She made it sound like they were arguing, when in fact both of them were being almost too nice to one another. I actually would’ve preferred an argument, but the exact opposite is what happened here.


Danielle’s a drama queen for sure. Sounds like she was still in high school.

Shane's pink tank

I know! She has mentioned that damn leg comment like everyday! own your cottage cheese and shut up!

She is waiting for someone to say, “Oh no you dont have cottage cheese” But no one has!


Hahhaha thats funny cause I noticed that too. She is waiting for someone to say “oh thats so mean” or ” your legs don’t look like that” but no one has. hahahhahahahahah


Lmfao! So tru! Can we bitch slap her thru the screen? She did mention her legs were the only thing that helped her win hoh.


Danielle is a self-conscious drama queen. She wont last


Ian’s right, Joe needs to go…


danielle and britney obsession with Janelle is getting ridiculous. Britney was the same way her season all she talked about was rachel. Boogie or frank need to win hoh and put danielle and dan up. can’t wait to see their faces. By the way dan is boogies bitch. GET DANI OUT!


Brit’s attitude toward Janelle is sooooo different than it was in season 12 with Rachel. Brit seriously disliked Rachel and Brendon in season 12. Brit doesn’t dislike Janelle, she just realizes that having her in the game is dangerous with the type of game Janelle is playing.


Boogs, working his MAGIC, four weeks in a row. Dude is unstoppable!


I’ve been amazed by how well he has played, the deck was stacked against him when he entered as a plyer, which make it even more impressive what he’s been able to do…Frank is going to escape again too lol…


So I rewinded the feeds to 10:18pm and apparently Wil approached Frank to offer to work with him, then he himself suggested he would put up Shane and Joe next week, assuming Shane does not win the veto. Boogie/Frank would have clean hands and move forward. I would guess that if they won the following week, Dan would go on the block.


Well Frank ran to Britney and told her exactly what Wil said, so I’m not sure they’d be on board with that.


Maybe Britney would want to get rid of Shane right away. If she’s OK with that then that’s another plus for Boogie. I think that once Shane goes, Dan remains as that side’s only physical player. They would potentially be toast if they lost one HOH and Dan left.


Nope, she won’t do it. Brit needs Shane and Dan as shields for as long as possible. She needs them to take out Boogie and Frank when the time comes.


Everybody keeps talking about how Boogie and Frank are going to take Dan and Danielle down or Shane and Brit, etc. What no one seems to focus on is that in order to do that, they need to win something. So far Boogie and Frank have yet to prove that they are competition beasts. The other side of the house hasn’t shown anything yet either.


That’s their problem, Frank is overrated as a physical threat…

Dani's forehead

Okay, so I know it’s bad to be judgmental, especially concerning looks…but am I the only one that wants to smooth Dani’s forehead? It’s so wrinkled, especially when she mentions Jani’s name.

NBD yo

That just happens to some people when they raise their eyebrows, nbd

NBD yo

The HGs sure love Boogie’s koolaid


I gave Dan way too much credit as a player. Him and Danielle(who’s the biggest fucking dramatic ass drama queen I’ve ever seen) are about to make a horrible move. Even though I hate boogie, I pray him or Frank win hoh and put up Dan/Danielle. I bet boogie/frank are doing diary rooms together laughing at how stupid they are (Dan/shane/Brit/dani) for backdooring janelle when she wasn’t coming after any of them.

UGH this show just makes me wanna punch a hole in a wall!!


Janelle is coming after Shane which is part of the Original Four Alliance


Jani wasnt playing a good game BECAUSE its only the beginning seriously wtf is wrong wit dani shes a bitch, crying 24/7 about jani
& i dnt think jani was after shane because boogie is styll in the game and that would be her number one target. i reallllllly liked dan in
season 10 but right now hes boogie bitch. hes took obessed wit him which doesnt make sense when thats his enemy. WTFFF IS WRONG


I agree! This season it is the battle of the Ego’s amongst the coaches. All the coaches are playing with knowledge of each other and the game leading to anticipated strategy, maneouvers and behaviors from each other. These coaches have played 2 to 3 seasons counting this one. As a new player I would be pissed! The intentional psychological profile of the newbies are that of followers with fragile egoe’s and insecurities which played right into the submissive role they had to play until the Restart of the game. BB had all intentions of dropping the Coaches into this game regardless of the vote. They also presented the terms to the public very differently.
I do not like Dan. He never wants to do his own “dirty work”, and didn’t in his season. Dan lacks an Inherent emotional and respectful bond with everyone, as proven even with Memphis in BB10. He sits like a King in Danielle’s HOH Room and believes he is the best player ever “The Nucleus of the Game”.. I don’t believe he throws competitions, this philosophy goes against his own rules. Dan is a Master Manipulator and he lies as easily as the rest of us breathe. Danielle is emotionally very unstable, therefore “Drama Queen”, is an appropriate title. Although she appears to be a strong physical competitor, her Need for Validation Reassurance and Adoration could be her Ruination. I forsee Dan attempting to evict her after she becomes a threat to his game.
Boogie is entertaining and his alliance with Frank parallels his season with Dr. Will. Frank has won only one competition… the players should give him a break. This is where the “Team Coaching” was super detrimental to All the Newbies!!! I guess we will see! I liked your comment!!! :)


boogie and frank honestly want to play this straight I think if there is any preemptive strikes it will come from Dan’s side of the alliance
Boogie and frank are tired of all the crap and just want a bit of a easy ride so i think they would stick to their final 6 agreement


Wow. Ian has really stepped up his game hard, with basically nobody except Dan noticing. Wil, Jenn and Ashley don’t appear to trust him, but he is not on their radar at all. In fact, I’d go as far to say that he is in the best position out of anybody in the entire house right now. Clearly he is the noobie who has shown the most strategy and a willingness to actually play. I thought he was going to be a first-class floater who will make it to Jury or Final 2 for an easy win. While it has been awkward with him, I think that has kinda endeared him to the HGs.


I think part of his awkwardness is an act/part of his game, but it’s effective…

production rigged it

you’re right and remember during that segment with Dr. Will he said that he thought Ian would win the game.


I wish I had a mute button just for ian. He talks so weird.


I love Britney and Ian’s banter. I’ve noticed that Ian and Ashley’s personalities have come out more and they’re both funny and way more likable than 10 Janelles. Janelle is just boring and fake.


Danielle’s now confessing to Boogie like a litle girl to her father. Of course, talking about Janelle. He is so deep in her head.


Master game so far by Mike, and yes, it seems he’s in-control at the moment…He wants to bring Ian onboard with him and Frank, but Ian isn’t sure about it…

Shane's pink tank

I have to admit that man has a way with words!


You’re all obsessed with Janelle. Just stfu irl.


Obssessed? Dude, we only have 12 people to talk about – how about you stfu…………………….kay? Thanks,

Caren in Canada

thank you, people like this must not have been loved alot as kids lmaoooo Anyways I am not a Janelle lover but i dont love any of the others either, especially people like you so please tou STFU!!!!! Thanx!!!!!!!


I’ve grown to actually like Danielle but in tonight’s episode of BBAD….she was so obnoxious like we get it you hate Janelle. It’s over you backdoored her it’s actually getting quite tiresome. Also whoever said they loved Brit and Ian’s banter I would have to agree, I feel like it’s almost a big sister/little brother relationship. Brit really enjoys Ian surprisingly. He’s still a bit odd to me but he’s growing on me.


boogie planted the seed about janelle’s aggression, and lies. and even thought everyone lies in that house, that is often enough, add in a tough competitor, and some female jealousy, and finally a little “you can be the one who took her out” and its ON.

now whatever janelle does, is viewed as overly aggressive, and trying to spread false lies. she buried herself saying that convo went differently than it did. janelle just underestimated brit as well, brit is an incredible liar, I have to say, she really really is.


Britney stirs shit up too much is why I don’t like her, she’s a bit of drama queen…

chief c

just a note: I’ve been saying for days that it’s the typical queen bee syndrome going on here boys guys Boogie dan Ian and i guess shane have been playing especially dan and Boogie but the girl play is strictly Queen Bee anyone close to being a bee must go and go quick (it’s a rule ) or you clip their wings lol
It’s tried and true behaviour for women to not have two or more leader type females in any one group they just don’t function well that way one gotta go Janelle or Danielle yes she’s a leader type Brittny just as happy dissing (sorry) the others female or males. It is sport to her, and second nature, she’s not the threat and may stay a while because she’s seems easier to get along with. I’m rooting for Danielle and or Dan yes Im smitten . HOOrah


I disagree. Janelle is too smart for that. She knows that if he goes against Danielle, her odds at staying in the game go way down.


so mike was the best coach.

the game flips, he doesnt want in at all

his only ally gets nominated again against a nobody nom in wil

boogie turns the house on the biggest threat, HIS biggest threat to HIS game, and did it when he didnt have HoH, saving his ally with the same move.

right now boogie is playing the best outside of Dan of the coaches in the GAME as well

and if you look at next week, dan is gaining a target amongst the “joe alliance”, and if one of them somehow won an HoH, I could easily see them NOT put up mike boogie or frank again, if they can make it TWO more weeks, and keep wil in the game, get it down to 9, they can bring wil in

ian will be the downfall of mike boogie though. its unfortunate, but Ill definitely enjoy all the awesome game boogie brings to the table til then


You really think Ian would screw Mike over? I don’t, and I don’t think Mike would do that to Ian, in fact, Mike would kick Dan to the curb before he would Ian, in my opinion…I just think Ian is covering his own ass at the moment with the other hg’s…

chief c

Boogie has no use for people who function on an emotionally kind level ALA Ian Ian wants Dan to respect him and he will stay with Dan. Boogie be damned

Shane's pink tank

“Shane is like my boyfriend…” IN YOUR DREAMS lol.. love how she slipped that in! HAHA So sad :(


I knew this comment was coming and I am sure I will read it many more times.

Yes Danielle likes Shane and would like to have a Showmance with him, but I don’t believe she thinks it will happen.

If you think that Danielle thinks of Shane as her “boyfriend” then you also have to say she thinks Dan is her “Dad” because she said that in the same breath.


now danielle will fight with janelle, putting a huge target on her and shane in front of the floaters, and a floater HoH leads to one of their eviction

if dan gets a shot to take out shane when they are at the point of a backdoor, he will take it if they have got out the floaters, before he will even think about putting up mike boogie.

best move ever. plus it gets janelle off our feeds, shes just in the way right now

Shane's pink tank

I think that would be amazing! I have a strong feeling that a vet will win this year! The newbs need to get these vets out if they want to stand a chance!


Yeah definitely there will be a fight between them. It’s inevitable.

chief c

I hope so little time left what was her face like(JANELL) when she got put up anyone???

dan= goat

Why do people like jani she is actually a terrible player who all she can do is win competition…..she pesters anyone in power and hasn’t left Danielle or Brittney alone she annoys the shit out of me


I agree Janelle is playing a bad game this year….she is doing horrible lying too much and it blew up on her face….plus she played with adding unnecessary personal attacks that also caught up to her….her game has been DOOMED this season. I mean Janelle started talking trash about Boogie then teamed up with him in second week then went back to Britney on the third week and now kissing Dani’s butt……talk about a hypocrite….She became the bad gameplay/floater player this year! I liked her in S6 and S7, but her strategy this year can only take her for only a limited distance….removing Janelle takes out a HUGE competitor…..so job well done to Dani!

billy bob

even when Janelle gets evicted thursday she made like 25 thousand in a month,say dan are boogie make it to 3rd place they make the same so if you think about it ,Janelle just made bank in a month.grenade yo!


This is Big Brother people. You lie, betray and stab people in the back, that’s how you play the game. Everyone is talking about Janelle this and Janelle that, SHE’S PLAYING A GAME, that’s it. People hating on her for that are so stupid. Everyone in that house is lying, every single one of them and that stupid ass alliance between Shane, Britney, Danielle and Dan ( he will be the first to leave them) will fall apart and I can’t wait for it. I’m a fan if Janie but, I’m also rooting for Frank, Mike, Joe, Ian, Dan, Jenn and Ashley all the rest of them can go to hell. Danielle and Shane are gonna end up paying the price for what Dan and Britney are making them do and quiet honestly THEY DESERVE IT!!!! Danielle is the dumbest most insecure bitch to ever play Big Brother.


Danielle and Britney are both jealous of Janelle and it’s OBVIOUS!!!!
I wonder who Danielle is gonna be jealous of when Janie is gone… Uhhhh, maybe Britney or even Jenn. LMAOOO.


Yes it’s BB. Yes you lie in BB. However, if you are going to lie, you need to do it well. You need to do it in a way that you can not be proven to by lying. In BB, you get caught, you get evicted. Look at all the lies that Shelly told last year. It wasn’t until late that she got caught. Guess what happened then….she got evicted!


Couldn’t agree more…If you lie to someone you make sure it’s in a “grey area”, meaning you blind the line between lies and the truth…


Honestly, in my opinion those two girls are gunning for Janelle because she’s a woman and it’s painfully obvious how jealous they are especially Danielle. Dan has been right all along it freaking personal with that bitch. She’s gonna cry and probably go in a hole when she sees how she’s being played (Shane isn’t your boyfriend, sweetie. He doesn’t even like that much) and how many people do not like her. I agree Janie played too much too fast but the way they’re going on is like she committed the ultimate crime and she’s the most horrible thing to ever happen to Big Brother. I don’t even think she was going after them this week if she won HOH, Boogie was her target. there have been bigger and dumber liars in BB history. Shelly being a dumb one by turning on J&J.


I agree with you. Yeah Janelle is a liar and a bad one at that but she isnt a threat at all. She can’t even get votes from her own team except for Joe. They could get rid of her at anytime really. Brit and Dani talk crap about her behind her back but seem to love when Janelle actually hangs out with them…I dont get it.


OMG! You Janelle worshipers are such hypocrites! “Brit and Dani talk crap about her behind her back but seem to love when Janelle actually hangs out with them…I dont get it.” Janelle does this too. In fact, she does this so much and so well I think she invented the “tactic”.

And don’t you EVER listen to her. She did not want to evict Boogie. She wanted to work with him. She wants him out of course, always did but not until he would be on the Jury. In her delusional mind, she believes (because she is still in the house) that a Coach will vote for a Coach to win. She doesn’t want any of her “team” leaving until Jury but wants all of them in the Jury because they will all vote for her to win. So she wants Boogie, Dan, Britany, Wil, Joe, Ashley, Ian (because Ashley can get his vote) on the Jury and take Jenn to the final 2. Alternately she would take Britany to the final 2 and have Jenn in the Jury.

She will put Shane up on the block (as a target) and Danielle would go up as an alternate target/pawn/control the vote nominee.


janelle lied in very bad ways. just stupid. and honestly dumb. does boogie talk some stuff about people to frank? yes. yes he does. but does he go to the same thing and tell ashley and the rest of the house? no.

janelle makes up these lies now, and she never used to do this. she came in thinking she had to out-lie might boogie, when really boogie doesnt play the game any more cut throat than the rest of the good bb winners, he just is more mental than physical threat wise, and hes a DR goon that provides a lot of good moments, but bad for those he plays against. OK. but janelle’s lying to danielle about dan etc, its just dumb


The problem is that she’s done a bad job of it. She doesn’t do nicey nice well and that has been the core of her gameplay this year. Every conversation is fake and every conversation SEEMS fake. Do that to enough people and you don’t stick around very long.


The thing about lying is that the lie must have a purpose and it must be artfully crafted so that if it is discovered it falls on someone else. An example of a player that told pointless lies is Gnatalie BB11. That girl was a compulsive liar. She even lied about card games. Everyone saw through her lies, and that’s why she was lucky to win second place. Kevin’s lie was a good lie. He thought it out, used Gnat to spread it and it worked. At the end of the day, Kevin would have won the game if he had won the final competition. If the lie had been discovered, everyone would have blamed Gnat, not Kevin, because they all knew she was a compulsive liar. The only reason Jordan won was because Jessie and Lydia were pissed off because of Gnat’s lies. They voted against Gnat, not for Jordan.

Janelle and Joe’s lies are mostly pointless and not artfully crafted. Danielle’s lie about being a kindergarten teacher is another pointless lie, and she is stupid if she thinks people think a kindergarten teacher isn’t as smart as a nursing assistant. Where I come from it takes 5 years of university and normal school to be a teacher, but you can be a nurse like Danielle with 2 years of courses at a community college. If I was a kindergarten teacher I would be offended. Danielle always takes the slightest thing that someone supposedly said about her and exaggerates it into a huge deal. If someone says Kara was pretty, Dani twists it and tells everyone that so and so said Danielle is ugly. Janelle behaved well yesterday, but Dani pounced on parts of the dialogue and lied about it. These are pointless lies, and they will come back to bite her in the near future.


i completely agree, this BB and lying and backstabbing are part and parcel of the game, i actually love it:) BUT the problem is that you need a social game too. I did not watch any of Janelle’s other seasons and I don’t know what she was like, but she really alternates between being kind of mean to people or completely and overtly ass-kissing nice in a very syrupy way that is so obviously fake and disingenuous. Doesn’t she see this about herself? Did she play like that the first two times, bc if so, how did she get so far?? i am not a Britney fan, but at least her lies appease everyone she speaks to so noone is hating her too much.


So far the best players are….BOOGIE, DAN, AND IAN….i dont mention frank because boogie has saved him HUGE this week….ian because for some reason i think he has a strategy…and he has 6 people on his side ….and dan because at any moment dan isnt afraid to make a big move …i believe dan will take out shane at some point very soon…he may not be HOH…but he will make a deal with someone if they take out shane…and boogie is the MVP …the dude has pimp player game


I don’t know about Boogie playing such a great game…last week he got completely blindsided and was going to lost Frank if not for the twist. This week, it wasn’t all Boogie. Janelle helped him seal the deal this week. In order to win this game, Frank and Boogie are going to need to win something. Only Jordan can win a game solely on social game.


Beg to differ. Dr. Will was all social (Mnd games are social).


and am i the only one who absolutely can not stand joe….he eats like a freaking gorilla….he chomps his food its so annoying…his voice is annoying…he has no skill whatsoever….and the writing on the wall is clearly that janelle is getting evicted and hes trying to still have her back and find out what’s going on!….i hope joe leaves next week…it shouldnt be hard u know he wont win HOH or POV….if he does win HOH ..dan is in trouble…but dan an win POV

Shane's pink tank

is anyone else watching the feeds?????? Danielle is obsessed with Janelle. How many time and how many different versions of the story is she going to tell!?? My god! Maybe she is bi-polar???

Tears? really!!!


LOL! You are so right, its sick.


yeah. I think that was really the best part for boogie in all this once it went through.

A. Wil jumped on getting rid of janelle
B. Danielle went nuts about janelle
C. Brit got nervous about janelle being aggressive

boogie will by no means win this game, I just don’t think its possible, but by even pulling this off, he has to move up in the top 10 rankings of big brother players from this move alone. HE controlled a danielle HoH through dan to take out HIS biggest threat and SAVE his biggest ally. insanity

janelle is just digging a big grave right now. not sure what her gameplan is, I feel like she is back in that first HoH comp vs boogie where he messed her up and she pulled her hand off, I feel like he just did that again, but she has no idea that it was him, even though its right in front of her face.

it does help that danielle never saw boogie’s all stars season. seriously.


So, you mean to tell me that you have never gone to all your friends and told they all about an incident that pissed you off that day, using hyperbole to make your points?

Naw. This is more Danielle bashing from transparent as their goddess Janelle worshippers.


When did Janelle have her kid?

I hate to break it to her, but she f*cked her body up for good. It is not coming back.


Two things I’ve really been impressed by in the past 48 hours:

1. As many have mentioned previously, Boogie getting his head into the game. He not only pulled the rabbit out of the hat, he also pulled the POV. It doesn’t even matter that he didn’t win the comp, it’s been his POV.

2. Shane has done a great job of being Jenn. He’s blending in, not talking too much game, and not drawing attention to himself. People talk about him as a target still but the talk is subsiding more as the hours go on. He’s way down on the target totem pole right now, which is amazing considering how much of a comp beast he’s been this season.


Don’t know that I would call this Boogie’s POV. Remember, Danielle wanted to put up Janelle after winning HOH and Dan argued against it and swayed her to leave Janelle alone. What Boogie actually did was assist Danielle in getting her way.


I agree. Danielle wanted to go for Janelle in the beginning, but Dan talked her out of it because he needed Janelle for his game. Getting Janelle out was best for Dani and Shane, but not for Dan. That’s why he resisted. But he changed his mind after the coaches meeting. He realized that Janelle outed herself as a liar and untrustworthy player in front of the other coaches, so the four of them working together wasn’t ever going to happen. That’s why he went to plan B. The unfortunate part for him is that now everyone thinks it was all his or Boogie’s idea, and that takes the heat off Danielle. If he had just gone along with her in the first place, he could have convinced people that she is a loose cannon and he had no idea she would do that. Now he has to roll with it and take the blame. It also pretty much tells people that he is working with Boogie.


@Chloe. You forgot,yesterday or sunday.Danielle told the person with one of the biggest mouths(Wil).That back dooring Janelle was all her idea.Wil asked her did Dan know about this plan?She said no.She didn’t tell Dan.The people who aren’t aware of the thruth,will completely beleive this because she tells everyone how much she hates Janelle.If she was smart she woludn’t be so obvious,that she hates Janelle and she would’ve kept her mouth shut to Wil,and not tell him,it was all her idea and no one including Dan knew about it.But it’s too late.she already did it,and everyone knows that she hates Janelle because she won’t shut up about her(Janelle).


Regardless of what she wanted to do, she didn’t do it because Dan wasn’t on board. Boogie flipped Dan and now we are at where we are at. It doesn’t happen if Boogie doesn’t do his job.


I just know production is going to screw over Mike–it’s inevitable…He’s played a near perect game so far, and they lectured him in the DR about it, he told Frank they didn’t like his attitude, then he stepped-up…They’ll still screw him over…


I do hope they stick with the plan to get rid of joe next. he just needs to go. after that, honestly, I hope it all goes crazy.


To tell you the true everything you guys US correct she lost her magic touch in bb. She and boggie should come togetherthen boggie says i am the leader in this allince she should vote out very girl and then boggie would.have a better chance of win 500,000 dollars


Those two notches Danielle and Britney keep calling Janelle fake , but they acting all buddy buddy with her. I can stand to hear the sound of Danielle voice anymore. It like nails on a chalk board. Janelle is gonna win America’s favorite houseguests while Britney and Danielle is either sitting in the audience or on the jury. They gonna feel so stupid when they watch the show.

team blindside

they just can’t stop this from happening, if one coach has to go, let it be janie, she isnt the same as she was in s6/s7. she isn’t the same person and its made her game a lot worse. her big issue is that the gay guy not named shane, aka wil, doesnt like her, and the girl she usually pulls in, southern bell, danielle is tied to shane and won’t break despite make-up sessions. and brit is done with janie as well, so just cut her loose

let dan, the awesome liar that is brit and boogie make it to f5 together. janelle is still wondering what is going on, maybe by thursday she will figure it out, but it will be too late, she is going to call out wil, and all this does is fuel that fire boogie started that she is an aggressive player who won’t stop.


Just two more days till Janelle will get evicted. Next up, Joe!


Am I missing something. Are Danielle and Brit do jealous of janelle that they would totally lie. Why do they lie and then try to make it out like janelle lied. With the exception of Dan promising her vote where are the lies janelle has supposedly told. Janelle was willing to work with boogie and Brit knows this. Do why not say she’s telling the truth. Janelle also told Danielle that if she LEAVES then she will leave Danielle some dresses. I would like to think that this is a plan of Danielle’s but to be honest she may be book smart but she’s not that street smart. Everyone but Dan is swearing there vote to her. These people are a bunch of losers. The girl is going home so just be honest. Jabelle has taken being on the block better then anyone.


Someone tell list 5 lies that janelle said. The Dan vote was a lie. But that’s the only one I have seen. Can someone give me a list of her lies please. And if there’s more then 5 then write them because I haven’t seen them.


Shane for America Favorite Houseguest.


Talk about exaggerating the truth Danielle, wow I still can’t believe Janelle is being blamed for all the lieing the when everyone has lied, including Danielle who lied about being a teacher. I’m glad Britney is finally thinking about getting to the final 2 with a girl and not guys like last time.


Shane’s a moron all he does is say yes to what everyone else says


Twitter was blowing up last night bashing Danielle. That girl is a pathological liar and a psycho bitch! Janelle told Britney the truth about her convo with Danielle. Danielle did more than exaggerate, she flat out lied. Matt from season 12 tweeted that “of all the 14 seasons of Big Brother, Danielle was the craziest, most psychotic housequest he has ever seen.” She is like a little school girl, it’s obvious she is completely jealous. And I can’t believe she had the nerve to say that Janelle was flirting with Shane! lmao think again sweetie, Janelle is married and has a baby, when did playing tennis translate into flirting?